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San Diego Technical Books, Inc.

Searchable database for technical books including biotechnology, computer science, engineering, quality assurance and business.

SBG's Sexually Ambiguous

Home page with links to cool things.

Science Express, Inc.

This is the place to go for computer books and software.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Workshop

This Web page is an online version of the postal workshop, or folio, devoted to the genres of science fiction and fantasy. Each member submits his or her fiction electronically, and when all stories in a group have been received (a group consisting of 6 to 8 members), the stories are distributed to the group for advice and criticism. Provides links to areas of interest for writers in general, and links of interest to fans of sci-fi and fantasy in particular.

Science Fiction Omnicon

The Science Fiction Omnicon (SFO) is a project dedicated to building a database of characters, races, places, things, and more in science fiction. This project is wholly dependent on contributors who take the time to look through one or more SF books and extract information from them.


It's Sci-Fi, it's haiku—a terse and elegant new form of science-fiction.

Seasons of the Body

A collection of poetry created by Marcel Mitran. Plus images and sound clips.

Seattle Poets

Seattle's "24-hour source for copyrighted local poetry" presents the work of half a dozen artists working in the Puget Sound area. Nice links to other online poetry resources.

Secret Staircase Bookshop

This bookstore specializes in children's books and mystery books for adults.


A chapbook of poetry from Brian Ng. Conceptually and graphically interesting.

Separated at Verse

A literary trivia game! Choose a question from the list. You'll see the text of a poem, along with the name of a poet who should have (but didn't) write it. All you have to do is name the poet who "did" write it.

Serena's Sweet Retreat

The prolific pondering of an emotional exhibitionist. Here's a taste from Serena's welcome: "A fond heartfelt welcome to you my fair eyed surfing friend. May you find your journey here pleasant, and may you come to know most of all that you are not alone".


Catch a book in the writing process day by day, or E-Mail to the author to contribute in the writing. Pretty cool!

Shaman Drum Bookshop

This site provides text fields to search for titles in the humanities.

Shen's Books and Supplies

This bookstore specializes in children's books and fairy-tales. For those who wish to read about a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Shogakukan Bookshop

This site offers fresh, useful and interesting information. It primarily deals with such topics as how Japan and Asia is changing, current events in the political and business scenes, interesting current books, restaurant guides and event guides.

ShopInternet Book Dealers

Specializes in buying and selling of hard-to-find books.

Short Stories by Charlie Stross

Click here and you will find a collection of published short stories by Author Charlie Stross. The virtual collection is readable (subject to copyright restrictions).

A Shot In The Dark

Exclusive Reading Football Photographs. It 's more than just a sport, it is part of the player 's life. Also includes behind the scenes candid shots of training sessions.

Silent Talking

Selections from two decades of poetry and prose by David Newkirk. Share his search and his insights. You might find some of your own questions or answers here.

Sirius Books

This site features an eclectic selection of used paperback books as well as new titles by outdoors publishers. They also feature a collection of Native American books.

sitting in the dark

Poems one might think of--or perhaps not--if sitting in the dark. Dim the lights and find out.

Small Media And Large

Supplies books, art, music and more from the gay community.

Small Smoky Room Publishing

Personal poems and more—jokes, top-ten lists, etc. Stop by for a sample in the small smoky room.

The Smith Publishers

Information on books from The Smith. Includes reviews, poetry, new fiction, plays, art books, and The Generalist Papers.


This site offers short fiction works with ability to contact the author via e-mail.


Poetry webbed together in free association. Travel the poet's labyrinth or send her your own poems.

Sonnets on Science

A sonnet cycle in multimedia form. So, of course, there are interesting images.


Poems and short stories. Submissions are welcome on any theme.

Southern Books On-Line

One will find cultural works on the people, food, culture, and travel in the South.

The Space Between Book Store

UFOs, secret societies--The Space Between Book Store is an unusual store which also provides information about conspiracy theories, fringe science, lost worlds, survival issues, Western esoterica, world origin, mythology, and more.

Spanish Book Distributor

This distributor specializes in hard-to-find titles for both children and adults. They specialize in books in Spanish and they will ship worldwide.


Poetry described as "the warmth of a stranger's home and voices other than your own." Sounds inviting, doesn't it?

SpeedWay MotorBooks

This shop provides racing histories, biographies, and race programs. You can find just about anything you want to know about car racing at this site.

Spike Jones Off the Record

A contrast of the public and private worlds of Spike Jones: the serious man in a funny suit, PR wizard. Includes a comprehensive discography, over 100 interviews with Jones' associates, rare photos, and a resource list.

The Squirrel Hill Bookstore

The Squirrel Hill Bookstore site is open seven days a week with full service and discount prices.

Stacey's Professional Bookstores

Stacey's Professional Bookstores are the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley's Largest Technical and Professional Book source. Huge amount and variety of technical books in stock.

Stars in The Night

A collection of new poetry by several artists. Submissions accepted and acknowledged.

Starside Cyberstack

The Last Aerie of the Web. A dark site for fans of Brian Lumley's Necroscope and Vampire World Books. Sunnyside links, too.

Starwatch Books and Videos

This site specializes both new and established authors, providing books, audio, and video.

Steps In Time Bookstore and Coffee House

Their purpose is to meet needs of those who wish to improve themselves, by providing resources and forums for discussion.

Stories of Jason

Fictional stories of fantasy, science fiction, and humor by a youth who sees things--differently.

Story of Mac Datho's Pig

The old Celtic saga, Mac Datho's Pig, presented in both Irish Gaelic and English.

Story of the Week

Contains the short story of the week. Open to submissions. Complete Web Resource Center online.

Story Web

Resource of story structure for writers of fiction, film, and games.


Lisa Bode writes stories with a touch of myth.

Storytelling & Puppetry Resources

Site name says it all. Cyberspace and real-world resources for all your storytelling and puppeteering needs.


Story web is a wildly diverse collection of student stories from Swathmore College with links to other storytelling sites.

Summit Publishing and Manuel Nuñez

Summit Publishing site provides information about the artist, Manuel Nuñez. The artist has a dynamic style, concentrating on the beauty and strength of women.

Sunface: A Techno-Shamanic Odyssey

Frequently changing serialized books, that you can find very entertaining and meaningful.

Sunil's Poetry

Heartfelt personal poetry and an invitation to dialog with the author.

Suq: The Oriental Institute Museum Store

This is a non-profit organization providing a wide variety of resources that donates its proceeds to charity.

Surreomystical poetry

Meet Dipak Mazumdar, self-styled master of the absurd and surreomystic poet. Dipak was born in Calcutta and is now a mystical poet wandering around the Internet. He is "an eastern innocent abroad" seduced and repelled by the western world.

Survival Bible

A 20 year resume gathered bit by bit from 67 books on survival tips for all climates and conditions. Lots more to come!

Svoboda's Books Online

Sells and distributes both academic and technical titles through the Internet.

Sweet Valley series of books

Covers the various books in the Sweet Valley series, and provides background trivia.

Synchronized, the Internet Novel by William Calvin

The Well contains all 15 installments of Synchronized by William Calvin, author of eight nonfiction books. It includes some of the links the novel protagonist, Kate Medici, uses as she tracks down the kidnapper of her neighbor in the aftermath of a stunning stock market crash caused by computer parasites.

Tales from the Dragon's Inn

A wondrous and interactive site of adventure, Tales from the Dragon's Inn is a forum for writing and telling stories of high fantasy.

TAMU Department of Plant Pathology

Texas A&M University department faculty and graduate studies information; access to the Texas plant disease handbook.

Tanner Long Press, Inc.

Tanner Long Press Inc., publishers of The Amendment 2 Murder, by Nigel Stevens, and Nick and Peter: The Fire Island Murder, by James Robiscoe.

Tarzan of the Apes (Project Gutenberg)

This book is the first Tarzan book released by Project Gutenberg. A hypertext formatted version.

Tattered Cover Bookstore

This company promotes books, ideas, and lifelong learning.

Tech Bookstore

This is a full service bookstore which serves the student community at Virginia Tech, as well as the surrounding community.

Telepoetics - the poetic videoconference

Telepoetics, the poetic video conference. Explore a rich universe of technologies, artists, partnerships, and cyber cafés with links to these selected resources in the US, Canada, and England.

Telerian's E-text Archive

An electronic archive and writer's resources.

Tennis, Cary: Works of Fiction

These stories are fictional life stories written by journalist Cary Tennis.

Thaddeus Books

This is a service that helps you locate books on metaphysics, Eastern Religion, and psychology.

Thompson, Michael John - Antiquarian Bookseller

This site specializes in science fiction, fantasy literature, and Antiquarian Books.

Thomson-Shore's Book Manufacturing

Thomson-Shore is a company that manufactures books. The company offers an online virtual tour of its book manufacturing facilities.

Thumper's Poetry Page

An "ode to the imagination that keeps us all innocent in some way."

THUNDR (THe UNstoppable DReamers)

Christopher J. Pirillo publishes his own poems here and invites you to submit yours.

Tim Ware's Hyper-Concordance to Gravity's Rainbow

A hyperlinked index to Pynchon's encyclopedic novel, Gravity's Rainbow. It contains pictures, maps, historical asides, etc.

Today's Woman TWtext.htr

Read Today's Woman, the online novel about nineties woman Jennifer Lyell by Pamela Decarlo. This site allows you to read the book and synopsis, see her agents' comments, and meet the author.

The Totem Gene

A challenging work that attempts to empower the intellectual with a working philosophy.

Travelling With Light by Tom Berryhill - Copyright 1994

A Poetry and photo gallery merger.

Turkish Poetry

A collection of Turkish poetry in Turkish and English. Spanning from the 13th century to the present. The one requirement is that you read the English translation with a Turkish accent.

UB & US Books & Things

This site specializes in books by, for, and about African people. Topics include religion, psychology, history, poetry, health & nutrition, geography, essays/ leaders/politics, fiction, culture, and education, children, and finance & business.

UCI Bookstore - Books

This site is a general college campus bookstore.

UCLA Bookstore

Text and general book inventory, academic support, events, promotions, and pick of the week. Computer store. UCLA Bearwear carries a full line of tees, sweats, and memorabilia.


This store stocks rare travel books no longer in publication and modern day first editions.

Umney's Last Case

An Stephen King novel. Super Book!

UNCAT Database

Contains a library of titles not cataloged or unavailable in bookstores or libraries. Titles from businesses, nonprofit groups, trade associations, museums etc. Not available in book stores!

United Scientific Corp

This is a discount medical bookstore for college and reference texts.

University Book Store-Madison, WI

University Book Store in Madison, its computer sales, general books, clothing departments, medical and technical reference area. Online ordering, inquiry and review of merchandise is available.

University of Oregon Bookstore

75th anniversary! Retail, events, course books, general books, forum, comments.

Urban Renewal

Poems by Yong Shu Hoong who invites your comments.

The Usenet Alternate History List

The Usenet Alternate History List is an annotated list of novels, stories, and essays involving alternate histories (a.k.a. what-ifs, allohistories, uchronias, or counterfactuals), writings in which a past event is altered and its effect on later history somehow described. Alternate histories are a distinct subset of parallel worlds/alternate universe stories in which some emphasis has been put on an historical element.

Verbiage Magazine

University of North Carolina. Verbiage Magazine is an online short story fiction magazine.

Virtual WordsWorth

Offers a book searching service that can help you find books you are looking for.

The Voice of Free Earth

A current, in-print novel and the Website for One Horse Rhino Press in San Francisco. First site with a Free fully downloadable book. See for yourself!

Walking Man Project Home Page

Welcome to The Walking Man, a collaborative visualization and hyperfiction dreamscape of the story of a guy walking and his adventures.

Warsash Nautical Bookshop

British nautical books for sale including yachting, boats, ships, shipping and maritime history.

Water Resources Publications

This company distributes water resources books, related publications, and computer software. Their objective is to provide current information to consulting firms, engineers, educators and students, researchers, governmental agencies, utility companies, etc.

Web Poetry Kit

An artist tries her hand at art, poems, articles, lyrics and has collected them all to share with you.


A highly graphical archive of all that is truly strange. Weirdland is a collection of crazy stories and other assorted madness.

wenchpoet's Home Page

Self-described wenchpoet T.L. Kelly has had numerous poems, renga, erotica, stories, articles and essays published under her former pen name, Terri Lee Grell. She updates this site weekly with new works.

Western European Literature

A collection of literary texts in languages other than English. Translations are mentioned only when they are included.

What if Nietzsche Worked at a Convenience Store?

A novel in progress about existentialism and dead-end jobs in the deep south by Anthony Gancarski.

What the Welsh and Chinese Have In Common

After getting many requests for copies of his poetry chapbook "What the Welsh and Chinese Have In Common," poet and teacher Paul Jones has made it available in WWW format. The book was the winner of the North Carolina Writers' Network Chapbook Contest and sold out of print in about 18 months. So, short of finding a copy smashed in the corner of a local (to Chapel Hill) bookstore, WWW is the only way to get the book.

Wildhorse Island

A short story by Steve Saroff about a married couple and their experiences moving to a small lakefront town in gorgeous Montana.

William Calvin's book "The River That Flows Uphill"

Tour the Grand Canyon. Color pictures from the Grand Canyon River Running by former canyon boatman Leonard Thurman. Also features William Calvin's book, The River That Flows Uphill, providing multisensory experiences of the canyon.

William Calvin's Internet novel UNLISTED

UNLISTED is the second in William Calvin's series of Internet novels released to the Web. The first novel, SYNCHRONIZED was serialized on the Web.

William McCarley's Architecture & Design Bookstore

Specialty store focusing on architecture and design.

Wilshire Book Company

This is a full service bookstore with titles ranging from astrology to tennis.

Wisdom's Maw (An Excursion)

Todd Brendan Fahey's novel. It describes the 1960 Project MK-ULTRA, the LSD experiment by CIA in human behavior control, which critics called the ultimate Orwellian nightmare and most diabolical experiment imaginable in a democratic society.

Wonderland Books

Wonderland Books is a used-book store in El Cerrito with a selection of quality books in multifarious categories, including Western Americana, children's illustrated.


A place to search for book titles and browse through CDs.

A Work of True Genius

The complete poems of Mr. Fergenbaum. The entire collection in its complete and uncensored form!

The World of the Paths HQ

The Virtual Press, Honolulu, HI, US This site contains a harvest from The World of the Paths HQ. It yields to its visitors the fantasy world thousands of readers have learned to love.

Writer's Gallery

The Virtual Press, Honolulu, Hawaii. This Writer's Gallery server contains fiction and nonfiction and is a place for both readers and writers. Writers are invited to display or sell their works at this site.

Writer's (Stumbling) Block

Resources for horror/fantasy/sci-fi writers. Offers tips and software information to make your writing easier.

WWW Renga '95

Fifty years after W.W.II—the author's of this site would like for you to think about the problem of war and peace from various viewpoints by participating in this RENGA (linked poem) with people in over 30 countries. Dual language English/Japanese.


Over 80 stories and anecdotes by Canadians.

Young Adult Horror novels

Descriptions and cover photos of novels by R.L. Stine, L.J. Smith, Christopher Pike, Nightmare Club, Nightmare Hall, Taggard Point, and other authors and series.

Young Adult Literature

Lists and reviews of young adult literature suitable for teenagers. Compiled by High School language arts teacher Murray Whitehead.

Your Internet Bookstore

A full-service discount bookstore, with over 200,000 titles, searchable by title and author. Also new releases by subject and a selection of abridged and unabridged audio books.

Zarahemla Book Shoppe

Resource for LDS books and other information about the religion.

Books On-line

Authors Online

Works of many famous authors including Jane Austen, William Wordsworth, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Emily Dickenson, William Faulkner and many, many more.

Bebop-Guide to Electronics

The only electronics book where you can simultaneously learn about state machines, musical socks, Reed-M0xfcller logic, and the best time of the day to eat smoked fish.

Books On-line

Index of online books, searchable by author, title and subject. This site also provides links to other sources of books and documents.

On-Line Illustrated Children's Book

If you are looking for information about book publisher Concertina, the InterAccess Technology Corp., and their online publication of Waking in Jerusalem, an illustrated children's book, then guide your mouse over here.

The Samford University Writing Project

This National Writing Project site provides information about and links to local and national resources on writing, teaching writing, rhetoric, and linguistics.


Big Busy House

Delightful guide to various children's publications available from publisher HarperCollins.

How Can You Go to Bed with an Elephant in Your Head?

Delightful online book for children. Just click from one page to the next.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Your one stop Grinch shop, with the story (complete with sound and pictures) plus a Dr. Seuss biography and access to e-mail the grumpy green guy himself.

Index - Children's Literature - Resources for Storytellers

A collection of storytelling and children's story sources and events on and off the net, including also puppets and puppetry.

My Blue Suitcase

Nice online version of a children's book.

Online Children's Stories

A collection of links to great online children's stories, includes both textual and audio books. This is a great resource to be bookmarked for children's use.


Abbey's Web

Christer Lindh describes the biography and bibliography of American writer and naturalist Edward Abbey (author of Desert Solitaire, The Monkey Wrench Gang and many other books).

American Library Association Children,s Book Award Winners

Chapters of 14 ALA children's book Newbery Award winners. Also the criteria for selection and the history of the award. Books may be purchased on-line for UPS delivery.

As You Like It

Explore classic literature with over one hundred works available without charge. Books are also available via conventional mail.

Asian/Bilingual Books

Asian books, cassettes, CDs and CD-ROMs also publishes bilingual, children's picture books in English/Asian-language.

Beaconway Press Literature for Generation-X

Classics for the new generation. Find literature meaningful to you!

Blithedale Books

The best new American fiction, poetry, photography, and art. Wide commercial opportunities for advanced artists.

Book Pool

Technical books at discount prices and supports publishers Benjamin-Cummings, Cambridge University Press, Hayden Books and Microsoft Press, also NRP, O'Reilly, Prentice Hall, Que, Sams Publishing, Sunsoft Press and Yourdon Press.

Books and Magazines from Navrang Inc.

Books and magazines on India including art, culture, mythology and history, also U.S. subscription magazines and children's books at low rates.

Books That Work (for Home & Garden)

Home repair, gardening, landscaping, home improvement and activities.

California State University, Northridge The Best Fiction and Poetry from CSUN: 1962-1988

The English Department provides an anthology of the best fiction and poetry selected from all literary magazines published at California State University, Northridge, from 1962 to 1988. The book also has an interesting photo showing student reaction to the JFK assassination.


A computer book store that satisfies the needs of computer professionals, specializing in advanced books for developers, programmers, and consultants. Catalogs are in three popular formats from The CompuBooks Catalog Archive into your own database for offline searching.

Computer Manuals Online Bookstore

Computer Manuals Online Bookstore provides over 4,500 computer books and CD-ROM's available for online searching, ordering and worldwide delivery. Free catalogue and advice available.

Cook Inlet Book Company

More than 7,000 Alaskan book titles plus an assortment of videos and more.

Diana Gabaldon Home Page

The California Institute of Technology offers information about Diana Gabaldon, the author of Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, and Voyager. Excerpts from Drums of Autumn are included as well as information on how to order autographed books, bookplates and reading of her newsletter at this site.

Editions Didier Millet

Asia's leading publishers of illustrated books specializes in books on Asian travel, photography, arts, and architectural subjects. Find compelling excerpts and publications not readily available in the U.S. or Europe!

Elements of Style

Columbia University presents information about Project Bartleby. Books include William Strunk's classic first edition (1918) containing the famous Elementary Rules of English Usage and Composition.

Indiana University Press

One of the 10 largest university presses. Listings include a searchable database of the Indiana University Press, excerpts from selected titles, journal information and seasonal catalogs.

Information Publications

Publications, a reference book publisher, produces almanacs of the 50 states. The firm also publishes municipality profile books.

The Internet Book Information Center (IBIC)

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill provides information for book lovers. Includes IBIC reviews of books, such as Julian May's Diamond Mask, Bill Walton's Nothing but Net, and (coming soon) Steven Covey's First Things First. Links to Internet resources and metaresources.

Marketing on the Internet

"Marketing on the Internet, a Step-by-Step Guide," by Michael Mathiesen, founder of the Netcenter. The book contains a foreword by Vinton G. Cerf, the Father of the Internet. Browsers may download the sample with all pertinent information.

The Net After Dark

"The Net After Dark" describes weird and wacky online resources. The site has hyperlinks to web pages of related subject matter.

Readme.Doc Discount Computer Books

Receive a discount of 20 to 25 percent on computer books from all publishers.

San Diego Technical Books, Inc.

San Diego Technical Books, Inc., provides technical books worldwide from a stock of several thousand volumes and offers special order on titles not in store.

Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc.

Place an online order for computer books, references, & magazines specializing in the Unix market. They also offer the Linux Journal, a line of Pocket References, and other products of interest to computer users.

Waite Group Press

Waite Group Press publishes of computer books specializing in programming languages and high technology. Access to a virtual bookstore provided.

Wingra Technologies, Inc.

Wingra Technologies, Inc.'s products for electronic messaging integration and Digital-to-IBM connectivity.



A comprehensive guide to the book-related resources.

Bookwire Booksellers Index

Index to major bookstores in several countries. Not exhaustive, but pretty near.

Romance Novel Database

A index resource for romance novels readers.

Terry's Audibooks

A comprehensive list of sources for books in audio format.

WWW Virtual Library - Publishers

A list of online publishers, selected bookstores and related information.


California State University, Northridge The Best Fiction and Poetry from CSUN: 1962-1988

Anthology of the best fiction and poetry selected from all literary magazines published at California State University, Northridge, from 1962 to 1988. The book also contains an interesting photo showing student reaction to the JFK assassination.

Illustrated Poetry On-line

Collection of short, haiku-like verses for children. The collection is illustrated by Sharon Katz and was translated into English by the Canadian poet Seymour Mayne with Jaroslaw Sokol.

Keats-Shelley Journal

Forthcoming, current, and back issues of the Keats-Shelley Journal, announcements, and links to related sites. The site also contains subscription and manuscript-submission information.

PMS Page

An outlet for PMS-ing women worldwide. When you have mood swings, hysterical laughter, uncontrollable crying, irritability, suicidal or violent thoughts, you can scribble down your thoughts and vent them to this cyberspace site. Or just read a poem or two.


This site contains children's poetry by various authors such as Walter de la Mare, Robert Louis Stevenson, William Wordsworth, Algernon Charles Swinburne, James Whitcomb Riley, and Charles Follen Adams. Great for kids!

The Poems Gallery

The Poems Gallery invites you to publish your poems here. You will be granted a personal "room" where you can show your work in the layout you wish. It is also possible to criticize poems that are published here, but only if you are publishing your own here, too.

Poems in Hebrew

A personal poetry site with room for you to publish, too.

Poems Pace

Short collection of poems with an extensive list of links to other literary sites!

Poems Poetry Poets

A mega-stop on that road called POETRY. Site hosts have the ambitious goal of gathering "everything" on poetry right here for your one-stop pleasure. Lots of links to reference works and other poems.

Poet's Park

"Your resting spot on the superhighway." Submissions are encouraged to the WWW Poet's Park, and a full page of poetry links is also on site.

Poetic Entity

Poetry and art by Simon Fillat and others.


"haunted by the possibilities of once-was/i find myself self entangled beneath cold sheets/a consolation, without reward, my pity." Here's a personal poetry site that might resonate for you.

Poetry and Prose of Maria Gummesson

The poetry and prose of Swedish writer Maria Gummesson (translated into English.)

Poetry Corner

Features a quote and the poem of the week. Links to past poems of the week, the work of other contemporary poets, video game and music links!

The Poetry Corner

A database of poetry contributed by the users. Submissions are welcome and so are browsers of the poems.

Poetry Garden Project

Within the Poetry Garden you will find solitude and contentment. It's a place to travel and browse when you need to refresh yourself. Links to the entire PGP archive, featured poet, submissions and comments.

Poetry On The Web

A dense web site rich with personally published poems and references to resources for the poet. Drop in for a one- or two-hour browse!

Poetry Page of Zachary Powell

A handful of my poems, says Zachary. Mostly gothic.

Poets Corner

Host Sven L.L. Rafferty offers you a collection of poets, famous and not so famous, as well as original poetry by himself. He also offers you connections to Web sites of further interest.

Poets' Exchange

A facility for authors to exchange writing without giving the rights to their work away.

Poets on the Page

This server contains Poets on the Page, which is updated weekly and includes a reading of the selection in wave form.

Prose and Poetry

Poetry from Robert Pearson. Link to Creative Virtue Press, a writer's clearing house for works on aesthetics, computer science, technology, and environmentalism.

Turkish Poetry Homepage

Information about Turkish Poetry, which is described as the quintessence of Turkish culture and life since early times.

Uncensored Poetry: Add You Own!

Would you like to be published on the Web? Feel free to add your poem to this site.


A.A.Balkema Publishers

A independent publishing house, specialized in the publication of academic books and journals.

A.E.I. On Line

Literary management and production.

Academic International Press

A scholarly press which publishes reference works including encyclopedias, annuals, statistical collections and documents.

Acute Publishing Co.

Link to Northwest arts, entertainment, music, and much more!! Custom Web Design!

Adams Media Corporation

Provides nationwide job listings, access to best-selling career publications, and interaction with career experts.


A publisher of small books.

Aerospace Publications

Civil and military aviation books and magazine Australian Aviation.

Albion Books

A San Francisco-based publisher of fine computer books and related online services.


Publisher of electronic automotive repair information.

Allmansland/De Schutter Digital Media

Electronic publications, connectivity solutions, consultancy and seminars.

American Institute of Physics Press

More than 200 titles in print, including reference volumes, general interest books, textbooks, research monographs, conference proceedings, and directories.

American Mathematical Society

Promote mathematical research, increase the awareness of its value to society, and foster excellence in mathematics education.

American Psychiatric Press, Inc.

A publisher of psychiatric books, journals, CD-ROM's, and other electronic media.

Anamnesis Press

A electronic publishing company devoted to the preservation of literature on the electronic frontier.

Anvil Press Poetry

Publishes both contemporary English language poets and foreign poets in English translation, sometimes bilingually.

Applewood Books

Publishers of America's Living Past.

Archway Press

Features over 500 plans in most-wanted country styles blueprints.

Argus Inc.

Business publications include magazines, annual directories and several newsletters.

Arrow Publishing Company

Educational products for school and home use.

Asiavox Limited

A publisher of magazines, brochures, newsletters, corporate profiles etc.

Association of American University Presses (AAUP) Online Catalog/Bookstore

A non-profit organization of university presses.

Austen Press

College level textbooks in the areas of Marketing, Management, and Intro to Business.

City Lights Publishers and Booksellers

Within this site you can find the following: Fall/Winter 94 Catalogue, New Releases, Recent Releases, Complete Listing, Ordering Information for Individuals and Ordering Information for Bookstores.

Index - AcqWeb's List of Publishers & Vendors

An alphabetic resource directory of publishers, vendors and related links to the Web network. Join in the fun!

Index - BookWire Publishers Index

Contains book information on the Web with a hierarchical view of all bookworm has to offer.

Index - Publishers

Marketplace to find books of interest to purchase. Publisher participation in the Internet Book Fair encouraged.

Index - Publishers' Catalogs Home Page

Publishers zone for site listing. Try it out!

Internet Computer Index

A one-stop index resource-locating service.

John Wiley and Sons

A publisher of Computer books.

Kitchen Wisdom Publishing

A cookbook publisher.

Knowledge Industry Publications, Inc.

Publishes leading magazines.

Koinonia House

Develops and distribute materials that stimulate, encourage and facilitate serious study of the Bible.

Larson Publications

Publishers and sellers of philosophical, mystical and psychology books.

Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD

Check out the books and magazines that contain astrology natural healing, witchcraft, metaphysics. But there is a lot more including a new Spanish language series.

Los Andes Publishing Inc.

Order Spanish or English dictionaries, encyclopedias, software, and books.

M.E. Sharpe

Get the current and hot books and journals in Asians studies, economics, women's studies, Russian area studies, history, political science, and more!

MacMillan Publishing

Here is MacMillan’s Home Page, where they provide you access to their own bookstore, software library, internet yellow pages, and much much more! On this site you can take a look at MacMillan’s company overviews, check out the latest newsletters, find out what new and exciting things are happening with MacMillan Publishing.

Mage Publishing

Tells you about every thing you wanted to know about Persian/Iranian literature, art, history. This book tells you this and much more.

Manic D Press

Get the scoop on zany Manic books and comics and upcoming readings by their authors.


Learn about this innovative publisher and its publishing services for electronic publishing of traditional books, alternative delivery methods, and new media.

MG-Publishing Company

Learn about all the literary works by or published about African-Americans. They also publish Black American greeting cards, Kwanzaa cars, posters, and postcards.

Morgan Kaufmann

Order the book you want at Morgan Kaufmann's extensive online bookstore. In "the real world" there are M.K. bookstores all over the US and Canada.

Mosby-Year-Book, Inc.

Order from one of the world's leading publisher of books, journals and serial publications in the health sciences and selected college disciplines--health, P.E. and recreation, nutrition, and chemistry.

Mutual Publishing

Interested in reading about the natural environment and Hawaii in particular? Order great island books through here!

Navrang Inc.

Read up on India through this most comprehensive Indian book and magazine publisher. They specialize in bringing to you books published in India at low prices.

New Harbinger Publications

Check out New Harbinger self-improvement books available for order. Also New Harbinger is looking for high quality manuscripts.

Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

Check out the 40 media: 28 magazine titles including Nikkei Business and Nikkei Personal Computing. Also included are Nikkei BP conferences and exhibitions.

Nomad Press

Get some info on the growing sector of "paperless publishing"--electronic books.

Online BookStore

Browse the electronic bookshelves for an extensive selection of online books. Also peek at the other services this publisher offers.

Ophelia Publishing

Click on to this if you are interested in reading scientific articles including plant physiology and plant genes.

Oryx Press

Access an expansive array of print and electronic resources for schools, libraries, business, and technical writers.

Oxford University Press USA

Here's one of the most extensive publishers whose reference books span all subjects and are used around the globe. Click on their latest catalog offerings or get access to more company info.

Pan Asian Publications, Inc.

A full service Asian materials distributor. Supplies high quality Asian books, cassettes, audio CD's and computer CD-ROM's to libraries, schools, retailers and government institutions.

Pantera Publishing

They offer career-related books for those who want to compete in the job jungle in the U.S.

Paperless Publishing Institute

This electronic publishing software and in-house experts provides answers to electronic publishing needs. Also an information resource for electronic publishing and hypertext documents.

Paragon Online

Here's a leisure computing publications online resource supplier for magazines relating to video games, computing, and Internet.


Check out books about computers, digital publishing, online communications, and other topics of interest to people who work with DOS, Windows, or Macintosh computers.

Penwell Publishing Company

Subscribe to business-to-business trade and technical magazines and newsletters. They also organize and sponsor conferences and exhibitions for the industries it serves.

Planetary Publications

This nonprofit Institute of HeartMath publisher offers multi-media materials that introduce the latest, leading edge information and research from the Institute. They also publish books, audio books and home-study programs; produce music tapes and CD's as well as a growing line of videos that help people actualize more heart in day-to-day life.

Plaster Cramp Press

A small publishing house primarily devoted to Avant-garde literature and art.

PPC Books

Ask for free guidelines for publishing your own marketable books.

Priority Publications

Check out the newsletters for the financial and health care industries. Clients include banks, credit unions, hospitals, and HMOs. They also seek press releases on newsworthy events, services, and products.

Process Press

They sell quality books and periodicals through mail order only in order to give you special low prices. Their publications' subjects appeal to psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, and those in the helping professions and are concerned with the political and cultural dimensions of science, technology, medicine and other forms of expertise.

Productivity Press

These books offer you ways to improving the quality and efficiency in business for the company as well as the individual.

PWS Publishing

Search and order your math, engineering, and computer science textbooks and educational materials at this extensive publishing house.

Redhawk Publications

A Native American owned and operated publishing company that specializes in publications to educate the public about traditional Native American culture and spirituality. Also deals in documents and publications that are oriented toward twelve step recovery programs.

Reed Elsevier

Here's a publisher of over 1,200 English written scientific, professional and business publishing journals worldwide. The Medical companies operate a network of medical communications services.

Reed Interactive

You can obtain at this large umbrella-publisher educational (K-12) texts, bibliographic books, consumer and reference publications, and other academic resources.

Regent Press

Order books and videotapes on subjects such as psychology/sociology, African-American studies, and literature. Also get access to the SF Oracle (facsimile edition) and The Fringe Series card books. Low-cost printing is their expertise.

Resolution Business Press

Order books on computer-related subjects including the Internet.

Rodale Press

Order health, fitness, home and garden books. They feature instant online ordering of products and services from the world's leading merchants.

Saxon Publishers, Inc.

Get your educational textbooks and other teaching materials for primary and secondary education (K-12) as well as for the home study market for math, physics, and reading.


Publisher of history books, general social sciences, including titles on archaeology, political science, ethnology, and other subjects. Includes fiction, primarily historical novels.

Sheffield Academic Press

Click on to this publisher of archaeological, biblical and cultural studies books. Includes biomedical information service, journals, new and forthcoming titles, and a style guide for authors.

Shogakukan Bookshop

Here's a Japan-based publisher of magazines for children, comic magazines, weeklies, dictionaries, encyclopedia and art books.

SIGS Publications

They publish technical journals, supplements, and numerous books concerning object-oriented programming and the X Window system. Shares usable, technical and unbiased info.

Silly Little Tomte Publications

Check out this electronic publisher devoted to the reemergence of provocative writing of today. Includes continuously updated online magazine of essays, opinion, snide remarks and nonsense directed at a non-technical audience.

Simon & Schuster Interactive

Browse the interactive resources mall for vibrant interactive books and software.

Sinauer Associates, Inc.

Order college textbooks, software, and multimedia in the field of psychology, biology, and neuroscience. Educators can order a free examination copy for use in their courses.

SLACK Incorporated

For info on publishing and association management, look to SLACK Inc. which produces over 25 health journals & medical newspapers distributed worldwide, directs more than 30 meetings each year, and manages the administrative needs of over 20 associations.

Slate Mountain Press - Books for Frugal Living

They offer publications on frugal/economical living, coupons/rebates, sustainable living, voluntary simplicity, more. Includes online financial disaster preparedness plan.

Sonata Publishing

They offer book publishing info about the music-playing business to both upcoming and established musicians, writers and singers and what it really takes to make a living with music.

South-Western Educational Publishing

Order instructional and educational materials and resources for K-adult college learning at this publisher.

Sporting Goods Intelligence Publications

Here's a shoppers mart for sporting goods products. Includes a directory, executive guide, and newsletter.

Stone Bridge Press

Order practical, educational and entertaining books, software and videos about Japan and Japanese language-learning.


Order books, videotapes, and audio tapes to help you with common crises that occur to everyone.

Summit Publishing

Summit Publishing provides quality artwork and personalized service. The art gallery lets you view the artworks online, receive information and order.

Sunami Publishing

This site offers the Websurfer--a technique to dissolve depression.

SunSoft Press

SunSoft offers technical computer books, as well as links to other publishers.

SuperLibrary Newsletter

A monthly online newsletter. Contains articles and columns written by Macmillan authors and staff.

Swets & Zeitlinger b.v.

A major international library supplier and information provider. Core business is subscriptions and serials management, but includes library automation, scholarly publishing, optical disk and microfilm production as well as a comprehensive backsets and reprints business.

Sybex Inc.

Sybex brings to you guidebooks to practical skills to computer users of all levels and ages through several book series.

Tapestry Books

They offer a complete source for adoption, infertility, and parenting books and information.

TGRS Publishing

TGRS brings to you a giant selection of audio books offered at a discount rate and exclusive online publications (novels, graphic and photographic collections) that you can access from your computer in a mere 48 hrs!


Here's an educational resource publisher for Japanese-language textbooks, videos, and software.

TOPPAN Printing Co., Ltd.

This Japanese publishing company produces printed material, multimedia, packaging, industrial materials, and electronics for top Japanese companies. This page links you to some major companies in Japan including Kyodo News, Japan's largest and most established international news agency.

UB & US Books & Things

This publisher produces and distributes books that are by, for, or about African peoples. Literary topics include religion, psychology, history, poetry, health & nutrition, biography, essays/leaders/politics, fiction, culture & education, children, and finance & business.

United Brothers & United Sisters Communications Systems

Publishers, printers and distributors of literature for, by and about African people.

United States Federal Register

Provides instant and affordable access to all Federal and State environmental regulatory data and more than 40 compliance manuals from government agencies, online and CD-ROM.

The Viritual Publishing Company

Electronic publishers of online magazines, adult education topics in high technology subjects, using multimedia and electronic or virtual books (literally electronic versions of traditional paper-based textbooks).

Virtual Horizon Publications

VHP provides online publications. Versions of all products available both through electronic mail (as ASCII text) and through the World Wide Web (with graphics, and later sound) and other electronic forms.

Vision Communications

Vision Communications offers information and resources for believers, Christian leaders, and supportive ministries. Publishers of a quarterly journal called "Issachar." This site features current products and services. Distributors for helpful products and resources produced by other selected churches, ministries and businesses.

Visionary Publishing

A new publisher of games, fiction, and magazines, online, electronic (Adobe Acrobat) and print versions of these publications. Provide new forms of communication and relating information. Promos and samplers of projects are available in a digital format readable by any computer.

Waite Group Press

A San Francisco Bay Area publisher of computer books specializing in producing books and software on cutting-edge technology and computer programming.

Warner Books

A site for the publisher to focus on different authors and titles each week, and frame Warner's current and upcoming hardcover books. In addition to its hardcover list, also offers mass market and trade paperbacks.

Waterside Productions, Inc.

A film, video, electronic rights, software, and literary agency. Recognized as the premier computer book agency in the U.S. and is the organizer of the industry's primary meeting, the Annual Waterside Computer Book, Reference, and Multimedia Publishing Forum.

WD&S Publishing

Offers publications and services exclusive to automotive dealers. Specializes in warranty and fixed operations issues.

Wellsweep Press

Publisher of literary translation from Chinese, and makes occasional delves into the history, fantasy and popular culture of China. Allows for an appreciation of Chinese literature.

Westerly Publications

Check out this publisher of academic works, business, literary publications, represents new and published authors.

Words & Images

See how this provides Internet services for commercial and technical writing, designing Web pages, automating page creation, electronic publishing, cost-effective Web storage, and consultancy on how to use the Web to maximum effect.

World Light Publishing

This site is a service to anyone interested in sampling our work and to give people a chance to share their personal spiritual experiences and wisdom. Review excerpts from our book, Ascension: The Doorway Home Volume One and read the introductory issue of the monthly interactive channeled newsletter, Homeward Bound. Read articles submitted by others, and find out how to submit articles of your own. Great stuff!

Worsley Press

Book publishers providing training in newspaper production, sub-contract newspaper page production. Contains an On-line edition of 'Newspaper Production using PageMaker 5' newsletter'. A learning experience you'll sure to enjoy!

Wright Publishing Company

Join the publishing topics in business and politics, including Activists Online.

XREF Publishing Co.

A compilation of all the major wholesalers' and manufacturers' catalogs, designed to help you find HVAC/R parts and suppliers. Large and comprehensive cross-reference database.

Rare Books

Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America

Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America Web server features connections to other sites, the newsletter and news about antique book sakes and events.

Barrie D. Watson, Bookseller

A membership server for the Barrie D. Watson's buyer's club. Books offered include titles in Social Studies, Women's Studies, Education, Archaeology, Science, Aeronautics Ecology/Environment, Botany, Biography, Erotica/Curiosa, and Guns & Gunsmithing.

Bookstream: Used & Rare Books

Used books and rare books. Searchable database (and they list prices, too).

Christie's Book Department

The Book Department at King Street, London, holds up to eight sales per year specializing in rare and valuable books. This site details schedules, accumulated offerings and subscriptions to their catalogue offerings.


Collects, stores and distributes digital images of Medieval manuscripts, for public, scholastic, private use.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island Antiquarian Booksellers

A Directory of 130 booksellers buying and selling out-of-print and rare books, maps and prints. Search service (no, not online, actual people) available from most of them.

Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, Amer. Library Assn.

A site for activities (committees, Web and gopher activities, administrative documents, etc.) relating to the rare book and special collections community.

Tall Tales

Specializes in the finest science fiction, fantasy and horror first, or otherwise collectable, editions.

Truepenny Books Inc.

Rare and fine books of every description and period.


50 favorites of Jorn Barger's

One man's list of 50 favorite books.

Better, Faster Be$t$seller$ List

Weekly joke list of best sellers.

Beyond the Pale

Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi book reviews.

Book Review Quicklist

A semi-interactive collection of brief book reviews designed to help you find a good book to read.


Loaded with reviews, interviews, and a roundup of the best audio.

Boston Book Review

Fresh and unusually incisive book reviews written by preeminent experts in many fields.

Doug's Sci-Fi Reviews

Doug's provides a current list of books along with brief reviews. The collection in alphabetical order, currently listing only Speculative Fiction.

John's Book Reviews

Book reviews of fiction, very nice graphics.

Mercedes Lackey Reviews

A range of reviews on the books and folk music of Mercedes Lackey. Use this Web-site link to other Mercedes Lackey resources, including the UK.

Plant's Review of Books

This magazine is in its third year. Plant's Review of Books covers both new books and older titles. Very nice art on the magazine covers.

Prairie Lights Review of Books

The online version of the Iowa City Magazine. Containing clever reviews of current books, by topic. The book buyer for Prairie Lights Books periodically updates this Web-site. In its November 1995 issue, "Folio" magazine featured the "Iowa City Magazine" along with LA's "Buzz" Magazine.

A Professor's Guilt List for English Lit Majors

San Jose State University prof's list of 50 essentials.

William Calvin's Books and Articles

William Calvin is an affiliate Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. His recommendations are all in his personal areas of expertise: the Brain, Evolution and Evolution as a Brain Process. Fascinating material.

Science Fiction

Baen Books

Publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Brook West

Science fiction and fantasy author M. Brook West leads you on a journey of discovery through her world. Word building, animation, bibliography, favorite links.

Carver, Jeffrey A.

Science fiction author Jeff Carver's sites and resources.

Clarke, Arthur C.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Bio, bibliography, related links.

The Dragon and The Unicorn

Science Fiction and Fantasy Bookstore.

Ellison, Harlan - Ellison Webderland

News, pix, links, what's new in the world of Ellison.

Heinlein, Robert Anson

Heinlein FAQ resource page.

Jones, J.V.

J.V. Jones. Audio greeting from the author. Current work. Updated monthly.

L. Ron Hubbard Literary Site

L. Ron Hubbard, best-selling author. Features an art gallery, a profile, bookstore.

Le Guin, Ursula K

Bibliography, interviews, reviews of.

Lovecraft, H.P.

An H. P. Lovecraft page. Biography, tales, places, creatures, grimoires, myths, FAQ, other resources and links. The highlight of these Lovecraft pages are photographs that were taken on a Lovecraftian tour of New England.

McCarthy, Wil

Wil McCarthy, author of both long and short fiction, is currently at work on his fourth novel. Curriculum vitae, bibliography, coming attractions, links to other sites.

Michaels, Melisa C.

Melisa C. Michaels has written seven science fiction and mystery novels.

Oceania: The New Country

This server contains files related to Oceania, a new country. It provides access to the constitution and laws and information on related books such as The Atlantis Papers and The Millennial Project.

Rankin, Robert

An unofficial Robert Rankin page.

Rothman, Chuck

Chuck Rothman—Schenectady's leading science fiction writer.

Russell, Jay

Welcome to writer Jay Russell's little crawlspace beneath the stairs of the Web.

Science Fiction Shop

A bookstore with Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Supernatural Horror paperbacks and hardcovers, audio cassettes and graphic novels.

Stevenson, Mikel Leon

Mikel Leon Stevenson brings you stories of a slightly horrific nature.

Stross, Charles - Charlie's Virtual Anthology

Short stories; novel in the works.

Vance, Jack

Bibliography and miscellaneous info.

West, Julia

1994 Gold Award Winner, Writers of the Future.

Williams, Walter Jon

Info and bibliography.

Travel Bookstores

Adventurous Traveler Bookstore

An extensive collection of outdoor adventure books and maps for locations in the U.S.A., Canada, and throughout the world. Over 2,200 of their most popular titles listed in this database.

Cook Inlet Book Company

"Alaska's Premier Bookstore." Over 2800 titles in their catalog of Alaska books.

Hampton's Travel Book & Travel Guide Summary

View the selections and information with smaller pictures of each book cover. Click for blow-ups of covers.

RV Travel Books

America's best camping and travel books, all selected especially for adventuresome RV travelers. Cover shots, too.

The Travel Bug Bookstore

Vancouver store specializing in travel books, maps & accessories.

The Travel Connection!

Your source of unique travel products and services.

Travel Information and Planning Company

With sole purpose of helping the intelligent traveler get the most out of their next trip.

Used Books

Bygone Books

Used bookstore in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Over 7,000 titles in a variety of categories including literature, history and computer.

Fireside Book Company

The Fireside Book Company is a neighborhood used and rare book shop in Columbus, Ohio, USA, gone global.

Great Northwest Books

Portland's "veritable bouillabaisse of used books!" 150,000 books in stock.

JP Books

A resource for second-hand and out-of-print books for sale and wanted.

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