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Grinch Net
The Grinch Net is dedicated to the celebration of grinchiness around the world. Includes exerts from movies and books such as; The Year Without A Santa Claus (by Rankin/Bass), How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and The Sneetches and Other Stories by Dr. Seuss. Contains JPEG graphics and music.

Mediabridge's New York Christmas
New York Holiday Calendar 1995. Many holidays in New York are accompanied by flurries of activity only possible in such an immense city. Here you'll find archives and current information on the many New York holidays.

Merry Christmas from Access America!
Access America/Connect Atlanta presents things to help get you into the Holiday Spirit. Site includes; Write to Santa via E-mail!, How many days till Christmas?, Christmas stories, songs, recipes, entertainment, holiday humor, and links to other holiday sites.

Netsurfer Digest Presents: 12 sites of Christmas
Netsurfer Digest Present: The 12 Sites of Christmas. Uses the famous holiday carol to create 22 links to other interesting sites on the net. Sites include; movies, entertainment, music, TV programs, and other esoterica.

Santa Claus goes cyber
Welcome to the North Pole! You can enter Kris Kringle's own WWW Server. This site includes; Santa's Favorite WWW Sites, e-mail the Jolly man himself, you will even be able to visit Santa's Workshop.

Santa Claus is coming... ..from Norway!
This site provides information about Santa Claus, or "Julenisse" as he's called in Norway. One of the main goals of this site is to state the fact that Santa Claus is from Norway, not Finland, or the North Pole. Site includes: The history of Santa Claus, Hotshots of Santa Claus in Norway, How to contact Santa Claus.

Santa's Letter Shop
Have Santa's Letter Shop, send personal letters to friends and family from the North Pole. Imagine their surprise! Site includes: Santa's Letter Shop Product Catalog, Santa's Letter Shop Order Form.

Santa's Workshop
Visit Santa's Workshop. Site include: Send Santa a Letter, What's going on in the workshop, Visit Santa's Library.

Santa's Workshop - Prairienet Branch
A visit to Santa's Workshop contains a collection of links to other Holiday sites plus the opportunity to E-MAIL Santa. Site includes links to: Holiday art, books, music, gifts, movies, and sounds.

Uncle Bob's Christmas Page
This page has Santa's Links to other Christmas pages, the Scarecrow's Christmas Art Collection, and other goodies. Site includes; SANTA'S LINKS to Christmas at the White House, Santa Claus - A message from Santa, the elves, and the reindeer, A Christmas Carol - The Dickens classic on line, Send a message to Santa and much much more!

We've Found Santa Claus!
Bruce McGuy writes popular collections of children's letters to Santa and uses the proceeds to help charities benefiting children. Site includes: information about charities, how you can help, success stories, news, and much more.

Your Direct Line to the North Pole
Write to Santa, Rudolph, and the Elves. Site includes; a simple format children can use to write a letter to Santa.


Easter Flowers
Use the FTD Internet home page to order flowers for Easter. Site includes: photos of flower arrangements, prices, and other ordering information.

The Passover Lamb
This site describes the observance of the Passover meal, the history of the Passover Lamb, and it's religious significance. Site Includes links to passages in the Bible.


Exotic Erotic Halloween Ball
Largest Annual Masquerade Ball in the world with sell out crowds exceeding 12,000 guests. This site includes: information about the ball, history, entertainment, and ticket information.

Famous Dead Person's Ball
Join a grand celebration of the famous and dead! An invitation to a Halloween party in the San Francisco Bay area, where all the guests are famous dead people. Site Includes: Ticket information, pictures from past parties, trivia, etc.

Fangs by Sabretooth
SABRETOOTH'S VAMPYRE CATALOGUE Site includes: Ordering information on Custom Made Vampire Fangs, and Special Effects Contact Lenses.

Fangs That Fit
Custom made vampire fangs, Site includes: ordering information.

Halloween []
Your first view of the decaying Gint House comes as you round the crest of a hill. Stark against the mountainside, the Victorian architecture seems at odds with the naked rock from which it springs.

Halloween Haunt on the Web
Information about the Halloween Haunt at Knott's Scary Farm (Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California, USA). The Haunt has been the world's largest Halloween party with over 700 hideous monsters lurking around every corner. Site includes: Virtual tour of the Haunt, the art of monster making, Photo Gallery & Quicktime movies.

Halloween Haunted House
Get ready to click your way through MidLink Magazine's Virtual Haunted House. Site includes: a tour through a virtual haunted house, links to other similar sites

This page is dedicated to the fun and festivities of Halloween. Site Includes: The Halloween mailing list, Troy N.Y. Graveyard, Den of the Dead, Dark Side of the Net, Dark Side of the Web, Happy Halloween, Halloween Jack-O-Lantern screen saver and much more.

Haunted Corners of the World Wide Web
Resource page of Haunted Internet Sites. Site Includes links to such pages as; Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Vampires Only page, The Ooga Booga Page, Aunt Agatha's Occult Emporium, and many more.

Haunted Verdun Manor - a Haunted House
In 1901 a psychopathic baron named Michael Verdun built a strange, twisted house. Verdun, being a werewolf himself, keenly desired to release the beast within all men. Deep within the hidden recesses of his manor, he conducted cruel, painful experiments on human beings abducted from the surrounding countryside by his vampiric wife, Cassandra.

Haunted Verdun Manor - a Haunted House
This web page contains the story of Haunted Verdun Manor. Site includes: pictures of torture, death, mayhem, werewolves, and links to more of the same.

Heather's Scary Halloween Page - for Kids ONLY!!
HI! I'm Heather, and I'm 5 1/2 years old! This is my Happy Holidaze Page! These are my favorite holidays. See Halloween through Heather's eyes. Site includes: Holiday Calendar for Kids, safety tips for a safe and happy Halloween, and information about kids on the internet.

Interactive MUD— Your first view of the decaying Gint House comes as you round the crest of a hill. Your job is to discover the source of the foul smell that pervades the area and appears to emanate from the house itself.

The Night Gallery
In Cyberspace, Nobody Can Hear You Scream! The URL where it is Halloween 365 days a year! Site include: Many links to other fine horror pages. Interesting horror related graphics and esoteric stuff. THIS PAGE IS RATED PG-13

Nightmare Factory Haunted House
Enter the NIGHTMARE FACTORY Haunted House This is where you get information about NIGHTMARE FACTORY.

PEOPLE Online's Haunted House of Shame
Scary Sites and sounds of Halloween. Site includes; links to ghoulish gifs, spooky sound bites, scary screensavers, fiendish film clips and more.

Rip & Jack's Trick or Treat
Jack and the Ripper take you on a Halloween Clickfest to some pretty spooky web sites. ISP NeoSoft, Inc. sponsors this holiday tribute.

Stevens Magic Emporium - Halloween Costume Catalog
This Halloween Shop has over 20 years experience in the Halloween Industry and are able to offer the hottest and most recent costumes and accessories. Avoid the long lines at the Halloween store, purchase your costumes on the NET. Site includes information about: Halloween Decorations, Kids' Costumes, Batman Costumes, Star Trek Costumes, Magic catalog and more.

Super Scary Halloween Funhouse
A Halloween Funhouse where tricks or treats await you behind every window. Site includes: links to many spooky sites on the Web. Click or Creak little goblins!

Independence Day

America's Birthday
Sponsored by Latter and Blum, this interactive site celebrates America's Independence Day. Site Includes: a message from the Vice President, links to historical documents, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and a special on fireworks safety.

New Year's

First Night all over Boston
Privately funded, the organization produces First Night Boston, the largest New Year's Eve Festival in North America, and manages The Neighborhood Network, (TNN) a new community-based program established in 1994. Site Includes: Information about First Night's New Year's Eve Celebration with 55 locations and 228 performances, and request for contributions.

First Night in Cyberspace Revisited: CyberFOO on IRC
Virtual New Year's Eve Party in Cyberspace. This site Includes a short article on the night's events as well as a transcript from IRC.


Passover Flowers
Use the FTD Internet home page to order flowers for Passover. Site includes: photos of flower arrangements, prices, and other ordering information.

Passover Recipes
Kosher Express presents a collection of kosher recipes sent to them by Internet users all over the world. Site Includes: A wide variety of kosher recipes for High Holidays and Passover.

St. Patrick's Day

FTD St. Patrick's Day
Use the FTD Internet home page to order flowers for Passover. Site includes: photos of flower arrangements, prices, and other ordering information.

Send a living shamrock to a client, customer, friend, colleague, relative or even yourself. Site Includes: Product description and ordering information.

St. Pat's Celebration
Sponsored by the St. Pats committee, this page contains all the latest St. Patrick's day information. Site includes; a detailed posting of events plus important member information, how to become a member, etc.

St. Patrick's Day in Savannah
Site includes: history and information about Savannah, Georgia's legendary St. Patrick's day parade/celebration.

A Wee Bit O' Fun
St. Patrick's Day--Hunt for our leprechaun, find out why people wear green, and have a Wee Bit o' Fun! Site includes: Glossary O' Terms, and an interactive Find The Leprechaun Game.


Thanksgiving Puzzle
Sponsored by John's Word Search Puzzles, this site includes a Thanksgiving word puzzle that you can play.

Thanksgiving Recipes
Sponsored by The Governor Bradford Motel at Plymouth Harbor. Site includes: many traditional "New England" style Thanksgiving recipes such as Roast Turkey with Chestnut Dressing, and Pumpkin Apple Soup, just to name a few. New recipes every week 'til Thanksgiving.

Valentine's Day

Aphrodite's Love Palace
Ideas to feed love and lust! Site includes: categories on Wired Love, Cyberkissing, Spoiling the Beloved, Find love in Cyberspace plus links to other HOT sites.

Cupid's Cove
Let Cupid help you prepare to fall in love and be romanced on this Valentine's Day, Site includes: Internet Valentine's Day Coupons, An Online Valentine, Virtual Tunnel of Love, Internet Kissing Booth, Web personals, and much more.

The Cyrano Server
If you are shy or unimaginative but you would like to tell someone how you feel, Never Fear — Cyrano is here, to write your love letters for you. Let the Cyrano server help you say just the right thing to that special someone.

Index - Valentine's Day 1995
Sponsored by Amdahl Corp. This page features Hot links to many Valentine related sites.

Romance Web
The romance web from Site includes: Romance Challenge, and a visit to the Personals page. If your looking for Romance you may find it here!



Howard County Sexual Assault Center
Valuable information about rape, sexual assault, and child sexual abuse. Links to other electronic resources. 24-hour telephone hotline.

No More Victims (NMV)
NMV is founded on the belief that promoting the free exchange of information will help heal those struggling with abuse issues, and to prevent future suffering. Moderated, anonymous, open membership mailing list devoted to the discussion of abuse in general, and child sexual abuse and pedophilia specifically.

Sidran Foundation
Resources and materials for persons with dissociative disorders and treating professionals. Extensive catalog of books and videos on trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociative identity disorder (MPD), child sexual abuse.

SNAP - Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
A national self-help organization of men and women who were sexually abused by Catholic priests, brothers, nuns, deacons, and teachers.


Ask Eve
You can ask Eve just about any sexual-related question that comes to mind.

How to Procreate Without Antagonizing Your Mate
For those who need help propagating their poor traits.

Internet Sexuality Survey
Two students from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology say they are conducting a survey for a research project. Up to you.

Society for Human Sexuality
Devoted to acceptance and understanding of all sexual orientations and all consensual and safe sexual practices.

Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual

The Adventures of Priscilla
A short review of the movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Anton, International Online Gay Travel and Resource Guide
Anton is an International Online Gay travel and resource guide for gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgendered.

Aotearoa New Zealand Queer Resources
A visual and informational tour of New Zealand for lesbian, gay and bisexual tourists and other visitors. Provides maps, directories, and a guide book.

For gays who like naked, hairy men. Adults only, but not sexually explicit.

Bed & Breakfast in Tuscany (Italy)
The guide to spending a holiday in an original 1700's working farm in Tuscany. Gay crowd is especially welcome.

BiNet Atlanta
Purpose of this page is to allow others to access the vast amounts of information regarding all aspects of GLB life around the world. Features links to various servers with information about queers, sex and sexuality, and queer positive companies.

A friendly place for bisexuals and bi-friendly people of any sexual orientation to talk, share and have fun.

Bisexual Resource List
A compilation of resources useful to bisexual and bi-friendly people. Includes a calendar of events, links to newsgroups, and a listing of newsletters covering related topics.

Boston Professional Alliance
Boston Professional Alliance, Boston, MA, US This server provides information about the BPA, an organization of gay lesbian professionals in the Greater Boston area. The web pages offer a newsletter, information on how to join the BPA mailing list, and a growing set of links to resources of value to the gay and lesbian professional community.

The Brighton Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Pride
Brighton Pride Committee, Brighton, UK This site accesses information from the Brighton Pride online.

Canadian Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Resource Directory
World's largest and most comprehensive source for Canadian gay, lesbian and bisexual information. Provides access to information about cities, businesses, publications, and accommodations.

Canadian Pink Pages
A business directory of gay and gay-positive establishments throughout Canada. Includes information on getting your own business listed in the directory.

Collected Queer Information
Provides many links to gay, lesbian, and bisexual resources. Located in Pittsburgh.

Colorado Rocky Mountain Gay/Lesbian Business Directory
A listing of gay owned and gay-supportive businesses in the Rocky Mountain area. Includes links to various gay organizations in the Colorado area.

CyberQueer Lounge
Many links to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender information. Includes the full text of the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, an an e-mail resource listing, and a guide to upcoming events. Adults only.

Deaf Queer Resource Center
A resource center devoted to providing up-to-date information for deaf lesbians, gays and bisexuals.

Domestic Partnerships and Same Sex Marriages
An online resource for information about domestic partnerships and same-sex marriages. Includes legal case information and links to related information.

Eat Out Cafe
A gay and lesbian cafe's web site, based in Edinburgh. Includes a calendar of events, background information, a gay guide to Edinburgh, and a menu.

Editorial Guide to Gay Atlanta
Provides index links to gay bars and dance clubs, the drag scene, and restaurants in Atlanta.

Everything For Gays
Includes a bulletin board, video clips, a love line, and an online mall.

Eye Contact Online Services
A national gay and lesbian online service.

The Frequently Asked Questions file for the (bisexual issues) mailing list.

The Front Runner
Patricia Nell Warren, author of six novels, presents The Front Runner, a highly-acclaimed gay love story. Includes information on the author and other works by her.

Gay Abandon
An exclusive membership club for members and friends of the gay community visiting Australia. Includes information on resorts, restaurants and clubs, nightspots, bars, theatre, attractions, and travel.

Gay Activist Alliance in Morris County (New Jersey)
Are you in Morris county in New Jersey and are gay or lesbian? This site is the web page of the GAAMC or the Gay Activist Alliance Morris of County. The site has a listing of times that the group meets and upcoming events.

Gay and Lesbian Community Centre of Edmonton (GLCCE)
Provide a comfortable place for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered (GLBT) community of Edmonton to drop in, meet, and get to know each other and learn more about alternative life styles in general.

Gay and Lesbian Day at Walt Disney World
Information about the Sixth Annual Gay and Lesbian Day at Walt Disney World, happening June 1 and 2, 1995. More than 40,000 people expected to attend.

Gay and Lesbian Indianapolis
Do you live or are planning to visit the Indianapolis area? Are you gay or lesbian? This web page has information about groups, restaurants, organizations, bars, and businesses.

Gay and Lesbian Travel Web
Travel information for the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender community.

Gay Goodies
A page for Gay Goodies, a lesbian-owned chocolate company that manufactures the triangle shaped Gay Bar chocolate bar.

Gay Lesbian Bisexual Info Page
Designed to better aquaint everyone with lesbian, gay and bisexual related subjects. Contains a vast amount of updated links to various sites on the net.

Gay Lesbian 'Ohana Maui
This organization is dedicated to helping the gay and lesbian community of the Hawaiian Islands by hosting social events, organizing fundraisers, and publishing a monthly newspaper.

Gay & Lesbian Star Trek Home Page
A place for gay and lesbian Star Trek fans (and their friends) to share commentary, reviews, proposals and stories that relate to Star Trek and the inclusion of lesbian/gay characters on Trek programs.

Gay Lesbian Violence
Personal accounts, and suggestions for protection. Submissions welcome. Tell your story opinion.

Gay & Lesbian Web Alliance
A place for gays, lesbians and their friends to share community news and business. Includes action alerts and announcements.

Gay Lovers Of Lycra
A photo gallery of guys in lycra.

Gay Male Body Is Its History
A digital artpiece in conjunction with an installation entitled "A History of Photography" currently on view at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Poetry and photography.

Gay Ski Week 1996
Information about Gay Ski Week, January 27 - February 3, 1996 in Aspen, Colorado.

Gay: The Fireplace
A general discussion bulletin board about gay men's issues on the Prodigy and America Online services. Soon to be on the Microsoft Network.

Gay Travel Network
A resource where lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals can search for the location, vacation, or travel related service which best meets their needs.

Gay Workplace Issues
Extensive resources for gay people in the workplace. Includes listings of gay professional groups, gay employee groups, and support organizations.

GayRelo Referral Network
A network of lesbian and gay Realtors who provide Realtor referrals to anyone wishing to buy, sell or relocate anywhere nationwide.

Gays & Lesbians on World Wide Web
A full-service site featuring information on gay travel, arts and culture, entertainment, and home shopping.

Listings of videos, books, and magazines. Includes information on travel, clothing and a whole lot more. Over 45 participating companies available in the home shopping area.

Gaze Support BBS
Information pertaining to gay life all over the world: Descriptions and contact information for organizations, Events & services, Film & Book Reviews, and Upcoming events.

Gerber/Hart Library and Archives
The Midwest's largest gay, lesbian and bisexual circulating library, archives and resource center, located in Chicago, Illinois. Offers a wide range of cultural and educational programs aimed at the goal of dispelling homophobia. Includes links to other resources, newsgroups, and LGB Web sites.

Gay and lesbian reaction to the events shaping our future. Provides letters already written and offers you an opportunity to express your opinions and ideas through letters. Links to committees and groups, volunteers and volunteering, regional reports, and media awards.

GLAIDS CyberQueer Lounge
This is Sparky's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Web site, offering GLAIDS CyberQueer Lounge, GLAIDS [Gay Lesbian AIDS] offers queer-friendly WWW advertising pages, GLAIDS' Queer guide to the LGBT CyberSpaces, and a distributive chat forum as well as many other hot lists and services.

GNJ Spectrum
Japan's oldest, largest and friendliest computer network for gay people. Includes special support areas for members of the gay community in Japan.

Goatboy and the Music Machines
A documentary about a modern-day mountain man in Tennessee who restores antique musical instruments and researches gay subjects.

Grassroot Queers
The Grassroot Queers of Philadelphia are a group who are fighting against homophobia and other fears of alternative lifestyles. Their web page is how you can become involved with their group.

Great Gay and Lesbian Places to Live
Dedicated to promoting the book Great Gay and Lesbian Places to Live, a guide to the best gay-positive communities in the United States.

Greater Atlanta Business Coalition (GABC)
A non-profit organization dedicated to the development and growth of businesses that support the lesbian and gay community. Includes links to various gay/lesbian/bisexual Web resources.

A professional astrologer accredited by the AFA who specializes in lesbian, bisexual and transgender astrology. Includes a free mini-reading.

Hamline University's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Coalition & Friends
The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Coalition and Friends is a group of students at Hamline University who work to maintain an open and supportive environment for gay, lesbian, and bisexual students, and their friends and family. They do this by organizing events and other activities. Sign on to learn more about what the will be doing in the near future.

Hands Off Washington
Are you living in Washington state and are wondering why one would vote no on Initiatives 166 and 167? Sign on here to find out all about it.

Harvard Gay and Lesbian Caucus
This is the Harvard gay and lesbian caucus. This page links you to Harvard alumnae belonging to the Caucus, to other events that will occur, and to many other things through the caucus.

Heartbeat BBS
Provides free access for people of all age groups. Includes over 10 GIGS of gifs, stories, jpg, Macintosh files, and matchmaker services.

High Tech Gays
The HTG web site is for all of those living in the Silicon Valley and are looking for support and people to meet. This site contains meeting times and up coming events.

Hotel Casa Blanca
The first and only gay owned, gay operated resort on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica accepting exclusively gay and lesbian guests, their relatives and friends.

In a Different Light
An art exhibit at the University Art Museum at UC Berkeley which explores the resonance of gay and lesbian experience in twentieth-century American art.

Index - Queer Organizations
Connect to this site to discover numerous links to GLB organizations and centers.

Institute of Gay and Lesbian Education
A community-based educational institution, which provides a forum for intellectual exchange on a variety of gay and lesbian topics. Includes listing of class offerings.

Jase's Rainbow - Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Icons & Clip Art
A collection of icons, flags, and symbols of gay and lesbian culture. Includes a brief description and history of each.

Jewelry by Ponce
Fine handcrafted jewelry of interest to the gay/lesbian/bisexual community.

Justice for All
A resource for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. Includes links to sites relevant to l/g/b/t issues.

Promotes research into lesbian and gay issues and lifestyles for the purpose of public education. Provides research, instruction, oratorical, evaluation, resource methodologies, programs and materials.

Lavender Wolves Family Home
A supportive environment for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and heterosexuals. Includes links to other resources out on the Web.

Les-Bi-Gay Student's Association of U of Texas @ Austin Home Page
Provides links to maps with directions to weekly meetings, information about upcoming events and activities, and connects to other related groups.

Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement
This page provides graphic image and information about the movement's logo, and addresses topics such as homosexuality and the bible. Find out about membership opportunities, rainbow room and gay T.V.

Lesbian & Gay Hospitality Exchange International (L/GHEI)
Provides multilingual information about L/GHEI, network of gay men and lesbians from around the world who offer their hospitality to other members at no charge. Includes a directory of hosts.

LesBiGay Pages (
The Queer Resource Center page. Includes a calendar of events, photos, and links to other organizations.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Gayness
A calendar of events, and some icons of gay culture and their history.

Light and Dark
DA, Evansville, IN, US This page contains information about Light and Dark, which emphasizes alternative living, music and also offers a post board for votes for music groups, messages.

Little Sister's Book & Art Emporium
An online catalog for Little Sisters, Western Canada's gay and lesbian bookstore. Includes updates on the Canada Customs court case and a guide to Vancouver.

London Gay Naturist
Connect to these pages to learn about the Naturist gallery, journal, beaches directory, brochures, organizations, beach resort, guest book. Also includes photograph of "Today's Nude."

Los Angeles Gay Rodeo Association
Connect to these pages to find out about men and women who wish to preserve their western heritage through the sport of Rodeo. Links to GLAC Board of Directors and Contacts and to GLAC Calendar of Events.

Male Box BBS
An Adult BBS supporting all alternative lifestyles. Includes files and a matchmaker section.

Marshall University Lambda Society
Society providing support to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities of Marshall University. Educating all people concerning the realities of gay and lesbian life and the equal rights movement. Links to Queer directory and Pride Week activities.

Men of the World Tours
A group that offers tours for gay and bisexual men with various interests.

Motivational Media
A listing of exercise videos for men.

Multicom-4 BBS Network
A free gay, lesbian and bisexual bulletin board system with links to other sites of the same interest. Telnet address: (

Mystic Mushroom's Lambda Link
A guide to alternative lifestyles. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender resources. Includes AIDS/HIV information, and links to related home pages.

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
Helps to strengthen the gay and lesbian movement at the state and local level. Provides full story press releases, data about creating change, and information on upcoming activities.

New Jersey Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered Info Page
Information page providing voters guide, information hotlines, and list of major events.

A political organization that brings together over two dozen member organization as well as individual members in New Jersey to fight for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered rights. Provides links to get information on member organizations and current projects.

Northampton Area Gay and Lesbian Business Guild
A site for businesses and professionals who actively maintain and encourage a business committed to support of the Lesbian and Gay community. Includes a business listing. Based in Northampton, Massachusetts.

NYC Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center
Connect to these pages to find out about a center that provides affordable meeting space for more than 400 gay and lesbian organizations. Links to center's programs, events, announcements, and more.

Ottawa Freenet LesBiGay
A forum where same-sex issues can be discussed by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual community.

Out and Proud
An interactive site for gay and bisexual men. Focus is on coming out and gay pride.

Outright Communications
An electronic communications service for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people. Includes information on activism, AIDS/HIV resources, and other Web sites.

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
An advocacy, support and educational organization interested in ending sexually based discrimination. Includes information on topics including information for parents of gay children.

Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples
Provides extensive information on issues of concern to same-sex couples, including legal marriage and sources of support. Presents the results of national couples survey and lets you take part in our new survey on attitudes toward legal marriage for same-sex couples. Includes photo gallery of couples.

Phoenix Evangelical Bible Institute
Information about The Phoenix Evangelical Bible Institute, a full time Bible training school for Christian gays and lesbians. Offers Christian gays and lesbians a climate whose educational environment is conducive to their learning without compromising the gospel message.

Portland OR, Lesbian/Gay Pride Coverage
Coverage of the Portland's 20th Gay Parade, held June 17th, 1995.

Pride Network
An extensive calendar of gay pride events worldwide. Also includes historical information.

Pride Time Videos
Gay and lesbian travel videos for various cities nationwide. The videos give an authentic feel for the businesses and Lesbian and gay life in each city.

Princeton University Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Alliance
An index of many useful glb-related electronic resources. Site contains general information on our organization, current news, and schedules for several meeting groups.

The Q-Mall
A Source for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender merchandise and information. Includes a listing of "Great Gay and Lesbian Places to Live."

Queen Dyke
A resource and support system for queer students and queer issues at the Boston Latin School. Provides photograph of a demonstration in Boston and links to Anarcoantioch and Schola Latina Bostoniensis.

Queer Frontiers
Studies and theories presented by Queer Frontiers at the 5th Annual National Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Graduate Student Conference, which took place March 23-26, 1995, at the University of Southern California. Includes information for upcoming conferences.

Queer Resources Directory
A massive archive of files about everything related to gay issues, located at Includes information on families, youth, religion, media, events, culture, legal and workplace issues, organizations, political news and activism.

a database published by !OutProud!, The National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Youth. Contains over 3,600 entries for community centers, support organizations, PFLAG (Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians And Gays) chapters, lesbian/gay youth groups, and more.

Quistory Publishing
A source for educational and entertaining software for and about the gay/lesbian/bisexual community. Includes links to other sites which focus on the gay community.

Rainbow Destinations
A directory of gay-owned and gay-friendly bed and breakfasts, country inns, guesthouses, resorts, and hotels worldwide.

Refuse & Resist!
Activist group dealing with issues such as the war on women, concentration camps for immigrants, censorship of the arts, resurgent racism, police state measures, gay bashing, and compulsory patriotism. Links to information about subjects listed above.

Resources for soc.motss
Resources for the soc.motss (member of the same sex) mailing list. Covers gay, lesbian, and bisexual issues.

Shoreline Frontrunners of Long Beach
A gay and lesbian oriented running and walking club in Long Beach, California. Find out more about their weekly fun runs and current newsletter. page
Resources for the mailing list, dedicated to the discussion of any issues related to bisexuality. Contains various resources related to the group - including a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions about bisexuality and about itself.
Moderators of group. Included in this page is moderator contact information, a list of related resources and other information.

Stanford Queer Resources
Available access to Standford's queer resouces and resources on HIV and AIDS. Provides events and mailing lists. Opportunity to create your own home page to have listed here.

SUNY Binghamton University - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Union
Union providing a safe environment for L/G/B students at Binghamton University. Educates about GLB issues, provides safe-sex information and materials, and teaches about HIV and AIDS. This site provides more information about organization through multiple links.

Three Snaps Up
A listing of gay, lesbian and bisexual events in California.

Many points of interest on gay issues. Focusing on the United Kingdom.

Toronto Gay Nudist Group
Sponsors a variety of naked social events for our members, such as house parties, brunches, and camping. Provides detailed calendar of events, information hotline instructions, selected nudist links, and an International Directory of Gay Nudist Groups.

Trikone (Lesbian and Gay South Asians)
Trikone organizes and/or participates in a number of local social, community, and educational events for lesbian and gay South Asians. This site makes available links to a calandar of events, Trikone's magazine, and an picture archive.

Trudy's Trailer
A site by a drag-queen systems analyst. Includes letters, shopping lists, and links to more crossdressing information. Very funny.

UCB Bisexual/Lesbian/Gay/Queer Resources
A queer infoservers directory providing various links according to subject area. Topics include Arts and Culture, Universities and Colleges, and email lists.

Univerisity of Colorado LBGTA
Lesbian, bisexual and gay students' union providing services such as phone lines and roommate services. Links to upcoming activities and office hours.

University of Alabama Gay Lesbian Bisexual Alliance
Provides detailed GLB resource directory. Includes a great number of informational links about subjects related to GLBA.

University of Pennsylvania LGB Resources
Connect to these pages to find creative writing by LGB youth, coming out stories, pride photos, excerpts from LGB books and CD-ROMS from LGB resources at University of Pennsylvania.

Upstate New York Gay And Lesbian Intercollegiate Network
This sites purpose is to link campus gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered student associations and to provide a combined political voice to promote issues of fairness and equity on college campuses. Includes links to a variety of UNYGALIN members.

Western Illinois University BGLFA
Provide a backbone of support, unity, and strength, and to work towards educational, social, and political goals for Bisexuals, Gays, Lesbians, and their Allies at WIU. Links to GLB issues and programs, a calendar of events, and a safe space program.

Whistle Stop Cafe Online
The lesbian online gathering place. Adults only. Includes a telnet link to the board and a web chat room for lesbians.

Wigstock: The Movie [movienet]
Photos, a synopsis, and information about Wigstock: The Movie.

Wolfe Video
An offering of lesbian and gay entertainment videos. Includes video listings and a list of upcoming releases.

Gender Issues

Above and Beyond Gender Links
Tells of places to shop regionally for alternative dressing. Includes reviews and resources.

Above & Beyond - Personal Links
Personal pages of transgendered people. Gives insight of transgendered people from all over the world.

AEGIS Information Center
Describes AEGIS, it's purposes and how to become a member.

Androgyny RAQ: Rarely Asked Questions
Answer's to questions asked about Androgyny. Includes definitions of terms used.

The Apartheid of Sex
Synopsis and reviews on the novel The Aparthied of Sex.

Bay Area Transgender Resources
Guide to groups in Bay Area associated with Transgender issues. Includes information on Educational TV Channel (ETVC), FTM, and Rainbow Gender Association (RGA). Also, includes membership information.

Bioenergetics Press
Sells hard-to-find books and tapes about men's issues and ending the war between the sexes. Links to men's issues sites on the web.

CDS Bookshop
Contains information on publications with titles and brief descriptions. Includes example of publications.

Circumcision Issues Page
Deals with male circumcision and problems that arise with child circumcision.

Creative Design Services
Resource guide for crossdressers, transvestites, transsexuals and friends. Includes commercial advertising and free resource information.

Cynosure Gender Page
Deals with transgendered people and those interested in the study of sex and gender. Includes articles and stories.

FAQ - Transgender
Contains general transgendered information. Including definitions of terms, medical data, important society figures, entertainment, brief history, and collected wisdom on various subjects.

Fathering Page
Deals with involved fathers, fathers who are the primary parent, single fathers, and men aspiring to become fathers.

FTM International
FTM International offers information and support for the female-to-male transgendered person. The organization plans to expand the Internet resources to include education to the public about the issues faced through their quarterly newsletter and yearly resource guide.

FTM Library
Articles and stories of transgendered activities.

Gender 3 Slide Show
Describes the process of birth, gender relations and the combining of both sexes.

Gender Texts at the English Server
Contains articles on sex, gender, sexual identity and sexuality in cultural practices.

Gender Web Reading List on Gender Issues
Articles on general gender issues that fall in no other categories.

The Gender Web
Contains statistics and feedback form on Gender Web.

IFGE Resource Guide by State (US)
Contains address, phone numbers, and e-mail address for periodicals concerning transgendered people.

In Your Face
Contains list of actions against gender oppression around the US, along with instructions on how to create your own conflict. Includes overview of what's to come.

International Foundation for Gender Education
Addresses cross dressing and transgender issues. Includes articles and periodicals.

Contains actual documentation of transition. Includes exerpts from "The Subtrusive."

M.E.N. Magazine on-line magark
Describes M.E.N. Magazine, it's articles and purpose. Contains articles, poetry, and men's stories.

Male to Female Library
Articles on tips of how to, entertainment, fiction, family, society, history, medical issues and other areas.

Men's Defense Association
How men can fight discrimination. Includes membership form for Liberator Magazine.

Men's Issues Page
Current news on how men can deal with fatherhood, men's rights, false abuse allegations, paternity suits, sexual harassment, employment, child support, and other issues.

National Coalition of Free Men
Deals with men's sexual discrimination. Provides information on past and present activity. Includes membership form.

Official Transgen Mailing List Info
For and about people who are transsexual, transgendered and/or transvestites. Includes how you receive mail and the rules of subscription.

Organizations and Groups
Contains a list of international and U.S. groups and organizations involving transgendered people. Includes physical addresses, e-mail address, and web sites.

Ottawa Freenet Transgender Page
Transsexual & cross-dressing information. Includes notes from underground and definitions of terms.

The Phoenix Project
Describes information and products to help you achieve gender congruity.

Queer Resources Directory TransGender Files
Contains electronic links to articles containing information on queer activities and current events.

Real Men
Describes how to end men's violence against women. Includes current newsletter.

Renaissance Information Center
Contains general information and the purpose of the Renaissance Information Center. Includes Renaissance chapters and affiliates with addresses and phone numbers.

The Scandinavian Transgender Page
Contains articles on transgender organizations, current events and activities.

T-Star (Canada)
Contains links to sites with information on transgender issues.

Tennessee Vals
Contains general information on Tennessee Vals. Describes support groups for all transgendered people who need help dealing with society. Includes newsletter.

Third the Labyrinth of Gender
Third the Labyrinth of Gender accesses art/writing exploration of the meaning of gender to self, and the re-emergence of the Third in our modern bi-polar culture.

Transgender Escalator
Jumpstation with links to chat lines. Contains articles related to gay, lesbian, and transgender issues. Adults only.

Transgender Forum
Deals with transgender issues. Includes personal ads, shopping ideas and solutions to everyday problems.

Transgendered UK
Describes United Kingdom Transgender Mailing List, it's creator and how to join.

TTT Home Page (mberz)
Contains transvestite, transsexual, and transgendered facts, medical information, songs, poetry, articles, news groups, web sites, and places to shop.

Vanessa Kaye's TG Pages
Autobiography of everyday practices, religious practices and general beliefs of transsexual behavior.

Various Gender Resources Compiled by Julie Waters
List of web sites associated with transgender activity and issues.

YakNet (Law)
Briefs and comments on the gendericious law and privacy law.


FAQ - alt.romance
When it comes to romance no question has one simple answer, but many different answers. It all depends very much on the persons involved. You can find many interesting ideas and suggestions that could inspire your creativity.

FAQ -*
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about alternative sexuality. So go ahead don't be shy take a look.

This is a group getting together to discuss a forum for people with interests in infantilism, diapers, age-play, and related activities.

Frequently asked questions is a newsgroup on alternative sexuality, fetish, fashion. It contains lots of information on rubber/latex, PVC, corsets and of course high heels.

Love, Sex and Marriage
Your Internet bookstore, which has more than 800 books on love, sex and marriage for sale at a discount.

All kinds of love and pictures.

Relationship Enrichment Games
Relationship Software is romantic computer software and board games for two people to play together to enhance their relationship, spend time together, and rediscover the joys of sex.

True Love Page
Dedicated to everyone who has found his or her true love, and how to keep them. Suggestions for romantic getaways, advice for how to apologize after you've really blown it, to ideas and guidance for that perfect wedding. Lots of fun information here for the romantic in you!
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