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El lado obscuro de la web  <<lo que ni ENCUENTRA GOOGLE ni sabe ORDENAR DMOZ, Enlaces variados (Portugues)

Linkantropo << Indice sistemático de Destroller a mansalva, si te aburre la televisión esto te va a gustar


Hot Sites

Adrenaline Rushes
Skydiving, aerial dogfights, bungee jumping and other thrills that may be found in Las Vegas.

Awesome List 1.14
Gathered here, from one Internet trainer's viewpoint, are the glory and grandeur of the Internet, the sine qua non of Cyberspace, the main characters in the evolving drama....tried to produce a hypertext document that journalists, trainers and speakers could use easily. Also, hoped to assist those of us asked--usually on short notice--to highlight the value, breadth and depth of the Internet. The new section, Truly Awesome, can be used for shorter presentations (1-3 hours).

Big Black Hole Of Pain
Edge Creations, Inc. & The Human Race, Deep Space, Universe This Edge Creation, Inc. site introduce The Big Black Hole Of Pain, helping the human race to get rid of pain, anger, fear and horror by sending it all down the Big Black Hole.

The Blue Planet Pages
The Blue Planet Pages, which offers a guide to musical entertainment in the U.K. and includes club and job-engagement guides, reviews, news and interviews.

Brad's Lists of WebSTAR/MacHTTP MacOS s
Searchable lists describe more than 555 MacOS Internet servers using WebSTAR and MacHTTP to publish pages directly to the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Brian's Revised Internet Yellow Pages
A growing collection of links to computers around the world. They were created to help students at Plymouth State College take advantage of the resources of the Internet without having to learn many of the UNIX commands, or search through home page after home page. Thus these pages allow the novice user to go to places they would otherwise not know about.

Cameron's Sorted Hotlist
What's new - hotlist additions by date and by name.

Caviar and Caviar
Rated in the top 5% of all WWW sites! An education in the art of caviar sophistication. With VirtuMall Support, the user may learn "the ropes" on how to buy, serve and enjoy caviar.

Cyberteddy! Universal List
500 of the best web sites.

Dave's List of Lists
Dave's favorites sites on the web.

Digital Campus
Digital Campus is a 3D virtual campus environment which allows you to paruse this virtual campus. Learn about brewing at the campus pub, and so forth.

Enigma - Fact or Fiction
In the mood to do some reading good? There is nothing better than a nice computer magazine with tons of information, and a whole new world to be discovered!

Fannish E-Mail Directory
Provides e-mail addresses of more than 2,000 science fiction fans and lists science fiction clubs, conventions and fanzines.

Giner-Sorolla, Roger - Links on the Fringe
This page may be the last outpost of Consensual Reality you may see for some time.

GO Nutt's
A site for going Nutt's. You figger it out.

Gone Sane In A Mad World
A series of links of subversive and strange places to explore.

Hackstadt's Hierarchical Hotlist
This hierarchical collection of files generated from a Netscape bookmarks file by a Perl script. The pages may be updated often and most WWW browsers cache files, you are encouraged to reload these pages frequently.

Hay's Ways
This information site is probably one of the most stunning and comprehensive sites anywhere in the world! A MUST SEE!!

HMM's OTD page
OTD was voted a "link it" choice on Link it or Leave It for the week of 6/6/95. Themargin of victory was 26 to 4--a landslide! Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I'll keep looking for those wacky ever-changing sites. Welcome to the "of the day" site. It's a collection of links (i.e., it's guaranteed content-free) to lots of stuff on the World Wide Web that changes daily (more or less).

Hollywood Network
Internet Entertainment Network, Beverly Hills, CA. This server provides 24-hour direct access to services and products related to Hollywood and links all the cool entertainment sites.

Hollywood Online
Entertainment info from Hollywood. Access is available to review the latest movies and entertainment with interactive multimedia kits, digital video clips, photos, sounds, movie notes and movie trailers.

Hong Kong Survival Page
This site contains the Hong Kong Survival Page, which focuses on the city and offers updated racing information, a photo archive of pop stars and an employment/ job-seeking service.

Hot Hot List
Favorite hot lists spanning politics to play.

Hot Links!
A personal page of favorite hot links.

Hot Site of the Nite
Hot Site of the Nite is a pick of oddments around the net. Very entertaining, and probably not for children.

Hotlist - Joe Walker
The personal list of Joe's hot lists.

Humor Site of the Every Other Day
Humor Site of the Every Other Day where, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we feature a funny, goofy, or simply hilarious site on the world wide web.

Interactive Hotlist
This Interactive Hotlist contains 470 URLs.

Jeff's Cool Linker
A list of Jeff's favorite places on the web.

Jeffrey Aaron's Bookmarks
A personal list of Jeff's bookmarks of educational sites, and so forth.

Kevin's Internet Encyclopedia
A reference of Internet encyclopedias brought to you by Kevin.

Kingston Online Services
This server contains information about Kingston Online Services, an Internet services provider. This site offers access to Kingston's modified Black Gamma CircleMUD. Visitors may telnet to it and join the fun.

Laserium--a laser image exhibition that has been experienced by more than 16,000,000 people during the past 20 years. Information is available about the Laser Images, Inc.

Laurie's Biased List of Organized Hotlinks
What does Laurie like. Know her and her favorite hot spots.

Le Caveau
The tastes and presentations of Le Caveau, an underground club. Offerings include alternative culture gigs, exhibitions, politics and film club.

Links to end all Web Searching
Graphic links to end all web searching.

Lonster's Pick of the Litter
Comfortably accessed at 28.8kb., these sites look OK with Netscape and Mosaic. Sites have good content (I'll take content over glamour any day.) Servers can support at least 4 simultaneous connections. Previous picks go into the pile o' picks.

Markus Veittes Hotlist
Updated weekly, Markus shows you the best of the best.

Martian Flea Page
An extensive list for MAC users.

Matt's Free For All Link Page
Free-for-all list of links. Meaning you can add anything you please.

Matthew Gray's Comprehensive List of Sites
Search the net by a selecting the range of your search.

Mediocre Site of the Day
Contains links to sites like The Whole Brain Atlas, Dean Henry Evaniak, Good Woodworking, The Sheep Home Page, Lego Wars, The 1994 Illinois State Fair Ethanol Expo, Gateway to Antarctica, M.I.T. Ballroom Dance Club and Team, Beaver College and Numbers in Zuni. Odd, and fun.

Mexico Cool Site of the Day
Daily cool links to Mexican or Mexico-related web sites, such as El Norte - Suplemento Monterey 400, Embajada de México en el Reino Unido, Cuarta Muestra de Cine Mexicano Actual, Primer Congreso Internacional de Derecho, Equinoccio de Primavera en Chichén-Itzá, Documents on Mexican Politics, Alfred Hitchcock - The Master of Suspense, Chile-Heads Home Page (Information on Chile Peppers)

Michaell Macrone's Cool URLs
A jumpstation for sites in a variety of fields from Media to Government.

Mike's Humble Home Page
Know Mike and his favorite things, from Star Trek to sports.

Mike's Page of Cool Links
This version of this page focuses on the information and how fast it can be delivered to your screen. The layout is cleaner and easier to use.

Moby's Corner
Moby's news magazines, movies and music resource.

My Virtual Reference Desk
This is designed to be a one-stop reference guide to all things Internet; a project of magnitude.

Netsurfr's Best of the Best page
This page is a place haskewl sites, try to keep it up to date.

Neural Network
Neural networks make up a new approach to computing that involves developing mathematical structures which learn. The methods are the result of academic investigations modeling nervous system learning.

Odin's Sighting of Today
Behold raider of Yggdrasil, The world tree....As a true seeker of knowledge you have been granted an encounter with Odin - the Viking god of the warriors and battle, but also the god of wisdom and poetry. In this case, Yggdrasil is the WWW, and these are new daily hotlinks. Note: They seem to be pretty random to me, but have quality content.

Over the Hillers
The Hiller family's list of favorite sites on the net.

Philippino Site of the Week
Borrowing the concept from Cool Site of the Day, here is the site that merits the Sigay trophy for the week (changed every Thursday).

Program One's Pick Of The Week
Have you seen any great WWW pages out in cyberspace recently? Send URL(s), please. Asking for general comments, tell us if we are doing good, bad, what we can change to be better, and of course the dreaded errors.

Quack! Cool Page Index
You can find some very cool and interesting web sites on the World Wide Web, Shall we go?

Ram's Gateway to World Wide Web
From India to computers, Ram gives you the best of the web.

Rob's Wacky Web Widget
A collection of web pages and gopher sites from Rob's personal bookmarks.

Sally's Place
A worldwide perspective on the finer things in life, travel, business and dining.

Santa Barbara County
Planning to visit Santa Barbara, California? Find out about business opportunities, community services, recreation, leisure and more here.

Scott's Internet Hotlist
Scott's alphabetical list of his favorite web sites.

Seeress of the Web
Past links include Wooden Classic HomePage, The Amazing BullCreek Cam!, Uber Magazine, Computer Art, Hollywood, Gen Art, Nanimation and Das. Only the Seeress knows what tomorrow will bring.

Welcome to the World Wide Web page dedicated to the search for knowledge. We hoped that this Web page will aid you in your Web endeavors.

Shek's Shack
Listed below are a whole bunch of major sites. They give you news, sports, business and the Internet.

Short Attention Span Site
The Centre for the Easily Amused's Short Attention Span Site of the Week! Keep your eye on this location....our aim is to change it regularly but, hey, we have short attention spans too!

Spider's Pick of the Day
I wish my site was as big and as good as yours. Maybe then I'd get some respect. I got it rough you know. I told my doctor I want a vasectomy. He said with a face like mine I don't need one. That's the Spider's sense of humor. His picks were pretty random, too, but he looks as if he tried for quality and especially variety.

Sponsor of the Day
Ads are the cave art of the twentieth century. -Marshall McLuhan. Frito-Lay sponsored Norm Hitzges Show, McCafferty's sponsored AAA Australia Announce Archive, Harlequin sponsored Cyber Surfari '95. This site show advertisers sponsoring Internet Radio shows. Kinda interesting, but not radio.

Strange Things Out There On The Web
A thousand points of sites. Way more sites than is possible to look.

Super Connected Shareware Links
A reference guide to the shareware links. Get some free software.

Super8's Kewl Stuff
These buttons are here for you to fondle. Touch them!

Tabatha's Groovy Site of the Day
Random sites suggested by Tabatha's friends, including Jeffrey Zeldman Presents, Car and Driver, KGB Media, Canadian Alpine Expeditions Ltd., Dick Assman and Fiva Online 95. Not updated religiously, though.

Lytreia Designs, Seattle, WA, US This server, which calls itself a hotlist with an attitude, spotlights unusual sites on the Web.

Thigpen's net-surfed links to WWW - 5/7/94
Web sites from A-Z. Surf with confidence.

Today's Cool Place
Today's Cool Place has nifty graphic interface, and a backlog of links you might not think to look for, like the Silicon Graphics Surf Zone, Internet Island, Planet Hawaii, Coca-Cola Galaxy, Peeping Tom Homepage, Live Camera shots, Real Audio, and Cool Roulette - A random link selector (I often think all hotsites use one of these).

Tom Duffey's WWW Links
Government, jobs, movies and multimedia. Find what you want and go for it.

Tres Bizarre
Trez Bizarre is a list of links "that are strange enough to catch my attention", like the Microsoft Hate Page, The Counter Terrorist, Spooky PEZ, Point of No Return, World Wide Web Ouija Sunday, Heather's Scary Halloween Page, Rome Lab Snowball Cam II, O.J. Simpson: Canonical Obligatory Jokes, F.I.R.E., Graffiti wall of Kursad, Light Bulb Joke List, The Darmok Dictionary, The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project, Sniff page, EUROPa, Lucky Fortune Cookie.

Unusual or Deep Site of the Day
We're all a bit weird...we're all a bit twisted...we're all a bit overweight. The sites you'll find here are guaranteed to appeal to the weird, twisted and overweight side in you. If you think your dog watches you while you sleep, this is the site for you. You will know you are right.

The Virtual Irish Pub
Scientific discussions, entertainment, perhaps a drunken brawl over political issues after a pint or two are all possibilities at the VIP with the friendly staff!


Wall O' Shame
A collection of true stories, advertisements, and miscellania that show the decay of our civilization, most of it very humorous. Not recommended for the intellectually-impaired.

Wave of the Day
Submitted sites of the day, including PHT YesterLand, BugWatch, War Of The Worlds, Movie Clichés, Suck, Out Of My Mind!, Public Shelter, Mentos, Magnavox, Voyager, (Censored, Web Review, TVplex, VirtualWorld, Science Fiction Week, NetDay96, Why Mac? and other apparently random stuff.

Web Site of the Week
Visit the "two cows" (TUCOWS) for winsock software for Windows 3.x and '95. Shareware and freeware is "graded" by a count of cows (1-5 cows). TUCOWS sorts the software by category and gives a brief review of each item.

Web Surf
This page is here for your special enjoyment. This page is completely free.

WebPointer's Cool Site of the Week
How to Suggest a Site for the WebPointer's Cool Site of the Week.

Wyck's Wacky World Wide Web
Over a million things you can do. What a site to see.

HTML Editors

4W Publisher(tm)
4W Publisher is a database tool for developing and storing web pages not a HTML authoring tool. When you have so many HTML pages to manage, this product will help you do so.

Alpha - Text, HTML Editor for Macintosh
Alpha is a Mac Shareware program that is used for text editing with HTML built in.

Ant_HTML and Ant_PLUS
Ant is a conversion program used with MS Word. By using Ant, you can convert an existing document into an HTML page.

A University of Iowa's center for academic computing second look at various multimedia projects.

Arachnid HTML
A little of everything for your use in the WWW. Has Archie connections as well as an Arachnid HTML editor. Take a look at this goodie.

This is a HTML editor for X Window System and for Motif.

BBEdit HTML extensions
Bare Bones Software offers their HTML editor in the BBEdit HTML extensions.

City University HTML Editor
This HTML editor, based on the Andrew tool kit provides WUSIWUG for the UNIX based X-Windows environment.

A MS Word for Windows HTML tool that allows you to write linked documents from within word 2.0 and 6.0.

FrameMaker as a Global Hypertext Tool
Use FrameMaker as a HTML tool.

HotDog Web Editor
The HotDog(TM) Web Editor from Sausage Software is not really a dog but a HTML editor running under Windows.

HTML Consultants Directory
Offers an HTML Consultants Directory and the holonet WWW server service which allows anyone to publish World Wide Web pages. Publishers do not need their own dedicated server, router, CSU/DSU, or leased line.

HTML Easy! Pro
HTML Easy! Pro from Basic Concept Studio is the HTML editing part of a suite of programs that makes the software inside Networking, Voice Recognition, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence simple to use.

A freeware Mac HTML editor.

HTML Editor for the Macintosh
This HTML Editor is another (sort of a WYSIWYG) editor for HTML documents.

HTML Grinder
The Grinder is a utility to assist Macintosh Web masters with link building. Not an editor but a collection of tools for making changes to groups of HTML documents. You can drag all your HTML pages onto the icon and use Plug-In Wheels to automate these tasks:

HTML HyperEdit
Curtin University is keeping this older HTMP editor available, but this program and these pages are fairly old and not supported any more.

HTML Writer
A HTML writer for the MS Windows environment.

The HTML-helper-mode is an HTML editor emacs that makes editing HTML files easy.

HTMLed Pro
A time limited demo version of this HTML authoring tool.

The Hype-It 1000 WWW PC Server
Info and how to create your own WWW server. Also has the ability to order their software to build and create a mailing list and to create HTML documents.

Index - Macintosh WWW Development Resources
A how-to put together a MAC WWW site.

Index - MS-Windows HTML Editors
Confused about HTML authoring tools. Me, too! This page gives a description of what you really need, and a link to some of the better editors available.

Jon's HTML Editor - UW-TJP
Jon's HTML Editor is done in SuperCard and is a another standalone editor for the Mac.

Kenn Nesbitt's WebEdit
WebEdit HTML authoring tool available here. FAQs and other information too.

Live Markup
A LIVE HTML editor for the Windows environment. WYSIWYG is a fact with this program. Check it out.

MacHTTP Util BBEdit
Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about setting up a MAC http Server and home page. Offers some WWW HTML authoring.

Microsoft Internet Assistant for Word 6.0 for Windows
MS Interment Assistant for Word for Windows 95

NerdEdit is a KIS (Keep It Simple) Principle based HTML editor. Great for those of us that don't know what we are doing.

Another X-Windows (UNIX) based HTML editor.

Quarterdeck WebAuthor for Word
Describes the values of Quarterdeck's WebAuthor for MS Word. No downloads or links available here.

Simple HTML Editor
(S H E) is a Simple HTML Editor for creating hypertext markup language documents on a MAC.

TILE Information
Tile is a WWW authoring program, designed for Lotus Notes.

tkHTML - tcl/tk HTML Editor Information
tkHTML is a HTML editing program based on the Tcl script language.

Web Publisher
Working with standard word processors, this is an automated production tool for the WWW and HTML authoring.

Web Weaver
This Web Weaver is a shareware text editor for the hypertext Markup Language.

Webber (TM)
A full-featured HTML editor for MS Windows.

A shareware version of a windows based HTML authoring program.

WebMagic Author
Another WWW page for authoring HTML documents on the Silicone Graphics Indigo Magic User Environment.

WebParse scans e-mail in-boxes and extracts, parses converts and formats the data to create a spreadsheet and a comma-delimited ASCII file.

WebPen Web and HTML Editor
A HTML editor that makes life a little easier. Check out some of the features on this page to liven up your documents.

WebText for Windows
Automatically convert word processed documents into WWW (HTML) pages.

WordPerfect Internet Publisher
Novell WordPerfect Internet Publisher is presented here.


Etiquette for information poviders
A how to guide to creating your own web page. Some very good how to explanations for the novice and intermediate author as to how to make a page that is a pleasure to read. STYLING!!

HTTP: A protocol for networked information
HTTP is a standard protocol for transferring information across the WWW. This discussion comments technically on the operation of the hypertext Transfer Protocol and it's inner workings.

HTTP Access
Various performance checking programs for the WWW. Also has stick notes to send those little yellow tabs across the Internet. Looks cool.

The HTTP Protocol As Implemented In W3
A discussion of HTTP (hypertext Transfer Protocol) and how it works. Technical in the extreme for those with no clue.

HTTP Security: The IETF Web Transaction Security (WTS) Working Group
A discussion of the matters of security within the hypertext Transfer Protocol environment, and how to solve problems of security. Primarily a mailing list to discuss security on the net. Technical and should only apply to those who are involved in the working aspects of the WWW.

HTTP-WG Mailing List Archives
A series of discussions regarding the HTTP protocol, and the upgrades that are coming to it. Check this out over a long period of time. Lots of info to digest if you can stomach the data.

HTTP/1.0 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
A discussion of the protocol on using HTTP, the Internet "hypertext Transfer Protocol" (HTTP).

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Working Group
Internet Engineering Task Force discussion of the operation of the hypertext Transfer Protocol.

Improving HTTP Latency
General tools for increasing the speed in accessing other sites on the WWW. This is a performance must for those surfers of quality!

Index - Tools for WWW providers
General tools for WWW and HTML authoring.

Index - World Wide Web Server Software
A generic public domain full-featured server which can be used as a regular HTTP server.

NCSA httpd/Mosaic: Using PGP/PEM auth
PGP/PEM are programs to allow communications in a way that does not allow third parties to read them. If you are interested in security, this is an area to visit.

Object Header lines in HTTP
A very technical discussion of META interfaces and their interaction in the hypertext Transfer Protocol. If you are a propeller head, look this over. Even if you are not, but if you understand general technology, this might be a good place to visit once in a while.

Open Market Secure WebServer
The Open Market Secure WebServer Version 1.1, the first Web server to support both security protocols in use. Concerned about security, check out this page.

Open Market Technical Overview
This paper describes technical innovations regarding the Open Market Web Servers in detail. If you are a techie, this is a must reading area for you.

Performance of Several HTTP Demons on an HP 735 Workstation
Describes the performance of the HP 735 workstation and how it responds to the HTTP environment. A very technical paper on the Hewlett Packard product.

Protocols used in the World-Wide Web
General information regarding the hypertext Transfer Protocol, and how it applies to the WWW. If you are technical, this is a place to visit. If you are not a nerd, stay away. It will twist your brains and suck out all intelligence.

Public Annotation Systems
Like sticky notes, the Public Annotation System works with comments made to documents that visible to all subsequent readers. Download the source files to allow the PAS onto your system.

Secure NCSA httpd
This page is an information server with encryption and authentication enhancements for your HTTP uses.

Shen: A Security Scheme for the WWW
Sun based security scheme for HTTP. If you have UNIX based software, and you are concerned about security in what you send over the WWW, check this out.

Simple Digest Security Scheme
A simple security system for HTTP. Technical, but not as much as other programs.

Status codes in HTTP
A technical discussion regarding the operations of hypertext Transfer Protocol within the WWW. Techies, check this out.

Two Servers, One Interface
How to create two different domains from one server. A technical discussion involving Sun and SGI machines.

The Web Reception Monitoring Service
The Web Reception Monitoring Service (WRMS) is a network of monitoring stations that routinely scan a list of registered URLs, access each one, and record the elapsed time to receive each page. The resulting statistics are mailed each week to the appropriate webmaster. The service is a management tool for the Web publisher.

WWW Servers Comparison Chart
A general list of the usually available server software for the World Wide Web.

General discussion of speed on the WWW. How to speed up your performance, and other things that you can do to make your web crawling not be so slow.


Aardvark Interlist
This Aardvark Interlist server, presented by WorldWide Net, is intended to provide a good starting point for Internet surfing. It Includes a list of 10,000 links to sites with subjects arranged in a hierarchical table of contents and an index of countries.

ACIS: Canadian WWW Directory
Directory of sites in Canada that might be of interest to you. Broken down by region within Canada. Eh!

Africa Online(SM) YellowPages
Yellow Pages taking you throughout Africa and its environs. Check out this area if you have an interest in Africa talking about various aspects of Africa.

A collection of seemingly unrelated stuff and links that don't matter.

Alex: A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet
A catalog that helps users to find and retrieve the full text of documents on the Internet. It indexes more than 1800 books and shorter texts. The catalog also incorporates texts from Project Gutenberg, Wiretap, the On-line Book Initiative and many others.

America's Farmworkers
The National Migrant Resource Program introduces migrant and seasonal farm workers--who they are, what they do, and how they fit into the agricultural economy.

Annotated Listings for Internet and Cyberspace Explorers (ALICE)
This server accesses ALICE, which is an exhaustive list of Internet resources in Manitoba, Canada.

Annotated Listings for Internet and Cyberspace Explorers (ALICE)
Accesses ALICE, an exhaustive list of Internet resources in Manitoba, Canada.

Apple Users on the Internet
Here's a mailing list that discusses the Macintosh as a client to Internet resources, the problems, solutions and services available on this platform. There are links to Macintosh-related resources throughout the Internet.

The Aussie Index
The cool hot spot for information on Australia. Check out what they have done down under!!

Some down under links to Australia. Cool pictures and info regarding the country and areas surrounding Australia.

BAM Online 100
BAM is about obtaining current data directly from market participants. This information is vital for developing accurate analysis of expected growth for the market. Information that is vital for those that want to look at companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Becoming an Internet Service Provider
Learn how to become an Internet service provider (ISP) as well as read a brief explanation of the Internet and

Boot Hill
Blucher Boots Company offers a list of western, cowboy and country resources on the Internet.

Boston Web Meet
A G-rated service for finding other Webbers. Ad space, image and home page links are available.

BUBL Information Service Web Server
A general listing of information from the British Library Research and Development Division. General info from accounting to Zoology.

Canada Net Pages
Canadian products, services and information. Browsers may visit the trade show, or search the Canada NetBusiness Directory or visit the realty pages. The site offers gift ideas and business opportunities to import/export products.

Categorical Catapult
The Catapult is a collection of links. These high-quality, hand-picked Web sites were designed for ease-of-use. Check it out! Over 2,660 links in 137 categories.

Central Index of Canadian WWW Servers
This site from Cyberspace Research, North York, ONT, Canada, contains a list of servers categorized by scope and by location. The index allows for online server registration.

The Clearinghouse
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US This server provides access to subject-oriented Internet resource guides.

Cleveland Reference Directory
It wasn't Cleveland that W.C. Fields said he did not want to visit. If you want to visit, check out this Web Site. Everything that you wanted to know about Cleveland and more.

Community Access Canada - CNet
General English and French information regarding the Canadian culture. Covers all of the provinces and gives information throughout the country.

Companies with a Homepage in the German Language
Werbal: Advertising Agency, Berne, Switzerland. This server provides an index of commercial sites; the exclusive focus is on companies with home pages in the German language.

Comprehensive List of Sites
net.Genesis Corporation, Cambridge, MA, US This server contains a list of tens of thousands of Web sites, generated by Matthew Gray's Wanderer. Subsets of the list are available.

Cool Links
General collections of Cool Links within the Internet. Check out this area to see everything you want to know about the WWW.

Creative Internet
General links of areas that are totally cool!! Check out this collection of links that are sure to please.

DialogNet Philosophy Email Lists
Thinknet BBS sponsors access to DialogNet Philosophy Email Lists, which explains the project and its lists.

Dutch Yellow Pages
This server is an online directory, listing all commercial Web sites in the Netherlands.

E-Mail Web Resource Index
An index of email-related resources on the web.

Expanding Unidirectional Ring of (EUROPa)
EUROPa is a new way to connect up and explore the World-Wide Web.

FoxPro Yellow Pages
This FoxPro server is an online directory, providing references to books, companies, conferences, independent consultants, software and user groups.

GeoSurfer... On the Way
GeoSurfer provides geographically organized links to various Internet sites that are accessible from clickable maps.

Goddard Space Flight Center Library
Contains a hierarchy of the pages is similar to the physical layout of Goddard's library. The pages are suitable for any graphical WWW browser and should support Lynx quite well too.

Goteborg University Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Provides information about Goteborg University and its faculty of arts and humanities. Includes a list of Webservers in the humanities worldwide.

Hendrik's Reciprocal URL List
List your URL on this site.

The Home Page Repository
Provides preparation, storage, and maintenance of homepage information for companies and individuals. It also offers a full range of software consulting and implementation services.

Hong Kong InfoLink Information Center
Intended to be an information hub where businesses and Internet users in Hong Kong exchange information and post their home pages. InfoLink provides a central place that accumulates various kinds of local and international information resources.

IndustryNET: Industry's On-Line Mall
An industrial mall that offers news, the latest in engineering design, automation and manufacturing reports; it offers industry news, application assistance, new products, demo software, online trade shows, hundreds of tested shareware programs, hundreds of job openings, and used industrial equipment. IndustryNET carries information from nearly 3,000 companies, covering more than 10,000 products and 250 manufacturers' stores.

InfoQuest Networking Corp.
Provides directory listings, FTP Services and low-cost Home pages for small businesses, associations and organizations as well as disk and CD-ROM storage for FTP services.

This server contains InfoSeek, a useful tool for quickly searching and retrieving articles from numerous publications and vast Internet resources, according to critical analyst Doug Walker, moderator of the INCLASS ( news group. InfoSeek is a charge-for-use system, which, Walker says, enables educators to get up-to-date, relevant articles when they need them.

Internet Business Directory
They mirror, index, mark up and serve a number of E Mail Lists that are now surfable.

Listserv Archive
12,850 listserv, majordomo and listproc mailing lists at 298 sites. The archive is maintained by the Indiana University Support Center for the UCS Knowledge Base. The user may enter a word or partial word, and get back a list of all the lists containing that word in the title or official description.

The McKinley Internet Directory
An online directory of described, rated and reviewed Internet resources. The publication operates within clearly defined editorial guidelines and does not include sites relating to pornography, pedophilia and hate focused resources.

Internet Presence & Publishing, Inc., Norfolk, VA, US This server provides access to MESCH (the Multi-wais Engine Search for Commercial Hosts), a Web-based search engine. Commercial servers using MESCH and running free WAIS will enable their users to perform key-word searches simultaneously over multiple sites.

A vehicle that launches a simultaneous query on all of the most popular search engines on the Internet; the information is correlated and displayed in a highly graphical user-friendly manner. NetSearch is a product of Group Cortex, a professional Internet presence developer.

Official Bottom 95% Sites on the Web
The BOTTOM 95% Web sites. The only criterion is that the page must have never received a Top 5% rating from The Point Survey.

Palestine Electronic Commerce Resource Center
This server is dedicated to the center assisting small-to-medium size enterprises with issues related to electronic commerce, electronic data interchange, and enterprise integration. ECRC is an acronym for Electronic Commerce Resource Center, an Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) led project intended to support a multi-service need.

Peterson's Education Center
Peterson's Guides, Inc., Princeton, NJ, US This Peterson's Education Center page contains information about thousands of undergraduate schools. The site lists more than 150 schools that provide application forms that can be downloaded by those who want to apply for admission.

Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists
Stephanie da Silva's list of publicly accessible mailing lists. This is a list of mailing lists available primarily through the Internet and the UUCP network.

Shreveport/Bossier Page
Information to links about Web and Internet resources in and around Shreveport and Bossier City, La. This public-service page by Daniel Tobias will list, on request and free, any individual, company, or organization in this area with a Web site.

Silicon Valley Directory of BillBoards
Contains a directory of billboards for businesses within the Silicon Valley.

Singapore Web Servers
National University of Singapore, Singapore This server provides an annotated list of Web servers in Singapore, maintained at SunSITE Singapore.

Stanford Computer Forum
A program within the university's Industrial Liaison Programs; it has links to digital libraries (for technical reports), and to member companies home pages, as well as to summaries of faculty research projects.

Toronto Internet Service Providers: Comprehensive Listings and Reviews
This site for the Finite Systems Consulting Online Information Service, FSC Online, offers a listing and review of Internet service providers in the Toronto area, as well as information about other Internet-related services.

The University Pages
Univ. of Alabama, Intelligent Systems Lab, Huntsville, AL, US This University page contains information about all the universities that have WWW pages. The directory is organized by state for easy use and is continually updated.

World Wide Web Information
A web directory for both Web administrators and HTML authors, including links to HTML authoring information, CGI programs, technical specifications, and much more.

World Wide Yellow Pages
Wide Yellow Pages—a listing of on-line businesses.

WWLib a comprehensive catalog of WWW pages based at sites in the United Kingdom. The catalog is organized using the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC-version 20), which is widely used in libraries. This makes it easy to search vast archives, since sites are indexed by what they are about, not just what words they contain.

Yahoo, a huge popular index containing World Wide Web sites.

Yanoff's Internet Services List
This enormous list of Internet addresses is comparable to Yahoo information retrieval.

Indices to Web Documents

The Corporate Web Register
A comprehensive list of over 1,000 corporate web presences. Sponsored by Hoover a leader in company information.

Interesting Devices Connected to the Net

Adam's Casa
Adam Curry's home office, picture updates every minute. Possibilities of a closer view as well as a chat.

The Amazing BullCreek Cam!
An updating view of the office. An index of cameras is available.

The Amazing Fish Cam!
The Amazing Fish Cam! observes a tank of tropical fish. There are two sizes of JPEG images. Large ones at 50KB are updated every 5 minutes, small ones at 10KB are updated every 30 seconds. Check out About the Fish Cam, give feedback, join friends of the Fish Cam, or go to other interesting Internet fish places from this site.

Amazing Parrot Cam
Webster the Web master (aka the CAN.NET Bird-O-Prey) is here for all the world to see on weekdays in near real-time! Link to a description of how to do it or more about parrots on the net. Some games are available as a treat.

Astounding Cave-Cam
peek into a cave, or is that an office? Perhaps a chance to control the camera?

Australia's Telerobot
Play with their robot. Direct it to move a block over the web from your computer to Australia. You can also find out more about robots at this site.

Automated QuickCam in an elementary school classroom
Room 100 in Buckman Elementary School has a QuickCam set up to grab and deliver an image to their web server. The camera points to several work areas in the classroom including the water table, the bubble film machine, the work bench and the invention center. When the hamster has babies, they become the stars.

Berkeley Systems' Kitchen Cam
Live spy-cam. Watch employees use the slide, eat, play video games, and generally interact in their natural environment.

Big Sky Cams!
Catch one of our crazy editors in action at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle in Bozeman, Montana. Also features the Big Sky Sunset Cam.

Bjorn Borud at work
the picture is shot in one place, converted and stored another place and in-lined in my page at the University of Trondheim. Learn about "Client pull" and "Server push" when dealing with these types of images.

Bolton Institute Net Cam Page
The camera shows a view of ACS computer room at Deane Campus.

Bradford Robotic Telescope
You, too, can be an astronomer-control the Bradford Robotic Telescope, submit a job (you might discover a new star), then view the documentation, results of your job (which stars) and much more. There is a list of all the interactive hardware that you can find on the Web. A multimedia guided tour gives you information about stars and galaxies. Find out all about the Engineering in Astronomy team and their current projects. Join them in doing research in some areas!

Brian's Lava Lamp
Watch the lava rise and fall in Brian's Lava Lamp. He also explains some of the technical stuff.

BrUcE's EyE iN tHe SkY sPy CaM !
See what is happening in Bruce's foyer. Plus a couple of web gadgets you can use to leave.

c|net online - studio cam
A view of the studio surrounded by links to c|net products.

Cambots at University of Washington
Experience the reality of Seattle weather or view the MPEG movies from yesterday, and the cambot picture archive. Just for the techies check out the cambot hardware information.

The Cambridge Panorama
A live, interactive view of Cambridge, England. Check out the information on the buildings you can see.

Camera in the Visitors Lobby at SBT Accounting Systems
View a live picture of SBT Accounting Systems Visitors Lobby, in San Rafael, California. The camera updates the picture every minute. In addition, there are links to more information about the company.

Cameras, Cameras, and MORE cameras!
Take trips everywhere and enjoy scenic photographs.

See the view from Vigra's office in San Diego and read the current San Diego weather report. The canyon often has interesting cloud formations; watch a time-lapse of the morning sky on March 22 (1640k). You can also watch a short MPEG movie of recent daylight frames or a time-lapse movie of past weeks recorded by CanyonCam.

Cheyenne Mountain Cam - NORAD
A live camera showing Cheyenne Mountain, which houses the headquarters of NORAD.

Chicago Animate Agent LabCam (tm)
The camera shows a view of the room. Click on a point and the camera re-aims itself. The brightness and magnification can also be changed.

Chicago's Lakefront
See Chicago's Lakefront from the Buckingham.

CICA News Spy
You get to choose which person's lab you will observe with the spy camera.

CICA Spy on Don
View what Don's camera sees. Maybe you'll catch a glimpse of Don.

Classic Cams Menu
Here's a menu for pictures all over.

Clinton Cam
"A minute by minute update of President Bill Clinton's progress on the AIDS pandemic." Gentle satire.

Com Tech Communications Coke Machine
More than you ever wanted to know about soft drinks in a Coke machine.

Couch Potato Cam!
A color shot of what was being watched on TV. But it was taken with a black and white Connectix Quick Cam.

EastNet Parking Cam
Check out the parking situation at the School of Education at East Carolina University.

Engineering Technology WebCam
Live Picture updated every 30 Seconds of the part of the campus at Texas A&M. The camera is maintained by the Engineering Technology Student Computer Lab.

Check out one of best Cams on the net...visit Niagara Falls from the comfort of the WWW.

Floater PiranhaCam
Several views of a tank of live piranha are available including feeding time and cleaning time, the only time human flesh goes into the tank. Movies show the piranhas. Link to learn more about these fish, an exotic petting zoo and tales from the Rain forest. There are virtual field trips to take. The more technically minded can learn more about the piranha cam and the tank. The site has been judged one of the best on the web.

Instructional Technologies at San Francisco State University presents FogCam! A new picture of our office every 30 seconds. Plus! Gateways to: Our chat room. ITEC department Information. Multimedia and clip art. CalState University job board. WEBDOG's Job Hunt.

G.I.R.C. Live
You've seen the pages. You've heard the legends. Now see the men behind the greatness. It's GIRC LIVE. Visit this high school in the Eastern time zone.

G7 Fridge!
View this site to see if Fred has returned with the Coke, or if the fridge is full, or is the camera still on?

Georgia Tech - GVU Animation Lab SPY-CAM
See if there is any animation in the GVU animation lab. If not visit their collection to view time-lapse MPEGs of previous activity.

Are ghosts visiting June? With five cameras under the bed; more cameras in her trunks, help her check out suspicious noises.

Give a look to Micronet!
Give a look at our guys working for you.

Goucher College Computer & Telecomm Office CAM
Stop by Goucher College for a visit, 9-6 EST, Monday-Friday. See whose office has the camera now.

Haight Cam
Now serving up images of Haight Street via the Internet. A gallery of images is also available.

Hawaiian Eye
With their remotely controlled camera Hawaiian Eye lets you view Aloha Tower, Island of Oahu, Planet Hawaii. There are archived images if it is nighttime in Hawaii. A link will send you to other real-time cameras.

Hong Kong StarCam
Catch a glimpse of Hong Kong right now! Updates every 10 minutes. There are links to other sites.

Iao Valley, Kahului, Maui
Take a look at this beautiful valley on Maui.

Iguana Images' IguanaCam
Frames captured from a video camera pointed at a green iguana, updated every few minutes.... Fun! Link to the Iguana's home page to find out more about iguanas. For more fun link to other live cameras from this site.

Index - Anthony's List of Internet Accessible Machines
Access to vending machines worldwide along with weather information.

Index - bsy's List of Internet Accessible Coke Machines
The list of Coke machines are links to each Web site. The list shows if you have already visited that machine.

Index - bsy's List of Internet Accessible Machines
A listing of interesting machines from various regions.

Index - Marks list of Internet Interactivity
Entries include remote sensing, robots, and movable cameras.

Are computer researchers normal? View this site to see what they are doing.

Internet Pizza Server
Using the Internet Pizza Server you can have your own image of a pizza with toppings you select delivered to your e-mail box. Visit this site to find out more about pizza servers.

KCRWWW How Radio Looks Now
Curious about radio? View the master Control at KCRW 89.9 FM.

Kev's Kool Web Cam Page
Kevin sure has some cool cam pictures. Take a look for yourself.

KPIX Online: Fairmont Hotel Camera
High atop the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel, the KPIX-TV Fair-Cam is updated every 10 minutes. Views range from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge. You might see the Downtown Skyline, Coit Tower, Fisherman's Wharf, the Marina or Pacific Heights. Views available include a very large version of the current view, two time-lapse animations of images either the last hour or taken hourly throughout the day, and some of their favorite images. For the technical there is information about the camera.

like now... []
See what I and my SC5 see, like now.... Also an archive of attractive images.

Live and exclusive, from the COMMA vision lab.
What can you see? A Live picture from the COMMA vision lab.

Live Shots
Live shots on the video! Come view some live pictures.

Live TV Feed of Falcon Nesting Site
Delivers sharp digitized snap-shots every minute.

Live Video-Cam at Studio 2000 - Germany
See a live shot from them unless they're sleeping. Otherwise, there are places here to explore.

Look What We're Wearing Today
From the offices of Architext. Check out their rogues gallery.

MagNET Vending Machine
Come see this soda machine during the week. It's not visible on the weekends.

Manoa Valley, Honolulu, Hawaii
Updated every 3 minutes, a view of Manoa Valley, with MPEG loop. A map shows the camera's direction of view. Older images are archived hourly. Due to the mountains' location orographic clouds form above them. A spectacular sequence of orographic clouds observed on 6 September 1995 in the morning is available as a movie.

Medical College of Ohio Collier Cam
The Collier Cam provides a new construction image every two minutes.

Mt Ruapehu
A live picture is brought to you every minutes of this erupting volcano!

Notre Dame DomeCam
For a live picture of the Notre Dame golden dome, look here!

NYU's Original Labcam
Use NYU's real time telerobotic video camera, watch a real time video, enjoy time lapse performance art, discover where people tend to click. Find out more about the spherical pointing motor that actually moves the camera.

See the people in the University of Central Florida's Faculty Multimedia Center "working real hard."

Open Market's Boston Camera
Enjoy a view from the fourth floor of the old Carter Ink Building. In the view you will see the Charles River Basin, with Boston's Beacon Hill behind.

Open Market's Palo Alto Camera
Enjoy a third floor view. In the foreground is Bryant Street. Across Bryant Street is the back of Stars restaurant. In the distance are the Santa Cruz Mountains, behind Stanford University.

Page Bindu Wavell
Bindu Wavell has connected his alpha pager to the Internet. You can send him a text message or see what others have sent. There is a brief description of how he did it as well as links to more technical documentation.

Use this site on the Internet to send a message to someone's pager. You can add a person and pager number and use various pager systems. There are instructions for creating a personal link to this site.

Peeping Tom
Provides access to over 100 live cameras from around the world.

Pikes Peak Cam
Welcome to Pikes Peak-"America's Mountain," elevation 14,110 feet. The video camera for the Pikes Peak Camera World Wide Web Page is mounted on the roof of the Softronics headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Pine, Colorado Weathercam
See the highest weather cam online, at an elevation of 8,500 feet!

Random Internet Camera
Points to a picture from a random camera, add your own too.

Real-time Meteorological Data around Monterey Bay, California
Gives access to various meteorological stations which monitor current conditions in real-time, and generate time-series plots.

Restroom Utilization Measurement Project
Monitoring utilization of two lavatories at Vanderbilt University. Practical usage of research data could lead to better gender equality at large public functions.

Right Now in Portland, Oregon
Here is a live picture of the Rose City, updated several times per hour. The view is from Portland's Pittock Mansion, looking east across the city toward Oregon's Mt. Hood.

RIT Computer Science House Drink Machine
This drink machine does not take coin or bills. It takes credit from your computer. The Computer Science House has developed the software to track the credit, how long the soda has been in the machine (it must be cold), and what is stocked. The drink machine was listed as #7 of WiReD's Top Ten Favorite Fingered Sites, May, 1994 (Chosen by the editors of Net Guide). It is also in "Internet for Dummies" and several other Internet publications.

Robotic Tele-Excavation
One of the first, if not the first system that allowed WWW users to remotely view and alter the real world via tele-robotics. The user operates the arm while viewing the area using a CCD camera. Users recovered buried artifacts relating to an unnamed 19th Century text. Users were challenged to collectively identify this text by describing their findings and hypotheses in an ongoing Operator's Log. (The project was a NII Award Finalist in Arts and Entertainment in June 1995.) A new project has started.

Rome Lab Snowball Camera
See what's happening in the lab then throw a snowball!

Rome Lab Web Camera
Use their camera to take a picture you want. "No developing fee."

Room F136
Visit room F136 at the University Delft, the Netherlands. Are Karel and Geert ever there?

Santa Monica Pier and Bay Watch
Fountainhead's Los Angeles Superstation is proud to present the first live view of the beach in Los Angeles!

See the Live Ants!
Your view of the ant farm receives an update every 5 minutes. You can make your skin crawl by watching "Ant, the Movie" as a loop. This web site is has been judged one of the best. Contact Creative Services for their help in creating your own web page.

Severe Tire Damage Spy Camera
Severe Tire Damage, a live band on the Internet set up this camera. The audience can control the camera during MCast and Rehearsals. While they might play at any time, they promise to play every Wednesday night at 9:00 PM PST. Catch them! Techie information included on the page.

See Rob, the happy worker or link to other spy cameras.

Smarties Realtime Monitor
The focus of the camera is being changed. For background on the Smarties problem click on history.

Snapshots from around the UMBC Computer Science Department
Check out the eight different views of the UMBC Computer Science department.

Take a look at live views form Sydney, Australia.

Spy on Dennis Gannon, Research Director of CICA
Pick who you want to see at CICA.

SureFind ShuttleCAM
Using advanced technology and the latest image processing techniques we are able to bring you an "up to the second" snapshot of the space shuttle.

Suzanne & Kamal's Wedding - "Live" Sunday
October 15
Suzanne and Kamal invite you to enjoy their wedding day. No need to send a gift!

Switzerland Coke Machine
This Coke machine will give you statistics on the Coke in the machine, tell you about another Coke drinker, or let you order a Coke if you have a password.

Synchromic Studios' MauiCam
Enjoy a lovely view of a golf course. The camera is facing West. Off to the right are the West Maui Mountains.

Tabatha's days at work
See Tabatha at work or see what else the camera saw.

Talk to my Cat
Type in what you want to say and the computer, an Amiga, at the site will say to the cat. The site has been judged as one of the best on the Web.

Temperature of University of Chicago Shock Wave Lab
Listing of current weather conditions including temperature and humidity.

Temperature on CU/Boulder Engineering Center Roof
Makes available current weather conditions including ski conditions.

Temperature Plot
Temperature is updated every half-hour for the last five days.

Trojan Room Coffee Machine
Trojan Room Coffee Machine may be viewed in real-time or almost real. It is viewed using the first application of a new RPC mechanism designed in the University of Cambridge, UK, Computer Laboratory, running a network layer protocol designed for ATM networks. A video capture board grabs one frame every second and the WWW server requests a JPEG encoded frame from it.

TU Delft - Pattern Recognition Group
Visit room F136 at the University Delft, the Netherlands. Are Karel and Geert ever there?

UC Santa Barbara Remotely Operated Telescope
You are invited to connect to the Remotely Operated Telescope (ROT) and to the Remote Access Astronomy Project (RAAP). Perhaps your request will lead to a new discovery. "Interactive Astrophysics-The doors of perception to the Universe are opened here, for you." Download the necessary viewer software before wandering through our collection of heavenly bodies...that is, heavenly images.

UNRSL Helicorder Camera
A live look every 90 seconds at an earthquake recorder at the Univ. of Nevada, Reno. Was that a quake, or just a truck? Find out! See also the record of the last 24 hours and an explanation of this site.

Vancouver NetCam
Enjoy a view of Coal Harbor and the North Shore Mountains from Downtown Vancouver.

VTV Webcam
This camera gives you a wide-angle look at the author's lab. He explains why he chose a wide angle lens rather than a swiveling base, then shows you how he did it. Clever and low tech.

Wearable Webcam
Rather than use a head-mounted camera to show the world what is near him, the web master uses a camera to project to us and to a visual display that he looks at. Thus we both see the same thing. There are interesting discussions of the technical setup, the possible uses of such a setup, and the whole issue of visual privacy and surveillance.

The Weather in Stockholm
Video images of the weather including the current temperatures. Has link to an online directory service.

The Web Voyeur
Contains a listing of live or near-live video views that are available on the Web.

What Miles is Watching on TV
A place to find pictures from the San Francisco Bay Area along with some entertaining humor with regards to the mayoral race.

WWW / Pager Interface
WWW / Pager Interface gives information on how this site passes the information from the Internet to the pager.
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