Akst, Dan

Dan writes the weekly Postcard from Cyberspace column in the Los Angeles Times and Boston Globe.

AlterNet & The Institute for Alternative Journalism

An independent information service providing subscribers with alternative news, views, information and ideas from hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and leading public interest organizations.

American Amateur Press Association

The American Amateur Press Association is a nation-wide non-profit organization of amateur journalists founded in 1936.

American Journalism Review

Here you can find a comprehensive guide to journalism resources on the World Wide Web, a guide to awards and fellowships available to journalists, information about our new issue, subscriptions, back issues, and submitting your work.

Angry Planet

An independent news and photo agency specializing in feature stories from conflict areas all around the world.

The Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar

With yearly photographic competitions and awards, workshops, trade show, portfolio critiques and speakers geared to the total photographer. 1st Place Spot News: (44 pgs.) Joe Stefanchik, Western Kentucky University. The Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar thanks you for inviting us into your virtual home.

The Blacklisted Journalist

The BLACKLISTED JOURNALIST's COLUMN ONE, a writer who once was one of the world's most powerful pop columnists but who has been effectively blacklisted for some 23 years, makes his reappearance before a reading audience by debuting on the world-wide Internet.

Bradley, David

Freelance science writer on the lookout for new openings, job offers and consultancy requests in the editorial arena.

Broadcasting Corner

The Broadcasting Corner offers a multitude of news and data from the world of international broadcasting, especially in the realm of new broadcasting technologies.

Brokaw, Tom

All about Tom Brokaw as anchor on NBC TV.

California Journalism Online

This site is brought to you by the California Society of Newspaper Editors, the California Newspaper Publishers Association, the California First Amendment Coalition and the Associated Press News Executives Council of California and Nevada.

Canadian Association of Journalists

Canada's only national organization of journalists. We have more than 1,400 members and are growing every year. We are at all levels in the profession, reporters, editors and news directors, writers and researchers, producers and publishers, students and professors. You'll find us coast to coast, from small-town weeklies to big city dailies, from private radio stations to network television studios. We welcome anyone from the profession who has something to learn or something to teach.

Communicators Workshops

Listing of Journalism and Public Relations workshops held at Southern College.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting

The online headquarters for the corporation that subsidizes PBS and NPR. Includes CPB profile and annual report, plus links to lots of other public broadcasting sites on the Web.

Couric, Katie

Co-Anchor, NBC News' "Today," Contributing Anchor, "Dateline NBC."

Derek's Virtual Gallery

A senior thesis project at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Driving a Newspaper on the Data Highway

When discussing the electronic newspaper of the future, people often concentrate on technological issues such as the method of delivery, hardware and security, and how they're going to integrate the advertising. What is rarely talked about is how it will look and how readers will interact with it. Among all the attention given to data highways, we hear very little about what shape a newspaper might take when it is traveling on them.

Environmental Journalism

A great resource for environmentalists, with links to all sorts of journalism and environmental places on the Web, ranging from agencies to organizations to environmental topics of interest.

EPODD and Cajun

Cajun is a project to disseminate Journals over networks and on CD-ROM. It is funded by John Wiley & Sons and Chapman Hall.

European Journalism Page

Resources for journalists working in or covering Europe or European issues, with a Story of the Week set of links to resources on a breaking European story.

Evansville Courier Newsroom Resource Guide

The reporters, editors and readers of the Evansville Courier compiled great resources of links for media fans.


FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting) is the national media watch group offering well-documented criticism in an effort to correct media bias and imbalance. FAIR focuses public awareness on the narrow corporate ownership of the press, the media's allegiance to official agendas and their insensitivity to women, labor, minorities, and other public interest constituencies.

F-Pro: Freelance Professionals

F-Pro provides a forum for members to exchange information on upcoming news and media events, as well as a means to promote their work. F-Pro also serves as a discussion forum for issues important to today's freelance media professional.

Gleick, James

A native of New York, Gleick graduated from Harvard College in 1976 and worked for ten years as an editor and reporter for The New York Times and contains his Fast Forward column on technology and the future from the New York Times Magazine.

Great Lakes Interscholastic Press Association (GLIPA)

Very active student in computer labs and Internet consulting.

Gumbel, Bryant

Bryant Gumbel began anchoring "Today" on January 4, 1982. He has anchored the program longer than anyone in the show's long and storied history. All about Bryant!

Hammer, Steve

A collection of links, sounds and cybserslack humor columns by Steve Hammer, the arts editor of the newspaper NUVO Newsweekly (Indianapolis, IN).

The Hero's Journey

Works of art created from news and archival photographs, and other appropriated imagery illustrating a contemporary reading of the Hero monomyth.

Illusion and Reality

Life is filled with polarities. These opposing pairs, like hot and cold, light and dark, good and evil, the haves and the have-nots, to name only a few, are one of a number subjects in this photographic inquiry.

Index - Journalism and Communication: Education and Research

The Journalism and Communication: Education and Research - page contains links to schools, university departments and other educational and training institutions devoted to journalism and communication science. The resources are arranged by continent and country.

Ingram, Mathew

Investment reporter with Toronto's Globe and Mail newspaper.

The Internet Newsroom

Are you a journalist? Well this is the site for you, The Internet News Room offers a bi-monthly newsletter designed to assist the working press in making good use of the Internet for news capture. This home page provides some good research links for reporters and editors.

Investigative Reporting on the Internet

Links to hundreds of Internet resources of interest to investigative reporters, with a special emphasis on Canadian journalists.

Jez's Land of Journalism Links

An extensive set of links to lots of journalism sites on the Web, with professional societies, media outlets, journalism schools and more.

Joris Evers Journalism Links

Information links on the subject of journalism.

Journalism List Redux

This Journalism List Redux caters to the working reporter on deadline seeking a one-stop shop at the Venn connecting the CyberSpace Frontier, the Information Superhighway and the Electronic Marketplace.

Journalism @ Nevada

Home page for the Reynolds School of Journalism, this site provides links for students, faculty and journalists.

Journalism - WWW Virtual Library

A great journalism resource, this site boasts a lengthy list of links to professional societies, journals, online newspapers and magazines, journalism prizes, journalism schools and a bunch more.

Journalistic Resources

A selected link of journalism resources on the Web. Subjects include broadcasting, communications research and online publications.

Kiesow, Damon

Very large, well organized collection of photojournalism links and resources. All related to photography, journalism, and using the web.

Lemming's Photography and Photojournalism Page

Devoted to photography and photojournalism. Discussions on photo techniques and contains a photo gallery.

Magic Site

Photojournalism trough the work of John Vink, Magnum, and an online summary of his newspaper, entitled Themes.

Media = distortion / Internet = truth

Specialized archive for journalism students and media analysts, describing how North American media treat right-to-die issues and stories.

Media Library

A comprehensive subject index of links to media sites and resources for professionals, scholars, and students.

Media Watch []

A collection of information on media watch groups and their critiques of biases in reporting.


Want Access to all kinds of newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and film companies. Then you'll want to check out this URL. It's the premiere "media-link".


Mangamania Deakin's Paul Boswell looks at the amazing world of Japanese animation with lots of cool links to manga sites on the Web.


Art, Media, Humor, Journalism, ComiX...a growing site with an edge.

Medianet - media related news and informations service

A non-profit making organization promoting and supporting the development of UK local media industry.

Michael Berlin's Email Reports from Moscow

Weekly reports from Boston University Professor on Russian education, journalism, and politics.

Modem Driver Archive

This site contains archives of articles written by a San Jose Mercury News columnist.

National Press Club

News and resources for journalists in the NPC Newsroom; information about the Club, its facilities and services; and information about the National Press Building in Washington, D.C.

Native American Journalists Association

Online home of the Native American Journalists Association.

NetMedia: Email Addresses of Journalists, Magazines, and Other Media

The Network's longest continuously running list of Newspapers, Radio & TV stations, magazines and other media outlets with 28,840 queries so far.

New Directions for News

A think tank focusing on journalism, with an emphasis on new developments in news and information delivery.

New England Science Writers

They are an informal group of professional science reporters who meet periodically to update our knowledge about science and technology related research activities based in New England.

NeWWWs Link

A one stop shopping experience for journalists attempting to investigate or evaluate WWW publishing efforts by other news organizations.

Nottingham University - Electronic Publishing Research Group

A group of researchers reporting on various topics regarding the electronic journal material.

Organization of News Ombudsmen

International organization of journalists serving as internal watchdogs of their newspapers and broadcast media.

Pauley, Jane

Jane Pauley has presented probing and compassionate interviews to millions of American viewers throughout her career at NBC News.

Penn State University - Graduate Students in Communications

College of Communications CAC managed site.

Phillips, Stone

Stone Phillips is principal anchor, along with Jane Pauley, of "Dateline NBC" which premiered March 31, 1992. He joined NBC News in January 1992 after a distinguished 12-year career with ABC News. Phillips contributes a wide range of reports to the broadcast, including investigations, human-interest stories and political and entertainment profiles.

Photojournalism for Professionals

Professor and author Ken Kobre's advice, opinions, and tips for professional photojournalists, featuring interviews and photoessays, both humorous and serious.

The Photojournalist's Coffee House

A site dedicated to photojournalism and photography. There are presently over 100 pages of photos and stories on topics ranging from Homelessness to a photo essay on Carnival workers in Ohio.

Poynter Institute for Media Studies

Interactive media - a new way of journalism.

Reporter's Internet Survival Guide

Intended to be a quick, good source for reporters needing information in a hurry.

RIG: Reporter's Internet Guide

Designed as a tool for reporters, this site RIG contains hundreds of links to data and information at all types of Internet sites. All links bear a brief description and are sorted by beat.

San Francisco State University - Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts Department

SFSU's Broadcast & Electronic Communication.

San Jose State University - School of Journalism and Mass Communications

The School of Journalism and Mass Communications has kept pace with this exciting growth. In steadily increasing numbers, the school has prepared students to take their places as today's communicators, tomorrow's leaders.

Sandra Bernstein Communication and Research

Biography - Since 1983, she operated her own freelance writing/research business in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Services for Student Journalists

An online version of the USC Experts Directory that lists the expertise of more than 1000 USC scientists, scholars, administrators and physicians who are both able and willing to comment on issues and topics in the news.

Seth Resnick Photography

Graphic award winning photos of a burn victim and her stages of recovery.

SF State Journalism Online

Includes a list of departments within SF State Journalism school.

Shriver, Maria

Biography - NBC News Correspondent Maria Shriver is well acquainted with the rigors of network news programming, having served as anchor for a number of NBC News programs.

Soloway, Colin

An archive of Soloway's writings on the war in the former Yugoslavia taken from Newsday, Time, The Toronto Star and other newspapers.

Student Journalism Center

The Student Journalism Center mailing list related material.

Studentpress Server

Besides offering information about the National Scholastic Press Association and the Associated Collegiate Press, they maintain a warehouse of journalism-related links for both students and professionals.

Swanson, Dick

Dick has more than 35 years experience covering editorial photo assignments for the world's major publications. See a sampling of his photos.

Syracuse Newhouse School of Public Communications

Examples of students' projects online.

Time Life Photo Sight

The Time Life Photo Sight focuses on photography drawn from the extraordinary resources of the Time Inc. Picture Collection which houses approximately 20 million photographs gathered or taken on assignment for Time Inc. magazines--TIME, FORTUNE, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, PEOPLE.

Tunnel Vision Photojournalism Site

A collection of images by photojournalist Randy Greenwell. Several pages of single images, photostories and links to other photojournalism resources.

Unger, Merv - Journalist

Publisher of Prime Time 50-Plus and Island Living Magazines, published by Target Marketing Group, a division of Island Publishers.

University of Colorado School of Journalism & Mass Communication

This area is being developed as a teleconferencing site for the School. The current experiment uses WebChat, a beta version of software that creates a chat room for live, interactive, text and graphical online chats right on a Web page.

University of Missouri - Graduate Journalism Program

Includes descriptions of the school's various departments.

University of Oregon - School of Journalism and Communication

The School of Journalism and Communication offers programs leading to bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. Undergraduate students major in one of seven areas: advertising, broadcast news, communication studies, electronic media production, magazine journalism, news-editorial, or public relations.

University of Wisconsin - River Falls, Department of Journalism

Our department is one of 95 programs in the United States accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.

Vernon Stone - U.S. Television and Radio News: Findings from National Surveys

Findings from national surveys of television and radio news operations conducted by one of journalism's most published broadcast scholars.

Virtual Kaleidoscope

Virtual Kaleidoscope's Home Page is a place devoted to the business of newspapers and how newspaper companies can use the Internet to best deliver information or produce revenues.

Visual Anthropology

Adventure Travel Photojournalist, Chess Edwards, explores the unifying human condition with his captivating world images and insightful commentary. Visit Nepal, Thailand, South America and more.

Wallace, Stephen

Explore Cambodia with Stephen Wallace's photos while he was stringing for the Associates Press.

Wendland, Mike

High Tech Talk reporter, Mike's investigative and high-tech pieces are seen nationwide on NBC affiliates.

Western Washington University - Department of Journalism

We are currently celebrating our 25th Anniversary, and our graduates may be found throughout the West, writing and editing the news of the region, and serving in public relations agencies and with public and private organizations.

Wire Service Guild WWW site

A collection of online labor resources plus tools for journalists--links to search engines, government sites, news sources, etc.

Youngman, Owen R.

Managing editor/features of the Chicago Tribune.

Legal Newspapers

Butterworths Legal Express

Daily publication on the latest legal news in Australia.

Cal Law

Daily updates on legal opinions and firm news for California lawyers and their clients.

Concerning Cars & Trucks

Newsletter focusing automobile and trucking industry regulation.

Emerging Business

Useful legal resource for start-up and hi-tech businesses.

Entertainment and Sports Lawyer

Newsletter targeted at lawyers practicing in entertainment, sports, arts, intellectual property law, and other related areas. You'll find opinions, scholarly research and more.

Family Law Advisor

Online information for divorce lawyers and their clients.

Index - Information Showcase of the Los Angeles Internet Group

This site is a central reference station for helpful information on entertainment, multimedia and online professionals. Here they provide international links to professional, legal and business services.

Intellectual Property Magazine

This magazine, published every quarter, focuses on legal and policy issues in high-tech industries.

Law Notes - Canadian Legal News Letter

A bi-monthly newsletter exploring important Canadian legal cases.

Law Technology Product News

Monthly of interest to information technology professionals, Law Technology Product News focuses on the legal side of IT.

Legal Beat

This page follows legal cases that potentially could establish precedents in Internet law.

Legal Insights for Entertainment and Multimedia

A periodic newsletter devoted to cases and issues in Entertainment law.

LegaLink Newsletter

A summary of legal developments in the realm of electronic commerce, software and other hi-tech areas.


A place to post legal notices and advertising.

Pepper and Corazzini Informational Memos

Newsletter devoted to Communications law and regulation.

Prison Legal News

This newsletter, produced by two prisoners, provides important news on court decisions affecting prisoner rights.

Stanford Law & Policy Review

Offers access to a Stanford Law School's student run, online journal, The Stanford Law & Policy Review, which covers issues of national political and legal significance.

Workplace Labor Update

Newsletter with articles on a wide variety of labor issues, from violence in the workplace to COBRA.


Aquatic Technology

Provides information about a pet store specializing in reef aquarium products and supplies. The site contains catalog data.

Cat Machine

A monthly online publication server features fictional and non-fictional poems and short stories, from authors around the world.

Offers information about, which builds and distributes online and CD-ROM catalogs for traditional mail order and phone order companies.

The ChibaMOO Papers

Information about The Papers, a collection of papers written about collaborative hypermedia systems related to the project at SenseMedia Netcasting.

Computational Logic Inc.

This Computational Logic Inc. server provides pointers to information on Nqthm, the theorem prover for the Boyer-Moore logic. Also included are CLI Technical Reports, CLI research and a summary and slides from the Computational Logic 1994 Research Review.

Daily Bruin

Contains information about The Daily Bruin, the student newspaper at the University of California, providing an electronic edition, information resources, galleries of art, photo and design.

Dutch Yellow Pages

This server is an online directory, listing all commercial Web sites in the Netherlands.


Provides information about Enterzone, a hyperzine of writing, art and new media featuring criticism, fiction, poetry, philosophy, hypertexts, computer graphics, interactive art forms, scanned photography, and drawings.


Magazine subscriptions are now available online. Most major magazines are available at guaranteed lowest prices. The visitor may fill out the form to receive Time, Fortune, etc.

(OASIS) On-Line Accessible Shared Information Services

This server for the OASIS Internet information provider, includes search tools and indexes, replete with computer center and publications.

Sedona Red Rock News

Guides visitors to everything anyone can know about the Sedona area. It also offers subscriptions to a news publication.


Sofcom Distributors, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This page contains home shopping catalog from many companies. These include makers of gadgets, wine, environmentally friendly products etc. The site also accommodates information providers and nonprofit groups. It provides information about Australia.

SparcoCommunications Corporation

Provides access to the Sparco catalog, one of the world's largest computer products catalogs on the Web, with approximately 45,000 products listed. Sparco also offers great volume discounts to resellers and wholesalers around the world.

Spontaneous Combustion Webzine

Provides access to the electronic version of this alternative/punk/independent music e-zine. The publication features interviews, sound clips, mail order catalog, reviews and links to related sites.

TeleCentral CD-ROM Software Catalog

Contains TeleCentral CD-ROM Software Catalog, which offers everything from business and office necessities to games, from academic reference materials and programs to software features restricted to adult audiences.


Daily newspaper in the Pacific Northwest, providing news stories, more than 700 movie reviews, 75 restaurant reviews and links to hundreds of Web pages.

The Trincol Journal, Trinity College

Contains The Trincol Journal, a weekly multimedia magazine run by students; people from around the world create the design, programming and artwork.


Business Wire

Posting site for business-related news releases.

Canada NewsWire

Canada NewsWire specializes in the dissemination of corporate news releases.


An online newspaper with news, columns, financial news, stock prices and more.


A listing of job opportunities at the Clariet organization.

Index - IGC Directory of Progressive News & Publications

A compendium of news services on the Web with a Progressive perspective.

Knut's News-Links

This site offers links to several Daily International Newspapers (both alphabetically and by country), weekly and monthly publications, E-zines, journals, sports magazines, TV and Radio News links.

News and Newspaper Page

Link up to electronic news and newspapers online. This site collects links to many virtual newspapers and news sites from around the WWW.

News Resources on the WWW

This URL is an index to all kind of news and news resources on the WWW - sites that provide consistent and accurate content.

Newsbytes Pacifica

Computer and telecommunications news from the Newsbytes News Network.

Newsbytes US

The latest national and international technology news and developments as reported by the Newsbytes service.


Here at NewsLink you will find a comprehensive news resource, with links to more than 1,500 electronic newspapers, radio, and television.

Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, ...

Check out this site for links to various worldwide publications, virtual newspapers and news sites from around the WWW.

PR Newswire

Home page of newswire devoted to distributing corporate news releases.


PULSE is your "one" stop on the Internet for every kind of news, information, commerce, communication, and entertainment you could possibly be looking for. It's a hot site and it's easy to use! It offers services for everyone...everyday! Make this, or any one of the services, a bookmark or your home page!

Search of AP Wire

This page will show you the 20 most recent stories transmitted on the Associated Press wire.

UC NewsWire

The latest news originating on the nine campuses of the University of California, plus the three national labs administered by the University.

Washington Telecom Newswire

Contains a daily news service directed at telecommunications industry professionals. WashingtonTelecom Newswire provides the latest on telecommunications, cable, Bell companies, video dialtone, cellular, cyberspace, wiretap, spectrum allocation, cable/telco cross-ownership, and more.

Political News

Pathfinder's Campaign '96

Time magazine's home page dedicated to upcoming presidential elections, with the latest news, candidate information, issues analysis, and links to other election resources and bulletin boards.


American political news and information, plus ways to participate in the process.

Sports News

CBS Radio Sports/NFL Website

If you need to know where you can hear an NFL game, check out this site. You'll also find team info and RealAudio game highlights.

Christian Sports Flash

Sports updates - from the Christian perspective.

Gate Sports Page

George Shirk's Cybersports column from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Higdon's Net Game

Commentary and insight on professional tennis, as supplied by Tennis Magazine.

John Shivers' Talking Sports

Sports column published in the Milwaukee Shepherd Express.

Let's Argue Sports Column

Sports column published every Friday in MIT's student newspaper, The Tech.

NandoX - NBA


Links to lots of basketball information on the Web, including NBA and NCAA action.

NBC Sports

NBC's sports central - with information on NBC's NFL, golf and baseball coverage, plus lots of behind-the-scenes stuff on this division of the network.


All the tennis stats you can handle - tournament results, rankings and more.

Tennis News

Links to all kinds of tennis news, including stuff from ESPN and Sports Illustrated.

Toronto Guerrilla Report

Eat and lose weight with the Guerrilla Diet, and find links to other off the wall sites.

Tournament Golfer Online

Tournament listings, news and player information from the world of Atlantic Coast golf.

WTA Tour Notes & Netcords

Women's Tennis Association newsletter, published monthly.

Technology News


NNTP a pilot project bringing multimedia into Usenet News without the need of changing existing NNTP protocol or server programs.

Anchorman, a Hierachical Newsreader

An easy way to search through newsgroups.

AT&T Newsletters on Trial

24 newsletters produced by AT&T for its various units and laboratories.

B & R Samizdat Express

"One of the 50 Best Web Sites in the World," according to Net Guide, September 1995. Internet-on-a-Disk is the newsletter of public domain and freely available electronic texts. Containing information on books, speeches, movie reviews, and much, much more!

Binary News Archive

If you are looking for somewhere cool to visit, click to this site. Includes most alt.binaries.*

Blacklist of Internet Advertisers

The Blacklist of Internet Advertisers purpose is to prevent inappropriate advertising on the USENET and via junk e-mail.

Central Ohio Technology

Links to other computer resources on the Web, plus all the Central Ohio Technology news you can handle. And then some.

Defining the address of your news Server for WWW

If you need to define the address of your news server, a machine that runs on the NNTP protocol, for WWW click here.

DejaNews Research Service

The largest collection of indexed archived Usenet news anywhere!


A service of various colleges and universities, this page presents various news items relating to information technology.

EE Times - Current News

Electronic engineering publication, with important news and developments in this industry.

Emily Postnews answers your questions on Netiquette

Everything you need to know about how to act on the net, but were afraid to ask.

FAQ - Great Renaming

If your looking for history of the events around the Great Renaming of FAQ, click here.

FAQ - How to Receive Banned Newsgroups

If you are searching frequently-asked questions (and answers) about how to get banned newsgroups, click here.


If you want to find out more about joining a group against net-abuse, click here.

FAQ - rn KILL file

Everything you wanted to know about KILL(skipping over).

FAQ - The Usenet Marketplace

A how-to guide to transactions over all of the* and biz.marketplace.* newsgroups.

FAQ - Usenet FAQ tech notes

Everything you wanted to know about the technical aspects of creating a FAQ.

Financial Technology News

This publication is designed to inform the investment community of new technological innovations in the realm of portfolio management systems.

Find Newsgroups

If you are interested in learning a simple tool for discovering Usenet news groups of interest, click here.

global internet news agency

Global Internet News Agency distributes press releases, product announcements, media alerts and other various reports. These alerts go directly to technology and business editors and reporters around the world.

Grep the Newsgroups

If you want to know how to grep a list of newsgroups, using a Perl regular expression, point your mouse here.

GRN USENET multi-part article decoding daemon

If you are looking for a GRN USENET multi-part article decoding daemon, click here.

Howard Rheingold's Words on the Web

The page contains samples of writings about technology and society including online versions of the nationally syndicated column, Tomorrow.

Index - Information Filtering Resources

The purpose of an information filtering system is to sort through large volumes of dynamically generated information and present to the user those items which are likely to satisfy his or her information requirement.

Index - mg's House of News Knowledge

So You Want to Create an Alt Newsgroup? Learn through the newsgroups file, reading and posting Usenet news, information on RFDs, group mentors, Netnews documentation from various schools, Usenet maps, and lists of newsgroups.

Index - Public Access News Servers on the Net

If you are looking for an index to the Public access news servers on the net, then click here.

Infinite Ink's Finding and Writing FAQs

If you are interested in new and interesting issues click on to "Frequently Asked Questions".

Infinite Ink's Finding News Groups

If you need to locate a news group, click here.

InfoTech Weekly

New Zealand's leading Information Technology publication is now available online. View a list of jobs that are available in the technology field on JobNetNZ.


If you are interested in browsing and searching, then click away to Glimpse.

Internet Newsgroups

For a semi-hierarchial listing of all groups, click here.

InterNotes News Gateway

InterNotes News Gateway provides Notes users with access to USENET newsgroups.


For a listing of all USENET FAQ's found in news.answers, click here.

NAS Science News List

NAS Science News List (NASSNL) is an electronic resource that presents randomly-ordered topics reflecting the myriad views held about science and technology in today's society-both within academe and without.

News & Publishing Guides--Argus/UMich Clearinghouse

Here you'll find all sorts of news & publishing from books, publishers, literature, libraries, business news; cable television, electronic publishing, media history, mass communication, journalism, multimedia information, and much, much more!

NewsClip(tm) News Filtering Language

Find out what's hot at ClariNet and more!


Here's the Internet's first news brokerage which gives newspapers, broadcasters, and the general public info on how to set up your own news share site.


Newslist allows the user to read newsgroup articles.


A filtering service for NetNews.

The Nielsen Observer

A privately published magazine focused for people with interests in the media.

Nordic News and Media

The Nordic Pages of Denmark provides daily news in Danish including; TV/radio news and schedules, as well as business/financial news, News Danske Nyheter Daily News in Danish Newspapers Bursen Financial Daily. Presentation Jyllands Posten National Daily Radio and TV TV 2 / Danmark Weekly schedules, in Danish. (TV - Commercial) Radio Energy WWW The University Radio of Copenhagen Magazines Ingeniuren/Engineering Weekly (In Danish ) Datatid Computer Time Other Filmmagasinet Scope Finland News News and information The Virtual Embassy of Finland: Official Govenment Information Newspapers Helsingin Sanomat Finnish Daily, in Finnish. Jakobstads Tidning: A Daily in Swedish - Information about the Paper in Swedish Radio and TV.

The Orbit Globe

Interactive Media Online Developer offers a complete list of online resources for interactive media creators in addition to a Daily Spectrum.

PC Journal Online

A Newspaper with product reviews and editorials on businesses and their products. The publication is printed monthly.

Semi-Automatic News HREFs

If you are looking for semi-automatically excerpted items containing interesting URLs, then click here.

SIFT - Stanford Information Filtering Tool

To find out more about SIFT - Standford Information Filtering Tool - guide your mouse here.

So You Want to Create an Alt Newsgroup

Click to the tips of creating an Alt Newsgroup.

Spam King

If you want to know more about the "Spam King" click on.

Spamming and Urban Legends

If you are interested in learning more about spamming, guide your mouse to this location.

Stanford Netnews Filtering Service

A personalized USENET delivery service via email.

A complete guide to Internet Usenet newsgroups.

Usenet Info Center Launch Pad

For useful Usenet FAQ's and more, click here.

Usenet Info Center True Home

If you are looking for a good time, click here to get to the Info Center's Launch Pad.

Usenet Newsgroup Hierarchy with Searchable FAQ Archive

If you are searching for newsgroups available in Oxford and searchable FAQ Archive, click here.

USENET Storage Space Calculator

This will help you decide how much disk space you need for USENET News.

UseNet Volunteer Votetakers

USENET volunteer vote-takers are experienced neutral third parties for UseNet newsgroup votes.

Venable's NII Oracle

Newsletter published by the Information Law Group, addressing developments in Internet law and policy.

Where is the archive for newsgroup X?

If you are looking for an answer to "where can I find an archive for a newsgroup?", then you and your mouse can guide your way here for answers.

Windows News & Reviews Online Magazine

Windows News & gives you and up-to-date information on your next upgrade. Also see Windows '95 and its new applications, and a complete review of Online Magazine.

Zippo's News Service

There are over 4,500 Usenet News Groups and over 500,000 articles on The Daily News server. It's well organized by index and nntp news, plus system software archive.

Weekly News

Capital City Weekly

Capital City Weekly is the largest circulation newspaper in Southeast Alaska, and a single ad will be seen by over 20,000 households, compared to half that figure with our nearest competitor!

La Prensa Newspapers

San Antonio's bilingual newspaper brings national as well as international news to your computer in both English and Spanish.

Virtual Press

Submit your own stories, editorials, or what have you to the Virtual Press Editor for approval to be published in this online publication for one week from the day submitted..

World Wide Web News

A1 Index of Free WWW URL Submission & Search Sites

Discover how you can promote your Web Page with a display advertisement on this Index. Their index contains hyperlinks to sites where you can quickly gain exposure for your web page by submitting your URL address to FREE searchable databases, indexes and directories.


Register with ALIWEB which lets you organize your services so that automatic programs can simply pick up your services' descriptions, and combine them into a searchable database.

Announcements of new WWW servers

Register to be in the Web geographical directory.

Archives of the Announcements

Read through this exhaustive archive of articles relating to online on-doings, or submit your own announcements here.

CUI W3 Catalog -- Recent Changes

Here's the recent modifications to the World Wide Web3 Catalog.

Here's an exhaustive directory.

Index - Places to list your WWW Page!

Use this NTG International Inc public service page to aid you in publicizing your own page easily. Check out the lists of locations to post, submit, register and publicize your home page.

Index - Pointers To Pointers

Get on this list and advertise your site here! It's categorizes by topics for easy use by direct users.

ISP Internet YellowPages - What's Fresh

Need to know about a new company on the Internet? Look it up here or submit your company to be included on the list.

NCSA Mosaic What's New

If you are looking for listings of new or changed sites on the World Wide Web or want to view the current listings in this document, click here.


The intent of this net is to announce happenings of the Internet community to network staffers and end users.

Net-Happenings Resource Submittal Form

Register to get your resource on the Net-happenings mailing list.

Netscape What's New!

If you want to know what sites are coming online, this net is devoted to just that.

Netscape What's New Submission Form

Submit your favorite net site here, and if approved it will go on Netscape.

New Features - Nova-Links

If you want to know what new features are in Inter-Links, then click here for more information.

New Sites

A listing of new Web and Gopher sites.

New Spots to Shop

Shop till you drop!! Come and click your way to the hot new shopping spots on the Web.

Newly Submitted WebSTAR / MacHTTP Servers on the Web

Here you will find Brad's WebSTAR MacHTTP listings.

The NRP Official WWW Yellow Pages

Search for anything on the Internet or apply to be listed in the New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages, and they'll notify you if your entry has been accepted.

NTG Catalog and Mall

Submit your URL here! If accepted by NTG, you'll see it in NTG's Cyber Mall and be notified by E-mail when it has been added.

The PostMaster

You can automatically submit your URL to be posted over 100 of the most popular Web sites and publications on the Internet. Your announcement also goes out to several hundred key editors at print publications, TV and radio stations worldwide.


Promote your web site by submitting it here on this page. Categories include Site of the Day, Mailing Lists, newsgroups companies in Commercial Sites, Free Sites, and more.

Promoting Your Page

Do you want to promote yourself? Then use this site to access publicity links and read the info on registering your URL.

Quickie Home Page Registration Service

For a minimal sum this registration service will announce your site in at least a dozen different major Internet resource centers. Let others do the work!

Recent Additions to Netlink

A listing of recent additions to Netlink.

Starting Point

Use Starting Point to search out new interesting sites or submit your own URL site to be put into Starting Point.

Starting Point - New

A list of updated links plus descriptions of new Web sites at Starting Point.

Submit It!

Submit your URL to this free service which simplifies the process of submitting your URLs to a variety of WWW catalogs.

Today Page

A list of pointers to pages.


This site contains links to tons of new links in a bouquet of topics!

What's New in Europe

What's new in Europe? Visit the UK shopping center right here!

What's New Too Submit Page

What's new on the net? Submit your new topic today or find a topic of your liking.

WWOTI: Register your Home Page

Do you want to be an Internet Personality? Register your home page from here.

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