Arsenic and Old Lace

Your One-stop Occult Supply Shop.

Aunt Agatha's Occult Emporium

Mystical and Magical items, Gargoyles, Voodoo and Gothic. Wiccan Oriented, with a wide variety of interest for everyone. Newsletter, Events calendar, and much more.

The Internet Occult Superstore

Magical materials and equipment, tarot, crystal balls, oils, incenses, candles, books and more. Trade Ads, Psychic Consultants and personal Ads. Occult info, hints, tips and competitions!

Occult and Mysticism [Shawn Knight]

An alphabetical list of web links which give access to Occultism throughout the WWW. Also, a working with the members of Network XXXIII.


Church of the SubGenius

This list is for members and fellow travelers of The Church of the SubGenius, an alternative religion. We discuss many new mental techniques including breakthinking, trance induction, communion with spirits, excremeditation, trepanning, short-duration personal saviours, the attainment of Slack, and many more.


Chinese Philosophy

A list of electronic mailing list, bibliographies, and other information related to Chinese philosophy.

Confucian Works and Views

This compilation assists in the teaching of Confucianism by providing a vast array of works and teachings by the master himself.

Electronic Buddhadharma Society & Buddhist Association of the US

The goings on of the Electronic Buddadharma Society includes finding your way to a monastery and reading the latest related information in Chinese. Namaste.

List of Sufi-related Resources on the Internet

A comprehensive list of Sufi-related resources. Photographs and poetry included.

Sufism - The Path to the Divine Presence

Originating in the religion of Islam, Sufism known as the Way of the Heart, the Way of the Pure, the Mystical Path of Islam. By whatever name it is called, it is the path which takes the seeker to the Divine Presence.

SufiWorld: Where You Are the Center of The Universe

The teachings of the Qadiri-Rifa\Qi and the Shadhiliyya. Includes Contemporary Poets and Sufi thinkers. Links to the rest of the Sufi World.


Gnosis Archive

Gnosis Archive Menu Maintained by Thomas Leavitt. Please contribute to this archive: original works, pointers to more information (ftp sites, mailing lists, listserves, bibliographies, to name a few examples), anything useful or relevant.

Societas Gnostica Norvegia

Gives a large assortment of informational texts, histories, news and scriptures belonging to the gnostic and hermetic tradition (in both English and Norwegian).

Hare Krishna

The Bhagvad Gita

Download the Bhagvad Gita in Sanskrit and English. Learn how it is with "As it is."

Bhakti Yoga

Hare Krishna Home Page Brought to you by The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust Founder-Acarya, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Site contains Graphics, Books, Magazine, FounderCenters, Philosophy, Other Resources.

International Society for Krishna Consciousness

Come to the Houston Hare Krishna temple to worship with their Lordship Sri Sri Radha Nila-madhava. Site includes Deity photos, temple schedule, directions, and programs.

Nam-Hatta World Sankirtana Party Hansadutta das

His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada has made Krishna consciousness and the Hare Krishna maha-mantra available by translating the essential books: Bhagavad-gita, Caitanya-charitamrita and other books into English and other languages.

New Goloka

What is New Goloka? Where is New Goloka? Hare Krishna temple situated in Hillsborough, North Carolina, gives information and literature concerning the Krishna religion.

Prabhupada Anti-Defamation Association

An alternative source of news and information on the Hare Krishna / Vaisnava movement.

Process of Creation

Vedic thought and bhakti yoga.

Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math

Gaudiya Vaishnava philosophy according to Srila Sridhar Maharaj and Srila Govinda Maharaj. Learn about the temple of Pure Devotion through a list of several web sites and home pages.


Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of life? Have you tried yoga or meditation? Have you ever questioned our system of government and politics? What about our society How can we create a peaceful world? Join Madhudvisa dasa in his search.


Alt.Hindu Archives

The Alt.Hindu Newsgroup gives you access to the latest news, scriptures, organizations and archives of the Global Hindu Electronic Network. Become an educated member of the Hindu Students Council.

Global Hindu Electronic Network - The Hindu Universe

The most comprehensive page on Hindu dharma on the Web. Includes complete text of scriptures, links to Hindu organizations, and latest news + views from India.

Sikh Dharma Page on GHEN

Links to various Sikh dharma from around the world. HSC is an international forum promoting understanding of the Hindu culture and heritage. Through many different activities and projects, HSC provides opportunities for the growth of individuals and the betterment of the society.

Sri Vaishnava

An electronic resource for images, poetry, and philosophical works of Sri Vaishnavism, a living branch of Vedantic Hinduism.


The American Humanist Association

The American Humanist Association. Welcome to this interesting collection of articles, essays, commentaries, lists, etc. They hope you find it as stimulating in the reading as they found it in the writing and compiling.

Humanist Association of Hamilton-Burlington

Secular Semantics-Humanism Defined. Humanism is a way of life and a way of thinking, as well as an international movement. Humanism is a commitment to reason, freedom, and responsibility.

Secular Humanism

People are happy to believe in God without an iota of fact to back it up--passionately happy and decisively convinced in His existence. And yet they believe, some say "know," that He exists. Proof? They don't need proof; they have faith. Others are not so sure, not so ready to swallow whole a belief without a little bit of fact to back it up. These are your atheists and humanists and agnostics. Check it out.

Stanford Humanists

Humanism is a secular philosophy that values people, emphasizes reason and focuses on the world we live in. Newsletters, links, weekly meetings, and major upcoming events.


Andrews University

Andrews University offers a variety of web access. You can tour the campus. Find out all the information on the registration process. You can also go right in to any department such as aviation, and find out what it is all about. This site will do everything except register you.

Bryn Mawr College

Looking for an all women's university? Discover Bryn Mawr in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Campus pictures, programs, and key facts are all here. Also, discover the coeducational graduate school at Bryn Mawr!

Carnegie Mellon University Newman Club

Information, activity schedules, and resource links (including other Newman clubs) for the Carnegie Mellon University Newman Club. A social, religious, and service organization for Catholics and people interested in Catholicism.

Clemson University Presbyterian Student Association

Information on worship fellowship, missions and publicity for Clemson students. Also includes a semester schedule for Sunday Night programs, alumni information, and some art work.

Closer to God

Decide whether or not you accept this provocative editorial on Christian "chatrooms"

Columbia Union College

A complete guide to Columbia Union College. Columbia Union College is run by the seven day Adventist Church. In this web site you will find information on important dates, maps and directories, more information on the Seven Day Adventist Church.

Earlham College

Earlham College in Richmond Indiana includes information on academic programs, admissions, campus life, and applications to the university.

Environmental Ethics

From the Department of Philosophy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Discusses philosophical questions related to environmental issues. Gives information on programs in the various Nordic countries.

George Washington University Hillel

Good general resource for Jewish GW students, with Hillel staff, calendar of events, and links to other Jewish Web resources. Links to D.C. info, Kosher restaurant guide, and Hebrew lessons.

Hampshire College

Take a tour of Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. This college maintains a school of arts and humanities and a school of cognitive sciences. Admissions material, programs, and a complete map of campus with photos are included.

Hartland Institute of Health and Education

Come and get an overview of the Hartland Institute of Health and Education. Thumb through their magazines and publications and check out their announcements on up to date health information.

Harvard-Radcliffe Hillel

Comprehensive listing of Jewish organizations and events at Harvard-Radcliffe, including schedule of services. No links to other Jewish resources.

Haverford College

Founded by Quakers, this small campus of 1100 students offers an undergraduate liberal arts curriculum. Located in southeastern Pennsylvania, view campus photos and receive information on admissions, campus life, and academic programs.

Hillel House at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Rich source of information of Jewish U-Mass students, with listings of many Jewish events and campus resources. Links to other Jewish Web resources and the U.S. Holocaust Museum site.

Hillel of San Luis Obispo

Those interested in Hillel that serves Cal Poly, SLO and Cuesta community college will find an attractive listing of events and leadership, as well as links to other Jewish Web resources.

Index - Cornell Jewish Infoline

A list of Jewish events and organizations at Cornell University. The updating of future events is somewhat irregular. Good list (with cool school logos) of links to Jewish groups at other universities.

Index - Newman Centers Catholic Student Organizations

A complete list of every Newman Center, Catholic College and University in the world.

MIT Catholic Community

Provides a student activity list of the Tech Catholic Community, as well as contact information for the Chaplain.

Penn State

Guides to issues, literature, local information and resources on Islam as a religion. Also included are foreign-related issues.

School of Education

The mission of the School of Education is to serve an international clientele, preparing individuals to educate others. This site will help you prepare, and think before you teach.

Sophia Institute of Science and Religion

At the Sophia Institute you will find essays and information on the harmony between spiritual knowledge and scientific knowledge, and mathematical knowledge in particular. The Sophia Institute also contains essays on spiritual philosophy and expositions on physical science.

Southern College

Southern College is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Southern College gives religious messages daily. And a list of all programs offered. We also offers a listing of all SDA churches in your area.-

Southwestern Adventist College

Southwestern Adventist College is an accredited level 111 university Located in north central Texas. You will need to know certain information. Such as Campus activities, admissions, financial aid and important campus dates. All of which is located on this site.-

Stanford University - Islamic Society

Islamic resources covering such topics as global news, local events, multimedia, general information and an email section designed for questions and comments.

Stanford University Newman Club

Contact information, activity and event schedules, and resource links (including other Catholic and Christian sites) for The Stanford University Newman Club, which provides Catholic programming and guidance to all members of the Stanford community. There are also links to other Catholic and Christian resources on the web.

Swarthmore College Computing Center

Learn about Swathmore Colleges academic programs offered, library services, and admissions departments.

Texas A&M University - St. Mary's Catholic Center

General information, as well as event schedules, contact lists and resource links for the Catholic Campus Ministry at Texas A&M University.

UMass Hillel Graduate Students Group

Useful source of information on the activities of this Jewish graduate student group (a subdivision of UMass Hillel, which also has a Web site with more information about activities, staff, services, etc.). It has some other Jewish topics links on the Web.

University of Alabama at Huntsville - Muslim Students Association

An information source for Islamic teachings in their authenticity.

University of California at Berkeley - Muslim Students Association


A service of the Muslim Student Union, designed to aid students, through community-based activities, to learn about Islam. This service includes social events, prayer and study groups, meetings, a newsletter and more.

University of Essex Islamic Society

Comprehensive information on Islam/Muslim topics are at your fingertips. Information sites include online Islamic book collection (includes Bukhaaree, Muslim, and many other titles), the Sister's Home Page, Primer on the Deen of Islam, translations of many Arabic works and articles, and much more.

University of Minnesota - Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Organization

Resource material covering numerous subjects dealing with Islam and Ahmadiyyat (i.e.:, beliefs and worship, introduction and English translation of the Holy Quran). Some sound files and graphics are included.

University of Missouri, Rolla - Muslim Student Association

Islamic reference material covering topics related to ICRM, MSA-UMR, references on the Internet, Islamic art, and other Islamic resources.

University of Northumbria Islamic Society

Islamic information resources - history, teachings and beliefs, translations of the Holy Quran, women's issues, additional sites and news sources.

University of Pennsylvania Newman Council

Everything you wanted to know about The Penn Newman Catholic Center and John Henry Cardinal Newman, but were afraid to ask.

University of Pennsylvnia -Yan Xin Qigong Club

Learn the roots of many Chinese wonders such as I Ching, acupuncture, Tai Chi, Chinese martial arts, and Taoism. Lots of information on Chinese culture and history.

University of Texas - Muslim Student Association

Information and resource center focusing on global news and events relating to Islam and the teachings of Islam as a religion.

University of Toronto - Islamic Ahlul-Bayt Student Association

Islamic resource information - teachings, links, literature, upcoming and current events, and Islamic Association listings at other universities.

University of Warwick Islamic Society

Various Islamic link sites, local information, teachings of the Quran, ongoing global events from Islamic newsgroups.

University of Washington Hillel

If you're looking for lists of Hillel staff and events at U of Washington, check out this page. It also has links to other Jewish resources on the Web, though Hillel campus pages may have more.

University of York Christian Union

Does proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ appeal to you? One of the main goals of the University of York Christian Union is just that. If you have what it takes to be a missionary don't pass up this site.

Virginia Tech Christian Homepage

Virginia Tech Students do you have faith in both Jesus and the web? Get in touch with the Christian resources on the internet. See the Christian Home page.

Walla Walla College

Walla Walla College-a spirit of excellence. At the Walla Walla web site you can find all the information you could imagine. Everything from important campus dates, staff, departments and a complete guide to other SDA sites.

Whittier College

Discover the wonders of Whittier College and Whittier Law School. This home page offers information concerning student life, academic life, academic programs and admissions procedures.

Wilmington College

Find out about academic programs, meet the college president and check out the career center at Wilmington College.

Yale Hillel

A very well organized, up-to-date, and comprehensive resource for any Yale student interested in campus Jewish activities. Better than average set of links to other Jewish stuff on the Web.

Yale Model Israeli Knesset

If you're interested in Yale's Model Israeli Knesset, you can get conference information, register for the upcoming one, and see photos of previous YMIT's on this page.


Al NOOR - Islam Reference Center

Asalamu Alaikum. This resource center includes an Islamic events bulletin, the Holy Quran, Hadith Qudsi, Hadith Bukhari, the Forty An-Nawawis (Forty Hadiths), Transliteration of Quran, prayer times for around the country, Islamic pictures, and access to DUNYA, a virtual Islamic community.

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam

Ahmadiyyat/Qadianism: is it a movement of reform or is it a pious fraud in the name of Islam? AAMI is trying to educate Muslims and non-Muslims about Ahmadiyyat's real nature and the true personality of its founder and his heretical beliefs as depicted in his writings.

Caltech Muslim Students

This is a resource directory for Muslims and people interested in Islam. Information available includes the Quran Database, Sahih Bukhari Database, Biography of Hz. Muhammed (SAV), Calmsa Ftp Archive, related Newsgroups, prayer times, books and videos on Islam, a list of MSA's in USA, Can, Au, pictures, brochures, and a list of Halal food places in Southern California.

Companions of The Prophet

Informational and inspirational, this is primarily a compilation of stories of The Prophet Muhammad PBUH's Companions taken from several sources. This also has an index for various resources including ISNET (Islamic Network), Islamic software, events, and people's page.

DUNYA: The CyberMuslim Information Collective

This comprehensive information resource has everything pertaining to the Islamic/Moslem world. Browse resources for Muslim activists, the Whole Dunya Bookstore and News Stand, access Islamic books, magazines, and newspapers, read the Noble Quran, access information on schools, universities, and Islamic educational resources, get basic info on Islamic beliefs, chat with others, and discover other on-line Muslim resources.

Islamic Center of Blacksburg

This is an Islamic resource center that includes discussion groups for the Islamic view of human life and death, a list of prayer schedules in Virginia, articles and brochures concerning Islam and a list of graphics.

Islamic Center of Southern California

Access the Islamic Center of Southern California, the Holy Quran, the Hadith, and myriad other Islamic sites including Islamic views, prayer times, and much more!

Islamic Links

This is a directory of major Islamic Websites.

Islamic Resources

This site provide information about Islamic beliefs, resources, community events, and organizations. It encourages you to express your ideas of Islam in Post and View.

Islamic Society of Wichita

Access various Islamic databases through this directory.

Islamic Texts and Resources MetaPage

This is a comprehensive springboard of texts, issues, links, and information about Islam.

Mosque of the Internet - contains 18 Meg

This site deals with hot issues, trends in Islam as well as explaining the Islam religion.

MPACnet Activist Resource Center

MPACnet is a clearinghouse of American Muslim activists to trade information, network, and work on causes that impact the American Muslim community. Action Alerts, networking, Muslim resources, news analysis, and policy issues are the main databases.

MSA-National of the United States and Canada

The Muslim Student Association web site posts all national MSA announcements, officer information, current projects, and MSA national resources.

Muslim Educational Trust

This is a non-profit organization serving the Portland Metropolitan area. It focuses on Islam as a faith, a cultural heritage, a moral code and a way of life. MET established three interrelated committees: Outreach Committee, School Planning Committee, and Publication Committee that you can access info on.

Muslim Student Association at USC

This contains articles and essays on Islam including Quran, Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu-Dawud, Muwatta for people curious about Islam and the devout Muslim. Also local MSA news links are available to access.

Muslim Students Association at CSUN(Northridge University)

Directory of Muslim-related topics (i.e., the Holy Quran, Islamic views) designed to educate Muslims and non-Muslims about the religion of Islam.

Muslim Students' Association at Oregon State University

Resource information on the Holy Quran, Islamic and Arabic literature, local Muslim community events, additional Internet links and MSA sites.

Muslim Students Association at Texas A&M University

Resource information on the religion of Islam. Included are fundamentals of Islam and Muslim, descriptions of MSA and related events, general local information, and site resources.


From this site you can access MSA activities, gain information on the Masjids in CT, information on Islam, and links to other Islamic Websites.

Muslim Students Association at UCLA

Guide to resource information about the religion of Islam and related activites of the Muslim students at UCLA.

Online Islamic Bookstore

This home page descriptions of an Intellectual set Books on Islam the Muslim World. View covers of most books, screen snap shots of various Islamic Software, and Multimedia CD ROM and many more.

PakBooks Online Catalog

We carries a wide variety of scholarly and popular books on Islam, Muslims, the Middle East, Christianity, and related topics.

QIBLA Server of Islam

The Quran and Islamic Books Library Archive gives you access to an extensive resource of Islamic texts and materials including Alim Online, texts, other Islamic links, and an Islamic organization database.

Salaam Ailaikum

This offers you Islamic and social justice articles, stories, poetry and links.

Shi'a Encyclopedia

This is an extensive encyclopedia about the Shi'a Muslims, followers of the religion of Islam.


This is an Islamic resource that contains the 5 Pillars of Islam, a local Mississippi Umma brochure you can request and a program you can download to determine your local salat (prayer) times.



Information and resources on Jainism - definition, archives, information on and off the Net.


Study guide and general information resources on Jainism. Jain organization listings in the U.K.

Young Jains of America

A Jain youth organization sharing the history and religion of Jainism through a youth network - information and resources, links, comments and suggestions.

Jehovah's Witness

Jehovah's Witnesses

Who are the Jehovah's Witnesses? What do they believe? Find this plus on-line bible access and other religious links. And no one will come knocking at your door.

New Light from the Governing Body

The humorous side of Jehovah's Witnesses, and the ultimate source of information on their religion.

The Watchtower Observer

Jehovah's Witnesses address many social and historical issues. Also includes a bibliography pertaining to Jehovah's Witness doctrines.


The A - Z of Jewish & Israel Related Resources

The A - Z of Jewish and Israel related resources and information. For all your searching needs.

Aish HaTorah Discovery

A Jewish Adult Education Seminar resembling the ABC's of Judaism. Lists Discovery schedules, who's teaching, and how to request a Aish HaTorah Discovery seminar in your town.

Aish HaTorah Toronto

A wide variety of educational programs designed to explore the various aspects of Judaism.

AishDas Society

Committed to the advancement of meaningful worship in the Orthodox Jewish community. Weekly newsletter.

Alliance for Judaism and Social Justice (AJSJ)

A community of progressive people in their twenties and thirties, committed to the healing of social, emotional, and spiritual isolation within Jewish and secular worlds.

Association des juifs des grandes ecoles

An organization to help unite and preserve the identity of Jewish students from the Business and Engineering Schools of France.

Association of Hebrew Catholics

An association dedicated, not to the conversion of Jews, but to creating a new Hebrew Catholic community life and spirit, offering newsletters and other contact sources.

Association of Jews in Engineers & Business Schools in France (AJGE)

The French Association of Jewish students in engineering and business, designed to help unite them and preserve their identity.

Atwood's Judaica Gallery

Welcome to the Judaica Gallery. Here you will find Judaica for all occasions. Flowers and chocolate make fine gifts, but Elephant Sculptures are hard to forget!

B'nai B'rith Interactive

A networking resource for the Jewish Community - supports community service, political issues, affordable housing, emergency relief funds, youth and singles groups, campus life. Members in 55 nations, worldwide.

Betar Zionist Youth Movement

Zionist networking resources - education, activism, sound files in Hebrew, news, questions and comments section.

Beth El Binah

Very cool and colorful resource for gay and lesbian Jews. It's the home page for a temple in Dallas, but it also provides links to many Jewish and non-Jewish gay stuff on the Web.

Bigamy and Polygamy in Jewish Law

Bigamy is explained in detail in reference to Jewish Law. Historical references given and quoted.

Bnei Akiva

World's largest religious Zionist youth organization. Committed to helping Jewish youth achieve fulfillment and self-realization through religious commitment. Access to NetMedia and Jerusalem One sites.

Brijnet - British Jewish Network

Provides on-line networking resources for the Jewish Community in the U.K.

Brown-RISD Jewish Student Union

A great resource for students at Brown or RISD interested in campus Jewish organizations, with staff names, event calendar, meeting minutes, and a directory of Jewish resources on the Web.

Bulgarian Jews during WW II

An archive of information and references related to the rescue of Bulgarian Jews during World War II.

Center City Reconstructionist Congregation

Although this page deals mostly with events and activities of this one congregation, it has a good listing of other Jewish resources on the Web.

Congregation Etz Chayim

Mostly regional information about a congregation in California, but has links to interesting Jewish Web sites.

Dead Sea --Intro

People have been interested in the scroll for many years. Now you can look in this library and see pictures of the dead sea scroll fragments for yourself!

Galerie Robin, Fine Judaica

Shop our Judaica catalog offering various categories of products for Jewish rituals, holiday and giftware.

George Mason University Hillel

Useful information for GMU students interested in Jewish organizations. Includes staff/contact list, event calendar, list of synagogues in Northern Virginia, and links to Jewish/Israel information on the Web.

Hanoch Teller BooKs

Literary Jewish masterpieces with an inspiring message. Full description of latest releases available, book lists and order form.


London's only weekly Jewish group for 25-35 year-olds. The Web site also contains a comprehensive guide to Jewish London.

Jewish and Hebrew Software Archives

A large collection of Jewish and Hebrew software for PC, Mac, UNIX and graphics and clip art. Printer and screendrivers for Hebrew, calendars, tutors, full text of Torah, Tanach, Shas Bavli, Yerushalmi, Kizzur and much more.

Jewish Bulletin of Northern California

The on-line Jewish Bulletin of Northern California is a comprehensive guide to Jewish life in the Bay Area with links to news, calendar information, entertainment, personal ads, Torah thoughts, and cooking. A long list of links to other Jewish-interest Web sites increases this page's overall utility.

Jewish Historical Society of Maryland

Preserving the heritage of the Jewish Community. Restoration of Jewish historical sites, calendar of events, programs, news, Internet project.

Jewish Music World

Featured artists of the Jewish Music World home page are given room to express themselves on their own home pages. Pictures, sound samples, sheet music, and articles are all available for downloading. New releases and catalog selections can be ordered directly from the web site. A link connects the visitor to other Jewish music resources on the Internet.

The Jewish Post of New York

Welcome to the on-line version of the Jewish Post of New York. This attractive site is set up to guide the visitor easily through the various sections of the paper: features, news, advertising and subscriptions. A Judaica Online button links the viewer with other pertinent Web sites. Shalom!

Jewish Student Association at NYU School of Medicine

Superior site for links to other Jewish resources on the Web. Provides JSA's address, phone, and e-mail address, but no list of events, staff, or campus resources.

Jewish Theological Seminary of America

The Jewish Theological Seminary has supported the Jewish community since 1886 with classes, publications, and programs. This site is the key to exploring and enjoying the many resources available on line to those interested in Conservative Judaism.

Jews for Jesus

Interesting collection of newsletters and other publications, artwork, a calendar, a virtual courtroom, a music and concert schedule, stories of Jews who are for Jesus, and contact addresses from around the world.

Judaica Newspaper Columns

This is a compilation of articles on Jewish topics written by Calgary's Eliezer Segal that originally appeared in The Jewish Star and the Jewish Free Press. The articles include Segal's insights on issues ranging from holidays to scholarship to community concerns. ®

Welcome to!!! - We are pleased to offer to you the most comprehensive online source for everything that you need to participate in or learn about a Jewish lifestyle. We feature Music, Video, Computer software and Giftware, and much more.

Keddem Congregation

Good source of information on Reconstructionist Judaism.

Kesher Israel Congregation

A great resource for information on Jewish community activities, resources, museums, etc. in Washington D.C. You'll find area maps and information about many congregations in the D.C. metro area.

Kesher - Reform Students On Campus

National campus organization for Reform Judaism. Provides links to Kesher liaisons at various colleges/universities and information about Reform programs.

MIT Hillel

Good source of MIT Hillel information, including events, staff, and more. Offers links to some other Jewish-related sites.

Network of British Jewish Societies

Colorful and comprehensive resource for Jewish students in the UK, with links to other Jewish organizations, as well as links to a wealth of other Jewish information on the Web.

Palo Alto Orthodox Jewish Resources

A decent source of information on Orthodox Jewish community activities and resources in Palo Alto, CA. Information consists mostly of lists, with few maps or pictures.


If you're Jewish, sing a cappella and go to Columbia University. Check out the Pizmon page with info and pictures of the Pizmon group.

Polygamy in Jewish History

Companion piece to Bigamy in Jewish Law. Historical references cited and quoted.

Princeton University

A useful source of general information on Hillel at Princeton. Calendar of events and some links to other Jewish resources on the Web.

Society Hill Synagogue (Philadelphia)

A well-organized and visually appealing source of a wide variety of Jewish and Israeli historical and cultural information. A great place to find very cool pictures and maps related to these subjects.

Temple Reyim

Although this site mostly contains information about a local Jewish congregation, it's kind of a nice page to look at. Check out the neat pictures of Torahs, and useful links to other Jewish sites on the Web.

Waterloo Jewish Students Assocation

General information on student Jewish organizations at University of Waterloo in Canada. Some information on events. Links to interesting Jewish stuff on the Web.

Young Israel of Cornell

OK resource for Jewish students at Cornell looking for Jewish activities on campus. You can check out Young Israel's facilities and members. Info doesn't look like it's updated too often.

New Age

Astrology for the Absolute Beginner

Learn about the basics of why astrology may be important to you. Then you will have access to a variety of services, including celebrity natal reports, a primer and workbook on astrology for beginners, computer generated interpretive reports and personal consultations.

Dino Links

More on Saurintology. Channel your inner dinosaur.

Meditation Workshop with Marvin Weiner

Exploring life through meditation, mindfulness and awareness. Discovering our inner self and our surroundings. Being aware of what's around us. Live the life that you want to live.

MINDWAVES, Instant Meditation Goggles

Information regarding MINDWAVES meditation goggles, an easy way to experience deep meditative states and the Ganzfeld effect (of entering altered states), without the years of practice normally required.

Natural Family Planning - Ovulation Method

Are you interested in a scientifically proven method of avoiding or achieving pregnancy which eliminates all health risks associated with contraceptives and is 99% effective? If so, The Ovulation Method may interest you. With millions of couples in over 100 countries already using this method, what do you have to lose?

Principia Discordia []

THE MAGNUM OPIATE OF MALACLYPSE THE YOUNGER Wherein is explained absolutely everything worth knowing about absolutely anything.

Principia Discordia []

THE MAGNUM OPIATE OF MALACLYPSE THE YOUNGER Wherein is explained absolutely everything worth knowing about absolutely anything.

Sacred Earth Film Production © 1995

Relaxation and nature videos for assisting the healing of people suffering from Cancer, Chemotherapy, AIDS, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Surrealism Server

Contains links to a plethora of Dadaist and Surrealist information.

Surrealism Test Center

The Course in Practical Surrealism 2.0 beta. Includes the Final Test.

Surrealist imagery

A docent's tour of Salvador Dali resources on the Internet.

Symbol Talk

Premiere meditation pillows for decoration and for meditation comfort.

Transcendental Meditation Program

Total knowledge of natural law for everyone to spontaneously think and act according to natural law. Creating an environment so that no one creates suffering in life.

Ordo Templi Orientis

Baphomet Lodge OTO

Baphomet Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), a Thelemic fraternal Order formerly headed by Aleister Crowley. An organization based on the principles of Thelema. Also enclosed the book of Law and map to location.

L.V.X. Camp, Ordo Templi Orientis

LVX Camp another location for Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). Located at the Playa del Rey in Los Angeles.

Translator's Guild (OTO)

International Guild of OTO, established to provide logistic help, software templates etc. to translators of the works by Aleister Crowley all over the world. (Hermetic Science College and Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica) General intent and purpose, membership, Services and other links to OTO bodies. Also Great text with graphics (Netscape).


Christus Rex

A private organization dedicated to the dissemination of information on works of art preserved in churches, cathedrals and monasteries all over the world. Take a look at the beautiful Sistine Chapel and Vatican City. Also go on a worldwide tour of Churches.

Cognitech Corp

Improve your health, take charge of stress, increase your energy. The Brainware mind/body system will increase your concentration and memory because mind and body work in Unison.

Dallas Promise Keepers

A Christ-centered ministry dedicated to uniting men through spiritual relationships. Join us and become men of influence in today's changing world.

Dignity/San Diego

Community of Gay and Lesbian Catholics and their family and friends in the San Diego area, offering newsletters, event schedules and more.

Federation of Independent Catholic and Orthodox Bishops (FICOB) Home Page

A directory of members of the Federation of Independent Catholic and Orthodox Bishops, plus all known Independent Catholic and Orthodox bishops and churches.

Index - Promise Keepers Resource Map

A Graphical PK resource map with PK sites geographically located by state. Find links to the people and organizations that share the same beliefs and interests as the Promise Keepers organization. Discover Christ-centered resources only found at PK.

Indianapolis Promise Keepers

A Christ-centered ministry located in Indianapolis dedicated to uniting men through spiritual relationships. Join us and become men of influence in today's changing world.

International Association of Sufism

The International Association of Sufism (IAS), a non-profit organization, was established in the U.S. in 1983. Teachers, students and scholars of all schools of Sufism are invited to join in the common purpose of seeking greater knowledge, mutual understanding, and the dissemination of Sufi principles.

Knights of Columbus Council #2577

An unofficial site for the organization known as the Knights of Columbus., dedicated to providing resource and council activity information for members and for reaching possible new members.

MSA at Indiana University at Bloomington

Check out the Muslim Student Association, at Indiana University at Bloomington to discover MSA campus activities, the Bloomington Masjid, other Muslim organizations and activities in North America.

National Life Teen Program Homepage

Event schedules, resource links, and the history of the LIFE TEEN Program, an environment which leads High School teenagers into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and His Church.

Promise Keepers

The Promise Keepers Indianapolis home page. Loaded with Christ-centered information dedicated to uniting men through spiritual relationships. Join us and become men of influence in today's changing world.

Promise Keepers' Controversy

Learn about the Promise Keepers movement. Loaded with Christ-centered information dedicated to uniting men through spiritual relationships. Please join us!

Seattle Area Promise Keepers

Learn about the Promise Keeper movement with their Seven Promises, Photo album, events and information. Find out what PK means to their members. Discover PK resources and other interesting Christian pages.

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

A good resource for those interested in getting involved in Conservative Judaism. More a list of members and events than a comprehensive explanation of philosophy or beliefs.

USF Catholic Student Union

Information, resources and event schedules for the Catholic Student Union, a university organization dedicated to fostering friendship, fellowship, and understanding in the university community.



OSHO (formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) is a contemporary enlightened master whose work, in all its depth and color, continues to unfold. His teachings have touched millions of people around the world. Thousands of discourses have been published in more than 700 volumes, including translations into over thirty languages. Osho books, meditation, disclosures, centers, friends and News. Everything you wanted to know about Osho.


AMG Satellite Shrine

Information is provided here about the AMG Satellite Shrine which is devoted to the anime series, Ah! My Goddess.

The Asphalt Philosopher

The personal home page of Roland H. Johnson III. Read about his personal adventures, hitch-hiking around the US and Canada. Find out about the Asphalt Philosopher.

Christus Rex

This private, non-profit organization can educate you on the Catholic doctrines and gospel as well as give you info and images on the art works in churches, cathedrals, and monasteries worldwide.

Prayer in the Public Schools

Discusses forced religious prayer in the public schools and cites biblical references forbidding such prayer. As a bonus, the Ontario Centre for Religious Tolerance is just a double-click away.

Religion Mailing Lists

Join a discussion group and participate in forums for Theologians. Wide variety to choose from.

Religious Freedom

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. This is a non-denominational, informational web cite.

Salvation Station!

A brief look into the life of Doug Litten. The Salvation Station also contains a listing of Christian resources on the net and where to find them. Other exciting and informative web sites are listed including earthquake preparation.

Satanic Ritual Abuse

Many believe in the reality of ritualistic satanic abuse. This site presents an opposing viewpoint. You decide.


Play the Sheep Game and learn to be a shepherd. Bible References to Sheep.

Struggling with Pornography

Are you struggling with an addiction to pornography? Learn about one man's struggle with his addiction and read the on-line support he received from other survivors.


Access documents related to Christian theology with various perspectives. Find out about the relationship of theology to technology and the Christian faith to other faiths.

Theosophy [Spirit-WWW]

A site devoted to theosophy, a western approach to eastern mysticism. Find out what happens to us after death and various other mystical beliefs.

The Voodoo Server

Different altars are used. Altars are described here as "crossroads" or "boundaries between two worlds."

WatchWORD Productions

The WatchWORD is an online Bible by WatchWORD Productions that combines strong audio and visual elements with text.


Bay Area Pagan Assemblies

Pagans - Who are they? Bay Area Pagan Assemblies (BAPA) Services and activities listed with educational and membership information.

Boulder Pagan Alliance

Boulder Paga Alliance (BPA) - They want an outlet to network and socialize. The Ranch is where the meetings will be held. Also information regarding the Denver Area Wiccan Network (Dawn). With a listing of future meetings available.

Georgia Tech's Student Pagan Community

Student Pagan Community (SPC) meeting times and topic lists with SPC members. Links and non-links, History of what happened last week and also a library of information.

Green Dome Temple

A non-profit organization describes their purpose and values. Pagan Resources, Calendar of events, fantastic archives of numerous categories related to this subject. Holistic healing services with witchcraft, Pagan and spirits.

Hazel Grove Musings

This site contains Hazel Grove Musings (HGM) Theme. Pagan zine publishes a journal 3 times a year. Web samples available of selected articles. In the Pagan nature a broad spectrum of beliefs.

Index - Pagan Resources

The page is mostly links to other resources with some additional information.

Military Pagan Network

Serving the networking needs of the military pagan community. Information package also in this site with information on how to join.

Pagan Pages

An online connection to the Pagans around you, featuring community calendar, networking, and advertising for Pagan and Pagan friendly folk.

ULC/COA World Pagan Network Page

WPN - World Pagan Network of International resources for Pagans with no charge.

Web of Oz

Eclectic feminist Neo-Paganism.


A pagan newspaper. Site has links to other pagan information.


Audio Bible

An advertisement for The Complete New Testament (King James Version).

Audio Scriptures

Learn about audio cassettes that bring the bible to different cultures and languages.

B.Usami's page

Interested in Chinese art? Find a complete list of servers of Chinese philosophy and art. View the translation of GU HUA PIN LU. And a complete picture show of, Philosophy of Zhuangzi.

Bassett Aromatherapy

We offer a full line of 100% pure essential oils, blends, French diffusers, natural personal care products, books, seminars, etc. Come and take a look - you just might learn something.

Bio-Genesis, Inc.

Bio-Genesis 100% natural occurring bacteria. Discovery information, product information with questions and orders.

Biofeedback Instrument Company

Medical products VAR with training programs instrument distributors and educators in the U.S. Equipment is used to treat many physical and mental disabilities. Such as Technical Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Training Package stimulation and Alpha-Stim Micro current Stimulator.

Health and Healing from ConsciousNet$hl.htm

ConciousNet Health and Healing. Healthcare products, services and books. There is also a listing of massage schools and health practitioners available for your perusal.

Herbal Product Store

The Herbal Product Store. US and Canadian product line. You can find Herbs in very many categories. Take a look! Also there is weight management, skin and hair care information.

Islamic Software Guide

Islamic Computing Center for U.K. - information technology research and development center for Islamic studies: software catalog, CD-ROMs, multimedia, helpline and technical support.

Jensen Health and Energy Center

The Jensen Health and Energy Information Center can help your body heal itself. Headaches, stress, digestive problems just to name a few. With great pictures and graphics. Take a look!!

John Paul II: The Man, The Pope and His Message video series

A 10-video series about Pope John Paul II providing an up-close look at this remarkable man and spiritual leader!

Kosher Express

The Kosher Express' "Matzo Market" offers a wide variety of Kosher food products that can be ordered by fax, phone, or e-mail anywhere in the U.S. Soups, sauces, pretzels, fish, and matzo items are just a few keystrokes away. Kosher Express offers a list of Passover and High Holiday recipes. They are also in the process of developing a directory of other Judaic Internet resources.

Mystical Mail Order Company

Catalogue of New-Age products. See all kinds of interesting items like jewelry, book lists, animal related items. Be sure to check out the new music and video section.

Oils Of Aloha

Oils of Aloha presents the Hawaiian source for Kukui Nut Oil based skin care products. Kukui Nut Oil is also known as a superior treatment for psoriasis.

Ounce of Prevention Wellness Center

Our center uses state-of-the-art equipment, and a unique approach using homeopathic preparations, herbs, diet and vitamins with an emphasis on the physical, organic and emotional aspects of your health.

Quantum Medicine

Welcome to QMed, your cyberspace source for Quantum Medicine and Electro-Physiological Reactivity including natural medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, bio-energetics, acupuncture and electro acupuncture.

The Rosary

This new double CD set or double Tape Cassette is of the Pope reciting the Rosary in Latin with the second disc or tape in Spanish or English.

Siskiyou Essence Company

The Siskiyou Essence Company is dedicated to contributing to the healing of the Earth and her inhabitants through education, service, awareness and integrity in workshops, consultations and the creation of vibrational products.

Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool

An online program of the Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool.

Top 20 Best Selling Music

A handy, quick reference for top 20 lists of Christian music, books, bibles and children's books.

Unofficial Christian Artist Review

This is someone's personal home page. It is a collection of Christian music artists owned by Jason McCoy. Each review reflects his own opinions and ratings.


Church of Scientology

Publications about the worldwide church of Scientology including 32 booklets on the churches history and creeds.

Church of Scientology vs. the Net

Documents the conflict between the Church of Scientology and the Internet/Usenet community. It contains an extensive set of links to first-person accounts, legal papers, and newspaper and magazine articles on the subject.

cult of greed and power: $cientology

This is a directory for the cult of Scientology, revealing to you through articles from critics and former members, information on Scientology businesses, and pro-Scientology links the dangers involved in it.

L. Ron Hubbard

This is a biography of L. Ron Hubbard created by the Scientology organization.

Scientology Critics

Hear what the critics have to say about Scientology.

Scientology's Private Investigators

Articles and reports from those who believe Scientology to be a cult. Descriptive accounts and photographs of supposed criminals who are known to be members of the Scientology movement.

Skeptical Scientology Stuff

A collection of skeptical insights into the operation of the Church of Scientology.


1995 Sikh Gurupurab Calendar

A listing of Sikh Gurupurabs in English and Gurmukhi. A brief history is included.

Fort: Panth Khalsa

Information on the Sikh Nation. Those who yearn to know and follow the TRUTH, should "study" the beloved and mystic contents of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and related scriptures.

Sikhism: Religion of the Sikh People

With over 20 million followers worldwide, Sikhism is a major eastern religion. Sikhism preaches a message of devotion and remembrance of God at all times, truthful living, equality of mankind and denounces superstitions and blind rituals.

Spiritual Leaders

The Pope Page - His Holiness John Paul II

Internet coverage of the Pope's U.S. visit and more, generally about the present and past Pope mission, histories, writings, including other resource links.

Remnant Ministries: The Three Angels Messeges to the World

Come and meet Dr. Russel R. Standish, founder of Remnant Ministries. Learn more about his teachings at the church and link to all the activities they have happening.

The "Unofficial" Pope John Paul II Page

Information about Pope John Paul II, his writings, as well as links to a number of good web sites with Catholic, Christian and Bible information.


Tao, A Synthesis of Taoist Philosophy

The author’s view of Tao is presented. He requests comments.

Taoism Information Page

This page contains links to English translations of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and the I Ching. Other links go to files with more information on Taoism.

Zen []

Contains links to the other Zen sites. HTML version of The Gateless Gate, a collection of Zen koans.


Unification Church

A presentation of the teachings by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Includes a list in the worldwide unificationist resources on the internet and unification teachings. Also includes artistic and international activities of the unification community.

Unification Movement

Home Pages and FTP Sites created by members of the Unification Movement in various languages. The Unification Movement is the summary of organizations founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.


BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Warrington, PA

Find out all about the philosophy of the Buxmont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. Complete information on how to contact the church, where its located, and the traditions they share at the church.

Corvallis Oregon Fellowship

A liberal religious orientation and are seekers after truth, justice, and meaning in our lives. Affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) headquartered in Boston.

First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh

A Unitarian Universalist congregation that promotes the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process. Offers a wide range of Religious Education classes for all ages.

Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church

Belief in the freedom of religious expression. They are as likely to be atheist or agnostic as theist or Christian. "But that does not mean we are not religious." They are concerned about this life and how to live it ethically. They strive to have open minds and hearts. "And we like to have fun!"

The Unitarian Church of Santa Fe

Belief in liberal thinking in American Colonial Days.

Unitarian Society of New Brunswick

Unitarian Universalis believes in total freedom of religion expression-the development of one's own belief. Headquarter in Boston. Has about 250 members.

Unitarian Universalism Resource List

A Unitarian Universalist Resource list is located at this site.

Unitarian Universalist Association

Home page of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Here you will find information on USU.. departments, districts, and other affiliates.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua, NH

Still under development. A Unitarian Universalist denomination that believes in freedom of all religion expression. Based in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Charlotte County

Recognizes the sacred in all aspects of religion, nature and relationships.

Unitarian Universalist Hotlist

Unitarian Universalist Hotlist page. A list of new and exciting events in the organization. Access to news groups and other people on the Internet.

Unitarian Universalist Net Heads

A complete listing of Unitarian Universalist people on the Internet.


Arachne's Web

Magic, witches, paganism...find all of this and more on this colorful page. Look here for links to lots of other Pagan stuff on the Web too.

Circle Network

Page for a wiccan (witch)/nature spirituality church in Wisconsin. Check it out if you're interested in such a house of worship or looking for links to other pagan sites on the Web.

Covenant of the Goddess (COG)

The religious organization Covenant of the Goddess represents wiccan(witch) congregations and individual witches. Check it out for information on their activities, on how to get involved, and for some background on their religion.

FAQ - alt.religion.wicca

This list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is designed as an introduction to Wicca and to this newsgroup as well as a reference for those investigating the religion of Wicca for the first time.


Information herein regarding Wicca with book lists, Coven of Crystal Dragon and Temple of Artemis. Also includes the salutary rituals and information of British witches. Super graphics and pictures.

Introduction To Wicca

Contrary to the site name, this page is one participant's thoughts, opinions and suggestions on the practice of witchcraft. Rather than an informational page, it's colorful, thorough, and interesting.

Joan's Witch directory

Good source of witch information if you're looking for it. Page includes many links to witch history, practices, and other witch sites on the Web.

Modern Witch Hunt Information Center

Information (from the witch perspective) on discrimination and persecution of witches, especially involving ritual child abuse cases.

Onieros's Information on Wicca

Attractive page with a presentation on wicca as well as links to other wicca-related stuff on the Web.

Wicca or the Old Religion

Home page for Northern California council of international Wiccan organization. Plenty of links to other pagan/wiccan Web resources.


Ananda Church

A source of information about the Ananda Church of Self-Realization. A large spiritual family with the common bond of the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Bowen, Gerri

Sort of a health yellow pages, check out the World Wide Wellness page here for professional listings from Acupuncture to Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga

A short page giving some information on Kundalini Yoga and Ravi Singh. There are links to lists of books and videos for sale. Other links lead to further information.

Power Yoga Workshops by Marti Foster

This site has links to further information on Yoga, Yoga instructors, Yoga classes in the Santa Clara Valley of California and further references and bibliographies.

Sahaja Yoga

The site offers information on Sahaja Yoga and its connections to other forms of Yoga. Many subtopics are discussed. Worldwide locations of Sahaja Yoga groups are given.

San Francisco Integral Yoga Institute

The SF IYI offers courses, classes and lectures on many aspects of Yoga, Spirituality and health.

Shoshoni Yoga Retreat

Hatha Yoga, Shambhava Meditation, and great vegetarian cooking are all served in a serene mountain retreat.

Yoga Fitness

Iyengar yoga studio in the Silicon Valley gives its location, class schedules and information on its instructors as well as a short discussion of yoga.

Yoga Paths [Spirit-WWW]

An Overview Of Different Schools and Traditions. Various vedic and non-vedic yoga movements and teachings are described with links to further information. Other Internet sites, Internet Relay Chat groups, and Newsgroups are linked in this page. There are also links that refer to other miscellaneous Yoga information.

Yoga Videos For All Ages

these tapes are highly effective in maintaining or improving your health, balancing physical and mental energy, and muscle toning. Information about the videos and the instructor is given.



Complete text and translation of the scriptures of the Zoroastrian religion.

Stanford University Zoroastrian Group

A student Zoroastrian Group at Stanford University with mailing lists, meetings and more. Call for more information.

Go to Listings,Anarkasis