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2nd Ericsson WWW Server
A telecom supplier and leader in mobile telecommunications infrastructure, also provider of the second Ericsson WWW Server, which is a mirror of the one located in the Netherlands. Both servers contain articles and technical information on various aspects of telecommunications, product information, positions available, magazines, etc.

ACTV21 is a public access television facility, dedicated to preserving citizen access to local telecommunications and providing training, equipment and cable channel space for community use. ACTV21 also advocates universal access to emerging technologies.

Provides information about ADTRAN, Inc., Advanced digital data transmission products. Adtran offers a complete line of DSU/CSUs, ISDN products, a flexible T1 Multiplexer and more. The online catalog features Telco products. This 10-year-old company is the leading supplier of DDS and ISDN digital loop products to all Regional Bell Operating Companies.

Advanced Computer Communications (ACC)
Manufacturer of networking products for the Internet and the industry. Products lead in the implementation of bandwidth optimization technologies. The site includes facts about ACC's line of products, press releases, white papers, MIB's and ACC offices worldwide.

Advanced Network Technologies
A network integration and consulting firm which provides design and installation of local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN), 24x7x365 network support, document imaging solutions, corporate Internet connectivity and World Wide Web development.

Advanced Radiodata Research Centre
Provides funding and support to software developers and universities for research in wireless data technology.

AeRie: Applied Rural Telecommunications
A group that provides an Internet presence for the Colorado Rural Telecommunications Projects. The group shows how rural Colorado communities make telecommunications serve government, education, commerce and medicine.

Allied Telecomm
For more information on quality long distance for less money, click to Allied Telecomm.

Angus TeleManagement Group
Angus TeleManagement Group is a management consultant firm specializing in business telecommunications.

Anonymous Telephone Server
A company that provides users of chat rooms and BBSs the ability to talk on the phone to whomever they meet online without disclosures of phone number.

Applied Rural Telecommunications Information Center
Information about AeRie and facts on applied rural telecommunications in Colorado, which supports education, medicine, government and commerce through rural telecommunications.

Argus Technologies DC Power Systems
Argus Technologies DC Power Systems provides access to DC power products and accessories for a broad range of telecommunication applications.

AT&T Bell Laboratories
A bibliography of about 3000 entries covering computer networks and performance evaluation; about 1700 include abstracts. Some entries have links to PostScript copies of the paper. Call for papers or special issues of IEEE JSAC, one of them on the Internet. Submission guidelines are available. So is a FAQ made into a web page for the Internet MBONE.

AT&T TalkingPower Site
AT&T's Talking Power site with clickable map that permits the exploration of the phone system at all levels through text and colorful graphics. Browsers may try out an AT&T course that includes animations, videos, and audio. Training and documentation are combined in a performance support system.

If you are looking for peripheral devices that cost you less, then click on Bek-Tel, a manufacturer and distributor of peripheral devices.

BelCom-Communications in the Former Soviet Union
BelCom provides communications facilities in key former Soviet Union business regions. Satellite-based systems (private international) for banking, hotel and oil industries in addition to community telecommunication facilities.

Bell Canada
Telecommunications company serving Ontario and Quebec. Includes Bell Canada's information highway initiatives, products and services information, also news from Canada's telecom industry.

Broadband Communications Products, Inc.
Broadband Communications Products offer high quality leading edge fiber optics technology.

CallWare Technologies
Callware Technologies is a innovative company that offers an NLM-based voice processing system.

CAM-PC High Performance Cellular Automata Board
High Performance Cellular Automata Board is a high-performance hardware implementation from Automatrix of the original MIT CAM-6 machine. It contains several experiments and proven applications.
A useful resource for International telecommunications.

Cascade Communications Corp
Welcome to Cascade Communications Corp., the world's fastest growing data communications company that provides multiservice Wide Area Network Switches.

CHAT Communication Services
A telecommunications installation and consulting firm serving the Western U.S., designing and installing office switching, digital data, radio transmission and fiber optic systems.

Chiba City
Information about Chiba City, which is testing the sending of information by the Internet (in cooperation with Professor Ikeda of Chiba University) in an effort to realize the Human Network, Chiba City's basic plan for information.

Cisco Systems Inc.
SunSITE now offers the Cisco Educational Archive, a collection of educational web resources, including an image map of state and regional gophers.

Welcome to the page of Coastcom, who is a provider of telecommunications equipment for connecting voice, data and video communications.

Computer Telephone Integrators Inc.
Computer Telephone Integrators provides the latest in telephone technology(CTI).

Consolidated Technologies Inc. (CTI)
A relatively new telecommunications integrator, Consolidated Technologies offers a complete package of long distance voice and data services for the Canadian market.

Controlware GmbH
Controlware GmbH is a manufacturer of ISDN Backup Systems, Terminal Adaptors and X.25 devices and modems in Germany.

Corporate Network Management
If you are looking for competitive long distance rates and ideal solutions, click here to Corporate Network Management.

CTCS - Car Telecommunications Consulting Services
Welcome to the page of Car Telecommunications Consulting Services, where businesses can receive low cost long distance communication from major carriers.

Data Accessories of Texas
With over 50 Years in the communications industry, Data Accessories of Texas provides top, low cost, communications equipment and network design services in the marketplace to organizations.

Data-Comm Inc.
Looking for a full service communications company with expertise in installing and servicing Voice, Data and Video systems, then click here to Data-Comm Inc.

DataPort 2001 MultiMedia Communicator
Offers the AT&T modem, which allows data and voice to be transmitted simultaneously over a single line using AT&T's VoiceSpan(tm) technology by splitting the line into two bands; one transmits voice or music and the other transmits data or graphics.

For over 25 years, Dataprobe has been the experts in innovative data communications products.

The Davis Company
The Davis Company provides savings on long distance calling by acting as agent and selecting a service that offers the best value for customer's needs. The service is paid by the provider and instant on-line quotations are free.

DCI Telecommunications
DCI Telecommunications is a highly diversified telecommunications company with interests in alpha products, DCI convenience card and Casino Marketing.

Delft University of Technology Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Information about the research laboratories and working groups of the faculty, including the Laboratory for Telecommunication and Remote Sensing Technology and the International Research Center for Telecommunication -Transmission and Radar (IRCTR).

Information about Develcon, which develops, manufactures and markets computer networking products with emphasis on the Remote LAN Access and ISDN markets. The products include hubs, bridges and routers.

Offers editorial services and dialog information services. This site also provides a link to Dialog's fax document delivery service and answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Dialog and allows customers to telnet to the search system.

Dialogic is a leading manufacturer in the development, production and sales of open standards-based call processing, hardware and software components for multi-user systems.

Digilog produces WAN and LAN protocol analyzers as well as network management systems.

Digital Access
Digital Access provides free consulting for leased line and switched digital connections.

Digital Technics Inc.
DTI manufactures a generic switching platform, which may be used with PBX, Central Office switches, and more.

DSP Research Group, Dublin University College
Information data communications, image processing, speech coding, and VLSI design. The page contains links to areas of research and to papers that the group has published.

E. T. Communications
E.T. Communications provides an inexpensive product to block caller ID and save up to 40 percent on local toll calls.

E-Tech Research, Inc.
E-Tech designs and manufactures a variety of data and telecommunications products, including modems and ISDN equipment.

The Educational Plaza
Denver Institute of Technology is a vocational school; Denver Business College, a business school, Professional Training Center, a Premier Autodesk training center; and Fox Computing, a computer hardware dealer.

Elite Cellular
A company providing a variety of cellular paging and wireless data products, also information on the Marco and Envoy wireless data products from Motorola and ARDIS nationwide wireless data network. Links to other related home pages included.

A service provided to help the local educational systems as well as small businesses.

F. F. Tronixs
F.F. Tronixs specializes in surge protection, telephone and teleconferencing equipment.

FiberNet Communications
FiberNet offers a wide variety of long-distance calling services.

Forum for SPW users
Information about the graphical design tool for telecommunications and electronic systems, the Alta Groups' Signal Processing Worksystem (SPW). A forum is available for users to discuss design topics and share helpful information.

Fiber optic telecommunications company, offering training and testing products.

FrameRate Labs
FrameRate manufactures Millennium, a line of character generators for use in video production.

Fujitsu Network Transmission Systems
A leading supplier of fiber-optic based transport and access systems to U.S. phone companies.

Gammalink Home Page
Access the inventor of computer-based fax. XCom Training develops and manufactures fax subsystems and programming as well as integrated voice/fax solutions.

Global Data Solutions
A company that provides large-scale data capture, data conversion and database maintenance services to industrial clients in the United States and abroad.

Global Link Communications Inc.
A leader in international telecommunications, specializing in Call Back, a service that enables callers to call from anywhere to anywhere, utilizing the USA telephone system.

GNP Computers
Custom manufacturing firm provides fault-tolerant telecommunications and networking solutions and GNP NetServices, the turn-key solution for migrating businesses to the Internet.

Harris Digital Telephone Systems
Harris DTS offers a wide selection of telecommunications products and services all over the globe.

Hospitality Net
Dedicated to Hospitality Net, which provides a communications platform for the worldwide hospitality and lodging industry.

Hutchison Telecoms
A leading communications solutions provider for Australia.

PRS Corporation contains information about ID LOGIC, which is for AM/FM and shortwave listeners and all those interested in broadcasting. This page explains the new ID LOGIC technology for radio receivers, and offers links to Simulators for Windows.

IES Technologies
IES offers a signal distribution system for a variety of computer networks.

Imatek, Inc.
A firm that develops and markets Onramp IP Routers. Customers include well-known Internet service providers.

Index - Telematrix
International Telecommunications Center is the only Internet site devoted exclusively to telecommunications, data communications and networking. Discount Hardware, Software and Books.

Inland Answering Service
Inland offers voice mail, telephone answering, paging, dispatch, appointment-making, 800 numbers, fax service and more across the United States.

Instant InfoSystems
InfoSystems is a company that provides interactive FAX solutions for business; the firm also offers Internet services, including World Wide Web access and page development.

Integrated Telecom Technology ( IgT )
IgT produces high-speed networking chips and ATM test systems.

InterCall, Inc.
InterCall provides audio teleconferencing services.

InterCel, Inc.
Maintains a wireline cellular telephone system.

Intermedia Communications
Provider of local telephone services for Florida and the Southeastern U.S.

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
A specialized agency of the United Nations. ITU activities include the coordination, development, regulation and standardization of international telecommunications, as well as the organization of regional and world telecom exhibitions and forums.

Interstate FiberNet
This company is a fiber optic facility carrier that provides transmission and value-added services to the telecommunications industry.

Interstate/Valley Telephone
Telephone company providing services to the West Point, Georgia and Alabama areas.

ISDN Systems, Inc.
This firm produces frame-relay products for small sites and telecommuters; networking solutions are for PC to ISDN, PC to frame relay, LAN to ISDN and LAN to frame relay. For Windows NT, ISC offers ISDN PRI and frame relay interfaces.

Manufacturer of hardware for high speed access to ISDN phone systems.

Jabra Corporation's Ear Phone
A human auditory interface for software and hardware telecommunication products, including cellular, desktop, mobile and wireless products, which offer personal, private and hands free communication.

JASON Project Expedition VI Planet Earth
Information about Jason Project Expedition VI Planet Earth, where the earth's uniqueness as a planet in the solar system is the primary focus. Students throughout the world are believed to be taking an active part in the expedition through "telepresence" and advanced applications of telecommunications, which allow them to operate robotic research vehicles remotely.

The JITNet Action Group
Serves as a communication link between technologists, researchers, businessmen and others on issues related to science and technology in Japan and India. Mirror sites are at SUNSITE, Japan, and Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Jones Satellite Programming
Jones Satellite Programming offers its home satellite services through Whitney Computer Service Check out this site for more information.

Language Systems Design
Specialists in data compression software.

The Leading Edge Network
The Leading Edge Network utilizes the latest in satellite technology and reaches thousands of homes with interactive programming.

LeBlanc Communications Group
LeBlanc offers a variety of broadcast and telecommunications products and services.

Malibu Software Group, Inc.
Malibu produces VORAMS voice processing software, and offers fax, e-mail and CTI unified messaging.

Matsch Systems
Providing telecommunications management, help desk, equipment feature inventory, connectivity and cable management and more to the telecommunications industry.

Medius Communications Inc.
A company that develops and markets products and services for on-line business-to-business interactive information and application systems.

Megahertz Corporation
Megahertz Corporation specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of communications solutions for mobile computer users. Also available are credit card sized PCMCIA land-line modems, land-line modems with the XJACKr connector and cellular modems.

Meridian Call Center
Providing a complete line of calling services to help you provide superior customer service.

Metroline Direct
Metroline Direct sells new and remanufactured AT&T, VMX and VOYSYS equipment.

Michael Wiese Productions
A communications company which provides film and video production and consulting. The firm also provides consulting services with respect to book and software publishing, financing, directing, marketing, screen writing and budgeting.

Microwave Telecommunication and Remote Sensing Technology
The main body of research is in the scope of one of the following projects: microwave components, integrated optics, antennas and propagation, radar systems and radar networking and active microwave remote sensing technology.

MJ White Enterprises
Information about MJ White Enterprises, which offers clients an opportunity to participate in the explosive growth and profit in telecommunication and network marketing.

Mobile Office Magazine
Mobile Office Magazine features portable computing, wireless communications, news and more.

MPR Teltech
Providing a multitude of telecommunications products, systems and services.

MTX Communications
Provides cost effective service to small businesses and large corporations throughout the United States via 100% digital fiber optic networks, also the WorldWideWats program designed for businesses on the Internet.

Nashoba Networks, Inc.
Develops and manufactures high-performance, low-cost network switching products for increased network bandwidth, preserving existing enterprise investments. Migrations to ATM and other high-speed technologies also provided.

Net2000 offers a comprehensive line of telecommunication and communication services to businesses in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area.

Network Solutions Home Page
The company provides solutions for distributed computing environments, such as university campuses, corporate offices, parks and government complexes. Additional connectivity is achieved using existing copper cabling and wireless transmitters, virtually eliminating the need for installation of more cable.

Newbridge Networks Corporation
From production to service, Newbridge offers a whole line of digital networking products and systems for service providers and other networks.

The Nildram company provides support and resources for Nildram OnLine, its on-line services division, and Nildram Software, its software publishing division.

International telecommunications/electronics firm.

International manufacturer of telecommunications products.

Ohio University Telecommunications Center
Information about the center's public television and public radio stations, including material from National Public Radio and Ohio Educational Broadcasting. This server also provides information about the center's higher education microwave services and it's role in student training and professional development.

Patton Electronics
Maryland manufacturer of data communications equipment.

PeachWeb Plantation Hyper-Conference Service
Provides members an interactive chat with the features of privacy. Web users are allowed to invite guests and hold conversations with the privacy of secure environment offices or to have public offices.

Periphonics Corporation
Producer of Interactive Voice Response systems.

Personal Conferencing Work Group
An organization trying to launch development and delivery of interoperable, standards-based conferencing and communications products through collaboration and technical innovation.

Phoenix Microsystems
Creates and manufactures test equipment for the telecommunications industry.

Provider of telecommunications equipment and services.

PicturePhone Direct
Online catalog of desktop video-conferencing products.

Prepaid Phonecards
HyperMedia Technologies presents information about HyperMedia Technologies and Prepaid Phonecards.

Prime Time 24 Satellite Programming
Information about Prime Time 24, which provides home satellite programming services through authorized dealer, Whitney Computer Service.

Primetime offers a complete line of communications and long distance services to business clients.

Pro CD, Inc. Phonebooks on CD-ROM
Pro CD, Inc. presents information about themselves as the leading publisher of phone books on CD-ROM. This site includes information about company products and allows browsers to participate in an interactive demo and conduct sample searches.

Information about the Pacific Telecommunications Council. Links are included to various aspects of PTC as well as a Telecommunications Resource page.

RadCom Technologies
RadCom refurbishes and resells telecommunications equipment.

Rochelle Communications, Inc.
The Turning Point/Fellers&Company presents information about Rochelle Communications, Inc., a source for business applications of caller IDs and multi-line products, developer tool kits and test equipment, including two-line displays and Sidekick 2.0 PIM bundle.

The Rockwell Digital Communications Division (DCD)
The Rockwell Digital Communications Division (DCD) provides data and facsimile modems, wireless communications technology, commercial global positioning systems and computer networking products.

Sattel Communications Company
Leading manufacturer of Digital Switching Systems, as well as a line of public telecommunications network products.

Siemens Rolm Communications Inc.
A leading provider of communications systems, services, applications and networks for business clients.

Siemens USA
American arm of the German company offers a huge line of electronics and technology products and services. Their home page allows you to learn more about these offerings, as well as employment opportunities, company news and more.

SIM-phony - Home
Producer of new technologies for computer-telephone integration.

Singapore Telecommunication Ltd.
Page offers company information, financial news and more relating to this Singapore firm.

SLIP Alternatives
Information about SLIP Alternatives, which provide links and TCP/IP for customers with shell account but no SLIP account.

SoftTalk, Inc.
Leading provider of individual productivity solutions using advanced telephony technology.

Source Inc.
Provider of strategic telecommunications solutions, selling new and refurbished products, as well as a complete line of asset management services and support.

Southwestern Bell Telephone's Digital Drive-In
For the ultimate in telecommunications, Southwestern Bell Telephone invites you to visit their own digital drive-in. Cruise on in and check out the sneak previews, feature presentation, and fun stuff. Enjoy the show.

Space, Telecommunications, and Radio-science Lab
From Stanford's Electrical Engineering Department comes this server, with information including a description of the lab, research areas, faculty interests, a cool demo or two, and Stanford courses relevant to the lab's research.

SpaceCom Systems, Inc.
Leading provider of point-to-multipoint satellite information distribution.

Sparton Corporation
Manufacturer of The Receptionist, a mini-PBX.

SpectraFax Corporation
SpectraFax Corporation provides databases and educational mini-guides on international facsimile broadcast and fax on demand from 89 IP countries to the United States. Corporate news and profile are available.

Stentor Alliance
An organization bringing together Canada's major telephone companies.

Submarine Cables of the World
Forum of companies and administrations that own or operated submarine cables.

Superior Communications
Provider of comprehensive broadcast services, including satellite time, uplink and downlink services, microwave and fiber communications, video production, event coordination and more.

Swansystems Ltd.
Provides CSP/Cobol(PL/I) transformer information, and some general downsizing hints as well as contact information with respect to Swansystems Ltd., a company that offers a converter package to translate PL/I program systems into Cobol systems. This conversion makes downsizing, right-sizing and offloading available for PL/I systems too.

Swiss Telecom
Information about Swiss Telecom in Bern Switzerland, its services, departments, projects and employee pages. It also contains a Bern page with maps and video clips of the city.

Teal Resources Inc.
Teal is a telecommunications distributions center, with a full line of new and surplus radio communications equipment for land and maritime use.

Techlock Distributing
Distributor of RF and microwave components manufactured by major U.S. companies.

Technology Futures, Inc.
This firm offers research, consulting, seminars and publications customized to meet the needs of new technologies professionals.

Tele-Communications, Inc. (TCI)
Home page for the largest cable television provider in the United States, with news on the company, advances in cable TV technology, employment opportunities and more.

TeleChoice Telecommunications
TeleChoice Telecommunications, contains information about low cost business, residential, and international calling services. TeleChoice maintains a relationship with a variety of long-distance service providers in order to offer the highest quality and lowest cost service.

Telecommunications Techniques Corporation
Provider of LAN and WAN telecommunications test equipment.

Teleconferencing Technologies Inc.
Producer of superior line of audio conferencing products.

Producer of software for use in telecommunications systems, such as telephone exchanges, transmission equipment and cellular phone base stations and terminals.

Telematrix.Com-World Telecommunications Central
Telecommunications and data communications products, services, and resources. Resources include World Calendar of Events, a comprehensive, searchable listing of telecommunications events and conferences around the world; The Printed Word, online and printed publications in fields such as fiber optics, wireless communications and ISDN; Products, Demos and Services, featuring software demos such as Phonebill, a program to cut your communications costs 15 to 45 percent.

Telephonics Corporation
Provider of advanced communications and information systems for transportation and defense.

Creates and sells computer-based training and multimedia products.

Tellus Communications
Reach out and touch someone to remote sites worldwide with our telecommunication service.

TELUS Corporation
Wireless, broadband, multimedia, and advance network that provides a new generation of personal telecommunication services. Yes, like that of Cellular phones, etc.

TH Communications Limited
A manufacture of electronic products which includes electromedical instrumentation, linear fire detection controllers, radio communications, and so much more!

The leader in the data transmission field, network and communication systems operator in Europe.

TrinitÈ Ltd
Get this message: The leaders in value added and reseller of Sprint Internationals' messaging product. Where else but here!

TTC-Quality Telecommunications Instruments
Provides access to this telecommunications test instrument manufacturer. The homepage also offers telecommunications related links and opportunities for employment.

UK Telecom Information Source
Includes tips on how to reduce your phone bill, as well as graphics showing how much you can save by switching from BT.

Unicon, Inc.
This site contains products such as Telephone Headsets, Teleconferencing and Telephone Recording Stations Headsets. Telecommunications!!

United States Cellular
This mobile telephone network contains information about United States Cellular, a nationwide cellular service provider, also offering employment opportunities.

Unitel Communications, Inc.
Offering business and residential customers new products and services regarding telecommunication.

Videoconferencing Systems, Inc.
Offers dual-monitoring videoconferencing systems for business, education and other applications.

Washington Telecom Newswire
Washington Telecom Newswire offers Daily news service directed at telecommunications industry professionals who need immediate news about their industry. Gives you the latest on telecommunications, cable, Bell companies, video dialtone, cellular, cyberspace, wiretap, spectrum allocation, cable/telco cross-ownership, and more.

WebChat: Live, Multimedia Chat on the Web
Information about WebChat, a public project allowing Web users to communicate with each other live and to intersperse pictures, movies, audio and Web links with text.

Working Assets Home Page
A long distance telephone service company since 1992. Working Assets provides long distance services to organizations committed to social and environmental change.


Blake's Toy Page
A page for collectors of action figures and toys with links to other pages.

WOW!! A scientific Toy Store.

Discovery Toys
Discovery Toys offers the most outstanding developmental products for families products of the highest quality and extraordinary value.

GI Joe Online
Official online site of the Hasbro GI Joe toys.

Greg's Yo-Yo Page
Provide details on how to perform tricks as well as provides a link to other web sites.

Infinite Illusions Juggling Supplies
You can find toys, yo-yo's, boomerangs and juggling products. This site contains information about their Catalogue, How-To, Links, Graphics and What's new!

Just Say Yo-Yo
Contains animation, true speech files and a yo-yo catalog.

Kids Universe Toys And Software
The educational Super center for all children and parent. Check this area out for the hot new Science and adventure Projects!

Learning Curve Toys
Educational development fun toys for children ages 0 to 13 years of age.

Louise Elliott Design
A fantastic collection of rag toy kits. Highly decorative, brilliantly colored and easy to make,

Taiwan Toy Manufacturers Association
This site provides a listing of Taiwan's toy manufacturers.

Toys R Us
An immensely large toy store. Anything you may want can be found with this site.


Airfield and Pavements Homepage
This page contains information about Airfield and Pavements, which provides distribution of computer software for the design and evaluation of roads and airfields, also other programs for general transportation.

Aladdin's Sailing & Yachting Web Sites
Carl Phillips Yachting, and general sailing section with items about the Royal Ocean Racing Club, the Royal Yachting Association, the Junior Offshore Group and others.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Transportation Lab
The Transport Engineering Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) is a multidisciplinary research group with primary orientation the study of transport related problems.

Global Van Lines--Long Distance Moving and Storage
Global Van Lines--Long Distance Moving and Storage, a moving and storage company that offers worldwide, interstate and statewide services.

Internet Transport Connection
An evolving source of information about land, water and air transportation.

Low-Cost Flights to Europe
Low-cost tickets for travel between the USA and Europe.

MacDonald Yachts Online
Links to yacht broker listings all over the world.

The Motorcycle Mailing List Archives
Provides access to a number of motorcycle-related resources on the Web, including the archives of the Ducati, Motorcycle Safety, and Goof2 mailing lists. Features include online subscriptions to those mailing lists and links to other motorcycle related resources.

The New York Transit Museum
New York Transit Museum carries a calendar of events and listings of upcoming exhibits and tours.

The Pickup Truck Homepage
Pickup Truck page offers information about manufacturer specifications, off-road racing and truck customization and is devoted to this American mode of transportation

Sail4U provides sales and rentals of yachts and motorboats, information on sailing areas, places to visit by boat or on the Web, class information and weather.

Snowmobile World Homepage
This homepage provides information about snowmobiles.

Subway Navigator
Subway Navigator, France Allows the user to search for routes in subway systems of various cities around the world (30 at the time of this writing). There is also a service provided to administrators of Web servers to use the subway navigator in your server, or register a server in the list of known servers.

Superhighway RV
Superhighway RV, the recreational vehicle's and camper's home on the Information Superhighway, which offers an online magazine with RV parks and campground directory, classified ads and more.

VIA Rail Canada
A complete interactive timetable of schedules and fares for the domestic services of the Canadian passenger rail company.