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Abortion - an Unsolvable Religious Dilemma

The main topics covered in this page are: an unsolvable dilemma; definitions of terms; when does life become human life; what does the Bible say about abortion; historical beliefs of the Christian Church; Supreme Courts' decisions (US & Canada); the FACE law (US); some facts and opinions about abortion: (abortion data, trends, D&X abortion, post-abortion depression, RU486 pill, clinic violence, does the fetus feel pain; how to get help if you have a crisis pregnancy. WWW sites for more information.

Abortion Clinic Listing

This page is an advertising service comprised of direct providers of abortion services. They may be private physician's offices, state-licensed clinics, or hospital abortion services. To our knowledge, no anti-abortion "pregnancy consultation" centers are allowed to advertise here. Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement, nor does exclusion imply disapproval.

Abortion Does Not Liberate Women

Believes abortion and the perceived need for it, does not liberate women but instead validates the patriarchal world view which holds that women are inferior to men. Cites its reasons for believing abortion liberates men, not women.

Abortion Rights

Information about abortion related web sites; supreme court decisions; responding to issues such as the "Human Life" Amendment; tobacco's link to miscarriages; an essay on stopping anti-abortion terrorism; package warning at women's health clinics.

Abortion Rights Activist

This site was established in June, 1995 to provide information for all those who work to preserve women's access to safe, legal abortion. It is an individual effort, and is not affiliated with any organization. It contains information about abortion, current news and events, tools for activists, and a reference library.

Adoptee Resources

Information about Carrie's Crazy Quilt and contains links to adoption resources, as well as numerous genealogical sites.

Birth Father Rights and Responsibilities

Addresses birth father rights and responsibilities. For almost fifty years, birth parents have trusted Bethany as their partner in difficult decision-making. Birth parents can expect confidentiality; information about community resources; well-researched profiles of adoptive families from which they select a family, if they choose adoption; follow-up counseling after the baby's birth.

CARAL: CA Abortion Rights Action League

CARAL, a non-profit organization, is the political arm of the pro-choice majority in California. If you want to be kept up to date on reproductive rights issues, we have information on everything from the latest contraceptive technology to the efforts of the religious right. Links to other reproduction rights sites.

Confessions of an Abortionist

“Confessions Of An Abortionist” by Martin Avery (non de plume), Big Blue Book No. 474 is an intimate sidelights on the secret human, sorrow, drama and tragedy in the experience of a doctor whose profession it is to perform illegal operations.

D.C. Metro Prolife News/Events Line

The D.C. Metro Prolife News/Events Line was established in November 1991 to provide people in the Washington D.C. Metro area with local and national prolife news and events. Included are biblical reference and scientific evidence for pro-life. Coming soon, the beginning of human life in pictures.

F.A.C.T.1 - Father's of Aborted Children Together as One

Fathers and Friends Against Aborting Children Together as 1 (F.A.C.T.1), a non-profit support and advocacy group plan a Supreme Court/White House wake-up call on Father's Day 1996. A day set aside for honoring fathers of aborted children.

FactBot Database

The D.C. Metro Prolife News/Events Line was established in November 1991 to provide people in the Washington D.C. Metro area with local and national prolife news and events. Included are biblical reference and scientific evidence for pro-life. Coming soon, the beginning of human life in pictures.

Feminists for Life of America

Feminists For Life of America is a national network for proud, progressive feminists from all professions, races, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. It is active against gender-based violence, dedicated to a consistent life ethic, committed to social change which recognizes the rights of women, the unborn and other members of the human family. A parent organization to chapters throughout the United States and Canada.

First Church of Christ, Abortionist

FCCA analyzes, among other things, the conflict between feminism and economics over whether there exists a fundamental right to breed. Also questions if such analyses, posted publicly, create an "offensive" environment, specifically for women.

Greater Austin Right to Life

The Greater Austin Right to Life Committee exists to secure, promote, and respect the right to life. It opposes abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and is an educational resource on human life issues, supporting local alternatives to abortion. A non-profit, non-sectarian, non-partisan, pro-life group of volunteers primarily focused in the greater Austin area, secondly the state of Texas, and finally throughout the United States.

Index - Abortion & Reproductive Rights Internet Resources

Abortion & Reproductive Rights Internet Resources contains resource information for Pro-Choice (i.e. CARAL; California Pro-Choice Education Fund); Anti-Choice (i.e. Christian Coalition, The 700 Club); as well as documentation (i.e. full text from Roe vs. Wade; Freedom of Choice Act).

Index - Prolife Resource on the Web

The ProLife News is one of the older prolife resources available. Besides it's twice-monthly mailing list there are: “ProLife Infonet” a high-quality, one-way moderated list that distributes legislative alerts, noteworthy news items, and other important information from various organizations within the pro-life movement, and “The College Right to Life Connection” for college students, which picks up where INFONET-LIST leaves off. It is both an information distribution list for college pro-life organizations, and a discussion forum for pro-life issues. All three of these lists are provided as a public-service by NetCentral, Inc.

Kentucky Youth for Life

Kentucky Youth for Life (KYFL) is the youth response to the abortion issue and is founded on the principle that human life is precious from conception through natural death. Ranging in age from high school through college, these young people make up an active force for the pro-life cause, are non-violent and do not advocate illegal activities. We believe that youth are innately pro-life and feel that it is our responsibility and privilege to put an end to abortion on demand.


LifeLinks is primarily an information source for those interested in getting involved in prolife activism, or contacting right-to-life groups in their community. It contains material from as many differing right-to-life groups as possible and is not for women, men, or certain religious or political groups only.


A resource for organizations, information and people that defend the sanctity of human life, as well as those who are "selective" in whom they believe should be protected. Contains on-line news sources, information for activists and active citizens, health resources, adoption & family resources, pro-life resources.

Mass Choice

Mass Choice a 25 year organization that attempts to develop and sustain a statewide grassroots constituency that uses the political process to guarantee every woman the right to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children and choosing safe, legal, accessible abortion.

Ohio Right to Life Society

ORLS is a pro-life organization for the unborn, babies, mothers, elderly, handicapped, minorities, and adoption. It is against abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. Provides articles relating to abortion, adoption, the debate, overpopulation and euthanasia issues, and includes an abortion question & answer book, the latest in court decisions, legislation, and events of interest.


PLAGAL fights against homophobia, abortion, in every way it can. They organize, lobby, vote, and work for the rights of others who suffer discrimination. Formed in 1990, PLAGAL is a gay/lesbian organization that came into being out of the belief that when anything threatens human life, rights, or dignity, that threat must go.

Planned Parenthood On Line

A resource for understanding women's health care issues. Contains birth control, STI information; abortion services; health center locations; WWW links and public affairs information.


Contains pro-choice articles from Psychology Today, Ms. Magazine, Pittsburgh News, and other public media. Includes access to the Freedom of Choice Act, and the position of the National Abortion Rights Action League.

ProLife News

The Pro-Life News is a bi-monthly electronic publication of news and comment on prolife issues, mainly abortion and euthanasia. It is free, and is supported mainly by the readers who provide news and such from their own experience, and with smatterings of articles that the editor summarizes from other publications.

Refuse & Resist!

Says no to current war on women, concentration camps for immigrants, censorship of the arts, resurgent racism, police state measures, gay bashing, and compulsory patriotism. Information about the struggle for abortion rights in the U.S.; refuse and resist the New World Order; asks people of conviction, compassion and conscience to come together in an even broader and more powerful movement of resistance!

Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973)

Appeal from the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. No. 70-18. Argued 12-13-71; Reargued 10-11-72; Decided 1-22-73 . A pregnant single woman (Roe) brought a class action challenging the constitutionality of the Texas criminal abortion laws, which proscribe procuring or attempting an abortion except on medical advice for the purpose of saving the mother's life. A licensed physician (Hallford), was permitted to intervene. A childless married couple (the Does), the wife not being pregnant, separately attacked the laws, basing alleged injury on the future possibilities of contraceptive failure, pregnancy, unpreparedness for parenthood, and impairment of the wife's health.

Southeastern Pennsylvania

Provides patient services in Philadelphia, Mongomery and Delaware counties, regardless of ability to pay, a leading authority and resource on reproductive health policy, services and comprehensive sexuality education in the tri-county area. To protect and enhance reproductive freedom to increase access to reproductive health care services and information, and to promote sexual health.

Spokane & Whitman Cos.

Planned Parenthood's believes every child brought into this world should be a wanted child. We provide comprehensive, reproductive health care services; sexuality education and counseling, and a network of pro-choice activists ready to respond to threats to reproductive rights and other issues and events of interest to pro-choice inland northwesterners.

University of Illinois at Urbana - Life Is For Everyone

Life Is For Everyone (L.I.F.E.) promotes respect for human life, educating the campus community about life issues such as abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. Also assist mothers and children of Champaign-Urbana by raising funds and awareness for local pregnancy assistance centers. Page contains a newsletter plus resource information on abortion related violence, help for women with crisis pregnancy, and a self test “Are you anti-choice?”

Violence at Abortion Clinics

Factsheet on clinic violence, what you can do. Includes some excellent resources from Adam Guasch-Melendez at The Abortion Rights Activist Page (i.e. Clinic Violence - The Year to Date; Clinic Violence - 1994; NAF's Violence and Disruption Statistics; Victims of "Pro-Life" Violence)

African American Studies

African American Haven

This site is dedicated to an African American Haven including cool music links, business links, special interest, African American art, history and other resources.

African American Interest

Several African American newspapers, links to various subjects from history to business.

African-American Mosaic

A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture. Covering the nearly 500 years of the black experience in the Western hemisphere, the Mosaic surveys the full range size, and variety of the Library's collections, including books, periodicals, prints, photographs, music, film, and recorded sound.


Geared toward minority organizations and businesses. Lots of graphics.


Become part of the family of the African & African-American Electronic Community.

AFROAM-L Griot Online [Afrinet]

This first issue of Griot Online is a collection of resources about the African Diaspora: the scattering of African descendants to the New World and Europe via the Atlantic slave trade and colonization. To fully explore this topic, we present maps, narrative, pictures and a timeline.

Black Experience: WWW Business and Organizations

Dedicated to the life, experiences and diversity of the African American experience. Business, education and employment opportunities.

Black Information Network World Wide Web

The Black Information Network is in use for the consumption of information which has been gathered from various government and private entities. This current page will point to a variety of information repositories.

Black/African American Links

Affirmative Action and Black Demographic links to resources of interest to Black/African American culture.

Brown Eyed Intelligence

Designed to utilize information and communication to stimulate social consciousness.

ElamWorld Technology Review

Discover fascinating facts of history and how it affects African Americans now. Various topics of interest including employment, education, and intellectual growth.

The Faces of Science: African-Americans in the Sciences

A guide to selected resources for the history, participation, and encouragement of minorities in the sciences. Paper versions are available at the Chemistry Library and at the Middleton Reference Desk.

Federal Information Exchange, Inc. - MOLIS Home Page

MOLIS currently includes information on 164 institutions. The Minority Online Information Service has information available in the following areas: minority federal opportunities, federal obligations to HBCUs, search scholarship and fellowship information, minority institution current events, the science & engineering alliance.

Freaknik '95

Information on the Freedom Fest '95 festivities as they happen in Atlanta. Access to digital photos, sound bites and the odd video clip.

Historically Black College & University Web Site

Listing of historically African American colleges and campuses. Links to all.

Kwanzaa Information Center

Kwanzaa Information Center provided by the MELANET Information and Communications Network. On-line guide to help celebrate this African American holiday.

Meanderings - An African-American Journal of Politics, Art and Culture

Monthly electronic journal of art, culture and politics views not exclusively from a African American perspective.

NAACP Rockford Chapter

NAACP information, committee member listing. Links to other NAACP related sites.


NetNoir is dedicated to bringing the vast array of Afrocentric content to the Internet. Whether the area is music, sports, education, business, lifestyles, film, comics, health, women's issues, politics, communications, games, arts, literature or religion/spirituality.

Northern Illinois Minority Contractors Association

Rockford citizens interested in promoting minority and female business development. NIMCA is a Minority Business Council for the State of Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs.


Washington DC's alternative Black newspaper. Dedicated to a new state of mind.

Stanford Black Graduate Students Association

Information on history of Stanford Black Graduate Students Association. Links to various subjects like West African art, 'The Mecca' Howard State and Black data processing associates.

Universal Black Pages

The Universal Black Pages includes many topics of interest: event calendar, schools and student organizations, professional organizations, fraternities, sororities, and Living groups, resources and engineering, science and technology.

University of Michigan - Center for Afroamerican and African Studies

Established in 1970 in response to African American students who wanted to bring a richer representation of the Black experience into the University of Michigan's curricular offerings. The Center's multi-disciplinary and inter-departmental programs utilize historical, sociological, cultural, psychological, economic, and political approaches to the comparative study of people of African descent living in Africa and the Americas.

The Vision Online

Independent African-American Newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania. Links to previous issues.

Zone I Gallery

A gallery showcase intended for African American photographers.

African Studies

African Diaspora

African people have a tremendous history. This includes, but is not limited to, Africans (on the continent), African-Americans, Caribbeans, and Caribbean-Americans. We have played a HUGE role in the formation, culture, and life of most societies currently on the planet.

Syllabi Showcase

Prof. Tim Burke's course syllabus. Includes lectures, seminars, other course offerings on African Studies at Swarthmore college.


The quarterly South African journal provides a forum for academic debate, discussion and review of current social, political and economic issues in Southern Africa.



Abrupt is a forum that empowers the individual to mouth off, encouraging people to ‘leave their scent or sign behind them’, and to do more than passively consume the imagery of others.

Anders Transhuman Page

Explores “transhumanism” a philosophy that humanity can, and should strive to higher levels, physically, mentally and socially. It also encourages research into areas such as life extension, cryonics, physical and mental enhancements, uploading human consciousness into computers and megascale engineering.

Association for Furtherance of Kvasi-intellectual

The Association for Furtherance of the Kvasi-intellectual.


Text, history and image files concerning Auroville for the curious.


Information about non-profit educational historical re-creation group, which attempts to re-create the better aspects of life in the Middle Ages. Avacal is comprised of all of the Canadian Provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta, and much of the Province of British Columbia. Activities include demonstrations for schools, historical research, fighter practices, dance practices, specialized historical guild activities (brewing, for instance), and the lifeblood of the society, tournaments, feasts, competitions, and all called events.

Barony of al-Barran

You will find information specific to our Barony, events, and local history also calendar of events and activities, a newcomers guide, and a self test of Outlands History.

Barony of Loch Soilleir

A non-profit educational organization devoted to the study of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Gives information about sponsored events such as tournaments, feasts, and university sessions where members dress according to medieval and Renaissance styles, and participate in activities based on the civil and martial skills of the period.

Blars' Naturist Page

The difference between a naturist and a nudist is a matter of setting. Naturists prefer being without clothing in natural settings: beaches, natural hot springs, etc. Contains resource information on other naturists, resorts, links to national organizations, travel clubs.

Bruderhof Communities of the Hutterian Brethren

A body of believers united in faith, sharing and work, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Seeking a life of togetherness and honest relationships in genuine brotherliness.

Calontir Information

Information on Calontir members, statistics, orders and law.

Camping Bares of San Diego

An anarchistic disorganization dedicated to the destruction of the fabric of our society, The Camping Bares is an affiliate of The Naturist Society which is a national organization catering to free beach nudists. A clothes-optional travel club not affiliated with any nudist resort.

Chronicles of the SK Electric Posse

SK Electric Posse is a repository for stories about a specific group of people who fought the urge to conform and behave. They set themselves apart by experimenting with their own and others' consciousness in unique ways, blowing minds, upsetting the authorities, creating a mythology you can all enjoy. Much of the information in these stories is true, with some exaggerations, but keeps a basis in reality. This is a group effort to contribute to a body of history which we hope will upset people for decades.

College of Golden Keype - Kingdom of Trimaris

Information on The College of Golden Keype, the Florida Tech chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a non-profit educational club which re-creates the Middle Ages "not as they were but as they should have been."

Current Middle Ages Web Server

Information on SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism, which is a group dedicated to researching and recreating the Middle Ages in the present.

The Dark Horde

Contains information on The DARK HORDE, a household within the Society for Creative Anachronism Inc., quite possibly the largest household in that organization.

European Counter Network

The E.C.N. was born in 1989 as a Europe-wide project involving Italian, British, German and Dutch comrades. A non-profit network dedicated first and foremost to broadening political debate and providing counter-information, the E.C.N. has file and conference areas devoted to important social themes including gender politics, AIDS, drugs, current struggles, the centri sociali and workplace politics. The network's most important facet is its NEWS file area, which has become a central source for information about the activities and debates among the various strands of Italy's 'self-organized' left.

Extropians, Transhumanism, and Extropy

An zone for, and expository on Extropians, who tend to advocate intelligence-intensifying technologies, with interests in transhumanism, futurist philosophy, life extension, cryonics, robotics and artificial intelligence, smart drugs, etc. Politically, Extropians claim close kinship to the libertarian.

FAQ - alt.gothic

A list of frequently asked questions for the Gothic newsgroup.

FAQ - Nude Beaches

A fact resource of beaches for naturists in Australia, California, Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, and North America.

FAQ - rec.nude []

Contains nude facts such as Naturist Site Reports from Australia, California, Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, North America including questions, clubs and publications, and electronic access.

FAQ - rec.nude []

Contains questions, clubs and publications, on-line resources for Naturists, as well as alerts on how to fight laws which would require the wearing of clothes everywhere. Updated as notices from the Naturist Action Committee is received.

Future Culture

FutureCulture is an underground, cyberpunk, community discussion and mailing list. Deliberately broad in scope to topics such as: artificial life and nanotech, the future of monogamy and the misery of breaking up, technoculture, new edge cyberculture, cyberspace and the internet, virtual reality, to the relevant issues and aspects pertaining to the future of society as we know it. Discussion on the list often ranges from the mundane "gee-whiz", to deep philosophical and scientific commentary.

Goth Page

A resource guide for the ‘Goth’ lifestyle includes places to sleep, worship, pets to pick, clothing as well as emotional support.

Gothic Joke List

Compilation of Goth-ethnic jokes.

Gulf Coast Nudist Yacht Club

The Gulf Coast Nudist Yacht Club is open to all boaters in the Galveston Bay/SE Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast area. Calendars and reports of yachting activities and events for nudists.


The design of Imaginicity proposes to pull together every known beneficial and natural technology to improve the ecology of the planet while benefiting the mental and physical health of its population. It encompasses a prism light center, education park, creativity park. This "consociation" is designed as a knowledge/wealth/health producing entity who's elements are integrated into its total design, function and structure to promote exceptional health for you and every member of the community, as well as Mother Earth.

Inner Journey

A collection of thoughts in an attempt to clarify our true potential, our life and direction. Includes the authors experiences to date and an attempt to include the reader as a witness to the glory of our Creator, hoping that both can grow through this experience.

Intentional Communities

Intentional Community provides information on ecovillages, cohousing, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives and other related projects. Resource literature includes: Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC); Communities Directory and Communities Magazine; Cohousing Cooperative Housing; upcoming community events; community marketplace - products, publications and services.

KaMERS met uitzicht

A site with Digital Metropool Antwerp as a base. Its' aim to give everything, that's has something to do with culture, a place on this new medium.

Kingdom of the Outlands

Contains information on The Kingdom of the Outlands, the twelfth of the Laurel Kingdoms of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. The Outlands includes the states of New Mexico, most of Colorado, parts of Wyoming and Nebraska, and El Paso and Hudspeth counties of Texas.

Manifesting - The power of the mind

A way to network, give feedback and be a source of support for those who are interested in the process to create what we want in our lives called "Manifesting". Examples of manifestations and a section on manifesting tips are updated periodically, including brief reviews of related books about this powerful tool used by many people today.

The Midrealm

A site for The Midrealm, being the third oldest kingdom (of thirteen) in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. and properly known as the Middle Kingdom, consisting of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, a nip of Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Manitoba, and Ontario.

Mooncrow's Naturist Page

A naturist/nudist reference source for folks who live in (or are planning on visiting) the Pacific NorthWestern areas of the USA. Contains information about Pacific Northwestern naturist/nudist clubs and resorts as well as URL links to national information sources.

Naturism Is A More Natural Lifestyle

A national organization having a philosophy of the acceptance of the nude body as good and the right to express that belief in an appropriate, natural and non-sexual setting. Believes that anti nudity laws are designed to perpetuate contempt for our bodies, imposes shame and disgrace, contributes to poor body image and lack of self acceptance.


This is where you will find current information about clothing-optional recreation. Also contains the Naturist Calendar, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)'s formatted for hypertext, and a listing of site reports. The Naturist Photo Special Interest Group (PhotoSIG) has information for and about naturist photographers, with occasional samples and discussions of the work, and a quarterly magazine dedicated to the naturist lifestyle.

Naturist Beaches of the French West Indies

Profiles the beaches in the French West Indies that are top-optional, clothing-optional, and where nudity is allowed, giving brief overviews of each.

Naturist New Hampshire

Naturist New Hampshire (NNH) is a non-landed naturist club based in New Hampshire. Contains information about activities and events in and around the state.

Naturist Reference Pages

Reference source for clothing optional recreation. You'll find listings of free public sites, clubs, resorts, and regional and local organizations, sorted by geographical location. The site and trip reports have been contributed by internet surfers. The best sources for extensive and topical information, local contacts and guides are listed on the resources and organizations page.

The Naturist Society

The Naturist Society is a national organization having a philosophy of acceptance of the nude body as good, and the right to express that belief in an appropriate, natural and non-sexual setting. Believes anti nudity laws are designed to perpetuate contempt for our bodies, impose shame and disgrace, contribute to poor body image and lack of self acceptance.

New Creation Christian Community

Of the over 2,000 members of the Jesus Fellowship Church (an evangelical Christian church), about 900 live in a Christian Community of 60 or so community houses around the UK. Each house consists of between six to sixty people, who live as a large family. The fellowship has pioneered co-operative Christian businesses which provide paid employment for the previously unemployed. They are also able to offer limited opportunities on a temporary and voluntary basis as therapy or work experience.

New York Open Center

An urban holistic learning center, presenting courses on topics of alternative health and bodywork disciplines, depth psychologies, sociocultural issues, spiritual and meditative teachings and multicultural arts to bring people to restored balance.

Oceania -- The Atlantis Project

Profiles The Atlantis Project, whose goal is to establish a new country named Oceania, devoted to the value of freedom, and existing first as a sea city in the Caribbean built out of concrete and steel.

Protree Alternative Information Center (PAIC)

PAIC is dedicated to offering (alternative/mind expansion) information not normally found in the mainstream-medias such as: information on private investigation, UFO's and Internet information files, metaphysical journeys and classes, New Age networking, and information related to the Manifestation of the Aquarian Age.

Ragnorak: The asatru

The Ring of Troth is a religious organization of Asatru based in North America. Founded in 1987, it promotes the spread of Asatru, the education of members, and networking. A non-profit religious organization in the state of Texas.

SCA Renaissance Dance Cheat Sheets

Contains a freely-copyable collection of cheat sheets for Society for Creative Anachronisms Renaissance dance.

Spirituality - This is my world

A personal writing, spiritual in nature, containing insight into the view of the world. An introduction to spiritual matters, relatively short, covering many topics such as angels, death, past lives, healing.

Subjects of the Society

Directory listing of the kingdom/shire/barony/of subjects of the Society for Creative Anachronisms.

Systems of Sustenance

A book discussing the condition of things political in this country and the world. The writer comes to the conclusion that we ARE capable of saving ourselves from ourselves, by the unfortunate nature of the alternative. An attempt to create optimism about widespread despair, and tools to remedy.

Taize Community

You will find information concerning life and work of the Taizé community, a devotional called the "Johannine Hours", music of Taizé, news, information, etc. Available in Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish languages. Attempts to open up ways of healing the divisions between Christians and to overcome certain conflicts within the human family. Invites young people to be creators of peace and reconciliation in their towns, villages, their local Church, and all generations.

The Weaver

Monthly magazine exploring current developments in human consciousness and ancient spiritual wisdom. Articles include information on astrology/mythology, healing, psychotherapy, and personal development.

Western Sunbathing Association
The Western Sunbathing Association is a region of the American association for Nude Recreation serving the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah. Resource guide for WSA clubs that provide activities for the entire family, events geared to the interests of teenagers, and information about camping/RV/motel facilities.

Your Opinion

'Your Opinion' is a forum where people can openly, anonymously and without fear give overall impressions, personal accounts, criticism concerning the worlds problems; see where and why they exist, and how we can help each other.

Zulu Nation

Site shares information on the principles and beliefs of the Zulu Nation. Attempts to serve as a conduit to creating and maintaining high standards of life; foster an understanding of the structure and method of operation of the Universal Zulu Nation; a resource of information on developing action strategies; and assistance for area organizations (political or non-profit) in attaining their educational and cultural objectives.

Animal Rights

Animal Rights Resource

A guide to ethics and animal rights containing resource literature such as the Animal Rights Manual; Why not eat fish?; advances in science made without animal testing; as well as a listing of animal rights organizations.

Animal Rights Resource Site

Provide a source of information and encouragement for those exploring the issues involved in Animal Rights plus lots of material on vegetarianism and veganism.

Dolphin Rescue

First-hand updates from Clearwater Marine Aquarium about dolphin rescue efforts.

FAQ - Animal Rights FAQ

Animal Rights Frequently Asked Questions text (AR FAQ) provides a source of information for those exploring animal rights issues and movement and answer common questions and justifications offered up AR opponents. An advocacy vehicle for animal rights.

Index - Animal Rights [Monty's Home Goodness]

Contains animal rights information such as shareware information; veggies vs animals; HTML stuff; on-line magazines and newspapers.

Index - Animal Rights - WWW Virtual Library

Advocacy for animal health, well-being, and rights. Contains general sites with focus on many types of animal; specialized sites focusing one type of animal; miscellaneous documents and images; and related subjects in the Virtual Library.

International Primate Protection League

Gives information about funding, resource efforts to protect gorillas and all living primates.

Manual of Animal Rights

The Manual of Animal Rights covering topics such as food from animals; other animal products; animals as amusements; pets and strays.

Misty Meadow Farm

Information about the preservation of domestic livestock becoming extinct because of the industrialization of farming.

Pit Bull Dogs - Breed Discrimination In New Jersey

Provides information about fight against pit bull dogs breed discrimination in New Jersey, and a recently enacted breed specific ordinance targeting pit bulls and pit bull owners. Endeavors to repeal this ordinance that license and muzzles pets.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Information about the only organization in the world that is on the front lines, defending the world's marine mammals.

Vegan Action

Network promoting Veganism, an extension of vegetarianism, provides for ecological integrity of our environment, by protecting our bodies from the dietary problems associated with consumption of animal products.

Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (UK)

Network promoting the Vegetarian lifestyle. Contains resources for latest veggie news, recipes, books and other related links.

World Society for the Protection of Animals

WSPA promotes the protection of animals, to prevent cruelty, and to relieve animal suffering. Also promotes humane education programs, laws and enforcement structures to provide legal protection for animals.

Asian American Studies

13TH San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival!naata.html

13TH San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. Contains an overview of the festival.

Asian American Media Mall

Links to sites of interest to the Asian American. Books, magazines, CDs and more are available.

Asian American Students' Assocation

Students' association hopes to encourage cooperative activities among the different Asian American groups and other communities of color, as well as help show the diversity of Asian American experiences to the general Stanford community.

Asian Pacific American Coalition at UIUC

Coalition of APA student organizations at U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Dedicated to protecting the APA community from prejudice and racism.

Brown University Korean Students Association

Brown University Korean Students Association page features online journals, cultural and social event listings. Other student organizations.

ImprovisAsions Online!

ImprovisAsions Online! is a newsletter on Asian American creative music. Catalog and upcoming events calendar.

Listen to the Silence: AASA Conference

Asian American studies, workshop sessions scheduled. Newsletter with graphics.

Orient Magazine, Celebrating The Asian/American Experience

National publication featuring Asian people, places, and things. Asian travel, culinary secrets and business tips.

South Asian American Literature & Issues

This site is about the latest South Asian American literature and the issues that face our community.

Stanford Asian American Activities Center

Throughout our tumultuous lives, the desire for knowledge remains constant. The A3C furthers this goal by providing various resources in hopes of creating a deeper understanding of Asian American culture and experiences.

Tomodachi Online!


Japanese American Cultural Club of UC Berkeley. Work to reach the goals of understanding and multicultural harmony through cultural events, community service and social activities.

University of Chicago, The Oriental Institute

The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US This server provides information about archaeology, philology, art, and history of the ancient Near East; it also contains current information on the Institute's research projects, it's museum collections, and the individual scholarships being conducted by Institute faculty, staff, and students in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago.


Atlanta Reproductive Health Centre

Information in areas of women's health including: infertility, endometriosis, contraception, sexually transmitted disease, menopause, stress management and PMS. Also includes a photo gallery and the latest news.

The Baby Pages!

A place where new parents can announce that new arrival.

Birth Announcements

Free birth announcements listing for new and expectant parents.

Cesarean Sections

Contains a good deal of information about cesareans like how to avoid them, brief history of the procedure, definition and reasons for, FAQ and under construction, a resource and reading list.

Clair Oaks

Contains counseling information to assist women with issues arising during pregnancy and preexisting issues that may impede progress in labor and delivery.

Dancing Thru Pregnancy / AfterDance

Dancing Thru Pregnancy, (R) Inc. offers innovative educational programs in pre/postnatal health and fitness emphasizing the body and mind in balance based on the principles of dance, exercise and group support. Provides continuing education credits for professional associations using the latest methods of pro-active teaching.

Doulas of North America

DONA (Doulas of North America), an international association of Doulas who are trained to provide labor support to birthing women and their families. Contains resource information on what they can do, how to find or become a doula. It is a non-profit organization incorporated in Washington state.

The Expectant Father

Contains excerpts from the book “The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-To-Be” with links to related subject.


Provides an informative place for families to gather from around the world. Contains pregnancy and parenting information in the FAQs and pregnancy sections. The best place for family fun and information.

National Childbirth Trust

A UK national charity dedicated to providing freedom and choice in childbirth, information on early parenthood, a forum for parents on antenatal, birth and postnatal issues.


Are you pregnant? Is a friend? Provides realistic and practical childbirth education in an enthusiastic and supportive environment by RN's with humor, practicality and loads of experience.

Pregnancy Services

Contains information and assistance on easing the anxiety of unplanned pregnancy and the decision-making process. Also includes a resource of pregnancy services; birth father rights and responsibilities; LIFELINE Program; planning the future for you and your baby; and America's crisis pregnancy helpline.

SANDS(Vic) Stillbirth/Neonatal Death

A non-profit support agency of volunteers providing support for grieving parents who have lost a child through stillbirth or neonatal death. Contains an index linked document with extensive information on the subject.

Water Baby: Experiences of Water Birth

Promotes the method of water childbirth with a resource of information on the process, how to make a video documentary, implements including a resource list.

World Birthday Web (WBW)

Contains birthdays of other web users and personal lists.


Atomic Books: Literary Finds for Mutated Minds

Catalog of numerous alternative books, comics and magazines on topics such as Sleaze, Mayhem, Drugs, New Edge and Fringe Culture and anything else skirting the fringes of reason and decency.

Friends of OSHO

Friends of Osho Network celebrate one of the world's most prolific of authors. Book subjects include ancient and modern philosophies and theosophies from Christianity to Buddhism, from Tao and Tantra to Zen and Sufism.

In Pursuit of Justice?

A book about the abuse of a family by a Child Protective Service agency and the Florida State's Attorney Office. It sheds light on the sad state of affairs of the civil courts, the intrusive and easily abusive legal system, and Child Protective Services in particular.


Have you ever dreamed of writing a book, having it published and getting paid for it? InterNovel offers writers a $500 bounty for stories or chapters approved for a book that is guaranteed to be published. Any writer whose story or chapter is accepted will receive $500.00 U.S.


Cajun Clickers Genealogy SIG

Clickers Genealogy SIG was founded 2 years ago. It was developed to foster the merger of computer technology along with genealogy research. Visitor information, updates on Genealogy SIG newsletter.

Gumbo Pages

Gumbo Pages are dedicated to culinary and cultural information. Sources about New Orleans and Arcadian.


Censorship & the Arts in Canada

One Canadian's look at censorship issues affecting his nation, with particular to the interaction of legislation, artists and various Canadian institutions in areas of gay expression.

Chronicle of Freedom of Expression in Canada

This chronicle lists various freedom of expression cases of interest in Canadian history, from Lady Chatterly's Lover furors to battles over explicit material on cable television.

Project Censored

Project Censored is an organization dedicated to increasing censorship awareness by locating stories about significant issues of which the public should be aware, but is not, for one reason or another.

See/Hear/Speak No Evil
Censorship page with essays and links relating to free speech and the First Amendment.

Transmissions From the Freeside

Issues of privacy and censorship are what the Freeside is all about. You can learn more about these issues, and find out about how you can get active in them by checking out this site.


Animal Funds of America

Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled is an organization that supplies specially trained monkeys as helpers and companions for handicapped/disabled from the shoulders down.

Endeavour Society

The Endeavour Society is a philanthropic organization that benefits non-profit organizations in the fields of art, science and health by on-line auctioning designed for easy interactivity, quick access and secure bids.

Hope and Homes for Children

Hope and Homes for Children is a charity dedicated to providing homes for children orphaned by war in Croatia, Bosnia, and other places where children are suffering.

New Eyes for the Needy, Inc.

A non-profit, non-sectarian volunteer charitable (501c3) eyeglass redistribution organization that helps provide used glasses and other materials for the needy.

New York Cares

New York Cares is a community service organization providing volunteer, hands-on projects to build relationships with the environmental, social service and welfare organizations that utilize New York Cares' volunteers.

OneWorld Online

A worldwide conversation zone for sustainable human development in a one world community. A forum for global justice, conflict, aid, trade, education, health, human rights, population.


ReliefNet offers web sites to organizations involved in humanitarian efforts. A non-profit organization dedicated to helping raise global awareness and encourage support for relief efforts via the internet. The sites allow the organizations to describe their efforts and receive pledges online.

Ronald McDonald House

Long Island location helping children with serious illnesses to have their families nearby. A refurbish/remodel effort.

Santa Claus Anonymous

Fundraising for innovative youth programs in the Boston area, to foster educational, social and character development.

Send Aid to Rwanda

A Washington, D.C. based coalition of more than 150 U.S. non-profit humanitarian aid groups interfaced with accredited relief agencies accepting cash contributions for Rwandan relief efforts.

Starlight Foundation

An international nonprofit organization dedicated to granting special wishes to critically, chronically and terminally ill children by providing entertainment and recreation activities.

Young Benefactors of the Smithsonian

Young Benefactors' programs geared to increased awareness of the Smithsonian and its immense collections, and to insure the future of the Institution by piquing interest and commitment from Washingtonians ages 20-45.

Civil Rights

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Celebrates the Civil Rights Movement with archives, exhibits, sculpture, and multimedia presentations. Archives dept., oral history project and education dept.

Coalition to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

Coalition to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal. Information on this political prisoner.

Defend Affirmative Action

Upcoming events on affirmative action.

Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute's purpose since its creation has been to enhance combat readiness by fostering positive human relations throughout a diverse Armed Force.

The Flag-Burning Page

The history of flag burning. Essays, articles, comments and cartoons.

Free Ron Arad !!!

Captured Israeli navigator held for the last 9 years. Information on what you can do to help.

Healing Racism

To eliminate racism in the United States by developing communities on the grass roots level to foster committed leadership and to dismantle racism. Also links to cultural and related topics.

Insomniac's Affirmative-Action

CA State and Federal affirmative action issues from a conservative point of view. Forums on current articles, myths and misconceptions and relevant resources.

Intellectual Freedom

Page for the Intellectual Freedom Committee of the American Library Association. It contains both new and familiar links in a highly-accessible, well-organized and attractive format.

Maryland Association of Affirmative Action Officers

Maryland Association of Affirmative Action Officers. Discussions on affirmative action, diversity, education and minority business.

NAACP Rockford Chapter

NAACP chapter based in Illinois. Dedicated to the advancement of colored people.

National Civil Rights Museum (NCRM)

The Museum offers a comprehensive collection of Civil Rights artifacts from Dr. Martin Luther King. Visit the Cyber Tour for an online tour of the Museum. Also includes links of interest.

Recent Articles on Affirmative Action

Index of Articles on Affirmative Action. Various links to different discussions.

Topics of Concern

Discussion page with links to many interesting topics.


Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall

Information regarding graffiti and other forms of street art on the web. Lots of photos.

Assault Prevention Information Network Index

Links to various topics including self defense, martial arts, violence in society and self protection guidelines.

Australian Federal Asset Confiscation Legislation

Introduction to the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Auxiliary and Reserve

Auxiliary and Reserve police forces. Topics include counter terrorism. Police resource list.

Benefit CD - Rape Crisis Services of Northern Mississippi

All money from the sale of this CD helps provide rape education and awareness programs at this center. Lots of popular groups.

California Criminal Law ObServer

Features useful and interesting information about criminal law and legislation in the state of California. Also information on court system.

Calvin College

This is the home page for the Calvin College Security Department. The purpose of the information presented here is to better inform and educate the campus community on security related matters and incidents.


CAVEAT (Canadians Against Violence Everywhere Advocating its Termination), a citizen group advocating changes to Canada's criminal justice system. CAVEAT believes that educating young people and providing good social support programs can reduce violent crime.

Charleston Police Department

Charleston Police Department's home page. The police department currently employs 302 sworn police officers, 100 civilians and 15 reserve policemen.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has allocated a total of 1301 sworn officers and 353 civilians in 17 departments. Various topics include important phone numbers, crime stoppers, patrol districts and crime stats.

Cop Net

Designed specifically to facilitate the sharing of information between the law enforcement community and the citizens they protect.

Coral Springs, FL - Police Department

Coral Springs Police Department home page including areas on vice and intelligence, human resources, special response team (SRT) also patrol, traffic, K-9 and humane unit.

Corrections Education Research Center

There Objectives include critical thinking, particularly as it pertains to violent behavior, literacy/life skills, and special education needs of prisoners.


The Counter-Terrorism Page is an attempt to provide a single resource for people interested in the areas of Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism and International Crime.

Crime Bill

Information about the federal crime control bill. Statements on Titles 1-33

Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana

Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana offering special interest videos on robbery, rape, bank robbery, burglary. Other topics include most wanted lists.

Criminal justice Links

Whoa! A ton of links to every criminal justice site you can think of, with sites on crime, the death penalty, the Supreme Court, other courts, federal agencies and lots, lots, lots (did I say LOTS) more.

Criminals Against Humanity

Information about some people accused of crimes against humanity. Also alleged war crimes.

Davis, CA - Police Department

Davis Police Department Homepage includes areas on crime prevention, mailing lists, local newsgroup archive, and crime statistics.

DC Men Against Rape

A profeminist organization of men working to end men's violence through school classes, community workshops and local activism. DC Men Against Rape.

False Rape Reports - Index

Studies and statistics on false rape reports. Various links to same topic.

Families Against Mandatory Minimums

Through FAMM Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit, tax-exempt charity, the public and policymakers learn about the injustice and high economic and social costs of mandatory minimum sentences.

FBI Top Ten Most Wanted Page

Information on all the criminals wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Pictures and Statistics of each are available.

Forensic hair analysis system using neural networks

Describes an award-winning prototype system to automate the comparison and analysis of forensic hair images. Also many hair samples.

Freedom Club

Do you have an opinion regarding the freedom of individuals? Do you want to learn about the Unabomber.

"Friends" Raping Friends--Could It Happen to You?

Friends raping friends is the topic of this helpful site. Signs to watch out for.

Graffiti Vandals on Notice

Philadelphia City Councilwoman-at-Large Fernandez Press Conference on graffitti vandals.

Guelph Police Service

A facility to encourage open communications, feedback and discussion between the Guelph Police Service and the City of Guelph community.

Halifax Police Department

Resource for information on our fine city, crime prevention, local police news, and helpful hints and tips.

Helping Kids Cope With the Oklahoma Bombing

The American Psychological Association responds to the Oklahoma Bombing via a Web page that offers advise on how to help kids cope. Also contains facts about the association's Disaster Response Network and links to other sites with helpful information.


U.S. Department of State Counter-Terrorism Rewards Program. U.S. OFFERS UP TO $4 MILLION FOR INFORMATION ABOUT TERRORISTS.

Huisentruit, Jodi

Missing person Jodi Huisentruits' friends and family continue search on the net. Contains who to contact if seen.

Index - Police Agencies

Miscellaneous Law Enforcement Programs on College, State, Municipal County Sheriffs, Police and Military Departments. Also Police Agencies Outside the United States.

Indianapolis Police Department

Indianapolis Police Department. Various topics include Crimestoppers, prevention programs, and department history.

Institute of Police Technology and Management Jacksonville

Institute of Police Technology and Management at Jacksonville. IPTM annually trains over 12,000 students in various disciplines related to law enforcement.

International Association of Correctional Officers

International Association of Correctional Officers. Professional organization devoted exclusively to correctional officers.

International Police K9 Conference

As police officers, and as K9 handlers, the International Police K9 Conference is a personal and professional endeavor with specific goals and challenges.

Julie and Melissa

This page gives pictures of two little girls which disappeared two months ago in Belgium. Details on who to contact if seen.

K9 Academy For Law Enforcement

The K9 Academy For Law Enforcement. The goal of the Academy is to provide those techniques to you and to support you in providing the most effective and ethical service possible to the community.

Kali Ann Poulton - Missing Child

Kali Ann Poulton -Missing Child- has been missing from Rochester, NY since May 1994. Any help is appreciated. Details on who to contact if seen.

Kayla Mayberry Murder

Do You Have Facts To Solve This Case? On Saturday, October 22, 1994, some time after 10 PM, 19-year-old Kayla Mayberry disappeared from a nightclub in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.A.

The Keepers' Voice

Summer 1995 on-line edition of the quarterly newsletter of the International Association of Correctional Officers. Various programs and articles.

Law Enforcement Page

One of the first (or maybe the first) Home page for Law Enforcement in Australia. Links to help with domestic violence.

Law Enforcement Sites on the Web

A very comprehensive page of links; updated frequently, and includes an interactive table of contents.

Missing Child: Emilie Claire Hardy, Age 3

A child missing since January, 1995. Last Seen in Phoenix, AZ. She may have been abducted by her father, ReJean Hardy, who is an avid golfer. Details on who to contact if seen.

The Missing Children's Forum

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) maintains information about, and pictures of, children who are missing. This mirror of the files contained in the CompuServe Forum is maintained as a public service, by Maxwell Labs, in order to provide access to this information for Internet users.

Moscow Police-Campus Division

MPD Campus Division Home Page City of Moscow Police Department campus. Programs include D.A.R.E., sexual assault counseling.

Provided by Law Enforcement agencies, names of wanted criminals. The list is based on outstanding warrants from each.

Nashville Crime Stoppers 10 Most Wanted

A public service to the citizens of Nashville. Also includes most wanted list.

National Graffiti Information Network

Organization specializing in crime and graffiti prevention. Photographs and story line research to the print, wireless, and television media.

National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center

To facilitate the identification, development, manufacture, and adaptation of new products and appropriate technologies specifically designed for law enforcement and criminal justice applications.

Niagara Regional Police Service

Niagara Regional Police Service Home Page. Lists various upcoming special events. Also crimestopper of the week.

Office of International Criminal Justice

On-line newsletters covering criminal justice topics worldwide.

Ontario Provincial Police

Web version of our OPP Review Magazine, detailed information on our police organization. Request for information.

Open Letter From Bob Guccione

The letter from the Unabomber to Bob Guccione. Read the response and gain insight to the Unibomber.

OUDPS On-Line (U of Oklahoma)

Public safety web pages online including crime prevention, personal safety, fire safety, 1st-aid, health, and more.

Palo Alto Police Bulletins

The Palo Alto Police Department is URGENTLY seeking any information concerning the following crimes: Sexual Assault; Armed Robbery Bank Robberyl.

Penal Lexicon

Dedicated to prisons, penal affairs and human rights. This server provides information on all matters concerned with prisons and penal affairs. Primarily the focus is on prisons in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Peter McColl: Missing!

Peter McColl disappeared after leaving his home to buy a book across town. Your help is needed. Details on who to contact if seen.

Physical On-site Security Systems Index

Our primary functions are to readily available the names, addresses, phone and/or fax numbers and listings of products and their costs from vendors across the USA whose products and services meet the demands of an individual's, company's or corporation's requirements for security, access control, intrusion detection and crime prevention.

Placer County

Placer County (CA) Sheriff's Department. Various topics include citizens academy, area information and other law enforcement links.

Police Dogs in Action

- An insightful look at a police dog team. Various views and opinions on police dogs.

Police Dogs Killed In The Line Of Duty

A collection of various incidents gathered over the years during research into K9 involved incidents.

Prison Legal News

Prison Legal News is a monthly newsletter published by Washington State prisoners Ed Mead and Paul Wright. PLN reports on court decisions to help prisoners vindicate their human rights, both inside and outside of the government's judicial system.

Prison Legal Page

Prison Legal News is a monthly newsletter published by Washington State prisoners Ed Mead and Paul Wright. PLN reports on court decisions to help prisoners vindicate their human rights, both inside and outside of the government's judicial system.

Prison-Related Resources

Various prison related resources including writings of individual prisoners own unique stories.

Pueblo Colorado County Sheriff

Pueblo Colorado County Sheriff Community Policing. Topics include public safety bulletins and warnings, traffic safety, news releases and daily activity report.

Roseville Police Department

Roseville California Police Department Home Page. Topics include FBI most wanted, CIA, Customs, Dept. of Justice, DEA, IRS and the Secret Service.

SalvoWeb - Art Theft Alert

The object of this listing is to provide dealers with information to help them avoid and intercept stolen items. Extensive listing of stolen items.

Samuel James Ryce

Samuel James Ryce - missing since September 11, 1995. last seen in Homestead, Florida. Reward. Please help find. Details on who to contact if seen.

Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County Sheriffs Dept. Featuring general facts about the Sheriff's Office, department phone numbers, FAQ's, reserve program, search & rescue teams and cadet program.

Silent Witness

Cases from the Silent Witness program of the Phoenix police department. Help solve a felony.

state dept. terrorist profiles

Listing of terrorist groups by region and alphabetically. Information on Unabomber.

Stop Crime, Become A Tough Target

Personal protection devices. Stun guns, pepper Sprays, alarms, crime prevention reports, and more. Links to other sites.

Stop Prisoner Rape

Stop Prisoner Rape is a small but growing national non-profit organization dedicated to combating the rape of prisoners and providing such assistance as we can to survivors of jail house rape.

T'ai Chi Ch'uan

Ancient Chinese movement/healing/martial art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan, including traditional philosophy and descriptions of basic principles by certified instructor, Ron Perfetti. The site has information on ordering instructional video and audio tapes.

Terrorist Profile Weekly

A newsletter dedicated to the spread of information about wars' younger sibling, terrorism.

Tulane University

Public safety home page Tulane Department of Public Safety, Traffic Regulations, Parking permits and Fees, Fines, Shuttle Services more! Safety Tips!

U.S. Department of State Counter-Terrorism Rewards Program

Heroes Homepage. The United States Government offers up to 4 million dollars for information on terrorism.

U.S. Department of State Counter-Terrorism Rewards Program

Offers rewards of up to $4,000,000 for information leading to the arrest or conviction of individuals wanted in connection with terrorist acts against the U.S.

UNABOM Press Release

$1,000 for the information leading to the arrest of the Unabomber.

Unabomber Information Center

The Unabomber has gone far enough. A single person, or small group of people should not be able to forcefully gain power to control a nation. Nail this (these) person(s) and get $1,000,000, save the lives of innocent people, and stop the daily life of the nation from being disrupted.

UNABOMBER - NY Times letter

TEXT OF THE UNABOMBER CASE LETTER RECEIVED BY N.Y. TIMES (April 26, 1995) c.1995 N.Y. Times News Service.

Unabomber [Pathfinder]

According to the Chicago Tribune, FBI agents have narrowed their search to ten former students from 2 suburban high schools in the Chicago area. The schools targeted are in Niles and Skokie.

University of California at Irvine

Information about Police Services. Administrative & Business Services Home Page. CopNET.

University of Central Florida

UCF: Campus Police, Colleges and Departments, parking and traffic information.

University of Denver - Campus Safety Department

Campus Safety Communications. Got a crime tip? A suggestion for campus safety? A question?

University of Wyoming


University of Wyoming Police Department. Vehicle registration / parking, bicycle registration procedures. Important Phone Numbers to CrimeStopper information on outstanding crimes. Public safety report.

Unsolved Homicide

The Department of Public Safety seeks information about the homicide of Linda S. Yalem and seven related attacks on women in the Buffalo, NY area. Description of rapist included.

Uuniversity California Davis - Rape Prevention Education Program

Rape survivors index. We work to increase campus safety, to broaden public awareness about the nature of rape and its impact on men and women.

Victims Of Incest Can Emerge Survivors (VOICES) in Action, Inc.

VOICES in Action, Inc. is an international organization to provide assistance to victims of incest and child sexual abuse in becoming survivors and to generate public awareness of the prevalence of incest.

Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994

Details on Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. Including monies allocated and problems targeted.

Wayne State University - Department of Public Safety

WSU Public Safety Web Site. The Department of Public Safety is Wayne State's own police department It performs the same services as the police in the community where you live.

Winnipeg Police Service

Winnipeg Police service home page. About the Winnipeg Police service, Official Media Releases and Crime Prevention information.

Workplace Violence

Reference points for information about workplace violence and an opportunity to discuss the issue with others. Tips on how to recognize a potentially violent employee.

Yuba City Police Department

Yuba City Police Department. Includes listings of most wanted criminals. FAQ's Current organization policies.

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