Internet and World Wide Web


Cache Server

Get the sources, learn to configure, and get the server to meet all you needs. Anything less would be a waste of time. Try this and you won't be disappointed.

Caching In On The Web

High performance proxy-http caching for Mosaic, Netscape, Lynx, and other Web clients; that's right...if you don't like what your seeing, try us.

The Ichthus Cache

Frustrated with the amount of time it takes for you to find what you're looking for? No worries, this server written in Perl keeps stats and lets you find whatever it is you're looking for...QUICK!


This version will blow your mind. Now you can type in the key words and find exactly what you're looking for. Install this on the client side to decrease access time for often referenced documents.

A Simple Yet Robust Caching Algorithm

Learn more about the growth of the WWW. The ever increasing usage of network loads and user growth are worth knowing about. Find out what's out there.

UK National Web Cache at HENSA Unix

Talk about service! This service is now delivering more than 583,000 documents each day, and services more than 50% of requests in less than 4 seconds. Imagine how much time this would save you. No, just come and find out for yourself.



Pictures are included of these regular users of the UnderNet's.


You must be 25 (or older) to fit in. Pictures are included.


Here's the place for the "Thirty-something" crowd. Join us if you're old enough.


These regular users are 41 and older but everyone is welcome to browse. Super graphics.

Acrophobia Hall of Fame

A showcase for those gleaming gems which demented Acro players everywhere have contributed

Alamak's WWW and Internet Relay Chat Gateway

Using this site, you may talk to people all over the world on any topic you desire.


Throw away the Commodore but come on in all you Amiga PC users.


You can talk about the exciting Japanese Animation if you want, but a picture is worth a thousand words.


Taste some Southern hospitality. Most users are from Atlanta (home of the world champion Braves), but we get visitors from all over.


The ultimate Chat Network, specializing in the Indonesian culture.


This is a lengthy list of individuals (and a short descriptive sentence) you may want to meet and talk to.


Bearlake is the Undernet channel of people of all shapes and sizes--pictures and description included.


Advertised as a safe, friendly channel where everyone is welcome to share ideas and talk.


There's room at the Inn, so come on and join us in some exciting role playing.


A family tree of bored users you may actually find amusing.


Sometimes you want to go to where everybody knows your name. Boston is the home of Cheers and this channel of Bostonites.


The west coast has the sunshine and the girls all get so tan...and this is your top channel to connect with other Californians.

Chat Server

The only continuous stream, real-time, multimedia-capable, web based communication server known on the planet.


Get the lowdown (and pictures too) on the regular users of this channel. We are dedicated to chatting with each other.


Everything you always wanted to know and are not afraid to ask about the IRC. Comprehensive questions and answers. The FAQs and nothing but the FAQs.


Get all the information on the unique game of Conquest. Do you have what it takes to win?


These people are friendly, polite, happy and have a great sense of humor. Come chat with our regulars. Pictures are included.


Afternoon discussion chats mainly with people who are formerly related to Czech and Slovakia. True "addicts" can be found at all hours.


Find out everything you need to know about IRC, an alternative network similar to the Internet.


How 'bout some coffee and Danish? Most people here speak Danish, but English speaking users are always welcome too.

DeadelviS' FTP IRC Archive

Contains numerous scripts, IRC Clients, Technical Resources, FAQs, Primers and much, much more.


At last, the family channel lives! Everything is G rated and Disney is idolized. Idle chitchat for all ages.

EFNet Page

This information reveals usage statistics on the nations largest network.

Ensor's IRC Extravaganza

More general and specific information on IRC and the IRC network. Find out about special events, services scripts and more.


If you speak the International Language of Esperanto or you want to learn about it, come on in.


Home of the European Board of operators. Connects the European countries. Mainly hi-brow stuff and specifically non violent.

FAQ - Frank_IRC

Finding and joining a channel so you can Talk about anything and everything with other users.

FAQ - Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Here's the "how to" find an IRC and using it to get clients.

FAQ - The IRC Client mIRC

Includes a tutorial about IRC's remote facilities as well as Pop-ups, Aliases, and much more.

#Filipino Faces

Friendly Filipino faces who frequent the IRC.


Viva La France! This channel is devoted to learning about France, practicing French, or even planning a vacation to France. Take a break and chat with us over a coke and, of course, French Fries.


This channel is devoted to Furry art, movies, books, and of course, Furry Folk.


This channel is restricted to #gayteen channel users only. It is non-sexual and a healthy environment. May expand to add new users in the future.

Global Chat Services

Allows you to converse with people all over the globe, in public and private conference rooms.

Global Stage Internet Chat System (Prospero)

IRC client that supports the use of sound and graphics.


This Undernet channel if full of innovative and exciting people and ideas. Regulars are "wild and crazy" and full of social conscious.

Hacking IRC-The Definitive Guide

Everything you need to know about hacking including information on fun things to do once you "own a channel."


Ham radio operators can now "ham it up" on the Internet. Join in the fun and share information.


This is a friendly place to visit, but would you want to live here? Choice of text or graphic versions.


The philosophy here is friendly. Talk all you want but we're not interested in a power struggle. We keep the "small town" atmosphere.

Hot Chat

Chat with people all over the world about every topic imaginable.

Hotel California

A multi user environment used for primary chatting with people from everywhere.


Channel users are ready to talk about anything, but do not try to "hit" on anyone or they will refuse entry. Sizzling!

ICB (Internet Citizen's Band) .

A teleconferencing program that allows users across the Internet to communicate with each other.


Here's the place to hook up with the citizens of Slovenia. Where is Slovenia? You have to come on in to find out.

Index - Communication on IRC Information Index

You can collect or point to information about the massive communication available on the IRC medium.

Index - IRC Channels

An index of IRC Channels from around the world.

Index - IRC nets

This is a very large world wide index of nets. Includes a short description of each IRC.


Welcome to #insanity's home page. chitchat chat as long as you want and go crazy if you want. This is the "Official" #insanity Web site. This page is run by Quake, Prinzess, and Edge and has links to all other #insanity users that have pages of there own.

InterfFACE IRC Client

This innovative new IRC client for windows features pictures and sound.


Do you want to host you own channel and talk about your interest? Then, make a date with me and you make the call.

Internet Relay Chat information

Everything you need to know about IRC and how to get started yourself.

IRC Gallery

Wonder what that person you're talking to looks like? Tell them to hang their picture here and while you're at it-hang yours too!

IRC Info and Game Bot Stuff

Publications and articles on the IRC games. Also includes the winners of the 1995 IRC Academy Game Awards. Great graphics.

IRC picture database

Do you want to know what the person you're talking to looks like? How about hanging your picture here also.

IRC Related Documents [buffalo.Edu]

Numerous resource documents related to the IRC. Channels, technology and many other references.


What will you have to drink? You too can make drinks like a bartender. Learn the names of your favorite cocktail drinks and even drink with some net friends from all over. You don't even need a designated driver.


Top o' the morning to you laddy. Come, drink, and chat with me. I swear I saw a leprechaun.


I have nothing but love for you baby. Love is not a racist and does not discriminate anybody!!! But there are rules here. There are only romantics here not perverts.

Love Life Radio Network * Honolulu

Exciting, entertaining, and still informative. Network devoted to bringing people all over the world closer together.


I love my Macintosh and any one who has one. Update your power online. Get to know the Macintosh, the people who use them.

Mariah Carey IRC

Here's the place to chat with other people who feel the same way you do about the beautiful and talented Mariah Carey.


Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Would you like to know more about him and the Mormon religion? You can also be on our mailing list for more information.


Join us in a cup of coffee all you eclectic fans. Chat among friends in a cafe style environment.


Any Rush fans out there? I must talk to you dudes and dudettes. Yeah, it's true, we do tell sick jokes, have warped personalities, like hockey (well some of us...),love donuts, and sometimes, occasionally, when the full moon is in conjunction with Cygnus, even talk about Rush. *GASP* Beauty, eh!

#Pakistan - The Pakistani Channel (Pictures of Users)

Wow, cool I can talk to the people of Pakistan and see their faces too.


Internet-based multimedia MOO architecture where you can author and run your own social online environment on your server, and visit other people's servers.

PeachWeb Plantation

Information on any and all subjects from resources across the web.


Friendly information about the channel and the people who hang out here. Includes some software to get you started.


Love to hack, hack, and hack. Find out what you can download with new programs.


Today's channel for the Psi Phi's, including a link with the University of Oklahoma Engineering Dept.

script, bot, and client page!

Contains the will-known (and some not so well-known) IRC scripts, bots, and clients for all systems.


Sleepless in Seattle is now awake and waiting to talk to you. Check out the local color and all the interesting sites in this city.


The regular users of the Serbia channel are listed here with information on how to connect with them.


Who needs talk shows when this channel is available. Help, advice, and some fun links.

Sleepy's Multiple Worlds

Contains a comprehensive variety of adult-themed conversation ideas for interactive talkers.

Stephen Jacob's IRC Page

General IRC information along with specific DALnet listings.


A place where people talk about themselves, their problems, depression and life. If you need someone to talk to, this is the place.


A chat place where people discuss all aspects of life.


Frequented by hundreds of people from around the world. Sydney is one of the premiere IRC channels.


A channel with a history and lots of merry customers. Lots of pictures and home pages left by previous visitors.


Check out the regulars on Talk2Me. Find out information on them and other places of interest.


Dedicated to the idea of good conversation and the belief that anyone and everyone is welcome here.


Hangout for the webtrash, wacky and weird people from the Phrantics Trailerpark & amp.


Information for composers on the personal computer.

Tulsa Chat

Devoted entirely to private areas for rent in which you and your friends can converse privately.

UCIP - United Confederation of Interstellar Planets

Organization of Star Trek fans who want to sim live over the net.

#unix [official]

Find out the latest kernel revisions, neat shell tricks, new programs, and how long we've kept our machines up.


Information on the University of Mississippi chat channel.


Where all the Undernet operators go idle. They control the undernet from here.

What is IRC Anyway?

Comprehensive and complete introduction to the IRC. All of your questions will be answered here.


Windows 95 got you confused? If so, come and get that technical help you need.

World Wide Free-Net IRC Network (WWFIN)

This is a network of free nets linking IRC servers together.

Worlds Inc.

A producer of software for three dimensional chats.


Second official page of the IRC Channel since the first one is so far out of date.


Diverse group from all over North America who have been on the net for about 6 months. A place to have some great fun.


A place of happiness, pleasure, and the land of our desires. Youkali is a mythical place. Want to know more?

Zircon X11 IRC Client

Here's a great X Window system interface to the IRC.

Common Gateway Interface

ABC Tutorial on CGI

CGI Examples, Code, Tutorials. Home of the world famous WGUESTBK. A guest book for the rest of us.

Amiga CGI documentation

Come and learn more about interfacing external applications with information servers, such as HTTP or Web servers.

AppleScript/Frontier CGI Tour

Tour through some Frontier and Applescript CGIs, dealing with simple image maps, redirection, client-pull, server-push, dynamic page generation, form processing.

Building HTML-based Interfaces

Learn to use servers and to write programs. This document is intended for an audience that does have prior knowledge of the writing of documents and forms in HTML. What will you need to get started? Come here and find out.

CGI for the non-programmmer

A beginners tutorial for writing cgi-bin scripts (in perl)and their associated forms.

CGI Form Handling in Perl

Need text management and data-parsing? Relax, there is hope after all. Now anyone can learn to make writing CGI scripts in Perl easy. Just do it, come on in. - a Perl5 CGI Library

This library create Web fill-out forms using objects with the ability to parse their contents.

CGI Programmer's Reference

A collection of information useful to Common Gateway Interface (CGI)programmers. We have suggestions for new links, improved explanations, or additional scripts--or any other comments--are all highly encouraged.


Provides functionality similar to Universal Resource Names (URNs). It's a temporary solution to the problem. Check it out.

CGI-Wrap - Secure User Access to CGI's with httpd

Allows for more secure user access to various NetSites.

A Simple CGI Email Handler

Why would you want this? Perhaps you're frustrated with your e-mail isn't working like you want or hoped for. Now you can receive your mail without any disruption. Try this server and find out for yourself.

Communications and Networks

ADP Autonet

ADP Autonet supplies WANs (wide area networks) to local businesses in the U. S.

AlterNet - The Network

UUNET Technologies, Inc. provides global communication via the Internet. Was first to offer commercial-quality service for USENET and UUCP connectivity and first to provide officially-sanctioned relaying of mail between UUCP and the Internet.

Anonymous Remailers

For information concerning anonymous or PGP remailers, including why you might want to use one.

BBS List

An index list of BBSs that have telnet access.

BBSwest's BBS Listing

Listing of BBS organized by state or territory.

A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email

If you're a beginner to e-mail, reading this easy-to-understand guide will demystify process of e-mail.

Boletines Electronicos de Mexico (BBS)

Contains all the private BBS, Internet BBS, Commercial telecom services and HAM BBS in Mexico.


A Canadian national network. Access on how to connect with CA*net and general information about their services, goals, and links.

California ISDN User Group

A source of information on this group, its newsletter, calendar of events and information on ISDN.

CAN: Controller Area Network

Frequently asked questions, publications, and other information on controller area networks (CAN).

CICAT ISDN Products and Service

CICAT provides ISDN connections, products, and services.

Client/Server Coffeehouse

Place to discuss the issues associated with distributing information across a company in a client/server setting.

Consortium for Computing in Undergraduate Education, Inc.

Information about the association and its activities. It is an organization to promote and enrich undergraduate computer education.

Dan Kegel's ISDN Page

A library of information sources on all facets of ISDN.

Digital Library Technology

Data (RSD) project, are two related elements of the Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications (IITA) component of NASA's High Performance Computing and Communications Program (HPCC). The DLT project supports the development of new technologies to facilitate public access to NASA data via computer networks.

Don't Spread That Hoax

The University of Michigan relates information about how to avoid being duped by prank e-mail and USENET postings and how to avoid spreading them.

DREN (Defense Research and Engineering Network)

Information about DREN, one of the DoD networks.


EchoGate is a shareware mail tosser add-on utility for FidoNet standards.

ECRC Server

ECRC is a research organization pursuing research in Information Technology. If you click further you will find information from the European Commission about its information technology program.


Use this interactive page to add links to the Explorer.

FAQ - comp.dcom.isdn

A collection of frequently asked questions about ISDN as well as a list of technical references.

FAQ - Filtering Mail

Unix users basic instruction to set up procmail, mailagent or elm's filter to filter incoming mailing-list messages.


Frequently asked questions about LANs from Usenet.

FAQ - Novell NetWare

Long list of frequently asked question on Novell NetWare.


On Fidonet's home page you can find information about Fidonet and ftp access to all standards used in Fidonet.

Garden State BBS List

BBS Listing with over 900 BBS Listings which are confirmed every 3 to 6 months.

Gigabit Testbed Initiative

There is an overview of this project and links to discussions on other test beds investigating gigabit networks.

Greater Hartford Fidonet

A source of information on Fidonet, an amateur electronic mail network with almost 40,000 mail nodes world wide.

The Guide to Network Resource Tools

A complete source of information on networking resource tools.

HIPPI Networking Forum

The forum is dedicated to advancing the High-Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI) networking standard, and accelerating the growth of HIPPI connectivity for a broad range of applications.

IEEE Communications Society Technical Committee on Gigabit Networking

There is information related to the activities of the TCGN and technical discussions on gigabit networking.

Index - Gigabit Testbed Links

A source of links to research projects.

Infinite Ink's Mail Filtering and Robots

A good source of links to information about: Filtering and Auto Responding Running a Mailing List Miscellaneous References.

International Interactive Communication Society - Virtual Chapter

A central location for information on the International Interactive Communication Society's local chapters, events, newsletter and membership information.

Internet Phone

Provides the software for Internet users to speak to anyone in the world over the Internet for the price of a local call or less.


Information provided by Bellcore on ISDN and on contacting various regional Bell companies for ISDN service.

ISDN (Jeff Frohwein)

A collection of links to ISDN information categorized as schematics, hardware, software and standards.


Information on Pacific Bell's FasTrak ISDN service and related products.

ISDN Primer and Technical Reference

A discussion of basic ISDN information with a extensive Technical Literature reference. Links to additional information provided by Advanced Computer Communications.

ISDN User's Guide

A guide to the ISDN provided by Pacific Bell that may be downloaded.

ISDN Vendors and Sellers

A database of information on ISDN, companies, products and services.

LAN Drivers

Links to sources for up-to-date (latest version) of LAN driver software.

LAN Technology Scorecard

Comparative listing of attributes of LAN technology. Keys to the various attributes provide valuable information about the attributes. Included are discussions on selection of best technology and the "ideal" LAN.


A library of links on LANs with data-communications technology slant.

MacWoof, MacKennel and NewsHound - FidoNet for Macintosh

Publishers of Fidonet utilities for the Macintosh: MacKennel(TM)-a mailer, NewsHound(TM)-a Usenet gateway, and MacWoof(TM)-an offline reader.

MegaMall's Free for All Links Page

Online real-time Web chatting - Interactive.

MISNET Topology

A comprehensive list of the Internet sites in Mississippi.

MITI - Massachusetts Information Turnpike Initiative

Information about the University of Massachusetts advanced gigabyte network.


This test bed is a Gigabit/second network research program supported by the National Science Foundation, ARPA, and AT&T.

Nectar Project

The project is investigating the construction of high-performance network. In addition work is being done on the benefits to applications of such networks.

NetMarquee Business Information NetCenters

NetMarquee Business Information NetCentersis a system of executive forums provided by NetMarquee Online Services. The site is a place where new and family-owned business executives may exchange information with experts and others in the field.

NetWare Server

Contains information, patches, and updates for Novell NetWare servers including SFT III and NetWare Directory Services.

Network Hardware Suppliers List

A list of dealers in new/used telecomm and computer hardware. Also Some links to other hardware sources.

Networking: Overview of information available

Networking information categorized by subject and/or network. A useful library.

Pence's list of Genealogy BBSes - 1000+

GBBS, a consolidated list of genealogy BBSs, is a monthly publication that includes over 1,000 computer bulletin board systems worldwide for genealogists.

PET: Priority Encoding Transmission

A good source of information on PET, a method for fault tolerant transmission of prioritized data over packet switched networks.

PSINet Technology and Infrastructure

The largest Internet Service Provider in the U.S. Provides access in over 157 U.S. cities as well as Tokyo, Japan. The management and senior staff of PSI have been involved in the Internet industry since the early 80's.

Securing NIS

Information on security for NIS networks.

Single-User, ISDN Router

Learn about Single-User, ISDN router, the industry's highest function ISDN router. Complete details on this class of commercial applications have been placed on Ascend's Internet Home Pages.

Sysop's Group Yellow Page Directory

Yellow Page Directory of BBSs, worldwide, indexed by area code and specialty. Provides description and link.

UUCP Protocol

UUCP protocol references. Internals of the protocol, and setup of basic programs.

The Well

Computer conferencing system focusing on conversation. They provide access to over 200 WELL conferences, full Internet access, USENET news groups and e-mail exchange.

Westnet Maps

Networking maps featuring inter-regional connectivity via SprintLink and MCI. Also included: Snmpxmon Westnet sites.

Whistle Stop Cafe Online

This is the web site to a BBS with a lesbian only section and another for gay men. It has a telnet link to the board and a web chat room for lesbians.

Windows OnLine

Windows OnLine is dedicated to supporting Windows users and Windows network professionals with the latest Windows shareware and freeware from their enormous file library.

World Data Network BBS

We have been online since 10/84. Authorized PC Board BBS reseller and installer and Internet access including SLIP through our BBS.

Conferences, Events and Courses

Commanding The Future

The first Internet Conference for CEO's was a smashing success.

Electronic Commerce Series

Relive the 3-part Satellite Seminar which completely covered the topic of conducting business properly on the Internet. The seminar took place in Chicago during the months of March, April and May of 1995.

the Internet and your Business

Use this one day seminar to advance your organization by leveraging the Internet. Topics include resources and technology.

Marketing and the Internet

A course containing a collection of resources to provide support of BA 491, Marketing in a Global Inter-networked Environment.

RPCP Internet Economics Workshop

Research papers which were presented at the Internet Economics Workshop on March 10, 1995-link-up.

Conferences, Events and Programs

1995 Global Multimedia Challenge (Lyon)

Information on bricklaying, plumbing, cabinet making, and general carpentry.

1995 Infobahn Entrepreneurs Conference at Kellogg GSM (Chicago)

Experts from the entertainment, health care, education, retail and information technology field as they discuss opportunities along the information superhighway.

1995 International designers Network (IdN) Conference & Exhibition

Online festival of independent audio and visual arts.

Advanced Marketing Strategies for the Internet

One stop shop for all your online services.

BusinessNet Conference

Information on how business will be conducted over the net in the near future.

Commerce on the Internet Conference & Exhibition

CyberFoo: First Night in Cyberspace

For those who have never used the web before, this is the place to start.

Defining the Digital Consumer IV

Information about the Digital Consumer IV conference.

Electronic Commerce '95

European Exhibition and Seminar from London.

Glen Culler Honorary Lecture

A pioneer in the art of interactive computing.

High Performance Connectivity Solutions

Leveraging high bandwidth technologies for a competitive advantage.

Hot Topic: Internet 25th Anniversary

Information on the history of the Internet. Celebrating its 26th year.

Internet Conference '96

A focal point for advancement in new technologies and applications.

Internet Conference Calendar

Lists upcoming conferences, symposia, courses and workshops related to the Internet or to Internet technologies.

Internet Congress 95 - BKK

Opportunities in the tourism or the Internet business.

Internet World Canada '96

Has the Internet got you boggled? Canada's foremost event welcomes you to learn everything you need to know about how to use information--on and off the Internet. A conference for the new users as well as information professionals. Simultaneous tracks on the Internet, electronic publishing, multimedia, and much more. Don't miss it!

Live Chat with Newt Gingrich, Senator Paul Simon, Harlan Ellison and Studs Terkel

Get into a live Chat with Newt Gingrich, the speaker of the house.


For developers of Web sites using Mac OS-based tools.

Net Focus '95 - an Introduction to the Internet Seminar

One day Internet workshops and seminars.

NetExpo's IBC Conference Page

Designed for business leaders who seek to stay on the cutting-edge of technology in the Internet world.

The Networked Economy Conference

Explore the full implications of the information highway through series of events and conferences specialized in high-level communications and computer industries. Site includes Communications Week and Worldwide Communications Week, publications dealing with global communications and networking industries.

Networld+Interop Online

List of technology events happening around the world.

NORDUnet '95 / Copenhagen

Register now for the NORDUnet '95 conference in Copenhagen. Information on the conference available here.

Patrick Crispen's Roadmap For The Information Superhighway Internet Training Workshop

Find out what a road map is and how to use them over the net.

SGML Asia-Pacific '95 Conference

Overview of the conference and other interesting facts.


Do you want to learn more about the information technology and its future implications? Companies, students, and the academia all welcome! This year's theme: Business on the Internet with highlights on the current and future state of information technology, in particular, the use of the Internet as a tool in business today and in the future.


Building Internet Servers

Explore the various information links to resources about building Internet servers. These platforms include DOS, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows NT, the Macintosh, and the Power Macintosh. No slight to Unix, but materials based "microcomputer" platforms.

Corporate Web Service

A very complete and quick guide for Web site connections and sources. Data retrieved from high-speed Web servers enters the Internet almost instantly.

The DOS Internet Kit

Lost in cyberspace? Need assistance getting hooked up? Site includes public domain and shareware programs that provide trivial installation program and some installation instructions to connect to the World Wide Web and the Internet in general.

FAQ - Internet Access

Hey, looky here. Easy network access in Australia, Belgium, Zealand, and UK. It's a compilation of information on public networking, which contains information on the various organizations providing network access, how to get an account with network access, and how to attach your own machine to the network. Cool, huh?

FAQ - Internet Services

Offers various Internet services such as e-mail, faxing, and how to use your telephone online.

How To Select an Internet Service Provider

Are you confused which about the Internet market? Here's a guide that'll suggest questions to pose and evaluate criteria against which you can compare and contrast the different Internet service companies you have to choose from. Check it out!


Ad Methods Halpern and Eurich Advertising, Inc.

Ad Methods Halpern and Eurich Advertising, Inc., a full service electronic and conventional advertising agency, has experience in providing advertising, marketing and publicity for national and international clients.

C & W Internet

C & W Internet is an Internet consulting and advertising firm. On it’s site, the firm provides links to investing, The Global Mall, and software that is useful to create web sites. In addition, there are links to local interest sites for tourism, local business, and real estate. The news link is to wide area as well as local news.

Clear Nets

Provides training, consulting, writing, and development services specializing in the Internet, HTML, and Lotus Notes.

Docusys Corp. Internet Consultants

Docusys Corporation Internet Consultants provides consultation for ISO 9000 Quality systems, training and documentation in addition to Web page design and development. Their site also contains links to Canada on the Web and Business listings. In addition there are links provided to various magazines online; music, movies and TV; the daily news; and Net utilities.

EarthCom's Infogate

This site belongs to EarthCom's Infogate, which offers Internet and Web services and consulting, including links to other sites, Web browsers, and free downloadable software.

Image One, Inc.

This page contains information about Image One, Inc., which provides consulting services, Web site development, graphic design and marketing support.

Infoboard Internet Services

Offers complete Internet publishing and consulting services. We can put your catalog, files, product information, and complete systems on the Internet.

Intersphere Communications

Intersphere Communications Ltd. produces interactive catalogs and brochures for business development on the Web.

Net Technologies Inc.

A full service Internet Consulting firm based in New York City. Working withbusinesses and organizations to access and establish a presence on the Internet.

NetOffice, Inc.

This server is dedicated to NetOffice, Inc., a full-service Internet consulting firm that builds business solutions to help companies compete in the global Internet marketplace; NetOffice services include faxing services, Web page design, WWW publishing and marketing services as well as Web Server customized setup, installation and maintenence.

NetVantage Systems

This server is an Internet-solutions company that specializes in Internet consulting, project management, systems-administration, training, and technology and product analysis.

Northern Lights Internet Solutions, Ltd.

Specializes in helping companies and individuals develop effective Internet presences. Northern Lights Internet Solutions offers consulting services, on-site Internet training, presentations, keynote speakers and Internet resource discovery.

SilkPresence.Com WWW/Internet Publishing and Solutions

This server contains information about SilkPresence. Com-WWW/ Internet Publishing and Solutions, offering personal on-ramps, Web presences for businesses and offers, and a full complement of Internet training and consulting.

World IntuAction Press

Granby, CT, US This server contains information about World IntuAction Press, which offers Internet consulting services and freelance Web page development to companies of all sizes.

Cool Links

Alamo Rent A Car - Freeways

Use this Alamo Rent A Car online reservation system. Alamo also offers clear directions to popular sights in cities throughout the U.S.

Best of the Web '94

Look here for information on the Best of the Web '94 and '95 Awards in the categories General, Application and Technical Awards.

Britannica's Lives

Neat listing of famous people's birthday's, organized by date(i.e. who was born on mm/dd/yy).

c|net online

On-line magazine with news, reviews, columns, etc. dedicated to the computer and Internet revolution.

California Voter Information

California Voter Information provides real time election results and Online Voter Guides for both San Francisco and California. These guides address candidates and issues.

Cameras, Cameras, and MORE cameras!

Links to all measure of real-time views around the country and the world.

Classic Cams Menu

Index of real-time cameras from every corner of the globe. Go ahead, take a look.

CNN SportsCenter

CNN SportsCenter provides a video clip of the previous evening's CNN Sports Center.

Cool Site of the Day

Presented by Infinet, with links a new cool site each day.

Coolest Hostnames on the Net

Listing of the most creative, humorous, offensive, etc. host names to be found on the Net.

DejaNews Research Service

The most comprehensive archive of Usenet news, indexed for your convenience.

Desert Storm Picture Gallery

Scott Air Force Base in Illinois provided the Desert Storm Picture Gallery.

Divorce Questionnaire

Women speak to women about divorce.

Drop Squad

Pictures of items dropped down ten flights of stairs. Cool.

The Electric Postcard

This unusual form of e-mail is fun and creates memorable messages.

Explore the Universe with NASA's Astro-2

Home page for the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Web surfers can check out center information, their selection of cool NASA sites, NASA launch information and lots more. A great site for any space fan.

FBI Top Ten Most Wanted Page

Information, including pictures and statistics on the FBI's ten most-wanted criminals in the country.

First Sexual Experience Survey

Survey for a book on first sexual experiences.

Franklin Institute Virtual Science Museum

Links to online exhibits offered by the Philadelphia museum, plus lots of other science information.

Games Domain - Games related information site

The Games Domain provides thousands of links to shareware/freeware/demos, FAQs, walk-throughs, charts and general cheats. You will also find games programming, magazines, competitions, and much more.

Genetically Programmed Music

This experimental Web-site wants feedback on the "music" produced by their program. This program writes "music" using genetic programming to "evolve" musical expressions. Fascinating and sometimes pleasant audio.

GNN Best of the Net Honorees

The Best of the Net is the collected best resources in the Whole Internet Catalog in the opinion of the GNN editorial staff.

GORP - Great Outdoor Recreation

Travel and Outdoor Recreation information and activities on Forests, Parks, Wildlife and Wilderness Areas, National Monuments. Locations are arranged geographically; current offerings including North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica and New Zealand.

Hot Topics from Amdahl

Amdahl is providing hot news, sports and entertainment topics from many sources.

How far is it?

Input two geographic locations and find out how far apart they are.

Idea Futures

Instead of betting on the ponies, why not wager on the outcome of important scientific disputes. Odds are available.


An online guide to weather, ski and ocean conditions.

International Masters Group

Catalog from wholesale fine art distributor-specializing in limited edition lithographs.

Internet Travel Network

Access to national airline reservation system, with ability to route your booking through a local travel agency.

Japan Window

This project, a coalition of the Stanford University US-Japan Technology Management Center and NTT, provides a site with information in subjects such as tourism, government and new technology. Includes section on US and Japanese youth.


The Chat Room for Independent Internet Artists of all kinds.

Le Louvre

Very attractive home page browsing through museums, various schools of art and individual artists.


The Magnavox Web-site has everything from audio/video reference books to product giveaways, prices and specs, dramatic graphics, interesting links and customer support.

Morgan's Beer Survey

Vote for your favorite brews and see what everyone else thinks, too.

Mr. Showbiz

This is how to answer an acute need to know about celebrities, trends, movies, singers, bands and television shows with no redeeming social value.

National Performance Review

This the Web-site on reinventing government. The sponsoring organization, Netresults, states its purpose is to: "Create A Government That Works Better and Costs Less."

NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages

The NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages provides information on over 16.5 million businesses across the U.S.


The ONSALE Web-site is an interactive marketplace where price and availability information respond instantly to your requests.

Outside Online

Outside magazine, articles with an independent view, an extensive calendar of events, Interactive, electronic outdoor community discussions plus expert information.

PAWWS Portfolio Management Challenge

A comprehensive service for investing over the Internet.

Pittsburgh Map Database from the Scandal Project

This is an interactive map local to the Pittsburgh area.

Pizza Hut

Order your pizza over the Web!

Preview The Heart

This is the Franklin Institute science teaching resource segment on the human heart.

Purdue Weather Processor

Provided by Purdue University's Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. The WXP Server is a general purpose weather visualization tool. With this program, you can use current as well as archived meteorological data.

Recent Earthquakes (with maps)

You can see near-real-time Earthquake Bulletins and use the Xerox PARC Map Viewer to display maps of the affected locations. These bulletins are provided by the Council of the National Seismic System project of the National Earthquake Information Service (NEIS) of the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Council of the National Seismic System.

Resort Sports Network

The Resort Sports Network offers information on special events, weather, trail conditions, dining, real estate and more for active vacationers.

S.P.Q.R.: The Virtual Rome

A virtual tour through fourth century Rome. Walk past the forum or take an adventure.

Satellite TV Images

Look here for satellite feeds providing excellent quality pictures from around the world. These files are LARGE.

Second Season

The fantasy baseball league is here for your enjoyment. This is the continuation of their 1994 Campaign with no salary caps nor federal mediators, without players nor owners. Play Ball!

Skin Care Survey

A skin care survey.

Sound Bytes: WWW TV Themes

A huge selection of TV theme songs for your listening pleasure. Includes an entire section dedicated solely to Schoolhouse Rock!

Spike Webb, Net Detective

A colorfully illustrated, weekly-updated, story of Spike, an Internet action-hero.

The Squat

Continuing saga of love and loss in a trailer park, plus links to other cool sites and more. There's lots to do here.

Texas A&M's White House Archives

Welcome to the White House Archives! This site contains information about the White House, the history behind it and remodeling of it.

Ticketmaster Online

Nationwide event, concert and price information from the hated ticket distribution company.

Time Warner - Pathfinder

This is Time Warner's experimental online magazine. It is easy to use and has great graphics. You can easily get lost in the Time Warner Pathfinder. They request public opinion feedback and offer contests with prizes.

Treasures of the Czars exhibition

Look here for an excellent online feature from the Treasures of the Czars exhibition at the Florida International Museum which opened in January, 1995.

The Ultimate Band List

The Ultimate Band List is, at this writing, the Web's largest interactive list of music links. Browse here to add the latest music links for your favorite bands. You can browse bands by the complete listing, or by resource, genre, or title.

Web Autopilot

Web Autopilot uses Netscape 1.1 client pull. Random access to Web-sites, jumping every 12 seconds. This is much like scanning the airwaves on your car radio.

White House

Greet the president, sign the guest book, and walk through one of three virtual tour of the White House. Colorful photos, interesting facts and more are all here for you to explore.

White House Information (unc)

This piece on the White House contains information on the 1994 State of the Union Address, and the Pictorial Inaugural Tour.

Who's Cool In America Project

This is just for fun, without redeeming social value. Are you cool enough to make the grade?

World Wide Beer Survey

Register your vote for the most popular beers on the Web at the Silver Palette.

The WWW Entertainment Package

Collection of well-known interactive board games playable over the Net.

Zapper's Lounge

The Zapper's Lounge is an interactive game show featuring some of the Internet's top creative talents. Only the best one can stay, the rest get zapped.


California Institute of Technology Society, Cyberspace and the Future

California Institute of Technology deals with how new interactive communication technology can be used effectively by functional communities. The pages contain workshop reports by Bruce Murray, California Institute of Technology.


Warwick, NY, US This Web site is the CyberGrafix Web site that provides details on multimedia services, including interface design, sound and music, Web publishing, and animation (2D & 3D) for interactive applications and video, plus work samples, profits and links to other sites of interest.

Home Page Authoring

Provides information about Galahad & Associates Ltd., a document management company that offers home page and document authoring and management services.

Imaginative Entertainment

Imaginative Entertainment company, which concentrates on entertainment technology. Services are available to help design Web pages for both individuals and organizations. VResources--A Complete Listing of Virtual Reality is the company's online publication.

Starting Point

This page contains information about Starting Point, which provides the perfect starting point for exploration on the World Wide Web.


SWISH - Simple Web Indexing System for Humans

At this site, you can index directories of files and search generated indexes.

TRW Business Intelligence Systems

Peruse these TRW business resources to interface with internal and external information sources through multiple protocols.

UMass Information Navigator Description (Draft)

A tool that allows users of Mosaic and other types of hypertext browsers to navigate around relational databases.

URLS from News

URLs for Melbourne Art Works.


Gateway to Mini SQL database from World Wide Web.

Directory Services

A1 Index of Free WWW URL Submission & Search Sites

Free index of sites to submit or promote your home page URL.

Access/Synchronization of the Internet Directories (asid) Charter

White Pages Directory Service for people to use for finding locations on the Internet. An IETF Working Group.

Global On-Line Directory

This aims to be a complete online directory for companies, organizations, and individuals. So, they're asking you to register with them today.

Indexing the Web

Offering a centralized index for gathering information, which will make your searching a lot easier.

Hard to Believe Sites

Barnyard Poop'pourri

An unusual gift collection from Farm Fresh Fragrances including "Delusions of Donkey" and Rapture of Rabbit".

Head Explosion Article

You’ve got to read it to believe it.

Hominid Skulls

Quality plaster reproductions of Hominid fossil skulls, for educational demonstrations and personal novelty gifts.

MINDWAVES, Instant Meditation Goggles

An easy way to experience deep states of meditation, without the years of practice normally required.

News of the Weird

Bizarre true-life stories that will amaze you!

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