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Cyberculture cibercultura


This interactive museum attempts to define the German word "heimat", or homeland. This project includes text, photos and sounds that define the heimat in its virtual museum. This project invites all to stay and participate in this festival of the region.

360 Degrees of Cyberspace

Weekly column that explores the culture of cyberspace, its origins, and its future.

An investigation of the Net culture and its effects on new users

A Masters thesis by Tim North takes an anthropological look at the culture of the Internet and Usenet. It explores the Internet's affects on users.

As the Web Turns

Included is an online soap opera called As the Web Turns. Also get a hold of Metzger Associates home page, past episodes of As the Web Turns, and read feedback episodes.

The Asylum

The Asylum is an collection of cyber art from different artists.

.bar project

An internet cafe site project at Fakultaet Gestaltung and Fakultaet Informatik at HAB-Weimar -University.

Big Surf Cyber Cafe

Cybercafe based in Michigan featuring artists' works, local bands' performances and more.

Big Time Television Home Page

The Big Time Television home page acts as the infoserver for people who want to keep up. You'll find the unofficial Pogues home page, Film at Eleven, a Webzine for Northwestern, Poeticus, The Walking Man Project, the World's Most Dangerous Writing Game, The Net.Viking home page, Virtual Valhalla, the H.P. Lovecraft Image Gallery, and Big Time's eL train, linking you to the best of the Web.

Bob(c)'s USENET Notables

The Web pages of USENET's most notable individuals and presences.

The Brain Crust

The Brain Crust offers a romp through the cyberspace of mind and mindless matter, containing many indexed links. This site may take a little longer to load up, but it's definitely worth checking out. It's also updated with new additions regularly.

Cafe Cyberia Edinburgh

Cafe Cyberia Edinburgh, UK provides Internet access for all in a relaxed café environment.

Cafe Earthlink

Cafe Earthlink is the site of the first Internet cafe in Sydney, Australia.

Cafe Internet Liverpool

Site dedicated to promoting Liverpool business, travel, tourism and culture.


Cafe Internet Adelaide, South Australia's site providing easy internet access in a friendly cafe environment. Web surfing, IRC, Telneting, Email Box Rental, Web Site construction, and nice coffee.

Center for the Study of Online Community

An collection of scholarly resources, reports, papers, and syllabi addressing the emergence of the online community, other social institutions in and through networks.


The alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo archive is a collection of stories of on-line cyberpunk science fiction. Any chatsubo stories that are sent in, or are taken from the newsgroup, are included.

Church of Scientology vs. the Net

The Church of Scientology documents the conflict between themselves and the Internet/Usenet community. An extensive set of links to first-person accounts, legal papers, newspaper and magazine articles are included.

Code of the Geeks

If you think you are a geek, or just want others to know about your life, for example, your computer abilities and assimilation level into net.culture, inquire within.

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, CPSR, realistically addresses the assessments of the power, promise, and problems of information technology. Intended to provide information to the public, and policy makers.

Computer underground Digest (CuDigest)

The Cu Digest home page is a weekly newsletter including debates, news, research, and discussions of legal, social, and other issues that are related to computer culture.

Computers and Society Articles

CS/EP 142: Computers and Society is a course that addresses social, legal, ethical, and economic aspects of computing.

Crash Site

LOW BANDWIDTH a wealth of pictures, art, and other inclusions meant for users with high impatience for inline images, or a slow connection to the internet. HIGH BANDWIDTH brings you an index full of images.

Culture Shock Cafe

Culture Shock Cafe's site which describes itself as a multi-user dimension on the Web; a Virtual Cafe where people could interact with other people, experience different kinds of art, and, of course, touch up their looks in a virtual bathroom.

Cyber Cafe Guide

Cyber Cafe Guide's site, a regularly updated collection of information, URLs, email contacts, etc. for and about Cyber Cafes around the world, i.e. private enterprise cafes with real coffee and computers.

Cyber Friends

Cyber Friends is a company which specializes in desktop publishing, HTML publishing, 3D modeling, logos, newsletters, menus, fliers, business cards, and other types of art. A portfolio is available.

Cyberbabies by Suzanne Uher Schaefer

Cyberbabies is a written description of a woman's opinion on computer-using children.


Britannica Online's site, CybEr CafE, is an on-line project catering to the Specialty Coffee Industry and dedicated to furthering coffee education. Hosts of the CybEr CafE forum include various coffee experts in the gourmet coffee industry along with those coffee companies who have opted to house their interactive catalogs on CybEr CafE's server.


CyberCottage is a work in progress. CyberCottage is where we come to (virtually) have fun, hang-out, and get away from it all.

CyberJava - An Internet Cafe

CyberJava's site describing itself as a full service coffee house, patio seating, events, CU-SeeMe, T1 line access, and Training seminars in Venice CA.


The Cybermancer Homepage offers virtual tarot card readings. Desiree, the enchantress, enlighten those who desire insights into their destiny via email.


Cybermind is a mailing list that is devoted to the assessment of philosophical, psychological and psychoanalytic issues emerging in cyberspace.

Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture

This document is meant to be a continuance of the Future Culture FAQ, by Andy Hawks. It should be used as a starting point for users new to the internet.

CyberPunk Research Labs

Cyber Punk Research Labs page includes Bauhaus CyberSpace, Skule Of Cyberspace Architecture, Information Nation, the World Wide Web Developer's Club, and the Toronto chapter.

CyberSpace Cafe

CyberSpace Cafe's site for the first Internet Cafe in New Zealand, offering 9 terminals and full cafe menu.

Cyberspace: The New Frontier

Cyberspace: The New Frontier explores social and ethical issues of Cyberspace. A description of the lecture series sponsored by the University of Idaho is included.

Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension

Topics discussed here are Shamanism, Psychological Heresy, Political Corrections, Omega Point, Philosophy, Thought Crime, an entheogenic Garden, Hyperspace, and more.

Desdemona, Queen of the Dead

The Time Capsule Antique Shop, Gateway to Necropolis is a picture.

DigitalJourney Themes

Imagees, text, audio, and movie files are included that are based on various digital journey themes.


Eek.a.geek Internet cafe based Toronto, Canada provides links to many interesting, (and subversive) sites. Pictures, video clips, on-line art exhibits and more.

The Electric Postcard

This is an invitation to send an electronic postcard! The recipient will be notified by email that a postcard has been sent. The recipient will be instructed on how to pick it up.

The Emoticon Shop-Supporting Net Causes

Emoticon Ltd. provides information about The Emoticon Shop, which in support of the EFF, sells the original Emoticon T-shirt designed by English designer Nicki Black. Don't expect a basic smiley, it's a little more subtle than that. An extended Emoticon Dictionary/Listing also is available.

etoy Internet-Tank-Network

Information is available for those interested in Austria. Information included is on the Austrian culture, tourist interests, shopping and entertainment.

Extropians, Transhumanism, and Extropy

Information on what Extropians are. Extropian interests that are explored include transhumanism, futurist philosophy, life extension, cryonics, robotics and artificial intelligence, smart drugs, intelligence-intensifying technologies, personality uploading, and other practical applications of neuroscience, artificial life, nanocomputers and molecular nanotechnology, memetics, experimental free communities in space and on the oceans, effective thinking, information filtering, life management, and self-transformative psychology.

FAQ - alt.cyberpunk

An FAQ site for alt.cyberpunk newsgroup.

FAQ - net.legends

Hypertext version of Dave Delaney's net.legends FAQ.

FAQ - The Jai Maharaj

It is a web page entirely devoted to the Usenet Jai Maharaj FAQ.

First Church of Cyberspace

General information on the First Church Of Cyberspace, FCOC Officials and an FAQ.

First Cyberchurch of the Scientific God

First Cyberchurch of the Scientific God seeks to establish new religion based on love of God and Mankind with good science as a foundation.

Florida's Virtual Market Place

Florida's Virtual Market Place is provided by Power Images' PowerWeb, a company that specializes in online advertising and graphics services. The Market Place has Featured Sites, In the News, and Business, Legal and Travel Connections.

Four Friends Coffeehouse

Michigan based Internet cafe site featuring food, drinks, Internet connections and live music.

Future of Games

Weekly messages are written from a mysterious group of four who claim to be from the future.


FutureCulture is a mailing list that focuses on cyberculture, especially related to virtual communities and the influence of technology on society. Items of interest include technoculture, new edge, cyberculture, cyberspace and the Internet, virtual reality, the computer underground, Cyberpunk (literary and cultural movements), raves and rave culture, media, virtual communities, and social and public policy issues.

Geek Speak

Geek Speak uses lists of vocabulary to determine who is and who is not a geek.

Global NetCafe

The Global Net Cafe is a UK cafe bar/restaurant that combines 21st century technology with the attraction of the Internet and a complimentary global approach to its menu and service.

HotWired: Club Wired

HotWired: Club Wired is the place to participate in weekly live Club Wired events with guests such as Laurie Anderson, Malcolm McLaren, Richard Dawkins, Douglas Coupland, Bruce Sterling, Joey Ramone, and Martin Amis. Real-time conversations with other HotWired members from all over the world.

The Hub InterCafe

First internet cafe in the South West of England. Macintosh based with excellent in-house DTP and design facilities, a high-bandwidth connection into the net and great coffee.

Index - Internet Cafes

A comprehensive list of Internet cafes around the world.

Interactive Fantasy Network

Fantasies, desires and aspirations, may be fulfilled through cyber-chats and real-life adventures.

InterEarth Cybercafe

The InterEarth Cafe is Central Oklahoma's first Internet Cafe. We serve organically grown coffee with strong Internet connections, and a variety of sandwiches and salads with vegetarian soups and entrees.

Internationale Stadt, Berlin

The Internationale Stadt of Berlin is a combination of a local community network and a virtual community.

The Internet C@fe

The Internet C@fe is a Honolulu based cybercafe with news, internet links, virtual marketplace and gallery, etc.

InterNet CafÈ @ Nantucket

Yesterday's Island's Online Restaurant Guide --a Guide to Nantucket Restaurants.

Internet Cafe (New York City)

Internet Cafe in New York City where one can have a cup of coffee, buy a magazine, explore the net, play CD-ROMs and games of all kinds and listen to an eclectic music collection.

Internet Cafe (Seattle)

Internet Works Home Page promotes Seattle based artists, businesses and organizations on the internet.

Island Web

Island Web provides this site whose aim is group creation of psychedelic culture.

Jayhawk, The - series by Mary K. Kuhner

Site dedicated to The Jayhawk series, by Mary K. Kuhner. This is an archive of the story serialized in 144 parts; the individual stories are stored in the order that she posted them to the net. Novel length serial set in a fantasy cyberpunk world.

Lilprog City

Lilprog City, a site with a variety of topics including sports, music, links to related Internet sites including newsgroups. Features latest HTML techniques.

Linenoiz e-zine

Linenoiz e-zine, a Web/e-zine focusing on Cyberpunk as both a literary genre and a cultural movement. Articles on art, music, events and anything else.

Linus vs. Tanenbaum

Linus vs. Tanenbaum, a site dedicated to extracts of a discussion between Andy Tanenbaum and Linus Benedict Torvalds about kernel design, free software, and more. Only contributions from the main actors are included.


Lucidcafé brings to cyberspace the age-old tradition of the Coffeehouse. Offers fresh-roasted premium coffee and a stimulating, intellectually rich portfolio of information and images.


Music, animation, and strange, apocalyptic newsgroup postings originating from the future describe a world at war, caused by economic chaos, with scattered groups of heroic cyberwarriors leading a brave antiwar movement.

The Nerdity Test

This test is designed to help you determine your nerdity quotient.

Net-Tribes - Cyberculture on the web...

AJL Cyberculture Web Pages provides this growing list of cyberculture topics covering virtual reality, cyberpunk, virtual communaities, e-zines, and multimedia.


Australia's first internet cafe - 6 PC's, food, coffee, training, supervisor-hosts, vibrant atmosphere in sunny St. Kilda, home of alternative culture in Melbourne.

neXus (Promoting Digital Thinking)

NeXus is a series of interconnected minds whose purpose is to enjoy the wide breadth of possibilities that the net may hold. A great stop on - links to techno, music, social, and bizzare....

Noncyclopedia of Cyberspace

The Noncyclopedia of Cyberspace's site a growing "noncyclopedia," is the work of a group called Cybaria - the largest non-existing philosophical society of the netage. Within NoC, the myths and facts of cyberspace will be explained and an enhanced, comprehensive system of reality will be established.

OMNi World Wide Distribution Centre

OMNi WWDC WWW Site is a distribution centre for ideas, projects and minds of it's members as unusual software, books and music archives and information. Provides information about society, web administration and cyberculture.

OTISian Pages

Cyberchurch with a comedic rather than spiritual bent.

The Pronoia Page

The Pronoia Home Page is a site dedicated to the subject of pronoi--the suspicion others are conspiring behind your back TO HELP YOU (and you them)!


Psybernet home page details the organization's focus on the psychological aspects of tele-computing including experimental exploration of Cyberspace.

Psychedelic psyberspace

Psychedelic psyberspace page providing links to psychedelic music, mind bending visualizations, etc.

Psychedelic Tabby Cabal

This site contains conspiracies, drugs and other topics of interest to the psychedelically minded.

Relationships Online

Relationships Online's site focuses on the phenomenon of online relationships - friendship, penpals, or romantic. When we go online, we tend to form relationships whether it's using email, participating in online forums, or by email.

Report: Europe and the Information Society

European Information Society, a site conveying the results of a study 3Com commissioned in order to gain a clearer view of the current status and future potential of Europe's Information Society.

Rio Virtualite

Offers a virtual tour of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Scultura Arts Forum

A site where artists, patrons, galleries, publications and others interested in the art world can come together to discuss ideas, share tips, network and buy and sell art.

SF NET Coffee House Network

Online service based in San Franicso dedicated to providing a common culture to those who have little in common via public access terminals in 25 San Francisco coffee houses.

Signature Museum

Signature Museum is a site that collects the e-mail signature footers of different e-mail users and arranges them by category as their contents would indicate.

Situation Abnormal - The Home of Titanium Woman

Site contains stories and pictures pertaining to Amazon women, indigenous peoples, etc.

Social Implications of Information Technologies

On-line resource for an experimental class offered at the University of Pennsylvania on the Social Implications of Information Technologies.

Society, Cyberspace and the Future

Site is the on-line report of an Exploratory Aspen Workshop Prepared by: Bruce Murray, California Institute of Technology on "How Can New Interactive Communication Technology Enhance Harmonious and Functional Communities at all Scales Worldwide?"

Straylight Court

Site dedicated to Cyberculture, science fiction, and science and technology.


Cyberchurch with a comedic rather than spiritual bent.


Site for William Calvin's Internet novel, "Synchronized."

T@P Online

Site with 16 sections including music and film bytes, extreme sports, literature, travel, pro sports, humor, college sports, live chat with CuSeeMe, and more.


Issues/topics to be addressed include the philosophical understanding of technology and where technologies of all kinds will be taking humanity in the future.


Site for William Calvin's Internet novel, "Unlisted."

Unoffical Cyberpunk Page

Site contains cyberpunk culture information on magazines, fiction and non-fiction books, usenet, punk games, etc.

UWI Info (RELEASE.004)

Site of UnderWorld Industries (UWI) is to serve as a common name and reference for all locations ("nodes") that wish to share information with other UWI nodes. UWI is not a business, corporation, or entity. Each UWI node can be as different as it pleases, as long as it agrees (or at least tries) to adhere to the fundamental "purposes" of spreading information and encouraging free thinking.

Virtual Communities Online-Bibliography

Site is an Online VR-bibliography of available online sources on Virtual Communities, some non- classical European sources.


Planet 9 Studios' site called VIRTUAL SOMA. Using a specially modified portion of their larger San Francisco model, VIRTUAL SOMA, the first 3D city model to be viewed in real time on the Internet. SOMA (South of Market Street Area) is the neighborhood in San Francisco where most of the Internet software and animation development happens.


The Internet Cafe, whose aim is to provide Scotland and the Internet community with a dedicated Scottish service.

What is a geek?

Site dedicated to answering the question, "What is a Geek?" Someone who just uses their computer for work, but doesn't spend their free time "on line" is not a geek. Most geeks are technically adept and have a great love of computers, but not all geeks are programming wizards.

Who Rules Cyberspace?

Site collecting articles on a wide array of subjects loosely connected with the notion that Cyberspace can or cannot be ruled.

Zoom Street

Site offers collections of articles, animations, and ruminations on pop culture, technology, and other issues of interest to cyberspace denizens.


CCP Remembers...

Site to remember those that have experienced death, and to pray for others who lave lost loved ones.

Church of Euthanasia

Suicide, abortion, cannibalism and sodomy. Welcome.

Dead People Server

The Dead People Server is a list of celebrities who are, or might be dead.

Death Notices

This is a placement of death notices for information purposes and tells you how to list the death notice of someone whose death you think should be announced on-line.


International information service dealing with end-of-life issues and the rights of the terminally ill.

ERGO! Information Center

An invaluable resource for materials on death and dying. Covers the history of euthanasia from Nazi Germany to the Netherlands - and beyond; features selected essays on Euthanasia by euthanasia authority and noted author Derek Humphry; and has a glossary of terms and concepts on the subject.

Euthanasia World Directory

A comprehensive listing of groups, contact names and addresses of members of the World Federation of Right to Die Societes. Features the Euthanasia World Directory and has information on the biennial World Euthanasia Conference .

Garden of Remembrance

This is a list of commemorative homepages combining text, graphics, sound and video. Accepts submissions such as obituaries and commemorative homepages and includes an "Alphabetical Guide to Obituaries."

GriefNet - Rivendell Resources

Variety of resources related to death, dying, bereavement, and major emotional and physical losses. Offers info in directories and interactive communication facilities oriented to both professionals and lay persons.

Hospice at Home

A program of choice enabling patients to live comfortably until they die.

Humphry, Derek: a biography

Derek Humphry's Home Page containing Hemlock Society founder Derek Humphrey's biography detailing his 50-year journalism career and his work regarding assisted suicide.

Life Should Not be a Sentence T-shirt

This page tells you how to order LIFE SHOULD NOT BE A SENTENCE T-Shirts for those interested in either changing Canada's law regarding assisted suicide, or for those who, in general, support the concept of assisted suicide. The message on the front is "LIFE shouldn't be a SENTENCE" and the back message is "AMEND SECTION 241(B)" (a reference to the 104-year-old section of Canada's Criminal Code which forbids aiding a suicide). The shirts are designed by Ruth von Fuchs, head of the Toronto Area chapter of The Right to Die Society of Canada.

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

The flagship publication of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Natural Death Centre

An inexpensive, green, 'do-it-yourself' funerals in the UK.

The Obituary Page

List of obituaries of famous and not-so-famous. Includes obituary pages from various publications.

The Oregon Death with Dignity Act

This page contains the full text of The Oregon Death With Dignity Act.

Please Help Me to Die with Dignity

Austin Bastable, a Canadian paralyzed from multiple sclerosis, announced in September, 1995 that he would be seeking an assisted suicide before the end of the year. This page has news from The Right to Die Society of Canada and features Bastable's messages and points of view.

Resources for the Family Funeral

When a loved one dies, how family and friends can provide a legal, dignified and inexpensive funeral without professional help.

The Right to Die Society of Canada

Information regarding The Right to Die Society of Canada. The Right to Die Society of Canada was formed in 1991 to change Canadian law to permit choice-in-dying. The Society claims to be the only organization in the world committed to new research in euthanasia and assisted suicide. The RTDSC has a Canadian focus, but is international in its range of services.


Millions of Americans suffer from depression--80% can be effectively treated, but only 30% seek help and of that number. Slightly more than half are accurately diagnosed and receive appropriate treatment. SAVE's mission is suicide education and to be a voice for suicide survivors.

Save Austin Bastable

This is the Save Austin Bastable Home Page, sponsored by: Campaign Life Coalition British Columbia P.O. Box 175, 7101-C, 120th Street Delta, B.C. Canada V4E 2A0 Telephone: (604) 534-4828. In response to Austin Bastable, a Canadian victim of multiple sclerosis, and his efforts to seek death by euthanasia, this organization claims that assisted suicide and euthanasia laws are wrong.


This is site for those lonely, depressed, or suicidal people.

Virtual Memorial Garden

This is a place where anyone can be remembered. Users can create a memorial for people and pets, submit requests about people who have died and access Genealogical Resources from Ireland and the UK.

World Wide Cemetery

The World Wide Cemetery was established April 28, 1995 as a place where Internet users, their families and friends can erect permanent monuments to their dead.

Zen Hospice Project

Runs several programs dedicated to the care of people approaching death and increasing our understanding of our own impermanence.


Bald is Beautiful

A sometimes humorous site concerning different aspects and related topics about baldness. Includes pages regarding the Baldness Hall of Fame, proud bald men on the Web, Bald Pride and Organizations, and music for, by, and about bald headed men.

Ethnic Heritage Council

The Ethnic Heritage Council is a private, non-profit umbrella organization which promotes ethnic diversity and cross-cultural understanding in the Pacific Northwest. The site includes information about events, services, publications and contributors .

Index - Diversity Home Page

This database contains campus, local, national and international academic material relating to the following areas of diversity as defined by the Office of Human Relations at the University of Maryland at College Park: age, class, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion & sexual orientation.

Index - Resources for Diversity

A pointer to on-line resources regarding diversity.

Interracial Voice

This electronic publication advocates universal recognition of mixed-race individuals as constituting a separate "racial" entity and supports the initiative to establish a multiracial category on the 2000 Census. In addition to in-depth interviews with notable opinion-leaders from within the mixed-race, multiracial community, IV makes available information on the numerous interracial advocacy groups in America and spotlights different ones.


JustCause was formed to work toward the elimination of prejudice and hate. It works to discourage racism, prejudice and homophobia through the use of media campaigns that promote tolerance and diversity. It keeps its members up-to-date and offers suggestions as to what we can do on an individual level to discourage hate and prejudice in our own communities.

Multicultural Alliance

The Multicultural Alliance is an advocate for diversity in schools, helping elementary, secondary and postsecondary institutions realize the need to work together to ensure the best education for all children. Its mission: To help public and private schools increase and support racial, cultural and ethnic diversity within their institutions.

PC (politically correct) primer

A tongue in cheek look at political correctness.

Standards: An International Journal of Multicultural Studies


Standards is an international journal of multicultural studies.Its aim is to engage visual artists, writers, and thinkers around the world in an active dialogue on the appearance and effectiveness of "cultural" and "postcolonial" studies. It presents the works of a few of those authors whose names have long been on the frontlines of cross-cultural activism as well as introducing the works of new writers and artists.


Information on Tipping (Tips)

Suggestions on tipping for various services rendered.

The web guide to real world interaction

A humorous look at dating in the '90's.


The Conspiracy of Silence

Information about a documentary of domestic violence hosted by Kathleen Turner and Denise Brown. Provides links to sites with domestic violence information and resources.

Facts for Families

Provides over 40 information sheets which provide concise and up-to-date material on issues such as the depressed child, teen suicide, stepfamily problems and child sexual abuse.

Family Explorer

A monthly newsletter of art, science and nature activities for kids and their parents.

Family Planet

A daily summary of health, safety, education, and political news affecting families. Includes news and advice on parenting, movie reviews, guides to children's products, fun stuff for kids, and local activities calendars.

Family Violence Prevention Fund

A site operated by an organization committed to preventing domestic violence. Includes personal stories, suggestions for action, and links to other sites with domestic violence resources and information.

Family World

a collaboration of more than 40 monthly parenting publications. Includes monthly feature articles, information and articles concerning education, and links to Internet resources for parents, children and schools.

Higher Education Center Against Violence & Abuse

A collection of resources, references, conference information, and teaching aids examining issues of violence and abuse. Includes an art gallery of art by child witnesses of domestic violence.

Idea Central: Welfare and Families

The Welfare and Families Page carries new articles, reports, and other information about the national debate over welfare reform and family issues, much of the material from leading policy research and advocacy organizations.

Interesting Places for Parents

Links to educational resources, articles, and net-related issues for parents.

Men and Domestic Violence Index

Studies, testimonials, research on the topic of husband battering. Includes links to other men's issue topics.

New Parents Network

A social and service information provider. Gives immunization schedules, recalled toy listings, disability information and support services, poisonous plant information, and child abuse prevention hotlines.

Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation

A site created in an effort to educate the national community to the dangers of family violence.

Raphael House

Information about Raphael House, a nonprofit human services organization providing a foundation of hope for victims of domestic violence and based in Portland, Oregon.

Safety Net - Domestic Violence Resources

Domestic violence resources. Includes important phone numbers, statistics, a handbook on domestic violence, and bibliographies.

SafetyNet Domestic Violence Resources

Agencies and other women resources intended to help those in need of protection. It also contains bibliographies, statistics and a domestic violence handbook with a warning list and safety plan.

Shattered Love Broken Lives

A chronological list of 60 articles produced by The Standard-Times of New Bedford, Ma. following six months of investigating domestic violence.


Charlie's Sneaker Pages

Everything that you ever wanted to know about sneakers is right here.

Chic Full Figure Fashion Newspaper

Contains information about Chic Full Figure Fashion Newspaper, published monthly and featuring apparel industry news, fashion resources for plus sized, big and tall, women, men and children. Online advertising rate card and virtual Chic Expo boots available.

Clear Plastic Fashions

Need a raincoat? Make your own. Instructions are right here.


A site made for the clothes horse. Providing the latest news about fashion in Quebec.

Fashion Design

The highlight of this page is a Quick-Time fashion video.

Fashion Net

This server provides access to Fashion Net, a service dedicated to the fashion industry. The site is designed to serve as the Internet's global meeting point for the world of fashion.

Fashion Page

An online magazine covering current trends in fashion. The articles have entertainment as well as reference value.

Fashion photographs

A repository for fashion photography.

Golden Shears

The Golden Shears site presents a view of the diverse fashion talent in the San Francisco Bay Area. This was the first fashion show to be available online.

Haute Couture, the House of Sculptro.

Take a stroll down this virtual shopping mall.

Index - Complete Fashion Index

A complete resource for Internet fashion links.

Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design

This page contains information about the Internet Center for Canadian Fashion and Design, a meeting place for the fashion and design industry.

Is Fashion Silly?

Visit this site and then dare to answer that question.

Labyrinth Modular Clothing

This server contains information about Labyrinth Modular Clothing, which offers feminine, beautiful and affordable one-size-fits-all cotton clothing for women.

The Lipstick Page

Welcome to the lipstick page. The goal of this site is to create a lipstick library where you can find (or list) your old favorites and find new ones.

Made*in*Italy On*Line

This site showcases the best in things Italian: fashion, autos, design, etc.

Menswear Unlimited

Menswear Unlimited in Baltimore is proud to be the first tailored men's clothing store to open its own Web site, answering the question, "Why should you consider buying men's tailored clothing on the Internet?"

Running River Hat Collection

Shop 'til you drop for fashions for the head.

Slipper of the Future

Want to stay on top of innovations about slippers in the future? This is part of a course offered by the MIT media lab. See what it takes to be consigned to the Useless Pages.

Sonie's Creations

Take a look here for fashion designing house information.

Theresa Ann's Surrealistic Clothing

Online catalog of Surrealistic Clothing. Theresa Ann is now available at Artwhere and the Net.

VALS Interactive Server

This VALS Interactive Server, SRI International's Values and Lifestyles (VALS) program server invites users to explore VALS type via the Internet. This interactive server allows personality typing according to the VALS system and examination of survey data about psychographic types.

What do you expect for free, Vogue?

The best in tongue-in-cheek fashion is right here.


Camarilla - South Central Region

A page dedicated to Live Action gaming throughout the world in White Wolf Game Studio's World of Darkness.

Columbus by Night LARP

Columbus by Night is a Live Action Role Playing Event based on the White Wolf Mind's Eye Theater.

Emrys' Vampyre Page

Dedicated to all things vampire. Includes Prose, Poems, Pictures, Links, alt.vampyres newsgroup information, and the alt.vampyres frequently-asked questions (FAQ) file.

FAQ - The Vampyres Only

The Vampyres Only Frequently-asked Questions file.

Gallery Of The Damned

A library of pictures, poetry and stories that deal with the darker side of life.

House of the Ruby Chalice

A page maintained by the Academie Vampirica to promote the understanding and study of the vampire myth as it exists across cultures, in modern pop-culture and in film and literature.

Index - and on a darker note

A page with lots of vampire-related links.

Madison By Night

Madison By Night is a Registered Student Organization with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A place for mature role-players to engage in interactive drama.

New York by Night

A directory of Vampire: The Masquerade files of New York in the World of Darkness. Character descriptions, places, nightclubs, politics, and new clans can be browsed and downloaded.

Philadelphia by Night

The Sabbat home page. Contains files used in Mind's Eye Theatre campaigns in Media, PA and the Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA.

Pirates [Beej]

Dedicated to the history, ships, and weapons of pirates. Includes pictures of pirate ships, historical documents, maps, and links to other sources of pirate information.

Pirates [Toby]

Contains sections on the Facts, legends and Myths of Piracy, A Pirates Who's Who of the Caribbean, A bibliography of Piracy, Notorious places of pirate lore, and the Definition and History of Piracy. Also includes pictures of weapons, ships, flags, and historically-significant pirates.

The Prince

The Prince is an exclusively Vampire live-action role playing game that explores Camarilla politicking. The situation focuses on one of the most tense possible--the establishment of a new Prince.

Vampire: the Masquerade []

A collection of resources for Vampire: the Masquerade players. Includes White Wolf Stuff, Reviews and Announcements, New Rules and Rule Modifications, New Bloodlines, New Disciplines, Cities and Chronicles, Characters and Backgrounds, Fiction, and Graphics files.

Vampyre Books

A list of vampire fiction recommended by the denizens of alt.vampyres and other dark recesses of the Internet.

VAMPYRES Film list.

A very extensive listing of Vampire movies from the archives of VAMPYRES@GUVM.BITNET.

Vampyres Only

Links to vampire infomation. Undead and Kicking since September 1994.

The Western Bigfoot Society

Home page of The Western Bigfoot Society. Contains links to WBS newsletters and other Bigfoot-related Web sites.

Wizard Wolf's therianthropy page

A site with links to the alt.horror.werewolves (AHWW) newsgroup, AHWW Frequently Asked Questions file, and related topic.


Canadian International Penfriends

The Canadian International Penfriends List. A quarterly postal penpal service. Free listings by email.

E-Mail Key Pal Connection

An e-mail pen pal service. Make a new friend. Learn about a different culture. Explore a far away land.

Heinemann Global Keypals

A listing of e-mail pen pals from around the world. Post a short description of yourself on list.


A resource for information about hugging and human interaction.

Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections

The IECC is a listing to help teachers and classes link with partners in other countries and cultures for e-mail classroom pen-pal and project exchanges.

Internet Social Registry

A low-cost service to help you find people with similar interests on the Internet.

L.B. Alberti Pen-Pal Connection

A free pen-pal listing service. Provides an opportunity to practice a foreign language, to exchange opinions, compare point of views and learn about places and people thousands of miles away.

Moms at Home

A free listing of E-Mail pen pals for kids and at-home moms and dads.

Pen Pal Connection [HLC]

A free service provided by HLC-Internet for e-mail pen pals. Allows you to search entries by age, interests, and hobbies.

Pen Pal Page []

A free e-mail pen pal listing.

Pen Pal Page []

A listing of nearly 1,000 pen pals from around the world. Includes a short description of each person.

Pen pals list and soc.penpals info

Answers to some frequently-asked questions for the soc.penpals newsgroup.

Penpal Lists (Email and Snail)

A page with links to e-mail and postal pen pal listings.

Rigby Global Keypals

E-mail pen pal listings for kids and classrooms. Exchange mail with a class from around the world.

Soccer Pen Pal Connection

Write and share soccer and other fun ideas with kids around the world. Find people with the same favorite teams and favorite players.

TCM - Pen Pal

A place to match interested students and adults with school children to be E-Mail Pen Pals.

Victoria's Network: VICNET

Cooperative project between the State Library of Victoria and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology provides Internet access to Victoria residents.

Generation X

Slacker Stories

One of the few sources of slack in academia today: Slacker Stories. This course is designed to study the literature, art, politics, and philosophy of today's twenty something generation, often referred to as slackers, Xers, whiners, or twenty nothings. Focuses on the slack aspect of our generation.

X-tensions Newsletter

X-tensions is a newsletter designed to be a forum for Generation-X. (approx. ages 14-34) which began as a movement on America Online. Contains access to archive issues and feedback.


A 'Zone’ just for Generation Xers to tell the world what you think and learn about, find others who agree or challenge you, discuss life issues, news, fads and clothing trends. A place that will hopefully never be boring.


Association of Gypsies/Romani International

A nonprofit association with the intent of glorifying GOD, of preserving, maintaining, and promoting the Gypsy race, culture, ethnicity, pride and integrity.

Hawaiian Culture

Nation of Hawaii

Here you will find topical discussions regarding the restoration of Hawaiian independence along with cultural Included is a writing by Newt Gingrich.


The Cemetery

The Cemetery is an ongoing project based in the Richard Stockton College. Documentary information is available about the cemetery, all that remains of a small black community that existed between 1851 and 1924 in Port Republic, NJ.

Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World

Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World is an online resource of announcements, courses, anthologies, essays, reviews, bibliographies, images about women in the ancient Mediterranean. There is a forum for instructors who teach related courses. This site is considered to be among the best on the web.

Uppsala University/Update, The Computer Society

This Computer Society server is devoted to the pursuit of computer history and historic computers.


Bay Area Homelessness Project

Consortium of colleges and universities organizing to prevent and end homelessness. This Web Site was authored and is maintained by Dave Stewart, who was once homeless himself. Site Includes: a large index of services and information about homelessness.

Food Not Bombs, San Francisco

Food Not Bombs is one of the fastest growing grassroots political groups in North America. There are over 70 autonomous chapters protesting militarism and poverty by serving free vegetarian food to people in need and in support of on-going political organizing efforts. Site includes: Food Not Bombs mailing list, What is Food Not Bombs, Press Release Archives, and much more.

Foothill Family Shelter

The Foothill Family Shelter currently serves as a transitional facility for homeless families with children from the west end of San Bernardino County and the east end of Los Angeles county. Site Contains: information on services provided by this shelter.

Homeless Discussion List

HOMELESS is a global electronic discussion list focused on the subject of Homelessness. This site provides a place in which a variety of viewpoints on homelessness can be discussed.

Homeless in Covington, Kentucky

Homeless in Covington is a photographic documentary on the Homeless in the Northern Kentucky city of Covington by photojournalist John Decker. Site includes: Photos and description of the plight of Covington Kentucky's homeless population.

Homeless in Paradise

This site, authored and maintained by David W. Morgan, previously homeless himself, contains a wealth of information on Homeless programs throughout the US and has many links to articles, images, and stories about the homeless plight in America. This website was mentioned in the September 1995 issue of Internet World.


InnVision is dedicated to helping individuals and families break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. This site contains: Information about InnVision, California's largest year-round shelter for the poor and homeless (San Jose CA).

National Coalition for the Homeless

The National Coalition for the Homeless home page provides answers to questions about homelessness, and provides updates on current legislation affecting poor and homeless people.

Overview of 54 Ways You Can Help The Homeless

54 Ways You Can Help The Homeless, a hyper-book By Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff. Site contains a hyper-book on the subject of eliminating homelessness.


Site includes; links to Alternatives To Violence Project, Peaceworkers International, Food Not Bombs, Ultimate Frisbee Benefit, Coalition on Homelessness San Francisco, and other links to progressive resources.

Resources for Homeless People in Portland

Site includes; listings of agencies and social service organizations that provide various types of assistance to those who are homeless in Portland, Oregon.

St. Francis House

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, St. Francis House is New England's largest most comprehensive Day Program for homeless and poor men and women. Site Contains: information on services provided by this shelter.


STONE Soup stand for: Students Together Offering Nourishment and Enthusiasm in the St. Louis Community.

Human Rights

Adopted Child Home Page

Child adoption for the professional as well as adoptive parents.

Adoptee Resources

Carrie's Crazy Quilt contains links to adoption resources, as well as numerous genealogical sites.

American Library Association Children,s Book Award Winners

First chapters of 14 ALA children's book Newbery Award winners are available on this server. Also, the criteria for selection and the history of the award. Books may be purchased on-line for UPS delivery.

Australian Human Rights Page

This page contains a number of papers and hotlinks relating to human rights. It will focus on Australian issues and matters but will contain a compendium of international links.

The Children's Village Child Care Center

Children's Village and its nonprofit child-care center provides care for infants through pre-kindergarten and is open to all.

Comprehensive Human Rights Initiative

The CHRI is a grassroots movement promoting equal protection of human rights for every individual member of the human species. Site contains the following links: Why a Comprehensive Human Rights Initiative?, The text of the CHRI as HTML (3K), The text of the CHRI (2.9K), PostScript version of the CHRI petition (22.3K), The PHI Factor: a biological basis for the CHRI, How do I help with the CHRI?, Sign the CHRI online.

DIANA - International Human Rights Database

Dedicated to completing the pioneering work in human rights information of Diana Vincent-Daviss. This database is designed to promote the creation, preservation, organization, and dissemination of primary and secondary electronic materials critical to human rights research and advocacy.

Free Burma

Free Burma is a collection of software, hardware, documentation, and volunteers, all doing what we're best at to hasten the replacement of the current military government who tortures its citizens with one chosen by the people who live there.

Hands On Children's Museum

Of interest to children under 10 years old. It contains information about the museum location, hours open, admission price, schedule of events and exhibits. Additional links provide access to resources in topics related to the museum's current theme.


Hivos is a development organization which stands for emancipation, democratization and poverty alleviation in developing countries. This site contains links to; Press releases, Campaign Five for Africa, Hivos-partners Online, Hivos International (newsletter), African Studies, OneWorld Online, and Latin American Network.

Human Rights []

Directory of Human Rights Resources Site includes links to; Actions!, Human Rights News and Recent Developments, Human Rights Documents and Clearinghouses, Human Rights Organizations, Additional Resources Campaign to Defend South Korean Socialists, Koigi wa Wamwere Page, and information on how to join PeaceNet.

Human Rights Library - University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota Human Rights Center has developed this site in cooperation with the DIANA consortium to commemorate the pioneering work of Diana Vincent Daviss. Site contains links to other Human rights subjects and sites.

Human Rights Violations and Persecution against Ahmadi Muslims

The Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam has experienced religious persecution for almost as long as it has been established. This site provides extensive information about this persecution as well as extensive links to other Human Rights related sites.

Human Rights Web


International Foundation on Drug Policy & Human Rights

The purpose of both DrugText and The Board of the International Foundation for Drug Policy and Human Rights is to promote the development and dissemination of knowledge, research, education, scholarship and international jurisprudence in the area of drug policy and human rights.

Jennifer Harbury Page

Jennifer Harbury is a Harvard-educated lawyer whose 3-year quest to find her Guatemalan husband, Efrain Bamaca Velasquez, has revealed high-level involvement between the CIA and the Guatemalan military.

Journal Of Hummmanitarian Affairs

The purpose of the Journal is to bring together academics, policy makers and practitioners in the field of humanitarian assistance.

Koigi wa Wamwere Page

The Kenyan human rights activist and politician, Koigi wa Wamwere, was convicted of robbing a police station and sentenced to four years in prison and six "strokes" (lashes with a cane). Amnesty International, and other respected legal and human rights associations maintain that the charges were fabricated due to political motivations of the Kenyan Government. Koigi has been imprisoned for over twenty-two months. He has been beaten, tortured, and denied visitation. These activities are unlikely to end as long as he is in prison.

Nonviolence and Nonviolent Action

Peace Brigades International sends teams of volunteers into areas of political repression and conflict where they provide protective international accompaniment for individuals and organizations who have been threatened by political violence or who are otherwise at risk in countries like Guatemala, Sri Lanka, and Colombia.

Tibetan Aid Project

Tibetan Aid Project (TAP) has provided for individual Tibetans outside the monasteries and sponsored community, medical, and educational projects. Today our efforts are focused on supporting young lamas studying in the Buddhist colleges (Shedras) and the monks and nuns in monasteries inside Tibet and in the exile communities of Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, and India.


Development Archive

This page will contain articles on economic development expressing views beyond what is normally sanctioned by the Development Aid Establishment. Site contains links and articles including; How U.S. Food policies and charities are starving people to death in Africa: The Food-Aid Racket, "U.S. Agricultural Policy: Back to the Future", Humanitarianism Unbound, and many more.

Emergency Logistics Air Advisories

A list of aircraft available for use on emergency relief operations throughout the world. The list includes cargo and personnel aircraft. Site also contains a link to the ReliefNet Home Page a non-profit organization dedicated to helping humanitarian organizations raise global awareness and encourage support for relief efforts via the internet.

Greater Philadelphia Food Bank

The Greater Philadelphia Food Bank is southeastern Pennsylvania's primary provider of donated food for agencies that serve the needy in the Philadelphia area. Site includes FAQs about hunger, and access to a monthly Newsletter.

Hunger Project

Unleashing the Human Spirit for the End of World Hunger. The Hunger Project is a not-for-profit global strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of World Hunger. Site includes; access to information brochures, newsletters, maps, and press releases.

S.H.A.R.E. of Northern California

San Francisco Bay area. The S.H.A.R.E. program is a non-profit organization of people combining their resources in order to obtain an increased buying leverage. Site includes; information on programs, last month's menu, and other great links.

Indigenous Cultures

Australian Indigenous Population

Various information on Australian Aboriginals-art, lifestyle, history, living off the land, social control, impacts on Aboriginal life, self determination, Aboriginal assimilation, Aboriginal land rights, Cultural resilience, Aboriginal outstations, and Aboriginal population.

Fourth World Documentation Project

Its goal is to present the online community the greatest possible access to Fourth World documents and resources related to social, political, strategic, economic and human rights issues to create a historical archive of the political struggles engaged by Indigenous Peoples.

FWDP -- Center For World Indigenous Studies Information

The Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS) is a non-profit [U.S. 501(c)(3)] organization dedicated to research and education promoting better understanding of ideas and knowledge on human rights, politics, social and economic situations of indigenous people. Goal of the CWIS is to establish cooperation between Fourth World nations and to democratize relations between nations and between nations and states.

Index - Aboriginal Studies - WWW Virtual Library

Keeps track of data and facilities of Australian Aboriginal and the indigenous/Native Peoples studies.

Mayan Culture

500 years of Sacrifice before Alien Gods

Maya Page for American Indian Schools provides interview with Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Mayan refugee from Guatemala, shortly before she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Maya Adventure

The Science Museum of Minnesota presents Maya Adventure, a World-Wide Web site that highlights science activities and information related to ancient and modern Maya culture. Maya Adventure includes images from the Science Museum's anthropological collections and activities developed by the Science Museum's education division. Featured in the project is information from two exhibits about the Maya developed by the Science Museum of Minnesota, Cenote of Sacrifice and Flowers, Saints and Toads .

Maya World

Provided by Anaco Communications, this site details points of interest to tourists visiting the Yucatan area of Mexico who wish to learn more about Mayan culture and history.

Mayan Culture

Site served by University of Guadalajara with section on Pre-Columbian history. Mayan folklore tales told in their original style.


Maya Page for American Indian Schools serves this site on Maya Civilization--Past & Present. Recommends that Indian youth study their history and culture as Western societies study their own. Details the existence of Mayan descendants in contemporary Mexico and Gautemala.

Photo Archive - Science Museum of Minnesota

Maya Photo Archive from the Science Museum of Minnesota. This archive allows one to view individual images from Maya Adventure . The images are listed according to the site at which they are found.


Federal Information Exchange, Inc. - MOLIS Home Page

The Minority On-line Information Service has information available in the following areas: Minority Institution Information, Minority Federal Opportunities, Federal Obligations to HBCUs, Search Scholarship and Fellowship Information, Minority Institution Current Events, The Science & Engineering Alliance.

Minority Information - FEDIX

Site includes links to agencies that provide information about their minority opportunities and activities.

MIT ECSEL - Engineering Coalition

Engineering Coalition of Schools for Excellence in Education and Leadership, ECSEL is a coalition of schools and colleges of engineering engaged in an effort to renew undergraduate engineering education. Site includes access to information and research helpful to women and minorities in science and engineering.

MU-SPIN - Minority University-SPace Interdisciplinary Network

MU-SPIN is a comprehensive educational initiative of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and Other Minority Universities (OMUs). The focus of the program is on the transfer of advanced computer networking technologies to HBCUs and OMUs and their use for supporting multi-disciplinary research.

University of Oklahoma - Minority Student Recruitment Services

The Home Page of Minority Student Recruitment Services at the University of Oklahoma. Site includes information on programs and support services to assist with minority education while a student on the Norman campus.


Blooms Across America

An earth-friendly fundraising project, Blooms Across America is a program designed to accommodate children's fund-raising and community action projects.


A virtual country that is in development. It contains the constitution and laws, pictures and animations of Oceania as well as information about how to receive an Oceania passport and books such as The Atlantis Papers and The Millennial Project.