Internet and World Wide Web

Internet Shopping

100 Mile Netshop

The most diversified areas in the Province of British Columbia. The best summer and winter activities in the province, X-country skiing, downhill skiing, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, boating, fishing, sightseeing and everything that nature can offer.

2C-NET 's Mall of the Universe

A mall of products and services available world wide. All your Internet needs too.

5th Avenue

Condoms, entertainment, and your leisure activities...all on 5th Avenue. Got to come and see.

60s Trading Post for the 90s

Strange items from the Flower Era (and the Dead, who are timeless) like t-shirts for the activist, t-shirts of better days (SF music scene, circa 1966), tie dyes from the edge, Grateful Dead tour shirts, stickers and stuff, bumper stickers with progressive sentiments, sterling and crystal pendants, studs, hoops, earrings, poison rings, lava lamps, black lights, rainbow lamps, etc. and links to site for activists.

Above & Beyond

The Tall & All Mall-fashions, goods, services and information for the TALL community. Also site links to search services, Webcrawlers and the inevitable cool site of the day.

Access Market Square

Access Market Square offers shopping at storefronts, including exotic gifts from Maui, Net-Wear clothing for the family, computer accessories and discounted new cars. Also monthly contests, holiday promotions and free gifts.

Adobe Photoshop on Sun

Adobe Systems contains access to the Adobe Photoshop on Sun, the world's fastest, most powerful implementation of Adobe Photoshop, thanks to Sun Microsystems and Adobe Systems.

Advant Homes (for structural designs)

Advant Homes contains information on custom home designs that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, as well as attractive. Several sample home designs are included.

Advantage Travel Store

Luggage, backpacks, camera bags, child carriers, camping gear and more for all your traveling needs can be found here at Advantage Travel Store.

Alaskan Mall

Visit Alaska and buy native products without leaving the comfort of your own computer screen.

Aloha Mall

A virtual shopping mall from Hawaii. Browse crafts, surfing gear, jams, coffees and more tropical delights all here.

Alpha - Internet Fashion Mall

Better men's and woman's clothing including Pendleton and Divine Design.

Alt Shirts, Inc.

Alt Shirts, Inc. designs items to alter your mind. It features a line of Usenet/Internet inspired T-shirts and mouse pads. They provide net clothing and accessories with attitude.

Amdahl Corporation

Amdahl corporation provides information about software, including press releases about new software products from Amdahl's Open Enterprise Systems Division. The server has been running since Amdahl hosted the Bay Area SIG-WEB meeting.

American Internet Mall

Here is a virtual mall where you can shop for jewelry, cosmetics and other products. Links to JC Pennys and Burlington coat factory are also here.


Anywhere-Tupperware is an online source for a catalog Tupperware products and customers can order online. Orders are shipped free anywhere.

Apple Basket Antiques and Gifts

WebMasters International, Inc. contains information about Apple Basket Antiques and Gifts, which provides wrought iron products hand crafted by Amish craftsmen of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, also free 20-page catalog offering gifts for home, kitchen and garden at wholesale prices.

Aquatic Technology

Aquatic Technology is a pet store specializing in reef aquarium products and supplies. They provide service, live stock and supplies at the best possible price. Highlights from the catalog are online.

Art Cellar Exchange

Art Cellar Exchange is a full service fine art consulting firm designed for buying and selling art on the secondary market. There is a classified ad service that lists artists, titles, and prices of works available.

The Artwhere store

Unusual clothing and designs from the Edge. The Artwhere store is a cyberclothing store offering Zoo Cybergear. Credit cards are accepted and wholesale prices are available.

Aussie Lure Shop

Tackle Master offers information about Aussie Lure Shop and opens with two lures from Tackle Master, Australian made fishing lures.

Australia Shopping Mall

Check out this site to buy traditional Aussie goods.

Automotive Wholesalers Inc.

Do you have transmission blues? Turn to Automotive Wholesalers Inc. for all your transmission needs. They specialize in rebuilt automatic & manual transmissions, rebuilt torque converters, overhaul kits, and much more.

Avant Garde

A popular web site, Avant Garde offers a place to go virtual shopping. Check out computers, travel, organizations, professional services, other cool web sites and more.

B-To-B Online

The Internet marketplace for businesses, here are gateways to companies and information about their products from all over the world.

Back-2-Nature's Completely Natural Products

Tyler & Treva Nally is an advertising, information and publicity vehicle belonging to Back-2-Nature which is located in the Tarheel Mall. Products are 100 percent safe, effective, and eco-sensitive. The product line has home cleaners, skin care, health and nutrition, and personal care with Australian Tea Tree Oil as the active ingredient. Australian Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic, powerful antifungal agent and natural pain reliever. Back-2-Nature specializes in mail order shopping.

Best of the Wild West Cybermall

Find out about the products and services from the best of the (cyber) west. Internet hitchin' post for American West art recreation, entertainment, apparel, travel and more.

Betacorp Multimedia (CD-ROM publishing)

BETACORP is a multimedia publishing company specializing in electronic product catalogs, interactive marketing and the production of commercial multimedia titles.

BizOp Mall

A listing of business opportunities, and commercial products for entrepreneurs or those interested in self help and home businesses.

Branch Mall

In this retail center, you will find everything from flowers to travel vacations. Visit the business center for computer hardware to business/legal finance.

Brazilian Mall

The Brazilian Mall offers Brazilian art, cuisine, music and more to shop for all here online.

Business Media, Inc.

Business Media, Inc. carries major brands of computer presentation equipment, including Proxima, nView, Infocus, Dukane, 3M and others. The corporation has special pricing available for schools and government.

Cash for CD's and Tapes

This cyberstore offers recorded music and books which can be bought, sold and traded; the server also provides concert listings for Vancouver.

Catalog 1

A virtual mall. Shop Eddie Bauer, Spiegel catalog, and other shops all here online.

CNA/Online Communications

Links to major company business pages including Chrysler, Nissan, Microsoft, Netscape, MTV, NBC and Coca Cola.


CollegeMart offers a variety of products from condoms to coffee.

The Company Store

The Company Store describes promotional products, also Novell shirts, jackets, pens, golf items etc.

Country Barn Mall

Country Western and Equine Mall includes specialty shops, classified ads and newsletters.

Cyberagentes--Spanish Cybermall

From newsletters, arts, banking, finance, building, education, food, law, leisure, tourism, medicine, marketing plus politics and economy in Spain. On-line in English but can be viewed in Spanish as well.


Shop for art, bedding, china, exercise equipment...everything from A to Z.

Downtown Anywhere

Downtown Anywhere is a great place to browse, learn, share, and trade. Everything you can think of is available, especially if you think of MAKING it available. We offer choice real estate and all the amenities to anyone seeking a virtual office, a virtual showroom or a virtual laboratory in the heart of the new marketplace of ideas.

ECity - WWW Services

Virtual city whose occupants perform various Web services, from online publishing to catalogs and video effects.


If you are interested in environmental issues, this site is a must see. Sections include eco-products and restaurants, renewable energy and a direct link to Washington allowing you to send your message in support of environmental legislation.

Hawaii Shopping Adventure

Order your Hawaiian gift today.

Highway Shopping Mall

Surf these catalogs of quality products or investigate the dining guide.

Hollywood Shopping Network

The one stop shopping spot for all the Hollywood services and products.

HyperText Mall

Search through exhaustive catalogs of online Canadian products and services.

IBM Software Mall

A compilation of virtual software stores operated by IBM vendors.

IN Cybermall

Find your favorite store at the Cybermall and shop virtually.


Service designed to help WWW buyers find the products they want.

Infovision TV Shopping Network

See your favorite TV shopping network online.


This virtual mall has a wide range of products offered including art, kits to check your home for lead paint and asbestos insulation, and much more.

Inovatec World Wide Web On-line Mall and Information Resource

Search through this catalog of online virtual malls.

InterCity Mall

Surf to this online city with listings of products and services.

International Internet Group

Comprehensive directories are provided for business professionals around the world. Information is included on such categories as sports, law, accounting, real estate, and psychiatrics.

International Mall and Expo Center

Search this virtual mall and expo center for all your shopping needs.

International Shopping Club

The International Shopping Club is an online electronics store for everyday consumer needs.

International Web Exchange

Learn about the numerous products and services that are exchanged at this site.

Internet Center for Arts and Crafts Gift Shop

Preview works from some of the hottest online artists and craftsman.

Internet Commerce Center

This site allows you to access the emerging web marketplace.

Internet For 'U' Virtual Mall

Peruse several directories for information. Directories include business, culture, florist, medical service, publication, restaurants, and technology.

The Malls of Canada

Malls of Canada, is a promotional vehicle for the largest virtual shopping center in the Great White North.


Products and services from the world's leading merchants are just a click away when you become a Shopping2000 shopper.


VirtuMall is a catalog offering services in apparel, food, computing, entertainment, and hobbies.

Mailing Lists


A monthly newsletter that publishes stores and specials, with other interesting Web news.

CACI: Children Accessing Controversial Information

Discusses concerns and provides information about allowing children access to the Internet.

E-mail Discussion Groups

A useful index which provides links to other sites that discuss Internet groups.

FAQ - Majordomo

A how-to-use guide on this topic.

Free-Market by thread

Information about Free-Market, a list dealing with the topic of marketing on the Internet. This is not for listing your products or services for sale!

Hypermail Archive of WWW Mailing Lists

A comprehensive archive of electronic mail sent to distribution lists that has been indexed for controversial content.

Index - Dartmouth's Directory of Interest Group Lists

Maintained by Dartmouth, a merged list of the LISTSERV and manually maintained lists on Bitnet and Interest Groups on the Internet. The list is updated monthly.

Internet TourBus

This site provides a text-based tour of some of the greatest sites on the Internet, in the form of a mailing list that is published twice a week.


A search able index that groups mailing lists.


A manual on how to use this software package.

ListWebber II version 1.0b

Provides the means for searching LISTSERV and ListProcessor lists while eliminating the need to know their searching syntax.

PR and Advertisements from the Net by thread

Check out this monthly list where you can post PR, advertisements and many other marketing materials regarding products or services which your company provides.

Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists

A listing of mailing lists available through the Internet and the UUCP network.

Security Mailing Lists

Provides security mailing lists that are important tools to network administrators, network security officers, security consultants, and anyone who desires to keep abreast of the most current security information available.

Tree-House Discussion List For Community Forestry

A place to find information on environmental issues, specifically forestry.

Women's Caravan and CyberHarem

Provides a forum for communication and friendship for women interested in the Mediterranean, the Middle-East, and South-West Asia.

WWW Mailing Lists

This is for general information on the WWW.

www-buyinfo Mailing List

This mailing list contains everything you need to know about topics related to commerce in information over the Internet on WWW.



Historical resources of the ARPANET, now the network of IMP (Interface Message Processors). Now you can see what it was like to be free ranging packet hopping in 1986.

IP Address to Latitude/Longitude

A Virtual Reality research group which creates access patterns for globally available resources.

Matrix Maps Quarterly (MMQ)

Publishes computer network maps. Use of color for direct comparisons between networks or sizes. Also included are tables, graphs, figures, and text, and often the underlying numbers and names.


Internet Marketing Archives

Archives and Resources for the Internet Marketing Discussion List.

Internet Marketing Resource

SIGMA SIX is proud to present to you a helpful beginning to using the Internet to enhance your business endeavors. Please note! This is the effort of students, we are not a formal association or company! However Students sometimes know more than teachers.

NetMind Media: 1st Place in Cyberspace

NetMind Media is an Internet and Web consulting group that implements all Internet services available to a company for promotion and support of products.


The 3-D Web

Devoted to an educational and information resource center which includes files and FAQs regarding various forms of stereoscopic imagery, equipment, techniques, suppliers, clubs and more. Although this is a commercial site, funds are used to promote many national and international stereoscopic organizations.

3Com World Wide Web Site

Networking information and news about the 3Com Corporation, its products, customer service and support, and its role in building the global information infrastructure.


A browser to render documents conforming to the HTML+ specifications. HTML+ is now known as HTML3, and Arena's primary purpose is still to be a test bed for HTML3 documents.

Argiope Web Services

Argiope Web Services is a commercial W3 development firm which offers home page design, copy writing and online publicity services through on-site server development. Graphic design and the development of custom interactivity is also provided.

BarterNet Homepage

Provides the individual, merchant or company with the ability to register their products and services on the Internet.

Brandon Plewe's Best of the Web Awards

Merit awards, under the auspices of Brandon Plewe is intended to highlight places and people contributing to the greatness of the Web. Browsers are invited to submit nominations and vote for nominees.

The Business of the Internet

Commercial organizations are now able to rely on their own specific introduction to the Internet.

C G Enterprises Inc.

C G Enterprises Inc., provides advertising on the Web at low rates, publications on doing business on the Web, a free newsletter and mentoring programs.


World Wide Web browser for UNIX-based machines running the X window system.A collection of documents that attempt to explain how to deal with chimera setup and operation. Not yet complete.

Church of Scientology vs. the Net

Compilation that documents their conflicts. Provides extensive set of links to legal papers, newspapers, and magazine articles on the subject.

Clear Nets

Clear Nets provides training, consulting, writing, and development services specializing in the Internet, HTML, and Lotus Notes.


A handling of spatial databases along with traditional hypertext data sources. This provides a mechanism for people to provide hooks to resources that are fundamentally spatially organized, geographic mapping, 3d reconstructions, architectural proposals, cyberspaces, etc. This is premised around the notion of interactive exploration of environments and easy access to information through it.

Commerce and the World Wide Web

Learn about commerce on the Web: how is it done, its marketability, its drawbacks, and what the future holds for commerce on the Web.

The Complete Home Page Directory

The Complete Home Page Directory aims to maintain the biggest list of personal home pages on the Internet.

Creative Eye Marketing Resources

Creative Eye Marketing Resources creates and places ads for Web pages and also publicizes Web sites to online directories and off-line publications.

CyberNet publications

CyberNet Publications is an Internet Web provider at Incline Village Nevada for businesses in the Lake Tahoe region as well as other markets. Try some of these! The Lake Tahoe CyberMall. The coolest virtual vacation! The Fatty Zone. Journey towards FAT acceptance. The Classifieds. Hit crazy ads. Heartland Herb. Ginseng farmers unite.

CyberPages International Inc.

CyberPages International Ind., offers Web services to commercial and non-commercial users. It includes the Platinum Pages Directory of advertisements, the free non-commercial CyberPages Classifieds and a CyberSightings page for random gossip.


Write your own support modules for viewing C, or even write your own HTML browser if you don't like the current one. Dancer can be easily manipulated and changed. Dancer has two different types of modules: agents and viewers.

Diamond's Web Gems

Diamond's Web Gems is a Web classified-advertising company that offers reasonably priced full-page displays, each with its own URL.

Digital Planet NetCount Ratings System for the World Wide Web

Digital Planet NetCount--Ratings System for the World Wide Web, which measures the usage of the Web and supplies advertisers with the statistics for sponsoring Web sites.

E-NET-Entrepreneur NET

ENET provides both how-to use CyberSpaces for advertising and a place to advertise products and services.

Economics and the Internet

This is a collection of files concerning the economics of the Internet, info resources, and related issues.

Economics of Networks

Get all the information on economic issues of networks, such as the Internet, telephone and fax communications networks, railroads, and more.

Enhanced Mosaic (Spyglass)

Want to enhance your mosaic? Well, this browser and server will provide exactly what you need. Come in and see the opportunities and possibilities of what you can do!

Erik Josowitz Creative Consulting

A full service marketing and advertising agency specializing in creating net-sensitive spaces and successful marketing campaigns in print, video, and now on the Web.

FAQ - Economics of the Internet

Check out these FAQs (frequently asked questions) regarding the economic and technological structure of the Internet.

FAQ - World Wide Web

If you are looking for frequently asked questions and answers on the WWW in many different languages, then you need to click here.

Frontier Internet Services

Dialup SLIP/PPP connects to the Internet and lease space on its Web server.

Galahad for BIX

Makes an easier-to-use BIX through a user-friendly graphical Windows interface. Never before was it so easy to surf the Internet, exchange electronic mail with friends, and participate in conferences. Surf the Internet off-line with the built-in Web browser. Many other features included. Too many to list, come and find out for yourself.

The Global Mall

Internet consultants who work one-on-one with each customer to make sure every need is satisfied, from setting up a custom Internet site to advertising a business globally. Many special services are available.


An extensible Internet browser that can be used with the World Wide Web and repository based systems. It is written and extensible in Python, a free object-oriented programming language. It also uses Tk, a free UI tool kit by John Ousterhout. Grail is an experimental prototype.

Group Cortex

A professional Internet-presence developer, offers full service keys for using the Internet to reach new markets and conduct business. It demonstrates how Group Cortex works with client firms and provides unique, often turn-key solutions to online problems.

HTML for Fun and Profit

Sun Microsystems, provides information about HTML for Fun and Profit, a book-based HTML tutorial for the Mac, PC, and UNIX.


Full feature graphical WWW browser which does not require any kind of SLIP/PPP connections. Designed for modem computer users, I-Comm only requires a PC with Windows, a modem and an Internet Shell, VAX, or Freenet account.


Small yet powerful off-line HTML browser that meets all your need. Designed specially for HTML authors, Internet & CD-ROM publishers, I-View is small in size (about 400K) and only requires a PC with Windows.

i3D: A High Speed 3D Scene Browser

Support for full-screen stereo rendering using CristalEyes LCD shutter glasses. Provides key depth cues such as motion parallax and binocular disparity for a better understanding of visualized data. A cool browser that you'll be sure to enjoy.

IBC Internet Business Center

Look at this database of information on conducting business online.

InContext Systems

Incontext Systems provides information about the HTML editor, In Context Spider for Windows, which turns Web browsing and HTML editing into a single task. Also, Hypertext links can be created by selecting a command that inserts the active URL into an HTML document.

Internet Design Group

Web marketing and HTML publishing. The firm combines advertising, graphic design and CGI scripting expertise to provide quality interfacing. Also available is Internet setup, training, maintenance and general consulting for Internet marketing.

Internet Explorer (Microsoft)

Easy-to-use Internet browser designed for Windows 95. For more details, checkout the Internet Explorer 2.0 Beta Reviewers Guide and come on right in.

Internet List Services, Inc.

The Hot Links guide to free Advertising on the Internet. Very Graphic intensive, but take your's worth it.

Internet Speed Dialer

The Sphere Information Services contains information about Internet Speed Dialer that accepts phone numbers, including those with letters, and plays the appropriate touch tone sounds through your computer's speaker.

Internet Vision

Internet Vision is a firm that offers marketing and home page services.

InterNetwork Publishing

Web development, marketing and storage options. Demonstrations of options online and a list of InterNetwork clients are available.

Interse Corporation

A pioneer in commercial Web server development, Interse creates the most compelling servers on the net. Incorporating vibrant graphics, clever audio, and concise copy into its server, Interse practices what it preaches to its customers--integrated communications. So if you want a Web server, be sure to check out Interse.

JP Morgan - WWW Report

The World Wide Web: Globally connected, plain and simple This on line directory contains reports about the impact of the World Wide Web How does it work? The browser marketplace and more.


The Web browser with the famous Juggler animation. Uses gtlayout.library from Olaf Bartel, the author of TERM. The most complete free terminal emulation program for the Amiga and probably any platform. Will support HTML3.

Kudzu Creations Multimedia Productions

Provides full-service multimedia production, but is focusing its Internet services on Web page creation. Kudzu's pages are not simply text and graphics with links, but add a creative, and sometimes twisted flair that attracts attention and encourages repeated "hitting." Sound, video, and graphic production services are provided, as well as "concept consulting."

Lion's Den LLC

Lion's Den Homepage Creation offers quality and low prices on WWW home page creation.

List Your URL

Scott Banister gives you the List Your URL, a forms-based interface for adding URL's to major WWW catalogs such as Yahoo and WebCrawler.

Maingate Corportation, Internet and EDI

Maingate Corp. is committed to providing business the technological tool to compete, through Internet and EDI.

Majon's Electronic CyberMall

Access to new and exclusive products and development of Web sites. Design and setup provided both to businesses and to individuals.

Major Links

A list of pointers to pages related to the major BBS from Galacticomm. Included are TPDs/ISVs, Internet capable MBBS boards and others.

Making Your Mark on the Web

Totally Kewl is a step-by-step hyperlinked guide on how to create and offer your own Web pages.

Mariner (NCD)

Automatically records where you go and organizes all your favorite places and information by subject area. Allows you to work with all your information off line. Integrates all Internet functions---e-mail, FTP, Gopher, and the Web---into a single, simple interface.

Mercator Home Page

Mercator GmbH, provides information about Mercator GmbH, a European-based company offering savings in international phone costs and soon to offer real audio and talk via the Internet phone.

Micron Internet Services

Micron Internet Services offers a full suite of Internet services to Idaho businesses and individuals, including: dedicated dial-up connections, ISDN, consulting, Web page development, and presence management and educational discount programs.

Microsp Home page

Hyperlinked pages help navigate the Internet. Includes Bay Area home pages and news about what's new and special at Micro Solution Peripherals.


A Motif/X based WWW browser. It features: 1) Multifont hypertext display, 2) Extensive online HELP, 3) Source code viewer, 4) Motif Style Guide compatibilty5) Runs under UNIX and VMS.

MIT World Wide Web Consortium

The MIT World Wide Web Consortium was developed to support the stable evolution of the WWW and its protocols.

mklesson-Tutor-generating program for the Web

Find out more information about mklesson, a free tutorial generation program that uses text file as input and generates a set of HTML files suitable for the WWW. The source and user guide for the program are available.


An OLE control browser for Windows '95. NCompass allows you to download small programs (OLE custom controls) over the network. These small programs are distributed through any standard HTTP server (running on Windows 95, NT, OS/2, UNIX or Macintosh, etc.).


NETCOM On-line Communication Services, Inc., is one of the nation's leading commercial Internet service provider. Among many jumps, including Cyberspece exhibits. and identifies local access points throughout metropolitan United States. NETCOM provides complete access to the global Internet, enabling the locating and downloading of files and remote login access to other computer systems. Services include news feeds, e-mail, domains, Web access and all the rest.

NetShark (InterCon)

A browser that lets you navigate and explore the fastest-growing segment of the Internet-the Worldwide Web. It supports standard HTML 2.0 and emerging 3.0specifications. Cool features include Web printing, centering, background images (aka wallpaper ), and forms. It also supports full in-line viewing for JPEG, GIF, QuickTime, XBM,.aiff, files.

Newsgroup FAQs

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions as posted to a variety of newsgroups.


Provides information for Robot Writers. Provides information on World Wide Web Wanderers, Spiders and Web Robots. Also includes Guidelines for Robot Writers, and a List of Robots, among other things.

Nijenrode Business Resources

The Nijenrode Business Web server, focus's on resources relevant to students, faculty, and researchers at Business Schools. In addition, we hope that this Web server will also prove useful for the rapidly growing number of Internet users from the business community.

Oak Ridge Research HomePage

Assists companies in understanding business and marketing on the Internet. The site includes information on books about the Internet as well as links to other business and education resources.

OLIAS - On-Line Information Access System (HaL)

Browser provides an integrated environment for retrieving and displaying both SGML and World Wide Web documents. Its full text search and hypertext capabilities make it easy to locate, retrieve and display documents from large information collections.

Overall Knowledge Company, Inc.

Overall Knowledge Company, Inc., provides Web site development for the business needs of the arts and entertainment industry and also publishes the Museum Online Resource Review as well as other directories.

Pages Software Inc.

Pages Software announces shipment of WebPage by Pages(tm) the first truly WYSIWYG HTML editor, which runs on NEXTSTEP/OpenStep. While shipping initially on NEXTSTEP for Intel and Motorola, and soon for Sparc and Hewlett-Packard, WebPages will also be available for OpenStep to run with Solaris, Digital's OSF/1, WindowsNT, and Windows95.

Print Publications Related to Business Use of the Internet

This contains information about Net Happenings and the Internet Marketing Archives. It will also link to the publication's home page if one is available.

Pythia (Lanark Technologies)

Innovative system for publishing using the World Wide Web (WWW), the most exciting component of the Internet. It is compatible with the first generation of WWW technology such as Mosaic/Netscape.

Quarterdeck WebAuthor HTML authoring Tools

Quarterdeck features WebAuthor for Word, Windows 6.0, an HTML authoring tool that facilitates publication of home pages, documents and images on the Internet.

The Reference Website

The first Belgian company to concentrate all efforts on new commercial communication strategies on the Internet--strategies that recognize both the strength and the specificity of the Internet.

Results of Hermes WWW Consumer Survey

This is a survey report to discover why customers decide to try and use the commercial WWW. It will also provide customer trends for the future.


Macintosh browser is currently written in Think-C. Uses the Common Code Library; or the hypertext object, it uses the Mac multi-font text edit structures.

San Jose California's BillBoards for Business

Information about NetSurf, Inc. and a service it identifies as San Jose's Billboards for Business, which offers billboards on the Web.

Sesame Navigator (Ubique)

A client/server architecture that adds people to the Web, meeting the need for immediate human presence and live interaction. Any Web site can be easily transformed into a virtual place with the Doors Server software.

SGML TagWizard

SGML TagWizard, a complete hypertext authoring environment that provides markup documents using both HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). SGML TagWizard runs under MS WORD and works with all existing WORD documents.


Windows-based graphical WWW browser which does NOT require SLIP or PPP or TCP/IP.

Southern Cross University AusWeb/Papers of the First Australian WWW Conference

Australia Papers presented at AusWeb95 are available here. These reports and documents cover all aspects of the Web to that date including technical, educational, library and sociological issues,

Starting Point

Perhaps the single best starting point for exploration of the World Wide Web. Just type in a word or phrase, and starting point begins searching for that site for you.

STOS Information

Cornell Information Technologies' STOS Office is getting its foot in the door of the World Wide Web with its (CIT) STOS Information Center. Primarily a bastion of frivolity, this server also contains information about computing and life in general at Cornell, along with the miscellaneous ramblings of the CIT STOS staff. Dedicated to the unrestricted propagation of worthless information across the Internet.


Browser for the World Wide Web implemented entirely as Tcl script code.

Ted Barker on the Rampages

A full service HTML markup including graphics, video, photography and commercial storage. Bulletin board systems using TBBS is fully supported.

Telusys W3 Services

Server details Telusys W3 Services offer to design, implement, and maintain high-impact Web documents and servers. It features content and document imaging, sophisticated graphical design, Web database integration, automated fax capabilities, complete turnkey applications and custom programming.


Software, services, and consulting to enable secure business-to-business electronic commerce over open, global networks, such as the Internet. If you want to know more, come in and take a look at a wave of opportunities.


A hypergraph of links starting at a HTML-document. It is a graphical representation of hypertext-links reachable from a given URL. TreeLink analyzes the connection of links and draws a tree-type graph until a given depth is reached.


Volant Corporation is giving away money! Visit their TurnPike server to find out more information on the Cash Giveaway Drawing. While you are there, find out how you can put up your own pages on the Web for as little as $50 per month.

University of Texas Virtual Computer Library (VCL)

Computer terms and jargon, conferences, FAQs, books about the Internet and more.

Video On Line Browser

Internet browser. You need an IBM-compatible personal computer with a 386 or better processor, at least 4 Mb of RAM and MS-Windows 3.1 or later localized for the country you choose (windows version) or an Apple Macintosh with at least 8 Mb of RAM and Mac OS 7.5.1 operating system (Macintosh version).

Viewer Test Page

Allows users to setup and test their external viewers (for MPEG, PS, PDF, MA, TIFF, TSV, HTML, AIFF, AU, JPEG, GIF, QT, TXT, CHEM, VRML, etc). There are also links to the external viewers for PCs, Macs, and UNIX systems.

Volant Corporation

Volant Corporation is providing FREE web space for non-commercial users on the TurnPike Metropolis section. Use the space to provide information, publish fiction or non-fiction, put up your own personal page, etc. While you're there, fill out our on-line survey to win Cash Giveaway drawings for a chance to win up to $1,250.


A useful tool for continuous media, networking, and distributed system. Many more features to discovers, so come on in!


Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center focuses on the technology services. VTLS company provides libraries and other information processing organizations, including innovative automation solutions useful to such centers worldwide. Online downloadable audio, text and graphic files indicate what VTSL does when developing Web presences for clients. Links include products and services, company overview, and a special which illustrates how the VTLS Z39.50 client can interface with web browsers such as NCSA Mosaic for Windows.

W3A -- WWW Applets API

An interface specification that lists the functions that browsers and external modules must export. A way in which capabilities (in the form of software modules) can be added to Worldwide Web browsers.

W3C Line Mode Browser

A character based Web browser developed for use on terminals. It is developed in C and serves as an example of a client application using the W3C Reference Library and as a test-tool for quick access to the Web from scripts, cron jobs etc.

The Web Academy Home Page

Web Academy provides hands-on training in Web design, HTML authoring and server setup and maintenance at sites in the Silicon Valley area. This training is designed to expand and improve job skills for those involved with technical writing, marketing communication and advertising.

The Web Factory--WWW Design and Development

Realize your vision of creating a presence on the Internet? We provide a wide range of services, and we would love to talk to you about setting up shop.


A perl program that retrieves the URL specified in a Unix-like command line. Also retrieves recursively any file that an HTML file references, i.e. inlined images and/or anchors, if specified with an option.

WebFaX Server

Allows retrieval of World Wide Web documents using any fax machine.


WebNexus has many links to anywhere that generates return links for surfers.

WebRouser (EÚlas)

Uses the patent-pending Multiple Embedded Applications API (MEAPI) for support of embedded Web let applications, allowing Web pages to become fully-interactive application environments.

Webster HTML OCX

Build your own browser, using the Webster HTML OCX. Available in both 16-and 32-bit versions. Provides a complete solution for both local and networked hypertext document retrieval and display.

WebSurfer (NetManage)

Provides high performance on LANs using multiple connections while also allowing deferred image retrieval for fast performance on dial up connections. For MS Windows.

WebVenture WebSite Services

Web Venture provides 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. services. From Design to implementation, you business can be On Line 365 days a year.


Web server devoted to helping companies establish an Internet presence by placing company, product, and service information the Web. Check out our current list of clients and projects.

WebWorks Publisher

Easy to use, full-featured system for the creation and maintenance of professional quality World Wide Web pages and hypermedia documents. Gives you broad creative freedom to quickly design layout styles best suited for your unique Internet presentation needs.

Welcome to Perfection Services, Inc.

A professional computer systems and field engineering firm., involved in state-of-the-art information systems development, World Wide Web presences, HTML and graphic development, consulting, systems administration, performance tuning, and implementation. Through its Systems Environmental Services division, PSI provides technical and physical services to the large data centers.

WinWeb (EINet)

A Microsoft Windows (TM) vehicle for exploring the EINet Galaxy and the World Wide Web beyond. A full-featured World Wide Web browser that will soon become the newest member of the EINet family of Electronic Commerce technologies.

The World Wide Web Ultimate Home Page

Ultimate Home Page is a fast loading text-only site packed with a selection of important links to main topic areas throughout the WWW.

World Wide Web User Surveys

Enables you to participate in the "General Info, HTML, HTTP, and Mosaic User Surveys" designed to collect previously unavailable, reliable information, that models WWW users. Such a profile can profoundly affect the future development of WWW databases and related technologies.

World Wide Web Wonder Widget

Information about The Wonder Widget, which is a CGI script that will fetch a URL and translate the HTML to PostScript. The translation is based on the Netscape printing code, with several enhancements, including the much desired ability to print in different fonts, and user definable headers and footers printed on each page.

WWW distribution for VMS$user/duns/doc/vms/distribution.html

Mosaic and viewer for VMS.

WWW User Surveys

Participate in the "General Info, HTML, HTTP, and Mosaic User Surveys" designed to collect previously unavailable, reliable information, that models WWW users. Such a profile can profoundly affect the future development of WWW databases and related technologies.

WWWinda: An Orchestration Service for WWW Browsers and Accessories

A new WWW browser architecture. This architecture are constructed out of a "flock" of distributed accessories. Each accessory implements a different function: HTML viewer, forms entry, graphical navigation tool/mapper, HTML editor, etc.


RAD Internet Multimedia HomePage


RAD Internet Multimedia home page contains information, FTP and Internet links for multimedia applications and clip art. RAD Technologies also provides hardware and software, authoring tools, viewing and management software, Media Players and media clip art.


Database of CD-ROM Research Databases

Maintained by InfoAccess on the SunSITE Singapore Web server. It has been updated to include the catalogue of SilverPlatter and ACCESS, Asia's newspaper on electronic information products and services.


Internet Primer for Nonprofits

The Internet Primer for Nonprofits, by Impact Online, provides information for nonprofit organizations on how they can benefit from the Internet. It offers ideas about how online activities are able to supplement existing communication, research and outreach methods.


Provides information about SGML Open, a nonprofit organization with corporate membership from the leading SGML companies. This site provides information about the Standard General Markup Language and the companies that support this international standard.

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