Associations and User Groups

GweepNet - GweepCo Cooperative Network

A network of highly hacked machines.

Halcyon Users' Group

For a better understanding of the Internet and Halcyon, click here.

Internet Club

Come and join the Internet club where you can exchange information and network.

Internet Users Group of Northwest Florida

An index of Internet Users of Northwest Florida.

OS/2 Internet SIG

Welcome to the Southern California OS/2 Users Group.

Punknet Internet Cooperative

Punknet is an Internet cooperative formed by a group of Cal Poly SLO students, with costs of Internet connection shared amongst 20 member households.

Rocky Mountain Internet Users' Group

If you are interested in meeting once a month to learn about the Internet through presentations, information sharing, questions & answers and informal conversations then RMUG(Rocky Mountain Internet Users' Group) is the group for you.

San Diego Computer Society's Internet SIG

Welcome to the San Diego Computer Society's Internet Sig. New members are open to join.

University of Baltimore Internet Users Group

Click here and follow the links to the University of Baltimore Internet Users Group.

Communications and Networking

10E Design

10E Design is a company that provides Web design and maintenance. The company specializes in adventure travel, but, of course, it accepts and serves other clients. 20th Century Adventures is 10E Design's online magazine.

3Com World Wide Web Site

Networking information and news about the 3Com Corporation, its products, customer service and support, and its role in building the global information infrastructure.


The A2Z company is a full-service Internet provider in the Collierville-Memphis, Tennessee, area that also offers computers and software for sale. This server contains information about the provider's T-1/28.8 high-speed connections; it includes a catalog of services and products replete with descriptions of technical support and links to complementary sites.

Ad On The Net

Ad On The Net helps companies advertise on the Internet, They assist their customers in designing effective and attractive Web Pages to increase awareness of the customer's services and products while providing the personal touch necessary to help achieve each customer's goals.

Allegro Systems, Ltd.

This server was established by the Allegro software company. The company products include a 32-bit multi-tasking 386 and up operating system as well as a BBS which can support up to 10,000 simultaneous users.

Altcom Internet Marketing

Altcom Internet Marketing offers WWW access to small, medium sized and virtual businesses.

Amber Wave Systems

This server contains information about Amber Wave Systems, which offers high performance LAN switching products at a price slightly higher than shared LAN hubs, also assistance for customers to increase local area network bandwidth with switching products with advanced features that boost network performance and reliability.

AMP on the Internet

AMP is a global leader in manufacturing and marketing interconnection and networking products and technologies, providing related design and support services. They employ nearly 27,000 people and have facilities in 36 countries.

Animus — Media Design Technology

Animus-Media Design Technology specializes in Web pages and managing Web sites as well as multimedia productions for groups in Canada. Designers and other experts are available for consultation.

Asante Technologies, Inc.

This Ethernet networking site offers product spec sheets, announcements, and technical support information on its line of Ethernet and token ring cards for both Macs and PCs, and platform independent 10BaseT hubs.

AT&T Bell Laboratories

Contains a bibliography of about 3,000 entries covering computer networks and performance evaluation; about 1,700 include abstracts. Some entries have links to PostScript copies of the paper.

California Institute of Technology Society, Cyberspace and the Future

How new interactive communication technology can be used effectively by functional communities. The pages contain workshop reports by Bruce Murray, California Institute of Technology.

Centrum Verden A/S

Centrum Verden is an Internet provider. Centrum Verden offers PPP connections; it also develops and maintains commercial home pages.


CommerceNet is the consortium attempting to facilitate the use of an open Internet-based infrastructure for electronic commerce applications, includes electronic commerce papers, company searching, business data and statistics and CommerceNet activities.

Commercial Information & Order Express (CIOE)

This corporation server was founded to provide high quality, complete Internet services and promote commercial information exchange. It provides UUCP, UNIX Shell, SLIP/PPP, leased line, and ISDN line connections. CIOE also designs, customized graphic interface for host system menu and end user software, and creates Web home pages for customers.

Community Networks

Community network includes a set of surveys from more than 30 networks. They are intended to help develop a "community memory" for network developers.


CyberSight, creates promotions for a variety of companies which offer an invitation to interact. The bazaar in CyberSight's world points to the tents of companies that CyberSight has put on-line. Community, navigation, knowledge, and entertainment are areas of this world that are important on-line.


The Saratoga Group, a leading provider of computer-based learning software, on their CyberWise page offers information that is needed to surf the Net. CyberWISE (tm) products make learning about the Internet quick, easy and fun. To get free CyberWISE software, click on the Free button.

Data Exchange's Computer Repair Services

Data Exchange Corporation, Cameral, CA, US This server is a publication vehicle of Data Exchange, a world leader in high-tech electronics repair services. It contains a form browsers may fill out and submit to receive a repair-price quote by e-mail within a few days. Data Exchange's Computer Repair Services division repairs and sells just about everything for the computer.

Data Processing Management Association (DPMA)

Columbia, South Carolina, chapter of DPMA provides a forum for it's membership to network with each other. Monthly meetings contain seminars and discussions of the current issues concerning the professional management and operation of computer systems. Those interested IT professionals in the Carolinas are invited to visit, either electronically or in person.


DeltaNet, a full-service Internet provider, offers local dialing access throughout Southern California. In addition to the complete range of Internet services, the company provides consulting and training, and offers WWW page development and maintenance.

Digital Ark

Digital Ark, a comprehensive, full-featured Internet service provider located in Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island's east coast.

Direct Connections

Direct Connections, an international computer equipment supplier of hard drives, DAT drives, optical drives, monitors, CD ROMs, scanners and raid systems.

Dynacom, Inc.

Dynacom Inc. offers multimedia development and design. Information about Web site construction, maintenance and marketing are also included.

E-Mail Your Government

CyberSpace Marketing, Inc., Duluth, GA, US This server provides access to your government. The service offers the choice of your state and then the representative or senator. The user may click on the individual and then type a message to be heard by the individual holding that governmental office.

ECRC Server

The European Computer-Industry Research Centre (ECRC)is a research organization founded in 1984 and shared by Bull SA (France), ICL Plc. (United Kingdom), and Siemens AG (Germany). The ECRC pursues research in fundamental areas of Information Technology and explores advanced application scenarios of the emerging global information infrastructure. As a member of the EBONE Internet backbone consortium, ECRC also offers access to the global Internet to commercial, research and academic organizations.

The Electronic Pen, Inc.

The Electronic Pen, Inc., is a provider of interactive marketing, advertising and design for the Web and other online networks.

Encore Computer Corporation

If you are looking for Open Systems mainframe computer products that exceed proprietary mainframe performance through cost-effective massively parallel technology, storage products that deliver massively scalable I/O storage and throughput, and real-time systems that provide optimum solutions for complex real-time processing applications then you have clicked to the right spot.

ExpoNET Limited

ExpoNET Limited is a company that serves as the world's venue for online exhibition and conference events.

Face to Face

Face To Face arranges introductions of people with common interests via e-mail.

Free Service! BBS Listings

No-charge bulletin board systems that are accessible via telnet.

Frontier Internet Services

Frontier Internet Services offers dialup SLIP/PPP connection to the Internet and leases space on its Web server. Check out Dave Sugarman's Dead Pool or The Balloon Flight Page for examples of customers' work..

Fun e-Mail

David Krider, Pasadena, CA, US This server is devoted to e-mail. Some is fun. Some is not. But what do people deserve?

Future Forums

Strategyweb, Dallas, TX, US This server provides e-mail links to experts in business strategy currently building personal hyperforums; it also provides a brief descriptions of their expertise.

Global Network Navigator (GNN)

GNN is a subscription service that accepts members without charge; it offers on-line shopping, cyberspace excursions and other services. Its Travel Resource Center published the dispatches of travel writer Jeff Greenwald as he navigated his way around the world using every mode of transportation but airplanes.

Grand River Elementary School 5th Grade Group

Grand River Elementary School, Lansing, MI, US This site provides information about the fifth graders at Grand River Elementary School. They have their own home pages, offering information about themselves and some photos.

Grapevine Networking

Grapevine Networking provides Internet consulting and development of Web sites.


HarvardNet provides Internet access and services to clients within a selected Massachusetts region. Certain services have links on this page such as the Boston Marathon Lottery, Staples-the virtual store, and PC Week. There are also links to other Internet services such as Yahoo.


HIWAY offers businesses and private individuals a point of presence on the Internet. Our services include dial-in connections, Web page production, file and mail storage and conversion, and comprehensive services to help UK businesses take full advantage of the super highway. HIWAY is a division of the well-established Compass Computer Group based in Newbury, Berks.

HomeCom Communications, Inc.

HomeCom Communications, Inc., assists organizations with their presences on the Internet. It contains a page (intended to increase traffic through pages of all participants) with form for entry.

INRIA Video conferencing System

RODEO INRIA High Speed Networking provides information about the INRIA Video System, a conferencing package that enables audio and video transmission on the Internet.

Instant Technologies, Ltd.

Instant Technologies, Ltd., provides services such as Web Authoring, hosting, and consultation.

Internet Doorway

Internet Doorway is an Internet services provider that offers high-speed access, consulting and technical support. There is a kids corner.

The Internet Jungle

The Internet Jungle hosts a wide variety of business related topics and URL's, The Internet Jungle is a regional resource for businesses located in Eastern Ontario.

Internet Video

Purple Training Limited offers Internet: The Cyberian Connection produced by Purple Training in conjunction with Cyberia, the UK cybercafe. Intermixed with demonstrations of how to use the Internet are interviews with Net users who talk about the Internet. Our page is linked to Web hot-spots, online beginner's guides and business pages.

INTERWEB Computer Solutions

INTERWEB Computer Solutions, a computer consulting service in the Chicago area, provides on-site Internet service as well as consulting in HTML, homepage design, telecommunications and training.

Kingston Online Services

This Kingston Online Services provides full Internet access to residents, businesses and groups in Southeastern Ontario.

Maine State Oracle Users Group

Maine State Oracle Users Group, MSOUG--pronounced moose-hug--includes meeting places, times and agendas.

Micron Internet Services

Micron Internet Services provides information about Micron Internet Services, which offers a full suite of Internet services to Idaho businesses and individuals; these include dedicated dial-up connections, ISDN, consulting, Web page development and management and more.

Microwave Telecommunication and Remote Sensing Technology

Microwave Telecommunication and Remote Sensing Technology was founded in 1966 as the Microwave Laboratory. The main body of research is in the scope of one of the following projects: microwave components, integrated optics, antennas and propagation, radar systems and radar networking and active microwave remote sensing technology.

Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) conducts basic research in computers and their uses. Use the home page to reach an overview, biographies of our technical staff, addresses, and a map and directions for finding us.

MJM Communications

MJM Communications is a full-service public relations and media placement firm in Manhattan, that provides a World Wide Web presence to its clients. MJM Communications offers everything from basic information pages to elaborate forms; for those requiring it, MJM provides custom domain registration, and can coordinate an effective, high-traffic page for your Information Highway audience.

Monmouth Internet Corporation

Monmouth Internet Corporation is a New Jersey county access provider. Its network is divided into information; services; weather; webs for professionals, businesses, community, and users; an Internet link and a members only section.

Multi-Comm Entertainment System

Multi-Comm Entertainment System is a BBS with 50 lines offering transfer speeds of up to 14,400 bps (or even 28.8 bps), and it provides full Internet access, games, chat, local games, contests.

Neat Stuff for Telephone Communication

VIVE Synergies Inc., contains information on VIVE Synergies, Inc., providing of devices for remote switching through telephone lines, telephone line sharing, call restriction, call screening and Caller ID for both single and multiple lines and LAN applications.

The Netmedia List Journalists on the Internet

This Netmedia server provides a fairly complete index of journalists who have allowed their e-mail addresses to be made public. It also contains general-use addresses for magazines, radio stations, and television stations worldwide. It you wish to add something to the list, please send e-mail to


Newbie-No-More provides help for the new Web user to become more quickly efficient. Links are available to a wide range of topics.

North London NetWorks

North London NetWorking service includes the hand-picked Funky Site of the day.

NTG's Canadian Networks Page

NTG International Inc., provides a starting point to all WWW networking sites, including such headers as NTG's list of Canadian Internet providers, network products, network consultants and more.

Nucleus Information Service

Calgary, Alberta, and Canada has added a Web server to its ever-increasing list of services. They are Alberta's largest on-line service with 50 multi-user phone lines and full SLIP and UNIX shell access.

Olivetti Research Laboratory

The Olivetti Research Laboratory is an industrial laboratory specializing in ATM networking, multimedia, and the personalization of computer and communications environments. Demonstrations include a live panoramic view of Cambridge and an Active Map showing the location of personnel within the building.

Onion Communications & Technologies

Onion Communications & Technologies company is a full-service Internet provider located in Brescia, Italy.

Our House

A private site providing entertainment in the setting of a virtual home with links to interesting places.


Find out about Australia's largest Internet provider and check out WebChecker. WebChecker provides checking of client's sites, e-mail reports on professional editing, and designing and styling of Web pages, free of charge to non-English speaking countries.

Perfection Services, Inc.

Perfection Services, Inc. provides a variety of professional systems-engineering services to the large data center and small business, also design, implementation and support of host systems, Internet web presences and PC based systems.

Pine Mountain Group, Inc.

Pine Mountain Group provides training and trouble-shooting on the Net. The company offers a Network Analysis Forum and features a monthly column in Network Computing Magazine and a quarterly newsletter. Upcoming events, other interesting Web Sites, a suggested reading list, reference information, on-site training, services and products are listed for network analysts. There is a link to contract and employment opportunities with Pine Mountain Group.


An Arizona-based provider of all types of Internet access from shell and SLIP/PPP dialup accounts to World Wide Web services. The company also provides HTML page development and support as well as general Internet consultant services.


Organizations wishing to innovate on the Internet can now send full multimedia presentations across the network. Try it yourself!

Sacramento California and CGI Resources

Lawrence Associates Inc. provides CGI solutions for database access. Sample code exists.


Education and consulting services for PCs, servers, networks, connectivity, business requirements, applications and databases.

SBT Accounting Systems

Free technical and accounting advice from computer consultants around the world who install PC-based information systems. This is a network of 2,000 independent consultants who specialize in mini-computer replacement and small business automation.


SearchPlex offers access to a multiplex search tool that combines query forms for several online databases. There is a short description of each search engine.

SHARE Technology Conference

Agenda for upcoming major technical conferences. Registration forms and hotel lists are provided. SHARE is the IBM user's group for mainframe, mini, micro and client-server environments consisting of IBM and OEM compatible hardware & software.

SingNet WWW

Commercial service provider in Singapore offers a full range of services, WWW being one of them. While offering commercial Web services, we also host and maintain the WWW and HTML developers Jump-station pages.

South Coast Computing Services, Inc.

Contains information about South Coast Computing Services, an Internet service provider and consulting firm offering Internet access through dealerships.

StarNine Technologies

Berkeley, CA, US This server provides information about StarNine's Macintosh e-mail connectivity market.

Stateless Interactive Demo

Come match your wits against a state-of-the-art Sun workstation! This demo allows you to play a fun board game in Mosaic. It also demonstrates how to maintain specific information across multiple connections via Mosaic.

Storage Computer Presents

StorComp designs, manufactures, and sells high performance fault-tolerant storage solutions, critical to success in client/server online transaction processing (OLTP), large database, multimedia, video on demand and high volume imaging applications.

SuBee Emporium

The SuBee Emporium provides access to the services of SuBee, a company that creates WWW pages and helps businesses and individuals enhance their identities on the Internet.

The Thing

The Thing encourages discourse among artists and other professionals and provides a platform for the development of new forms of creative communication.

Two Servers, One Host

Configure a system to support two Web domains from a single host. Includes instructions for both the NCSA and CERN servers.

Ub Networks Internet Knowledge Exchange

An enterprise network vendor that offers a comprehensive catalog of connectivity, including information about network hardware, applications, services. It offers information about the latest developments in networking technology. The site contains an online trade show, and permits downloading of planning software.

Victoria's Network: VICNET

Victorian Age information. It is part of a joint project between the State Library of Victoria and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, that also provides Internet access to Victoria residents.

Virtual Microsystems

Networked CD-ROM servers for enterprise-wide access. Of special interest is CDWorks 2000, Virtual's Windows NT-based solution.

Virtual Solutions, Inc.

Virtual Solutions Inc. is a virtual corporation operating principally from Denver, Boston and Palo Alto, Calif. Through its VSINet Division Virtual Solutions provides access to the Internet through its World Wide Web server, as well as FTP and email management.

The Wave Network

The Wave Network offers full online services to users in Los Angeles, California region.

Web Voyager

This server provides a launching point for those who want to explore the Web. Departments include: The Web Voyager Magazine, WebWorld!, Web Voyager WEBDEX, and Web Voyager Thought of the Month.

WEBuilders Consulting

Los Altos, CA, US This site offers information about WEBuilders Consulting and its services of customized solutions for marketing on the Web.

Wireless e-mail

Dallas, TX, US PICnet/PageMart now offers "wireless e-mail" anytime, anyplace. Take the power of the Internet with you when you leave the office. Local, regional or nationwide coverage to your PageMart pager, PDA or PCMCIA receiver.

Wireless Information Networks Laboratory (WINLAB)

Offers information about WINLAB, the Wireless Information Networks Laboratory, a National Science Foundation Industry/University research center located at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, dedicated to research, education and technology transfer in support of future wireless communications systems.

World Data Network BBS

Largest BBS in the Washington, D.C., area is an authorized reseller and installer of PCBoard BBS. Family-oriented services include files, messages, chat, games and more.

WorldCHAT BBS Systems

Affordable, efficient Internet access to the Greater Burlington area.

Xephon's Web Page

Large-system computer research, analyses and consultation.

Computing Questions

Are Remanufactured Cartridges Safe?

Comparison of remanufactured toner cartridges versus a printer manufacturer's cartridge.

Ask Mr. Computer

A simple table of suggested computer components for the buyer of a PC.

Computer Almanac - Numbers About Computers

Site contains market research and other useful information about computers.

Distributed Computing Consulting

A consulting firm that provides assistance with UNIX based networks.

Indiana University's UCS Knowledge Base

Interface to IU's computing knowledge base. Contains over 3000 clearly-written questions and answers, and features advanced full-text search capabilities.

Into the Matrix

Information on the history of cyberspace, copies of New York Times articles, a newsletter.

Macintosh Tips and First Aid

A page for useful tips and ideas to correct common problems.

MIT Athena Consulting (OLC) Stock Answers

A variety of information including a software library.

Moan and Groan Page

A place to complain about products you have purchased that you have been unsatisfied with. You will also find a variety of solutions.

Office Technologies at UTK

Pertinent information on how to solve Mac, PC or Unix problems.

Conferences and Events

Application Development Conference and Exposition

This conference will take place in New York, NY from March 6 to March 8, 1996.

CFP96: Sixth Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy

The Conference on computers, freedom, and privacy, held annually at MIT, brings together experts and advocates from the fields of computer science, law, business, public policy, law enforcement, government, and many other areas to explore computer and telecommunications technologies.

Computer & Office Technology Showcase - Index

A place to introduce your business to others in your industry.

Events on SoftForum

A forum for Korean and foreign events.

Federal Business Council

Everything you would ever want to know about the Federal/DOD expose, FSC and Federal marketing information.

IFIP'96 Home Page

The International Federation for Information Processing holds its 14th World Computer Conference from September 2-6, 1996 in Canberra, Australia. This conference will focus on teleteaching, advanced information technology tools and mobile communications.

Intergovernmental Technology Conference

ITC is a conference and trade-show for government executives and technicians located in the North Central region of the country and will present hundreds of cutting edge technology exhibits for city, county, state and Federal government decision makers!

International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)

A yearly competition in computer science for students in secondary schools all over the world. A secretariat for the IOI with competition study material and tasks, host countries and results included.

KnowledgeWeb's Computer Events Directory

A great source of information on technology conferences, exhibitions, seminars and trade shows.

Mactivity: News and Info for Macintosh Networkers and WebMasters

Mactivity offers a variety of conferences and seminars for Macintosh networkers and WebMasters. Their home page provides loads of information about upcoming conferences and products offered by the company.


A subsidiary of the San Francisco Examiner, this page features loads of information relating to the annual MacWorld exposition in San Francisco, plus all of the Apple information you can handle.


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Presents the IEEE Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium; from March 30 - April 3 1996 at the Santa Clara Marriott in Santa Clara, California.


Omnitek Microservices

Full line of professional consulting, repair, and computer-related services.


AT&T Bell Laboratories

This server at the AT&T Bell Laboratories contains a bibliography of about 3,000 entries covering computer networks and performance evaluation; about 1,700 include abstracts. Some entries have links to PostScript copies of the paper.

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers

This server functions as a source for suppliers of products and services for business and industry. The Thomas Register has provided service for more than 85 years and currently contains 150,000 companies under 52,000 categories.

University of Massachusetts Database Systems Lab

The University of Massachusetts Database Systems Lab and its research programs are highlighted. The site also has numerous categorized links to a variety of databases.

Desktop Publishing

Apple-Internet Mailing Lists

Apple Computer's Business Systems Division provides four mailing lists: apple-Internet-announce, apple-Internet-authoring, apple-Internet-providers and apple-Internet-users.

Desktop Publishing & Digital Photography

EuroGrafix, Inc., Altamonte Springs, FL, US This server provides information about desktop publishing services including pre-press, design, film output up to 19 x 25, Matchprints, high resolution scans, digital photography and stock photography by Patricia Siering.

OneStop Desktop

Offers desktop publishing services and electronic media printing services. Services include document printing, binding, Xerox/Canon color laser prints, and full-color direct mail pieces. Full FTP is available for uploading job files.


The Alumnet Center for Education

A communications and information hub. Provides chat, E-mail, bulletin boards, member directories and links to more than 800 educational institutions.

ATTG's Neural Net Tutor

Neural Net Tutor, a modifiable, graphical, neural-net engine. The user may apply this to prediction- and pattern-matching problems. Although ATTG's NNTutor provides hands-on education of advanced technologies, it is a fully configurable neural net engine one can use to solve real problems.

Damar Group, Ltd.

Damar Group offers corporate, group, and individual computer learning classes at their facility in Columbia, Maryland and at on-site locations across the nation. Instructor-led and self-paced learning materials (the same materials that are used in Damar Group classes ) are available for interactive downloading. Course descriptions & outlines and class schedules are available online.

Logical Operations

Logical Operations offers computer-related course and training products. There is a list of products and descriptions available.


Are Remanufactured Cartridges Safe?

Depending on with whom you speak, recycled or "remanufactured" toner cartridges can get either rave reviews or horror stories. The truth is closer to the rave reviews; but there are some companies remanufacturing toner cartridges that shouldn't, but do.

Bottom Line Online Virtual Digital Marketplace

Bottom Line Online is a one-stop marketplace for Macintosh users on the Web.

Computer Almanac - Numbers About Computers

This is a collection of numbers relevant to computers, along with references. These are useful for including in articles and speeches.

Distributed Computing Consulting

Computing Consulting (DCC) provides support for the Leland System, a distributed network of UNIX computers.

Dutch Yellow Pages

An online directory, listing all commercial Web sites in the Netherlands.

Eureka: The Telecom Neighborhood

This friendly Telecom directory and base for Telecom companies, professionals and consumers is constantly growing with information in its knowledge base.

Free On-line Dictionary of Computing

You may call it "nonsense" if you like, but I've heard nonsense, compared with which that would be as sensible as a dictionary.

Hackers Jargon 3.2.0 - HTML version

An introduction to the speak of the hacker.

Help Desk

The Help Desk is your first point of contact for staff and students of Leeds University with the Computing Service.

Index - A lot of computer sites

Welcome to the index of a lot of computer sites.

Index - Computer Manufacturers

An extensive index of over 225 computer-related corporate home pages.

Index - The Computer Web Source

If your looking to find out what's new in the computer world with respect to products and services, come check out The Computer Web Source.

Index - Ultimate Computer Company Page

The Ultimate Computer Company Page is the home of the most popular computer companies.

Indiana University's UCS Knowledge Base

The UCS Knowledge Base contains over 4000 entries that answer computing questions asked by Indiana University users.

Into the Matrix

As we experience a cacophony of information coming in from all directions, inquiry ceases and anxiety flavors all our actions. Dimly, we are aware of some profound change, a fissure separating us from the past that appears more profound than we dare acknowledge.

Jargon File 3.0.0

This is the Jargon File, a comprehensive compendium of hacker slang illuminating many aspects of hackish tradition, folklore, and humor.

Jargon File - The Ultimate Index

Welcome to the WWW version of the Jargon File. This document has been (almost) automatically created by a 500 line C program.

Moan and Groan Page

Have you ever been just terribly disappointed in a computer product that you've purchased? Now, you are stuck with it. What is even worse is that you realize that many other buyers are out there making the same mistake!

The New Hacker's Dictionary

Here is everything you always wanted to know about access to the Jargon File and its book version, The New Hacker's Dictionary.

Office Technologies at UTK

Their purpose is to keep you informed of any software bug notices, updates, patches, diagnostic utilities, and reference disks for your hardware.

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers

The Thomas Register has provided service for more than 85 years and currently contains 150,000 companies under 52,000 categories.

Trevin's Help for Ordinary Users

Gives computer owners a place to go for getting those nasty computer questions finally answered.

Geographic Information Systems

1-Degree DEM File Finder Utility

On-line calculator that will provide 1-degree DEM data for Geographical Information Systems (GIS) professionals, environmental scientists, or others interested in GIS data.

AGI GIS Dictionary

An on-line dictionary of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) maintained by the University of Edinburgh (UK) Department of Geography.

Applied Geographics, Inc.

Welcome to the Applied Geographics Homepage. This page has been designed to give the net-surfer a graphic description of GIS services offered by Applied Geographics, Inc.

BG-Map Botanical Garden Mapping System

You will find information on computerized mapping of plant collections typically housed at facilities such as botanical gardens, arboreta, zoos, and large private estates.

Cypress Geo-Resources, Inc.

Cypress Geo-Resources Inc. provides GIS/desktop mapping datasets, consulting, and services.

Environmental Systems Research Institute

COMDEX is the largest and most exciting technology trade show you'll find.

FASTMAP Corporation

FASTMAP Corporation is an Automated Mapping software and services vendor. FASTMAP software was originally built to address the needs of architects, title companies, and assessors to be able to quickly ensure that property bounds were defined legally and properly.

Genasys II, Inc.

Genasys II, Inc. is the world leader in Open Geographic Information Systems technology. Genasys' unique approach makes GIS a powerful spatial analysis tool that is easily integrated into today's Information Technology environment.

Geodyssey Limited

Hipparchus (the ancient Greek) invented latitudes and longitudes and was the first to measure distances in terms of angles. Hipparchus, (our product) is an "Open GIS" tool kit that enables software developers to incorporate geography into their applications without the use of monolithic geographic information system (GIS) solutions.

Geospatial Analysis of Glaciated Environments (GAGE)

The site for the Work Group on Geospatial Analysis of Glaciated Environments (GAGE), which assembles regional and continental GIS databases for display, analysis, and interpretation of glaciated terrain, as well as for modeling of glacier dynamics and processes. Contains text from newletters, proceedings, member contact information, and links to related sites.

GIS Department at the National Wetlands Inventory

Site maintained by the Geographical Information Services (GIS) Department of the National Wetlands Inventory (NWI), which contains a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the NWI Inventory, as well as map archives, and contact information for reaching NWI members.

GIS FAQ and General Info List

Index of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This FAQ site is a resource of the comp.infosystems.gis newsgroup, which is connected to the GIS-L mailing list.

GIS/Cartography Link Point

Site hosted by the Department of Surveying and Mapping, The Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH), which can be used as starting point to link to various sites related to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Cartography.

Hydrografix Overseas Limited - Hydrography and Land Surveying

A commercial site hosted by Hydrografix Overseas Limited, which contains information on their services, employment opportunities, and links to Geographical Information Systems (GIS) databases, file archives, and related sites.

ILWIS Africa

ILWIS Africa sells ILWIS, gives GIS/RS/GPS training and does GEO Information Consultancy from a number of centers in Africa.

IntelliGIS, Inc.

IntelliGIS is a provider of Geographic Information System products and services to the energy and utility industries. We deliver advanced GIS solutions based on an open, modular, object-oriented software architecture.

Keio University, Shonan Fujiswa - GIS Laboratory

The site for the Keio University, Shonan Fujiswa GIS Laboratory containing information on facilities, faculty, events, file archives (including imagery), and links to related sites.

Linnet Geomatics International Inc.

LINNET Geomatics International Inc. (LGI) specializes in land related information systems to solve real world business problems.

Louisiana Coastal GIS Network

A general-purpose Geographical Information Systems (GIS) resource hosted by the Louisiana Coastal GIS Network, with specific information and data concerning coastal research and restoration in Louisiana.

Mackie Consultants, Inc. - Land Surveying

A general interest site on land surveying hosted by Mackie Consultants, Inc., Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers, with links to additional subject-related sites.

Map Viewer - Xerox PARC

A map viewer hosted by the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) that contains a mercator projection of a world map. Clicking on the map at any point zooms in on the map by a factor of two. Iterating the process provides additional magnified detail for the original starting point.


NAISMap is a forms-based Geographic Information System (GIS) server for viewing and manipulating Canadian National Atlas spatial data layers and can be used to construct maps of Canada.

NYS Spatial Data

Site maintained by the NYS Clearinghouse for Geographic Data. The Clearinghouse allows producers of geographic data to describe what datasets they have available and to allow users of Geographic Information Systems to find the datasets they need using the Federal Geographic Data Committee Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata.


RAIDS is a facility to provide the customer with electronic access to ERS-1 SAR observations direct from the receiving ground station within 24 hours of data acquisition.

Scientific Assessement and Strategy Team GIS Data Server

The Scientific Assessment and Strategy Team (SAST) GIS Data Server includes a database containing GIS information for the Upper Mississippi and Lower Missouri River Basins.

SHL Vision Solutions

SHL VISION* Solutions delivers enterprise-scale spatial data management (SDM) solutions that help our customers realize unprecedented levels of business gain and strategic advantage.

Spectrum GIS Resources

Provides information about GIS data sources, GIS companies, and GIS services provided by Spectrum Sciences & Software, Inc.

Telemap Corporation

Telemap is a leader in both the development and implementation of this exciting new technology. Our experience and technical expertise can help you get more answers out of your data.

Terra Nova Mapping Services

TERRA-NOVA has been a major player in the Mapping and GIS field since 1987.

Thompson Consulting Group

AutoCAD, AutoLisp, MicroStation, and InFoCAD training, integration, and customization.

Tiburon, Inc.

Mapping/GIS products and services provide real time mapping capability to a variety of applications. Technologies include Perl, Tcl/Tk, Unix, and X Window.


Tristani Management and Engineering Company TMECO Specializing in the sale of Global Positioning System ( GPS ) receivers and equipment.

University of Edinburgh - GIS Resource

Site hosted by the University of Edinburgh (UK), which provides information on all aspects of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and contains links to additional GIS-related sites.

Vancouver GIS Users Group

Site hosted by the Vancouver GIS Users Group (VCGISUG) to facilitate communication between people working in all areas of GIS. Contains general-interest information on GIS, transcripts of VCGISUG newsletters, meeting announcements, and links to related sites.

Global Positioning System

The Global Positioning System (GPS)

This site contains an overview of the Global Positioning System (GPS).

GPS Global Time Series

The GPS Global Time Series allows you to click on a map of the world to see time series of latitude, longitude, and height.

GPS World Magazine

The GPS World Web page is an Internet site for news and applications of the Global Positioning System, drawing on the resources of Advanstar Communications' GPS World magazine and GPS World Newsletter.

GPS/MET Program

The GPS/MET experiment is a $3 million proof-of-concept program, which is jointly sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA). The objective of the GPS/MET experiment is to use signals from GPS satellites occluded by the Earth to demonstrate active limb sounding of the atmosphere.

Introduction to GPS Applications

An introduction to the NAVSTAR and GLONASS Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and their uses.

University NAVSTAR Consortium (UNAVCO)

The University NAVSTAR Consortium (UNAVCO) provides information, support, and scientific infrastructure to principal investigators making use of the Global Positioning System ( GPS ) satellites for Earth science and related research.

Graphics and Animation  Instant access to over 8 million online CAD symbols.

3D Animation Nation

Visit this gallery of summer workshops and a lot more to come. Featuring work by artists in 3D. All from computer animation department at the Museum of fine Arts!


This 3D-animation contains information as well as a gallery with pictures and sound.

ACM Transactions on Graphics

AMC Transactions on Graphics is a journal presenting research results for computer graphics.

Advanced Media Production Center

Create advanced media at this Cal State University in Long Beach, Don't be shy!

Alchemy Mindworks Inc.

DOS- and Windows-based graphics applications. Shareware demo versions can be downloaded directly. Complete list of technical books by Steven William Rimmer including Planet Internet, Bitmapped Graphics and Corel Draw It, as well as references to his fiction.

Animated Drumheads

This hydrogen-like atoms has a mathematical animation of a vibrating circular membrane with wave functions.

Animation! Animation!

This database has American animated cartoons; with Japan news and drawings. Check this one out.

Animation Articles

Load of links to Animated Web Sites. Really interesting subjects. Must have the proper Computer equipment to truly appreciate the Art. Look anyway and go our and get an upgrade.

Animation Central

Exciting information about film animation, have to see to be believed.

Animation Master Hobbyist

This fun animation master information has great objects and textures. Try this out for fun.

Animation Sketches Central

These animation sketches will expend and grow with our user submissions. Come and have some fun.

Animator's Booklist

This contains list of books you should read. See what books you're missing out on.

Animator's Mailing List

Try out this list of local stuff, such as information about submitting work, job openings and more. Don't be shy.

Artewisdom Ltd

London, England, UK This server contains information about Artewisdom Ltd., which is a provider of applied computer technology, specializing in computer graphics, structured cabling, software solutions and Internet consultancy, particularly electronic publishing.

Backeberg, Vince

Visit this 3D animator/designer in his world of clay animation and mold maker. Great fun!

Beckman Institute Visualization Facility

Try out this Institute visualization facility for you enjoyment. Great graphics!

Bernstein, Paul

Welcome to Paul's 3D animation gallery includes movies and much more.

Big Kahuna Productions

Our mission, to research and develop tools to help you support and accomplish your goals. Try it some time, it comes in handy.

A Bryce manual for beginners. And a Gallery.

Bryce is a 3D manual for beginners that specializes in Landscapes. Come change the land and skies with us.

Caltech Computer Graphics Group

Catch a glimpse of this unique home page from Cal Tech computer graphics group.

CCG/ZGDV - Coimbra, Portugal

Try this truly unique 3D medical imaging, I dare you!

Center for Electronic Art (CEA)

Join the center for electronic art classes in multimedia, graphics, Internet and 3D animation applications. Check out their 10-day intensive workshop.

Character Animations:Spiders!

This character animation includes MPEG and FLI animations of walking spiders, with thumbnail sketches. Check this animation gallery out!

Cherry Optical Holography

Cherry Optical Holography presents Greg Cherry's large image projection holograms, as small 4 inch by 5 inch film holograms mounted on 8 inch by 10 inch mats, ready for framing. These are inexpensive film versions of Greg Cherry's most famous and expensive glass holograms.

Chris & Karl's Gallery of Visual Tantalization

Check out Chris's & Karl's gallery of visual tantalization using unusual photography and computer animation stills. Commercial and fine art inquiries welcome.

Christian Larocque's Cartoons

Come try this Archive of animation created by using the FLC format. Our full motion animation is updated.

CKC Animation Education Lab

This aids in learning education and visualization in 3D animated graphics. Too good to be true.

Colorado State - Computer Visualization Laboratory

Attend there University for a variety of pages from library to software tips. Lots of information to be learned.

Computer Art Gallery

Come and see all the POVray collection at the Computer Art Gallery.

Computer Graphics at Brock University

Be a student in the computer science department at Brock University. Have hands-on experience with state-of-the-art graphics applications. Truly unique!

Computer Graphics at Stanford University

Welcome to the world wide web server at Stanford University. This lab is very well detailed, please join us.

Corn Animation

Take a peek at the corn movie with not ordinary animations. Select from 18 different scenes, superb motion.


New technological communication links you to high speed transportation on the metaphoric train ride. Go for a ride.

Dayglo's Animation Page

Come aboard join captain Dayglo with this great animation tricks from the hypertext 3D studio on line tutorial.

Deborah Brown Design

Deborah Brown Design company offers full-service design. Client relationships are of particular concern and a virtual tour is available.


DesignWeb is a marketplace for design providers and professionals. The page was developed to promote and locate both services and resources as well as to share ideas and information.

Digital Illusions

Notice these digital illusions. With lots of information of computer graphics, animations and product specific topics.

Digital Information Processing Lab

Try out this research facility that explores technology in digital media. They provide the central Florida community with access to these technologies. Dare to learn more.

Digital Media World Australia '96

Welcome to the web site of digital media. World's fastest-growing computer application technology. Grow with us!

Dunniway, Troy

Many of his images are created with 3D studio and PhotoShop. Real neat stuff!

Dynamic Simulation of Splashing Liquids

Enjoy your animation techniques for water and fluids. Get wet with us.

ETHZ Computer Graphics Research Group

Click into this computer graphics group. There goals are for your needs.

Eurographics: The European Association for Computer Graphics

Eurographics organizes many different activities and services for its members come join all the fun.

FAQ - Color space

Come to FAQ-color space for all the answers you are looking for on color space see you there.

FAQ - [ohio-state]

Join this growing computer graphics animation network. See how you can contribute.

FAQ - Comp.Graphics.Animation []

This key-framing system is for you to try our animation file format, and many individual software pages to choose from. Get creative with this exciting graphic animation.


FAQ has all the answer for the OpenGL computer graphics.

Fishy's Quicktime Animations

This collection of QuickTime movies is a fun way to make a quick movie. Try it you'll like it.

Georgia Tech Interactive Media Technology Center

There very creative in the graphics network. Try them out!

.gif FTP Page

.GIF FTP Page offers a list of sites where it is possible to download GIF-format image files. A complete description is included with each site link.

Gil Broussard's Raytracing Page

At Gil Broussard's ray tracing page you will learn technical-writing activities for Peregrine Systems come join the fun.

Grafica Obscura: A computer graphics notebook

Provides access to a compilation of technical notes, pictures and essays that have been accumulated over the years by Silicon Graphics. A paper folding project, a picture gallery and a C source code are some of the items available through this notebook.

Graphic Design

Provides access to Chris Andrews Design, a Canadian graphic design company that offers a decade of experience on Macintosh publications and designs.

Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center

Check out this final frontier in the computer information revolution. To easy to use! Don't miss out.


Graphiti is a company that puts customer-created designs on T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, caps, jackets, mugs, or aprons, creating for those customers personalized gifts or team shirts.

GVU Animation Research

This animation lab helps create traditional technique for your computer animation of people, animals and much more. They often produce motion that appears unnatural.

Hadron Data Graphics

Hadron Data Graphics interactive electronic publishing development (and consulting) for multimedia viewer applications.

High Velocity Systems (3D Rendering/Modeling)

High Velocity Systems produces Vector Reality, a 3-D modeling and rendering program for Windows 3/95/NT. The software features are described. There is a demo of V1.2 online.

Holography []

Holography offers a holographic pattern generator, a laser art holographic marketplace and a basic introduction to holography.

Holography [HyperMedia]

Welcome to holography page. Flip through the pages and find what your looking for.

Holography News

Holography News, the leading source of information on the holographics industry, is published ten times a year and is the only regular English-language source of commercial information on the producers and users of holographics.

Home of Enrico

At the Home of Enrico you will see many 3D images come draw with us.

Hugh's Animaciones

Check out this cool stuff with his "animaciones" bug collection and different kinds of animations and graphics and exhibits.

Hugh's Own Raytrace Site

Come to Hugh's Own Raytrace Site and see all his collection you will not believe it.

HyperMedia Technology

HyperMedia Technology offers information and links to commercial holography companies, various artists, galleries, articles, holography education and holography publications.

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

Come and see IEEE Computer Graphics, it covers many topics in languages and algorithms.


Come try these features Arcadia (moo) information, the web interface to the moo, graphic arts to great backgrounds and hot lists.

The Image Factory

Hop into the Image Factory it provides access courses on multi-media, digital imaging. You'll jump for joy!

Image Synthesis Group - Trinity College, Dublin

All about ISG (image synthesis group). Be apart of this group at Trinity College, Dublin and become a pro!


On-line browsing system for Landsat, SPOT, Russian High Resolution imagery and ETAK's vector based data sets, the USGS's DLG, DEM and other governmental and commercial geographic information. Its home page is an interactive menu that allows an end user to choose from options including the ability to run actual live searches of the Landsat and SPOT data bases.

Inset Systems Inc.

Inset Systems Inc. is the publisher of the HiJaak series of graphics programs for Windows 95, Windows, and DOS. Information is available about the company, its products, graphics and technical support.

Institute for Computergraphics, Technical University Graz

Enter these four groups of primary research; remote sensing, computer graphics, image fusion and object reconstruction. You'll be amazed what you will find.

Iowa State University - Visualization Laboratory

Attend all current projects at Iowa State University. So many to choose from. Have fun!

IST's Visual Systems Laboratory

Enter this visual systems lab at University of Florida for its unfunded projects and creative activities.

Iwasaki, Eric A.

Take a look at samples of Eric's 2D/3D rendered art/animations and film clips from his multimedia art gallery.

JerOme in Motion

Join Jerome in motion with his collection of personal 3D and cel projects.

Joel's Ray-Tracing Niche

At Joel's ray-tracing niche there is a collection you would not believe.

Jones, Chip

Try this unique portfolio of mixed-media animation and other items and interests.

Jugit Virtual Juggler

This animation is great for computer generated juggling. Don't let it get away.

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - Computer Graphics Group

Join this graphics group from the department of computer science and enjoy all different information they have available.


At Mark/Space you will see fully interactive 3D information environment and showcase.

May, Rick

Join Rick May in his pre-home page. Don't miss out!

Mesa - 3-D graphics library

Mesa is a 3-D graphics library with API which is similar to OpenGL.

MIT Computer Graphics Society

Check out all the neat stuff you can do with MIT computer graphics.

Monte Carlo and the Juggernauts!

We dare you to join us for thrills, chills, corns in this latest project from Hungry.

Moragues, Jordi

Learn what Jordi has learned in his computer animation fun!

New York University Animation Department

Animation station, everything you wanted to know about animation but were afraid to ask, screening room, general information and much, much more.

NIST Scientific Visualization Group

Join this mission and conduct research with the big dogs.

NSF/ARPA Science and Technologh Center for Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization

Come visit the center for computer graphics, scientific, and technology visualization. Very educational!

NYU Animation Station

Hop on this animation station with everything you wanted to know about animation and were chicken to ask.

On Line Design

On Line Design offers computer training in AutoCAD software and performs AutoCAD conversion of existing drawings. The firm provides contract employment services for engineers, designers, draftspersons, electronic technicians and desk top publishing/technical writing professionals.

OpenGL WWW Center

OpenGL WWW Center is designed to be interactive with 2D and 3D computer graphics.

Persistence Of Vision (POV-Ray) Ray Tracer

At the home of Persistence of Vision you will see the popular FREEWARE ray tracer and POV-Ray.

PEX Documentation

They provide PEXlib Functions, Data Structures, and Functional Categories for all your computer needs.

Photoshop 3.0 Unleashed!

Try out the ultimate learning experience known. Unleashed to you by IDIG Inc., leading innovators in graphics.

Picture Gallery of 1000 composers.

Classical composers in alphabetical listings and nationality listing. 1000 composer pictures to choose from in this gallery.

Pixel Planes Home Page

This pixel plans project dedicated to building graphics engines with an emphasis on scalabilty and real-time rendering. also has information from detail on the current machine to software and hardware and all those involved in this project.

Portable Network Graphics

They list all software known to support the PNG format in either the near future or currently. PNG is (pronounced ping) and is the portable network graphics format.

Primordial Soup's Animations

Come join this primordial soup's animation in MPEG format.

Princeton University - Graphics Group

Step into this Princeton University graphics group. You'll become an expert in no time!

Printing & Graphics Terminology

This is a growing and evolving guide to the cryptic language. To communicate effectively with these professional printers and graphic designers you will have to learn their language.

QNSnet Raytracing Page

AT the QNSnet ray tracing page you will not believe what you will learn, come and join us.


Come and see what all the hoopla is all about Radiance.


If you thought Radiance was a gas come and join ArchProPlan and check out all their textures and function filers.

Ray Tracing in Astronomy

At Ray Tracing in Astronomy using the POV-Ray to simulate a star system is neat and what a thing to see.

Ray Tracing News

Tracking the latest research for software, books and FTP come to the Ray Tracing News.


At Rayshade you will find and extensible system to create ray-traced images.

Raytracing Rules!

Learn the rules of the trade at Raytracing Rules. It will link you to various images for your own computer.

Red's Nightmare

Don't be scared to check out Reds Nightmare.

RenderMan Repository

This storehouse is for things related to the 3D rendering systems by Pixar. Come play with this network.

Rocky Mountain Digital Peeks CD-ROMs

Rocky Mountain Digital Peeks multi-media CD-ROM called Earth Exploratorium, Mission to Planet Earth, STS59, which provides more than 12,000 images of Earth from space complete with annotations, extensive navigation and search facilities. Radar examples with interpretation, interactive environmental handbooks and audio interviews with shuttle astronauts are included.

Ross, Aaron F. - Techno-Artist

Artist Aaron Ross (Dr, Yo) has a collection of images and writings coming from his San Francisco web. Check his unique images out.

Rutgers University - Lab for Visiometrics and Modelling

Join this research into visualization of complex data sets. Not limited to those from fluid dynamics simulations. Try it you'll like it.

Schwartz, Eric

Try animations on the Amiga with Eric Schwartz, descriptions and downloading links.

SOFTIMAGE animation mailing lists

This mailing list is just for you to subscribe and unsubscribe for the best animations possible on the network today.

Sorensen, Vibeke

Check put these cool images from computer animation. With video works, papers, and a bio.

Space Shuttle Models

They list all shuttle models that was complied during April of 1992. With 3D model data and NASA data.

Student Project Animation

Take a look at some animations submitted as class projects by students in Computer Science at Cornell University during the 1994 and 1995 spring semesters. Unbelievable!

Sydney Regional Scientific Visualisation Laboratory

Plug into this Vislab and enjoy the way to visualize and interpret large and complex data sets for scientific and industrial users. A lot to do here.

Tübingen - Graphics Group

Link within the Schickard-Institute for computer science and much, much more.

Team Smarty World!

A graphic, media art, and design studio that offers visuals, soundly beating the line between original art and communication of the day to day type.

Terry's Ray Tracing Page

Come to Terry;s ray tracing for pictures, freeware and links see all you can do,

Thant's Animations Index

This contains short descriptions and links to servers on the web, from generated animations, to movies, to interactive images. Take a look!

trueSpace web site

At truespace web site you will find powerful tools for 3D and graphics generation.

UIC - Electronic Visualization Laboratory

Try out the EVL, which works on a variety of cutting edge problems. Don't be clueless.

UMBC - Imaging Research

This contains a lot of information regarding this center and the staff that work here. There are also a number of areas which contain reference material on a large number of topics.

Univ of Breman Center for Complex Systems and Visualization

CeVis is an institute of the University of Bremen at the department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Its can be found in the Institute for Dynamical Systems which was founded in 1978.

Univ of Georgia Visual Design Lab

Artlinks at the University of Georgia provides, School of Art information pages, Art Students Pages and Re-Confessional come and see.

Univ of Pennsylvania - Center for Human Modeling & Simulation

The Center for Human Modeling and Simulation of the Department of Computer and Information Science. Learn movement, modeling through physics-based techniques, dynamic models.

University of Manchester - Gomputer Graphics Unit

The Computer Graphics Unit provides multimedia, image processing and provides high-performance interactive computer graphics come and see all the fun.

University of San Paolo - Visual Computing and Interactive Media

At the Laboratory of Integrated Systems they have Artificial Intelligence and Automation and many more exciting divisions.

University of Utah - Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization

The Scientific Computing and Imaging (SCI) research group has ongoing research areas of scientific computing geometric modeling, parallel computing.

Utrecht University - Computer Vision Research Group

A great school of Medical imaging and Computer Vision.

Various MPEG-Animations

Contains various animations of film clips from your favorite movies. See what's available!

Visioneering Research Laboratory

Come and see the Visioneering Research Laboratory for E Mail and many more exciting things to do.

Wavefront Animations

This computer graphics program contains super cool, extra long MPEG compressed animations, a popular high-end computer wave front!

WSU Computer Animations

Try this out for fun, examples of student work in WSC's computer animation.

Xtreme Graphics Software

They are specialized in developing custom graphics software.

Zambetti, Marco

Use Marco's sample artwork and CV. Your animations and graphics will be out of this world.

ZGDV Computer Graphics Center

ZGDV Computer Graphics Center has low graphics, no tables and text vision. Come and play.

Computer Science


Ada-Belgium is a forum for everyone interested in the Ada programming language, its applications, and in Ada-related technologies, software engineering methods, environments, and tools.

Adept Scientific plc

Adept Scientific Home Page with articles from their magazine, "Technical Computing," which provides information on the software and hardware they supply and support in the UK.

Amerinex Artificial Intelligence, Inc.

View or download AAI technical reports which relate to the KBVision (TM) System and its uses in the area of computer vision and image understanding, and also technical reports from some of the other projects at AAI.

Ansiman 1.2

Read about and download this program that creates images of a Mandelbrot set using ANSI graphics.


DDU Software, The University of Leeds, UK provides this site for Astute Statistics Add-in for Microsoft Excel. This software appeals to those who want convenience and flexibility in performing statistical analysis in a spreadsheet environment with charting and presentation graphics.

Brown University Computer Science Department Technical Reports

Search the reports by author, number, title, or use an index.

CMU SCS Technical Reports

Carnegie Mellon University's technical report archive from 1988 to date. Also obtain reports from Human-Computer Interaction Institute, the Robotics Institute, the Center for Machine Translation, and the Software Engineering Institute.

A Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies

Provides a searchable, monthly-updated index of scientific literature in computer science from various sources, covering most aspects of computer science, presently contain 650 locally stored bibliographies and about 390,000 references.

Columbia Department of Computer Science On-Line Library

Search through the university's technical report archive as far back as 1975.

Computer Science Bibliography Glimpse Server

Setup by the University of Arizona, Computer Science Dept., this is a large searchable collection of computer science bibliographies. Also included is a description of GLIMPSE, a very rapid indexing and querying system.

Contours of the Mind - Exhibition page

Describes software-generated fractals, provides a catalogue, graphic exhibition A Celebration of Fractals, Feedback and Chaos.

Cornell CS Technical Reports

An international collection of computer science technical reports from CS departments and industrial and government research laboratories. Search with a fielded search form or by keyword.

CPLEX Optimization, Inc.

Home Page for CPLEX Optimization, Inc., a leading provider of large-scale mathematical programming software and services.

CS Technical Report Broker (harvest)

Uses a commercial toolkit (Harvest) available from Verity Inc. for indexing and searching the CS technical report archive which covers about 21,000 documents collected from 217 sites around the world.

Dakota State University - Internet Courses

Go back to school over the Internet. Get educated online.

Dartmouth Tech Reports

Dartmouth Computer Science Technical Reports from 1986 to date, with search index.

Digital Corporate Research Reports

Provide links to on-line indexes and abstracts for Digital Research publications.

Fractal Generator

An interactive fractal generator, with user gallery of images, and a brief explanation, with access links to other interesting games.

Fractal Icon Archive

A collection of breathtaking downloadable fractal icons, with access to a fractal photo gallery.

Fractal Movie Archive

A collection of fractal movie clips available in different formats: Anim5, Fli, Flc, Mpeg, Quicktime.

Fractal Questions and Answers

Text document answering frequently asked questions about fractals, and fractal generators.

Fractals and scale - a tutorial

An in depth description of fractals and their connection to measuring the scale of real things, including history, techniques, and algorothms.

Fractals from DR

A gallery of a dozen or so breathtaking fractals.

Fractals from Ojai

Over 48 different original Fractal thumbnails you can click on to see the full size image, along with a contest entry form.

Fractals []

An impressive collection of downloadable fractals with links to related sites, and an explanation of how the images were made.

Genetic Algorithm Solver for Excel(tm)

New Light Industries Home Page for Generator, a special genetic algorithm program which can help solve a wide variety of problems such as optimization, curve fitting, evolution and recombination, scheduling, and multi-variable problems.

Geometry Center Software Archives

Download impressive free software tools to support the computation and visualization of mathematics, including 3-D graphics programs, surface evolvers, kaleidoscopes and more. Includes documentation, source code, and a collection of related links.

GTE Distributed Object Computing

Obtain the company's technical reports from 1987 to date, either in electronic form or hard copy (by filling out a form).

Harmonic Software Inc.

Visual Data Analysis Homepage for O-Matrix, a visual data analysis environment with the performance capabilities of a compiled language and the ease of use of an integrated environment.

IGES - Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies

Obtain the Center's technical reports from their on-line archive.

Index - Computer Science Technical Reports

An American, and partly international WWW link list for academic and business technical report browsing and searching.

Index - Netlib Conferences Database

The Netlib Conferences Database contains upcoming conferences, lectures, and other meetings relevant to the fields of mathematics and computer science, and is browsable, searchable, and updateable.

Interactive Fractal Server

Click on any part of a Mandelbrot fractal to zoom in, or adjust color palette or zoom factor. Also find out more about them.

International Computer Science Institute

ICSI, University of California, The International Computer Science Institute ICSI is a computer science research organization that is closely affiliated with the Computer Science division of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at U.C. Berkeley. It comprises research scientists from all over the world, working together with U.C. Berkeley EECS professors and graduate students, on a wide variety of projects.

Julia and Mandelbrot Explorer

View, create, learn about, and download fractal images.

Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum fuer Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB) Publications

Obtain the company's preprints and technical reports from 1986 to date, or look through the KWIC Index of the Publications.

Langley Technical Report Server (LTRS)

obtain technical reports from the NASA Langley Research Center, mostly available in compressed postscript form. Also submit papers, find answers to frequently asked questions, and use the NASA Technical Report Server for reports from other NASA centers, institutes and projects.

Learning PROLOG

Learn PROLOG over the Internet for fun and education.

Leiden University CS reports

Peruse Leiden University's computer science technical report archive, or look through the Unified CS TR index.

Lemma Inc.

Lemma Inc. Homepage for their products which exploit the interplay between software and formal languages and logical systems.

Liberty Stats

Liberty Stats - Shareware to Analyze Football Stats. Designed to enable its users to predict future football game outcomes by analyzing historical statistics.

Logic Software [Stanford CSLI]

Software offered by the Center for the Study of Language and Information from Stanford University - Hyperproof, Tarski's World, and Turing's World - which are interactive, graphical programs that teach the concepts of mathematical logic for Macintosh and Windows.

Logix Consulting

The Logix Consulting, Inc. Home Page for their services which include systems and software for business and scientific applications such as nonlinear parameter estimation, nonlinear optimization, CAD, etc.

Mac Education Software: Chemistry Math Latin Greek French Spanish

Set up by Science Education Software, this site offers downloadable and purchasable games and educational software in math, chemistry, Latin, Greek or Romance Languages, with documentation.

Mandelbrot/Julia Set Generator

View samples from or download the Mandelbrot/Julia Set Generator, Version 5.2 software - a comprehensive fractal generator that can create, display, print and manipulate images with mouse click ease.


Waterloo Maple Inc. Homepage for their product MAPLE, a general purpose Symbolic Computation System. Further information on Books, User Groups, Conferences and Courses and Share Library also provided.


MathSolutions, Inc. Home Page for Developers and distributors of MathTensor, a Mathematic-based package for performing tensor analysis by computer.


This page is devoted to the care and maintenance of MathWare customers and potential customers. MathWare makes Derive, Acrospin, Graphs, Graphs, Graphs and also books for TI graphing calculators.


Micromath's Home Page. MicroMath develops and distributes software for scientists and engineers. Windows/DOS based products establish a new category of software exclusively for solving equation systems and fitting experimental data.

Mike's Fractal Page

A gallery of ten beautiful fractals.


View millefiori fractals and find out how they're created, and also made into Italian paperweights.

MuPAD - Multi Processing Algebra Data Tool

Home page of the general purpose computer algebra system MuPAD. With news from the developers, faq, list of MuPAD ftp sites, etc.

NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Provides link access to approximately 525 abstracts for research publications (co)written by Goddard Institute for Space Studies personnel during the last two decades. There are also provisions to search the database or submit a paper.

Netlib at The Univ. of Tennessee and ORNL

Netlib at The Univ. of Tennessee and ORNL's repository contains freely available software, documents, and databases of interest to the numerical, scientific computing, and other communities.

North Carolina State University - Computer Science

The site offers a searchable database of technical reports, archive access, submission forms and a staff directory.

Northwestern University Library - E-Text Server

Provides a collection of electronic texts such as the Oxford English Dictionary, a Shakespeare collection, and works by many other authors such as Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Jack London. Also links to other electronic text resources and technical resources.

The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd

The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd site providing downloadable, mathematical and scientific software.

Numerical Recipes Software

"Numerical Recipes: The Art of Scientific Computing" is the title of a series of books published by Cambridge University Press. "Numerical Recipes" refers to the copyrighted computer software that is in those books. Site contains related, downloadable files.

On-line CS Techreports

A huge world-wide index of nearly 300 on-line technical report servers, both ftp and html. Also provides links to related lists.

Open University (UK) - Course on Lisp & Prolog

This is a 120-hour distance education course for participants on the Internet. Get your degree over the Web.

Pedagoguery Software

GrafEq Homepage for their product, GrafEq which is oriented towards high school mathematics education.

Phil's Fractal Generator

View a Julia/Mandelbrot fractal gallery or generate or your own with zoom, palette and size selection.

Principia Consulting

Principia Consulting Homepage for expert training in all aspects of Mathematica, general Mathematica consulting, and custom programming to solve specific problems.

Research Access, Inc. (RAI)

A document delivery service specializing in Computer Science Technical Reports from US Universities and Research Institutes, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. RAI provides timely, customized and convenient access to technical reports.

RXRC Cambridge Technical Report Series - All Authors

Search or browse the Rank Xerox Cambridge Technical Report Series from 1991 to date.

School of Cognitive and Computing

The Sciences at the University of Sussex, which has a WWW service. Highlights include an interactive browser for the School's Technical Reports, some of which are available for FTP, and Picture Gallery with color pictures of various members of the School, and a sample of each of them saying "Hello" (in their native language, where appropriate).

SRC Research Reports

A list of all SRC Research Reports, with links to the abstracts from Digital. Browse or order the library of technical reports.

SRI Cambridge

Lists all of SRI Cambridge's technical reports which are currently in print.

Stanford University Electronic Library

Browse, or search Stanford Universoty's library of technical reports. Also includes background on the University and the Computer Science department, as well as sources of other technical reports, and other Stanford University libraries.

Steven M. Christensen and Associates

Steven M. Christensen and Associates, Inc. Homepage offers scientific computing consulting and program development for corporations and universities. Schur, the group theory software, is also distributed here. Specializes in Mathematica and oversees the MathGroup, Mathematica mailing list.

Sun Microsystems Laboratories, Inc. Technical Reports

Browse or keyword-search the company's technical reports from 1992 to date.


Dr Weiguang HUANG, List Owner, discuss SymbMath (Computer Algebra System with Learning).

Teleos Research

View abstracts or download postscript files (partial) for the company's technical reports.

Trinity College, Dublin CS Technical Reports

Browse the College's computer science technical reports from 1991 to date.

TSP International

This company produces TSP(TM) software, which provides a complete language for the estimation and simulation of econometric models. Software features include easy-to-use free format command and data input, all the standard econometric estimation methods, such as OLS, instrumental variables, nonlinear systems estimation, generalized methods of movements. Software descriptions, prices and ordering information are provided.

UC Berkeley Technical Reports

Use the University of California at Berkeley's forms-based interface or alternate interface for listing their technical reports, or search by author's last name or by number.

Unified Computer Science TR Index

This index pulls information from a very large number of sources, each with its own index format, to provide access to computer science technical reports worldwide.


Site for UNISTAT for Windows, a comprehensive stand-alone statistical package that can also be used as an Excel add-in.

University of Birmingham School of Computer Science

University of Birmingham. Provides information about university research activities, degree programs and contact points. The service complements a gopher service. It also offers a virtual tourist guide to Birmingham and the surrounding Midlands area (including Stratford-Upon-Avon, Ironbridge, etc.).

University of Bologna Computer Science

Contains links to the laboratory staff and their research activity and includes technical reports.

University of Vienna Artificial Intelligence

This server is maintained by the Department of Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Vienna (IMKAI) and the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI) located in Vienna, Austria. Contains a library information system with more than 10,000 books, research and conference papers, journal articles dealing with Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics.

University of Washington CS&E Technical Reports

Technical reports sorted by publication date, author, title. Includes a full index, recent abstracts, information for authors, and a keyword search.

USA Computing Olympiad

The USACO is an annual computer programming competition for high school students in the United States. The site describes past olympiads, their newsletter and offers weekly problems.

Virtual Genetic Systems

Virtual Genetic Systems Homepage. Specializes in products and services in support of evolutionary computation, including genetic algorithms and genetic programming. Applications include machine learning, design optimization, signal processing, etc.

Visual Numerics, Inc.

Visual Numerics Home Page for their industry-leading products in powerful numerics, graphics, data analysis, and charting solutions.

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