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Audio Books

American Civil War and Black History Audiobooks

The audio version of 3 works: Army Life In a Black Regiment, The Life of Frederick Douglass, and The Souls of Black Folk. Two are classics, written in prose, evoking the suffering and anguish in the lives of their authors, Douglass and Dubois. The third, an account of life in a black civil war regiment.

Audio Book Club

Here you can get in on the latest in Audio Book entertainment! Listen while you drive, fly, exercise, or relax. Hear famous authors read their own works, or listen to your favorite actors spirited readings of new or classic novels.

AudioBook Source

Access to over 7,000 titles of audio-books on cassette. You mush read!

Catalog of more than 15,000 titles on countless subjects and topics. Includes the latest news.

Courage To Change

Resource for affordable self-help books, audio tapes and gifts for people facing major life challenges in an easy and confidential method.

Discount Audio Books

Internet bookstore, where you can search for and buy the books you want at a discount, browse by topic any of over 5,000 audio books.

French Literature

A selection of French Literature (English Translations ) of audio books and stories featuring Dumas, DeMaupassant, Balzac, Zola and others.

Horror and the Supernatural Audio Books and Stories

These audio books reveals horror and the supernatural. Which has vocal characterization which adds to the dramatic horror of the stories. Superb!

Internet Shopping Galleria Audio Book Store

This Internet shopping gallery is great! Has biography, comedy, drama, horror, and mystery.

Piglet Press Audio Books

Express your interests! Specializes in multicast, and children's radio play audio books.

Plum Choices Audio Books

Self development and inspiration is there main focus. These audio books are arranged by subject. You must see!

READ USA Mailorder, Inc.

Get a clue on general interest and computer books. Along with audio tapes and multimedia titles.

Talking Book World

Now you can rent and sell your favorite book titles on a tape. You can listen while you drive, while you work or play. Get with it!

World's 100 Greatest Books Audiocassette Series

Enjoy listening, only 45 minutes per book to acquire the wealth of knowledge from great books of world literature.


Books and Bookstores


Englishsoftware - It offers English grammar software and a blog with free writing tips.



20th Century French Authors

Biographies, selected works in translation and selected writing excerpts of surrealist authors of the 20th century, including links to other surrealist sites.

3rd Generation Interfacing

This Web page author has spent a lot of time hanging out in cyberspace and the result is a curious amalgam of useful and not-so-useful information described as "a lot of nice and weird stuff."

710 Book Store

See the largest selections of SIU gifts and apparel. 710 is also the areas largest resource for academically priced computer hardware and software.

ABC Bücherdienst Online Bookshop

The international Internet bookstore. The online book shop offers a great selection of books available on the Internet.

ABC Collectables

A store containing antiques, books, and collectable cards. Available to be purchased.

Academic Press Professional Catalog

The UCI Bookstore is proud to bring a group of books to your attention: the AP Professional imprint from Academic Press.

Access BookServe

An international data base with over 1,000,000 books from around the world.

ACM's Poetry Pages

A collection of poetry by A.C. Missias and a number of other Internet poets (from rec.arts.poems and elsewhere).

Adam's Poetry Page

A facility for authors to exchange their poetry without giving the rights to their work away. If you have a poem that you would like to see posted on the Internet, and want it done for free, this is the place to do it.

Adventurous Traveler Bookstore

Full book descriptions and graphics of our most popular map regions. The store stocks hiking, biking, skiing, canoeing, fly-fishing, mountaineering and general travel books and maps for adventure travel in the US and around the world.

After the Muse

Some poetry that the author hopes will make its mark on you.

The Agatha Christie Page

Want to know about Agatha Christie and her books? Go to this site. It is replete with reviews, and a platform for submission of reviews and comments.

Albert Ayler: His Life and Music

The first full length biography of jazz giant, Albert Ayler, who was a major influence on John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman and many of today's musicians.

Alex: A Catalogue of Electronic Texts on the Internet

A catalog of electronic texts on the Internet, contains 1800 entries for online books and shorter texts, browseable by author, title, subject, date, host, or language.

Alexis Publishing

A company creating a global distribution of marketing books aimed at those in the Publishing Field.

Alternative Sexualities, A Booklist

A bibliography of alternative sexuality, as they appear in fantasy or science fiction.


Alt-X is an on-line publishing network that features adult fiction, insightful essays, interviews and general interest articles from American authors. Books Books provides searchable million-title catalog, online ordering, book search and notification services, recommendations by genre/category.

Amongst the Weeds Poetry

This site contains the works of many different poets with a wide range of interest or you may submit your own work and add to the collection.

Amulet: A Novel by Andrew Neil

A preview the first three chapters of "Amulet," a political thriller by Andrew Neil. The entire e-book is available by mail order.

Ankiewicz, Kristen - Evil Web Empire

Beautiful and diverse pictures of topic from nature to nudity. Some of the pictures are for mature surfer's only.

Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America

ABAA-booknet specializes in rare and antiquarian books, maps, and prints. All items are available to you.

APDG Publishing

APDG specializes in telecommunications and product development books and research reports.

The Apokalyptikon

A book of poetry by Keith Allen Daniels for the new millennium.

Arch Books

Arch Books has extensive Children's/Illustrated books dating back to the 1800's.

The Armchair Sailor

The Armchair Sailor has over 7000 nautical books, plus charts and navigational instruments, browseable online.

The Art Bin

The Art Bin is a non commercial cultural art magazine that offers texts in their original languages. It contains classics by Locke, Berkeley, Hume, Smith and Marx, as well as such rare material as the Fragments of Novelis (in German) and Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau (French).

ARTEXT--Books on Modern Art and Film

Contains books on Modern Art and Film in the 19th and 20th Century.

ARTFL Project

A textual database of 15th-to-20th century French literature, philosophy, arts, sciences. ARTFL is a project for American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language, University of Chicago. What a treasury! For example, Diderot and d'Alembert's compendium of Enlightened knowledge with clickable Encyclopedia plates. Links to university libraries full of surprises.


Arthuriana is the quarterly of the North American Branch of the International Arthurian Society. It is dedicated to all aspects of the Arthurian story from its inception in the Middle Ages to its enactments in the present moment.

Asian Poets' Page

This is the home for aspiring Asian poets. This web site contains a list of Asian poets and their work.

Aspiring artist's home page

The aspiring artists home page contains short stories, music, and artwork from several aspiring artists. Anyone can add to this collection by sending in their work.

Astrology et al Bookstore

We have the largest selection of Astrology books and supplies on the Internet.

Atomic Books

A collection of rare insane books for your viewing.

Augustine Funnell Needful Books Book Shop

Featuring a fine selection of hard covers and paperbacks in a diverse assortment of categories.

Austen Press

Austen Press offers textbooks in the areas of Marketing, Management, and Intro to Business.

Author, Author!

Great jump off point to sites on major authors, electronic libraries and other literary resources on the Web.

Authors On Tour [BookWeb]

A complete resource for news and information about books, bookstores, authors, the First Amendment, and much, much more.

Aviation Poetry

A collection of aviation poetry from World War II to the present.

B.A.W.P.: Best-quality Audio Web Poems

B.A.W.P. presents recordings of spoken word performances in both Sun AU and mono MPEG audio formats.

B &R Samizdat Express

Downloadable free electronic newsletter, Internet-on-a-Disk. Devoted to public domain and freely available electronic texts, as well as a resource guide for children's stories, comics, educational resources, articles about the Internet, and authors.

Baker Street Connection

Baker Street Connection contains everything you wanted to know about Sherlock Holmes with posters and a complete listing of Holmes stories.

Battle Street Books

A complete Internet catalog of works by author and playwright Ernest Langford.

Bay Area Bookstore Events

A index of current events and special mailings.

BeaconRay's Great Books

Great books from classical conservative literature, philosophy and religion of the Judeo-Christian heritage.

Beat Generation

Information on great writers of the "Beat Generation". Learn about the lives of selected authors from the 1950s like Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs, or read their original text.

Beat Generation Archives

This is a depository of articles about the Beat Generation that were found on the net and converted into HTML format for everyone's education and enjoyment. Enjoy!

Ben Ohmart Collection

The first writer on the Writers' Home Page, Ben shares a prolific collection of his poems, plays and stories. He is a professional "gag" writer with several published and performed routines to his credit, as well as many poems and stories published in journals across the country.


Author Don Berry invites you to slow down, relax and refresh your imagination as you read his fiction, non-fiction, and conceptual writings. As if that wasn't enough, twist your brain around the ideas of the musical mathematics of Pythagoras, and the Fibonacci sequence. Cool.


A full library of electronic books and Beta-Book.

Betts Bookstore

Betts carries a large selection of used books about Maine and by Maine authors including Stephen King.

Beyond What You See

Beyond What You See is more than a book of poetry. It is a voyage through life. How to order the book and a few excerpts are included.

Bill Joel, Storyteller

The home page of Bill Joel has hundreds of stories, tales, and folklore from all eras. Check out this original collection of one of the oldest forms of human communication.

Bioenergetics Press

A collection of hard-to-find books and tapes about men's issues and ending the war between the sexes.

The Black Lab Cafe

Welcome to the black lab cafe! Catering to cultured Internet technopuppies everywhere. A sample menu of the A la Carte poetry menu at the cafe reads as follows; LEGEND of the INTERNET, The VISIONARY, YELLOW Fever, and Clouds.

Blackwell North America, Inc.

A collection of US and Canadian books and bibliographic support products to academic, research and leading public libraries throughout the world.

Blackwell's Bookshops

Look here to find the best academic book shop on the Internet.

Blender of Love

A collection of stories, poems, pictures, and letters about love-who says romance is dead?

Blue Bonnet Books

A current list of new releases by Blue Bonnet Books.

Blue Door

A collection of poetry by E.S. MacLean.

Blue Moon Bookshop - for readers, scholars and collectors

Blue Moon carries many categories, including history, literature, cultural studies, fine arts, and performing arts. Their shop is filled with the most interesting, unusual, amusing, and worthwhile books we can find.

Blue Peter Books

See a complete guide to issues involving travel and sport.

Bob Book Online

The book about Bob, featuring interviews with lots of famous people named Bob. (including Hope, Newhart, Dole, Dylan, Denver, etc.)

Bolen Books, Inc.

An independent bookstore that specializes in computers and children's books.

Bonder Bookstore Inc.

A bookstore that specializes in personalized telephone ordering service. Carries a complete line of reading and study material.

Book and Candle Pub

An open forum to discuss books, authors, and life in general.

Book Hunter

A book finding service that offers you a quick, efficient way to purchase all types of books. We specialize in finding technical books of all categories.

Book Look

Contains a complete division dedicated to providing books that are no longer in print.

Book Page - MegaMall

View a large selection of books and information on joining the Audio Book Club.

Book Stacks Unlimited, Inc.

Book Stacks Unlimited, Inc. offers online searching and ordering of more than 300,000 titles. Includes information about authors, publishers, texts and awards.


A service for finding difficult books and out of print books. Complete selection of books in every category.

Bookfinders International Ltd.

Books by mail order anywhere in the world. Suppliers of any book currently in print in the UK. Easy!


Book Industry Communications Bookish home page. Providing a directory of links for the Internet book browser.

BookLink ESL

A distributor that specializes in ESL and multi-cultural books. We also sell any British book in print.


A wide variety of Trade and Professional publications, including journals, trade periodicals, technical reference materials, audio and computer media.


Contains excerpts of best sellers, interviews with popular authors, such as Clive Barker, Dominick Dunne, and Anne Rice.


Internet bookstore with 20%-35% off technical books, delivered anywhere in the world! Searchable index, ordering prices listed online and PGP-encrypted e-mail support for credit-card ordering.


A bookstore that offers a complete online ordering of bound books, and books in the form of catalog description, reviews, and publisher's marketing materials.

Books by Dr. Joyce Shira Starr

Contains two books: Faxes to God (a collection of real-life prayers faxed to the western wall), and Covenant over Middle Eastern Water which illuminates the spiritual view of water as set forth in the Bible.

Books for Children... and More

This site is a great resource for writers, illustrators, librarians, teachers, editors, and other professionals-especially those involved with children's books. Links to several children's authors home pages and new groups rounds out the usefulness of this site.


The largest Canadian book industry on the web.

BookServe International

Here you can order any book that's in print in the US, and have it shipped anywhere in the world.


BookSite makes it easy and fun to order and receive books. With a selection of over 200,000 titles.


A large independent bookstore which has served San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district since 1976. A complete selection of books available to you.

Bookstore at Houghton Mifflin

We offer all kinds of information pertaining to books, demos and graphics. Also see Houghton's upcoming prints and multimedia titles.


A complete listing of publishing imprints from Warner Books, Little, Brown and Company.


A one stop shopping store for books. With the lowest prices on the net.


Welcome to Bookworm, a new and used bookstore containing a large selection of books, and a video tape club.


A complete selection of hard to find books from the small, medium and alternative presses of the world.

Breakwater Books Ltd.

A complete bookstore on line. See a company profile, new releases, the Breakwater Bookshelf, ordering and contact information.

Brown Book Shop

Your one stop technical book store for over 50 years.

Bullets and Beer: The Spenser Page

A page devoted to Spenser, Robert B. Parker's literary Boston private eye.

Byron Poetry Server

Original poetry. Submit original works or read and comment on others' poems. Favorite poems by known authors are also accepted.

C.W. Hay Bookselles

We are a large established book store. With books available in every category you could imagine.

Caliban Books

Available in at least five categories, including Working Class Autobiographies, History of Travel and Exploration, Autobiography and Biography, Social History, Psychology.

California State University, Northridge The Best Fiction and Poetry from CSUN: 1962-1988

An anthology of the best fiction and poetry selected from all literary magazines published at California State University, Northridge, from 1962 to 1988. The book also contains an interesting photo showing student reaction to the JFK assassination.

Canyon Park Orchard Gate

Silly surveys and sounds "save" the stories for "off/line" reading.

Caotica Architectural Booksellers

We are a full service bookseller devoted to the field of architecture.

The Carson McCullers Pages

Carson McCullers page, pointers to works, and bibliography.

Casper's Poetry Gallery

Original poetry and art accepted and displayed in the virtual gallery. This site is updated on a regular basis with poetry.

Centennial Publications

A publishing operation that produces specialty books related to classic tackle and fly fishing.

Chanterelle Books

A complete bookstore with a wide variety of categories to choose from.

Cheater's Stream-of-Consciousness Form

Create your greatest work of poetry ever! An interactive poetry forum.

Children's Literature: A Newsletter for Adults

This is a must see for all parents and elementary school teachers! This site was designed to enhance children's literacy by helping adults find the most appropriate children's books. There are links to hundreds of online book reviews and articles covering all areas of concern for parents and teachers. Add this one to your bookmark list!

Claitor's Law Books and Publishing Division Inc.

This division is the largest republishers of Government Printing Office titles outside the GPO!

Classical Chinese Poetry

One fan's favorite collection of Tang Dynasty poetry--all in English.

Claymont Communications

To serve the needs of readers for hard-to-find books about the Gurdjieff Work. Our selection of titles has gradually been expanded to include almost every book about the Fourth Way currently in print.

Clean Well-Lighted Place For Books

A bookstore with a wide variety of categories.


Mystery fans will find author information, book news, and more.

CM&D Online Bookstore

A bookstore that contains various titles from MAPA members online.

Cody's Books

Internet related books about parenting, child care, and the famous Cody's reading list.

Collected Works of Pseudo-Epicurus

This site contains the Collected literary endeavor of Pseudo-Epicurus, whose major contributions to literature have gone completely unnoticed--until now.

Colorado Independent Publisher's Association

Books published by the members of the Colorado Independent Publisher's Association.

Commercial Finance Online! BookStore

Complete Finance online bookstore containing Capital Markets, International Banking, Leasing, Financial Law, Trade & Export Financing, Corporate Finance, Institutional Investing Etc.

Complete Shavian

A discussion of the plays of George Bernard Shaw, and his contemporaries. Literary criticism and philosophy. Links to sites of related interest.

Computer-Generated Writing

A storing space for computer-generated writing (CGW) and information about the field in general, including resource links and a list of related software available on the net.

Concertina - Books on the Internet

Concertina is a new Canadian children's publisher, committed to bringing books simultaneously to print and to the electronic highway. Featured authors include Jerzy Harasymowicz (a leading poet of Poland noted for his unique personal mythology and the spontaneous fantasy of his works), Sharon Katz, and Seymour Mayne. A definite bookmark for children.

Connecting Light by Frank B. Ford

A book-length collection of poetry by Frank B. Ford, a premier Philadelphia poet. Published by Orange Street Press.

Cool Bird Poems

Worldwide collection of bird poems by all the masters and presented alphabetically by name of bird! Links to other avian topics. Definitely not for the birds!

The Coop

The Coop is the largest bookstore serving the Harvard and M.I.T. communities.

Corporate Book Services, Inc.

Offers a complete book service store for Corporate accounts only.

Cosmic Web

An online bookstore for networks of soul seeking planetary evolution and healing.

Council of Remiremont

This page leads both to instructional materials and to substantial pages with text and translations from the likes of Cassiodorus, Donatus, Erasmus, and Gregory the Great.

Courage To Change

This server offers information about the Internet Services Corporation, a firm that enables the confidential purchase of self-help books, audio tapes and gifts for people facing major life challenges including addiction and recovery, loss and grief, relationships, divorce, parenting, illness, codependency, personal growth, abuse, gay and lesbian issues, children's issues, depression and related issues, and spirituality.

Cover to Cover Bookstore

We carry many types of non-fiction books, especially "self help." Our interpretation of "self help" is broad, from spiritual to business, from personal development to health and recovery issues.

Critical Inquiry

Critical Inquiry, an interdisciplinary journal, is devoted to bringing its' readers current criticism on a variety of topics within literature, art, architecture, film, history, philosophy, and music.


CrossConnect is the premier online literary magazine based at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia featuring non-fiction, fiction, poetry, multi-media, and an art gallery.

Crown Publications Inc.

British Columbia's largest bookstore and distributor of B.C. acts, regulations and related legislative publications.

Cyber Quest

A handy way to find what you are looking for on the Internet. Also provided is help with abbreviations found on the net.


Cyberzine encourages all interested people to contribute their articles relating to nature, culture, people, traveling, arts, and anything else that will enrich the experiences of others for publication. Contributors are also encouraged to submit digitized images, audio, and computer artworks related to their articles.

The Daily News Shadow Dance

Welcome to The Daily News home page! The Daily News serves the Lebanon Valley of Pennsylvania, including all of Lebanon County and parts of Schuylkill, Berks, Dauphin, and Lancaster counties. Here you will find features like Net Sites of the Week, the hilarious Giving You the Business, information on subscribing and advertising, and much more.

Dangerous Visions Bookstore

The Dangerous Visions Bookstore, a speculative fiction bookstore in the Los Angeles area specializes in fantasy, horror and science fiction both current releases and out-of-print.

Dark Myths

Paul W. Baker shares his poetry, short stories, essays, novel-in-progress, graphics and biography, along with excerpts from favorite authors and guest artists.

Darkside of the Moon

The Darkside of the Moon is now posting and accepting submissions to the Literary Work of the Week. Come by and take a gander at the LWOW and a number of other things.

Dav-Man's Page

Information about David Reilly, a 9 years old artist, poet, story writers and so much more.

David Morrison Books

We carry a wide variety of photography, architecture, decorative and fine arts.

DDEB Creative Archive

If you are an X-Files fan, welcome to your site! You'll find everything from plot synopses to what-if plots that will never make it to your television set!

de Grummond Children's Literature Research Collection

Focusing primarily on American and British children's literature (historical as well as contemporary), the works composing the de Grummond collection are listed and described. Special honors of selected works are highlighted, as are services and publications available through the collection.

De Proverbio -- University of Tasmania, Australia

"De Proverbio" is a scholarly journal and an electronic book publisher. Associated with the De Proverbio Database, it publishes, studies, and collections of proverbs in some of the main languages of the world. If you are a general or comparative paremiologist (or just curious!) this is a fascinating site to see.

The Death of Rock 'n' Roll

Chronicles of untimely demises, morbid preoccupations and premature forecasts of doom in the pop music world.

Deep Breath: an On-Line Poetry Journal

Online poetry journal features poem-of-the-moment and author bio. Submissions accepted.

Deep Politics Bookstore

A listing of books that pertain to democracy.

Dial-A-Book, Inc.

Complete books for download delivery to your hard disk. Books reviewed on the C-SPAN Booknotes television program. Books from leading public policy organizations, Books from major university presses, and many others.

DIS: A Modern Parable

From the top of the World News Network Tower where one man decides the fate of nations, to the Pits of Hell on Earth where innocents suffer unspeakable torture, this is the writing that explains their world views.

DJ's Doorway

A shared site linking you to the home pages for The Vagabond Players, an Internet access course, and an ongoing Cyberstory collaborative. As well as links to Internet servers and how to build your own page.


Short stories "from the bowels of my imagination" says the author, "some macabre, some unsettling, all open to criticism".

Doom Patrols

This book is a theoretical fiction about post modernism and popular culture. Published in its entirety on the Web.

Doris's Library

Contains plenty of books and links to choose from.


An adventure novel about Lang and Catherine, their accidental escape from the city of Levinfield, and the dream in which we all live. Very good!

Dr. Hoff's Therapeutic Bibliotheca

Complete listing of books that involve Christianity.

Dutton's Brentwood Bookstore

A large independent bookstore with over 100,000 titles, extensive selection of compact discs, laser discs, and CD-ROMs.

Early Modern Literary Studies

An interactive base for 16th and 17th century literature providing a formal arena for scholarly discussion and an academic resource for researchers in the area.

Early Poetry of Elizabeth Chao

Nascent poetess shares her work. If you're just surfing, hang up your board and stay awhile.

East West Bookshop

A complete listings of our best-selling titles in over 100 categories.

Editions Didier Millet

This server provides information about one of Asia's leading publishers of illustrated books, Editions Didier Millet, which specializes in high-quality books on Asian travel, photography, arts, and architectural subjects. The company offers publications not readily available in the USA or Europe.

Electric Mercado: Literature

Colorful guide to selected Latino authors.

Electronic Beowulf Project

"The Electronic Beowulf Project" has assembled a huge database of digital images of the Beowulf manuscript and related manuscripts and printed texts. The archive includes fiber-optic readings of hidden letters and ultraviolet readings of erased text in the early 11th-century manuscript; full electronic facsimiles of the indispensable 18th-century transcripts of the manuscript; and selections from important 19-century collations, editions, and translations.

The Electronic Beowulf

This is the spot where the ancient Beowulf is being electronically reconstructed to it's original form.

Electronic Poetry Center

This Center serves as a central gateway to resources in electronic poetry and poetics produced at the University at Buffalo and elsewhere on the Internet. Their aim is simple--to make a wide range of resources centered on contemporary poetry as accessible as possible.

Electronic Text Center - University of Virginia

This center combines an online archive of thousands of SGML-encoded electronic texts. Along with its training sessions and support of individual teaching and research projects, the Center is building a diverse and expanding user community locally, and providing a potential model for similar enterprises at other institutions.

Electronic texts

This is an online collection of jokes and practical jokes, guaranteed to make you laugh of any topic you choose. Come on take a peek.

Elektrisk vers - Electric verse

Electric verse written by living Finnish and Finland-Swedish poets. For a fresh view and alternate aesthetic, this site is a can't-be-missed for the poetry lover.

Elements of Style

Instructional material on rules of usage, composition principles, words commonly misspelled and/or misused.

Elysium Book Emporium

A bookstore with titles in metaphysics, spirituality, health, self help, personal development and book reviews.

EncyclopÈdie Head Word Query

This implementation is a draft showing what can be done with the philis text server. You can search for keywords of a sample of Diderot's and d'Alembert's Encyclopédie. The preliminary sample contains 250 entries selected from full test pages from the eighth folio volume (ho*) and the text found in the 2 volume extract edition published by Flammerion.

English Server at CMU

Expansive fiction, drama, poetry and criticism archive, featuring both contemporary and classic works-managed by the students, staff and faculty of the English department of Carnegie-Mellon University.

English Servers' Poetry Archives

Drop in and enjoy a poem. An eclectic, and vast anthology sure to delight you.

English-Romanian Dictionary of Equivalent Proverbs,1,1,95/dictionary.html

A companion to De Proverbio, An Electronic Book Publisher is an English-Romanian dictionary of equivalent proverbs.

Entrepreneur's Bookstore

Melvin Powers can show you how to achieve financial independence.

EPODD and Cajun

Cajun is a project to disseminate journals over networks and on CD-ROM. It is funded by John Wiley Sons and Chapman Hall.

Fairrosa's Cyber Homeplace

This site hosts you as if you were in their home pulling books off the shelves and curling up by the fireplace-a nice, cozy atmosphere. Check out this archive of children's books, poetry and writings, or have your Tarot cards read.

First Thunder

Adventure novel similar to Celestine Prophecy in genre.

Flaming Jewels

Julieann fancies herself a poet and wants to talk to you. She gives you a sense of her soul through her writings and the images she weaves in with the words.

The Flying Lemur

Controversial books about sex, drugs, occult, and anarchy. If strange interests you, then this is the spot.

Fountain of Fire

For 75 days beginning July 24, 1995, Burning Gate Press will publish one poem per day from "Rumi: Fountain of Fire." Read a poem and if the passion of Sufi poetry catches fire in you, check out the Sufi-related Internet sites linked to this Web page.

Four Ball Juggling: From Simple Patterns to Advanced Theory

A how-to book on the juggling technique, from simple patterns to advanced theory. Contains illustrations, original and entertaining material for beginners and experts. Check it out!

Frog Prince

Illustrated hypertext of the Grimms' fairy tales. Great for bedtime! Or for a challenge, link to the fairy tale in its original German.

Frozen Music

A novel by Michael J. Vaughn. Even bachelor ducks and short neck giraffes can't seem to drag Michael Moss out of his self-imposed exile. But then he joins the Westfield Community College Choir and falls under the spell of music and the baton of Amy Fine. If he doesn't watch out, he may just have to rejoin the human race and start evolving again.

Future Fantasy Bookstore

An online catalog for science fiction, fantasy, and mystery books.


The complete catalog of Garzanti.

Get Bent

A collection of stories and poetry written over the years. Intense emotion, with interesting and odd links. Each book is ideal!

Girl Jesus

A girl Jesus is born on April 1, 1995 when Amy Halloran wins the Looking for a New Jesus Christ poetry contest which sent her to Rome for the summer. Excellent!

Glas: New Russian Writing

Glas publishes today's Russian writers in excellent literary English translations, and promises to continue scouring the provinces for new talents. Look up Glas' stocklist and catalog to stay abreast of contemporary Russian writing.

Globe Corner Bookstore Catalog

Contains information about Globe Corner Bookstore Catalog, which offers books and maps for travelers, business persons, librarians or teachers in hypertext with more than 6,000 pages listed by geographical region with links between the titles.

Golden Quill Bookshop

Wonderful collection of gift books. If you need a gift book, we've got it.

Goose Pond Road

Strange and true stories from a rural community in Western New Hampshire.

Grains Of Sand

Andrew J. Wardle shares dark, speculative fiction in an evolving online anthology.

Great American Script Search Competition

Cash awards in multiple categories and industry recognition for writers. You also get the recognition you deserve from major publishing companies, magazines, and audiences all over the world.

Great Books of Western Civilization

Contains eight courses required to complete the program. Provides both a ground and a goal for the specialized disciplines in which students major. Very educational!

The Great Grey Whale

In his novel Moby Dick, Melville employed an encyclopedic vision of the world to transform a yarn about whaling into a text of profound symbolism, operating at levels of political, socio-economic and philosophical profundity. To attest to this, some modern editions of the tale devote almost as many pages to annotation as to the chapters themselves.

Greek Mythology

An introduction to Ancient Greek Mythology containing descriptions of all the gods, heroes, creatures, stories, family trees.

GriffJon's Poetry

Jon Camfield share his poems and thoughts with you and invites your comments.

Gryphons, Griffins, Griffons

A list of griffins and flying dragons found all over the Internet. All forms of reference are found there from pictures to short stories.

Gutenberg EText World Wide

The Project Gutenberg makes information, books and other materials available to the general public so that anyone can easily read, use, quote, and search everything from "Alice in Wonderland," to the Bible, to reference sources.

Gutter Voice

Gutter Press Inc. bills itself as "the literary voice with the bad attitude." Each issue, the editors at Gutter Press pick the most talented and compelling short works that come in over the Net. Check it out for a periodic slice of the best of dangerous literary fiction on the Web.

Harm's Way - The Novel

America is helpless in this deftly woven fact/fiction economic suspense thriller based on fact, written in fear. Download free. See for yourself!

Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review

A collection of articles and discussions about current gay and lesbian issues. The premier forum for discussion and analysis of contemporary gay, lesbian and bisexual ideas and literature.

Haslam's Book Store

Florida's largest new and used bookstore. Filled with titles on any and all subjects.


An unabashed queer love story. I know, I know—only tragedies and threesomes. Well, to that I say, feh! Read on!

Having a Good Time.. Wish You Were Here

Take a drunkard's illustrated guided tour to the bars of the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Hermit's Electronic Publishing Page

Links to a few of the places where you can find folks publishing electronic texts, either on the Web or by way of distributing text files on disk, or any other format someone's mind can come up with. Also, resources where writers can network electronically, submit their own work, and read the magazine, Ruby's Pearls.

Hill's Books

Used and rare book store featuring an online catalog for ordering.

Horizon Books

Rare and out of print books in travel, exploration and natural history.

How To Books

Complete line of how to books with an online catalog. Order that book you need right from home.

How to Dump Your Wife by Lee Covington

This book gives you the advice you need by someone who has had a divorce and lived to tell about it. Straight advice like: what mistakes not to make, mind preparation, how to hide your money, what about kids/guilt/girlfriend/friends. Plan it all out in advance. Some jokes. Great to read!

How to tell the Birds from the Flowers

The complete text and illustrations of this humorous book written by Robert Woods in 1907. Will make you smile!

Howard Karno Books

Rare and out of print books on Latin America. Site is also in Spanish.

Hunting of the Snark: an Agony in Eight Fits

Full text of this Lewis Carroll story is presented with illustration. Image links to full screen illustration spice up this story. Bedtime stories turned digital!

Hypertext Breakdown

Guide to breaking down existing text into a usable hypertext form.

"I Dig Books Store"

A complete listing of books about, creativity and small businesses.

The Iliad

Homer's best as translated by Samuel Butler. Great reference for that school essay.

IllumiNet Press

Books on theory, UFO's, conspiracy and other unusual subjects. Online catalog for ordering.

Illustrated Poetry On-line

A collection of short, haiku-like verses for children. The collection is illustrated by Sharon Katz and has been translated into English by the Canadian poet Seymour Mayne with Jaroslaw Sokol.

Impacc USA

Provides publications, videos, clinical products, and seminars devoted to the neck and back.

In Some Unrelated Land

Novel with art by Martha Conway, called "In Some Unrelated Land." Well written, it chronicles one summer in a young women's life at a time of unusual liaisons and hand-to-mouth living--it is the free-fall of someone waiting for "real" life to begin.

In The Shadows Of The Cross

A psychological action-thriller moves from Los Angeles to Damascus leaving death in its wake. Don't miss it!

Index - British Poetry 1780-1910

Here's a jewel! A hypertext archive of British poetry 1780—1910. Scholarly editions complete with illustrations and annotations published at Electronic Text Center, Alderman Library, University of Virginia, USA.

Index - Ecola's Newsstand - Technical Books

Extensive links to technical bookstores and publishers.

Index - Litweb: Poetry

Reserved for classic poetic works and the study of poetic form. Covers a broad selection of poetry and literature. Excellent!

Index - Stefan Petersson's SF & Fantasy page

"Speculative fiction, horror, and related." From a literary point of view. Lots of links to resources, collections, reviews, Usenet, commercial, search engines.

Index - Story Resources available on the Web

A storytelling organization offering resources and activities for children and adults. If you want to hear a good story which makes you get the goose-bumps, then you've visited the right site.

Influence As Power

A book about the influence and strategies used by Lawrence of Arabia during the Arab Revolt that took place in the Middle East during WW1.

InfoBahn Cafe

Your coffeehouse in cyberspace serves up original fiction, music, poetry, and traditional masters, as well as links to a variety of aesthetically cool places. Come on in, pull up a chair and savor the espresso. A really groovy site, check it out.

Inlaw to Outlaw: The story of Matt Warner

The story of Willard Erastus Christiansen, aka Matt Warner. From his youth, he rode with Butch Cassidy, the McCarty brothers, and others of the Wild Bunch. Originally published in 1938 as "The Outlaw Trail". A colorful account of his life and times.

The Inside Story

Information on various books from the other side of the Canadian border.

Internet Book Information Center (IBIC)

Maintains the WWW virtual library on literature.

The Internet Directory of Published Writers

Here you will find a directory intended to assist writers in getting assignments from publishers and editors. Part of its aim is to help writers find agents and it may strengthen their efforts to make their work known to the public. Entries can be browsed or searched and writers can add information about themselves.

Internet Guide to Chabad Literature

A huge archive of Chabad literature. Includes full books such as the basic text of the Chabad-Lubavitch philosophy, along with many articles about Moshiach, Chabad customs (minhagim) and locations of Chabad Houses. Essays by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach of Oxford University. Noted Chabad author Rabbi Shuley Boteach discusses issues perplexing or inspiring to modern thinking Jewish minds. Rated in the Top % of All Web Sites.

Internet Poetry Archive

Published by the University of North Carolina Press, the Internet Poetry Archive makes available selected poems from a number of living poets from around the world. Using the newest capabilities of the Internet to present sound and graphics as well as text, the Archive entry for each poet will comprise audio clips of the poet reading several poems, the poet's comments on the works, a photograph of the poet and more!

Internet Public Library Story Hour

A fantastic collection of online children's stories not to be missed! Great for all ages! Deserves a bookmark!

A collection of stores open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your viewing pleasure.

The Inventory of the Estate of Elvis A. Presley

Information on the inventory of the King's estate. Includes retail offers and wholesale opportunities.

Invisible Architecture by Steven Kelly

Three stories of love and death with a Vienna setting. All very enjoyable!

The Island Puzzler

The worlds most interesting puzzles. Featuring works done by different artists each week.

It's a Mystery

Interested in finding collectable first editions? A collectors corner lies here for those hard to find first editions. Includes hard cover and paperback editions.

J and N's Serenity Shoppe

A 12 step gift shop with books, tapes, jewelry, and more all related to recovery from abuse.

Jaimes Alsop's Poetry and Literature Page

Showcase for the poetry of Jaimes Alsop (northern California) and the work of some of his favorite writers.

Japanese Secondhand Bookstores Mall

Six second handbook stores related to life in Japan. If you need to know information about Japan, you'll come here.

Jim Galt Poetry Archive

Jim Galt shares his poems and work in progress. He invites your feedback. Go ahead, make his day, give him a cybercall.

John Anthony Miller Etchings and Engravings

Offers hand signed and numbered books written by the master himself, John Miller.

John T. Zubal, Inc.

A wide array of books for sale organized by topics and subject category.

Joseph E. Huston Distinguished Playwrights Award

This site advertises an annual competition to promote the art of play writing. So why not take the chance and submit your original work? Hey, you never know!

Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Books with information regarding kids and musical events.

Juta & Company

Booksellers and publishers of books for all professional markets.

K. Spector's Place

K. Spector wants to communicate. You can read his poetry or learn more about herbs from his wife.

Kaiser Books & Computers

Home of the used book white pages. Kaiser is a buyer and seller of 19th and early 20th century books.

Kay E. Vandergrift's Special Interest Page

A professor at Rutgers University, Kay Vandergrift has designed a site of a great primary resources for children's, young adult, and adult literature, including links to course-related sites. There is also a special section on the history of children's literature and feminist and women's studies materials.

Kennys of Galway

Kenny's is a new and used bookstore specializing in books on the Irish.

Kevin Hampton's Poetry Page

Kevin sees his poetry page as part of "Radio Free Cyberspace." He's willing to communicate with interested publishers.

KidLit Children's Art and Literature

KidLit contains literature and art for and by children, plus resources for authors, illustrators, and teachers of children's literature. There's also a link for kids to learn about butterflies and how to raise them.

KidPub WWW Publishing

A great site where kids can publish their stories and read stories published by other children. Teachers, find how to get your class published! You can even get statistics on how many times your story has been read.

Knut's poetry page

Swedish poet Knut Sveidqvist shares his work along with favorite poems of English Romantics. Fun if you've never seen Swedish (except for Monty Python gags).

The Kolb-Proust Archive for Research

The Kolb-Proust Archive for Research was organized at the University of Illinois in 1993 to make available to scholars the data and documents collected by Philip Kolb, Professor of French at the University of Illinois, and the editor of the correspondence of Marcel Proust. You can contact Archive personnel through this site.

Kowalski's Kafe

Welcome to Kowalski's Kafe, where you will find the classic necessities of a Viennese coffeehouse: newspapers from around the world, games, art—even regulars—plus a list of favorite links, poetry, and an introduction to the coffeehouse. Stay as long as you like, and enjoy.

La Bancarella Bookstore

Find out the new books on the shelves each week or check out the used ones. It's all right here.

La Cite French Books

A retailer of books, recordings, periodicals, and guides from France.

Lady Freedom Among Us

The University of Virginia Library celebrates its four-millionth volume with the creation of a hand-made book (and digital reproduction of the book's text and images) based on the poem "Lady Freedom Among Us" by Poet Laureate Ria Dove.

Laissez-Faire Books

With a recent price reduction, books are cheaper than ever at Laissez-Faire. Easy to order for a lifetime of reading.

Landman's Poetry Index

Drop in to enjoy Howard Landman's poems and song lyrics—they all beg for music to dance to! Here's a taste of the place he is writing from: "This is a song I wrote in November 1993, after falling in love. The basic emotion is that expressed by the last line of the movie WOMEN IN LOVE: the Alan Bates character is told that the kind of relationship he wanted to have is not natural or possible. He replies, 'I don't believe that.'"

Last Gasp

Books for the bold and curious. With over 10,000 titles, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

Latin American Book Store, Ltd.

Supplier of libraries and communities with Latin American and Spanish academic books. A list of current titles for all your research needs.

Levi, Primo

Rare interview by Levi transcribed. Also contains portraits, original photographs from composer Ari Frankel and many book covers.


Book club with all your computer book needs at discounted prices. We carry reference and text books from all major publishers.

Library of Scotto

A collection of highly personal short stories and plays: light reading for the end of the world. For those quiet hours in the middle of the night when you're ready to voyage into the deep mysteries of shamanism or just plain weird post-modernism.

Library Solutions Institute and Press

The only self paced tutorial books for both learners and teachers.

Lighthouse BookStore

From non fiction books to magazines, Lighthouse has all your book needs. Also a section on how to get free books.

Literary Classics

Online literature library, i.e.: Poe, Carroll, Dickens, and others.

Literary Lapses Online

Literary Lapses is a collection of literature by students of Burris Laboratory School. It has been published, by students, at varying frequencies since the early 1960's. Check out their monthly newsletter.

Loganberry Books

Looking for that hard to find rare book? It could be here.

Login Brothers Book Company

A major book distributor in the USA. The company offers a searchable online resource of thousands of titles with specialties in health and science, law and electronic media books.

Love and Life: A Collection of Poetry

Cody Dickinson would enjoy hearing what you think about these poems.

Lysator Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive

A collector of Sci Fi and Fantasy offers his archive for perusal—books, authors, movie reviews, diary entries, and lists. Also includes a place for fan art.

M.E. Sharpe

A book listing area on gopher.

Macedonian Literature

For those interested in Macedonian literature, this page gives you a collection of Macedonian folk tales by Marko Cepenkov, and the work of writer Vele Samak. Also links you to Vele's home page.

Macmillan Publishing Bookstore

Contains more than 1,100 computer related titles. A complete description of all books is included. View over 800 covers online.

The Magic Jungle

An illustrated adventure story for children of all ages.

Mal og Menning

Browse through a large list of books on Iceland at your own leisure.

Maledicta Booksellers

Books on subjects that may be considered evil or dangerous.

Malt Liquor Mantras

"I whispered a malt liquor mantra—Colt 45, Colt 45, Colt 45." Poems of anger and insights from the late hours of night or early hours of day. It all depends on your point of view.

ManuScript: Graduate Journal in English

ManuScript is a new graduate journal in English produced by graduates, for graduates, at the Department of English Language and Literature, University of Manchester. The journal is published biannually.

Margaret O'Beirne's Poetry and Art

Margaret is a poet and watercolorist in County Wexford, in the sunny southeast of Ireland. Her "Matins" series of poems was broadcast on RTE and others have been performed at the summer festival in Kiltennel and on South East Radio in Wexford. Drop in to read contemporary poems on contemporary issues from an Irish perspective. Links to her watercolors page and other poetry resources.

Marginal Distribution

A small press and independent publisher bringing you some of the best books ever.

Mark's Poem of the day page

Mark thinks that romance isn't dead and that his girlfriend Angela will back him up. Drop in to read his poems on romance and other interesting topics.

Marriage, Sex & Parenthood Bookstore

A guide to a healthy marriage or how to raise a happy, healthy child, you'll find all your marriage, sex, and parenthood books here.

Matthew's Poetry Page

Matthew sees his poems as his release and escape. You're invited to read his poems and send in your own.

MAW Books & More Online

Book and transcript packages available for you to enjoy.

The Maxims of Madame de Sable (1599-1678)

A small gem for the scholarly or curious interested in the French Enlightenment or feminism. Move over La Rochefoucauld! Madame de Sable wrote her's first. Read all 81 maxims in French/English. Bibliography and a brief biography describing 17th-century Paris salons.

McMaster University Titles Bookstore

Exists primarily to cater to the need of the students of McMaster University.

McNaughton Collection Online

Contains a listing of current, popular, fiction and non-fiction books along with descriptions of each title.

Medicine and Poison - Doug Fine Unedited

Wild stories from Rwanda, Surinam, Alaska and Cyberspace. Travel with journalist/photographer Doug Fine for a fresh view on environmental, high tech and investigative journalism. Worth a look-see.

Mental Equations

These are poems and laments from the mountains and valleys of the heart. Includes some original artwork/hand-drawn poems, too.

Mesopotamian Mythology

Online English translations of Mesopotamian literature and related resources and links.


A distillation of everything the author has done, seen, read, heard or thought about until the time it was written. Unique!

Mexican Genre Literature

Here's your opportunity to tap into a Latino library of magazines, e-zines, links, and relevant information on science fiction, horror, fantasy, and crime fiction in Mexico and Latin America today.

MFS: Modern Fiction Studies

MFS is a scholarly journal of modern and contemporary narrative, theory, and culture.

Micromail Computer Books and Software

A complete catalog of books and software of Ireland for you to browse through.

Millberry Union Bookstore

The bookstore at the University of San Francisco.

Millennium Whole Earth Catalog

Take a look at some sample pages from the catalog.

Milton Quarterly

A scholarly journal devoted to the life, writings, and times of John Milton. Subscription info, related links, abstracts, etc.

The Mississippi Review

An online monthly magazine publishing the best of literary fiction, poetry, essays, commentary, and reviews. Both editions are published by the Center for Writers, the creative writing program at The University of Southern Mississippi.


The electronic novel as well as etymologies, scripture reference, and what others have to say.

Moon Guitar

On-line novel about Vietnamese gangsters and a burned-out American intelligence officer, set in Orange County, California.

Mosquito Net

The poet "Vangogh" describes this site as "a place for the verbal to seek and be seeked."


Evocative snapshots of those fragile moments from childhood and motherhood captured in a poem.

Mr. Sister Poetry

Two friends share their poems and ask to talk with you. Lots of links to other cool stuff.

Murray's Bookstore

Large inventory of new and used books, very strong on hard cover non-fiction titles.

Music Book Society

Classical music and opera books, compact discs, and other related material.

The Mysterious Homepage

This is a great source to explore the world of paper crimes with pointers to other interesting mystery sites on the Web.

Mysterious Press

Browse through are hard cover library and even order right off the net.

Mystery Connection

The Magnifying Glass is a monthly newsletter that lets you know what is going on in the world of mysteries: signings, conventions, writers' conferences, awards, special events, places to visit, etc.

The Mystery Zone

The hottest short stories, along with excerpts of novels from a host of fresh voices in mystery fiction. Now featuring a MYSTERY ZONE TWIN-PACK from John Peyton Cooke.

Mystical Illustrations of Syaikh Ahmad al-Qusyasyi

Contains the mystical illustrations from the teachings of Syaikh Ahmad Al-Qusyasyi. A facsimile edition of a manuscript from Aceh, with introductions.


A list of gods, goddesses and sundry immortals from around the world (somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 at last count), with brief bios appended to each.

Nancy Drew

Every kind of study and analysis fans of the girl detective could ask for.

Native Book Centre

Books on the Native Indians along with a resource center.

Nautical Fiction List

Novels, novelettes, short stories, poetry and drama--all from a nautical point of view. 244 authors and 863 titles are listed with some titles linked to full text.

Neon Poetry

Jeremy Bailin calls this collection of his poems Neon Poetry because: "Some people have said it's a desire to have something of mine seen brightly in a dark world."

Nero Wolfe

A short bio on Rex Stout's eccentric genius detective from the Nero Wolfe series, with access to a list of the stories.

New Books on Artificial Finance/Neural Networks in Investment

Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence. Intended for those using artificial intelligence in investing.

NJ's Writings

Nihilistic fluff for the lexically obsessed. From short fiction to poem-like musing collected over the past few years.

Nobel Prize for Literature

Want to learn about the current winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature? Then this is the place for you! If you prefer or want to brush up on your foreign language skills, you can read the press release in Swedish, German, or French.

Northtown Books

Stock of over 27,000 titles and 300 periodicals with emphasis from travel guides to politics.

The - Novels Destroyer

Offers the Destroyer action adventure series. Contains political satire, parody of famous personalities.

Oasis Bookstore at InterArt

Try the easy way to purchase compact discs, books, and tapes. At the Oasis online bookstore.

The Odyssey

The complete work, available for reading online.

Online Books FAQ []

Good source of indices to books available online.

Online BookStore

A bookstore in English, French, Dutch, and Romanian.

Pacific Book Auction Galleries

An auction house for books which enables you to submit bids online.

Pages of THE MASK

Grim, Gothic, Vampiric, and Dark fiction. Also features poems and artwork.

Pan Asian Publications, Inc.

An Asian materials distributor of various types of books.

Papers on Language & Literature

Papers on Language and Literature is a quarterly journal of literature spanning a wide range of ideas and styles.

Paramind and Para-literature -- brainstorming to expand ideas

A unique brainstorming program that generates new text from your text, used to logically expand in infinite ways any idea, from research papers to song lyrics. Describes the software and the theory behind it.

Parental Warfare

A collection of interconnected short stories that chronicle a childhood. Put on your helmet and see if the scene is familiar. Also contains The Galactic Web Empire, a whimsical menu to tickle your taste buds.

Perry, Anne Homepage

This is the home page of Anne Perry, one of the best Victorian mystery writers and creator of Inspector William Monk and Thomas and Charlotte Pit.

Persona Non Grata

Another personal poetry page with plenty of links to other poetry specific sites.

Peter Vorobieff's sci-fi

Visit this site for a small sample of "cyberpunk" or, as the author prefers to call it, "romantic necrorealism."

Plethora of Puzzle Books

A wide variety of puzzle books including crosswords, logic, and trivia.

Polonia Bookstore

The ultimate collection of Polish/American books.

Postmodern Culture

Postmodern Culture, "The Electronic Journal of Interdisciplinary Criticism", contains reviews, abstracts, essays, culture columns, fiction and poetry, related readings. Links to back issues and archives are also provided.

Productivity Press

Productivity Press which has the latest and best information on management, manufacturing, and quality. The server includes free sample chapters from this publisher's books.

Project Bartleby

A hypertext archive with search capacity for a range of classics from Bartlett's "Familiar Quotations" to Wordsworth's "Complete Poetical Works."

Project Runeberg

This is an open and voluntary initiative to create and collect free electronic editions of classic Nordic literature and art. Project Runeberg fans meet and discuss various topics on an electronic mailing list.

Prose & Proper Publications

Find out what the state doesn't want you to know about law.

ProTech books

Large technical bookstore also has international orders. Searchable database of books to order.

Protobob Literary Page

This is collection of original compositions, bibliographic resources, and other literary information. Quirky humor, poetry, fiction and non-fiction, and links to other related sites.

A Prugatory of Semiotics

An on-line scrapbook of images and poetry by Michael Moll.

Pseudo-poetry...Bunch of Letters Dancing

Jennifer Skyes shares her personal poetry full of hatred of bureaucracy. A hatred she hopes to pass on to you.


A free showcase for any artists, poets or writers who are looking for a place to show their work. Plus links to the best that Chicago has to offer, and other interesting sites.

Publishers' Catalogs Home Page

A comprehensive listing of publishers and their catalogs.

Publishers Weekly Bestseller Lists

Listing of best-selling hardcover fiction/nonfiction, mass market paperbacks, trade paperbacks, children's books, religion bestsellers, computer, audio materials. Lots to choose from!

Pulitzer Prizes

This site contains the works and profiles of the winners, history of the Prize, and list of board and jury members. If you're so inclined, you can also enter your own work for next year's competition. Good luck!

A Purgatory of Semiotics

A Purgatory of Semiotics, an online scrapbook of images and poetry by Michael Moll.

Putnam Berkley Online

You will find a guide to a virtual environment that lists hundreds of entertaining and enlightening books.

Quantum Books

A technical book store which specializes in computer science, math, and physics.

The Quasi-Derivative Fantasy BookList

The Quasi-Derivative Fantasy BookList is a list of authors and their books of fantasy. The list can be accessed by author, author lists including biographies, early authors, source texts and fantasy hot lists. Short reviews are available.

Queensboro Ballads

An illustrated fictional project in the form of a folk/rock album by Levi Asher containing pictures and stories from Levi's life.

Qui Parle: An Interdisciplinary Journal

An interdisciplinary journal published at the University of California at Berkeley which contains essays from various authors.

Read-along Stories

A collection of short, read-along picture stories with accompanying narration sound files.

Reader's Corner

A fantastic source for finding reading material, Reader's Corner provides referrals and discussions on several mystery, romance, and fantasy books.

Readers' and Writers' Resource Page

Check this one out, for people who love books, reading and writing. Resource catalog for books online, book stores, references; as well as sources for writers.


Allows surfers to browse more than 2000 categories of books.


A virtual store that sells books on the subject of glass, many of these titles can not be found in your local bookstores.

Regency Reader

Previews of the latest releases in Regency Romance, including historical romance in Georgian and Regency eras settings.

Revolution Books

A bookstore with topics ranging from history and current events to the revolution in Peru. Topics are for those interested in politics.

Richard Darsie's Poetry Library

A poetry lover's selection of his favorite poems. Also a collection of links to other poetical Web sites. Stop and browse a poem or two.

Ritmo-y-Mas Music & Bookstore

This bookstore specializes in Latino music. Also sells T-shirts, books and sundries.

RodMer Short Story Room

A collection of short stories by Canadian writers Rod Anderson and Merike Lugus. Enjoy writers taking real pleasure in their craft. It's worth the $1 per view they ask you to contribute! (Money back guarantee if you didn't like it.)

Romanticism On the Net

Romanticism on the net is a journal solely dedicated to the publication of the Romantic period and style. Contributions by scholars and graduate students are welcome.

Russian and East European Studies Internet Language and Literature Resources

Are you studying Russian or Eastern European languages and literature? If so, you have just found a MAJOR compendium of resources sponsored and maintained at the University of Pittsburgh. Part of the World-Wide Web Virtual Library.

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