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    Bamboo Publishing and Advertising

    Bamboo Publishing and Advertising provides online publishing and advertising. The company is the host of Internet MarketPlace, Internet Cafe, Internet Pizza, and Internet Classifieds,

    Gutter Press

    Welcome to Gutter Press, the most exciting source of dangerous fiction and radical literature on the Web.

    H. W. Wilson

    We had our beginnings in an age committed to careful scholarship and meticulous detail, and we have carried that commitment forward. You can rely absolutely on the information we put into your hands--and your computer terminals.

    Halt Media

    This book is written to accelerate personal growth and develops in four stages. the book promotes itself to prompting life-changing behaviors by activating positive feelings that will open channels within you. Once you have opened these channels, a new powerful energy will flow through you. Your life will become successful, challenging, and meaningful.

    Hard Press, Inc.

    Hard Press, Inc. presents thought-provoking books for your interest.

    Harris Publishing

    Harris Publishing publishes alumnae and membership directories at no cost to educational institutions and membership organizations.

    Highsmith Press

    Highsmith Press publishes library reference and professional books, and its Alleyside Press imprint produces instructional resources for teachers and librarians.

    Hodder & Stoughton

    Hodder & Stoughton are part of the Hodder Headline Group and publish books available in the United Kingdom on a large variety of subject areas ranging from children's books to adult fiction and non-fiction.

    Hope Farm Press

    Hope Farm Press was founded in 1959 by retired New York City librarian and military bibliographer, Charles Dornbusch. From his interest in the local history of the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain region grew a catalogue of 100 books and pamphlets on the area, and his remote mountain Book shop became the destination of people from all over the world.

    Houghton Mifflin Company

    Houghton Mifflin is a publisher of quality materials for the home and educational markets.

    ICC Publishing

    ICC Publishing S.A. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the International Chamber of Commerce. As the publishing arm of the ICC, it produces and distributes books on all aspects of international trade. Their content is derived from the work of ICC commissions, institutions, and individual experts.

    IEI Publishing

    "Publishers of Industries' Foremost Directories" is IEI Publishing. Each directory lists thousands of companies.

    Ignatius Press

    Welcome to the Web site of Ignatius Press, a publisher of Catholic books and periodicals.

    Illumination Publishing Ltd

    Illumination Publishing Ltd. introduces a revolutionary new method of creating and reading downloadable publications of all kinds.

    International Thomson Publishing

    International Thomson Publishing provides you with immediate access to the vast array of learning-related products and services from the ITP family of publishers,

    Ishi Press

    Ishi Press provides a complete library of books about Go, and the finest selection of Go playing equipment in the western world.

    Jane's Information Group

    Welcome to the Jane's Information Store-the ultimate source for accurate and impartial information in the world on the subjects of defense, weaponry, civil aviation and transportation.

    Jason Aronson Publishers

    Jason Aronson Publishers gives you their selective collection of books.

    John Reinhardt Book Design

    John Reinhardt Book Design gives you his books and a bonus banana bread recipe!

    John Wiley and Sons

    John Wiley & Sons, Inc. develops, publishes, and sells products in print and electronic media for the educational, professional, scientific, technical, and consumer markets worldwide.

    Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers

    For more than a quarter of a century Jossey-Bass Publishers has provided thoughtful professionals, executives, and scholars with useful, leading-edge books and journals that are based on research and proven in practice. Year after year, loyal customers tell us our publications provide needed and helpful insights, and indeed, some even say they're indispensable.


    Katabasis has published pamphlets since the sixties and books since 1989. It publishes books of poetry written in English and bilingual editions of Latin American poetry. The latter have introductions, notes and pictures to set the poems in context. We have published Chilean poets in exile and we are the principal British publisher of the poetry of Nicaragua, a country famous for its poets.

    KFH Publications, Inc.

    Western Washington State's leading magazine for people who use personal computers. Check out our Computer Business Directory, BBS List, User Group Listings and other useful computer related.

    Kitchen Wisdom Publishing

    Kitchen Wisdom was formed by Herb Weiner in 1986 as a cookbook publisher. We were excited by the combination of the Mac, the LaserWriter, and PostScript as a desktop publishing solution. We decided to re-typeset Beyond Tacos: Mexican Cuisine, originally published in 1984, on the Mac.

    Knowledge Industry Publications, Inc.

    Knowledge Industry Publications, Inc. publishes its leading magazines on the Web.

    Koeltz Scientific Books

    We are booksellers and publishers of books on the natural sciences, including botany, zoology, and ecology, as well as paleontology.

    Koinonia House

    Koinonia House publishes with the goal to create, develop and distribute materials that stimulate, encourage and facilitate serious study of the Bible as the unerring Word of God.

    Kozmik Press

    Take your mind to the far limits with Kozmik books you can order for direct home delivery.

    Kraken Press

    Kraken Press offers several dozen low-cost collections of poems, essays, and humor. Free samples.

    Lancom Technologies

    Lancom Technologies publishes educational courseware which focuses on Novell's NetWare, and Microsoft's Windows (ver. 3.1)

    Larson Publications

    Larson Publications publish and sell philosophical, mystical and psychology books.

    LazerFred Newsletter Publishing Service

    LazerFred Publishing Service helps small to medium sized businesses produce high quality newsletters at a very affordable price. We can work with any company in the US.

    Lippincott-Raven Publishers

    Lippincott-Raven Publishers has a list of present and past publications.

    Little, Brown and Company

    Little, Brown and Company publishes books about food and cooking to make your mouth water.

    Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD

    Llewellyn Publications' World Wide Web site is a publishing company of books and magazines located in St. Paul Minnesota.

    Longitude & Latitude Publishers

    Longitude Latitude Publishers publishes an interesting variety of new books.

    Los Andes Publishing Inc.

    Los Andes Publishing Inc. specializes in Spanish literature and textbooks for children and young adults.

    MacMillan Publishing

    Que publishes books on every major category of personal computing technology from end-users to programming languages. Que’s home page provides information about technology you have come to know and depend on. It explains how you gain access to Que’s computer books.

    Mage Publishing

    Mage Publishers is a small press founded in 1985 by an Iranian couple. Initially we published works both for those in the West interested in an authentic view of Persian literature, art, music, food and poetry, and for those whose cultural heritage was Persian, but whose intellectual language had become English.

    Manga Video

    Manga Video is a publishing company of a variety of books and videos.

    Manic D Press

    Manic D Press has over 30 books and comix in print, and has published work by more than 150 new and established writers. The books are Australia. Manic D books can also be ordered by mail. Our authors do readings everywhere from coffeehouses to rock concerts.

    Mare's Nest Publishing

    Mare's Nest Publishing has now taken over the Shad Thames imprint, the only list in the UK to be dedicated to the best of contemporary Icelandic writing in translation.


    MediaLink is a publishing company devoted to the advancement of publishing through new technologies. Our goal is to utilize technology to make information delivery and retrieval as easy and exciting as possible.

    MG-Publishing Company

    MG Publishing Company "... preserving a sense of the past" Symbolizes our commitment to offer you the very best titles.

    Mintleaf Publishing

    This is a new, private publishing house dedicated to cutting edge publishing on the World Wide Web. Our catalogue is small at the moment, but promises to grow soon. We specialize in art-house poetry and new wave stories.

    Monkeywrench Press

    Monkeywrench Press is a small independent publishing house devoted to publishing anti-authoritarian material of interest to working people. We are committed to making our material as widely available as possible, and therefore we are making the texts of many of our books and pamphlets available online.

    Monterey Press

    Monterey Press is a new company destined to become one of the leading trade book publishers in America.

    Morgan Kaufmann

    Morgan Kaufmann publishes a variety of books.

    Mosby-Year-Book, Inc.

    Mosby, by a large margin, is the world's leading publisher of books, journals and serial publications in the health sciences--medicine, nursing, allied health sciences, dentistry, veterinary medicine--and selected college disciplines--health, physical education and recreation, nutrition, and chemistry.

    Municipal Code Corporation

    Their focus for the future is to maintain the technological advances that have kept them competitive since 1951. Municipal Code Corporation has seen the linotype machine, letterpress, hand collating and hard copy editing turn into online editing, perfecting presses with in-line collating, as well as electronic delivery of information.

    Mutual Publishing

    Mutual Publishing publishes books about bird watching to fishing, sharks to hiking, Manoa to Maui, nostalgia to contemporary.

    National Media Services

    National Media Services provides a wide array of promotions/publicity services for authors, artists, and publishing companies. While we specialize in the publishing industry, we also provide consulting and promotional packages to businesses of all types.

    Navrang Inc.

    Our mission is to promote an understanding and appreciation of India through Indian publications at low prices. We believe that low prices and good quality will encourage more people to learn about India and its people and to share that experience with their friends and children.

    New Harbinger Publications

    New Harbinger invests a lot in honing and polishing each book, and work to develop the most complete, the most useful self-help guide available in each subject.

    New Management Publishing Company

    The New Management Publishing Company, Inc. publishes business management books, providing practical, hands on, user friendly, how to books for the manager, professional, team leader, or other interested employees.

    Nexus Information Services

    Nexus Information Services is a growing Canadian based company providing electronic publications and marketing services to industry, business and individuals.

    Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

    Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. is the publisher of a total of 40 media. Among them are 28 magazine titles including Nikkei Business and Nikkei Personal Computing. Through our periodicals, we offer the foremost information on technologies and management to our 2 million readers.

    Nine Pines Publishing

    Nine Pines Publishing specializes in the BAHA'I FAITH. Check it out.

    Nomad Press

    If you are a writer, either using words professionally as tools, or creatively building with them for your own personal needs, you will find much on this disk to enhance your writing power.

    Ohara Publications, Inc.

    Ohara Publications, Inc. is the World Leader in Martial Arts Publications.

    Ophelia Publishing

    An Electronic publication of articles describing the isolation and DNA sequence determination of plant genes.

    Oxford University Press USA

    Oxford University Press has a long and distinguished history and is an international publisher with offices spanning the globe. The Press is known throughout the world for its works of lexical reference, including the Oxford English Dictionary.

    Pantera Publishing

    Pantera Publishing, Inc. (PPI) publishes and provides career information for college graduates, employees being threatened by corporate downsizing or anyone desiring to compete for the best jobs in America. Our goal is to prepare you for the work world. We also provide ammunition to help you fight your way through the Job Jungle.

    Paperless Publishing Institute

    Online association of writers, artists, photographers, computing experts, and publishers participating in electronic media.

    pas de chance

    Dealer in odd sheets of paper, select list of limited edition publications by authors both popular and unknown


    The Peachpit publishes technical books.

    Penwell Publishing Company

    Penwell Publishing Company is a publisher of trade and technical magazines and newsletters including the Oil and Gas Journal.

    Planetary Publications

    Planetary is the designated publisher of the nonprofit Institute of HeartMath, publishing multi-media materials that introduce the latest, leading edge information and research from the Institute.

    Plaster Cramp Press

    Plaster Cramp Press is a small publishing house primarily devoted to avant-garde literature.

    Poetic Immolation Press

    Dying with every word they write, they sacrifice themselves to the living, growing entity that is the Word. This is Poetic Immolation Press, a journey through the Land of the Dead.

    PPC Books

    Join new authors everywhere producing their own, marketable books. We are PPC Books.

    Success Publishing

    We help businesses establish an Internet presence and maximize their online resources. We offer a wide range of products and services for the cyberspace virtual storefront.


    Designs and provides page applications on the Web. Customer create home pages with simple step-by-step process before submitting material. WebPage application is then be posted to server complete with Web address. It's that easy!

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