Culture and Society

Museums and Exhibits

1492 Exhibit

The exhibition examines the first sustained contacts between American people and European explorers, conquerors and settlers from 1492 to 1600. Site includes a tour of the exhibit as well as bibliography and links to related sites.

African-American Mosaic

Selections from The African-American Mosaic: A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture.

Canadian Museum of Civilization

As the national museum of human history, the Canadian Museum of Civilization is committed to fostering in all Canadians a sense of their common identity and their shared past. It hopes to promote understanding between the various cultural groups that are part of Canadian society. Available in French and English.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization

Provides access to one of Canada's greatest cultural attractions, including exhibitions, performances, demonstrations, theatrical vignettes. The Canadian Museum of Civilization is responsible for building collections of material heritage, conducting scholarly research, and educating the public in many subject areas, with special but not exclusive reference to Canada.

Chula Vista Nature Center

Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge Home Page seeks to educate the public about the importance of enhancing and conserving wetlands and other coastal resources.

Critique-The Reviewer's Choice

Here is Critique, a project that showcases the talents of undiscovered artists, musicians, and writers via the Web.

Crying & Dancing

You will find information here about two years of writing, traveling, and ingesting ambitions. Magick Musick & Premier Visions Media completed its voyage, and now some cry and some dance. Experience its songs with Hi-Fi MPEG sounds.

Dazhdbog's Grandsons

This site was created by Sergei Naoumov, a graduate student of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the UNC at Chapel Hill. The server contains different materials relevant to Russia. Site includes; Daily News, Hot Topics, Political Matrial, Law, Day-to-day Life, Science, Literature, Music, Electronic Exhibitions, Russian Humor, A Gateway to Russian Networks and other Information.

EXPO WWW Exhibit Organization

EXPO is a world-wide exhibition that makes interesting exhibitions available to the general public. Currently most exhibitions on EXPO are built out of bytes donated by the Library of Congress. Current exhibits include; Vatican, soviet archive, 1492, and dead sea scrolls.

Glenbow Museum

Glenbow is western Canada's foremost centre of history and art. Under one roof, Glenbow houses a museum of western heritage, international cultural collections, an outstanding art gallery, and an unparalleled library and archives of western Canadian history.

Museum of Broadcast Communications

Welcome to the Museum of Broadcast Communications. One of only two broadcast museums in America, the MBC examines popular culture and contemporary American history through the sights and sounds of television and radio. Click here for general museum information.

Native American Art Gallery

This Native American Art Gallery is dedicated to bringing news and information about Native American art and culture. Included are art pictures and newsletters.

Virtual Science Museum

A host of resources for science education as well as general information about the museum and its programs. Be sure to visit our "virtual exhibits" about Ben Franklin and The Heart. These multimedia presentations support learning through inquiry-based exploration.

Native American Cultures

The Al Waquie United Indian Runners

Site of The Al Waquie United Indian Runners, Inc., a non-profit running club incorporated with the New Mexico Corporation Commission. Seeks to promote health and fitness among Indian people and to establish a network of support among Indian and non-Indian runners.

American Indian College Fund

This set of pages, maintained by Karen M. Strom, is the 1993 Annual Report of the American Indian College Fund, a consortium of the colleges in the US operated by the indigenous tribes for their own students, but open to all.

California Indian Library Collections

California Indian Library Collections' site. Strives to return unique cultural materials to California's Native Americans and make the collections available to all citizens through their local libraries.


CanPac Marketing Inc., provider of this site, markets and promotes a broad range of tourism related products, services, establishments, and special theme events. Initiates, co-ordinates, and implements innovative and creative hospitality concerns such as the Canadian Native Indian Pow Wow Show.

CITA - the Chattanooga InterTribal Association

Home Page of The Chattanooga InterTribal Association (CITA), guardians of the heritages of the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Iroquois, Tlingit, Pueblo and Lakota tribes, a non-profit organization. Content is consonant with providing representation for concerned Native Americans on a local, state and federal level, to increase awareness of historical Native American contributions in the State of Tennessee, to provide a vehicle through which Native American concerns may be addressed, and to offer and support educational, employment, and social opportunities for all Indian citizens.

Costanoan-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource

Costanoan -Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource, a regional site focusing on material about the non-recognized California Costanoan people.

Costanon-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource

Operated by a Mohawk Indian, Costanon-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource provides education about contemporary and historical Costanoan life from the Spanish mission era through today. The Costanoan people are indigenous to Central California.

Eiteljorg Museum of Native American & Western Art

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art galleries feature paintings and sculpture with emphasis on works from the Southwest. The Native American gallery includes pottery, basketry, woodcarving and clothing.

Electric Gallery - Southwest Art Wing

The Electric Gallery: Southwest Art Wing, a virtual museum featuring the works of various artists.

Electronic Pathways

Electronic Pathways is creating a national electronic infrastructure to connect Native American nations with resources specifically designed to meet local community, educational, and tribal needs. It seeks to ensure that the superhighway and its technological communications and advantages are accessible to all native Americans in rural, reservation, and urban areas nationwide.

Everybody's Store

Everybody's Store, a general store of unique products including Native American work from beaded curios to carvings to marbleized replicas of masks. Medicial plant products and exotic groceries also available.

First Nations (Canadian Native)

Resources for Indian Schools: Canada First Nations. Encourages communication among Native people on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border.

First person histories of the NW Coast

This site provides a history of the European/Indian contact on the Northwest Coast.

Great Sioux Nation

World Wide Web Site of the State of South Dakota provides this glimpse into the Great Sioux Nation of South Dakota.

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center site describing all aspects of Pueblo Indian life.

Isleta Gaming Palace

Isleta Gaming Palace of Albuquerque, New Mexico provides this site detailing the activities available at their casino.

Kwakuitl Recipes

Genuine Kwakuitl Indian recipes from NW Coast circa 1914.

Logomancy BBS

A bulletin board that includes a wide variety of on-line art samples, exhibit information for the National Museum of the American Indian, and links to resources for Native Americans and cultural information.


MIT Chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society provides this site on science and engineering issues of interest to American Indians.

Nation Of HAWAII

Hawaii On-Line provides this site containing information on the restoration of Hawaiian independence, along with cultural perspectives from the people of Hawaii.

Native American Herbs, Sage, Sweetgrass

Cherokee Productions on-line mail order site for Native American Herbs, Sage, Sweetgrass, Sage, Smudge Bundles and Herbal Blends.

Native American Resource Page

This Native American Resource Page contains a compilation of links to resources of American Indian issues and information.

Native Americans and the Environment

This site focuses on environmental issues facing Native Americans, with a brief but comprehensive introductory essay by David R. Lewis.

Native Literature

Glenn Welker has developed this e-text archive of Native Literatures organized into various sub-categories.


Home Page of NativeWeb. Documents in this site are organized according to: subject categories, geographic regions, nations/peoples with future categories to include literature, languages, journals, organizations and bibliographies. In addition, we are working on setting up: NativeWeb Electronic Store Native Events Calendar We also provide pointers to other Native information sites, including Native WWW, Gopher and FTP Sites, UseNet News groups, and Listserv lists. If you can't find what you want, you might check out one of these Internet Search Engines.

Northwest Coast Native cultures

The CMC Grand Hall site describes their museum which houses an exhibition of six Pacific coast Indian house facades connected by a shoreline and boardwalk.

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Office of Hawaiian Affairs site providing information about sovereignty, starting or expanding your business through OHA and miscellaneous matters of interest to Hawaiians.

Oneida Indian Nation Home Page

The Oneida home page includes information about The Treaties Project to make US-Native treaties available on the Internet (comments encouraged), monthly museum exhibits and little known historical facts. The page also describes the Oneida Indian Language Project, (audio samples of a dynamic language), press releases, links to other sites and a tour of the Nation.

People's Home Page

TMT, ICUG and the Moccasin Telegraph Network present this site to foster better understanding of American Indian Cultures and other native cultures worldwide.

Redhawk Publications

Redhawk Publishing, a Native American owned and operated company specializing in publications to educate the public about traditional Native American culture and spirituality.

Tribal Lands Consulting

First Nations of Canada provides this site to foster The Tribal Lands Internet Project(TLIP). It plans to develop an infrastructure that will connect all Indian reserves to the 'Information Highway' via established communications lines and to put in place alternate methods of communication where necessary.

Nonprofit Organizations

California Abortion Rights Action League

CARAL is the political arm of the pro-choice majority in California. A great source for up to date information on abortion rights.

Center for the Application of Information Technology

Center for the Application of Information Technology, a nonprofit consortium providing training and leadership programs for Information systems professionals.

The Dorsai Embassy Home Pages

Long Island City, NY The Dorsai Embassy Home Pages describe the different programs this 501c3 not-for-profit organization is offering.

Feminist Majority Foundation

The Women's WebWorld provides a forum for discussion and feedback on all issues concerning women.

Growing Familes Inc.

Nonprofit adoption agency Growing Families Inc., is licensed by the State of New Jersey, and which provides child placement programs for domestic and international adoptions.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. (IEEE)

World's largest technical professional society. It promotes the development and application of electrotechnology and allied sciences for the benefit of humanity, the advancement of the profession and the well-being of our members.

International Network of Women in Technology

A professional association of women representing a tremendous diversity of backgrounds, positions and disciplines working in and for technology organizations, academia and governmental agencies. WITI was founded in1989 in response to the dismal statistics reported in the Glass Ceiling Report issued by the Department of Labor.

Junior Achievement

The oldest, largest, and fastest-growing business and economic not-for-profit educational organization in the world. Their home page offers facts about their organization and activities.

The National Organization for Women

Discussion and information on women's issues. Provides answers to all your questions concerning the National Organization for Women. Also included is the National NOW Times, NOW's monthly newspaper.

Orlando SIGkids Home Page

Welcome to the Orlando SIGkids Home Page. If you are looking for information about the nonprofit group's projects, then you've come to the right spot.


UNICEF is a non-profit, international development organization that serves over 137 countries.

Urban Agriculture Notes

City Farmer, Office of Urban Agriculture. This site provides information about urban food production, including government policy, building codes, gardening on vacant lots and rooftops, and international development issues.

Women in Technology

The purpose of the Women in Technology Directory is to facilitate and encourage women's ability to network with one another. The directory is designed to provide information that women can use to collaborate, mentor, and advance their careers.

Young Inventors' Fair

Information about the Canadian Young Inventors' Fair Society,


Californians Against Censorship Together (CAL-ACT)

This organization is dedicated to defending freedom of expression rights, especially sexual expression.


Learn about CARE, the world's largest private relief and development organization and about how you can help.

Ehnic Heritage Council

Nonprofit organization promoting ethnic diversity and cross-cultural understanding in the Pacific Northwest.

French Culture and Digital Technology

Contains the Bruno Mannoni paper that describes the role digital technology may play relative to French cultural pursuits and goals.

Society for Judgment and Decision Making

This site contains information about Mellers Decision Laboratory, which is dedicated to the descriptive, prescriptive and normative study of judgment and decision making.

Other Cultures

The Ancestors' Hope Page

The Ancestors' Hope Page offers various links. Ancestral Links are a listing of Internet resources that address a number of ethnic/cultural interests. Honorable Words link to quotations and the people behind them. Other links are under development.

Can Am Partners, specializing on issues between the USA and Canada, is a useful resource for International telecommunications.

The Coombs Computing Unit, Research Schools of Social Sciences & Pacific and Asian Studies

Here is a resource for leading information facilities in the field of Asian studies.

European Union Basics (FAQ) List

Contains questions and answers about the European Union and related organizations. It includes information about the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Council, the European Court of Justice and all the founding treaties including the Maastricht Treaty.

(France) Le Ministère de la culture

This server provides information about the Ministry of Culture of France, It contains thousands of documents and images by which the nation defines its heritage.

Glass Wings

Here's an informative, upbeat site designed for you to have fun and be informed. Some links include humor sites, game reviews, a shopping arcade, a travel service, essays on improving the world, and more.

Slovakia Document Store

Provides information about EUnet Slovakia, which presents the Slovakia Document Store, a comprehensive source of information related to the Slovak Republic.

Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library

Here you will find information about the Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library, a part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library that keeps track of leading information facilities on Tibetan history, society, culture, politics and religion.

The TiLT Site

This server views Belgian culture and the country of Belgium from the perspective of popular TV personality, Marcel Van Tilt. Offers trivia, stories, sound clips, facts and figures from Belgium.

Trans-Cultural Study Guide

Moon Travel Handbooks offers publications of comprehensive travel guides to North America, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

Valiquet Lamothe Inc.

Reflects regional activities in commerce, education, socio-cultural events and townships. Host of the "Autoroute de l'Information" event page in Hull (Québec) and Valiquest Lamothe has sites around the world, Canada, and Québec.

Web of Culture

Seeks to educate and entertain on the topic of cross-cultural communications. The five regions of the world represented in The Web of Culture are: Africa/Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Western Europe.

Yugoslavia Pilgrimage

Interfaith Fast and Pilgrimage Effort to help end the suffering in the former Yugoslavia.


Her Own Words

Discover more information about Her Own Words, producer of videos and resource guides on women's history, literature and art since 1986. The company has produced videos, including Women in Construction and Women in Policing.

Latin American Adoptive Families (LAAF) Home Page

If you want to fall in love with an adorable child who is in immediate need of a family, then click over here. LAAF provides a resource for families who have adopted or are considering adopting children from Latin America.

The Line Around the World

The Line is a collection of people who have joined the ranks of other people like themselves, pledging in the process to do a good deed in order to earn the right to be in the Line.

Nomadics Tipi Makers

Nomadics Tipi Makers produce hand-crafted traditional Sioux tipis, preserving historical designs, so this part of the Sioux culture can be experienced today.

The Obituary Page

University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK This server features information concerning recent deaths of famous, infamous or otherwise interesting people.

Pluto, the Virtual Planet

VPRO television and its digital department creates a virtual planet called Pluto, a unique place on the Web where children can learn and play.

REACH Summer Science Camp

Interesting science and engineering links as well as experiments that will entertain, occupy and teach children.

Who's On-line

International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy. This server contains a collective experiment toward a noncommercial, decentralized hyperbiographical database of people on the Internet.

Woody's Agora

This page offers an eclectic collection of services, goods, stories, ideas, travel places, and other material. Surf peripatetically.

Pornography Issues

Dealing with Pornography

The purpose of this pages is to provide a non-judgmental, accepting, and supportive place for people struggling with pornography.

Images of Children, Crime, and Violence

Abstract study of children in connection with sexual activity, crime, and violence, in Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler magazines.

Products and Services

Beauty On-line

Your personal window to the fascinating world of hair, beauty, and fashion. It's like having your own private sneak preview of all the latest trends as put forth by the top professionals in the field.

Lehning Laboratories

French homeopathic medicines, now available in the United States. Products include remedies for anxiety, fatigue, and stress.

Liberty Natural Products Catalog

If you are interested in holistic health products, Liberty Mutual Products has a catalog with all your essential needs.

Life Plus

Learn about Life Plus products and the employment opportunities in the health products industry.

Metabolizer Health Products

Receive a FREE bottle of Melatonin, with OptiZinc, with any case order. Check out the products Health Technologies Network has to offer!



Welcome to GlasNews online! GlasNews is a quarterly publication East-West contacts in communications - including journalism, telecommunications, advertising and public relations. It's published by the Art Pattison Communications Exchange Program, based in Seattle.

Nerd World Media

A varied list of electronic magazines of interest to nerds and non-nerds alike.

Women in Higher Education

The only national monthly subscription newsletter to enlighten, encourage,empower and enrage more than 10,000 women on campus. Provides discussion on current topics as well as career connections.


B'nai B'rith Youth Organization Dallas Reunion

The Dallas Chapters of BBYO are planning a reunion on Dec. 2, 1995 for the graduating classes of 1965 through 1980. This includes both AZA and BBG alumni.

Baumholder American High School - Reunion

A 1962 graduate from Baumholder American High School in formally West Germany, has information on the upcoming SCHOOL reunion. All who attended this high school are welcome!

Class of 1965 from Newport (OR) High School

Site dedicated to the Class of 1965 from Newport (OR) High School. Go Cubs!!

Clayton Valley High School Alumni/Reunion Page

A gathering place for CVHS alums from 1961 to 1965, to access class rosters, obtain activities information (like reunion plans), and establish contact with classmates.

John F. Ross CVI

The John F. Ross CVI of Ontario, Canada's home page. Features current happenings, pictures from the past, upcoming reunions, and information on the surrounding town of Guelph. Cool graphics.

La Canada High School - Class of '76 - Virtual Reunion

I thought I would throw a reunion and see if anyone shows up. The idea is to create a list of email addresses accompanied by a short paragraph saying what ever you want to your fellow class mates. I will be adding pictures and other stuff as time goes on but I won't put your picture up unless I get your permission. Teachers are welcome to join in. Anyway its B.Y.O.B and I hope I don't eat all of the chips before you get here.

Lely High Class of '86 Reunion

If you graduated from Lely High School in Naples, Florida, on or around 1986, this page is your resource for getting in touch with your old classmates.

NWHS Class of '86 Reunion

Northwestern High School is a public high school located in Rock Hill, SC. The graduating class of 1986 is beginning to plan our 10 year reunion. The reunion planning committee created this page on the World Wide Web to help locate members of the class, to provide information about our reunion plans and to reflect upon the time we all shared at Northwestern. Please feel free to look around and give feedback.


ReunionNet contains FREE reunion listings from across the country and around the world. If you are planning a reunion or are planning to attend a reunion, check out ReunionNet for expert tips and suggestions on planning, locations, everything you might need but couldn't think of.

Reunions Magazine

Reunions Magazine is dedicated to the joy of family, class and military reunions and everyone who is searching for a reunion--adoption, genealogy, and lost loves. Content focuses on reunion organizing searching and helping organizers be well-educated and wise reunion consumers.

Veterans Archive

Veterans Archive is database were veterans of all branch of services can put themselves in so their friends can easily locate them, free of charge. Due to the high demand, they ask you to fill out a request sheet, and will email it to the person.


Fathers Cattery

Check this out cat lovers! A monastic order of monks in Canada train cats, persians and exotic short hairs mostly, to comfort and be helpful to the most neglected, and often abused of our elderly. Truly unique.

Pringle Development's Retirement Communities

Provides information about Pringle Development Retirement Communities, which are with both environmental beauty and overall value in mind. Golf, boating, tennis, fishing and other activities are provided or available in and around these communities.

Senior Citizens Page At Southport, NC

Information on things to do, see and get involved with, if you're a senior citizen in Southport, NC, or a senior thinking of moving there.


SeniorCom is one of the on-line communities that addresses the needs of today's seniors. Travel, government services, health and wellness information, legal services, and shopping all at the tip of your fingers.

Seniors Computer Information Project

A guide for retirees and older adults to Manitoba, Canada and world-wide information services. Allows older adults to explore the use of computers and communication technology in senior centres and will support the creation of a Canadian seniors on-line information system.


We strive to provide you with practical information relative to your over 50 lifestyles. At the present time we serve mainly as a resource for information you may be seeking. However, in the near future we plan to be much more interactive.

Spectrum Tidbits Newsletter For Those Over 50

This bi-monthly newsletter summarizes useful and vital information for those 50 and over who are too busy enjoying life to read the 30 plus books, newspapers, TV stations, magazines and specialized newsletters reporting on everything from automobiles to travel.

Size Issues

Above & Beyond - The Tall & All Mall

The Tall & All Mall - fashions, goods, services and information for the TALL community and Beyond. Featuring the Card Network, Queen Cushion Shoes, Fantasies in Lace, and Designs by Stephanie.


Performance Optimizing Systems for sports training. Endorsed by many professional athletes, including The Kansas City Chiefs, National Wrestling Team plus Matt Ghaffari, Dave Schultz. Products and Sales information available..

B&B Health Watch Home Page

Multiple Links to Health related site on the World Wide Web, including Health Products, Fitness, Medical Journals, Government and Educational Information.

Boston Beanstalks Tall Club

A Club for tall members includes more than 60 clubs throughout the United States. It allows tall folks to get together to create friendships, relationships and also available for education and advocacy programs.

The Boston Beanstalks Tall Club

The club serves social as well as some educational purposes. It mainly presents an opportunity for tall folks to get together in order to establish friendships and share tall-related experiences and information. Comradeship is encouraged through social programs that promote a positive perspective on being tall and activities that are downright fun.

Complete System of Self Healing

Discover a truly effortless way to good health and weight loss as discovered by the noted author Dr. Stephen Thomas Chang. Dr. Chang's best-selling book--"The Complete System of Self Healing"--is in its 8th printing.

DCS Distributors

A multilevel marketing company. Nutrition and Health Program with emphasis on safe weight loss. Lose Weight - Make Money.


Scientifically tested for nutrition, health and long-term weight loss.

Espial's All Natural Protein Sparing Drink - PARVENU

An advertisement for Parvenu weight control systems. An European weight management formula to help you in losing, maintaining, or gaining weight.

FAQ - Big Folks Organizations

A social group for over weight persons allowing them acceptance with their self image and allowing them many answers to frequently asked questions.

FAQ - Big Folks Physical Resources

Social support group for over weight people.

FAQ - Clothing for Big Folks in Canada

Social group for over weight persons in Canada.

FAQ - Clothing for Big Folks in US

A social group for over weight persons in the United States.

FAQ - Fat Acceptance

Contains links to fat acceptance appreciation and many frequently asked questions.

Fatty Zone - micro C productions

Located in Lake Tahoe this group specializes in producing Webs for businesses producing some of the wierdest webs on line.

Lite Life

Tells you about LiteLife's program for weight loss, which includes medical evaluations, a surgical procedure known as gastroplasty, or "stomach stapling," nutritional guidance, exercise guidelines, and behavioral modification, all with LiteLife team support and counseling.

Meltdown Home Page

Discusses mineral analysis and the ramifications of mineral imbalance. as it effects infertility, bad tempers, hair loss, your sex life, and weight loss. Written material for sale.

Michael Myers M.D. Inc.

Information on Weight Control/Obesity, Eating Disorders, and Related Medical Conditions Information on Obesity Related Medical Conditions General information on Cholesterol, Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis, Gallstones and Depression.

Mrs. United States: Weight Loss Program

Reshape Your Future! The Body Wise Reshape is designed for weight management and health enhancement - all without drugs, deprivation or denial.

National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance Home Page

NAAFA is a non-profit human rights organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for fat people. NAAFA has been working since 1969 to eliminate discrimination based on body size and provide fat people with the tools for self-empowerment through public education, advocacy and member support.

The Natural Energizer

The Natural Energizer is a unique blend of specialized Western and Chinese herbs with chromium picolinate designed to help you lose weight fast! An advertisement for Cytopro.

New England Chapter

A human rights organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for fat people in New England.

New Mexico Chapter

A National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.

NutriGenie - Software for Better Health

Award-winning nutrition software with NutriGenie technology and unique USDA Food Pyramid analysis. Indispensable to anyone who wants to achieve a more desirable weight. This is our latest and best program specifically for users who would like to lose weight.

Perry Woods Herbalife

An advertisement for Herbalife. Offers you the opportunity to improve your health in an easy, pleasant way without demanding that you change your lifestyle.

Rump Parliament Home Page

Working to Change the Way Society Treats Fat People. The bimonthly publication dedicated to the many forms of anti-diet, size acceptance and size rights activism. No diet-of-the-month columns no exhortations to be less than you are.

The Science of Obesity and Weight Control

Information on Weight Control/Obesity, Eating Disorders, and Related Medical Conditions. This site is a collection of information on the science of obesity and is available to people and physicians.


A place where Orange County's TALL men and TALL women can gather to establish friendships and more. Tall Clubs International (TCI). We provide a range of social activities for persons of above average height. We hope you become a member and join us in the fun! The events range from dancing and socializing at the monthly 2nd Friday Night Dance and happy hour at local night clubs, house parties, day trips, athletic events such as bicycling, volleyball, baseball, ski trips, and annual support of the Marfan Charity Benefit Volleyball Tournament, and many more exciting monthly events.


Contains chromium picolinate and all natural Chinese herbs. Preserves lean body mass while dieting. Energizes without caffeine. An advertisement for Thermochrome 5000.

Thinker's Mind!

An individuals interesting view of the Internet. Diet Tips, Strange Web Sights, Humor and related sights 160043

Weight Commander Diet Program

Weight Commander makes any diet more successful. It's the weight loss program that teaches, entertains, motivates, and comforts. All you have to do is enter your weight each day and Weight Commander does the rest.

Social Work

The Public Involvement Network

Get Involved in decisions on land use planning, environmental issues, and many more concerns of cities, states, regions and nations. Network with community groups, consultants, government officials and activists. The Network provides practical information about doing public involvement here and now.

Spreading Kindness

If you believe in doing random acts of kindness, or want to start, this magazine is for you. Articles on how-to information and about citizen participation and related activities.

SWAN on the World Wide Web

Interest group composed of caseworkers, counselors, therapists, students, administrators, and professors in the social work fields creating a centralized starting point for any/all social work related issues on the Internet.


Baudo's Vet Links

You will find various links to Military and DOD related sites. Also under construction are pages for various Veteran Service Oraganizations.

Baudo's Vet Link - Links to DOD and Veteran related sites. Veterans of Foreign Wars Page. Veteran related legislation in Congress.

Veterans Archive

Are you looking for that friend you served with in the military? Veterans Archive is a database of men and women who have served in the military and are looking for their friends who have also served in the military.


Bridesmaid for Windows

Infolane Corporation & Simply Software contains information about a Windows based software package for wedding planning. Bridesmaid for Windows is the product of Infolane Corporation and Simply Software. This software is designed to assist in all aspects of planning a wedding including cost control, guest lists, and scheduling.

Honeymoon Information

This page, and the information it will direct you to, specializes in presenting some of the most beautiful, unique, and picturesque resorts and diving destinations available in Florida, the Southeast United States, and the Caribbean.

MELANET On-Line African Wedding Guide

The On-Line African Wedding Guide - gives you ideas and guides you to resources. Questions and answers, consulting, and history help you select that unique fabric for your special day.

Wedding Circle Homepage

Have questions on wedding do's and don'ts? ASK LISA ! Lisa answers questions and offers advice to anxious brides-to-be.

Weddings By The Sea

Do you hear "Here Comes the Bride" over the roar of ocean waves? Try Weddings By The Sea - Complete arrangements, including the minister or other officiant, for an intimate coastal wedding.

WEDDINGS ONLINE - The Internet's Wedding Information Resource

A one-stop wedding information resource. Full of all sorts of tips and service listings needed to make your nuptials as blissful as possible. Listings updated daily. The rest is up to you.

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