Analog and Digital VLSI at UIUC

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Analog and Digital VLSI is a repository of research and researchers' bio-data at the university's Circuits Group.

Andrew II Projects

Andrew II series of projects are replacing much of the distributed computing infrastructure on the Andrew System at Carnegie Mellon University.

Apple Research Partnership Program, Carleton University

The Apple Research Partnership Program--officially renamed the Apple Educational Consultants Program--at Carleton University.

Apricot Computers WWW Services

Apricot Computers offers WWW Services, and provides product specifications, training details, service details and general interest information on Apricot Computers.

Artificial Intelligence Pointers

An index of artificial intelligence sites and projects throughout the United States. The primary links here are for knowledge-based systems and knowledge representation; some others are repositories.

The Beginners Pages

Basic postscript guides to UNIX, LaTeX and the UNIX editor. There are also some programs in awk, as well as a few programs in Pascal and a few pointers on abstract data types such as binary trees. More to come.

Cornell University: Computer Science Technical Reports

Forms-based interface for searching the Computer Science Technical Reports collection at Cornell. Searches are launched by author, title, or words in the abstract. Lists of the full collection, sorted by author or number, are obtainable.

Cray Research Inc., US

Cray Research UniChem's page contains the latest release information, recent results in high performance computational chemistry, news about DGauss analytical vibrational frequencies, and DGauss basis sets.

Cyberhunt Internet Search Game

Cyberhunt Internet Search Game, The Search For Vincent, is an interactive search game leading to Internet sites from around the world.

Dan Akst

Dan Akst is the Internet and computer guru who writes newspaper columns that appear in The Los Angeles Time and elsewhere. The site includes some of his writings.

The Educator's Internet Newsletter

Provides information about The Educator's Internet Newsletter which focuses on accessing Internet teaching resources for the K-12 community.

Electronic Corporate Pages, Inc.

Create and maintain Web pages for companies in central Texas.

Ergonomics in Telerobotics and Control (ETC) Lab

This laboratory server for research on human-factor issues in telerobotics, 3D human computer interfaces, augmented reality and input control devices, includes numerous online publications.

Expert Systems Training and Consulting with CLIPS

Intelligent Software Professionals (ISP) Expert Systems offers training seminars. ISP was created to provide the artificial intelligence industry with proven A.I solutions, and was founded by NASA research/AI-programmer employees.

The First Online Trade Show

Lighthouse Productions of Santa Cruz offers hundreds of demonstrations of Internet-related hardware, software and services.

The Gizmo Page

Columns by Ric Manning, who covers computers, video games and consumer electronics for the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Gannett News Service.

Global Union Square, Inc.

Shopping mall composed of advertisements of various commercial companies and individuals. Currently, there are six categories: Electronic Market Place, Health City, Global Travel, Internet Gallery, Business & Jobs, and Gourmet Cookbook.

Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Data Systems offers designing, manufacturing and marketing of industry standard mainframe computers, storage systems, open systems hardware and software and also services.

Home of The Fat Aardvark

The Fat Aardvark site offering computer prices and a collection of links. Details on local BBS's.

IBM Personal Computers

IBM's complete line of personal computer offerings, including desktop PC, server, ThinkPad and after market products, and the new Personal Computer 700 and 300 series. You can review product descriptions, announcements, press releases, support functions, and a comprehensive file library.

IndustryNET: Industry's On-Line Mall

The latest in engineering design, automation and manufacturing news, Includes the latest in industry news, application assistance, new products, demo software, online trade shows, hundreds of tested shareware programs, hundreds of job openings, and used industrial equipment. IndustryNET carries information from nearly 3,000 companies, covering over 10,000 products and over 250 manufacturer's stores.

Institut d'Investigacio en Intel.ligencia Artificial

Artificial Intelligence Research Institute is funded by the Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC). It focuses on machine learning, case-based reasoning, fuzzy and multivalued logic, expert systems, artificial intelligence in medicine and metalevel architectures and reflection. Information about the ACIA (Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence) is also provided.

Intel's Paragon Supercomputer: World's Fastest Computer

Intel Scalable Systems Division cooperated with Sandia National Laboratories to win back the title of "the worlds fastest computer" from the Japanese. The Japanese held the record of 170 GigaFLOPs, but the Intel/Sandia team exceeded that mark by 50 percent, setting the new mark of 281 GigaFLOPs. (At one calculation per second, it would take more than 11,000 years to do what the Intel system did in one second.)

InterAd W3 Server

Optimus, Inc. provides information about many New Brunswick, technology-driven firms. This service is also available to companies from other regions.

Interface Technologies On-line Training Center

Interface Technologies, Inc. offers free on-line tutorials such as Motif, C+, and business networking, for programmers, business people, and computer users.

International Systems Registrars Ltd.

An ISO/QS 9000 consulting, auditing and training corporation specializing in complete quality manuals used for registration. The firm is offering access to five hours free training through WISTAP, for all Wisconsin area businesses.

Internet Interstate's Macintosh Web Page

Macintosh services provides links and information about everything related to Macs.

Internet Speed Dialer

Use the Web to speed dial a phone. The Internet Speed Dialer accepts phone numbers, including those with letters, and plays the appropriate touch tone sounds through the computer's speaker.

The Internet Training Source

JES & Associates, Inc. provides hands-on training workshops and seminars for all levels of Internet users. Classes range from "Introduction to the Internet" to "HTML Document Construction Workshop", and are presented by experts with years of experience. JES is a leading provider of training and textbooks on the Pick, Advanced Pick, uniVerse, and Unidata RDBMS platforms, and conducts a wide variety of courses on all flavors of Unix.


We have indexed many interesting sites and are continually updating the list. INTERNExT is a full-service Internet provider offering 28.8kb access for both PPP and SLIP connections. We support Macintosh and PCs and also offer ISDN connections, 56kb connections, Web Page creation, and Web Servers.

Keio University Neural Computing Center

Neural Computing Center in Shonan Fujisawa. Keio University maintains a server that offers a variety of results of computer communications, VLSI-CAD, molecular biology, management science, operations research, medical imaging, and computer science using neural computing.

Kingston Online Services

Kingston Online Services, which offers its modified Black Gamma CircleMUD, a multiple-line bulletin board system, a BBS entertainment resource: Kingston Online provides full Internet access to Southeastern Ontario.

The Knowledge Systems Laboratory

National Research Council provide research in artificial Intelligence and delivers technical reports and information on its staff.

Langley School District Home Page

Useful Internet resources, especially for elementary and secondary students and teachers. Also information about the district and its elementary and secondary schools.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Biological and Computational Learning

BCL is the MIT-based Center for Biological and Computational learning. An interdisciplinary center which promotes research collaboration in artificial intelligence, computer science, engineering, and the neurosciences. These pages include information about research programs, principal investigators, seminar schedule, and a number of ongoing projects.


Description of research and development activities at the Computer and Automation Research Institute.

The NAS Parallel Benchmarks

Numerical Aerodynamic Systems Division has updated the NAS Parallel Benchmarks, a set of indicators for the performance evaluation of highly parallel supercomputers. The principal distinguishing feature of these benchmarks is their "pencil and paper" specification all details of these benchmarks are specified only algorithmically, avoiding many of the difficulties associated with conventional benchmarking approaches on highly parallel systems.

NEC Research Institute

NEC Research Institute is subsidiary of NEC Corporation and conducts long-term, fundamental research in computer and physical sciences.

The Net Brothers Help Pages

Net Brothers Help pages are aimed at first-time computer users trying to navigate the Internet. They offer simple, plain English advice mixed with a dash of humor. There are software information sheets available for downloading, as well as links to interesting sites.


Net. shopper provides solutions for any computer need, good service and reasonable prices.

Novell Product Buyer's Guide

The Novell Buyer's Guide is now in searchable format. It includes products made available by WordPerfect, the Novell Applications Group. Also the Network computer development tools and primer.

(OASIS) On-Line Accessible Shared Information Services

TRIAD Internet information provider, including search tools and indexes.

The Oric emulator archive

Emulator archive for the Euphoric emulator and information related to computers.

Parallel Computing Archive at HENSA Unix

University of Kent at Canterbury, England provides a fully indexed archive of software and documents about parallel and high-performance computing. The WWW interface to the archive has been enhanced; changes include a hierarchical tree of sites by continent, region, country and organization type and an updated Vendors link page.

Road Warrior Outpost

Road Warrior Outpost is an information and product resource for mobile professionals.

School of Cognitive and Computing

The sciences at the University of Sussex. Includes an interactive browser for the school's technical reports, some of which are available for FTP, and a picture gallery with color pictures of various members of the school, and a sample of each of them saying "Hello" (in their native languages).

Third Stream Computing Online Learning Center

Oberlin College's Third Stream Computing Online Learning Center provides a space to explore cooperative teaching and learning, support of academic expertise in some area other than computer science with the focus on application development.

University of Texas, Austin, Computation Center

This Computation Center server offers a Web interface to its Macintosh software archive, providing indexes and descriptions of products, links to product data, their source and master sites.

Virtual Computer Library

University of Texas site containing computing newsletters, conference calendars, vendors lists, Internet/WWW information, news/press releases, books, journals, FAQs and other computer related materials.


Good x86-computers information including services, upgrades, support, training, parts and peripherals for PC compatible computers.


Law of Electronic Commerce Seminars

Seminars offered on-line by the National Computer Security Association. These 30-day events, taught entirely through cyberspace, include electronic signatures, computer evidence, and tax rules for recording electronic business transactions.


Mergent International, Inc. provides information about Mergent, which has always been on the front lines of information security, offering an integrated family of solutions for diverse, distributed computing environments. Its Web server contains information about the company and its DACS family of products.

Quorum On-Line

This is your source for information about Quorum On-Line and Quorum personal security products, distributed by the independent SNC International.

The Whetzel Group

The Whetzel Group provides access to information and products for personal, home and auto security. Access of additional information and concerns being developed.


Able Software

Able Software Company , which produces software tools for GIS and mapping applications R2V for Windows/NT. It is an advanced raster-to-vector conversion software for map digitizing or creation from aerial photos and satellite imagery.

Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe products, services, training, technology, customer spotlights, and more. Adobe has made FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader software for Macintosh, Windows, SunUNIX, and DOS platforms available on the Web.

The AG Group, Inc.

This server provides a resource for network managers, administrators and support professionals, IS professionals, network VARS and system integrators, software and hardware developers, and others. It includes product information and screen shots, free demo software and network management utilities, and support information.

Agile Networks

The server provides information about Agile Networks, manufacturer of high-speed, low-latency Ethernet to ATM switches, based upon the award-winning Agile Relational LAN Architecture, which features the ATMizer 125 Relational Switch and ATMman Management Software.

AniCom, Inc.

This server for the developer of 3D Choreographer for Windows, offers examples of animation files and animation characters.

Apple's QuickTime Online

This page contains information about Apple Computer's AppleSoft Div. and Advanced Tech. Group, dedicated to QuickTime, QuickTime-enhanced audio CDs and related technologies. QuickTime software enables both Macintoshes and Windows computers to play videos, sounds and music.

Artificial Life Online

The service is intended to serve as a forum for the accumulation and dissemination of information about all aspects of the field of Artificial Life.

Astound Yourself!

This server provides information about Gold Disk, Inc.’s Astound, which enables user to add sound, animated text, graphs and digital video to image backgrounds of choice. Demonstrations included here.

ATTG's Neural Net Tutor

ATTG's Neural Net Tutor is a modifiable, graphical, neural-net engine the user may apply to prediction and pattern-matching problems. Although ATTG's NNTutor provides hands-on education of advanced technologies, it is a fully configurable-neural net engine one can use to solve real problems.

Birds-of-Prey "The Total Point of Sale Solution"

This site offers information about Business Systems Communications, Inc. and The Total Point of Sale Solution, which provides direct access to information on BSC's open system Point of Sale software solutions for retailers, vendors, and VARs.

Borland Online

This server provides a resource for its companies' software developers, providing access to technical documents and information on products, seminars, and training locations. Borland International is a leading provider of products and services for software developers.

BPE Technologies

Linux-based software and hardware systems. The server has or will have a listing of computer systems suited for the Linux operating system.

Bridesmaid for Windows

This software will assist in all aspects of planning a wedding including cost control, guest lists, and scheduling.

Center for Software Development

This non-profit group encourages growth of software businesses, maintains a resource library, and sponsors educational software development events.

CheckPoint Software Technologies Ltd.

CheckPoint Software Technologies Ltd. is focused on the development of leading-edge Internet security and connectivity products, including a unique, flexible security system. FireWall-1 is the first software product to offer full Internet connectivity without compromising your internal network security. It is used by major Fortune 500 corporations, and won Networld+Interop Best of Show award.

The Children's Software Company

The Children's Software Company specializes in educational software for children, offering the finest titles available for Mac, PC, and CD-ROM.

CIESIN's Gateway

Provides intuitive interface of the sort that facilitates integrated data and information searching, viewing and ordering.

CL Software and Services

This page describes CL Software and Services' development with Lotus software for Windows and design, installation, tuning and training for NetWare, Unix and Internet networks.


CLARIS CORPORATION, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple Computer, based in Santa Clara, California, is a leading developer of Macintosh and Windows applications, including Claris Organizer, ClarisDraw, ClarisImpact, ClarisWorks, FileMaker Pro, MacProject Pro, and MacWrite Pro. See what's new, review products and demos, obtain sales & customer assistance, technical support or find out about job opportunities.

ClearWeb: The Web Pages of Atria Software, Inc.

This server provides information about the makers of ClearCase, a software configuration management tool. In addition to product and service information, it contains calendars of upcoming courses and seminars, white papers, back issues of the Atria newsletter /main/LATEST, a hypertext archive of the ClearCase International Users' Group mailing list, and more.

Click 3x

This server contains information about Click 3x, which provide artists with the tools to create broadcast imagery. The tools include Flame on the SGI Onyx, multiple 3D software applications for the Extreme machines and multiple desktop computers. Check out the quicktime and post to the FAQs.

The Color is Black

This server offers information about The Black Box, Inc., which is a Hong Kong based multimedia developer of CD-ROM documentaries on disc. Product samples includes MPEG video clips, audio bites, screen shots and sample text.

Command Corp. Inc.

This Command Corp. Inc. server describes in detail the IN CUBE speech recognition systems for MS Windows and for SUN Microsystems SPARCstations. It provides application information, product reviews and announcements covering new products. The full working systems are available for downloading with free evaluation licenses and demos.

Computational Chemistry Working Party

Computational Chemistry Working Party is an organization that draws its membership from academic staff of chemistry departments of UK universities. The main responsibility of the Working Party is to collectively maintain computational chemistry software for the UK academic community.

Cool Edit Home Page

Windows-based sound editor has everything. A downloadable shareware version is available.

Cybertech-Web Pages and .HLP

Cybertech provides Window documents and files for application and products and also offers home page design.

Dart Communications

TCP/IP winsock development tools that provide TELNET/FTP/UDP access. Also available is PowerVT, which is a powerful VT220/320 emulator. In addition, World Wide Web services are provided for database integration with Oracle.

Defense Software Repository System (DSRS)

Defense Software Repository System (DSRS) is an automated repository for storing and retrieving reusable assets. DSRS serves as a central collection point for quality assets, and facilitates software reuse by offering DOD developers the opportunity to match their requirements with existing software products.

Delta Computers Ltd.

Delta Computers Ltd. provides software solutions for the electronic publishing market. With more than 10 years experience in computerizing information networks, this company is actively involved with SGML, TeX and HTML.

Doom Rules

This Doom page contains information about cheat codes, FTP sites and newsgroups and offers links to secret and monster counts. Heretic and Descent and Dark Forces cheats as well.

Dr. Fellowbug's Laboratory of Fun and Horror

Dr. Fellowbug's Laboratory of Fun and Horror, which provides games and interactive activities, designed for having fun on the Web.

Emissary (The Wollongong Group)

All you need to know to using the Internet...protocols, procedures, whatever. A new Internet software application that provides the Power Desktop for the Internet and corporate intranets in a single, integrated Windows application.

EST's BRU and Tape Backup

This Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. server contains information about EST, which makes BRU, the UNIX backup and restore utility. Included is information on tape backup administration in the UNIX environment and the availability of BRU UNIX and Unix-like systems from Linux to Cray.

FASCAR Racing for Windows

FASCAR is a free auto racing game for Windows.

Fil's Electronics FAQ page

Contains sci.electronics FAQ's online; some relate to HTML and others to electronic/robotics. Remote control (RC) models are also supported.

George Mason University Center for the New Engineer

The Center for the New Engineer, which has developed several Internet-accessible tutorial modules covering different topics in computer science.


Gigabox features games by Downtown Digital such as Keepers of Lists, Two Minute Warning and Get Out Of My Mouth.

The Graphics Gallery

A Quark-authorized imaging center and an Adobe (Aldus) imaging center. Other services include multimedia, slide imaging, design and scanning. Probably the only 4-D service bureau on the Net.

High Level Synthesis

Santa Barbara, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, provides published papers, software resources, and links to other facilities offered by research groups in the field of high level synthesis.

Human Computer Interaction Laboratory

Human Computer Interaction Laboratory was founded at the University of Maryland in 1983. This server offers information about members interdisciplinary research on theory and design of interactive systems.

Husband, Lover, Spy

Janice Pennington of The Price Is Right hosts this live online game and worldwide search, Husband, Lover, Spy.

IEEE at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) at the university, a professional and technical society for electrical and computer engineering and computer science. It offers general information about the IEEE as well as a regularly updated schedule of events and current programs. As the number two electrical engineering school in the nation, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a strong force in the IEEE.

Inert Net Anagram Server

Wordsmith, Pittsburgh, PA, US This Inert Net Anagram server provides information about the wisdom of anagrams and the Anagram Hall of Fame.

INFORIUM, The Information Atrium

Offers LivePAGE software that efficiently stores SGML documents, including HTML, in an SQL relational database. The resulting database can be viewed, searched, and updated as an online or CD-ROM electronic document. A LivePAGE document can include tables, graphics as well as multimedia objects.

LEVEL5 Info Center

Information about products, technical support and news concerning LEVELS OBJECT and SmartMode.

Longbow International Corp.

Longbow International Corp., is a company that provides custom MS-Windows application development, Internet and Web consulting.

MindSource Software, Inc.

This site that is maintained by a consulting company for independent contractors.

Multimedia File Formats on the Internet: A Beginner's Guide for PC Users

A Beginners guide to identifying, retrieving, and using different file formats available on the Internet including texts, compressed files, games, software, pictures, sound/music, movies, and foreign languages. Also links to related sources and sample files.

Net-Direct (Europe)

Offers information about Net-Direct (Europe), which sells all CD-ROM software titles in areas such as leisure, technical, educational and general information.

Oliver Enterprises

Specializes in client server application design and development. Provides detailed information about their services, their clients and consultants.

Oracle FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions relating to the Oracle database software, as written by David Bath.

Pegasus Software Solutions, Inc.

Pegasus Software Solutions Inc., a corporation that bills itself as providing the most advanced CAD/CAM PC design systems in the world.

Scan/US Geomarket Analysis Software

Be informed about the Scan/US Streets and Data CD-ROM and other geomarket analysis products for Microsoft Windows. It features a sample demographic topical map as well as other such maps.

This new service from Cybersource Corporation offers the world's first electronic software store. Unlike other Internet-based stores, delivers products from leading vendors--including Symantec, ON Technology, Gupta Corporation and FTP Software--directly to customers' systems over the Internet. also has over 6,500 shrink-wrapped products to choose from.

Software Technology Parks of India

Software Technology Parks of India, a nonprofit organization under India's Department of Electronics.

SoundMorph 1.12

This server is dedicated to SoundMorph 1.12, the first commercially available program for morphing audio on the desktop. The program has been used in television commercials and received a very good rating from Electronic Musician magazine. Free trial available.

Spider Technology Incorporated

Spider Technology Incorporated, developers of Web applications that integrate with existing information systems. The company develops World Wide Web pages for clients.

The Survey Opinion Research Software

The Survey offers opinion or attitude research software for the PC to help create questionnaires, facilitate data entry or online interviewing, and produce summary reports with proper statistics.

Telecentral CD-ROM Software

Telecentral CD-ROM Software, one of the first PC CD-ROM specialty retail stores, now has its catalog available on-line, updated weekly. Request info, download catalog, browse online or place orders. Largest selection=Lowest prices=Telecentral.

Thermal Connection

Offers a resource for engineers involved in thermal design and analysis. Tips, techniques, data, discussion, links, and TAK III product data are provided.

Tivoli Systems Inc.

Contains corporate, product, and support information on the Tivoli Management Environment (TME), a true client/server management environment created specifically to address the unique challenges that face organizations as they migrate to distributed systems.

Uniflix 3.3 Video On Demand

Uniflix 3.3 Video On Demand provides updated Unix video-on-demand software that eliminates the adding of hardware each time a video-viewing client is added, cutting the per seat costs.

The vw3news List

A Web application for writing and reading hypertext articles using HTML. A knowledge of HTML isn't necessary in order to use vw3news because writing in plain text is also permissible.

Warehouse and Factory Automation

This server features Warehouse eXpress (TM), Information Dynamics' client-server inventory and material control system for warehouse and factory automation. It contains product features and benefits, example images from the product, as well as additional information on radio data terminals, barcode printers, and scanners.

The Winsock FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Winsock--getting connected to (and up and running with) the Internet with Microsoft Windows.

World Conquest

Prime Time Simulations, Rodeo, CA, US This server provides a WWII technology 12-player wargame. Players use Prime Time graphic front end, WCVIEW. Totally automated Net version available and turns are processed hourly for the thousands that have played from around the world. The user must have IBM/clone w/color.

WWF Raw Homepage

WWF Raw, the game by Sega Genesis, featuring 12 superstars from the World Wrestling Federation.

WWW User Surveys

Enables guests to participate in the "General Info, HTML, HTTP, and Mosaic User Surveys," designed to collect reliable information that models (yields eccentricities and common characteristics) WWW users. Such a profile can profoundly affect the future development of WWW databases and related technologies.


CEST: Centre for Exploitation of Science and Technology

CEST is an independent organization with a firm focus: identification of new business opportunities, especially those created by developments in science and technology, and exploitation of these opportunities for real business benefit. CEST energizes innovation.

Falco-Archer, Inc.

If you are looking for a company that can maximize your potential in new technologies, then click here.

A clearinghouse for technical and commercial information about electroplating, plating, anodizing, conversion coating, powder coating, and printed wiring board fabrication.

Fintronic USA, Inc.

An online catalog of Linux workstations and notebooks. Linux is freely available UNIX-like operating systems.

The FreeBSD Project

Contains information about The FreeBSD, which is a freely available, full-source 4.4 BSD Lite-based release for Intel i386/i486/Pentium (or compatible) PCs. It is based primarily on software from UC Berkeley's CSRG group, with some enhancements from NetBSD, 386BSD, and the Free Software Foundation. In addition to the work of CSRG, FreeBSD 2.0 represents the culmination of almost 2 years of work by an international development team.

Gandalf Technologies Inc.

Gandalf Technologies Inc., which provides data communication products and services worldwide and offers corporate profile and new products.

Helpdesk Response, Inc.

Information about Helpdesk Response, Inc. which develops knowledge-based systems for use on the Internet by technical support organizations.

IDC Government

This IDC Government site contains details about information technology service to users and planners in federal, state, and local governments. The server contains information about IDCG, links to government information servers, and more.

Ideas International

Information about Ideas International, home of Competitive Profiles, computer systems information, benchmark data from BAPCo, TPC, SPEC, AIM and GPC. It contains computer system news and price/performance issues.

IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Society on Social Implications of Technology. The scope includes such issues as environmental, health and safety impacts of technology, engineering ethics, and social issues related to energy, information technology and telecommunications. The SSIT publishes a quarterly journal, Technology and Society Magazine, and periodically sponsors The International Symposium on Technology and Society.

Illawarra Technology Corporation

Illawarra Technology Corporation is a world wide company that offers expertise and advise in education and training, research and more.

Information Systems Meta-List

Information Systems Meta-List, a collection of links focusing on applied information system technology. The Center for the Application of Information Technology, a nonprofit consortium that serves Fortune 500 companies, is responsible for the compilation.

Information Technology Standards Center

The Defense Information Systems Agency contains information about Technology Standards Center, which is presented by the Defense Information Systems Agency's Center for Standards.


This server focuses on insitec particle monitoring using light scattering techniques. Its EPCS system provides in-process, real-time particle sizing of powders (0.5 to 1500 microns) in pneumatic lines or sprays typically after grinders, classifiers, or dryers.

Kaleida Labs, Inc.

Information on the Kaleida Media Player and the dynamic object-oriented programming language for multimedia, which bills itself as being not officially maintained, but rather developed and held together with love by Dan Bornstein.

Keio University Neural Computing Center

The Neural Computing Center at Keio University, which maintains a server that offers a variety of results of computer communications, VLSI-CAD, molecular biology, management science, operations research, medical imaging, and computer science using neural computing.

Knowledge Express Data Systems

Knowledge Express Data Systems is the world leading online service providers for business development.

Lockheed Austin

This site offers software and systems integration expertise in core business areas including command and control systems, battle management, simulation and training, mission planning systems, image processing, ground control processing, signal processing, communications and message handling, meteorological systems, geopositioning and mapping, and civil government and commercial modernization.

National Technology Transfer Center

National Technology Transfer Center assists government contractors in transferring their technology in to consumer related industry.

Techconn Technology for Connecticut, Inc.

Techconn Technology for Connecticut's goal is to promote the creation of manufacturing jobs for displaced defense workers by transferring the knowledge and technology from defense to commercial use in energy, transportation and more.

Technology Access

Technology Access is a publisher of information services clustered around the intersection of business, science, engineering, law and technology transfer.

Technology Transfer Office

the NASA SSC Technology Transfer Office World Wide Web information server located at Stennis Space Center, Mississippi, USA. This server is provided by the NASA SSC Technology Transfer Office to provide increased access to technology related activities and subjects via the Internet and the World Wide Web.

University of Texas at Austin - IC2 Institute

The IC2 Institute of The University of Texas at Austin is a major international research center for the study of Innovation, Creativity, and Capital—hence IC2.

Training and Consulting

Anderson-Newman Consultants, Inc.

Consultants offer interactive multimedia presentations, services and development. Access includes CD-ROM development, computer animation and computer-based training.

Art-ROM Museum Web

This Art-ROM Museum Web server is dedicated to serving the marketing and communications needs of museums, art galleries, artists, antiques, valuables, collectibles, historic sites, botanical gardens, planetariums, zoos and other destinations. The company creates and maintains servers for such organizations and also publishes CD-ROMs for the art, museum, and antique fields.

Boston Microcomputer Consulting

Microcomputer Consulting creates custom database applications for small to mid-size businesses using Microsoft FoxPro for Windows, DOS and the Mac.

Docusys Corp.-ISO 9000 and Internet Consultants

Internet consulting for ISO 9000 companies.

Fostech Computer Consulting

Fostech does professional software and hardware installations, computer diagnostics, Web page writing and professional digital scanning. This site includes a link to Fostech Tech Tips.

The Home Page Repository

Preparation, storage, and maintenance of homepage information for companies and individuals. It also offers a full range of software consulting and implementation services.


Micro-Vision specializes in sales, service and support of IBM-compatible computer equipment. Services include Windows support, networking, desktop publishing, DBMS, CAD, Internet connectivity and support, consulting, training, computer repairs and upgrades, and more.

OS-9 Realtime Consulting Services

Provides OS-9 services including training, drivers, file managers, system design and also third-party software, trouble shooting, applications and utilities and books.

Powdrell & Company

Inexpensive Internet-training seminars. The company also conducts training for novices and professionals in many of the most-used software programs.


Sarcom provides education and consulting services for PCs, servers, networks, connectivity, business requirements, applications and databases.

United Data Processing, Inc.

A full-service computer consulting firm specializing in client/server technologies ranging from initial database design to advanced statistical analysis.

Ward Consulting Inc.

Ward Consulting Inc., is a Microsoft total-solution provider focusing on the development of custom applications. The company offers ongoing maintenance, consulting, education and programming for SQL and relational databases for Microsoft SQL Server/Sybase; client/server system architecture; Microsoft's Backoffice/SMS; Powersoft's front-end application environment, PowerBuilder.

Virtual Reality

Andrew's Virtual Dungeon

A continually-expanding virtual world, with doors leading to other sites.

avril - 3D Web Object Viewer

Experimental release of a real-time viewer for 3D objects. Part of an ongoing effort called The Internet Virtual Reality Project (IVRP), which seeks to make interactive virtual reality available to the public through the rapidly growing medium of the World Wide Web.

Cyteria Village

Virtual reality city that invites visitors, tourists and prospective residents. Browsers are urged to create home pages and place them in Cyteria Village.

Digital City

An interactive landscape. Everyone is welcome to add a link to Digital City.

Imaginative Entertainment

Imaginative Entertainment, which is involved in entertainment technology, virtual reality, concert lighting technology, music production, computer graphic productions and game development. Creation of HTML documents also available.

MR Toolkit - Virtual Reality Software Tools

Minimal Reality Toolkit. MR is a set of software tools for the production of virtual reality systems and other forms of three dimensional user interfaces.


A virtual world that features 3-D ray-traced graphics, multi-user interaction, animation, sound, and other neat stuff.

NTG - Virtual Reality Center

Art galleries, info about a wide array of VR topics. Includes links to various VR-related sites.

Virtual Reality Center

Information about VR game reviews, VRML how-to, books, movie reviews, and industry news.

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) Forum

An open forum for the discussion, design and implementation of a platform-independent language for virtual reality and shared virtual worlds.

Virtual Reality Xplorer

Dedicated to VRX, an authoring system for creating 360 degree views in MS Windows.

Virtual World Factory (VRML Authoring Tool)

Virtual World Factory is Web-based software that lets you create your own worlds, without having to program.


A collection of system software for various platforms, sources for VRML and Internet VR viewable files, and sources for more information on VRML.

VRML Samples

VRML samples from the Open Virtual Reality Testbed.

VRML Suppository

A site with bad VRML puns, jokes and weird worlds.

VRML World

News, feature articles, events, and a hot links forum for VR-related, 3D interactive virtual worlds on the Internet.

VRML-enabled VRML Spec 1.0 Final

The final Version 1.0 Specification for The Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), with links to VRML versions of the examples, and examples of VRML nodes in VRML.


WAXWeb is an interactive hypermedia version of David Blair's feature-length independent film, "WAX or the discovery of television among the bees."

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