Anesthesiology  anestesia

The Anaesthesia Web

This site provides information on anaesthesia and anesthesiology and is maintained by the Singapore Anaesthesia Web Team members from the Department of Anaesthesia, KKH.

Anesthesia and Critical Care Resources on the Internet

A.J. Wright's Anaesthesia and Critical Care Resources at the School of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

ASA Closed Claims Project

The goal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Closed Claims Project is to identify major areas of loss in anesthesia, patterns of injury and strategies for prevention.

Australian Anaesthetists E Mail Directory

A contact point for Australian Medical Practitioners and Australian Medical Organizations on the World Wide Web.

GASNet Anesthesiology

GASNet is a suite of services provided to the anesthesiology community. Located at the Yale Center for Medical Informatics.

Index - Anesthesiology - WWW Virtual Library

An index of organizations, Web sites, and information about anesthesiology.

Neuroanesthesiology Manual

A manual of neuroanesthesia written by Cleveland Waterman during his 6 month fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh.

Swiss Anaesthesia Server

Platform for Swiss anaesthesia & ICU resources. Includes information on Anaesthesia; Intensive Care on the following topics: Resident's Handbook, Human Performance, team management, Cost benefit, Malignant, hyperthermia, Upcoming scientific papers.


Audiology Forum: Video Otoscopy

Clinical illustrations and information about video otoscopy. For audiologists who may employ video otoscopy (VO) in clinical practice.

Audiology - University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Information about the faculty, facilities, and program offerings of The Audiology and Hearing Science section of the Department of Special Education and Communications Disorders at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Bionet.Audiology Resources

Contains links to papers available electronically on hearing, hearing disorders and related topics.

Gerald R. Popelka Audiology Laboratory

Home page for the Gerald R. Popelka Audiology Laboratory. This research laboratory is devoted to increasing our knowledge of how the normal human peripheral auditory system operates, providing an understanding of the effects of abnormalities on auditory function, and transferring any technology developed in the effort for use in clinical diagnosis and rehabilitation.

Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers

HEARNET is Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers', a non-profit organization, interactive, on-line publication that is updated regularly, providing information and resources on tinnitus, hearing loss, testing, hearing protection, hearing aids and assistive listening devices.

Hearing Exchange Online

Hearing Exchange is an online service created exclusively for the hearing health industry. Includes discussion forums covering topics ranging from CIC's and programmables to tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Cardiology cardiología

Atlanta Cardiology Group, P.C.

Information network for personal or educational cardiology questions.

OUHSC Cardiac Arrhythmia Advisory System

Health Sciences on cardiovascular arrhythmia.

PDA Coil Registry

Question answer service on pediatric cardiology.


Medicinal Chemistry Project

A chemistry oriented site, created in conjunction with Biobyte Corp. and Pomona College. It includes computer-chemistry topics SMILES and ClogP, searchable archives and software vendor information.

Dentistry dental dentistas



A guide to dentistry in the 21st Century. The guide is distributed monthly with articles focusing on specialists fields, such as periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery, implantology, laser dentistry and oral pathology. Articles should be submitted to the editor.

Kansas Dental Association

"Toto, we need a dentist". If you're still in Kansas, find a dentist here.

Diseases and Conditions

Action for ME

Action for M.E. is a national charitable trust which provides information and support services to people with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), their families, friends and careers, funds research and campaigns to change attitudes towards the disease.

AIDS Radiothon

Information about an annual national Radiothon. Includes a guide to other AIDS organizations, and AIDS fundraising.

AIDS Ride-1995

Coverage of the AIDS Ride 1995 from Boston to New York.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Information and treatment resources and substance abuse.

Allergies and Environmental Health

Use this source to identify severe allergies and link up to related research sources.

Allergy and Asthma Network / Mothers of Asthmatics

Mothers talking to mothers about their children with allergies and asthma.

Alopecia Areata

National Alopecia Areata Foundation and Alopecia Areata Research Foundation sites for issues of interest to the follically challenged.

Alzheimer Disease Website

Bedford Geriatrics Research Education and Clinical Ctr., provides clinical and basic science facts to professionals and others interested in Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. Local resources and relevant links are included

Alzheimer News and Database

This will define the disease, help you understand it, and link you to services which can help and support you.

Alzheimer Web

Join the research team trying to development new treatment for Alzheimer's.

Amalgam-related Illness FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions concerning the possible negative health effects from dental amalgam and its 50% Mercury solution.

Amanda's page for Hodgkin's Disease

This is the perfect link up for sufferers of Hodgkin's Disease, or any other cancer.

American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology

Nationwide network of health professionals specializing in the field of allergies, asthma and immunology.

American Health Institute Online

Mind over matter is the subject here. Information on how to use your mind and body to help your health.

American Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.

Dedicated to controlling Lyme Disease through support of research and education.

Aneurysm Information Project

Columbia University's Aneurysm Information Project, which is dedicated to providing information to both lay persons and scientists on the subject of aneurysm disease. The files on this page include answers to FAQs, a lecture on the causes of aneurysms, references to scientific work in the field, an outline of a project to prevent aneurysm disease, and more.

APS - Division of Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse

This site gives access to Psychopharmacology and substance abuse.

Arthritis Self-Management Program

Here you can find information worldwide concerning the different types of arthritis.

Association for Glycogen Storage Disease

Association for Glycogen Storage Disease (UK) Homepage provides basic information about the glycogen storage diseases. The information is intended to be of use to people affected by one of the glycogen storage diseases, their families and other interested parties.

Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse

Check this site out for multidisciplinary specialists in the field of substance abuse dedicated to improving education about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Ataxia Northwest

ATAXIA NORTHWEST provides this site as a self help group for exchange of information, chat and UK research fundraising news. Ataxia is an umbrella term covering a vast number of nervous disorders, simply, Ataxia means unsteadyness and clumsiness.

Avon's Breast Cancer Awareness Crusade

Avon's Breast Cancer Awareness Crusade site offers transcripts of recent online conferences on breast cancer awareness. Other topics focus on breast cancer and the importance of early detection. There is a list of support groups across America.

"Baby" Meghan Moore

Click here to see how you can help.

BMDW (Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide)

Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide is a project for the collection of the HLA phenotypes of volunteer bone marrow donors, and for the coordination of their worldwide distribution. You'll find donor and transplant information here, as well as links to other cancer sites on the Web. This is the place to register your HLA type if you want to be a donor.

Brain Information Service

This site has the home pages for any sleep organization, entity or activity that promotes the research or treatment of sleep and sleep-related disorders.

Brown University - TB/HIV Research Laboratory

This is a site from Brown University which gives information on Tuberculosis at the TB/HIV Research Laboratory.

Burzynski Research Institute Brain Cancer Clinical Trials

Homepage with information on and links to general information about brain tumors, clinical trials, theory and history behind antineoplastons and the National Cancer Institute Report on antineoplastons.

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

This site is dedicated to the Canadian Center on Substance Abuse.

Cancer Patient Resources on WWW

A worldwide network of information and resources for cancer patients and their families.

Cardiovascular Disease Network

This section provides information on diseases and conditions of Heart Disease.

CCIS: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Information and consultation service with current information on the diagnosis, management and other services.

Celiac Disease

Scott's Celiac's Disease/Gluten Intolerance Help Page focusing on this autoimmune disease affecting the small intestine (also known as celiac sprue or coeliac disease).

CHADD of Bay County

Panama City, FL, US This server provides information about Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders (CH.A.D.D.), a nonprofit parent-based organization. CH.A.D.D. offers information and aid to help individuals with attention deficit disorders and their families.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a debilitating medical condition, chronic in nature, cause unknown, diagnosis-by exclusion, no known verified test treatment-by relief of symptoms, life style changes, and time.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Roger Burns, US This Cronic Fatique Syndrome page contains resources for doctors and patients, including medical articles, several FAQs, an electronic medical newsletter, the CFS Newswire service, discussion groups and more.

Chronic Prostatitis

Ivo Tarfusser, MD of Parsec provides this page as a survey on conventional and less conventional diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to Chronic Prostatitis.


ChronicIllnet, a site with abstracts on groundbreaking research, bulletin boards events calendars, guest lectures, and news articles of interest to the chronically ill.

ChronicIllnet - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

ChronicIllnet feels that much of the current breakthroughs in understanding immune system imbalance syndromes, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, will come from the miracles occurring with the new treatments being explored in Persian Gulf War related illnesses.

ChronicIllnet - Heart Disease

Chronillnet gives access to information on Heart Diseases.

Clinic 275

This site gives great information on Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinic operated by the South Australian Health Commission's STD Control Branch.

CMTnet: Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Information Exchange

CMTnet is the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Information Exchange site whose purpose is to serve as a repository of information for research and treatment of Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT). CMT is a hereditary progressive neuromuscular disorder that primarily effects the feet, legs and hands. CMTnet is intended to provide information for both the medical and non-medical communities.

Complete Facts on STDs

Pictures and descriptions of STDs written in a language that non-medical people can understand.

Congenital Heart Disease

This site gives information on Congenital Heart Disease.

Coping with Fibromyalgia

Look at this offer video and audio programs on the fibromyalgia syndrome.

CVaNet - Substance Abuse Information

Provides substance abuse information to the public and the treatment community, particularly information about resources and training available for individuals interested in working in the field.

Cystic Fibrosis

Check this out for information for people with Cystic Fibrosis and their friends and family.

Cystic Lymphangioma

Cystic Lymphangioma and Baby A. a site for discussing Baby A's Cystic Lymphangioma. Unlike most cases, her condition manifests itself in an extreme manner. Desperately seeking others who may have encountered someone with a similar history. Feedback or information sincerely appreciated.

Ebola Epidemic in Zaire

Ebola Epidemic in Zaire may NOT be over!!

Ebola Information []

Take a look for information on Ebola.

Ebola Information - National Center for Infectious Diseases

Check this out for Ebola information.

Ebola Interview

Look at this site for information on an Ebola interview.

Ebola Outbreak in Zaire - Updates

This site gives information on an Ebola Outbreak in Zaire.

Ebola Recommended Reading List

This site gives you the Ebola recommended reading list.

Ebola Virus Outbreak

This section outlines the Ebola Virus Outbreak from the World Health Organization.

Endometriosis Mailing List

This site will give you information on the Endometriosis mailing list.


Check this section for information on Epilepsy.

Epilepsy Management Center

At Albert Einstein College of Medicine you will find information on Epilepsy.

Epilepsy Society of Northwest Florida

The Society helps people with epilepsy to achieve maximum seizure control, to become self-sufficient, and to have their rightful place in the community.

FAQ - About Fibromyalgia for Patients

This section gives frequently asked questions on Fibromyalgia.


One of the largest support groups for sufferers of asthma. All your questions will be answered.

FAQ - Amalgam-related Illness

Information on Amalgam related illness.

FAQ - Crohns Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease s

A source of information, and solace to those of us who live with these diseases, and for those who live with us.

FAQ - Epilepsy

Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about Epilepsy.

FAQ - Tinnitus

This section is designated to frequently asked questions on Tinnitus.

FRAXA Research Foundation

Fragile X Syndrome is a single gene disorder and the #1 inherited cause of mental retardation. a national nonprofit, parent-run foundation, funds medical research aimed at treatment.

Gaucher Disease

Wayne D. Rosenfield provides this site as a means of overcoming Gaucher Disease, the most common genetic disease affecting Jews.

Global Tuberculosis Programme World Health Organization

Each year tuberculosis kills more adults than any other infectious disease.

Guide to Low Back Problems

Who doesn't suffer from lower back pain once in a while. Here is the US Health Service Consumers Guide.


Check this location for the official information service providing declassified documents with potential relevance to the illnesses affecting Persian Gulf War Veterans.

Gynecologic Oncology Server

Div. of Gynecologic Oncology, U. Washington, Seattle, WA, US This University Washington site offers information about the division of gynecologic oncology that provides tutorials for educational purposes on various gynecologic malignancies. Section is dedicated to patients education.

Hemophilia Page (Bleeding Disorders, Haemophilia)

This section provides information and support on issues relating to hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. This includes hemophilia related AIDS.

Hepatitis C

This section provides information on Hepatitis C.

Hernia Information

A comprehensive description of the various types of HERNIA and the different techniques of hernia repair surgery available.

HIV Sequences Database

Information about HIV Sequences Database, which includes The Human Retroviruses and Aids Database, headed by Dr. Gerald Myers, who collects, curates, analyzes and publishes genetic sequences of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and related species.

HLA Registry Foundation, Inc.

The largest open wall registry of voluntary Bone Marrow Donors in the National Marrow Donor Program. Dedicated to the recruitment of voluntary bone marrow donors. This page helps patients find matching marrow donors for transplants.

Hoehn and Yahr Staging of Parkinson's Disease

Check this site out for the Hoehn and Yahr Staging of Parkinson's Disease.

Hydrocephalus Association

The Hydrocephalus Association was founded in 1983, incorporated as a nonprofit in 1986, is governed by a Board of Directors and employs, an Executive Director, Assistant Director, Director of Development and a Program Director part time. Medical Professionals serve in an advisory capacity.

Hydrocephalus Fact Sheet

Check this out for the Hydrocephalus fact sheet.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Information Center

Wound Care Consultants provides this page focusing on the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Information Center and its strategy of providing additional oxygen to the tissues of the body as a means of augmenting the body's ability to kill germs and to increase healing.


Researched information on excessive perspiring.

Hypertension, Dialysis, and Clinical Nephrology

Renal Disease Electronic Journal provides this site focusing on Hypertension, Dialysis, and Clinical Nephrology with links to medical products, devices, services, and drugs pertaining and papers.


Reactive Hypoglycemia Home Page includes Bulletins from the Hypoglycemia Association.

The Ibogaine Story

This is the Ibogaine story on substance abuse.

Immunization Action Coalition

Information about the Immunization Action Coalition, a nonprofit organization that strives toward the appropriate immunization for all vaccine-preventable diseases.

Index - Infectious Diseases

A virtual library of diseases .

Index - PEDINFO Condition- or Disease-specific Info

A general resources about Conditions or Diseases with Special Health Care Needs.

Indra Ebola Page

All the information about Ebola is there. In fact, Outbreak has much more information than The Ebola Page.

Infectious Disease Weekly

This site is a publication which will give information on Infectious Disease Weekly.

Information Service on AIDS/HIV

Intended to provide help for those suffering from the HIV virus or full-blown AIDS, This is among the activities that the Pompidou Center (the French Museum of Modern Art) and IRCAM promotes to foster solidarity and fight exclusion.

International Agency for Research on Cancer

An agency for coordinating and conducting research on the causes of human cancer, and developing scientific strategies for cancer control.

International Rett Syndrome Association

Check this site out which will encourage medical research to determine the cause and find a cure for Rett syndrome.

Jesse's Journey for Gene Research

On May 20, 1995, John and Jesse Davidson set out from the Ontario-Manitoba border on a tour Across the province to raise funds for research to cure gene-based diseases.

Join Together

This site provides information on the national resource center for communities fighting substance abuse.

KAIROS Support for Caregivers Home Page

A nonprofit resource center devoted exclusively to the caregivers of HIV-affected persons. Time-tested valuable materials are now available on-line.

La Jolla Cancer Research Foundation

La Jolla Cancer Research Foundation, La Jolla, Calif. US This server provides information about seminars and events at the foundation.

LDL Health Pals Support Network

LDL Health Pals Support Network Home Page acts as a support network for people with chronic medical conditions.


Check this out for the diseases and conditions of Leprosy.

Lupus Foundation Of America

Hamline University, St. Paul, MN provides this Lupus Home Page for the Lupus Foundation Of America. It acts as a starting point for those diagnosed with SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) that wish to find out about their condition.

Lyme Disease Resource

Lyme Disease mimics over 200 Illnesses and is known as The Great Imitator. Prevention and/ or prompt diagnosis/ treatment can prevent disability.


National Lymphedema Network's site provides information about lymphedema; a swelling of arms, legs, or other parts of the body resulting from an impairment of the lymphatic system either through lymph node surgery or present at birth.

Male Care Info

Impotence a comprehensive description of the problem, its causes and treatments.

Mass General Hospital Epilepsy Unit

Great information on the Mass General Hospital Epilepsy Unit.

ME Association

The estimated 150,000 people in the UK who suffer from ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) are of all ages, and come from all walks of life.

Medicine OnLine

Join in an online discussion group about health information services for those with cancer.

The Mole Hill

Studies on cancerous moles base at the University of Florida.

MS Direct Multiple Sclerosis Support

Check this section for MS direct Multiple Sclerosis Support.

MS News From Sunny Arizona

Information, Resources, Doctor's Corner, MSers Input and More.

MS Society of Canada, Hamilton District Chapter

This section provides information on the MS Society of Canada.

Muscular Dystrophy

Check this section out for information on Muscular Dystrophy.

Muscular Dystrophy Association - Australia

Extensive information on Muscular Dystrophy and related Neuromuscular Disorders.

Muscular Dystrophy, Ireland

This site gives research of Muscular Dystrophy in Ireland.

my sexually transmitted disease

True story of the time I had nonspecific urethritis. CHECK IT OUT!

National Center for Health Statistics

NCHS, Hyattsville, MD, US This server is dedicated to the National Center for Health Statistics, which is the federal government's principal vital-and-health-statistics agency. The National Center covers the full spectrum of health concerns from birth to death, including overall health status, lifestyle and exposure to unhealthly influences, the onset and diagnosis of illness and disability and the practices or use of health care. NCHS is part of the Centers for Disease Control.

National Marfan Foundation: Connective Issues

A fatal genetic disorder of the connective tissue that can affect the skeletal system, eyes, lungs, blood vessels and heart. No cure at this time, but careful medical management can delay the prognosis.

National Psoriasis Foundation

The National Psoriasis Foundation pages were created to provide information about psoriasis to psoriasis sufferers, friends and family members, health care professionals, and the general public.

Non-Invasive Assessment of Susceptibility to Sudden Cardiac Death

Check this section out for the Non-Invasive Assessment of Susceptibility to Sudden Cardiac Death.

Northeast Regional RFLP Lab for DNA Typing

This site for the clinical and basic research on tuberculosis (TB) conducted at the New York State Department of Health.

NTA, Inc.

Turnkey full DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing program and a transcript of the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991.

On-Line Allergy Center

Hook up here with an online question and answer session for allergy causes and tried and true treatments.


Peruse the University of Pennsylvania's cancer research and information center.

Otology Online

OTOLOGY ONLINE, a site devoted to the dissemination of information regarding diseases of the ears, hearing and balance.

Parkinson's Disease Information Center

Check this site out for the Parkinson's Disease Information Center.

Parkinson's Disease Web (PD Web)

Serving the Information Needs of the Parkinson's Community Worldwide.

Parkinsons Web Forum

Check this site for Diseases and Conditions of Parkinson's disease.

Pediatric Rheumatology

Contains information on arthritis in children and support group resources for the families and physicians who tend to them.

The Perspectives Network On-Line

The Perspectives Network, Inc., Mobile, AL, US. This site offers information about The Perspectives Network On-Line, a resource for survivors of acquired/traumatic brain injury, their families and the professionals working with them. It includes FAQs, resource listing, auto-request page for fact brochures and survivor ID cards.

Phenylketonuria (PKU)

PKU Home Page is a site for the National PKU News, a publication for families and professionals interested in Phenylketonuria (PKU).

A Physician's Guide to Fibromyalgia Syndrome

This location will provide you with a Physician's Guide to Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

Primary Sources: The Ebola Outbreak in Zaire

This site provides primary sources on the Ebola outbreak in Zaire.

Prostate Cancer InfoLink

Patients and their families can find resources, including health care providers, related to prostate cancer.

Psoriasis []

This section provides information on diseases and conditions of Psoriasis.

Psoriasis [] - SkinCare Program

Here is yet another location for diseases and conditions of Psoriasis.

Psoriasis []

Here yet another location on Psoriasis.

Psoriasis []

Check out for diseases and conditions of Psoriasis.

Quest for a Cure - Multiple Sclerosis fundraising campaign

Province-wide fundraising campaign led by the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Research Center in Saskatoon, a non-profit organization.


Santa Barbara, CA, US This server contains information about RedRibbonNet, an online mall that provides information and services in support of the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Rheumatology Resources

Those with rheumatoid arthritis and get information on the disease and link up with many other sites.

Samantha Radford

If you would like to donate anything to help Samantha Radford, a child with myocarditis (a virus that attacks the heart muscles), you can do so at this site.

San Francisco AIDS Walk

Information about the San Francisco AIDS Walk. Includes links to AIDS service and education providers.

Sarcoma Central

A center for the information of and treatment of cancer patients.


Sexual Health Advocacy and Peer Education home page-lots of links to information about HIV and other STDs, safe sex, etc.

Sleep apNoea Online Resource for Education (SNORE)

Digital Atheists, Washington, DC, US. This server provides information about sleep apnoea, a sleep disorder that causes the sleeper to stop breathing many times during the night. This potentially dangerous condition is typically characterized by extremely loud snoring, gasping for breath, and/or complete cessation of breathing during sleep.

Sleep Disorders

Here you will find four physician specialists to answer questions.

Sleep Medicine

This section gives great information on the Diseases and Conditions of Sleep Disorders.

Sober But Stuck

Resources for 12-step, recovery, substance abuse and alcoholics anonymous programs.

Stanford University - Tuberculosis Research Center

This site is dedicated to the Stanford University Tuberculosis Research Center.

Stealth Virus Research Program

Stealth Virus Research Program at the USC Infectious Disease Laboratory's site provides information about a group of viruses that has previously gone unrecognized. These viruses were initially identified in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and have since been isolated from patients with a wide variety of illnesses including severe encephalopathy, autism, and other complex neurological and non-neurological diseases.

Steppin' Out

Information about Steppin' Out, the leading fund raiser for direct care services for people living with AIDS and HIV in southeast Michigan.


Site focusing on Syringomyelia (SM), a disorder in which a cyst forms within the spinal cord.


This is the site of the first WWW service center specializing in cancer research and treatment which is based in Europe.

Thrombosis Interest Group

The Thrombosis Interest Group, a collection of physicians from across Canada, provides this site to study and treat diseases related to thrombosis and coagulation, including stroke and MI.

Tourette Syndrome

The Tourette Syndrome Home Page is dedicated to discussion and treatment of Tourette Syndrome (TS), a neurological disorder characterized by tics--involuntary, rapid, sudden movements or vocalizations that occur repeatedly in the same way.


The LSU Medical Center site offers information about TraumaNet, which is dedicated to trauma, case presentations, hotlinks and associated organizations.

Tuberculosis Advocacy

Check this site out for the Tuberculosis Advocacy.

Tuberculosis Resources

Again, another site for Tuberculosis Resources.

Tuberous Sclerosis

Contains information on tuberous sclerosis and related topics.

UC Irvine Research - Alzheimer Information

Informative research on Alzheimer's based at the University of California in Irvine.

Understanding Acute Low Back Problems

A panel of experts reveals their theories on how to treat lower back pain.

University of Pittsburgh - Comprehensive Lung Center

This section outlines delivery of patient care and education to those suffering from a wide variety of pulmonary diseases.

USA Fibrositis Association

This site gives information on the diseases and conditions of Fibromyalgia.

V.I.P. - The Vitiligo Information Pages

This section provides information on dermatology and the Vitiligo Information Pages.

Valley Fever - Coccidioidomycosis

A source of useful information for those living in the arid areas where the valley fever fungus infections are very common.

The VHL Family Alliance

A home page providing information about von Hippel-Lindau disease, a rare familial cancer, sponsored by a non-profit support organization.

Web of Addictions

This site provides drug abuse information for all who need it.

WellnessWeb Prostate Cancer Center

A resource for information about prostate cancer treatments. Includes first-person accounts of patients dealing with prostate cancer.

Women's Health Weekly

The National Institutes of Health addressed the need of women's health by establishing the Office of Research on Women's Health. ORWH serves as a focal point for women's health research at the NIH.

WWW Cancer Info []

A World Wide Web outreach project that enables easy access to Cancer related databases worldwide.

Emergency Services

Abortion Clinic Listing

Check here for an online list of abortion providers.

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

Learn about the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, the types of problems with which it deals, and the programs it employs.

DrugAlert-Home Drug Detection Kit

Learn about the Drug Alert, a home drug detection kit that allows parents to easily test for minute traces of illegal drugs in their home.

Emergency - A Guide to the Emergency Services of the World

Contains many useful safety tips, images of emergency services, true life stories and much more.

Emergency Medical Humor

Medical humor at it's best. Features the most often asked stupid questions.

Emergency Preparedness Information Exchange

Emergency managers look here for your information exchange.

Global Emergency Medical Services

Need healthcare while you're traveling? We can enable you to access medical providers worldwide.

National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation (NCEMSF)

This is a worldwide connection for resource information regarding Emergency Medical Service groups. Great for colleges and universities.

National EMS Pilots Association

Pilots and crew get a chance to exchange information and ideas within the air medical industry.

Team Dispatch

Are you an emergency dispatcher from EMS, the police or fire department? Connect with your peer in a non-profit group program.


Huge connection based at Louisiana State University. All the information and resource guide you could ever need.

The Unofficial Massachusetts EMS Web Site

The largest EMS Web link up in the state of Massachusetts.

Family Medicine

AMIA Family Practice/Primary Care Newsletter

Provides three http.'s that aid in stimulate research, provide information, and acts as a resource for developing a network of primary care.

Family Medicine Related Resources

Extensive list with links to departments of family practice at universities, associations, hospitals, and other resources.

Primary Care Baseline Project

Virtual handbook that provides a baseline of practical knowledge for primary care providers, a working bibliographic reference guide, and includes a forum for academic and practical discourses.

Health Care

Allegheny General Hospital Spina Bifida Center

Hard to find information on the little heard of disease known as Spina Bifida, located at Allegheny General Hospital.

Alpena General Hospital

Bay Park Medical, P.C.

Brooklyn, NY, US This server is devoted to the medical staff of Bay Park Medical, P.C. The medical and occupational health divisions are billed as capable of meeting all the health needs of personal and business clients.

Beth Israel Hospital, Inc.

Blanchard Valley Regional Health Center

Boca Raton Community Hospital

Boys Town National Research Hospital

Connect here with the Boys Town research center specializing with hearing, speech and language disorders.

Caring Calls

A monitoring and reminder service. Personalized messages are available and the user may listen to samples of the programs. Our computerized service is designed to check up on your loved ones by phone when you can't.

Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center

An online connection with the comprehensive cancer program offered at Cedars-Sinai.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Center for Independent Living

Berkeley, CA, US This server provides information about Center for Independent Living, a leader in the independent-living movement that serves as a model for disabled people around the world.

Chedoke-McMaster Hospitals

Children's Hospital - University of Texas Medical Branch

This center offers medical students and faculty the latest technology in research and patient care for children.

Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc/ Brussels-Belgium

Courage To Change

Internet Services Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA, US This server offers information about the Internet Services Corporation, a firm that enables the confidential purchase of self-help books, audio tapes and gifts for people facing major challenges, including addiction and recovery, loss and grief, divorce, parenting problems, illness, codependency, abuse, gay and lesbian issues, children's issues, depression and other such.

CPMCnet: Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center

Cyberspace Hospital

Duke University Medical Center

All the latest information available at this well known medical center.

Florida's Agency for Health Care Admin

Here can be found administrative health care needs.

Foothills Provincial General Hospital

Fukae Nagasaka Clinic

Gary Null Associates

Health and fitness advocate Gary Null and his catalog of books, audio cassettes, videos and nutritional supplements.

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

Graduate Hospital Imaging Center

An introduction to the center which features interesting MRI cases involving the foot and ankle. Educational opportunities abound.

Hahnemann University Heart Hospital

A heart specialty hospital inside a hospital. Dedicated to the education and development of research in heart disease.

HCIA-Mercer's 100 Top Hospitals

Health Care Information Resources

Health Care Information Resources offers electronic information to patients, and health care providers.

Health Services Research Journal

This journal is published bimonthly for the Hospital Research and Educational Trust. It offers information on new trends and techniques in research.

Hermann Hospital

Holy Name Hospital, Teaneck NJ

Home Test Kits

This site provides information on testing for colorectal cancer, pregnancy, and glucose.

HyperDOC: The National Library of Medicine (NLM)

HyperDOC is a multimedia/hypertext resource of the U.S. National Library of Medicine with extensive on-line information services dealing with clinical care, toxicology and environmental health, and basic biomedical research.

iCare Direct

Indianapolis, IN, US This server provides information about iCare Direct which offers online customers savings up to 50 percent on contact lenses and eyeglasses. Online ordering, quick service and nationwide delivery are among the ancillary money-saving ingredients.

Index - Hospital Web -

List of All Hospitals on the World Wide Web

Index - State and National Healthcare Organizations

An index listing local, state, and national healthcare organizations nationwide.

Indigent Patient Services

This is an Institutional Reimbursement Consulting Service ready to help patients that are in financial need. One of the services include a discount drug store.

INFOMINE- Biological, Agricultural and Medical Resources

Infomine is a large database of biological, agricultural, and medical resources. A great source for agricultural, life and medical sciences resources with each resource annotated and presented via a hypertext database.

International Medicine and Health Network

An International connection accessing clinical health information while paying special attention to the needs of FSU/CIS countries.

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

This is one of the worlds largest and well known medical care centers. Excellent opportunity for research and treatment.

Kaiser Permanente Fremont Medical Center

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre

Lower Manhattan Dialysis Center

This center will even make your family feel welcome by recommending hotels, translators, and a brand new facility in the "Big Apple".

Lucile Salter Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford

One of the largest facilities in the world which specializes in the treatment of children with cancer.

Magellan Engineering Consultants

A Company that offers expertise in health / safety and environmental engineering. Magellan is a dynamic company with a wide range of experience. Our team of engineers, safety professionals, industrial hygienists, toxicologists, and technical staff, is second to none in knowledge and performance.

Massachusetts General Hospital - Dept. of Emergency Medicine

Mayo Clinic

Med Nexus

Med Nexus is an exciting Internet based on-line service for physicians and other medical care providers that combines comprehensive support services with a resource rich World Wide Web site!

Medical Ethics [Wisconsin]

Access info on bioethics.


Medscape, for health professionals and interested consumers, features peer-reviewed articles, color graphics, stored literature searches, and annotated links to Internet resources.

Merle West Medical Center

Miller-Dwan Medical Center

Montgomery Regional Hospital

National Health Care Skill Standards Project

A nationwide connection among the health care industry including labor, educational organizations and volunteers to develop skill standards.

National health security plan

This plan guarantees health benefits for citizens and legal residents, regardless of health or employment status. It contains no lifetime limits and no interruption if loss or change of jobs.

New England Medical Center

Penn State University College of Medicine

Radford Community Hospital

Rush-Presbyterian-St.Luke's Medical Center

Sequoia Hospital

Shands Hospital

Shriners Hospital Honolulu Unit

St. Francis Medical Center

St. Luke's Regional Medical Center

St Vincent & Geelong Hospitals - Department of Medicine

UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital

UHS Topics In Primary Care

UHS provides teaching files of General Medicine faculty, practitioners, and residents, which are processed into web-format as a resource for a comprehensive patient care.

Univeristy of Connecticut Health Center

University Hospital

The hospital, its people, and its programs, and contains a map showing access routes, and a searchable e-mail address list.

University Hospitals of Cleveland - Department of Radiology

University of Alberta - Department of Clinical Engineering

University of Alberta Hospital

University of Michigan Medical Center

University of Virginia - Children's Medical Center

Virtual Hospital

This site is a virtual hospital providing information on the College of Medicine and University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics.

Wake Forest University - Bowman Gray School of Medicine

Wayne Memorial Hospital

Wuesthoff Health Services




Medical Illustrators' Home Page

The art work of major medical illustrators is shown in this graphic website. The objective is to link illustrators with their principal clients, such as doctors, medical schools, lawyers, publishers and advertisers. Commissioned work and stock photos are available.


Karolinska Institut

Gain info from Karolinska Medical Institute from Sweden.

National Eye Institute

Supports more than 75 percent of the vision research conducted in the United States at approximately 250 medical centers.

National Health Information Center (NHIC)

Health information referral service. puts health professionals and consumers with health questions in touch with those organizations that are best able to provide answers.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

A source of information on drug abuse.

Insurance seguros

Aetna Health Plans of Arizona

A provider health benefits and health services to nearly 200,000 residents of Arizona.

College Student Health Insurance Services

Champion Insurance Advantage, Ltd., Bel Air, MD, US This site contains information about Champion Insurance Advantage, Ltd., which provides student health insurance for full-time students at U.S. colleges and universities, temporary health insurance for new U.S. graduates or persons temporarily withdrawing from school. Health insurance also available for students from U.S. schools participating in an academic program outside the US.

U.S. Healthcare

U.S. Healthcare is a company that offers many different products and services. Online customer services and health information are available.



National Network of Libraries of Medicine

Gain access to medical libraries across the nation.

Stanford University - Lane Medical Library

Gain access to info from Lane Medical Library at Stanford.

Texas A&M University

Gain access to info from Texas A &M Medical Library.

University of Nebraska - McGoogan Library of Medicine

Gain access to info available on McGoogan Library of Medicine.

University of Pittsburgh

Gain access on psychiatry and behavioral medical info from Univ. of Pittsburgh.

University of South Carolina

Gain access to medical resources available from Univ. of So. Carolina.



Come visit the opportunities available for nursing, midwifery.

Midwifery, Pregnancy and Birth Related Information

Resources available on home births, and midwifery.


BO's Nursing []

This homepage references many sources in nursing, ontology and general medicine.

Nurse Server

The Nurse Server provides many services. Included are American Nursing jobs ads, medical referrals, papers and journals. They are about to launch a new electronic journal called Nursing Online.

Nursing Internet Resources

The Nursing Internet Resources Web-site provides services, including nursing resources by active online map or text listing of geographical site, Directories and Related Resource Guides.

Nursing Net

This comprehensive Web-site was rated among the top 5% of all sites on the Internet by Point Survey. Nursing Net provides information on every area of nursing from Student Nursing to the highest levels of specialization. Great graphics, too.

Parse Page

This Web page is dedicated to the writings of Dr. R. R. Parse, as well as general nursing theory. Consider "PARSE'S THEORY OF HUMAN BECOMING" and/or link to Nursing Ontology Discussions.

Telephone Triage

This Web-site specializes in information in the area of Telephone Triage and Nursing Consultation. Often begun as a marketing program, Telephone Triage often rapidly becomes recognized as excellent providers of health resources, information and education, plus one of the most effective responses to the rapid evolution of health care today. To quote the Web-site, "the registered nurses speak directly to patients, clients or consumers, assisting them in determining the urgency of care needed, referring to or scheduling appointments with physicians, and providing health information to the caller."

Nursing Schools

Brigham Young University

Nursing school information at Brigham Young University.

Duke University Nursing Services

Nursing education available at Duke University.

Medical University of S. Carolina

Programs available in Nursing education at Medical University of S. Carolina.

Ohio State University

Nursing resources available for education at Ohio State University.

Oregon Health Sciences University - School of Nursing

Learn about the highly ranked nursing program at Oregon Health Sciences Univ.

Southeastern La. University School of Nursing

Learn of the exciting possibilities in the nursing profession at S.E. La. Univ.

University of Akron - College of Nursing

Visit the nursing program the Univ. of Akron.

University of Arizona

Computer classes available in nursing at University of Arizona.

University of California at San Francisco - Nursing

Nursing education programs available at Univ. of Calif. at San Francisco.

University of Central Florida - School of Nursing

Visit the nursing opportunities available at Univ. of Central Florida.

University of Delaware - College of Nursing

Welcome to the nursing opportunities available at Univ. of Delaware.

University of Iowa College of Nursing

Visit the nursing opportunities available at Univ. of Iowa College of Nursing.

University of Maryland - School of Nursing

Learn of the nursing opportunities available at one of the most highly ranked schools.

West Virginia University - School of Nursing

Nursing Sciences education available at West Virginia University.



Ophthalmology  oftalmología



Digital Journal of Ophthalmology

A peer-review ophthalmology journal.

Radial Keratotomy

Information on Radial Keratotomy (RK). A surgical procedure designed to permanently correct nearsightedness and/or astigmatism.

TLC The Laser Center

Information on Laser Vision Correction. Discover more about this exciting medical breakthrough.

Vision Correcting Surgery

This was designed to inform you of a unique option for correcting sight.

Organizations  organizaciones médicas


American Medical Association

Here you will find the home page for the American Medical Association. Included is news about the organization, membership information, archives and abstracts from the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Protein Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry

Protein Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry provides links to databases and documents of interest to protein chemists, also links associated with protein mass spectrometry allowing submission of mass spectra to a new protein mass spectrum database.



American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is a group of 50,000 pediatricians promoting the health, safety and well-being of infants, children, adolescents and young adults. News about the academy, the organization and other links are found here.


A Pediatrics WebServer. These World Wide Web pages are dedicated to the dissemination of on-line information for pediatricians and others interested in child health.

Perioperative Cardiac Arrest Registry

The American Society of Anesthesiologists' Committee on Professional Liability and the American Academy of Pediatrics' Section on Anesthesiology, The Pediatric Peri-Operative Cardiac Arrest Registry.



Index - Physiology & Biophysics - WWW Virtual Library

A site maintained by The Department of Physiology and Biophysics at Cornell University Medical College. Includes a listing of Physiology & Biophysics Servers.

Physiological Society - Physiology Online

The Electronic Information Service of The Physiological Society. Contains links to publications, news, and to other physiology sites.

Products and Services

Columbia University - Department of Medical Informatics

Medical information on programs from Columbia Univ.

Comprehensive Skin Care Associates

Comprehensive Skin Care Associates. uses this site to promote its products.

Manchester University Medical Informatics Group

Manchester University contains information about the Medical Informatics Group, an interdisciplinary group concerned with the design and implementation of health-care information systems. MIG has particular interest in all aspects of the Electronic Patient Record, from the intelligent clinical workstation to the terminological problems of medical applications. It is currently involved in GALEN and other projects.

Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis SkinCare Program

B&C SkinCare Products maintains this server to promote a 100 percent natural skin care program. The product contains no steroids and was developed to care for the skin problems of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and psoriatic arthritis.

Walking Wheelchairs

Grasp Lab, U. Penn, Philadelphia, PA, US This server provides information about Walking Wheelchairs, a project that involves the application of robotics to improve the mobility of people restricted to wheelchairs. It includes a demonstration video.



University of Groningen Department of Social Psychiatry

A research center in the Netherlands for psychiatric epidemiology, schizophrenia, depression, etc. Information includes links to other psychiatric sites, personnel Home pages, guest book entries, and more.



Blood + Aphorisms: a Journal of Literary Fiction

Blood Aphorisms is Canada's bestselling fiction magazine, offering book reviews, interviews and the best fiction from around the world.

Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

A quarterly journal focusing on political, policy and law issues relating to health. Contributors come from a variety of disciplines, including political science, economics, history, sociology, health services research, philosophy, etc.

Molecular Medicine

Come find out all you need to know about molecular biology.

Rhode Island Medicine (Monthly Magazine)

Rhode Island Medicine is one of the oldest established state Medical Journals.

Radiology   radiología

Imaging and Radiology

Westmead Hospital provides information about teaching and research. Contains a medical imaging and radiology database.


The Parkinson's Web

This Parkinson's Web server provides information about Parkinson's research and available treatment. It contains a list of organizations and resources, developments and a glossary of medical terms.


Fairfield Imaging Limited

Information about hardware and software solutions for visualization and analysis of point-sampled data volumes in 3D Microscopy and Medical Imaging.

HJ Morgan Inc. - Doctor's Office

A provider of software for medical practice records management, scheduling, visits and billing.

HyperSoft MedWorks Inc.

Software for medical billing, accounting, medical records, appointment scheduling, lab data acquisitions solutions.

Simkin, Inc.

Features the development of measuring pharmacy interventions and improving patient results.

Sonoquest Software

Technology featuring sonography, radiology and vascular technology.

Stratford Healthcare Management & EDI Software

Software featuring information for doctors, dentists and medical institutions.

Sumit Computer Systems

Automate your front office including billing, claims, and management.

Sunquest Information Systems

The best in healthcare networking and consulting.

SW International Systems Pte Ltd

Here you can order your specialized hardware and software for the healthcare industry.

Turbo-Doc Medical Records Software

Top of the line in technology. This software lets the doctor create his/her own file according to particular specifications including database.

WinHealth Systems

It doesn't get any better than this hi-tech management system for any type of specialty.


Dr. Jim's Virtual Veterinary Clinic

Veterinarian Jim Humphries has two books out, Dr. Jim's Animal Clinic For Cats and Dr. Jim's Animal Clinic for Dogs. They are based on thousands of questions answered on national talk radio. He has also produced a video on taking care of your favorite feline entitled Current Cat Care.

IMAGES: Respiratory Systems in Veterinary Science

The Murdoch University collection of digital images for use in the teaching and learning of respiratory systems in veterinary science.

Index - Veterinary Center [Martindale]

The Veterinary Center contains information about what's happening today in the world of veterinary science, travel warnings and immunization, a reference desk, international services, dictionaries, glossaries, information on schools including curriculum, course books, modules, etc.

NetVet Veterinary Resources

At this site you will find many of the Internet resources related to the veterinary medical profession. You will also find a large collection of information about various animal species in the Electronic Zoo. This is an experimental service and provided courtesy of the Washington University Division of Comparative Medicine, located in St. Louis, Missouri.

VÈtonet : la page des vÈtÈrinaires franÁais

Vétonet est une page web pour les vétérinaires. Tout en faisant largement référence à Netvet (serveur américain très complet), Vétonet est en français, et met l'accent sur les évènements qui se passent dans l'hexagone.


VETFIND is the first national veterinary referral service. This site is still under construction so some states may have limited listings at this time. Please bear with us and return for more listings in the months to come.