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Ecclesiastical Calendar

This program calculates the date of Easter Sunday in both the Western (Catholic, Anglican, and Protestant) Christian, and in the Eastern (Orthodox) Christian traditions.


Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabets

Here's your line guide to Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabet.

Dictionaries   Diccionarios










Welcome to the Haven. Where do you want to go?

ECHO - EuroDicautom

This gateway is an unfunded project and is not officially sponsored nor supported by ECHO nor the University of Frankfurt.

English-Estonian Dictionary

An English-Estonian-English dictionary with more than 17000 words.

English-russian russian-english dictionary

Offering a translation of the Russian language. From Cyrillic to English and back again.

English-Slovene Dictionary

This is a searchable English-Slovene ( Slovene-English ) dictionary. Current contents of the database is 70.000 entries.

English-to-Spanish Dictionary

This is a very small Spanish dictionary, with a very simple interface. Type a word or part of a word in the text area, choose whether to search for that word exactly or to search for words containing that part of a word.

Finnish-English-Finnish dictionary

Give the word (either English or Finnish) in the query field and press the Submit button. Be Finnish!

Food Lover's Glossary at Pearl's Pantry

Recipes and links. If you love food, you'll love this site.

Index - List of Dictionaries

A comprehensive list of dictionaries found on the Internet.


Aficionados of the Swedish language like to collect idioms and amuse each other by translating them literally. Here is your chance to contribute to an ever-growing collection.

UK/US Dictionary

A dictionary of terms, slang, expressions, and public figures unique to the United Kingdom. From an American point-of-view.


Information on Tipping (Tips)

list suggests what are generally considered to be adequate amounts to tip various people for services rendered.


Britannica Online Inc.

Encyclopedia Britannica beta program, Britannica Online, includes essential graphics and illustrations, the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, and links to related Internet resources.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

An Information Service of Britannica Advanced Publishing, Inc. The first encyclopedia on the Internet!

Encyclopedia Mystica

Encyclopedia of Folklore, Legends & Mythology.

Global Encyclopedia

Global Encyclopedia written by net volunteers & Editors.

English Language

English Usage Page

Electronic listing of various alternative english usage dictionaries.

Grammar and Style Guide

Miscellany of grammatical rules and explanations, comments on style, and suggestions on usage.

Index - English Servers' Reference

The English Server is managed by graduate students, faculty and staff in the English Department at CMU. It has published humanities texts to the Internet since 1990.

On-Line English Grammar

Online English Grammar.

Punctuation []

A Functional Concept of Punctuation.


Index - City.Net United States

A complete index of cities, territories and countries. Go see your city.

Index - The Virtual Reference Desk

The Virtual Reference Desk. An alphabetical listing of dictionaries, thesauruses and many other reference materials.

On-line Reference Works

This is a small collection of available online reference works, both at CMU (preferred) and elsewhere.

Population Index

Access this quarterly demographic bibliography journal, which offers the full contents of all 1993 and 1994 issues; other issues will be added.

The World Factbook 1995

Learn what happened in the world today. The latest discoveries and science. All facts.

ZIP+4 Codes

Searchable database of ZIP+4 Codes. It also is able to generate a printable Postscript file, replete with bar code.

Interesting Population

Frequently Occurring Names in America

The Census Bureau receives numerous requests to supply information on name frequency. In an effort to comply with those requests, the Census Bureau has embarked on a names list project involving a tabulation of names from the 1990 Census.

Gemology & Lapidary Pages

T his area presents the interested public and jewelry industry professionals with extensive information on gemology and lapidary.

United States Pop Clock

Do you want the current population. Find it out and see the documentation.

World Population

Know the world population through the population links on the Internet.

World Population Clock

World population. Know the past numbers and the projections for the future.

World Rulers

This site contains a list of heads of state and heads of government (and, in certain cases, de facto leaders which don't occupy either of those formal positions) of all countries and territories of the world.


American Library Association

ALA has recently embarked on ALA Goal 2000; a bold new initiative to have the association as closely identified with the public's right to a free and open information society -intellectual participation as it is with intellectual freedom.

American Memory

Consists of collections of primary source and archival material relating to American culture and history. These historical collections are the Library of Congress's key contribution to the national digital library. Most of these offerings are from the unparalleled special collections of the Library of Congress.

Anacortes Public Library Libraries Page

Conduct your next research by going to the Anacortes Public Library Page. Take a virtual tour of references available and other links.

Association of Research Libraries

Association of Research Libraries has collections to offer from their member libraries, Gopher, electronic atlas and more.

Berkeley Public Library

Special feature on this resource is the Bay Area Arts & Humanities Month Online! Its purpose is to provide Bay Area residents and the online community with a new way to celebrate national arts and humanities.

Bill's Library

Literary Journals, Poetry, Books, Magazines, and Reference Links.

Birmingham Public Library

This guide will help you find your way around the Central Library, and introduce you to the services we provide.

Boston Public Library

We aim to be the guiding light in the information age, use our resources to complete your latest search.

Boulder (Colo.) Public Library

Research our archives of information with easy to use links on any subject you can thinks of. Try us!

Catalog Use Forum

Forum for the discussion of library catalog use. Encourages catalog users, vendors, and researchers to exchange ideas.

Cataloging Resources

A database of Internet resources. It was created by Eric Morgan of North Carolina State University, which contains the Alex Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet, a database of about 1800 online books and other texts.

Cataloguer's Toolbox

You can access cataloging tools on the Library's Sun UNIX server (Buddy) as well as those from other Internet sites around the world, such as remote Library OPACs, the Library of Congress's GOPHER and WWW sites and more.

CATaloguing and Retrieval of Information Over Networks Applications(CATRIONA)

A 6 month feasibility study funded by the British Library Research And Development Division. The purpose behind the CATRIONA project is to investigate the technical, organizational and financial requirements for the development of applications programs and procedures to enable the cataloguing, classification, and retrieval of documents and other resources over networks,

CIC Center for Library Initiatives

Information of interest to librarians, educators, and institutions.

CLASS - Cooperative Library Agency for Systems and Services

A self-supporting public agency formed in 1976 to promote library cooperation and provide needed services to the library and information community. We are a national multi-type membership network comprised of academic, community college, public, school, special and state libraries.

Collingwood Public Library

The Library's home page consists of a collection of links to useful Internet resources and tools. If you find this page helpful, please feel free to link to it.

Committee on East Asian Libraries

Resources on east Asian libraries.

Computers, Freedom and Privacy Video Library

A collection of video tapes about human liberties and freedoms in the information age.

Connecticut Library

The intent of this homepage is to provide an educational and entertaining launch-pad to the wealth of Connecticut related/based information on the Internet.

Conservation OnLine - Stanford University Libary Preservation Department

CoOL, a project of the Preservation Department of Stanford University Libraries, is a full text database of conservation information. The databases cover a wide spectrum of topics of interest to those involved with the conservation of library, archives and museum materials.

E-Text Archives

Electronic periodical listings pertaining to Sports; Political Archives; Religious Texts; Sports; Legal Issues.

Eden Etext Archives

The Eden Etext archives are a personal collection of what the archiver considers to be the cream of Internet Etext. Its contents are, as a result, totally subjective.

Eisenhower Center

Are you an Dwight David Eisenhower buff? Search this site for his farewell address, main events of his presidency, Mamie Doud Eisenhower, and some of his famous quotes. Includes links to the Eisenhower library.

Ellsworth Public Library

Upholds the principles of intellectual freedom and the public's right to know by providing access to information, reflecting all points of view, to people of all ages. In addition to books and other materials of contemporary interest and permanent value, the Library's collection, facility, and services satisfy a wide variety of community needs.

Evansville Vanderburgh County Public Library

If you live in Evansville you can look here to learn more about local services available. If you don't live in Evansville, conduct a virtual trip to the Evansville Vanderburgh County Public Library.

Florida and Caribbean Chapter Special Libraries Association

Learn about the Special Libraries Association. The more you know about libraries, the more you know about libraries.

Gerber/Hart Library and Archives

Lesbian and bisexual circulating library, archives and resource center.

Glasgow - Information Retrieval Group

A searchable archive of the mailing list IR List, and IR resources. Includes a collection of links to local and remote accumulations of IR stuff.

GSFC Homer E. Newell Memorial Library

The Library provides access to scientific, technical and management information in both electronic and printed form.

Health Sciences Internet Librarianship Resource Page

The goal of this document is to provide electronic pointers to the various resources which are of interest to the health science librarian. It is not a comprehensive list, but does contain hyperlinks to many of the more common resources.

Houston Public Library

Search the Houston Public Library catalog and a variety of other databases. Includes links to instructions on using the online catalog system and information on each of the available databases.

HyperPals - HyperText Interface to PALS

Check out the HyperPals interface to search for books at several university and or government libraries.

Idomeneus - IR & DB repository

These pages mostly contain IR related resources such as test collections, stop lists, stemming algorithms, and links to other IR sites.

Index - Public Libraries With Internet Services

Here is a comprehensive index of available public libraries to date that have Internet service.

Index - State Library Agencies

A listing of state libraries that have gophers and/or Web pages available.

Information Systems Asia Web

Provides research, IS-related commercial materials, interaction and even research sponsorship by interested corporations with a focus on Asia Pacific region. To search just click on your area of interest on the image above or select using a text description.

Innovative Interfaces Inc.'s Home Page

Here is an extensive list of libraries which can be searched via Telnet.

Innovative Internet Applications in Libraries

A convenient place to explore how libraries are using the Internet.

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

A worldwide organization created to provide librarians around the world with a forum for exchanging ideas, promoting international cooperation, research and development in all fields of library activity.

Internet Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of available information on the Internet.

Internet Public Library (IPL)

A public library for the Internet community.

ITCS Top Ten Library Science Resources

TCS believes that librarians are the key to the future of the Internet--only through effective organization of network resources will people be able to turn the Internet from a surfer's dream to a researcher's tool. For all our fellow librarians on the net, here are some key resources.

Jimmy Carter Library

The best of Jimmy Carter, his presidency and any other information about the man can be found here.

Judaica Archival Project at the Jewish National and Hebrew University Library

A non-profit, preservation and access program from the Machon Mekorot Institute.

Kaapelisolmu - The Knot at the Cable

Access to electronic information, an electronic publishing house for the non-governmental organizations, cultural movements and individuals.

Karpeles Manuscript Library

Original writings of the great authors, scientists, philosophers, statesmen, sovereigns and leaders from all periods of world history.

Latah County Library District

The Latah County Library District exists to provide the highest level of public library service in the most efficient and cost effective manner to all residents of our service area. It is our aim to enhance opportunities for recreation and self-education, to provide improved access to information, and to develop an interest in reading and learning, especially in young children.

Librarian Web Resources

Professional Resources for Librarians on the WWW, contents, associations, organizations, divisions, and committees. Includes the additional resources of discussion lists and online periodical archives.


Take a virtual trip to the library. You don't need a library card you just need to be on the Internet.

Libraries and Librarianship - WWW Virtual Library

Libraries information categorized by subject. Library WWW Servers and a list of libraries which run WWW servers.

Libraries for the Future

Beyond books, beyond the dispensing of information, beyond providing a place to read and think, the public library exists as a civic institution. Through traditional and non-traditional approaches to library services, libraries are evolving into centers of communications, education, computer networking, economic development, community organizing and cultural expression.

Library and Information Science Resources

The Penrose Library has a variety of links available to research the topic of your choice. Easy to use links should speed your information search.

Library of Congress

Congress Indexes to Other World Wide Web Services. Find selected information on the Internet by subject or genre.

Library of Congress - Executive Branch

White House Information, 1992-1994 (Carnegie Mellon University). Includes appointments and nominations, domestic affairs, the economy, international affairs, press briefings and conferences, memoranda, executive orders and proclamations, remarks during photo ops, speeches and town halls, and the President's daily schedule. Searchable by keyword.

Library Schools on the Net

The bulk of these sites were collected using the College and University Home Pages server. In many cases, we had to follow multiple links through the campus information system to discover the LIS information.

Library Technician

A resource for library support staff. Originally constructed as a course project for the Highline Community College library technician program.

Library WWW Servers

Library information science schools, WWW library catalog gateways and many more links.

Linda Hall Library

A independent research library of science, engineering, and technology.

Longmont (Colo.) Public Library

Bricks and books are just the body of what makes a library. It takes something else to give a library its soul. The library is a place that welcomes us all, regardless of good or ill fortune. The library is a doorway into the minds, of great people in our time and in all times and with cyberspace--in all places!

Michigan Library Association

MLA is a state wide organization representing library personnel. Its members strive to improve library services and resources. MLA also provides an opportunity to meet library peers and associates. MLA is THE lobbying organization for Michigan's libraries. The Association's efforts include opposing censorship; clarifying governance issues, and proactively seeking adequate funding.

Microsoft Library

Links to some of the more useful Internet resources.

Milton Public Library

The mission of the Milton Public Library is to bring a new library and full access to the World Wide Web to all the people of Milton so as to effectively meet their cultural, educational, vocational and recreational needs.

Minnesota Libraries Listing

Search the Internet via Twin Cities Free-Net Search page. What could be better?


Learn more about this innovative project that brings the resources of the University of Michigan to the citizens of Michigan through their local public libraries with cyberspace access to everyone on the net.

Montclair Public Library

The Library has a collection of 160,000 books as well as an Audio-Visual Department which lends films, videos, audio cassettes and provides materials or the physically disadvantaged. The Library's card catalog has been computerized and remote access from your office or home is possible--So join us!

Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library

Access our online catalog via the WWW Branch locations, hours, programs, and policies. Includes reports on BEV at MFRL and information about this server.

Mount Prospect Public Library

Provides access to some of the information available on the Internet as well as providing information about the Mount Prospect community to other Internet users.

National Archives and Records Administration

A collection of information available about the National Archives and Records Administration.

New Castle - Henry County Public Library

Take a photo tour of the Indiana state library. Or see our links for what's hot, search the world wide web, and our online catalog.

New York Metropolitan Reference and Research Library Agency

METRO is a cooperative of over 250 libraries and library systems in the five boroughs of New York City, and Westchester County. Quite an expansive source of information to draw upon through the net.

New York Public Library

Take a virtual visit to the New York Public Library whether it's been a long time since you were there or if you have never been before.

Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library

It is one of the most unique library facilities in the province. It combines the historic ambience of its environment with modern technology to form a truly vital community institution.

Nixon Presidential Materials Staff

Research one of the most controversial presidency terms. Here is the place for Nixon presidential materials available for research.

Northwest area libraries

A list of various library card catalog systems in the Pacific Northwest.

OLA - Internet Top Ten - Public Libraries

Browse the reading room, click on the reference desk to ask a question or explore the services for librarians and Information Professionals. Visit the Virtual Reference Desk, with links to Carl Uncover, AskERIC, Cancer Information for the patient and layperson, and much, much more. A great ready reference source.

The Olive Tree

The Olive Tree is dedicated to the open dissemination of concepts and ideas within the fields of library science and information resources. The journal was created in January 1995 and is maintained at he University of Arizona School of Library Science.

Palo Alto (Calif.) Public Library

A combination of resources from Palo Alto, California's collective library facilities. Search for the subject of your interest or check out our links.

Pasadena Public Library

The freedom to know is the foundation of our democracy. The mission of the Pasadena Public Library is to be an information center for the Pasadena community in order to preserve and encourage the free expression of ideas essential to an informed citizenry. Join our local mission statement from your Internet access wherever you are.

Portland Area Libraries (PORTALS)

Includes catalogs from the Multnomah County Library.

Provo City Library

We have tried to organize the information the same way that it would appear in a public library. To go to a particular area of our library, just click on anything that is highlighted or underlined.

Public-Access Computer Systems Review

An electronic journal about digital libraries, electronic publishing, hypermedia, locally mounted databases, network-based information resources and tools, and online catalogs.

Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace Foundation

Nine acres of galleries, theaters, and gardens of the faithfully restored boyhood home of the nation's 37th President. The resting place of the President and his First Lady and an innovative policy center to nurture their legacy.

Rochester Hills Public Library

Choose any highlighted word or phrase, in color or underlined, to learn more about the library and the community, or to connect to Internet resources. Happy searching!

Ronald Reagan Library

Everything you wanted to know about the late, great, eighties presidency and the life and times of Ronald Reagan.

Santa Fe Public Library

Learn more about the resources in the Santa Fe Public Library from the convenience of your home, office or half way around the world. Going to the library has never been easier.

Seattle Public Library

How to locate neighborhood libraries and central library departments, how to register for a Library Card, and information about many unique collections and special services, including links to outside World Wide Web resources.

Seminar on Cataloging Digital Documents

Summary, text, graphics, and audio files, including a summary of the seminar. Photographs of the presenters and various events, texts of the presentations, notes taken by Library of Congress staff, records of the panel discussion, an action plan, and a list of participants.

Serials in Cyberspace

A cyberspace reference for doing topic searches with expansive links available.

SOLINET - Southeastern Library Network

A index of resources.

South Carolina State Library

Find what you are looking for in the collections and services to meet the information needs of South Carolinians and everyone on the Internet.

St Joseph County Public Library

SJCPL's Telnet access to the Library's online catalog, DIAL-A-CAT, with over 500,000 records. Includes the holdings of three area public libraries: SJCPL, Mishawaka-Penn Public Library, and the Plymouth Public Library (Plymouth, Indiana).

Survey of Bibliographic Tools

This document lists and has links to tools relating to bibliographies. It is an update of a text document.

Tampa Bay Library Consortium

This network includes libraries from 10 counties in west central Florida. Users of these libraries have access to more than 3.2 million books, articles and other library materials. Urgently needed materials can often be in a patron's hand in as little as 24 hours since TBLC's fax network facilitates certain types of document delivery.

Teaneck Public Library - The N.J. Librarian

Local New Jersey links, indexes and Teaneck specific information to help you find what you are looking for.

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet

THOMAS receives text of legislation files several times daily and the text of the Congressional Record once daily when Congress is in session; files are processed and made available immediately upon receipt from the Government Printing Office.

Tools for Serials Catalogers

Library oriented lists and electronic serials. Includes electronic journals and newsletters for serialists (including WAIS index search capability for selected titles).

U.S. Copyright Office

Copyright Information Circulars. The links to other resources is being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only. The Copyright Office bears no responsibility for the quality of information provided through other sites and computer systems.

University of Massachusetts at Amherst

The Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval is an NSF funded S/IUCRC Center located in the Computer Science Department 's Center for Real-Time Intelligent Complex Computing Systems (CRICCS) at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

University of Twente - Applications of Information Technology

If you are searching for references on a topic, or subject matter, try using the applications of information and our collective links.

University of Waterloo. Subjective Evaluation of Handwriting Skew

Vehicle for an experiment to distribute a complex perceptual survey. Data is collected and analyzed automatically to draw conclusions about human perception of handwriting skew. Results will be of great use for current research into handwriting analysis and recognition at the University of Waterloo.

WebWise Library

Links to Newspapers, Magazines, online books, and AV Resources.

Westerville (Ohio) Public Library

The Westerville Public Library provides leading edge technology to access information resources from around the world. Browse our Local History Resource Center which contains hundreds of photographs, genealogical material, newspapers, family histories and oral histories recording the early settlement of Westerville and the Central Ohio region.

ZWeb Library Search Gateway

Easy to follow instructions for search. You may either select a specific catalog, or you can create a smaller list of catalogs by entering a search phrase.


Database Resources

Contains a number of database related resources. It includes a search engine to easily locate and retrieve relevant newsgroup entries.

Soliton Enterprises

A one-man information service, providing links to constantly renewed and updated categorized pages accessible via a central index page.

W.E.R., The Information Connection Inc.

Connect to information links specializing in demographic statistics and in zip code maps. W.E.R. also will create customized thematic maps and reports.

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