The 100 Best Comics of the Century

Foreword by Dave Barry, contains the funniest cartoons of all time including The Far Side, Garfield, Peanuts, Chaos, Calvin & Hobbes and many more.

101 uses for a B.A.

101 hilarious cartoons! Really depressing in these economic times. Especially if you are a word-processor with a BA in chemistry.

3-D Zone

The 3-D Zone published 3D comics (you know, with those little cardboard red and green glasses). Featured artists include Big Daddy Roth, Mr. Monster and Robert William's Zombie 3D. Neat.

All Star Comics & Cards

Signed one-of-a-kind comic books, back issues, trading cards, role-playing games, and supplies.

Amazing Cyber Quiz

Figure out what you are looking at and win a prize, a mystery piece of DOS software.

AMD Embedded Treasure Hunt

Advanced Micro Devices is running a contest. Answer 10 questions with at least 7 right and you will be in a random drawing to win a Lexmark laser printer, 1 of 10 Am486DX4-100 processors. While supplies last, every entrant will receive a chip extractor.

Anderson Comics

Anderson Comics is an online mail-order comics store featuring both new and rare, hard to find comics. They do list the lines that they carry, though.

Animate! Ohio State

Description of club activities and calendar of events.

The Art of Invention

Browse the library.

Atomic Books

Extensive listing of available alternative comics, all mail-order able.

Battle-Axe Max

Join this online interactive comic book. Good choice!

Beaty Comic Brokers

Promote the work of comic book artists and offers their works for sale.

Big Bang Comix

Check out Russell Page it is the only official Big Bang comix page around.

Bobby Ruckers

Try out this photo comic book. You'll be delighted!

Boston University Anime Group

Describes the university's anime club, a calendar of events, and links to other anime sites.

Brain Box Comix

This a new online comic book by and for the people.

Business and Computer Cartoons by Randy Glasbergen

Business and computer cartoons for entertainment.

Cal-Animage, Alpha Chapter

Describes Berkeley's Animation Club, the oldest anime club in Northern California. Has a calendar of events. Showing some of the finest in Japanese Animation. Includes an online newspaper, online art gallery, and a tape library. Links to the world of anime on the Web.

Captain Jim Comics

Join this Captain James Avery's epic saga, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll fix your hair.

Cartoons and Illustration for Christian Publishers

Published cartoonist has cartoons available for publication in Christian adult and youth publications and books. A resource for editors, publishers, and art directors.

Cartoons by Jon Phillips

Many pages of thumbnailed scans of original cartoons, photographs, digitally altered photographs, and drawings which are for sale. Other services offered are Web page design, digital photo retouching, and digital photo enhancement.

Cat-Head Comics Institute

Comic books which think they are cooler than you are. Okay, maybe the comics don't, but the Website author is pretty smug. Fun, though. They offer a line of comics and a few gift-type goodies.

Cathay Pacific CyberTraveler Details

Register in the CyberTraveler contest and you could win 1,000,000 AAdvantage Frequent Flyer Miles ! The drawing will be held on April 15, 1996. By registering you can participate in an Internet CyberAuction of 50 Business class round-trips from Los Angeles to Hong Kong and you'll be entitled to AAdvantage mileage offers when you travel Cathay Pacific that are NOT available to the general public.


Check out this online comic book! They are independently published! Something new!

Columbia University

Information about the University club, calendar of events, links to sources of anime merchandise, other clubs, and tape libraries.

Comic Book Net

Here is the latest news break from the comic book industry and updated every week. Don't miss out!

Comics 'n Stuff

Questions about comics? Comics 'n Stuff has a comprehensive listing of comic books, comic strips, cartoons and other sequential art on the Web, brought to you by Christian Cosas.

Computer Cartoons

Computer cartoons and lots of other fun stuff. Items are released every week. Stop by and check us out.

Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

Try out this online comic book, Quality, diversity and creativity of the Dark Horse Creed.

DC Heroes Pictures and Stats

Choose this gallery, all types of comic books to pick from.

Death Swamp

Some unique short stories dreamed up in 1991 with great sketches.

Doctor Fun

Graphic humor by Doctor Fun! These cartoons by David Farley also are available from Usenet sites and elsewhere on the net. Check this address for the latest pictures.


Read this great story of an inter-dimensional traveler from highland graphics.

Eight Pagers

Naughty underground comics from the 1930's, extremely bad exploitation films from all eras and ordering information for both.

Eleck Comics

Join one of the comic groups from rec, art, creative comics. Which includes a FAQ, posting schedules, announcements and much more.

The European Cartoon Arts Network

The Official European Cartoon Arts Network Server! CartooNet provides an excellent platform for cartoonists and cartoon consumers.

Exhibit A Press

Publishers of Wolff and Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre. Amazing law comics from Hell.


This artist draws with a fuzzy pencil in a rubber room or otherwise pokes his eyes out with a sharp object. Something to see!


Take a trip in a new superhero comic taking place in earth's future. Trip out!


Enter this 62 page comic book along with mysterious lines. Don't be scared!

Florida ComicFest

Buy, sell and trade comic books, non-sports cards and "Magic: The Gathering" cards at this convention held in Gainesville, Florida.

From Hell

Check out this comic covering the discussion and overview of the Jack the Ripper case and more.

Funnies at Blueberry Hill

Carries the weekly NetHead cartoons Dave Banks draws daily exclusively for Blueberrycartoons and C-Mail, their weekly caption competition. Includes a link to the United Media Web site.

Galaxy Heroes, Inc.

Exclusively published on the world wide Web, this slightly tongue-in-cheek superhero adventure series.

Grant Morrison Voodoo Love Fetish

A Digital Shaman spell to summon comics author Grant Morrison.

Grateful Dead Comix

Original Mint Condition Grateful Dead Comics Collector Quality.


HappyMan MetaComic is done by artist John Anderson. The site offers a date-indexed library of current comics.

Hatbag Productions

Hatbag Productions is a creative partnership highlighting the work of David Hitt, Jesse Holland, and Lain Hughes who created a stir on the University of Mississippi campus with "Hippie and the Black Guy"-a satirical strip dealing with prejudice and college life.. Browse through the comic library.


A funny collection of illustrated strips, that can be clicked for larger viewing or downloaded.

HepPage: Official Hepcats Page

Check out this comic book about four friends and their lives together. Contains images, plot synopses, and other information.

Heurikon Cartoon Archive

Select from a library of cartoons by P.S. Mueller.

History of Comics

Join the party, celebrating 100 years of comics. This is the only Web site dedicated and devoted to the history and details of the American comic book medium.


Come join this serialized, darkly humorous sci-fi saga. You'll love it!

Hypodermic Noodles

An interesting graphical interface to view Gino Fabrikini's comic strip, Hypodermic Noodles. Also find out about the characters & "Noodles" itself, and jump to related hot links.

Index - Anime and Manga Resource List

Massive number of links to anime and manga sites, will keep a fan happy for days.

Index - Anime & Comic-related Lists

List of links to Japanese Animation and Comics sites, Other sites are listed for anime fan clubs and other comics

Index - Anime WWW Sites [Sailor Moon Support]

Many sites listed for various series.

Index - Bonsai's Anime page

List categorized by resource, series, FTP sites, and FAQs.

Index - Comics

This site provides links to current, archived comics available on the net.

Index - Comics 'n stuff!

Extensive list of comic strips on the Web.

Index - read-comics, a gateway to the ClariNet comics

Scan the index of comics.

Invisibles,The: Semi-Exposed

Slip into this semi-annotated version of Grant Morrison's Invisibles.

IU Japanese Animation Club

Information about the club, a calendar of events, and links to other anime sites.

J.P. Patches On-Line Comic

Here's an interesting political satire starring Seattle's answer to Bozo the Clown. Unique comic!

James Wilson's Comic Book Page

Gifts you can find that no one else has! Only to those devoted to comic books.

Japanese Animation Society of Hawai'i

The Japanese Animation Society of Hawaii promote Japanese animation as a popular entertainment and as an art form. We also try to improve our members access to and understanding of anime and manga.

Jim Phillips' Cartoonist Online!

A daily cartoonist for The Toronto Sun, The Ottawa Sun and The Calgary Sun shows how to cartoon with Coreldraw. Downloadable viewers available.

K Chronicles

An autobiographical strip by Keith Knight mixed with an honest eye on sex, drugs and parents. The site offers a few samples, and subscription info.

Keenanator Komix

A hi-resolution graphic fantasy comic adventure called Apollinaire, Master Paladin is a story only just beginning, others to follow!


An archive of cartoons by Greek cartoonist KYR (pronounced Kiir).

Leeder O. Men

A library of cartoons by John Lytle, including a series about a wheelchair stunt man.

Les Moore

A daily cartoon by Phillip Jewell. Browse a library of past toons.

Lone Wolf and Cub

This comic book contains JPEGs, gifts, and brief descriptions of each release. Pretty neat!

Making It: A Survival Guide For Today

Cartoons by Keith Robinson, which appear in newspapers across the U.S. View this week's strip or browse the archive.

Max Vapor

Drop by to meet the coolest dead guy on the planet! He's your friend and mine!

MIT Anime Club

The page gives information about the club, a calendar of events, and its library holdings. There are links to information about video tape rentals in the Boston area; scripts, synopses, and lyrics from various anime animations; and other anime locations.

Mou's Cartoon

A daily cartoon brought to you by The Daily News, Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Tribute to Patrick McConnell's comic strip about pet pals Mooch the cat and Earl the dog. A daily from the SF Chronicle.

Nerd Cartoon

A new strip by R. Gompy about The Nerd, who loves Computers. View this weekday comic, peruse the character gallery.


A comic by Stafford Huyler. View weekly cartoons and browse the archive.

New Comic Book Releases

Join our list of comic books updated every Monday, also shows up in comic shops the following Thursday.

New England Comics

Check out this mail order comic book catalogue.

Nightland Creations

Find out about dealing with myths, legends, dreams and much more in this semi-monthly online comics.

Nina Paley

A well-presented collection of Nina Paley's comic strips, organized by category, chronologically.

Noo Greak Kollum

A well-presented, daily, four-panel comic strip that features as regular cast of characters, created by Joda Thayer.

On-Line Comics

On-Line Comics strives to get a little bit of everything related to comics from the net, and they succeed pretty well. Nice set of links and nifty graphics.

One Brick Shy

A weekly single panel strip that takes a humorous look at the downside of things by Brad Diller. View the weekly cartoon or browse the archive.


A few samples of Orman's satirical comic.

Over The Edge

A weekly cartoon from Passageway communications.

Overkill: The Comic Of the Week

A comic strip by Stefan Kjartansson.

Overload Zone, The

A collection of comics by Dan Overholtzer.

P. Craig Russell

Check out this artist exhibits! Too much fun.

Perfect World

A collection of portrait spoofs and other funnies by Nick Bruel.


On-line Pluggers archive and contest, by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Jeff MacNelly. Impressive design, illustrations, character background, archive and an interesting link list.

Popeye the Sailor

A brief history, large color illustration, and a few sample cartoons.

Reviews of Alternative Comix

Enjoy this comic along with reviews of comic books from small-press and self-publishers.

Rock-it Comix

Hit these new line of rock'n'roll-inspired comic magazines. Lots of fun!

San Diego Comic-Con

The oldest and largest comic book and related material convention. Worth the trip.

Scud : The Disposable Assassin

Join this gallery of comic books, sketch books, and a lot more.

Secret Agent X

Enjoy this syndicated strip.

Silly Daddy Comics

Check out this half baked barroom romance; a Silly Daddy story. Real unique!

Sirius Entertainment

Previews of Sirius Entertainment's comic book offerings. Heavy fantasy content and blasphemous titles.

Stanford NewType

Gives information about Stanford University's anime club and its meeting dates. Also has links to other anime sites.

Strange Adventures

General comics Webpage with links to the Tick Jeffrey Lawless Homepage, X-Files, NerdWorld, alternative comix, the comics info FTP, Tool User Comics on the Internet, the Marvel Comics FTP site, DC Comics FTP, Marvel Xbooks FTP, and Vertigo FTP.

Time Traveller Comics

A complete, searchable online catalog of over 250 new titles each month which you may order from with credit card numbers, after assembling a huge list of comics, naturally.

Today's Computer Cartoon

Enjoy the daily strips. For your multilingual pleasure, this page and the Computer Cartoons can be read in more than one language.

Tomar's Anime Page

More than you ever will want to know on such anime series as Tenchi-Muyo!, Oh My Goddess!, Ranma 1/2, Bubblegum Crisis and others.

Ukyou's Anime

Links, images, and most importantly, the author's artwork!

United Media - The Comic Strip

Enjoy the impressive library of strips.

University of Houston - Association for Japanese Animation

Has information about the UH anime club.

University of Pennsylvania - Animeyhem

Information about the University of Pennsylvania anime club, its membership, an introduction to anime, library resources, and links to other anime sites.

University of Texas at Austin - Anime Club

Information about the anime club at the University of Texas, its library, archives, and a calendar of events.

UnReal Estate: a humourous look at real estate listings

Enjoy the archive of strips.

Vantage-Golub Communications, Inc.

A magazine for comic book dealers, store owners, retailers, and fans.

VR resources - comic strips

Enjoy comic strips on topic of Virtual reality.

Warp Cartoons

Enjoy this weekly display of beautifully illustrated comic strips.

Weekly Cartoon From Jon Phillips

Review this weekly collection of strips.

Wild Life

Enjoy the library of Wildlife comics.

World of Lily Wong

Enjoy this Hong Kong comic strip. Site also provides links to fairy tales and guide book.

World of Weasels

Take a tour to learn more about interactive comic strip.

You Can with Beakman and Jax

Comical site providing answers to random questions, a research project you can do, and hooks to other World Wide Web places.

Zany Zoo

A Zany weekly strip that features the exploits of the people and animals who work at City Zoo. Nominated for best strip on the Web in 1995.

Zstuff on the Web

Enjoy the weekly strips of computer toons.


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