Internet and World Wide Web

Access Providers

Access One

Labtam Australia. Ltd., Melbourne, Australia This site contains information about Access One, an I.S.P. that controls a national 10Mb private network from which to sell bandwidth and a scalable direct link to M.C.I. in the U.S. Access One also sells home-page authoring services and offers Internet access to the general public.

ACM - The First Society in Computing

An international scientific and educational organization dedicated to advancing the art, science, engineering, and application of information technology and serving both professional and public interests. Find out about membership, publications, conferences and events, key people and more.

AISBBS Web Server

Find out how to become wealthy, learn about business web pages, or search the personal web pages. Includes links to suppliers and other services on multiple topics.

Allied Access, Inc.

Murphysboro, IL, US This server contains information about Allied Access, Inc., which offers a (POP) point of presence in the Franklin County, Illinois, location of West Frankfort. Dial-in speeds up to 28.8K are available via a local phone call.

America Online

Provides Internet access for the public. Come see what AOL is all about, explore their services, see what's hot, and give them feedback.

Amstadt Consulting Group products and services guide

An organization of design consultants and retailers of Cyclades products. PPP dial-in and other Internet services are provided.

ANS (Advanced Network & Services)

Advanced Network & Services, Inc., Reston, VA, US This site is dedicated to Advanced Network & Services, Inc., a company that designs, develops and operates high performance, wide area data networks and offers related internetworking services to business, research, education and government organizations. It features information about the corporations' capabilities and services including application briefs outlining how ANS customers have capitalized on state-of-the art networking technology.

Astra Network, Inc.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada This site contains information about Astra Network, Inc., The first commercial Internet service provider in Winnipeg.


Business Access Technologies, Anaheim, CA, US This server provides information about BARech, a full-service Internet access provider with special interest in the entertainment industry. BATech has the largest restaurant database in Southern California.

BBS One OnLine Service

Program One, Inc., Norton, OH, US This Program One, Inc. server contains information about BBS One Online Service, which offers Web pages and FTP sites for as little as $10 per month, also Internet Slip Connections for $1 per hour via local phone number or telnet session.

BIX - Byte Information eXchange

A full service Internet provider with electronic publication and conference services for professionals.

Bos Internet Services

Visit this site to learn about Internet access for the central part of the Netherlands.

Brainstorm's Internet Power Connection

Brainstorm Products, Mountain View, CA, US This server provides information about Brainstorm's Internet Power Connection, a dedicated Internet service that extends throughout Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Los Altos and Palo Alto, using the power and speed of ISDN.

Buck Information Systems Inc.

Provides companies with Internet presence and the ability to take immediate advantage of current information systems technology.

Calyx Internet Access

Riot Graphics, New York, NY, US This server contains information about Calyx, an Internet access provider for activist organizations also offering personal SLIP/CSLIP/PPP access to individuals and businesses in addition to web authoring and line leases from 56 kbps up to T1.

Central Pennsylvania Comnet, Inc.

Lancaster, PA, US This server provides information about Central Pennsylvania Comnet, Inc., a corporation providing quality Internet access to Central Pennsylvania.

Centurion Technology Inc.

Internet access and Web presence to individuals and corporations in such places as Houston, Texas; Cincinnati and Lebanon, Ohio and Tampa Bay, Florida.

CERFnet Home Page

San Diego, CA, US This page contains information about CERFnet, an Internet provider, which offers services, prices and press releases.

Clever Computers

Dot net company that offers low cost Web virtual hosting and Web presence services.

Coastal Internet Services

Bloomfield, NJ, US This site contains information about Coastal Internet Services, a full Internet service provider, which offers home page development service.

Commercial Information & Order Express (CIOE)

CIOE Corporation, West Lafayette, IN, US This server offers information about CIOE, corporation founded to provide high quality, complete Internet services and promote commercial information exchange. It provides UUCP, UNIX Shell, SLIP/PPP, leased line, and ISDN line connections. CIOE also designs, customized graphic interface for host system menu and end user software, and creates Web Home pages for customers.


Compu-Tek International, Richardson, TX, US This server contains information about the Dallas/Ft. Worth's premiere Internet Access provider.


It's products, services and people like no other. Start with thousands of services covering everything from Apple computers to Zinfandel wines. Arrange them in a way that members can easily find what--and who--they're looking for. Make this collection of people and resources available around the clock and around the world. And make it all remarkably affordable.

The Concentric Network

Find out about the company, access services, how to subscribe with this online service.

CONNECTnet Internet Network Services

San Diego, CA, US This page contains information about CONNECTnet Internet Network Services, which offers accounts using either ISDN or Modem dialup, Shell, SLIP/PPP, E-mail Only or UUCP connections to the Internet. All Internet tools available.

COOPnet Web Server

West Coast Cooperative Network, Vancouver, BC, Canada This nonprofit Internet server offers Serial Line Internet Protocol(SLIP) connections, storage space, and server co-location and maintenance services at affordable rates to businesses and individuals.

Crocker Communications Web Server

Crocker Communications provides quality communications systems as an Internet access provider.

Crossroads Home Page

Crossroads Communications, Mesa, Arizona, US This server provides information about Crossroads Communications, Arizona's original public-access UNIX system. The company provides Shell/Menu or SLIP/PPP access for personal and commercial traffic in the metropolitan Phoenix area. Dedicated phone lines are available; on-site training and special World Wide Web servers and marketing options are offered.

CyberGate Inc.

Chagrin Falls, OH, US This server provides information about CyberGate, Inc., Northern Ohio's direct connection to the Internet.

Cycor's Northern Lights

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada This server provides information about Cycor, a major provider of Internet services; Cycor's Northern Lights is an online magazine that contains information about the Internet access provider and it's many dial-in sites from coast to coast.


Watertown, MA, US This server contains information about Cyways, which links organizations to the global Internet. The company provides total connectivity packages, including Internet connection, hardware, software, service, training, and support.

DataPhone Internet

Stockholm, Sweden This server provides information about DataPhone Internet, a new Swedish Internet provider that offers a variety of different services.

Delphi Internet Services

Their high-end service includes full Internet access, including mail, FTP, telnet, WAIS, IRC, gopher, WWW, Usenet newsgroups (virtually all) and search utilities.

Di's Online Cafe

Diane Summers' Online Services, Inc., Mobile, AL, US This server contains information about Diane Summer's Online Services. Inc., a commercial online service offering direct Internet access, SLIP/PPP, home of Di's open forum with points of interest listed and illustrated, including links to Internet resources.

Digital Ark

Irenyx Data Group Inc., Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada This server provides information about Digital Ark, an Internet service provider located in Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island's east coast.

Digital Marketing, Inc. (DigiMark)

Bowie, MD, US This site provides information about an Internet access provider that uses T1 connectivity to serve more than 60 clients. DigiMark offers complete business Internet presence services, domain and server hosting, graphics, custom programming.

Digital Universe Corporation

Detroit, MI, US This server provides information Digital Universe Corporation, an M.I.T. startup company that is devoted to the development of cutting edge technology pertaining to the Internet and object oriented software. The corporation is a full service Internet provider for Michigan.

Dreamscape Web

Provides Web publishing with clients domain name and is also a BBS and Internet provider in OCNY with more than 20 high speed v.34 dial-up lines.



An Internet service provider for those who lack a permanent Net presence, offering World Wide Web, ftp, gopher, and mailbox services.

Empire.Net Inc.

Nashua, NH, US This server contains information about Empire.Net Inc., which offers a selection of connection choices for experienced and new Internet surfers, using US Robotics DIGITAL v.34/28.8 kbps capable modems to provide fast connections. The fastest connections are provided via dialup ISDN and dedicated 56 kbps leased lines.


Denver's premier Internet access provider offering premium SLIP/PPP access and full World Wide Web consulting and multimedia advertising.

Eunet Austria

Vienna , Austria This European Union network has servers offering Information on products and services throughout Austria, providing e-mail, news (the Austrian Press Agency) and Internet connectivity to the general public and commercial customers. American partners include Apple Computers, Cisco Systems, CSE Systems, CTR Internet Training, Hewlett-Packard, Livingston Enterprises, Inc., Morningstar, netCS, PING Personal Internet Gateway and Sun Micro-systems.

EUROPA-The Web Server of the European Commission

European Commission, Luxembourg This server provides information about the European Commission, its goals, policies, institutions, statistics, publications, information sources and data bases.

Europe Online

EO offers a multilingual European multimedia oriented online service. In addition, EO provides the Luxembourg online community with a comprehensive range of Internet access services.


eWorld offers a wide range of information, from great on-line support for Macintosh computing to easy Internet access.


Providing shell and PPP accounts, domain name service and web page storage. Also files, games, online catalogs and public message areas.

FAQ - An Experiment in Remote Printing

Allows participation in an experiment to test FAQ. Also has a variety of information about this field.

FAQ - How can I send a fax from the Internet?

Details how to send faxes as well as provides possible sources to utilize for this service.

Fax-On-Demand Systems

A place which provides publicity for these services at no charge.

FGInet, Inc.

Serves the Springfield, IL geographic area for a flat fee of $30 per month and an initial $30 on-site installation and quickie tour. Services offered include shell SLIP, PPP, UUCP, WWW, FTP, Telnet, e-mail, and Usenet.


Galileo.Net is the marriage of broad band telecommunications expertise, UNIX moxie and marketing & creative disciplines.

Gateway to Community Computer Networks and Free-Nets via WWW

Maintained by Victoria Free-Net as a free service to the Internet community. Access to various FreeNet servers.

Get on the Net

Contains information about Paradise Software, Inc., which provides corporate Web presence establishment, low cost Internet connections, leased server space and commercial site construction.

Global Connect Inc.

Learn more about connectivity and Web publishing solutions.

GlobalCom-Service Provider for the Twin Cities

St. Louis Park, MN, US This server provides information about GlobalCom, an Internet service provider for the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, offering personal SLIP/PPP and shell accounts at affordable rates. GlobalCom's goal is to make the Internet easy to understand and use by all.

GO! Online Communications

Provides information about the GO! Online Internet access.

Green Bay Online

DCT Technologies, provides information about Green Bay Online and its services including a full range of Internet connections through a high-speed network. The company's systems are local to the Green Bay area.

GulfNet Technologies

Perry, FL, US This server provides 56k, T1, and PPP DialUp Internet access to customers in Florida and the southeast U.S. It also offers business advertisement and HTML space, all over Florida.


Provides World Wide Web access to companies and organizations in New England. The site includes Staples Virtual Office Superstore, which offers next day delivery of all the office products. HarvardNet showcases the advances in transaction security and automatic order generation it develops.

HomeCom Communications, Inc.

Provides assistance with Internet presence for organizations, turnkey server development and hosting on dedicated T-1, but no reselling of access.

Horizon Technologies

The Internet provider for Bellingham, WA. Guides for beginners, information on the local community, user pages, hot sites, classifieds for computer item sales.


Full service Internet provider of everything from dial-up shells to T1 connections, including the full spectrum of WWW services, telnet, and FTP.

ICONZ--The Internet Company of New Zealand

Oldest Web supplier of Internet Services in New Zealand, dating back to early 1993. Servers include hosts and cities such as Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. There are links to companies, news services, gopher and FTP sites in New Zealand, and several maps.

IDS World Network

The IDS World Network is an Internet Access Service provider to offer full Internet access to the entire global Internet. In order to make the Internet easier to use for our customers, we implemented a dynamic menuing system that took some of the more popular features of the Internet and placed them online in an easy-to-use menu configuration, which really helped early users navigate the net and its vast resources.

Information Access Technologies

Provides local access to the Internet in all 50 US states, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Institute for Global Communications

Serves individuals and organizations working toward peace, environmental protection, human rights, social and economic justice, sustainable and equitable development, health, and nonviolent conflict resolution.

Internet Products Inc.

This server provides comprehensive Internet-working solutions, including connection to the Internet, via its InterGate Internet Server. It also offers educational discounts and maintains a list of educational resources.


Contains a portfolio of Internet services, including access to the Internet, easy-to-use navigational software, value-added applications (Info Desk, Directories, What's New), access to electronic commerce (marketplace MCI), consulting services and 24-hour customer support.


A full-service Internet provider offering 28.8kbps access for both PPP and SLIP connections., INTERNExT supports Macintosh and PCs and also offers ISDN connections, 56kb connections, Web Page creation, and Web Servers.

Internode Networks Web Server

Titan Technologies, Calgary, AB, Canada This site is dedicated to Internode Networks Web Server, a Titan Technologies Internet/World Wide Web provider offering individuals and businesses space for their pages.

JW Florence Communications: Cool Links on the Net

Contains information about JW Florence Communications, which provides WWW access.

Kralizec Dialup Internet System

This server provides information about Zeta Microcomputer Software, offering a full range of Internet services to individuals and businesses in Sydney in addition to providing individual accounts and intermittent or permanent SLIP/PPP links.

Libertel Montreal

This a server provides information about the bilingual (French and English) Libertel Montreal, the Montreal Freenet, an Internet access provider. This site links to the Quebec government, the Canadian government, the Vatican, France, Spain, the National Library of Canada, the White House and more.

Lightning PC

Brawley, CA, US This site contains information about Lightning PC, an which provides PPP Internet access to California's Imperial Valley residences.

LinkAGE Online Ltd.

A full service Internet provider serving the needs of companies and individuals in southeast Asia. It offers dialup and dedicated access to the Internet, as well as Internet presence services.

Macom Networking

Israel's commercial Internet presence provider. "MACOM" is Hebrew for "place," but it also means "space." The site contains displays of Israeli stamps, virtual tours and more.

Magnett Internet Gateway

Montreal, Canada's finest group of Internet providers.

Main Street On-Line's Annex

This page contains information about Main Street On-Line's Annex, which provides World Wide Web access. The company makes special offers from time to time to help businesses and individuals gain Internet identities.

Metro Link WWW Server

Metro-X family of X Window, OSF/Motif and Multimedia/Image Processing solutions. All products can be ordered directly through the Internet. In the future the Web sales, technical support, and employment opportunities can be accessed through this site.

MicroServe Information Systems

An Internet provider in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This company has T1 connections running throughout the state that provide clients fast, reliable service. MicroServe offers connections to users with all levels of Internet experience, and also provides a vehicle for area organizations who opt to put their information on the Net.

Mikado Network Services

This server is an informational publication of Mikado Network Services, a San Francisco Bay Area company that provides Internet connections Web advertising services. The site also offers some fun links. But people who don t like legalese are urged to click anywhere but here.

MSU-IIT Internet FAX

Provides a free fax service to Iligan City in the Philippines via e-mail.

Nano-Data AS WEB server

This server provides information about the products and services of Nano-Data, a Norwegian Internet connection provider.


Netscape Communications offers free downloads of their popular browser Netscape Navigator and links to helpful information on the company, products, programs, secure servers, and more!

Newbridge Network's VIVID Web Server

Detailed information on ATM networking solutions by Newbridge Networks, Inc., as well as in-depth technical papers and product support.

Noble Directory of Experts and Spokespersons

This site contains information about Noble Directory of Experts and Spokespersons, a global Internet directory, which offers instant access to experts and spokespersons.

Nubian Nuances

This BITS site provides information about the Internet and the information highway to students and small businesses.

Nucleus Information Service

Alberta's largest on-line service with 50 multi-user phone lines and full SLIP and UNIX shell access.

OpenNet Technologies

A company that focuses on providing WWW services for businesses and organizations throughout Florida. Check its Medical Illustrators' Home Page and let the company know what you think.

Piacenza on Line

The first Internet service provider in Piacenza (Italy) is a supporter of the Piacenza Football Club, of the top Italian soccer division.

The Pipeline Network: Business Services

A full service Internet provider, offering a broad range of business services and software useful in navigating the Internet. The Pipeline Network help companies establish sites on the Internet, creating pages and assisting clients maintain an Internet presence; it also provides gopher services, mailing lists and more.


Check out Prodigy online services and participate in their cyber-safari.

Progressive Computer Services, Inc.

New Orleans, LA, US This page contains information about Progressive Computer Services, Inc., an Internet WWW complete solutions provider, which offers advanced Web page design and marketing, also Internet access through high-speed fiber optic network.


Learn about the possibilities of PSI Internet access for your company or home.

Public Use of Remote Sensing Data

Designed to encourage schools, businesses, and citizens to access and use earth and space science data over the Internet.

Seattle Community Network

A public access, community-based computer network open to all, free of charge. SCN provides access to community information, online forums, access to information on other networks and many other connections.


A Northern California educational and civic Internet access portal.

SingNet WWW

SingNet, Singapore This server provides information about SingNet, the only commercial service provider in Singapore that offers a full range of services. The company offers commercial Web services, and it hosts and maintains the WWW and HTML developers Jump-station pages.

South Coast Computing Services, Inc.

South Coast Computing Services, Inc., an Internet service provider and consulting firm, offers Internet access, dealerships and points of presence. South Coast focuses on commercial and international customers, offering net advertising, consulting, systems integration services. The firm manufactures USENETSerial Board II, a four-port dumb serial board for the ISA bus with a unique hardware flow-control gate that enables 115,200 bps modem operation. Complete engineering information is online for this open-architecture product.

SymNet North Florida's Internet Provider

SymNet Incorporated, Tallahassee, FL, US This server contains information about SymNet North Florida's Internet Provider, which offers clients unlimited shell access, unlimited SLIP and PPP connections and World Wide Web points of presence for a low price.

Thames Valley Internet Services

A full Internet access provider, offering services and training to individuals and companies throughout the United States and Southern England.

The Palace

Try downloading the latest and coolest in IRC software interfaces! Here you will find a 3-D world of fun and adventure in chatting.

The Toronto Internet Co-op

Internet Co-op that offers low-price access. A non-profit organization. Information to users on how to own, sell and provide home pages may be accessed.

Triple International Inc.

An Internet presence provider with offices in San Francisco, London, Paris, Hamburg and Oslo.

UUNET Technologies

The first commercial internet service, provides networking solutions for organizations of all sizes. Find out about events, what's new, products and services and employment opportunities.

Vector Internet Services Home Page

Provides Internet access, services and support for individuals and business. Dial-up and dedicated network connections, software, installation, training and technical support. For business owners, helps them understand benefits that the Internet offers and establishes their presence on it.

Voss Net Online

Langley, Berkshire, UK This site provides information about Voss Net On-line, an easy-to-use, all-in-one package for Internet access.

Web Communications

A self-service Internet publication, brought to residents and guests via the World Wide Web and FTP. Affirms in its motto that it is the world's leading World Wide Web presence provider.

The Web Winder

English and Spanish about The Web Winder, an Internet navigation service from Caribbean Internet Service, Corp. in Puerto Rico. It offers SLIP and PPP connections to the island as well as shell accounts with gopher, WWW access, Internet-2-LAN and dedicated services.


Webcorp, Inc., New York, NY, US This server offers information about Webcorp, Inc., provider of Web services including T1 connectivity, name registration for commercial firms, Web authoring, Internet training and content.

Willamette Valley Internet

Willamette Valley Internet a full service Internet-access provider for the towns of Salem, Kiezer, Stayton, Scio Sublimity, Aumsville, Turner, Lyons, Mill City, Mehama and the surrounding areas.


This server is dedicated to The Lenox Group, which offers a package of integrated Internet services including simple storefronts, complete custom-built Web-sites, space on our Unix network (with full T1 connection to the Net), custom application programming, Internet training, support, and consulting, and award-winning graphics.

Riverton, WY, US This server contains information about, a commercial provider of Internet access and value-added data services to clients in Wyoming.

Yukon Web Services

Yukon products and professional services, government agencies and community happenings in this northern Canadian territory bordering Alaska.

Zephyr NetWorks

Internet/Web development company. The Zephyr specialty is in providing online systems for academics, students as well as technical professionals.


CASIE Guiding Principles of Interactive Media Audience Measurement

This contains objective guidelines for interactive media research.

Internet Advertiser's Blacklist

Information for users interested in creating a Blacklist which is intended to curb inappropriate advertising, junk mail, and hate mail. Who should be on it and how long should they stay on it.

The Internet Advertising Resource Guide

This guide will help you select and find resources about marketing and advertising on the Internet.

Announcement Services

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AXiDiA's mission is to contribute to the development of Internet in the world of business by developing commercial and professional solutions on the system.

Cuenet Systems

Cuenet offers a whole host of services including professionally maintained Internet e-mail autoservers for business, organizations, and individuals.

Eureka: The Telecom Neighborhood

If you are a telecom company or organization, click here to add your link to the Telecom Directory and Knowledge Base.

Welcome to the American Shopping Mall, where you can just click on a link and see hundreds of Online stores and services.

Harvest Gatherer

Register your URL's with Harvest, an integrated set of tools to gather relevant information across the Internet, running at CU.

Hendrik's Reciprocal URL List

Welcome to Hendrik's Reciprocal URL list, where other web users can list their URL's.

Index - Places to list your WWW Page!

Lists search engines and catalogs that you can submit your URL to.

Index - Pointers To Pointers

This index is provided to direct users to point where they can go on the Internet to advertise their sites.

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Registering with ALIWEB

The purpose of ALIWEB is to retrieve and combine files, while you need to only worry about descriptions of your own services so the information is likely to be correct and informative.

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WebPost provides a fast, interactive method of communicating providers of Sales and Marketing services or products, your Web presence to the online world.

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What's New Too Submit Page has over 500 new announcements. If you want your submission posted quickly, What's New will have it in within 36 hours and all announcements are posted.

WWOTI: Register your Home Page

Whose Who on the Internet is for listings of individuals on the Internet.


Archie Request Form (

You can use this gateway for searching on the WWW.

Archie Request Form []

Use this request form to search exact files on the Web that are available for public FTP access.

ArchiePlexForm (lerc.nasa)

Here are three format through which you can use Archie: ArchiePlex Form, ArchiePlex, and Simple ArchiePlex.

Compact Archie interface

Here's a more compact format for Archie searches with files and directories files and sorted by country and in reverse chronological order.

MS160 Archie Server Gateway (

Access requested files through the FTP search'95 version 3.0.

Associations and User Groups

2nd WWW User Survey Results Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, US

GVU Centers surveys on General Demographics, WWW Browser Usage, Authoring Information, and Consumer Surveys Pre-Tests, and instructions for joining the WWW-surveying mailing list.

Active IETF Working Groups

A comprehensive index of groups related to this topic.

Adnet Information Management

A low-cost method of displaying your information on the World Wide Web.

AIDAT (African Internet Development Action Team)

Dedicated to developing the Internet in Africa that provides a wide range of free information and other resources to the general public and to institutions.

Apple-Internet-Providers home page

Discusses the Macintosh as a server of Internet resources, as well as the problems, solutions and services available on this platform. Access to subscription information.

Argentine National Science & Technology Nerwork-RECyT

Secretariat of Science and Technology, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This central server of the National Science and Technology Network, (RECyT) provides information about the Internet in Argentina, science and technology, and has links to resources in Argentina and Latin America in Spanish and English.

Center for Cyber Communities Initiative (CCCI)

This site promotes joint research to support social experimentation and R&D activities aimed at the development of the infrastructure for cyber communities in Japan.

Current Internet-Drafts

A summary sheet that provides a short synopsis of each Internet-Draft available within the "Internet-drafts" directory at the shadow sites directory. Drafts are sorted alphabetically by workgroup.

Hybrid City

Here is a virtual community with services, entertainment and an online paper show. There is rental space available and world wide web consultants and other experts are prepared to help new tenants move in and set up shop.

IEPG Document Archive

An operational group which assists Internet Service Providers in operating with the Global Internet.

Information Systems Security Association

For information on conferences and other information about this organization.

Internet and Computer Law Association

Focuses on providing information about and for computer law students.

Internet Engineering Task Force

This group is the protocol engineering and development branch of the Internet.

Internet Initiative Japan

Information and services related to this initiative.

Internet Society

Works towards global harmony and coordination for the Internet and its Internetworking technologies and applications.

Internet Software Consortium

Engineers software for the Internet.

Internet Working Groups

This page directs one to Internet organizations and groups.

MIT - Intelligent Information Infrastructure Project

A group that seeks to develop an extremely general system for the distribution and retrieval of information that will work over major Internet protocols.


Nova-Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., US This network navigator provides a wide variety of resources in an organized manner that is easy to use. In addition to WWW, gopher, and telnet resources, there is an extensive interface to software libraries, an unusual fun page, an employment section, and more. Inter-Link is maintained by Dr. Bob Kabacoff of the Center for Psychological Studies.

Quattro and See You Soon

Two advertising agencies have joined together to create a Website based in Brussels which promotes the necessity of the Internet as a means of communication.

The River

A conferencing system which provides a medium for stimulating and interesting conversations among a diverse group of people, and seeks to foster virtual communities which control their own destinies.

Universities Space Research Association

Universities Space Research Association (USRA) provides a mechanism through which universities may cooperate with one another, with the US government, and with other research organizations.

WebLink Inc.

Offers information about WebLink Inc., which provides marketing services for companies and professionals wanting to sell products on the Web or establish Internet presence.


3WD: World Wide Web Designs

3WD a company that offers Web designs and services. The company offers page development and staff training; it offers Internet services, including marketing, design, interactive forums and animation.

Allusions, Inc.

A business specializing in developing home pages and presentations focused on women's businesses and issues. Allusions, Inc. is committed to making having a home page or site as painless and inexpensive as possible.

The Alphabet Emporium

Double Helix Productions provides information about The Alphabet Emporium and its alphabet GIF products.

The Universe

Web authoring and serving. Includes Eventide Graphical Group, The Stony Brook School, Seaeagle, MBH Studios, Center for Marketing and Education and Stony Brook Village.

Auragen Communications

A web authoring company for businesses. Learn how your company can utilize their online shopping facilities.

Automatic Home Page Generator

Welcome to the quick and easy Automatic Home Page Generator. Generate your own home page by clicking here.

Aztech Cyberspace InfoHUB

A company that specializes in high quality HTML scripting and image processing. The Aztech InfoHUB contains links to a diverse variety of client pages.


Welcome to BrowserCaps, a collaborative database of Web Browser HTML support.

Ceneca SiteMill and PageMill

Calling all non-technical people! Ceneca SiteMill and PageMill are two new Mac web authoring/site management tools for non-technical people who want to create or maintain content on the Web.

Colossus, Inc.

Colossus, Inc., can provide web pages, listservers with PGP encryption or more involving other complex situations.

DazzleM! Communications

This server contains information about DazzledM! Communications, which provide WWW authoring in sophisticated visuals for market growth.

DWB's WWW Authoring Info

WWW Authoring Information offers only the most useful documents, organized into a wide variety of subjects.

Great Connections

The essence of the Internet is connections-immediate, valuable connections with people, products, services and information anywhere in the world. We develop and manage your web business applications.

HP-UX Web Publishing Toolkit

Assembling the Ultimate HP-UX Toolbox for Publishing World Wide Web Documents provides pointers and descriptions of Publishing tools that work on the HP-UX platform.

Interglobal Web Page Developers

Offers information about Interglobal Web Page Developers, whose objective is to help businesses and individuals.

Internet Image Design

This server provides information about Image Design, which creates and publicize finished sites on the Web for commercial businesses and nonprofit agencies.

J-LINC Technologies

A commercial Web provider with graphic artists and designers, color image scanning and page promotion as well as mall services.

Make Your Own Web Page

Make yourself known by clicking here to make your own web page.

New Web Builders

Everything you wanted to know about building your own Web page, but were afraid to ask.

Paradise Communications Web Services

Provides information about Paradise Communications Web Services, which offers programming, graphic production and Web site construction for companies that want to market products and services on the Internet.

PTC Home Page and Archive

A description of PTC services, an archive of CAD and finite element analysis images, and links to Lexmark International. The Plastics Technology Center designs, develops, and produces plastic parts and products for OEM and after-market companies.

Reverse Engineering Home Page

Information about Georgia Tech's current research on software, reverse engineering and program understanding.

RodCo Design Services

A complete line of home page and HTML design and graphics. RodCo artists create or incorporate customers graphics for Web sites.

Southeast Texas Area Computer Consultants

The premier place for inexpensive Web pages, some starting as low as $50.


A woman-owned business that develops Internet web sites and conducts online research. Also providing access to cutting edge marketing and market research methodologies through the development and maintenance of Web Sites on the Internet.

SpHyDir - Structured Professional Hypertext Directory Manger

Welcome to SpHyDir--the Structured Professional Hypertext Directory Manager.

Streams Online Media Development

Specializes in the development, design, programming and implementation of commercial Web presences and Internet marketing campaigns.

SuperBusiness NET

A company that creates Web pages and helps businesses develop Internet presences. The firm is an Internet service provider that specializes in securing technical support for the customers of its business clients. To accomplish this, SuperBusinessNET employs other Internet features as well as the Web. It provides support for custom FTP, and provides PPP dial-up services.

Tips for Advanced Page Designers

Tips for AP Designers focus on such issues as quality typography and clear designs. The sponsoring company designs HTML pages.

Tips for Designers/Web Wonk

Tips for writers and designers to better communicate on the Web.

Voth Communications

Provides WWW design services featuring The Web Gateway, an index of Internet sites, also The City Square for individuals and businesses to become established on the Web and offer information via classified ads and the employment center.

Web Authoring [Ludweb]

Web Authoring provides references and resources that are useful to learn HTML and to design attractive and functional sites.

The Web Designer

The Web Designer is dedicated to designing home pages on the Web.

Web Masters

Everything you need to know about making Web Pages and more!

Web Page Design and Authoring

Contains information about Web Page Design and Authoring, which is a service offered by a graphic designer with knowledge of HTML.

Web Street Mall

Assists businesses and individuals in establishing Internet presences. The company also offers help with home page design and advertising.


If you want to learn the fastest and easiest way to have your own home page, then click here to the Web-o-Matic home page!

Webb Creations

Designs professional, innovative web pages and presentations, with special interest in environmental and personal growth related companies and organizations who are looking to create a presence on the world wide web. Also provides musical composition services for multimedia, film, and theater.


WebDoor is the easiest way to publish on the World Wide Web. If you want to easy and quick, click here!


For the latest information on WebScript images and Web authoring technology, guide your mouse here.

Webspace Design

A collection of articles about experiences with Web design, HTML style and more!


Information about Websys, which specializes in Web development and hosting services.

Xephon's Web Page

Devoted to the work of Xephon research analysts, information providers, and publishers specializing in the IBM-compatible large systems environment. It contains brief details of research findings, advice on mainframe hardware and software acquisition, general industry comment, and other technical information of interest to users of enterprise client/server systems.


ZoooP, Center for Electronic Art, San Francisco, CA, US This server defines Zooop, creator of Home pages designed for Netscape and replete with art, photography, interactive features.

Beginner's Guides

Aardvark Interlist

This Aardvark Interlist server, presented by WorldWide Net, is intended to provide a good starting point for Internet surfing. It Includes a list of 10,000 links to sites with subjects arranged in a hierarchical table of contents and an index of countries.

Appleseed's Prodigy and Internet Help Guide

Frustrated by not understanding "Zip files?" Here's a sympathetic help guide to answer your questions and many others such as downloading and decoding on the Usenet. Also there are links to other search engines and viewers.

Ask Dr. Internet Index

Click on a Dr. Internet issue to solve your computer related problems!


A beginner's tutorial for people who have never written hypertext documents before.

Bare Bones Guide to HTML

A beginners guide to the bare bones of HTML, available in eight different languages.

A Beginner's Guide to HTML

If you are a beginner and new to learn HTML, then click here for an excellent beginner's guide to HTML.

Beginner's Luck

Access this directory to link you to guides and tutorials on learning to surf the Internet, conducting online searches, useful computer magazine sites, what's new/hot lists, virtual libraries and more.

Burt's page of Internet Tips

Welcome to Burt's page of Internet tips and interesting links.

Easy Internet

Read this simple guide to Internet: from a brief historical overview to practical info on using it and on hooking up your machine. This is brought to you magazine.

Easy Mosaic and Introductory Web Surfing

An introductory to Web surfing and easy Mosaic.

Exploring the World-Wide Web

A self-directed tutorial for exploring the WWW.

Finding a WWW Host for Your Project

Ideas and suggestions on locating a free/low-cost host for your WWW pages.

A Free "Interactive Guide to the Internet" Desktop Presentation

Learn all about the Internet by downloading this interactive guide to the Internet, that features explanations on the Internet, Web, E-mail, Internet Commerce, and more.

Global Village Tour of the Internet

Why don't you take this tour of the Internet that is full of easy to read text and graphics for the beginner.

Glossary of Internet Terms

Find all your unknown Internet terms here in this alphabetical glossary.

Goldberg, Barry

Access this page for helpful links to guides and instruction manuals on the Internet.

Guided WebTours

A self-narrative tour that leads you through incredible paths down the Web.

Hop and Sticky Guide to the Net

Use this to jump to search engines, software links, and on-ramps.

How to make a Great Homepage

Learn how to create a terrific homepage and fully utilize it.

How to Publish on the Web

A beginner's guide to publishing on the Web.

How to set up a winsock connection

For the non-techie net surfers, learn how to use your Windows PCs for Internet connection plus everything from WWW docs, FAQs, Usenet posts, to common errors to avoid.

HTML Learning Center

An excellent tutorial for new users to learn what is needed to produce pages for the Web.


Use this beginner's guide to maneuver around the Internet, use search engines, and visit some "really cool sites."

IAH New User Guide

This guide will light your path to software sites, home page assistance, Internet tutorials, and easy surfing the Web.

ICYouSee Page

An excellent introductory and self-guided World Wide Web Training page.

Interactive Age

A beginner's guide to getting your company on the Web. There are sessions to cover connecting to the Internet, e-mail, Telnet and FTP protocols. They provide web publishing, integrating the Net into your business plan, promoting your presence, and Web design.

The Internet Companion: A Beginner's Guide to Global Networking

Check out free full-text version of a best-selling guide to linking Internet resources around the world.

Internet eMail Syntax Guide

This reveals the simplicity of sending and receiving e-mail with example syntax between various worldwide networks.

Internet Starter Kit

Access this free, online edition of one of the best Internet starter books.

Introduction to the Internet

Browse this summary of basic online info services for searching, info exchange, live communication, and integration.

Kitty Locker's Introduction to the Web

An introductory guide for university students to the Web.

List Your URL

Scott Banister, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, US This server provides an easy-to-use forms-based interface for adding your URL to major WWW catalogs, such as Yahoo, WebCrawler, and many others. Forms capable of submitting your URL to each catalog are collected on one page, making registration of your new Web resource with multiple catalogs fast and easy.

Mecklerweb's Entry Level

This document discusses and tells you how to beat the Associated Press by getting news from the Net before it arrives in the newspapers in the real world.

The Net Brothers Help Pages

For first-time computer users trying to navigate the Internet. They offer simple, plain English advice mixed with a dash of humor. There are software information sheets available for download as well as links to interesting sites.

The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette

Here's the Net user guide to etiquette on the Internet.

Netscape Tutorial

Learn basic and advanced navigation through Netscape as well as the extras and preferences and how to access news groups.

New User Directory

Grasp the basics of how to use the Web, make your own page, use specific operating systems, and have common Internet problems answered.

Newbie's Guide to the Net

Get informed about useful resources on the Net and link up to online guides.

Paging Yourself

A collection of tips on how to publish on the World Wide Net.

Personal IP []

Learn how to download free software, set up your PPP/SLIP/CSLIP connection to the Internet, and more. Check out the news groups that deal out the techno-chatter.

A Primer for creating Web Resources

A good index for creating Web resources.

A Quick Guide to HTML and CGI Scripts

If you are looking for a quick and easy guide to HTML and CGI Scripts, then guide your mouse here.

The Roadmap

Here's an extensive 27 lesson course on how to use the Internet.

Sites and Answers for New Internet Users

Here's the answer to some of your Internet questions and a guide to search engines, NetWare, a list of organizations, and more.

Spinning the Web: Setting Up World Wide Web Server

A beginner's guide to setting up a World Wide Web Server.

Starting Point

Offers a well organized category-based starting point for Web browsing.

Starting to use the Web

A basic guide to using the Web, with explanations and definitions of various concepts.

Treasures on the Internet

Bookmark this as a good directory for search engines, reference tools, education resources, the Web, learning how to e-mail, file transfer protocol sites, Gopher and Telnet sites.

Understanding the Internet

This features over 200 resources for the novice surfer, including links to guides, lists of current software, and online resources.

The Web Developer's Journal

Covers subjects of interest to businesses and individuals using electronic formats to communicate on the Internet and elsewhere.

The World Wide Web: Explained

An easy to understand, student's guide to the World Wide Web.

The World-Wide Web: Origins And Beyond

A beginners guide to historical aspects of the World Wide Web. The guide also discusses alternative methods of universal information sharing.

Zen and the Art of the Internet - Table of Contents

Here's the full text of an extensive beginner's guide to the Internet

Best of the Web

Anthony's Most Annoying of the Web

Point Top 5% Review, free services, point information, what's new and new sites and Breaking News.

Best Of The Colorado Web

If you are looking to find the best of everything in Colorado from services to cuddly men, click her to the best of the Colorado Web.

BoWeb '94 Award Recipients

If you are looking for 94's Best of the Web recipients, click here. There are thirteen categories in total.

BoWeb 94 - WWW Hall of Fame

Welcome to the World Wide Web of Fame where people who have had the greatest influence on the system are recognized.

Club Web Platinum 100

Club Web Platinum 100 are the top 100 Interesting and Unique Sites. Currently there are only 11 listed but the numbers are growing!

GNN Best of the Net Honorees

GNN Best of the Net Honorees are found here just by clicking on your mouse.

The Lamest Homepage Contest

Join this unique contest for the lamest homepage.

Macmillan Winner's Circle

If your looking for the best *personal* home page, then click into Macmillan's Winner's Circle.

Mediocre Site of the Day

Check out today's mediocre site. Learn how to create a mediocre site.

Mirsky's Worst of the Web

Mirsky makes a living. Or try the Drunk browsing test or perhaps even the worst contest.

On the Internet

A commentary of the best of the Web done on a weekly basis.

PCW's Best of British Web Sites

PCW's short list of Britain's best Web sites.

Resources on Bad Web Pages

A resource of information of what not to do for your homepage.

Spotlight Hot Spots

This site contains news, sports, business, government, entertainment, weather, magazines and classified.

SR's Best Business Resources WorldWide

This site has the best business resources worldwide regarding investments, business directories and travel.

Useless Web Pages

Interactivity! The uselessness of many subjects or the useless Hall of Fame. Try the contest.


A collection of Web pages you wouldn't even tell your mother about. Pretty pathetic, eh?


Amiga Mosaic

Amiga Mosaic client support. FAQs, instructions, installation information and more.

Browser Checkup [City.Net]

Better than the Yellow Pages with access to all of that information and more at any time of the day, from anywhere. The guide would contain all of the information that we longed to have in one place, but in addition to arts and entertainment for local people we would provide business, government, travel, and tourism information, etc. All in whatever city you're in!

Browser Statistics [BenLo Park Research]

Find out which browser happens to be the most popular, most used...all in this site!


Information on the various browsers along with user feedback. Statistics on the famous and most utilized browser can be found here.

Cool Tricks: Helper Applications

Need help with you browser? There are new cool tricks here that you can find to help you get what you want!

The Creative Internet: Browser Statistics

Information on the types of browsers likely to be encountered on our frivolous pages (as opposed to scientific and technical pages), we have been logging the browser types from accesses to The Asylum front page.

CWSApps List - World Wide Web Browsers

Check out this Windows 95 Web browser. Yes, world wide at your finger tips.

Downloadable Helper Applications for Windows

Need help downloading? Come, let us breeze through with just a simple click.

Explanation of HotJava

HotJava is Sun's latest and greatest product. It's a web browser, but like nothing you've seen before. This program adds support for applets; executable programs written in a new language called Java. According to Sun, Java is an object oriented language designed to solve a number of problems of modern programming languages. With Java, you can create interactive programs, independent of the server software you run, that run platform independent on your client computer. This page explains the program and provides links to other Java pages.

Getting started with WWW

Want information about W3? All the information about W3 is on the web. How do you get started? There are a number of ways such as browsing through all that information by just telnetting to one of the addresses or you can come in here and make life a little easier.

Graphical & Internet Viewers

Graphical and Internet viewers for Microsoft.

HotJava ( mirror)

Welcome to Sun's Java home page. Java is a new object-oriented programming language developed at Sun Microsystems to solve a number of problems in modern programming practice and to provide a programming language for the Internet. HotJava is a dynamic, extensible WWW browser that showcases the capabilities of the Java language. This page has both Java hype and information.

HotJava (Sun Microsystems)

A great reference for anything you want to know about the Web browser HotJava, this site also allows you to download this software.

How to Hear .wav Files on a Sparc

Reference to find files.

ISP Internet YellowPages

This directory maintains a search engine for companies and topics that are submitted. List your URL over here for free today.

The Java Developers Kit

The Java Developers Kit (JDK) lets you write applets that conform to the new, frozen applet API for the Java Programming Language.

Java Zone

Welcome to Java Zone!!! This homepage is HotJava Enhanced. Contains applets which can only be properly viewed by HotJava Browser. Viewing of this homepage by other web browser such as Netscape 1.1N and Mosaic is possible but you may lose some of the special implemented HotJava features. Most of the applets used here are grabbed from the Internet.

Jayfar's Web Survey

Information on number of users and most popular browsers. Notes and description on problems are also mentioned.

Mathbrowser (MathSoft, Inc.)

A Web browser that allows you to explore Mathcad's unique live documents over the Internet. Equations, graphs and textual material that instantly recomputes and redraws all examples. Come and see what numbers can do.


Access the National Center for Super Computing Applications (NCSA) to learn more about their software tools, including NCSA Mosaic, computational resources, and publications. Companies and organizations can also submit their URL to get on a directory.


A leading commercial Internet service provider offers many jumps, including Cyberspace exhibits, local access points throughout metropolitan United States. NETCOM provides complete access to the global Internet, enabling the locating and downloading of files and remote login access to other computer systems. Services include news feeds, e-mail, domains, Web access and all the rest.


Offers product information about the Chameleon line of TCP/IP software for Windows PCs. There is information about NetManage's application, WebSurfer, a WWW client. There is a section containing links or jump pointers to interesting places.

Netscape Sound How-to

Learn to hook up Netscape audio. Have problems? Come in quickly and HEAR what we have to offer.

A Note About Web Browsers & Privacy

Learn what your browser is telling http servers. Before you surf, beware!


Want your browser to audio on your demand? Come in and download any files that you need. Quick and fast.

Setting Properly your Webreader

Now you can upgrade your browser that support inline JFIF/JPEGs.

Simon URL Manager

Research in Internet discovery. Provides you to capture that knowledge to research in Internet.

Simply Interactive

Simply Interactive, Inc. develops breakthrough internet navigational tools such as “Internet the City” on CD-ROM and Que’s Mega Web Dictionary. These navigational tools have been designed with the latest technology available to date, such as our interactive 3-D graphical interface in "Internet the City". Simply Interactive invites you to check out the future of Internet Navigation and the products that will take you into the future. Interactivity required!

WWW Browsers that can Display Japanese

Now you can switch characters in one mosaic. Whether it be in Japanese, Czech, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, and more. Any characters can be displayed in this amazing browser. Come, let us explore the impossible.

WWW Client Software Products

Access the WWW from your own computer. The possibilities are all up to you. Why don't you come in and browse for yourself..

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