Ragnorak: The Asatru Home Page

Information on the Asatru religion. Subjects include the Ring of Troth, information on groups and an online library.

Raven Online

A page for traditionalist Asatru or Norse Pagans including Ravenbok, a book on Asatru, kindred listings, and back issues of Asatru Today.


The Alt.Atheism Web

An interesting and frequently controversial view of religious from a thought provoking atheist.


An atheist manifesto authored by Jeffrey Clark at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia.

Campus Atheists and Agnostics

An electronic resource maintained by the atheists and agnostics on the South Dakota School of Mines Technology campus.

Celebrity Atheist

A list of notable persons, each of whom is living, has publicly and unambiguously stated his/her lack of a belief in a god, and is prominent for reasons other than that lack of belief.

The Church of Virus

Virus is a rational, atheistic religion mimetically engineered to fill an ecological niche in the idea-space of humanity created by recent advances in knowledge.

Joel's Atheism Page

Guide to other sites and resources on atheism on the Web.

Man is Man-Made

UK atheist web site, is a contribution to the predominantly American Atheist pages of the WWW. We would greatly welcome any comments on opinions and beliefs from people of all religious persuasions which, hopefully, will lead to some interesting debate.

Non-theism at Tech

A link to the home-page of a student atheist organization on the campus of the South Dakota School of Mines Technology.

Phunistle's Atheism Page

Phunistle's Atheism page is a constantly updated page with original documents and numerous links to atheism related information.

Religious Atheisms

A Guide for the Compleat Atheist - sources according to Christianity, classical atheists, liberation theology, and religious atheists.

Zen Atheism!

An interesting overview of the twelve tenants of Zen Atheism and it's cultural philosophies.

Baha'i Faith

ACT Baha'i Community Home Page

News, upcoming events and commentary on the Baha'i Faith as it relates to Canberra, Australia.

Baha'i Community of San Jose, CA

Information on local, national and international Baha'i resources on the Internet. Links to sites with tools to search and retrieve Baha'i Documents.

Baha'i Faith [Glen]

Baha'i Faith Page by Glen is an introduction and overview to the Baha'i faith. Baha'i teachings and writings are accessible as are works from the administrative bodies, many groups, and individuals.

Baha'i Faith []'i.html

Baha'i Faith is a resource site with copies of readings, quotes, and verses of God available for online reading.

Baha'i Faith []

The Baha'i Faith WWW Page is an introduction to the faith with information on race unity and world peace. Additional data is listed on archives, the international community, and the Baha'i magazine.

The Baha'i Page at SunSite

An overview/introduction of the captivating Baha'i religion.

Baha'i s of McGill University

Based in Ottawa, Canada, the Association for Baha'i Studies at McGill University, is an international society dedicated to the study of the Baha'i Faith.

Baha'i Workshop Online

This page is primarily for Baha'is who wish to know more about the Workshop. Non-Baha'is are welcome, yet it would be advisable to check out the information on the Baha'i Faith first so that one may get an idea of exactly what the Workshop stands for.

Baha'is of Danville, California

Local Baha'i information on activities, service projects, and books. Also gives sample of scripture and points you to other sources on the Internet.

Bahai Faith Intro

A good overview of Baha'i teachings, early history, recent history and current status. Also gives you references to books related to the Baha'i faith.

Glen Little's Baha'i Page

What is the Baha'i Faith? Introduction to The Baha'i Faith. Discover Baha'ullah, the prophet founder of the Baha'i Faith. Introduction, Bibliography and Resource List with references from all over the world.

Juxta Publishing

Dedicated to producing books, printed materials and software for the world-wide Baha'i community.


American Tract Society

170-year-old publisher of Christian evangelistic materials. It publishes and distributes over 22,000,000 pieces of literature a year worldwide.

Ananda Collection

Hand-made yoga and meditation aids, including meditation pillows, jewelry, incense, malas, statues and more.

Best Selling Christian Books List

This server contains Lists of Christian National Best Sellers by Hardback, Paperback and Fiction and non-fiction.

Carol's Creative Corner, Anderson Business Consultants

Personalized children's religious books with your child's name used throughout.

ChristHouse Christian Book & Video Store

Come visit our bookstore! we offer nearly 50,000 items including books, Bibles, Bible software, CDs, cassettes, videos, gifts, lots of cards, and other exciting items.

Christian Warehouse

Discount Books, Bibles, and Music.

The Collapse of Evolution

One of the most successful books on flaws in the evolutionary theory. Contains scientific evidences and biblical teachings to refute the notion of organic evolution. The premise is challenging: That a proposition concerning origins is the foundation of all other convictions, actions, and beliefs.

Dr. Hoff's Therapeutic Bibliotheca

Index of Books for Sale: Biblical Studies, Histories and Biographies Pertaining to Christianity, Library Copies of Old Christian Books, Missions and Evangelism: Social and Psychological Aspects of Christianity: Theology: Recent Christian Books: General History and Biography: Philosophy and Ethics: Psychopathology and Psychotherapy.

Eichler's Bookstore

Welcome to EICHLER'S BOOKSTORE. Religious articles and gifts Serforim, English, Judaica, Tefilin, Talaisim. They will ship world Wide.

Free Book of Mormon Offer

Contains answers to 23 of life's questions by the Book of Mormon including scriptures of Jesus Christ. Here is the answers in this free book!

HIS NAME Christian Books

Full service Christian bookstore. We caries lots of Bibles, tapes and CDs especially with Southern Gospel and contemporary black alternative music, T-shirts, cook craft, video, and much more !

Living Epistles Ministries

Original translation of the Bible.

Living Stream Ministry

Contains the works of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, providing authoritative information focusing on the enjoyment of the divine life, and the building up of the church.

A Prophet Named Daniel

Spans the seventy years Judean captivity and tells the story of Daniel's rise to prominence in the royal court of Nebuchadnezzar.

Sufi Center

Sufi Center Bookstore, offers books, music, audio/video, and ordering information. Here you will learn more about the International Sufi Movement, Sufi related Internet Sites, and Hazrat Inagat Khan.

Technology in Bible Prophecy

A parallel of Bible prophecy to modern advances in technology. Explains how the Bible described twentieth-century technology more than twenty-five hundred years ago, including its use in the destruction of the world.

Transitions Online Bookstore

Resources for those interested in religion, mythology, and spiritualism.

U.S. Judaica (R) WWW Catalog

U.S. Judaica, America's Jewish Bookstore, a World-Wide Web marketplace, is a portal to the 1-800-Judaism Gopher. U.S. Judaica is one of the largest suppliers of Judaica items.

Unseen World

An informative look at the dark path and how to get out. See how this can change your thinking!

Whole Loaf Publications

WHOLE LOAF PUBLICATIONS is a vehicle for the self-publishing of books by Jay Frankston who is the nationally published author of several books some of which have been condensed in Reader's Digest and translated into 15 languages.


Asynchronous School of Buddhist Dialectics

ASBD (Asynchronous School of Buddhist Dialectics) uses HTML to present texts translated from the Tibetan Buddhist scholastic and meditative traditions.

Buddhism in Toronto

This site is a list of various Buddhist resources in Toronto including sites of Temples, various events, and various Buddhist organizations and meditation groups.

Buddhism World

On Buddhism World you can have the information regarding the Buddhism resources on the WWW, Gopher, News and FTP. In addition, the related information of the Electronic Buddhadharma Society, the Buddhist Association of the United States and the Buddhist Association of the Lehigh Valley(Allentown, PA) is also provided.

Buddhist Information [GHEN]

Links to Buddhist Information from around the world including information on temples, scriptures, organizations and other various resources.

California NKT Centers

These Centers are all members of the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT), a Mahayana Buddhist organization founded by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, a Tibetan Buddhist Master resident in the West since 1977. They all provide a full program of meditation courses suitable both for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Chogye Zen Buddhist Texts

A wealth of information on Buddhism such as translations of Zen texts, answering basic questions on Buddhism, and links to other Buddhist sources.

The Clearing House (Information on Soka Gakkai)

A collection of information on the pseudo-Buddhist, Japanese, political organization, Soka Gakkai.

Daka's Buddhist Astrology

Daka's Dharma is a group of services available for Western Practitioners of Mahayana Buddhism. It is a bridge between the East, particularly Tibetan Buddhism, and the Western approach to life. Specializing in Buddhist Astrology.

Dharma Electronic Files Archive (D.E.F.A.)

The DharmaNet Electronic Files Archive (D.E.F.A.) is for Buddhist resources, helping Buddhists and other interested individuals around the globe to find Dhamma teachings and teachers, helping support Dhamma centers in all traditions, to promote dialogue and communication and helping build a vital and cooperative online Buddhist community.

The Eight Fold Path

Basic Buddhist study with a Nichiren Shoshu perspective.

Enmanji Buddhist Temple

Enmanji Buddhist Temple is a Shin Buddhist Temple, located in the town of Sebastopol, in Sonoma County, California. We are part of Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) and our ecclesiastical authority is derived from Nishi Hongwanji, Kyoto, Japan. Although Enmanji is historically "Japanese," all are welcome without regard to ethnicity, cultural background or sexual orientation.

Index - Buddhist Studies - WWW Virtual Library

This is a distributed subject catalogue. Including the Library of Congress Classification (Experimental), Top Ten most popular Fields (Experimental), Statistics (Experimental), and Index.

Index - Global Resources for Buddhist Studies

An on-line resource center of several journals of Buddhist ethics.

Introduction to Theravada Buddhism

The NCF (Ottawa) Special Interest Group on Buddhism contains a wide range of information on Buddhism and links to other Buddhism sites.

Janis's Info.omni Enlightenment

This site contains a vast amount of information on a wide range of topics concerning Buddhism categorized in a graphical index.

Journal of Buddhist Ethics

This site provides information on the Journal of Buddhist Ethics. Listing the current issue, back issues, archival material and subscription information.

Lama Ole Nydahl

If you're looking for videos and audio tapes on various topics within Buddhism, this is the place. They give you descriptions and prices of each tape.

Ligmincha Institute

A resource for Buddhism, dzogchen meditation, Bon, teachers' biographies, and back issues of our quarterly newsletter, book reviews, and an order form for the books, tapes and practice materials that we sell. Ligmincha Institute, founded by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in 1992, was created to preserve and spread the Tibetan Bön culture and teachings in the West, especially the practices of dzogchen.

Manjushri Center

Manjushri Center, is a center for the study and practice of Buddhist Philosophy of many traditions. Started in 1993, they give lectures and commentaries, and offer classes on a semester basis.

Milarepa Center

Milarepa is a residential center for study and retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. We are members of the FPMT, an international organization of monasteries, retreat and healing centers, publishing houses and communities dedicated to the transmission of Mahayana Buddhism as practiced and living tradition.

New Kadampa Tradition

The purpose of the NKT is to preserve and promote the essence of Buddha's teachings in a form that is suited to the Western mind and way of life. It is a new organization making an ancient tradition accessible to all.

New York Dharma Group

The New York Dharma Group is part of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and represents the 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje. Offers a history and glossary of the tradition.

Nichiren Buddhists

HOKKE KAI INTERNATIONAL. For those who want to practice Buddhism as Nichiren taught.

Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism

Buddhism is generally regarded as the religion established by a man known as Shakyamuni. In this site they introduce Buddhism and explain many other aspects of it.

Nichiren Shu

A Buddhist Organization founded by the religious prophet and reformer, Nichiren Shonin, who espoused the doctrine that the Lotus Sutra represents the embodiment of the genuine teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, the Savior of this world.

Sangye Men Cho Ling - Tibetan Medicine

Sangye Men Cho Ling was formed to promote and preserve the Vajrayana Buddhist philosophy, the Tibetan medical tradition, Tantric self healing methods (color visualization and sound healing) and international friendship for World Peace. Offering classes to an international audience.

Shin Buddhism Network

Share information concerning Shin Buddhist Tradition and Pure Land Buddhism as it is presently practiced and interpreted by Shin communities in the West and Japan.

Shin Buddhist Resource Center

The Shin Buddhist Resource Center is your source for Buddhist information. Also included is a forum for discussion and a newsletter.

Soka Gakkai International (SGI)

A lay organization for Buddhists who follow the practice of Nichiren Daishonin.


A Newsletter published by the Buddhist, tradition that emphasizes finding the deep significance right in front of us in everyday life.

Tiger Team Buddhist Information Network

This is an Information Network, a not-for-profit online service dedicated to serving the world-wide Buddhist community.

Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

This is an Interactive forum of "Tricycle: The Buddhist Review," an independent Buddhist quarterly. Among features: our 1992 interview with Jerry Garcia.

Virtual Buddhist Temple: The White Path Temple

This link contains a lot of Shin Buddhist texts in Japanese, Chinese and English. A virtual Shin Buddhist Temple in the Cyberspace. This site has been rated among the top 5% of all sites on the Internet by Point Survey.

Zen Buddhist Video

A resource for information on videos, especially those pertaining to Zen Buddhism and Buddhism in general.

Zen Garden

Collection of images, Zen stories, koans, and complete Paul Reps version of Ten Bulls, classic Zen teachings.

Zen In the American Grain

Here is an excerpt from Kyogen Carlson's book about integrating Zen Buddhist practice with everyday American life.

The Zennist

The Tradition of Mystical Zen Buddhism.


Agape Europe

An International multi-denomanational Christian mission organization. Works with students, churches, professionals, athletes, diplomats, artists, media and youth. Now operating in more than 18 European countries. Also provides an international events calendar.

Aggies for Christ Web Site

Texas A&M students interested in learning about the campus Christian group Aggies for Christ see this site.

Alabama Catholic Church in Grand Bay

Looking for a catholic church in Alabama? Try this one or review the links to sister catholic institutions.

Alabama Catholic Churches in the Baldwin Deanery

A detailed list on catholic churches in Alabama.

AlaPadre's Catholic Corner

A serious but enjoyable look at Catholic culture. Learn about the activities of dioceses throughout the United States. Get involved!

Amy Grant []

Multiple Grammy Award winner Amy Grant has been at the forefront of Christian music since the 1970s. Read her home page with many insights into her career and personal life. A full discography is included.

Anglicans Online!

Anglicans online offers the largest resource on the Internet for Anglicans and Episcopalians. Has access to Anglican news service, and links to other Anglican churches. Also includes a complete summary of Canadian General Synod, 1995.

Anglicans Online! - Canada

Anglicans Online in Canada. How they have put their church into cyberspace. Complete 1995 General Synod report. Reports from the Anglican journal. The first crosstalk section which enables you to talk to other church members online. See how Canadian Anglicans view our world.

Antiochian Catholic Church in America

Enjoy comments from Fr. Gregory Blevins concerning the activities of the Antiochian Catholic Church in America. This independent Orthodox-Catholic body attempts to reappropriate the primitive Syriac Christian tradition in our Western society.

Art House

A non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to provide education along side the local church, for artists and non-artists alike, specifically in the development of the Christian mind.

Asbury United Methodist Church of Amherst, NY

At the Asbury United Methodist community home page, you'll find this Sunday's scripture lesson, who are in their prayers this week, a prayer of reflection, and upcoming church events.

Auburn Wesley Foundation

A must-visit Methodist ministry at Auburn University. Contains links to the Christian Connection and other Christian hubs around the world. A cool launching pad for Christian web surfers.

Baptist Churches of Australia

A communication network of Baptist Churches and associated Missions and Ministries around Australia.

Baptist Faith and Message

Do you emphasize the souls competency before God? If so, then this Southern Baptist home page is for you. All the information a Baptist could want and more.

Best News Christian Software

Interested in getting to know more about Jesus Christ? Best News Christian Software can allow you to do just that. Best News is filled with the spiritual knowledge that you crave.

Bethel Lutheran Church

Located in Cupertino, California, Bethel is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).


.A complete guide to Christianity. Everything from daily devotionals, study guides, Christian chuckles or stories, and church search. Which can find any church on the Internet.

Biblical Contradictions

Discover the Bible in a whole new light! Consider the 143 contradictions present in the Bible and decide whether or not your faith wavers.

Brother Mark's Christian Material

Come see a huge collection of Christian material. Everything for the serious Bible enthusiast to the interested reader. If it's Christian, you can find it at this site.

Bruderhof Communities

While not perfect, this community seeks to live a radically Christ-centered life in the midst of a crumbling society. This Anabaptist Christian community was modeled after the early church in Jerusalem. Its communities have spread from Germany to England, Paraguay and the US with over 2000 members. Visits to communities are encouraged and a reading list is provided for those interested.

California-Pacific Conference of the United Methodist Church

The significant issues presently concerning the Methodist Church are discussed on California-Pacific Conference of the United Methodist Church home page. AIDS, homosexuality and alternatives in worship are just some of the issues that can be found at this site.

Canaan Baptist Church

The Cannan Baptist Church weekly activities.


How can Christ be a part of your life on campus? The Campus Crusade for Christ online is the perfect guide for incorporating Christ into daily campus life. It contains all the tools necessary for enhancing your spiritual life.


A place for cyber-Christians to meet and converse. A perfect place for your first home page! This Christian Cyberspace Community may be just what you have been looking for.

Catholic Answers

Catholic Answers responds to the needs of Catholic parishes and individuals in need of faith building. This North American Catholic apologetics organization caters to the needs of all interested Catholic organizations in need of direction.

Catholic Apparitions of Jesus and Mary

Have you seen an apparition of Jesus or the Blessed Virgin Mary? Well, you are not alone. Take a look at the major apparition sightings since 1347 and discover who believes in or approves of these occurrences. You may be able to add your experiences to this list!

Catholic Campus Ministry at W.C.S.U

Catholic Campus Ministry at Western Connecticut State University with event and program schedules and lots of quality Catholic web links.

Catholic Information Center on Internet

A central directory and repository of all data on the Internet that reflect the Magisterium or authoritative teachings of the Catholic Church.

Catholic Sources from the San Francisco Bay BBS

Do you know what the Catholic Church really teaches? Take a look at the San Francisco Bay Catholic Web Site for insightful articles and commentaries by knowledgeable Catholics and scholarly theologians.


Are you curious about the events shaping the Catholic Church of today? Do you care to dwell in a plethora of information regarding the activities of the Catholic Church? If so, this site is not to be missed!

Cell-Church Files

A Cell Church is a nontraditional form of church life in which small groups of Christians (Cells) meet in a special way in their homes to build each other up in Christ and to evangelize the unsaved. It is a church which defines its Cells as the basic building blocks of church life.

Celtic Christian Page

Gives an overview of what Celtic Christianity is, where it came from, and how it is relevant today. A female-friendly version of the religion.

Celtic Christianity

Celebrate gods gift of life. Learn how religion can help the environment. Find recommended books on Celtic Christianity. Including images from the book of Kells.

Chaplain Online

To provide chaplaincy service to all Internet users regardless of religion. Also provides education on temperaments, self-disclosure, religions, and other related subjects.

Chester Community Church

Church and Christianity, Evangelism, Outreach Unlimited Ministries located in Chester, UK.

Chinese Baptist Church of San Jose

Want to join the Chinese Baptist Church of San Jose? Come to this site to get all the information you need on the church and how to join.

Chinese Christian Resource Center

Find out what's new for Chinese Christians. Complete listing of networks, upcoming events. Where to find church and bible study groups. Also provides a feedback section which enables you to talk to other church-goers.

Christ Church, Pompton NJ

The Christ Church is part of the Anglican community and the Episcopal church. The goal of this church is to bring all people together with god and each other through Christ. Also a list and schedule of church events..

Christ Fellowship Atlanta

Seven-fold Vision of Christ Fellowship.

Christadelphians []

The Christadelphian network for the serious minded religious web explorer. Challenges every reader to compare his or her own opinions with the teachings of Scripture.

Christian Campus House at S.M.S.U.

This Christian Campus House is a non-denominational campus ministry for the students of S.M.S.U. It is used to communicate with alumni and students. Some services available: a schedule of activities, e-mail, a guest book to sign, and resources for the academic Christian.

Christian Connection BBS

A collection of files on the Bible, the life of Christ, and the benefits of being a Christian. Download games and find educational programs and editorials. Also general utilities for DOS, Windows and MAC.

Christian Connections

Looking for Christian resources? The Christian Connections is your total resource guide to the Christian community. Featuring online resources and communication guides to all your Christian needs.

Christian Consortium Network

Join the leader in Christian online information. The Christian Consortium Network is acting as the central hub for people, information, education, art, music, and business.

Christian Contacts

A company that maintains a global hospitality and accommodation network for Christian travelers. It provides many resources including: Christians traveling world-wide with contacts for fellowship, home-made meals, house-swapping and bed-and-breakfasts with other Christians.

Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt

A complete history of the Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt through letters, articles, pictures, prayers, hymnals, readings, lessons and more.

Christian Dramas

Link to the most popular Christian sites on the net located on this page. Find out who Jesus is, where he's from, and where he wants us to go in life.

Christian Home Exchange Worldwide Net

Looking for helpful Christian resources on the Net? This site may have what you need. A plethora of resources sponsored by St. Hans Ministry Exchange, Inc.

Christian Identity Online

Return to the TRUE Christian Faith. Learn more about today's hottest Christian issues and help preserve our Western Christian Civilization for future generations. Do it now!

Christian Interactive Network

Not just another Christian homepage. From Adam to Zion, the total Christian Interactive Network can serve your personal as well as business needs. If you can't find it, look here.

Christian Internet Directory

Christians in cyberspace! For the most complete guide to Christian resources around the globe, check out the Christian Internet Directory. A must for the Christian web cruiser!

Christian Internet Resources

For the serious Christian net use. A non-denominational site for discussion of Christian issues only. Provides references to usenet groups and Christian-related materials.

Christian Recovery Connection

Are you an addict or want to help someone in need? Help for Christians recovering from various addictions and resources for those who want to offer support. Join the Christian Recovery Connection.

Christian Reformed Church of North America

Understand the beliefs of the Christian Reformed Church of North America. Learn what we stand for and how you can become a part of this vital organization.

Christian Reformed Churches of Canada

Bring Christian peace and justice to the entire world. Come join the Christian Reformed Churches of Canada and learn how you can make a difference in our Christian world.

Christian Resource List

Welcome to a new and improved comprehensive listing of Christian WWW resources. This link will take you to a variety of Christian resources for your every need.

Christian Resource Network

A huge listing of documents on Christianity, Cults, Missions, Evangelism, Pastors Sermon Notes, etc.. Find a wide selection of Christian shareware for your every need. On-Line Bibles, Christian educational software and games can be found at this site.

Christian Resource Page

Confused about your religion, or just looking to broaden your outlook? This is the place where anyone can come when they want to know more about the religious beliefs of a particular denomination.

Christian Resources

Looking for Christian reading, bible related utilities or other Christian resources? This site will give helpful information to quench your curiosity.

Christian Resources on the Internet (1 of 3)

Tired of searching the Internet for Christian resources? Stop wasting time! This is the place to find ALL of your resource needs.

Christian Singles On Line

Christian Singles On Line provides global computerized matching service to connect Christian singles with potential mates that share their beliefs, interests and specifications.

Christian Theology Page

Looking for information on Christian Theology? Look no further, you have found the hub for locating serious Christian theological activity on the Internet. See for yourself.

Christian Watchmen (and Women), News & Focus

Looking for Christian resources or wanting to share your experiences? Join the Christian Watchman home page and bask in a wealth of information.

Christian White Pages

Search no further for your Christian needs. The powerful Christian White Page's search engine will find what you are looking for.


Formerly known as Christian Music Digest, the authors of this page need volunteers to help update the archives. Are you available?

Christianity Information []

Jesus Christ has found his place in cyberspace. Everything you could want in a Christian resource page. Look here to find that in which you are searching.

Christianity, Real Life In Jesus

Are you looking for a safe place for your children? Interested in home school or other Christian resources? Find the link to many Christian sites, all in one place.


Truths, Bible studies and radio programs shared by Christians who meet and work only in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christians in Recovery

This site is for anyone who DESIRES to recover from abuse, family dysfunction, grief, or addictions. Includes links to other sites such as Christians in Recovery FAQs and a variety of useful resources for the person who DESIRES to recover.

Church of the Live Oaks - Rocklin, CA

Baptist church congregation 20 miles SE of Sacramento. Provides church schedule, description of worship style, and available programs for children, youth, and adults.

Church of the Nazarene

The mission of the Church of the Nazarene is to respond to the Great Commission of Christ to "go and make disciples of all nations." The key objective is to advance God's Kingdom by the preservation and propagation of Christian Holiness as set forth in the Scriptures.

Cleary Baptist Church - Cleary, MS

Want to meet God and his son, Jesus Christ? Follow the simple instructions at this site and eternal life can be yours.

Colony Baptist Church

Want a church that really cares for you? Then come to the Colony Baptist Church. A church that really cares for its followers.

Community Christian Ministries

With non-profit Christian bookstores in Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, and Utah, CCM seeks to reach college communities with the words of Christ.


A monthly interdenominational Christian newsletter calling the church to new life. Focus on: world ministry; the church of today and the future; and looking at current church issues and religious beliefs in a fresh, open and honest way. Speaks in clear, concise conversational lay language.

Contemplative Outreach

A non-profit organization which teaches and promotes the practice of Centering Prayer, a simple and effective technique of Christian contemplation. This is a revival of one of the original goals of the early church. Currently practiced and taught in 37 communities world-wide.

Contemporary Christian Music

If you want the entire scoop on Christian music, this is the site for you. It provides a plethora of links connecting you to almost anything you want to know about the Christian music scene.

Covenant Baptist church

Come to where the best Christian resources on the net are located, the Covenant Baptist Church. Information on the church and other interesting sites to log into.

Cross Bar X Youth Ranch

A non-denominational Christian camp in Colorado for disadvantaged and low income youth. Become a camp counselor or send a kid to camp. Check with us for off season rentals.

Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, DeSoto, Texas

Traditional Lutheran Teachings in DeSoto, Texas.

Cumming United Methodist Church - Cumming, GA

This Forsyth County, Georgia church rises to the challenge of providing Christian worship and service opportunities for all. Check this site out to learn more about their worship options for all ages.

D.L. Dykes, Jr. Online Ministry

D.L. Dykes, Jr., pastor emeritus of the First United Methodist Church in Louisiana, has hosted a Sunday television sermon for over 30 years. He brings his vision and insights to the world wide web. Books and videos can be viewed and purchased through his home page.

Dakoda Motor Co.

Christian Alternative band, Featuring Peter King, from MTV.

Dallas/Fort Worth Heritage Online

Monthly news publication from a Christian world view, featuring some of today's finest Christian writers addressing issues of worldwide interest. Though based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, articles are of general interest and impact to the larger national Christian community.

Deaf Ministry of the Florida Conference UMC

The Florida Conference Deaf Ministry of the United Methodist Church has developed an ever-growing support system for deaf persons, families and advocates in the Florida area. A great starting point to access hearing impaired services web-wide.

Deer Park Baptist Church, Australia

Want to know your future? Deer Park Baptist Church will tell you. Also get information on their church and link to other Baptist Churches on the net.

DELTA Ministries - Short Term Missions

A Conservative Baptist Church missionary group that deploys over 850 short and long-term missionaries serving the Church in over 60 countries. One step into this website may be the first step into your own mission.

DFC UK - Dance For Christ

This UK Christian arts group celebrates and honors Christ through mime, dance and drama. See the group in action in the Dance for Christ web page.

The Diocesan ObServe

The Diocesan Observer is the official publication of the Serbian Orthodox New Gracanica Metropolitanate Diocese of America and Canada.

Divine Mercy

Learn about one of the most revered devotions of the Roman Catholic Church, The Devotion of Divine Mary. This devotion is based on God's infinite mercy provided to Sister Faustina Kowalska in the 1930's.

Eastern Nazarene College

The Eastern Nazarene College homepage. Learn about the college, enrollment, and student and alumni activities. Be part of the campus.

Eastern Orthodox Spiritual Direction Files

A Eastern Orthodox collection of inspired writings.

Evangelical Free Church of America

Here you will find the statement of faith, the history, and the ministries of the Evangelical Free Church of America. Included are links to individual EFCA churches.

Evangelical Network

A positive resource and support network for Christian and non-Christian gays, lesbians, bisexuals. It is open to both charismatics and non-charismatics, fundamentalist and evangelicals in its doctrinal positions.

Federation of Independent Catholic and Orthodox Bishops

A listing of all members of the Federation, plus all known Independent Catholic and Orthodox bishops' addresses and churches. The bishops and jurisdictions on this list have promised to Love God with all their hearts and their neighbors as themselves. They are honored as peacemakers and respected as Christian leaders following in the footsteps of Christ. Look for full descriptions of their churches within.

First Baptist Church of Atlanta

First Baptist Church of Atlanta has two church locations. This site describes the large single adult environment, gives an introduction to the pastors, the outreaches and their counseling ministry.

First Baptist Church of Ft. Lauderdale

Information on the First Baptist Church of Ft. Lauderdale. Get information on their weekly and annual events. Also links to the Christian Interactive Network.

First Baptist Church of Hoover, AL

A complete list of ministries is located here at First Baptist church of Hoover. Get a detailed list from preschool through adult ministries, plus a great list on Values.

First Baptist Church of Martin, Tennessee

Welcome to the First Baptist Church located in Martin, Tennessee. Find out about their Sunday and Midweek worship and learn about their staff.

First Baptist Church of Sausalito, CA

Find out what the first Baptist Church of Sausalito believes and preaches. Meet their Ministers and pastors and find out about their order and style of worship.

First Christian Reformed Church of Salt Lake City

Home page of the First Christian Reform Church of Salt Lake City. Take a look at our worship schedule and see what our organization has to offer.

First Church of Cyberspace

We bring Christianity online in a strong, Net savvy, manner. We use RealAudio, Netscape animation, and graphics to showcase art, music, multi-media Bible, movie reviews, and online discussion.

First Evangelical Free Church of Cedar Falls, Iowa

Come visit the First Evangelical Free Church of Cedar Falls, Iowa. Statement of belief, service times and calendar of events are all here.

Fish TV

For the latest info regarding premier Christian video and radio, check this page out. It's classy and creative. Download top 10 lists, Christian music news, and engage in celebrity chitchat with your favorite Christian music artists.

For the Strength of Youth

A summarization of moral guidelines for young people, as presented by the Mormon Church.

Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies

The Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies is a non-profit foundation that promotes the study of The Book of Mormon and other scriptures. It offers a newsletter and access to critical papers, as well as publications, monographs and lectures.

Gene's LDS Page

One man's personal compilation of Latter Day Saints(LDS) resources and inspiration. Links to "Space Mormons: An Internet Guide," Mormon photo page, and every recorded temple dedicatory prayer.

Gill Byrd: Former pro football player

Former San Diego Charger explains how he tacked obstacles in his life with Christian beliefs. Inspirational testimony and other fun links.

Global Wavesystem

A Christian Band. Includes a discography, image gallery, band members, commentary, gws news, equipment, sample sources, and related links.

Good News for Catholics

A review of books, videos and other materials about contemporary issues in Catholicism. Some resources available in Portuguese, Polish and Korean, as well as a Spanish.

GOSHEN: Global Online Service Helping Evangelize Nationa

Follow this address to the Internet Christian Resource Directory. Christian education, resources and an excellent search engine are at your fingertips for instant access to the world of Christianity on the web.

Gospel Communications Network

Look here for the on-line gateway to the world of Christianity. The website contains links and search engines for accessing what you want to know about Christian organizations world-wide. Includes several translations and reference sites.

Gospel Distribution Ministry

Impressive graphics and the writings and sermons of Brother Julius Adewumi are all included in this Christian home page.

Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

Are you dedicated to the truths of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ? Come to this site and be as one. Find a multitude of Christian and Theological resources.

Grace Baptist Temple in Prattville Alabama

Is your child a delinquent? The Grace Baptist church in Alabama has a 12 step program to reform him or her. Also allows you access to various other links.

Grace Chapel Youth Ministry

If you're net surfing through Tucson, AZ, be sure to visit Grace Chapel Youth Ministry. A full menu of events for the young Christian and links to other good Christian sites can be found here.

The Grace Hour

The world's first Christian radio program on the Internet. The Grace Hour is an international radio ministry of the Greater Grace World Outreach. Listen and Learn.

Grace Lutheran Church

Grace Lutheran Church is a community where people center their lives in Jesus Christ located in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Gregory, Lee

Official web page of Lee Gregory Music Ministries. Here you will find concert dates and locations as well as a running commentary on the state of Christian music in the Puget Sound area.

Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet

The most comprehensive guide to Christian literature on the internet. Come explore the multitude of literature found on the fastest growing resource in the world.

Heavenly Riffs Video Show

This site provides robust links to the best in Christian Rock, Hard-core, Groove, Metal, and Alternative Music. It also features the best in local Christian Indie Bands. Another great resource for keeping current on the Christian music scene.

The Highway

Are you tired of the same old Christian outlook in a changing society? Find a modern, alternative look at Christianity at The Highway?

Home Page for School Chaplains

If you are a school chaplain, or would like to becoming one, see this home page to link with others who share your interests. Contains bookmarks to other Christian programs around the world.

In the Footsteps of the Lord

Interested in finding out about available Christian resources? The Footsteps of the Lord offers this page to give you Christian testomonies and articles.

In Truth & Spirit

Bilingual (English and Malayalam) newsletter published by India Pentecostal Assembly to reach out to Christians and non-christians alike. Uses Bible as a basis of looking at modern issues. Appeals especially to those from the Indian sub-continent.

Index - Christian Artist Index

List of about 70 Christian (or of interest to Christians) artists' web pages.

Index - Christian Student Centers

This site lists the Christian Student Centers from various colleges. Find out if your school has services to offer.

Index - LDS Mission Alumni Pages

Here's a collection of Mormon Mission sites around the world with information about what respective alumni are up to. Easy to find your way through with nice graphics.

Index - Nazarene Internet Resources

A private homepage of a graduate of Nazarene Theological Seminary. His goal is to use the tools of today to equip the Church for ministry to our world.

India Pentecostal Assembly of Boston

The IPAB is a church for Christians of all ethnic groups, particularly those from the Indian sub-continent. This site includes statement of faith, Church Newsletter, calendar of events, and service schedule.

Indiana State University - Baptist Student Union

Do you love fun as much as you love Christ? Indiana State Baptist Student Union allows students to interact and have a good time, while celebrating the Lord. Thrill seekers look no further.

Institute for Christian Leadership - ICLnet

Provides resources that address the critical issues facing Christian higher education. These include publishing the Faculty Dialogue, an academic journal published three times a year, and hosting seminars and workshops for faculty.

International Christian Media Commission

An association of Christian media professionals from around the world. This association forms a global network of cooperation to make Christian communication a united effort. Eectronic conferences on issues and subjects relevant to our members who live and work in 121 countries are also held.

International Needs

A partnership of Christians in over 40 countries who are pooling their resources to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their ministries must be indigenous, and relationship building is the key to their effectiveness.

International Students Inc.

A group of Christian who provide friendship partners for International Students in Orange County, California. These partners help International students adjust and enjoy American life and receive a well-rounded picture of this country and its people.

International Union of Gospel Missions

An association of over 250 rescue missions and other Christian organizations helping the homeless and other needy inner-city people since 1913. Also provided are listings of news and related events, information on homelessness, and newsletters and other published information.

Internet for Christians Newsletter

Great review of resources available to Christians who want to learn how to access and utilize the Internet. Biweekly Web newsletter reviews websites, mailing lists, online services, “what’s new”, commentary, and other Christian personal pages of interest to Christians. Editor wrote book “Internet for Christians.”

Intro. to the Book of Mormon

Author's unofficial synopsis of The Book of Mormon and enthusiastic presentation of background information (mostly text) regarding the Mormon faith. Also includes links to commonly asked questions and standard Mormon reference works.

Intro. to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

One practitioner's summary of the basic tenets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. A testament to one man's faith! Includes the author's extensive home page and kindred references.

Lively source of electronic databases relating to the Mormon Church. This publisher presents "Book of Mormon Stories," "The Ultimate LDS Library," an explication of classic Church texts, and the "1995 LDS Collector's Edition CD-ROM," billed as the first multimedia LDS reference work.

Jericho Road, Inc.

A non-profit Christian organization providing a centralized, ecumenical, global repository of ministry information. Volunteer opportunities, guided tours and a calendar of events are included in this offering. Churches and organizations listed serve the Memphis and Shelby County Tennessee.

Jesus Christ's Eternal Abundant Life, Inc.

Experience Christianity through the teaching of Rev. George L. Pike. Home page selections include music, poetry, and religious tracts in many, many languages. Excellent graphics are included in nearly every link.

Joel Gazis-Sax's Book List

Find an extensive bibliography on Quaker beliefs and practices. Learn about the Quaker opinion with readings to enlighten any socially conscious individual.

JR Music

An outstanding resource. Provides a massive collection of Christian Music Resources. This page is the home of SOAE Web site and listserv.

KAN Distributors'

Looking for software for the Christian family of today. discover our Multimedia Bible Interactive and our online catalog.

Kathy Troccoli

Kathy Troccoli is one of the leading Contemporary Christian singers of today.

King's Centre Langley, B.C.

The King's Centre is a Christian church located in British Columbia. This site gives comprehensive information on publications, education, geographical lists of churches and a selection of Christian resources.

La Crescenta Presbyterian Church

Home page for this Glendale, California Presbyterian congregation. Learn about church history, statements of faith, pastoral reflections, education opportunities, special ministries and upcoming events.

LDS - Online Art Gallery

Art gallery of significant Mormon imagery, from pictures of Mormon temples from around the world, to Church leader portraits and historical paintings.

Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement

Seeks to encourage fellowship, friendship and support among individual lesbian and gay Christians through prayer, study and action. They also help the whole Church re-examine its understanding of human sexuality and work toward positive acceptance of lesbian and gay relationships.

Light of the World Christian Ministries

With churches in New York and New Hampshire, the Light of the World Christian Ministries concentrates on the family and society. Explore this page for LTWCM and other east coast Christian resources.

The Lighthouse

An electronic magazine devoted to contemporary Christian music. It offers full and 'lite' versions of the magazine as well as back issues.


An electronic magazine devoted to alternative Christian music. While the big names are covered, this page prides itself on being a place where smaller indies bands can get coverage.

Living Stones Newsletter

Christian magazine published by youth for youth. With the bible as a foundation, this magazine deals with issues which are of interest to youth. Also includes reviews of latest Christian music and an bible studies which are excellent for youth. A must for youth ministers.

Lonely Catholic Youth Page

Feeling lonely? Finding difficulty coping with college life? Join the "Lonely Catholic Youth" page and find consolation and acceptance from other lonely youths experiencing the same problems in the college environment.

Meadow View Baptist Church, Australia

A great introduction to a Baptist Church down under. The page introduces the community, the church and provides an access point for other Christian resources on the net.

Menorah Ministries (Messianic)

Explore the Biblical Jewish roots of Christianity. This Colorado ministry publishes The Menorah Light and will refer you to many other resources to further your studies.

MIT Orthodox Christian Fellowship Archive of Icons

An Orthodox Christian Fellowship Archive of online icons. Encouraging the development of theological and liturgical materials based on earth and nature centered religious and spiritual perspectives.


Thorough resource for the Mormon Church, including chat channel, e-mail list and biographies of members. Features a library of graphics including pictures of various temples and members. Many links to relevant publications and LDS resources.

Mountain Grove Lutheran Parish

The Mountain Grove Lutheran Parish is a cooperative ministry of three congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Nazarene World Mission Society

The NW's resource library. Use the resources that the Church of the Nazarene uses. Become and educated member of the World Mission Society.

New Advent Catholic Resources

For the curious Catholic, New Advent Catholic Resources contains hundreds of documents and links related to the Catholic doctrine and the apologetics.

New Colony Baptist Church

Member of the Greater Boston Baptist Association (GBBA).

New Hope Christian Fellowship

Find out about New Hope Christian Fellowship in Sacramento, California. Browse our newsletter or learn more about our mission work, teachings and sermons.

The New Reformation Review

A monthly newsletter dedicated to the advancement of House Church Christianity. The most subversive, sassy, obnoxious, scintillating, wonderful commentary on the Christian Church today. NRR is dedicated to revolution in church life. BEWARE: it could change your life!

North Alabama Nazarene

Become one with the North Alabama Nazarenes. Discover the world of Alabama.

Ocean Grove (OGCMA)

Here is your chance to get away from it all in a Christian environment. Ocean Grove, NJ (USA) is a beach seaside destination for the whole family. Recreation, worship, site seeing and more await you.

The Official Homepage for PROMISE

Christian artists with top-rated CD's.

Omni-list of Christian Links

New to the web? This frequently updated site is a great place for Christians to start browsing the net. Something for every Christian of every age is included.

Online Bible Institute

The Online Bible Institute offers a unique method of learning and understanding the Bible without attending Sunday School. Receive enlightenment via the Internet!

Orthodox Bard

Dedicated to the arts in an Orthodox Christian context. Featuring music, literature, iconography and the cultures in which Orthodoxy has flourished traditionally.

Orthodox Christian Foundation

Feature articles, OCF sponsored pages, Orthodox world news and many other links for Orthodox related contributions.

Orthodox Christian Page in America

Includes daily reading, prayers for mealtime, a European page, an American page, plus Orthodox icons and a library.

Orthodox Christian Page in Europe

Includes daily reading, prayers for mealtime, Orthodox icons and links to other Orthodox pages.

Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Learn about the history, doctrine and characteristics, and the ministries of this relatively new congregation. This church confesses the Bible to be the Word of God, and has made it her authority for faith and practice.

Payne, Carla

Christian vocalist specializing in Adult Contemporary and Inspirational music. It contains information on her debut album, as well as sound samples.


Submit your opinion to the Peace and Social Concerns Committee of the Ottawa Monthly Meeting. Learn more about the Quaker culture with on-line books. Discover other related resources found on the web.

Penn State University - Alliance Christian Fellowship

Penn State students who put their faith in Jesus Christ our Savior, see this site. You should be familiarized with the Alliance Christian Fellowship, and join others in worshiping Christ.

PKnet (Promise Keepers Information Network

A Christ-centered ministry information network dedicated to uniting men through spiritual relationships. Dedicate yourself to changing your life.

Power House Church Movement

The goal of this Web Site is to provide a resource for Christian leaders who wish to better communicate their message and provide information about the Power House.

Presbyterian Church USA

Information from the central office of the Presbyterian Church in the US. Lots of interesting information, including eculaugh (good clean religious humor), mission news, a brief statement of faith, a research service, and news from the Presbyterian News Service.

Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship

Your connection to planting the Church among the unreached peoples of the world. Information from a growing collection of hundreds of congregations and individuals within the Presbyterian Church committed to proving that God loves all the peoples throughout the world.

Presbyterian Gathering

A resource for Presbyterians looking for interesting “net surfing”, from the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Some of the interesting information provided includes: world briefs, pulpit vacancies, and a guide to Christian literature on the Internet.

Prison Congregations of America

God in prison? PCA is dedicated to establishing a Christian congregation in every US prison by the year 2000. Maybe you can help.

Prison Fellowship International

A global Christian movement of reconciliation and restoration for all those involved in and affected by crime.

Quaker Resources

Find lists of resources of interest for Quakers. This is your total source of Quaker resources on the Internet.

Quakers in Brief

A comprehensive look at the history of the Quakers from the 18th Century to the Present. Understand the when, where and how of the Quaker faith. Learn everything you want to know about the Quaker religion.

Quartz Hill School of Theology

This Christian academic institution trains believers for an effective ministry in and out of the church. It is approved by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). As well as offering adult classes, it also publishes the quarterly Quartz Hill Journal of Theology.

R. Paul Gordon's Catholic Connection

Helping to provide devout Catholics with every spiritual necessity, the Catholic Connection provides a complete directory of topics relating to the Catholic Church. Your "One Stop Shop" for all your Catholic information on the Net! Page

A quick reference resource for info on Christian radio, music, and news.

Religious Society of Friends Online Resources

A comprehensive on-line resource guide to Quaker related topics. Find enlightening information regarding Quakerism. Search links to other Quaker related topics.

Religious Society of Friends []

Find a multitude of Quaker religious information at this site. Discover links to related information and understand Quaker beliefs. Find resources found at no other site.

Research Services (PCUSA)

This service provides information and statistical analysis for planning, programming, and evaluating the needs of the Presbyterian Church. Some categories of information include: listening to the Church, congregational statistics, and research and evaluation expertise.

Resources of Interest to Catholic School Teachers

For Catholic school teachers and those wishing to learn about the Catholic religion, Kevin J. Malcolm has gathered material essential to the teaching of the various aspects of Catholicism.

Rivers of Life Full Gospel

Affiliated with Eagle Rock Fellowship, Inc. located in Vida, Oregon. Learn about our Christian Recovery Connection, our Declaration of Faith and our leadership under pastor Alex C. Bramlett.

Royal Rangers

Growing boys need guidance. The National Royal Rangers are a Christian boys ministry dedicated to helping boys grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. Find out about Royal rangers and the Assemblies of God church in your community.

Saint Johns United Methodist Church of Williamsport, PA

The caring people of Williamsport, PA invite you to take a look at their community church. You can learn the history of Saint Johns United Methodist Church, and a letter from the pastor is available. This site will allow you to discover more about a church and a community.

San Jose Chinese Alliance Church

Find out about the Christian Missionary Alliance. Choose from one of our 11 Cantonese fellowship meetings. Map and locations included.


Use SEconcepts, SEnotes, and SEcharts to assist in your understanding of the Bible. Further your biblical knowledge by using these study aids.

Serious Developments

Christian software seekers look no further! Our Christian software catalog is for you. It contains free software listings, Bible study software reviews, information for those interested in selling Christian software and more.

Shepherd's Staff

The Worship and Music Ministry Research Center has created this site for church musicians and other individuals interested in spiritual music. Hymns, available products, and other internet ministry resources are presented.


Dedicated to the Christian religion on the net. A complete e-mail list to a tremendous variety of religious locations. This site also contains different gifs that can be downloaded.

Son Light

The Son Light Page is designed to keep you in touch with the Father and the Son. Links to Christian pages are shown, and a link to a poetry page with a representative graphics for each poem. Additional net sites are also listed.

Sophia Divinity School

An affiliate with the Church of Antioch, the Sophia Divinity School offers Catholic ministry training primarily by correspondence ranges from a free certificate course and enrichment courses to baccalaureate (B.S. Th.) and doctorate (D.D) programs. Men, women, married, or single who aspire to the Holy Orders in the Church of Antioch or desire spiritual enrichment are accepted.

St. Boniface's Anglican Church, Antwerp, Belgium

St. Bonifaces Anglican church seeks to help all english speaking people in the province of Antwerp. We can introduce who we are and what we stand for. You can also access what new information is going through the church. What minister will be preaching and so on.

St. Francis Episcopal Church, Stamford CT

Looking for divine help? Please join us for the holy Eucharist, the oldest act of Christian worship. You can find a detailed list of church activities and other related events. We also have listings of the St. Francis Messenger.

St. Jude's Episcopal Church - Fenton, Michigan, USA

Are you baptized? If so, our Holy Communion may suit you. We are especially noted for our liturgy and music. Our church is for the active. We have lots of arts and crafts. St. Jude's is a friendly church with lots of social activities.

St. Paul's Anglican Church

St. Paul's home page. Complete description of our parish. Guided tours of the church. Links to local resources and other Christian and Anglican resources on the net.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Come and visit the homepage of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, East Cleveland, Ohio. a complete guide to their parish. St. Paul is also the site of the national Episcopal Church.

St. Shenouda the Archimandrite Coptic Society

Society for the preservation and promotion of Coptic Christian Heritage. Newsletters, membership and list of members, publications and links to related sites all available.

St. Stephen Lutheran Church

Lutheran Church is located in Mountain View, California. Emphasis placed on teaching children and the church's St. Stephen School.

Stand to Reason

This site is designed especially for the active Christian thinker. Instructional aids and radio and online commentaries are listed on such subjects as abortion and homosexuality. Stand to Reason is perfect for the rational Christian thinker who wants to stay informed.

Swedish Christian Resources

Christian resources in Sweden. Links to Swedish churches, free churches, and student movements and school groups.

Tarrytown Baptist Church

Extremely user-friendly, innovative and exciting page. Click on a dot and away you go.

Teen Mania Ministries

Take a non-stop trip around the world with Teen Mania. A guide for today's young Christian. Everything from shopping to travel to the "Maniac's On-Line" is included in this young Christian's guide.

TELOS Life and Faith Network

The Life and Faith Network is a site that allows lay people, Christians and non-Christians to communicate with clergy members. The main goal of this group is to join people together and expand their faith in the Spirit. Life and Faith asks those who wish to become members to embrace this goal.

Texas United Methodist Annual Conference Campus Ministry

Many students at the Southern Methodist University in Texas have found Campus Ministry to be the perfect way to give back to the community. See this site to see the activities and the events of the Texas United Methodist Conference Campus Ministry.

THEOS Australia

A page devoted to Christian resources. Surf to other Christian web sites and also find information on Christian groups. Find the links to all the Christian places you want to go.

This Week In Bible Prophecy

This is a good page to visit if you are interested in Christian Television. Includes links to legislative issues facing Christian Television, scripts of TWIBP broadcasts, TV broadcast schedules, and more.

Tien Dao Christian Media

A complete guide to the Internet for Chinese Christians. Everything from books, software, and news happenings around the world.

Transforming the City: From Dream to Reality

For those of you who have dreamed of starting a Christian ministry to your city. Here are the experiences of those who have tried to create effective Urban Ministries. Good reading.

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church


Information about activities of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church provided by Archdiocese of Lviv.

Under His Wing Ministries, Inc.

The "How To" home page of ministry. A resource devoted to helping pastors, missionaries become more effective in their work. Inspirational reading for the teacher of Christianity.

United Methodist Churches on Internet

For a list of all the United Methodist churches online, check out this site.

United Methodist Youth Fellowship of the First United Methodist Church of San Diego

Young Methodists, are you interested in joining or just learning about youth fellowships? The United Methodist Youth Fellowship of the First United Methodist Church of San Diego created this site to discuss their activities and upcoming events.

United Methodist Youth Fellowship of the La Mesa First United Methodist Church

The activities of the United Methodist Youth Fellowship of La Mesa may be of interest to other Youth Fellowships. If you are curious about this group see this web site.

University Christian Student Center

Are you prepared to embark on a journey with God? The University Christian Student Center may be just what you need. This wed site explains UCSC's purpose and it lists their recent activities.

University Lutheran Church in Palo Alto, CA

"Uni Lu" and Lutheran Campus Ministry at Stanford assist students, faculty, staff, and their families to discover and affirm their Christian vocation on campus and in the local community.

University of Alabama at Huntsville - Baptist Campus Ministriy

Do you wish to share your love of Jesus with others? Baptist Campus Ministries at the University of Alabama at Huntsville invites those who wish to embark upon the Christian commitment to see this site.

University of Graz, Austria - Catholic Theology

Down-load to get the low-down on the faculty of Catholic Theology. Included are general information about the faculty, current faculty events, and recent faculty publications. This also links you to the University of Graz's institutes, other Austrian university faculty, and related Catholic information web-sites.

University of Pennsylvania - Christian Association

Has been an ecumenical Protestant campus ministry for 105 years, offering pastoral counseling, discussion groups, and a spirituality program.

Victoria Revival Fellowship

Extensive information in the list of documents and resources covering areas from the Holy Spirit to Baptism, Healing to Salvation and other spiritual topics.

Vineyard Christian Fellowship - Scarborough

The Scarborough Vineyard is one of four Christian Fellowship Churches in or around the Toronto area. Find out about the Toronto area vineyards and other interesting places to visit.

Vineyard of Faith Ministry (Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod)

An Innovative Family Ministry of the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod, is located in Windsor, California. "Soaring With Vision - Sharing God's Love" are topics of discussion.

Virginia Tech Baptist Student Union

Virginia Tech students are you interested in celebrating Christ with others. Have fun, meet new people and rejoice with the Baptist Student Union.

Virtual Christianity

For Christians who want it all. Look here for the most comprehensive link to the on-line world of Christianity. If it isn't here - look for it here tomorrow. Very extensive links to other sites. An excellent starting point to research the common and the obscure.


Walker House developed this site to let Christians interact with each other. Personal stories and commentaries are given. This site also lets those who are online have the opportunity to give their opinions.

What is a Christian? [Dale Lature]

An exploration of the Christian religion. You'll find links to many Christian sites to begin your spiritual cyber-journey.

Who are the Christadelphians?

A step-by-step tour through the world of the Christadelphians. The history of the religion and recommended readings are all here in this complete Christadelphian source page.

William Gilligan Ministries

Charismatic Christians are actively involved in seeing God's will being done on earth. William Gilligan is a Charismatic Christian with a timely and prophetic message for today. If you would like brother Bill to come and minister to your church or group, see his home page.

The Yankee Christian

Need some help in your search for Christianity? This site links to many popular Christian sites on the web. Includes the popular Christian White Pages and too many other search engines to list.

Youth Revolution International

The basic vision of YRI is to passionately work toward the restoration of New Testament Christianity by empowering high school and college students to significantly impact their culture for Jesus Christ.


A forum of thoughts, opinions, ideas, and art of Christians. Not limited to Christian issues, but offers Christian perspectives on a wide variety of topics. Written by its readers. Features include opinions, poetry, music reviews and more.

ZION list

Mormon chat group with home page addresses and biographies for members. Lots of church reference material as well as current weather forecasts for the state of Utah.

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