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Private mail, public boards and chat. Information about HP48gx/sx, C6 microprocessors, as well as games, amiga, anime-manga pictures, and Escher pictures.

Bob "Dr. Macintosh" LeVitus Pages

Bob "Dr. Macintosh" LeVitus pages. Demonstration versions of some MacWeek/MacUser Editor books.

Creativision Web Page Design and Management

Creativision Publishing Corporation offers professional Web page design and management, graphics and programming services.

Datamation - PlugIn: The GateKeeper

Welcome to PlugIn DATAMATION, an online version of a software/Internet services magazine. Page features include DATAMATION Magazine's exclusive Internet Navigator for IS Managers.

Demystifying The Internet

University of Delaware provides an introduction to the myriad of Internet tools. It explains what the tools are, their uses and benefits and gives tutorials for hands-on use.

DWD Forum

Home page for firm that specializes in Web page design and publishing.

Internet Direct, the Australian Cyber Mall

The Australian Cyber Mall offers a cross section of locally available modems.

The Internet Source for InkJet Refills

A big savings on the cost of new ink jet cartridges by letting customers refill them as many as 20 times.

KBBS Online

One-stop shop for complete Internet and BBS services; free trial access is offered upon voice verification.

Mel's Internet Flea Market

Mel's Internet Flea Market offers its Web pages free to buyers and is available for $5 per month to sellers with listings limited to two lines. Descriptions of merchandise and services from all over the world included.

MiNET Internet Publishing

Digital Books, Net3D and Paperback Software plus book publishing and interactive rendering on the Net, real-time and digital software distribution.

Motorola PowerPC WWW Site

Motorola RISC Microprocessor Division server provides information about the company's microprocessors and its line of system and software development tools for the platform. It is intended as a resource for enterprise application developers, independent software developers, OEMs and end users.

Netro Mall

The Denver Area Super Highway welcomes the Netro Mall, a cyberspace shopping mall containing products from all over the world. Includes unique tours, gift shops like CDs, Starland Star Trek specialist, fine cutlery and more. DASH uses a unique is map for selecting merchants in a traditional mall environment.

RedNet WWW

RedNet is a Scottish company specializing in Networking, Electronic Communications and Systems Integration.

Rocky Mountain Cyber Mall

Our Grand Opening! In addition to supporting the three C's--commerce, culture, and class--the RMCM also provides gateways to other malls. Be sure to browse through the Specials store for gift ideas.


SoftForum is a firm developing software for computer communication security and providing consultation on security problems. Company information as well as lots of other cool stuff to be had here.

The Super Mall

The Super Mall has exclusive offers for products and services you will not find anywhere else, including CD-ROMS, software, Internet publications, employment, business opportunities, collectibles, and more. Many of these offers have complete, detailed information available immediately through built-in auto responders. You can also subscribe to the Super Mall listserv for announcements of new limited-time offers and promotions.

The Village BBS Home Page

Amiga 3000 BBS dedicated to the Amiga, The Prisoner (a BBC television show), and aspects of role-playing.

VOICE creative engineering

VOICE Creative Engineering is the Internet division of Caledonian Information and Media Services and supplies the business community with quality 'turnkey' Internet packages. These packages are tailored specifically to suit individual company requirements and include, multimedia design, editorial and encrypted-hosting services, full Internet access, Internet introduction courses, user support services and database design and management.


WebEdge, Inc. was established in April 1995 and is dedicated to serving the growing community of Mac OS WWW Developers and WebMasters through conferences, training, publications and the WebEdge WWW site.


Tivoli Systems Inc.

Another computer company with a stylin' home page, Tivoli Systems specializes in systems management software and client/server computing services. If you don't come for the company and product/service information, come for the pretty pictures instead.

Two Servers, One Host

The Sphere Information Services, San Jose, CA, US This page describes how to configure a system to support two Web domains from a single host. It includes instructions for both the NCSA and CERN servers.

World Wide Web Worm

World Wide Web Worm, which has crawled the web and found more than 100,000 resources. The worm gives access to all by way of huge lists and a search engine.


B & R Samizdat Express

Rated by Net Guide in Sept. of 1995 as one of the 50 Best Web Sites in the World. Features Internet-on-a Disk, a newsletter of public domain.


Bring your offshore financial, international insurance and reinsurance issues to this, the largest independent electronic network in the world! Free e-mailed monthly newsletter.

Best of the Internet

Features newest Web sites of the month, news updates, choice sites of the unusual, humorous, and just plain great!

c|net central - Daily News

Find daily updated news about everything in the computer world.

Computer News Daily - News & Developments

Here's the scoop on the latest developments in the computer world.

Computer Sleuth

Subscribe to this online publication and discover the wacky world of want ads!

Cowles/SIMBA Media Daily

Allows you to explore the all the latest media from Netscape. News, networking, publications, shows, feedback.


A column written for the inexperienced user by the non-expert's viewpoint.

David Kaplan's News from the Net

Provides current new in business, sports, government, etc.

David Strom's Web Informant

A place for computer trade press editors, a public relations professionals, or those who work in the hi-tech marketing communications field to get information.


Edupage, a summary of news items on information technology, is provided three times each week as a service by Educom, a Washington, D.C.-based consortium of leading colleges and universities seeking to transform education through the use of information technology.

Glosario de Internet

Universidad de Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain Glosario de Internet, terminos usados en Internet y una breve descripcion con enlaces.

GNN NetNews

General business news is provided on this site.

Hi-Tech Bulletin

This is a business computing newsletter that is published by Doug Willoughby and is updated weekly (usually daily).


A computer industry magazine (since 1993) focusing on telecommunications, as well as many other areas of computing, including software reviews, an op-ed forum, humor, technical articles, and more. There is also a text version available.

In, Around and Online

Provides a weekly summary of events occurring in the Consumer Online Industry.

Index - Information Showcase of the Los Angeles Internet Group

Business and entertainment news is provided at this site.


Provides opinions of the editors or the named contributor of selection.

Internet Press

An interesting guide to virtual journals on the Internet.

Lane Publishing

A free publication for home based businesses and vacationers.

Linx Newsletter

A publication for Sarasota online.

The Medium and The Message

A consultant on using the medium for the message.

Modem Driver Archive

Provides articles from a San Jose Mercury news columnist.

Mr. Media

Sends readers into the information superhighway, guiding them to the best and latest in magazines, newspapers, comic books, syndicated radio, cable TV, video games, CD-ROM and many cool web sites. Internet technical newsletter

A site to obtain technical information which is geared towards network administrators and other computer professionals that is published monthly.

Netsurfer Focus

Focuses the bounty of information available into a convenient package for it's readers.

Newsletter Library

Requires that you select a topic, then you will receive copies of all pertinent newsletters.

The Nielsen observer

This is a privately published magazine for people in the media/mass media industry.

Online Electronic Column

This covers book reviews and online services including shareware.

Project Internet

This firm is searcher for freelance writers for the Internet Daily News (TM) and Pulse of the Internet (TM) magazines.

Scout Report

This weekly publication is a fast, convenient way to stay informed on network activities.

The Stick

Monthly publication for WWW surfers. Every issue contains a long list of WWW sites, with short passages describing each.

TBTF Archive

An e-mail newsletter that notifies you to bellwethers in computer and communications technology, with special attention to commerce information on the Internet.

Todd Sullivan's Caught in the 'Net Archives

Provides his insight, foresight, or other articles every week.

Toronto Guerrilla Report

This report is a lighthearted navigational guide through the 90's urban landscape.

Video Information Provider Newsletter

This newsletter provides the latest information on video technology.

Wall Street Journal Personal Technology

Weekly column on personal online technology. Written by Walt Mossberg.

The Web Word

The latest news and information about the WWW. Includes a dictionary of frequently used Internet terms.

WFAA-TV ComputerCorner

A weekly report with great information for the Dallas, FT. Worth area.


Africa & the Internet: A Resource Guide

A resource guide for researchers interested in Africa and international development.

Desktop Internet Reference

The Desktop Internet Reference is an 1800 page hypertext reference to the World Wide Web. Topics range from, what is the Internet? to where can you find more topics?

Discipline-specific Internet resources ("Study Carrels")

Selected databases of the NCSU Libraries Information System using World Wide Web forms. Internet resources organized by subject from general resources, agriculture, design, education, psychology and more.

Find It Fast! Page

A one-stop mega resource for finding nearly anything fast on the Internet.

Finding People on the Internet

Finding People on the Internet.

Index Librorum Liberorum

A collection of sub-directories about electronic texts of public domain works.

Information Distribution Initiative

To better help both beginners and experts on their quest for knowledge in searching the Internet.

Information References Archive

Information references archive. Including links to topics such as business, communication, computers, culture, entertainment, finance, indexes, infosystems, the WWW and more.

International E-mail Accessibility

The WWW version provides a startup point for finding E-mail and full Internet access throughout the world.

Internet Easy Search Form

We suggest you try all the sites to discover which you prefer. Now we have simplified the search forms to make it easier for first-time users.

Internet Resources List

Gopher is a service that allows users to view and obtain all sorts of files, programs, and software. You can select the items you want from a menu.

Internet Tools, Browsers, and Viewers

Excellent helpful tools for surfing the Web. You must check out my new comprehensive listing of freeware and shareware sites!

Internet Tools Summary

Network information retrieval and computer-mediated communication tools by viewing a summary of the purpose, audience, assumptions, and notes as well as get instructions.

Internet Training Resources

Collection of resources useful to Internet trainers, as well as just about anyone else who is on the Net. A collection of over 90 Internet resources.

Internet Web Text

Directory services, UseNet newsgroups, Internet relay chat, multiple user dialogues, and many more links.

InterNIC Directory of Directories

Index of pointers to resources, products and services accessible through the Internet. These pointers provide descriptions of resources available to the Internet community.

Netlink Server at Washington & Lee University

A searchable index. Including netfind Email address searches, phone books/directories (via Texas Tech) and local times throughout the world.

Nothin But Net

Come browse around an extensive amount of resources from adoption, baseball, biotechnology, animals, and Ban extensive business section.

PlaNET Internet Resources

Connects to resources, services, products and information out to the world. Come, let us help you explore the planet, from around the corner, to around the world.

Search CICA archives by file description

An archive for doing subject searches using the resource provided by CICA. See what you can discover.

Search SIMTEL archives by description

Do you have a description of what you are searching for on the net? Then use the SIMTEL archives to complete your search.


Resources on the Internet have the major drawback that any experience and knowledge gained by a user remains untapped. SIMON provides a way to capture that knowledge, for use in an Internet resource discovery system.

USGS Internet Resources

Internet Resources by the U.S. Geological Survey providing links to scientific research resources, and index of U.S. geological survey servers, earth and environmental science and more related topics.


An access to several databases of information about the Internet, people and services that can be accessed through the Internet.

Where the Wild Things Are: Librarian's Guide to the Best Information on the Net

Useful sites for a college library/librarian. Guides to resources for faculty, hot paper topics, graduate schools, and a first class reference desk.

Windows NT Web Server Tools

Helpful tools for using Windows NT software and for providing Internet services.

X.500 Root

Resource supplied by the University of Texas at Austin, to search for information about the university itself, the world, the USA, and the great state of Texas.

Yanoff's Special Internet Connections

This resource spans subjects from an alphabetical index starting with agriculture and astronomy up to the weather and women's resources.


Rank Xerox Research Centre Web

Rank Xerox Research Center, which is a research center with headquarters in Meylan, near Grenoble, France. Included are research laboratories in Meylan and in Cambridge, UK (formerly EuroPARC). Information currently available online.


Africa & the Internet: A Resource Guide

A resource guide for researchers interested in this region and international development.

China's Internet

Links to resources that discuss Chinese culture, network recreation, and more.

Desktop Internet Reference

Provides details on what the Internet is and what it provides.

Discipline-specific Internet resources ("Study Carrels")

Organizes research topics into various categories.

Find It Fast! Page

This site is an Internet shopping guide.

Finding People on the Internet

This site is an Internet address book of both people and organizations.

Index Librorum Liberorum

A location to find information on many topics which are thoughtfully categorized into appropriate sub directories.

Information Distribution Initiative

Site is dedicated to the full and free distribution of all information you need to work effectively on the Internet.

Information References Archive

This site provides reference to subjects ranging from business to the WWW.

Internet and Unix Dictionary

Be online with the Unix and Internet dictionary. Know those terms.

Internet Easy Search Form

Provides text-entry fields from the best search able indexes available on the Internet.

Internet Resources List

Information on resources available to use in surfing the Internet.

Internet Tools, Browsers, and Viewers

Provides helpful tools for searching the WWW.

Internet Tools Summary

This site collects, organizes, and presents sources about network information retrieval and computer-mediated communication tools.

Internet Training Resources

Provides a collection of more than 90 resources for trainers.

Internet Web Text

This site provides guides and resources on all aspects of the Internet.

Internet Writer's Guidelines Listing

Contains information on Internet magazines that accept submissions for publication. Everything from paying and non-paying, literary and non-fiction, including powerful search functions.

InterNIC Directory of Directories

Provides access to listings of sites available and information on how to include your own site in this directory.

Netlink Server at Washington & Lee University

Allows one to use text fields to search for sites on the Internet.

News and Newspaper Page

A site that collects links to virtual newspapers and news sites from around the WWW.

PlaNET Internet Resources

Ability to download Netscape and connects you to resources from around the world.


A research effort and experimental system for mapping the Internet.

USGS Internet Resources

Provides ability to science resources.


This site provides access to databases of information about the Internet and people or services that are on the Internet.

Where is the archive for newsgroup X?

This site collects answers to the titular question, "where can I find an archive for a news group?

Where the Wild Things Are: Librarian's Guide to the Best Information on the Net

This site provides a college environment with guides to resources for faculty, hot paper topics, important sites by major, and a first class reference desk.

Windows NT Web Server Tools

Provides pointers to Windows NT software that is used for Internet services.

Yanoff's Special Internet Connections

A listing of the top 5% of all Internet sites in every category imaginable.

Searching the Web

Australia Cool Site Of The Day (AAA)

Looking for a cool site? Australia's cool sites are selected for their education, entertainment value, graphic design, originality and also for continuing revisit value.

Awesome Sports Site of the Week

Here you will find random stuff that we come across on the Net. Sports related subjects is all your getting here.

Barbara's Best Bookmark Of The Day

Tired of looking for entertaining sites? Take a look at Barbara's best bookmarks and end your search.

BAT's Catch of the day

Want to see what's cool on the web? Take a look at BAT's Catch of the day and discover the what we have found.

Best Pages at Penn

The University of Pennsylvania has some popular sites that everybody should see. Take a minute to check out what they have to offer.

Blazin' Bookmark

Come to the Blazin' Bookmark and see changes every Sunday.

Click Of the Week

Come to unlimited resources and links at the Click of the Week.

CobWeb Site of the Nite

Interested in the latest fun site on the Internet? Come to the CobWeb and see what you've been missing.

Cool Globe of the Week

See this weeks cool globe of the week and find useful links to many resources.

Cool Medical Site Of The Week

Looking for medical information? Come to the cool medical site of the week and find out what we can show you.

Cool Page of the Day

Visit the home pages of ordinary people and see how you can improve on your own. If you are not using the latest version of Netscape, download it here now.

Cool Science Site of the Day

Visit the Cool Science site of the day and discover science-related information. Chose from either total coolness or useful resources.

Cool Site of the Day

Glen Davis takes the searching hassle out of looking for cool spots. See what he's found for you today.

Cortney's Web Picks of the Week

Find current events and links to some of the hottest spots on the Internet.


CyberQuest is a guide to the Internet. Click on “Top Page” to find links to many other interesting places.

Cybertown's Site of the Week

Use our powerful search engines to find any subject you are looking for.

The Daily Bikini

Looking for bikini babes and other fun resources? Stop wasting time! Visit the Daily Bikini now.

Dave's Fun Page

Links to entertaining sites about cars, boats, travel, sports, games, recreation, music, art, TV, movies, comics, pets and animals, and more.

DiMin Enterprises

DiMin Enterprises is devoted to conducting searches for scholarships, grants, fellowships and loans available to students of junior high school through post graduate studies.

Duke's Most Excellent Pages

Find a complete listing of cool home pages from Duke University.

Dynamite Site of the Nite

Want to put your home page in a visible place? See the Dynamite Site of the Nite and see what's already out there.

Environmental Site of the Week

Searching for environmental information? Check out the environmental site of the week and find everything you are looking for.

EyE Candy's Sweet LINK of the DAY!

Want to see some of the most creative graphics on the web? Check out what eye Candy's has to offer and utilize their vast resources.

Fred Langa's WinMag & NetGuide Web HotSpots

Discover what NetGuide considers the coolest spots on the web. Find the resources that you want.

Funky site of the Day

Planning on taking a vacation? Check out the Funky site of the day,

Geek Site of the Day

Come to the Geek Site, where technology, web knowledge, and an Internet connection provide for fascinatingly dull communication.

GEnie HotSpots

Looking for a cool spot to surf? Check out the HotSpots at GEnie.

Gorski's Cool Site of the Day

Looking for a cool page or have one to share? See what Gorski's has to offer.

Goteborg University Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Goteborg University, Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Sweden maintains a list of interesting Web servers in the humanities worldwide. There is also a similar list of gopher servers in the humanities. Both lists are updated regularly.

GSCA Earth Science Site of the Week

Weekly, an Earth Science related Web site will be featured here with a small summary of that site.

Hit of the Day

Check out all the new topics from the most happening site on the web. Don't be left out.

Index - All-In-One Cool Sites Page

Everything you want in a cool web site and more.


Looking for a colorful web site with links to really cool resources? You have found it here.


Find the link to everything you are looking for. Over 10,000 links at this site alone.

My Favorite Site This Week

Find many hard to find links My Favorite Site.

Netwatchers Legal Hotlink of the Week

Need some legal answers? This Legal Hotlink will take you to many informative sites.

The UCNet Information Services

This server provides information about UCNet Information Services.

WebWise/Golden Nugget

See what's new at the Golden Nugget and other hot links on the web.

X site of the day

Creativity, originality and helpfulness are what you will find at the X site of the day.

Security and Encryption

COAST Project

COAST--Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology--is a multiple project, multiple investigator effort in computer security research. It is intended to function with close ties to researchers and engineers in major companies and government agencies.

Computer Aided Democratic Voting

This space is dedicated to specific issues concerning a Federal model of World Government. The idea is to focus on problems raised by people in the main email List or Newsgroup and allow creative contributors in related fields to offer solutions.

Computer Security at SAIC

The SAIC Security Library contains security-related information and programs from around the Net.

Endpoint Security

Enpoint Security's web site states that there is insignificant file security and that when it is truly needed it is not there. The site also shows where basic security flaws can be found on the internet.

Hack Netscape

Hack Netscape and win a T-shirt! Yes, expose security flaws in the most widely used commercial WWW software and you too can have your very own limited edition T-shirt, awarded only to people who have exposed security holes in Netscape Internet products or managed widely publicized Netscape cracking events. For news on this challenge or to get in on the action, click to Hack Netscape.

Internet Scanner (attack simulator)

Internet Scanner lets you find your network security holes before the hackers do.

Our Rights

A discussion and opinion of cryptography use throughout history by the U.S. government and the rights of the U.S. citizens to keep their secrets from them.

Pseudo-Random Number Conditioning

This page provides conditioning routines for pseudo-random byte generators or real almost-random sources of entropy.

Quadralay Cryptography Archive

Sign on here to find the many sites on the internet about cryptography.

SAIC Security Web Site

Re-opening of the SAIC Security Web Site, from the Wateridge facility of Science Applications International (SAIC). It now has a fresh look, easy-to-use interface, and even more security information and links than before.

Secure FileSystem (SFS)

SFS (Secure FileSystem) is a set of programs which create and manage a number of encrypted disk volumes, and runs under both DOS and Windows. Each volume appears as a normal DOS drive, but all data stored on it is encryped at the individual-sector level.

Security Mailing Lists

The following web page is a comprehensive list of security mailing lists. These security mailing lists are important tools to network administrators, network security officers, security consultants, and anyone who needs to keep abreast of the most current security information available.

SESAME project

Everything you ever wanted to know about SESEME(Secure European System for Applications in a Multi-vendor Environment.).

SKIP: IP Layer encryption and Security

A web site set up by Sun Microsystems about simple key management for Internet Protocols.


Steganography is the art and science of communicating in a way which hides the existence of the communication. This site contains all things that one would need to form an understanding of steganography.

Statistics and Demographics

Commercial Domain Statistics

The latest statistical data in this domain.

D.I.T. Web Marketing Survey

An undergraduate seeks to survey the effects/benefits of marketing on the Web.

GNN's: Measuring the Net

An opportunity to participate in this survey and to obtain further statistical information on this topic.

GVU Center NSFNET Statistics

This site offers data provided by Merit NIC Services. Contains raw data and graphs.

Index - IBC: Valuable Stats

Valuable statistics for those wishing to do business on the Internet is available at this site.


Prints Internet related hoopla and hype.

Internet Domain Survey

A survey attempting to discover every host on the Internet by doing a complete search of the Domain Name System.

The Internet Index

An index of statistical information and interesting facts on the Internet.

Internet Statistics Generator

Allows people to estimate quantity of future Web sites at any given date in the future.


A research panel that is used to study a variety of topics ranging from the latest information and communications technology to business and politics.

O'Reilly & Internet Survey

This organization has launched a market research study on Internet users and online service subscribers. They intend to build a picture of the Internet market based on facts, not hype.

PCS Survey-Net

Contains many questionnaires and surveys for user demographics.

Survey-Net Internet User Poll

Surveys participants on what they hope to find and what they do on the Internet.

Top 50 Host Names

Provides a comprehensive listing of interesting Web sites.

Web Server Survey [Fetters]

Purpose is to gather data on the characteristics of various web server sites. The data will be used as marketing statistics for companies which offer WWW hardware and software solutions.

What's Missing on the Web?

This is a survey that hopes to pinpoint fields not represented on the web.

World-Wide-Web Survey

Results of this survey will be used to improve the sites offered on the WWW.

WWW User Profiles by Geographic Region

Results of the largest WWW survey.

Zapper's Lounge

An interactive game show which allows you to zap the sites you are not interested in.


The Harvest System Source Code

This server contains information about Harvest System, which provides an integrated and efficient set of tools to gather, extract, organize, search, cache, and replicate relevant information across the Internet. This site provides access to software, papers, and a number of useful content indexes, including an index of AT&T's 1-800 phone numbers, and an index of more than 24,000 computer-science technical reports from around the world.

Howard University Howard University's School of Continuing Education

These pages offer two major services to users outside of Howard University: a convenient gateway to Internet services provided by Historically Black Colleges and Universities and a comprehensive archive of freeware/shareware programs that can be used to set up an Internet server using Microsoft's Windows NT.

Sun Microsystems Oy

Contains Sun Microsystems Finland's home page. It offers its MT-query site, which runs popular net search engines in parallel.


Advance Communication Technologies

Offers Internet and WWW training and consulting.

Building a Corporate Web

An on-line seminar that explains building of Web sites for corporations and other large organizations, with particular attention to corporate wide Webs on a private LAN or WAN.

Internet Seminars Incorporated

Internet Seminars Incorporated in conjunction with UUNET Canada offers educational materials. The page features a downloadable shareware presentation for trainers and educators.

The Internet Training Source

JES & Associates, Inc., Anaheim, CA, US. This server contains information about JES & Associates, which provides training workshops and seminars for all levels of Internet users. JES is a leading provider of training and textbooks on the Pick, Advanced Pick, uniVerse, and Unidata RDBMS platforms, and conducts a wide variety of courses on all flavors of Unix.

Internet University

Offers classes on the Internet. We have extensive experience connecting organizations to the Internet and training users in Internet usage.

Oslonett Inc.

Provides information about Oslonett, a consulting firm that offers education on Internet use, with links to The Oslonett Marketplace, a pilot service much in the spirit of GNN's Marketplace.



This is a site that allows real-time, full duplex voice communications over the Internet for users with Sun and Linux workstations.

NetPhone - The Internet Telephone

Allows Macintosh users to talk in real time over the Internet, even if only using a 14.4k modem connection.

VocalTec Web Service: Internet Phone

Download a free software package that opens a new and exciting dimension for Internet users.

WebPhone (Internet Telephone Company)

Allows ability to use quality audio to talk to users. Only requirement is that one knows the other party's e-mail address.

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