Hang Gliding

Eolo: italian paragliding and hang gliding

Eolo is an Italian web site dedicated to paragliding, hang gliding, and (principally non-powered) flight. For those of you who don't yet fly, but would like to know more, we suggest the FAQ and answers section.

FAQ - Hanggliding and Paragliding

All of the Hang gliding and Paragliding FAQs are answered here! Soar to this site for all the answers.

Hang Gliding Mosaic Picture Server Home Page

Welcome to the Hang Gliding home page! A WWW server for the foot-launched flying community. Browse photographs, hang gliding digests, and....MOVIES! Frequently updates and extensively cross-referenced. Visit this site for admission to the hang glider's world.


Hang-gliding and Paragliding are thrilling activities that create enjoyment for both participant and tourist alike. The rapid growth of the sports has resulted a new industry with both a Hang-gliding school Paragliding schools.


Welcome to Skywings on the Web, the official World Wide Web site of the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. Skywings on the Web is an abridged version of the monthly magazine that brings you all the hot news of national and international competition, keeps you up to date on the latest flying equipment and reviews what's happening in the Hang Gliding and Paragliding world.


The Blue Line

This site provides a complete sports wrap up for all you NHL fans with excellent analytical commentary.

ESPN Sports Zone NHL

Get news, statistics, schedules, even talk to NHL chat groups, on this ultimate hockey site!

Fox Statistics, NHL Stat Department

Get all the latest league standings like, Stat Leaders, Goaltending, Hat Tricks, Shutouts, NHL Top Individual Performances, and what they call Today's Transactions, or find out about All-Time NHL players.

Hockey Image Archive

Get all kinds of JPEG images and Quick Time video stuff!

This site is definitely cool! It provides you with one link to all the NHL team’s home pages.

The Hockey Server

Check out The Hockey Server if you want information on The National Hockey League, Other Leagues, Other hockey stories, or Search the Hockey Server for any other hockey interest you might have.

Joe's Collection of NHL Pages

This server provides a collection hockey links, including all home pages for the National Hockey League franchises.

Information About Women's Hockey

This site is for all you women hockey fans, check out the Women's Hockey Index featuring: Women's Hockey Information, General Info, International, University, Player Profiles, Tips, Shooting, Skating, and there’s even a link to Andria's Homepage. If you want information on other women's sports such as, Roller Hockey, Ball Hockey, Broomball, or Ringette, you can find it here. Check out Local Women's Hockey for Canada / Ontario or Varsity Blues.

The NHL Pages

Want to find NHL Team Sites from Atlantic, Northeast, Central, to Pacific. Or you can check out the NHL Information Directory which provides links to: Standings & Schedules, Facts and Rules, Portraits of the NHL, Hockey Resources, Other Leagues, Team Logos, NHL Links, and Hockey Merchandise.

NHL Pool via the WWW

This site provides: weekly forms, a database query form, results and scores, games statistics, player statistics, other NHL information sources, and information on other pools.


National Hockey League Players’ Association proudly provides you with an official NHL web site from the members of the National Hockey League Players' Association.

Sports Line USA’s Ice Rink

Get the NHL’s top stories, news, notes, read Sportslineís columns and news write-ups.

Sports Network’s NHL Page

Here you can get NHL news, schedules, standings, and scoreboards. It also like many other pages offers links to other sports provided by the Sports Network.

The Ultimate Sports Page

SELECT-A-SPORT\HOCKEY The NHL is here on USP Today's Hockey Headlines you can get Recaps of Last Night's Games, Team Notes and Updates, Current Standings, Today's Scheduled Games, Last Night's Scores 1995-1996, Full Year NHL Schedule Preview, The 1995 Season Atlantic, Northeast, Central, Pacific, NHL Odds, NHL Teams, NHL on television, College Hockey, Top College Teams with conferences, College Conference Schedules for the following week, Recaps of Saturday's Games, Top Hockey Web Sites for the NHL, Top Web sites for College hockey, Conferences, and Athletic Departments.

The WWW Hockey Guide

This is your indexed guide to over 400 hockey links on the World Wide Web, and then some!

Welcome to the NHL OPEN NET

This is a great site that features ìNHL This Week,î a cool electronic newspaper/magazine type format for NHL news columns. You can also get Game Schedules, and NHL All-Star information.

World Wide Web of Sports

Here you can find links to just about every sport there is, once you have selected hockey for instance, you will then be given a choice of many different hockey sites that are available to you via the Web.


1994 Western Regional Footbag Championships

Information and results of the Western Regional Footbag Championships held May 27-29, 1995 at Stanford University in California.

1995 AFL

Australian Football News and information.

Adrenaline Rush

The scoop on where to go for that adrenaline rush. We're dropping out of the sky, jumping off of towers, and screaming our heads off! Live vicariously through our staff junkies!

Backcountry Home Page

Backcountry Home Page, US. We're back on-line! This page is an attempt to organize the backcountry-related information that is available on the Internet. Topics include, but are not limited to: hiking, camping, and climbing. Check it out, then "get out!"


This service to the world's badminton community offers general information, national and international organizations, pictures, tournaments, humor, other badminton pages, tips for coaching and training, and more.

Badminton (Anita van Dijk)

Find the latest news about badminton. Search a list of the badminton related links, tournament info, national/ international badminton stories, and rankings.

BC Place Stadium, Vancouver Canada

Hosts major international events and concerts.

Boxing [Sportsline USA]

If you are into boxing this site has not only general information, but current champions, boxing schedules, and a special expanded boxing schedule and much more.


So what the hell is Broomball anyway? Broomball is a sport similar to Ice Hockey except that a number of significant details separate the two sports. Find out the answers to these questions and more.

Canoe Polo

This is a good starting point to find out more about the sport Canoe Polo. It contains links to other sites across the world, and provides contacts in various countries.


A game of fantasy football/soccer played via e.mail and using the Cybersports WWW site as a source of information and statistics.

Do It Sports

Action begins with DIS! Comprehensive calendars, online registration, easily make and add your home page. Current coverage on running and bicycling.

Ed-Land Sports Source

Ed-Land Sports Source is the starting point for links organized by sport to various related sites on the WWW. Sports covered are basketball, baseball, football, mountain biking, surfing, and sumo. Sports channels and networks are EINET Galaxy sports, Fox (network), NBC sports, Hawaii sports net, KHON News sports (Channel 2 in Hawaii), and Nando X sports site.

Everything Extreme

This site contains information about Everything Extreme, which provides graphics, links to other extreme sites and extreme sports like skydiving, rock climbing, hang gliding, snowboarding, auto racing, windsurfing and extreme skiing.


Basics on sport fencing.


A source of fencing related information.

Fencing in North Texas

Information concerning Fencing in North Texas.

The Fencing Post

Recreational and competitive Fencing equipment and supplies.

Field Hockey Canada

Information about field hockey in Canada, the national association (FHC) and its programs and national team activities. International events and news are also featured.

Field Hockey, Sydney Australia

Sydney Hockey Association news and information.

The Foosball Home Page

This University of Maryland site offers information about the foosball home page, which contains information about all things related to foosball/table-soccer.

Foosball (Table-Soccer)

Foosball (Table-Soccer) information for the novice to the professional.


Foosball (Table-Soccer) information for the novice to the professional.

Footbag Video (MPEG)

Selected videos of footbag events from Footbag WorldWide.

Footbag WorldWide

A global source of information about the growing sport of footbag.

The Football & Basketball E-Cast

The Football & Basketball E-Cast is an electronic newscast, intended as a major information exchange for sports fans. They post recent information on game day before each NFL, NBA, and NCAA Division 1 football and basketball game. Hometown newspapers and fans around the country are the major source of posted information. It is provided for entertainment only. Facts, not opinions, will be published. The authors started the service when frustrated with trying to keep up with their respective alma maters from half way across the country. Fan Submissions are encouraged.

Grandstand Sports

A new concept in Fantasy/Simulation Leagues. Leagues and services include: Extreme Championship Wrestling, United States Fencing Association, Cyber Sports, and Grandstand Flash Football - The easy and fun way to play fantasy football! A Quick Stats Service is available; The finest sports statistics and news service in the business. The Grandstand ProPicks Contest lets you compete against football fans from all over the world.

Heart of Footbag Freestyle Tournament

Information on annual freestyle footbag competitions in Portland, Oregon.


The Gaelic games home page links to results of soccer or hurling competitions organized by Gaelic county in the UK and Ireland.

International Footbag Advisory Board

International Footbag Advisory Board. IFAB is a sanctioning body and a rules organization, constructing and modifying rules of footbag games played in competition. Publisher of the official rule-book.

The Internet Disc Shoppe

This server provides information about frisbee and frisbee golf discs for sale from college and club teams and nonprofit organizations. The page also contains a photo archive and links to other disc resources.

Internet Squash Federation

Publications and information about the game of squash.

Intramural Broomball at Boston University

If you are a student at Boston University or just interested in the sport of broomball, browse this site for all the late and breaking broomball trivia.

Let's Go Dolphins

This server offers access to information about the Miami Dolphins. Graphically enhanced homepage including the team schedule and links to other Dolphin information.

Logo Sports Enterprises

Need an online sports catalog company? Here's your answer.

Metro-Boston Fencing

Information relating to fencing, highlighting the Metro-Boston area, as well as connections to other web sites pertaining to fencing.

Mike's Fencing Page (

For helping fencers find the information (e.g. tournament schedules, rule amendments, etc.) that they require.

NandoX - Sports Server

The Nando Sports Server has links to servers for college football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and professional football. Check out Hot Off The Photo Wires! and Hot Off The Wires links as well as The Sports Page and Nando Sports Chat.

North American Guide to Lumberjack Entertainment

You will find information on lumberjack contest (locations, who to contact and dates), listings of world records for the various events, where to obtain equipment (competition crosscut saws, axes, and etc.), and the names and addresses for lumberjack related publications. You can also find worldwide information regarding this topic.

Northern California Lacrosse Page

This site serves the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe. You can find Lake Tahoe Tournament results, upcoming Lacrosse Tournaments, the Hawaii Lacrosse Invitational, information about Lacrosse across the nation and the 1995 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Tournament. Also the Division I List of Schools and the latest College Lacrosse News.

NYS Woodsmen Field Days

This site provide general information, location, food, parking, etc. for the 1995 results for the various Woodsmen's Field Days Contest, World Lumberjill contest, NYS Woodsmen's Open Championship. NYS Skidding and Loading contest, listing of the lumberjack world records throughout out the United States. Also where to obtain Forestry and Lumberjack Sports related publications.

Official Rules of Footbag Sports

The official rules of Footbag Sports.

On-Line Fantasy Sports

Online fantasy Sport Games, including: Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Football and more.

Pacific Offshore Divers

This server provides information about Pacific Offshore Divers, Inc., a five-star PADI facility for diving experts. The PODI pages are intended to keep scuba enthusiasts, both new and old, abreast of class schedules, world-wide excursions and specials. They also provide general information about scuba equipment and the advances in the growing sport of scuba.

Pikes Peak Fencing League (PPFL)

Information on the Pikes Peak Fencing League, a recreational fencing club.

Sonja's Fencing Page

Overview of fencing and links to other fencing related sites.

Sovereign Sailing

Sovereign Sailing offers a range of sailing, surfing, and mountain biking holidays in Greece, Turkey and Sardinia.

Sport Information Server

The WWW Sports Information Service has won the Best Entertainment Site award in the Best of the Web '94 Contest. On the Sports Information Server you can access every little piece of data about your favorite professional sports teams in Hockey, Basketball, and Professional Football servers. Get boxscores, team schedules, player statistics, and current standings. Postings are updated daily to keep the information current. Get the results of the 1994 NFL Draft and a few other tidbits of info. There are also links to International Sports Web Sites.

Sport of Footbag

Information on the sport of Footbag including rules, description of game and related web sites.

Sports & Entertainment Silver Medallion Limited Edition Collectibles

This site contains a catalog that offers NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB player and team gold and silver Select Medallion. Commemorative editions are based at $24.95. This is a source for Star Trek silver and 24kt limited edition medallion collectibles.

Sports Swami

This site contains "The Swami's Menu". Details of Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, College Sports, and Football. Also has ESPN's coverage of the Special Olympics World Games.

Sports Technology Hotlist

A hotlist to other sites describing research related to sports and computer technology.

SportsLine USA

Sports scores, news, merchandise and more.


SportsWorld provides up-to-the-minute sports stats on professional and amateur sports from various sports such as SportsTicker.

Squash Clubs In The USA

Directory for Squash Clubs.

Strictly Rocky Mountain

This page contains information about Strictly Rocky Mountain, which offers sports accessories for active people.

Sumo - Jerry Yang's Sumo Page...

Sumo wrestling information and events.

Ultimate Sports Page

ULTIMATE SPORTSPAGE offers a varied menu: Select-A-Sport, Vegas Odds, Sports Mall, In The News, Fantasy Leagues, Sports Biz, Today's top headlines and the OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER TO THE UNITED STATES TROTTING ASSOCIATION. Columnist Nate Orzoff is THE ULTIMATE SPORTS FAN; peruse his weekly column. Check out the OLYMPICS PAGE for all your Olympic information needs. If you can't find it on the Ultimate Sports Page; use their links to these search engines: WWW Yellow Pages, Starting Point, Rockwell, InfoSeek, GNN Whole Internet Catalog, and Yahoo.

United States Air-Table-Hockey Association (USAA)

Since Air Hockey's beginnings in 1972, the sport has grown steadily each year. Today thousands of tables are sold around the world, and literally millions of people have played this unique game. We are growing all the time but need you to help out!

United States Fencing Association

The official online resource of the United States Fencing Association.


This server contains MPEG movie clips from windsurfing legend Robby Naish's video, Just For Fun.

WorldWide Cheerleading

Here it is! All you ever wanted to know about cheerleading. I have included the best on jumps, cheers, chants, partner stunts and pyramids. Plus tryout tips, cheerleader supply companies, cheerleader associations, qualifying for nationals, cheerleading camp, cheerleading trivia and other web cheerleaders.


Bay Area Paragliding Association

Welcome to the RidgeDancer Online, web site for the Bay Area Paragliding Association. The charter of the club is to promote and encourage the sport of paragliding. If you are new to the sport, your best first step is to talk to someone about flying. Give one of the club officers a call.

Big Air: The ParaGliding WWW Server

This server contains information about paragliding, which offers FAQ's, text and pictures featuring International paragliding Contest and Events, paraglider specifications, a list of used gliders for sale, paragliding pilots address book and more.

Great Canadian Paragliding Festival

Welcome to the "Great Canadian Paragliding Festival" home page! We will keep you updated in the weeks preceding the Festival and the happenings during the event. For more information, e-mail addresses for the festival coordinators are listed.

ParaGliding []

The World First Paragliding WWW Server-Big Air Paragliding. Browse the latest Paragliding News, Contest & Events. View the Big Air Paragliding Photo & Video Gallery. Got something cool? Share it with us!


Australian Rules Football

Australian Rules Football information and a directory for later pages pertaining to same.

Fremantle Dockers

Unofficial information relating to Australian Football League (AFL).

Scuba Diving

Eric's Puget Sound Scuba Diving Page

This server provides a guide to scuba diving in the Pacific Northwest, with an emphasis on Puget Sound, including reviews of over 50 dive sites and other information.

FAQ - rec.scuba

This newsgroup is for discussion of scuba, diving, snorkeling, dive travel, and other underwater activities. Frequent topics are safety, equipment, and certification.

FAQ - SCUBA Diving Computers

Information on dive spots and conditions at Lake Mead. The Internet Dive Computer Review list features and reviews of all computers designed and sold to aid recreational SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater breathing Apparatus) divers.

Scuba Dudes

The Scuba Dudes server contains information about cave diving, scuba diving, speleology, underwater photography and videography. Visuals available of sharks and mantas from the Palau Islands of Western Micronesia and caves from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

SCUBA in British Columbia

Some of the best diving in the world, with tons of marine life. The waters are cold but nutrient rich, and in many places the nutrients are moved about by substantial currents.

SCUBA Information (UNLV)

Self-contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) diving information at UNLV, and also links to other useful information on the net with descriptions of diving sites.


Scuba diving with focus on Monterey Bay. Mailing lists, Scuba News, dive conditions, dive sites, dive stores, local instructors.

Scuba Network

Scuba diving information. The latest in dive tips. search for the critter(s) you saw or might see during a dive trip, Cal Poly Biological Sciences Database - Marine Biology and much more.

Scuba World Page

Looking for a BUDDY ??? Pictures, links, information, World Wide Dive Sites, the Scuba World Page Statistics, Scuba World Home Page. Extensive information about scuba diving.

Sea Frontiers Magazine

Sea Frontiers is the magazine for anyone who is interested in the oceans. Publishes entertaining, timely, well-researched articles about marine biology, oceanography, ecology, and travel and feature outstanding nature photography. Special sections are Sea Secrets.

South Florida Dive Journal

South Florida Dive Journal presented by Florida Net, North Florida Springs and Caves issue, Dive Mecca for snorkelers, open water divers and serious cave divers.


Scuba diving New Jersey's coast, rivers, inlets, and lakes offer a wide variety of dive sites with opportunities to view fascinating underwater scenery and the abundant marine life of this area.

TravelBase Scuba Guide

All you need to plan your next Scuba Diving trip. Where to find your local dive shops, where to go for equipment and training and give you a chance to swap stories with thousands of other divers.

UK Diving

People and Places for diving in the UK, the best sites, a wreck database, hard boat skippers, and much more.

Underwater Photographs From Around Australia

Underwater Photographs from around Australia.

WorldWide Diving Directory

Their goal is to list EVERY resort, live-aboard and dive charter on the PLANET.

YMCA Scuba Program

The YMCA National SCUBA Program offers more than 25 entry level, advanced and specialty courses related to snorkeling, skin diving and SCUBA diving, and contributes to the YMCA's long tradition for excellence in aquatic training. The YMCA has a three phase training sequence for Instructor and Assistant Instructor. Here are the schedules for Coastal North Carolina, topics of general interest, overview of the YMCA's Snorkeling and SCUBA courses, how to replace a lost certification card, YMCA SCUBA Program Leadership Directory, YMCA SCUBA Program - Coastal North Carolina and South.


The [Chuck Isdale] Gun Page

Like motor vehicles, power tools, and many kinds of sporting equipment guns are very useful and/or fun, but they should be treated with the respect due to any potentially dangerous machinery. Here are several different lists of rules of gun safety from a number of expert firearms instructors.

FAQ - rec.guns

The most frequent FAQ: I want to buy a gun, basic gun safety, Why should I join the NRA?, recent changes and additions to the FAQ.

Guncraft Sports Pages

Guncraft Sports Inc. is a truly multi-faceted supplier of guns, gun parts, books, services, and accessories.

International Range Officers Association - IROA

Interesting and informative information for the gun owner - calendar of events, communications from other gun owners.

The Shooting Page

Information made available by the National Shooting Sports Foundation regarding various gun shooting sports activities and events.

Shotgun Report

SHOTGUN REPORT is the Internet's electronic magazine dedicated to the shotgun sports. It is published and distributed exclusively on the Internet's World Wide Web.

Thompson Contender Page

Lots of information on single shot pistols, third party products and a newsletter.

Wisconsin USPSA section

Center for the Wisconsin Section shooters and our friends around the country to obtain club information, current match statistics, and news from the Section Coordinator.


DansWORLD Skateboarding

Newsy information about the skateboarding world including the history of skateboarding.

Enternet Skateboarding

Enternet Communications' new server supplies skateboarding photos and movies to interested parties. Skaters featured include Tony Hawk, Willie Santos, Jeremy Klein, Steve Berra, Omar Hassan, and others.


Skateboarding information including photographs and articles.


Where you can skateboard, snowboard and generally have fun in Vancouver.

Skate Net

Provides skaters and people who want to skate make good choices as to what they buy.

The "premiere" digital skateboarding information source.

Skateboarding []

For those times when you're traveling with your skateboard and you need to plan ahead, Enternet presents a list of skate spots in Northern California.


All In The Family

World Cup Gold and Silver Medalist Tommy Moe, Neil Persons, Steve Persons.

AMI News Recreation Network - Skiing

You've entered the most comprehensive, sophisticated source of ski news on the World Wide Web.Daily ski reports for every ski area in the United States.

The Cascade Ski Report

This server provides continuously updated information on ski conditions in the Northwest during the season; It includes special Cascade weather forecasts for skiers, and links to Northwest Mount Pass reports, appropriate maps, graphs and satellite imagery, and other ski-related data.


CyberSki grows we aim to cater to your whims and requests of our patrons, the net is all about interactivity. Interviews, video reviews, resort info, daily Aust'n ski reports, great photo's and heaps more for boarders and skiers.

FAQ - rec.skiing

Frequently Asked Questions about skiing, from rec.skiing.

Hoodoo Ski Area

Santiam Pass, Oregon. Information on skiing at Hoodoo Ski Area.


On-Line Magazine for Skiing and Snowboarding.Snowboard Lessons on Film, Warren Miller Film Clip, Heli-skiing, Getting in Shape, Reading slopes for Avalanches, the Ultimate College Winter Break.

Index - GoSKI - Snow Sports Guide

Your online resource for all snow sports information and links on the net. Includes thousands of pages with hundreds of resorts, weather, news and travel services.

Index - Internet Skiing Resources [gorp]

A list of links and snow sports links available on the net.

Internet Ski Guide - North America

This could be the best place on the net for skiing information.

Michigan Ski Page

Information on the great lakes skiing conditions.

Resort Sports Network

Cameras from the top Ski Areas in the U.S. that cover Weather and Events.

SIA - Ski Industries America

Comprehensive information on skiing, snowboarding, and on-snow sports.


Ski Resorts, Ski Library, and Travel and Lodging.

Skiing and Snowboarding in Vail

Information on Vail, Beaver Creek, and Arrowhead.

Skiing in the UK

UK. Interest Group, Skiing Results, Retailers, Accomodations, Events, History, Intro, Holidays and Equipment.

Skiing in the woods

All about alpine skiing in the Collingwood area of southern Ontario.

Ski Web

This Ski Web server provides information about ski areas and resorts all over the world.

Snow Page []

Stuff on Skiing (Alpine & Nordic) Stuff on Snowboarding.


Houses World Skiing Association and Public SnowBoard Association information, skiing classifieds, contests and prizes.

Southland Ski Server

Offers interactive ski reports, road, weather, and resort information for the Southern California ski resorts, plus Mammoth and June.

Sports Tours, Inc.

The Sport Tours server offers packages or options for designing the user's own trip. Trip specialties are for sporting activities: baseball, basketball, football, hockey and golf vacations.

Stowe Mountain Resort

Includes ski conditions, lodging information, special WWW deals and access to Stowe's SummitCam, a live video feed to the Web from the summit of Mt. Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak. Also available at v it links to other Vermont vacation destinations and shopping services.


Resources for the Free Heel skier, online store, Telemark and Nordic skiing links page, searchable database and skiing articles from Telemarque contributors.

TravelBase Skiing Guide

Product reviews, Newsletter, Sno Country Reports and extensive information on every ski resort in the US.

Winter Action

Outdoor sports, weather and resort information. Winter sports such as skiing, skating and hockey are also covered.

World Freestyle On-Line

Freestyle skiing Blackcom Freestyle World Cup information, Aerials, Ballet and Freestyle results archive.

World Skiing

This service allows users to set up Bulletin Boards for reporting skiing conditions and information in their area.


ThE HomEpagE

ThE HomEpagE is a page dedicated to snowboarders of all

types and nationalities. With links to other snowboard pages.

IA Boarder

Bruce Mullinax

Has his mug all over this website. Ski reports, news, and Shred of Dignity.

Shred Snowboarding

This is an on-line snowboarding magazine.

Snwbrdr's Snowboarding Page

This site is The Official ISF World Rankings Headquarters Mirror.

Stoned Again Munich

South German Snowboarding Association

This webpage has a news section, picture gallery meeting info.

Mac's Snowboarder Page

If you like snowboarding pictures come look here.


Index - Pure WEB

Listing of all soccer WWW pages.

Opinion Futbolistica

Check out this site for information on soccer players, teams, and games.

Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation

This site provides information about an organization seeking and maintaining statistical data related to soccer.

Rec.Sports.Soccer - The WEB Page

Source for WEB surfers and people looking for the very latest results and tables for soccer.


The International soccer pages, with over 1800 photos, 1200 teams, 6000 players, 4000 matches, charts, and news updated every day with thousands of links and movies.

Scottish Football

This site provides information about the Scottish Football League and Scottish National team, including historical materials and up to date tables.

Soccer Games

Soccer game software for PCs.

Soccer Home Page

Everything you wanted to know about soccer and more; from where to find equipment to standings and statistics.

Soccer is Life

Soccer WWW page with good links and information.

Soccer Mailing lists

Compilation of soccer related organizations.

Soccer Photos

Collection of photos from the Women's World Cup.

SportStats Soccer

Supplies information on the English soccer scene.

Strange Soccer Stories

An ever growing collection of strange and unusual stories related to soccer.

Total Football

Soccer magazine from the UK with links to other soccer sites.

TSI Soccer

TSI Soccer is USA Quality soccer products for teams and individuals, offered through colorful and useful catalogs. Drop by to learn more about TSI products and services.

Walkmuehl OILERS

This page contains information about Walkmuehl OILERS, a famous German soccer club located in Kusel.


Nebraska Softball Association

Tournaments schedules and results.

Scrubs Softball

Statistics and information about this softball team.

Sluggers' Softball Page

Provides links to other softball, both slow and fast pitch, web sites.


History and rules of Townball.


Bay Area Surf page

Launching pad to other surfer web sites and current weather forecasts.

ƒBodySurfing Page

Bodysurfing photos and related information.

Breakfast at Steamer's - Photos by Marco Rigonati

Surfing photos taken by Marco Rigonati.

Drop In! (Bodyboarding Info)

Magazine with pictures, tips and links to other surf site.

Florida Gulf Coast Surfing

Surfing information including places to shop, photos and weather updates.

Florida Surf at Florida Tech

Daily wave height and period charts for east coast. Includes photos and links to other surfing sites.

Harrison's Surf Speak Dictionary

Learn how to speak in surf lingo.

Index - Surfer Resources

Provides links the best surfing web sites.

La Jolla Surfing

Weather information and surfing conditions.

London Surf Club

Details and testimonials from this club.

Ocean Surfer

This page is a resource enjoyed not only by surfers, but by those who have an interest in the state of the ocean environment as well as those who want a taste of the surfing lifestyle.

Ocean Surfer Home Page

This server provides information, stories and opinions about surfing lifestyles, equipment, issues, and products from unique manufacturers, with contributors from the worldwide surfing community.

Pit Rider

Bodyboarder statistics and information.

San Francisco Surfrider

A non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of our local waves, water and beaches through conservation, activism, research and education.

Surfers Against Sewage

Information about an organization against pollution in our oceans.

Surfing in Costa Rica

Surfing opportunities in Costa Rica.

Surfing the North Shore of Oahu

Surfing information about the Pipeline.

Surfing The Ventura Coast

Place to find pictures and comments about the surfing scene.

Swedish SurfNet

Provides pictures and information about the Swedish surfing scene.


Diving in Australia

Information on the best diving sites and clubs found in Australia.

Italian Swim Web

Handbook on swimming, synchronized swimming, and water polo.

Swimming in The Netherlands

Provides information on open water swimming including statistics.


Contains information on world records, training methods, USS address, mail-order and companies.

Table Tennis

Belgian TT Page

Everything you wanted to know about Table Tennis and more.


Newsgroup on table tennis.

FAQ - Table Tennis

Mail lists, answers to frequently asked questions and more.

Table Tennis at CMU

Advise and information about their table tennis opportunities.

World Wide Web of Sports -- Table Tennis (Ping-Pong)

Answers to frequently asked questions and more.


Men's Tennis Rankings and Results

Statistical information and more.

Scott Perlstein Tennis Enterprises - Essential Tennis

Magazine with strategies, key concepts, and more.

Tennis Country

The latest and greatest in tennis news and match results, player biographies, and a worldwide resort and camp directory for resorts and comps in 30 countries. Also has fitness tips, polls, and tennis trivia.

Tennis Forum on Internet

Online tennis magazine including software library and classified ads.

Tennis Online

Tennis tips, rankings and much more.

Tennis Server Homepage

Web's tennis info center, hosting original commentary, tennis news, a free email newsletter, player Tip of the Month, mental equipment Tip of the Month and the Rules & Code of Tennis and Tennis FAQ.

Tennis (

Details rules, rankings, and everything else you could want to know about tennis.


A tennis site run by Wimbledon Doubles Champion and Davis Cupper Mark Kratzmann. Contains player tips, lots of stuff for sale and news from the tennis circuit.


Adirondack Boardsailing Club

This unique site contains Northeastern Windsurfing Site Guide, weather Information, the Northeast, the Southeast, the Rockies & Midwest, the West Coast, the Northwest, Hawaii, Europe and the rest of the world. Also, windsurfing travel, equipment, competition and general windsurfing servers.

Alex Sceales's Windsurfing Page

Hey, web heads! Get rid of those computer goggles, get out your board shorts, and think toasty surf. This is a page for wind-starved sailors only- the rest of you should be out


Another WindSurf []

Windsurfing fans, you must sail in and check out the collection of links I have put together. Find out where to buy equipment or check out some pictures I have compiled.

Brunotti Boarder Zine

This electronic magazine is dedicated to all boarders cruisin' the oceans, mountains and cyberspace. So, drop in on these pages and shred! Don't miss surfing, windsurfing, snowboarding and the Cool Stuff section.

Central Alberta Windsurfing

If it's blowing, what are you doing here? Hot links for deranged windsurfers. Gear big and small and where it can be found. Travel and regional information. Gawk at some graphics.

the CooL spot

Commentary on various windsurfing spots in Stockholm plus some trim tips for the Olympic Mistral One Design board.

Dave Cheeseman's Windsurfing Page

This page is a collection of windsurfing information from around the world. Here you can find, British Isles sailing spots, European sailing spots, and world-wide sailing spots each in text or a clickable map.

Duke's Windsurfing Page

Aloha and welcome to a home page devoted to windsurfing; specifically in the Kailua area of Oahu. Other than my obvious interest in computers, my real purpose in life is windsurfing. I have shared my insight on this sport, and included some great places to windsurf.

Frank Mueller's Windsurfing

Covers the Shell Point Florida Sailboard Club as well as some sites throughout the southeastern US. Includes wind conditions, water conditions, and other necessities.

Index - Internet Windsurfing Resources [gorp]

Filled with great information on windsurfing. Included are the archives and current discussions from the recent windsurfing usesnet group, guides to place to windsurfing, pictures and videos and much more. Check it out!

Index - Windsurfing - WWW Virtual Library

Windsurfing locations, conditions, and dealers on North Carolina's beautiful and windy Outer Banks.

Jeff Prey's Great Lakes Windsurfing Page

Windsurfing information presented on each of the great lakes. Including, climate data and Great Lakes maps.

Jo 90's Windsurfing

Discover windsurfing in Ireland, gossip, what's new in windsurfing, product information and more.

KP's Widsurfing Page (SWE)

Both general windsurfing information and a Swedish windsurfing guide including graphics.

Lucy and Joe's Heavy Air Gorge

If you are planning a windsurfing vacation, then you'll love Lucy and Joe's Heavy Air Gorge! We are the gorge's first and only waterfront accommodation with everything you need for a hassle-free vacation. No need to drive to the beach. No need to fight the crowds. No need to rig sails. It's all right here at our doorstep for you to enjoy!

Luigi Semenzato's \QGone with the Windsurf'

The diary of an urban sailor, is a collection of USENET articles posted by a beginning windsurfer with an attitude.

Mistral Windsurfing 1995

Detailed product information, technical articles, tips, and lots of cool action photos and mpeg movies from the world's leading manufacturer of windsurfing equipment. For those interested, you can even Take Your First Windsurfing Lesson right here on the Web! Discover the fun and thrilling combination created by wind and water. There are coupons and other special offers for beginners and avid windsurfers alike.

NC Outer Banks Windsurfing

Dedicated to providing information and stories about windsurfing in the ocean and sounds of North Carolina's Outer Banks. This page also provides links to information about associated activities on the outer banks.

New England Windsurfing Journal

Don't let the name fool you. It isn't just about sailing and eating chowder. We cover a wide range of windsurfing topics, admittedly with a slant towards those who live/sail on the east coast. But so many of windsurfing's attractions are universal—the desire to travel, to sail new spots, to share stories, or to just sail faster than the bum next to you.

Sailboard Vacations

This site contains detailed travel information about the world's best windsurfing destinations.

Southern Ontario Boardheads

Our home base for local sailing is the Woolwich Reservoir. However, you could meet our club members whenever you sail in Southern Ontario and beyond! See our favorite sailing locations, The Boardheads Wind Journal, Southern Ontario weather reports and links to other sites.

Staffans windsurfing page

There are heaps of excellent windsurfing spots along the Swedish coast. The difficulties are in knowing where to be at a certain wind direction. As a solution we can present an almost complete coverage of the windsurfing sites along the southern west coast and south coast. In addition to the spot-check you can check out the weather and other locations to insure your surf trip will be carefully planned.

Stig Johansen's (Arctic Surf Bums) Windsurfing Page

Tuning tips for NP, VX and Copello, Norwegian sailing spots, and info on cold weather sailing.

Surf Magazine's Get WET on the WEB

Dutch language, BUT great shots! Free ads for windsurfers, PBA, surfwear root stories, O'Neill Amsterdam Indoor World Cup, surf culture, and how to windsurf.

West Oz Windsurfing

Here you'll find the latest news and views on windsurfing from the 'State of Excitement' - Western Australia. Use this page as a start to your journey into the windsurfing lifestyle of West Oz, whether you're planning a holiday, checking out the latest trends, wanting to update your equipment, checking out the forecast or local competition results - WOW will have something to offer you.

Windsurfing Webhouse online shop, equipment, travel info, Internet reviews on boards and travel destinations.

Windsurfing in Ireland

This is the windsurfing home page of the PBA Ireland. The page describes all the windsurfing spots in Ireland, and keeps an up-to-date listing of all windsurfing events in Ireland, and the results.

Windsurfing Paradise

Here's where to learn everything you ever wanted to know about sailing in Santa Cruz.

Windsurfing Photos

Great pictures of windsurfing shots! See the best in windsurfing and check out the cool links provided.

Windsurfing resources on the WWW

Windsurfing resources on the WWW. Guides to various places, archived discussions from recent windsurfing, still pictures, MPEG Videos and Links to other places.

Windsurfing Tips and Technical Info [Mistral]

Designed to be a repository for information about Mistral Products and the sport of windsurfing in general. We plan to regularly add all sorts of useful information.

Windsurfing Webworks

This server provides access to windsurfing information. Numerous windsurfing manufacturers, businesses and non-commercial windsurfing information.


Amateur Wrestling

What's new in Amateur Wrestling News? The collegiate team and individual rankings, Bowie Boys and Girls Club. Check out a listing of open tournaments, quick links, greco-roman world championships the women's world championships and who's who wrestling e-mail directory.

Arm Wrestling

It will contain the competition rules of the American Armwrestling Association, arm wrestling techniques, and strength training exercises for becoming better at the sport of arm wrestling.

Chrispy's Wrestling Center

Wrestling Information and Web Links. As this page develops, we will be including more excerpts from interviews with sheet writers as well as transcriptions of great on-air interviews.

Demian Allik's Wrestling Columns

Archive of wrestling articles beginning with April of 1995.


Wrestling source containing links to: fans stats, what's new, high school prospects, college scene and the wrestling store.

Ivan Koloff

This is dedicated to the legendary Ivan Koloff. He retired from wrestling in September of 1995 with over 30 years of successful pro-wrestling. He will be missed and remembered as a vital figure in pro-wrestling history. Through this page, wrestling fans will be able to bring back great moments of his exciting and explosive career in the ring.

James Madison University Wrestling

If you are thinking about wrestling for JMW or recruiting for JMU check out this section to learn more about the Wrestling program at JMU.

Monday Night Raw

For sporting that's wild, catch Monday Night Raw. It's wild, it's unpredictable, and frankly, at times, it gets a little silly..

Network Championship Wrestling

The home page for NCW, the hottest fantasy wrestling league on the planet!

Ollie's Wrestling Page

Hotline news updated weekly and the best of recreation sports pro-wrestling.

Oregon Wrestling Report

Covers amateur wrestling in the state of Oregon, from kid clubs through college.

Professional Wrestling Server

Exists only for the non-commercial, non-profit discussion of professional wrestling.

Sal Randazzo's Wrestling Page

The prodigy wrestling chat room. Engage in the most heated debates in cyberspace. Like, who is fatter--Big Val Puccio, or Yokozuna?

WIWF(Worldwide Internet Wrestling Federation

E-wrestling games on the planet. Visit the WIWF home page to view info about our league, download wrestling software, and links to other great pages!!!

Women's Professional and Amateur Wrestling

Dedicated to the promotion of women's wrestling, in both the professional and amateur ranks. We have established a wrestling school, created the Professional Girl Wrestling Association, and continue to promote all-girl wrestling shows throughout the southeastern United States.


Now, you and everyone else can experience the joys of accessing the archives of the sport pro-wrestling newsgroup. The Internet's most comprehensive reference guide to the world of professional wrestling. Updated daily.

Wrestling Turkish Bibollet

The muscled glory of this contest is captured in the Bibollet photo series. Shown here in black and white, the photos however, are reproduced in full color brilliantly portraying the slick colorful glory of these battles.

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