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Please remember this is a list of (mostly) acronyms (abbreviations constructed from the first letters of the words of a phrase.

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BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms

A guide to help you decipher and demystify abbreviations and acronyms of the computer world.

Listing of acronyms, abbreviations and definitions

A listing of acronyms, abbreviations and definitions found in E-Mail messages and Newsgroup postings.


Bob's Rock Shop

Bob's Rock Shop offers rock collecting and image information.


GMProShop offers NASCAR collectibles, Chevrolet apparel, Goodwrench engines and other General Motors products.

Park Blvd Stamps

Park Blvd Stamps store is a full-service stamp store. A wide range of stamps as well as albums and other supplies and services are available.


Expotel Interactive

Expotel Interactive, a hotel reservation system, which includes 13,000 U.K. hotels for bookings and offers secure transmission of credit card details to the Expotel reservations center via secure HTTP.

Official Wicked Hair Dyeing Page

The following information helps you through the pain and bloodshed of getting wicked hair.

Picton Press

Genealogical data on CD-ROM, containing five million surnames, 30 million entries, and millions of marriage records. It also offers a selection of genealogical books. Hosted by infoPost.


4Wheelers Plus

Welcome to 4 Wheelers Plus. Everything you could possibly want to know about 4 wheelin' and watercraft.

The Adventure Shop

Find information about adventure travels of all sorts. Whether you are looking for short walks, running class V rapids, or just jumping out of airplanes, they have it all.

Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports from RS Communications is a location on the Web where you can find out about what's happening in many dynamic sporting activities. Check out our windsurfing, cycling & mountaineering.


Here you'll find documents related to Adventuring (a D.C.-based gay/lesbian outdoor group) and IGLOO, the International Gay and Lesbian Outdoor Organization.

Afognak Wilderness Lodge

The Alaskan Center provides information on the Afognak Wilderness Lodge, said to offer Alaska's finest saltwater and freshwater fishing, combined with a wilderness adventure. Just a 25 minute float plane flight from Kodiak, this fantastic log wilderness lodge has been operated over the past 21 years by the Randall family, providing contemporary get-away comfort.

Alaska Mountaineering & Hiking

Alaska Mountaineering & Hiking has been selling mountaineering equipment for over twenty years to climbers from around the world.


Innovative camping gear for the tenting enthusiast.

Association for Experiential Education

The Association for Experiential Education (AEE) is a not-for-profit, international professional organization with roots in adventure education, committed to the development, practice, and evaluation of experiential learning in all settings.

Backcountry Home Page

Backcountry Home Page: hiking camping backpacking trekking. This page is an attempt to organize and archive backcountry-related information that is available on the Internet.

Bay Area Backcountry

Welcome to the Bay Area Backcountry web-page, an evolving directory of some of the nicest places to camp and hike within easy reach of the Bay Area.

Blue Ridge Mtn. Sports

The complete store for the adventurer to outfit the hiker.

Bruce's Paddling Page

Sources of paddling information of interest to Delaware and Chesapeake area paddlers and they have listed resources for both whitewater paddling and sea kayaking.

Bushwalking Page

Be a bushwalker. Walk the Bush of Australia and North America. Get to the Bush!

California Kayak Friends

California Kayak Friends is a club for paddlesports enthusiasts. Most of our activities involve sea kayaking, but river runners and canoeists are welcome to join in the fun.

California Land Management - Parks

In this section of the AMI News Recreation Network you'll be introduced to some of the best National Forest Camping in the country. When you have decided where you would like to camp, you can make a reservation.

Campmor, Inc.

Campmor is one of the world's most recognized outdoor retailers, boasting an impressive mail order catalog of gear for camping, backpacking, mountaineering, hiking, trekking, canoeing, kayaking, and biking.

CampNet America

A one-stop source for camping information on the web. It has a central library of home pages for campgrounds, outdoor suppliers, RV suppliers, RV service, and camping and related travel information.

Canadian Rocky Mountain Adventures


We specialize in high quality, small group adventures. Check out our fantastic Rocky Mountain Adventure packages or let us custom build an adventure of a lifetime.

Caribou Mountaineering

Caribou Mountaineering is a manufacturer of outdoor equipment, specializing in backpacks, sleeping bags, travel packs and accessories.

Chris' Whitewater Page

The main purpose is to let people know about the incredible whitewater paddling opportunities available in the Columbia Valley or East Kootenay region of British Columbia.

Crested Butte Online

Nearby Mt. Crested Butte and the surrounding area, offer numerous hiking and Mountain Biking trails and world class skiing.

Cyberspace Discount Outdoor Shop

Providing quality outdoor equipment at a reasonable price.


DECATHLON is a sporting goods store and a producer of fine sporting goods.

Doug's Boat Page

'Qivitoq' is an Inuit word meaning 'wandering ghost'. The Qivitoq is an Inuit-style Sea Kayak, heavily based on original native design. The original inspiration came from 'Wooden Boat' #104, the Chewonki Kayak."

Eddyline Echo

Come eddy out and peruse the news, views, and reviews of the online canoe and kayak community. Then jump back into the fast lane with hotlinks to watersports and fitness across the web.

FAQ - Backcountry Equipment

The list is assembled from inputs supplied by many individuals where informative comments about particular suppliers are available.

Far Out Sports On-Line Catalog

They're climbing gear and expert advice are only a keystroke away!

Golight, Inc.

The GOLIGHT is remotely controlled from inside your vehicle so you never have to get out of your car. No more cold hands, rain-drenched clothing or unknown threats.

The Gonzo Chronicles: The Gonzo Tackles Alberta's White Water

Over half of the world's supply of liquid fresh water can be found in Canada, the second largest of countries. Is it any wonder then that the canoe and kayak may have been invented here and have most certainly reached their highest level of development among Canadian natives?

GORP-Great Outdoor Recreation Pages

Features descriptions of USA National Parks, Forests and Wilderness Areas including activities pages for biking, climbing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, fishing, and skiing. It also has links to other travel and outdoor resources.

Great All Outdoors Trading Company

The concept came from the realization that we're surrounded by a legion of outdoor experts.

Great Lakes Information Management Resource (GLIMR)

Great Lakes Information Management Resource(GLIMR), Canada's Great Lakes programs, publications and databases with links to other Canadian and U.S. Great Lakes networks.

Groth & Marley Backpacking, Rafting & Adventure Page

This page was primarily created for self-reliant outdoors people who wish to know more about non-commercial, low-cost, opportunities frequently created by like-minded people.

Guide to Outdoor Adventure

Let the Nissan Pathfinder take you adventuring throughout the world.

Highest Points in the United States

America treats its roof in inspiring, careless and hilarious ways. Here are comprehensive links to help you explore America's roof. Join in the fun! Adopt an American highpoint!

Hoods Woods Wilderness Education Center

Hoods Woods is a wilderness education center that is primarily involved in survival training. Hoods Woods conducts wilderness programs in the High Sierra of California.

Hot Springs

A place for resources about natural hot springs.

How to Choose an Outfitter

Now that you have decided to try a sea kayaking trip, and you don't have the equipment or the knowledge to do it on your own, how do you choose from among the many outfitters and guides offering their services to the public?

Index - Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports is a where you can find out about what's happening in many dynamic sporting activities.

Index - Hiking and Backpacking [gorp]

They offer some great opportunities for day hikers and backpackers! Backcountry Home Page is a great compilation of backcountry related information including trip reports, places of interest, gear reviews and recommendations, distilled wisdom from rec.backcountry and links to other Internet pages.

Kayak & Canoe - Ottawa White Water Paddler

White Water Kayaking is an incredible sport. Our group of recreational paddler types do it here in Ottawa, Canada, 4 or 5 days a week for 9 months out of 12 and few times a month in the dead of winter.

LoPinto Farms Lodge

If you are planning a family vacation, getaway weekend, hunting trip, find out about LoPinto Farms Lodge.

Lucid Adventures

Offers exciting, week-long flat-water and white-water canoe/camping expeditions in Canada, led by experienced wilderness and paddling guides.

Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear is a "gear" company. They have several of the industry's most experienced designers making sleeping bags as well as mountaineering and backpacking tents.

Mushing Magazine

A comprehensive guide to dog sled racing and other Mushing topics.

National Park Outdoor Activities Center

National Park Outdoor Activities Center. Activities and more activities to while away the vacation hours. Come for an outdoor adventure.

Native Sons Adventures

A reference guide of companies providing outdoor adventures for all.

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

This server contains a point and click navigator to the recreational opportunities in the state of Nebraska. The site features information about hunting, fishing, wildlife and parks resources.


The netSTOP is a growing resource of travel news and insight about travel on the World Wide Web.

New Brunswick Outfitters Online

New Brunswick Outfitters is an association of outfitters in the province, which shares a border with Maine.

Nick's Kayak Page

The purpose of these pages is to share some of what I enjoy about kayaking.

Niges Kayak Pages

Read all about the sordid antics of S.U.C.K. and X.S.U.C.K. and other kayaking web pages.

NOLS National Outdoor Leadership School

This server contains information about the National Outdoor Leadership School, a wilderness education school that offers expedition-length courses in seven countries. This site provides course information relating to minimum-impact techniques, wilderness first aid and research reports. The site has pointers to other outdoor recreation resources.

Northwest Voyageurs and the Art of Adventure Travel

Northwest Voyageurs is an international company specializing in white water rafting, float/fishing trips, float/horseback adventure, and bird hunt/float combinations.

ORCA OutdoorLink

Find the Nearest Climbing Gym. Search by zip code in the CGA's Climbing Gym Database. match a national character of independence and resourcefulness.

Outdoor Network

The Outdoor Network will create an online interactive information and data center covering sports, travel, and adventure of the outdoor, extreme and action sports world. Such sports will include snowboarding, kayaking, windsurfing, mountain biking, skating just to name a few.

Outdoor News

You've entered A M I OUTDOOR "adventureland." Glad you're here! The sports you like are just a click away. Related information including weather, adventure tours and reservations is also quick to get.

Outdoor Safety Management

This server contains Outdoor Safety Management, a safety article on wilderness trips that provides information on how to ensure proper safety on wilderness trips, using the Dynamics of Accidents Model.


Find the nearest place for indoor and outdoor climbing.


OutdoorNets the first global outdoor activities center on the Internet, serving companies who wish to introduce their service, product and/or accommodation online.

Outdoors Online

Publications, stores, news, and myriad other sites to woo the outdoorsperson in all of us.

Outfitters Unlimited

Learn all the camping and out sites available in Wyoming. Vacation with an outdoor adventure.

Outside Online

Outside online parks, wilderness, adventure.

Patriots' Trail Girl Scout Council

Patriots' Trail Girl Scout Council provides information about volunteer opportunities, the Leading Women Awards, the quarterly newsletter and it offers links to pages created by scout troops.

Pop Tent, Inc.

A self-erecting tent with all the qualities and features that make conventional tents obsolete.

Preston's Kayak Page

More kayaking and other links to the kayaking world.

Princeton University

This server provides information about The Outdoor Action Program at Princeton University, which offers wilderness trips and leadership development for students, faculty, staff, and alumnae. The campus Gopher server mirrors some of these and supplements them..

Raichle of Switzerland

Raichle craftsmanship is never out of fashion. They use only the best quality materials, designs and constructions to ensure that you get optimal protection, fit and comfort.

Scout Association of Australia

This server provides information about scouting in Australia and resources relating to all sections of scouting in Australia.

Sea Kayaking in the Sea of Cortez

Unlike its white-water cousin, sea kayaking derives its thrills not from shooting Class IV rapids, but from the sight of whales, porpoises and seals.


Learn what's hot from snow to cycling. Even add your own comments to the outdoor field.

Spruce Shilling Camp

Enjoy snow-mobiling, cross country skiing or ice fishing, without having to contend with crowds.

Troop 1 Pelham

Offers information about Boy Scouts of America, Troop 1, its history in New York since 1916, scrapbook of activities and reports from patrols.

UNC-Charlotte Venture Outdoor Program

Venture is the outdoor education program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Not a club nor a class, Venture is an organization that allows students, faculty, staff, and the Charlotte community to participate in and learn from various outdoor activities.

University of Alberta: Ski-Canada

Skiing resorts in western Canada, including locations, weather reports, skiing conditions, trail maps and listings of events.

Ute Mountaineer

An online catalog of mountaineering equipment for the outdoor enthusiast.

Watersports Resources!

Welcome! You will be able to find links to industry home pages, trade organizations, clubs, preservation projects and more!

Wave~Length Paddling Network

This is the Home Page for the Wave~Length Paddling Network. In these pages you will find articles from Wave~Length Paddling Magazine, a Directory of paddling guides, outfitters, retailers, manufacturers and clubs, and links to environmental and paddling resources around the Internet.

Western Region Jewish Committee on Scouting

This site contains information about The Western Region Jewish Committee on Scouting, a subcommittee of the National Jewish Committee on Scouting, which offers Boy Scouting among Jewish youth to promote Jewish values in Scouting through program help and the religious emblems program.

White Water Rafting and Kayaking in Costa Rica

Rios Tropicales was created in 1985 to share the beauty and abundant whitewater of the rivers of Costa Rica with the rest of the world.


A complete guide to whitewater rafting combined with a weather survey to make sure you know what kind of mess your getting into.

Whole Earth Provision Company

Whole Earth Provision Company is a specialty retail business that offers quality innovative products which excite those who share our enthusiasm and concerned commitment to learning about, experiencing, and preserving our planet.

Wilcox & Williams, Inc.

Promoting the great sport of snowshoeing and the idea of building your own shoes.

Wilderness Wanderings

Wander the hot hiking spots of America. Learn those spots here and away you go!


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