Axis Communications AB

Product information on Axis network CD-ROMs and print servers, IBM host print solutions, press releases on product and corporate information, and customer service resources for software and related issues on Axis products.

Cayman Systems, Inc.

Provides customers with access to sales, marketing and support resources for Cayman Systems, Inc. product information, pricing, and problem resolution.

Compaq Computer Corporation

Check out the Compaq Computer Corp.: what it is, its products, and more.

Convex Computer Corporation

Affordable, high-performance computing technologies, including scalable parallel processing (SPP) systems that combine the scalability and performance of an MPP with the ease-of-use and application availability of desktop systems.

Cray Research Inc., US From

This server provides information about Cray Research, Inc. The UniChem page contains the latest release information, recent results in high performance computational chemistry, news about DGauss analytical vibrational frequencies, and DGauss basis sets.

Dell Computer Corp.

This is a computer company of innovative products and dedication to customer satisfaction and service. Learn more through these company pages.

Design Acceleration, Inc.

Supplies hardware design engineers with advanced simulation analysis tools for verilog and mixed verilog/analog design.


FlashBack provides a full-text online newsletter for the Open Systems computing market and produces the weekly new products column for Sun World Online.

Global Village Communication, Inc.

Global Village develops and markets communication products for personal computer users. Visit the different areas in The Village to learn more about communicating from your computer, including faxing, accessing on-line services and the Internet, and connecting to remote networks.

Guide to Ribbons and Cartridges (GRC)

Guide to Ribbons and Cartridges provides an easy way to locate the manufacturer's part number for laser printers, ink jet and dot matrix cartridges.

Hewlett-Packard Co.

Click on to the Hewlett-Packard company pages to get the entire scoop on this company.

Hi-Performnce Bulletin Board Download AREAS.

This directory contains downloadable files of the high performance bulletin board.

High Performance Cartridges Inc.

High Performance Cartridges is involved with re manufacturing of laser toner cartridges.


Check out the IBM company pages!

Index - Sir Isaac's Spot: The World Of Newton And Other PDAs

Apple's Newton Message Pad.

Intel Corporation

Come see the latest and greatest in Pentium processors, PC’s, along any and all networking questions you may have along the way. Intel’s home page also offers many links to a variety of other products and services.

The Lenox Group

Offers complete Web sites on a turn-key basis, including TCP/IP network installation, technical expertise, graphic design, and the help of public relations experts. The site contains what may be the world's only clickable ninja map.

Macintosh Tips and First Aid

For the non-computers literate to the techno-god. Find out what you want to know about the MAC.


Specializes in sales, service and support of IBM-compatible computer equipment. Services include Windows support, networking, desktop publishing, DBMS, CAD, Internet connectivity and support, consulting, training, computer repairs and upgrades, and more.

Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip Technology Inc., which manufactures high speed RISC microcontrollers and serial EEPROM memory. Services include company info, sales office, representative, and distributor directories, software updates, application notes, and instructions for obtaining samples.


Motorola is one of the world's leading providers of wireless communications, semiconductors and advanced electronic systems and services. Documents are limited to Motorola background material, material about Motorola University , Motorola University Press publications catalog, and Wireless Data Group product information.


Resources for the marketing community from South Network Services. Some of the sections of /MouseTracks/ include the Hall of Malls, the MetaMarket (a listing of marketing services firms), and Nuts and Bolts, a reference page for some of the technical details required for marketing via the We.

New Jersey Institute of Technology Real-Time Computing Laboratory

Real-Time Computing Laboratory and its research of real-time systems at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

Nigel Ballard's PatchNET

Mobile computing and (PFAs) Personal Digital Assistants.

Paper Jam Publishing

Paper Jam Publishing which provides a bookstore and online version of Island Parent, a parenting newsletter featuring regional and internationally known experts and educators and also describes book publishing services offered by Paper Jam Publishing.

PCs Compleat

A direct reseller of personal computer products from all leading brand name manufacturers. Also providing computer services and more.

Philips Semiconductors

This Philips Semiconductors site provides information about company products, news and employment opportunities.

SCSI Peripherals, Wholesale

SCSI Peripherals is a company that wholesales new hi-end drives and subsystems with full warranty using equipment purchased directly from manufacturers.

Semiconductor Subway

Semiconductor Subway provides a compendium of links to semiconductor and microsystems-related information. Included are details on fabrication facilities, research activities, standards work, conferences, and organizations. Of special interest is technology computer aided design, VLSI, and microelectromechanical systems. This service is provided as part of research at the MIT Microsystems Technology Laboratories.

Sonic Computer Sonic Computer, US

Look here for some of the best hardware prices to be found. All the best, for way less.

Spectrum forever!

This is the top-level page for the Sinclair archive. Their aim is to provide a home for files relating to the Sinclair machines: the ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum (all varieties), QL and Z88.

Spectrum snapshots

Here's a page to link up to requested Sinclair Spectrum snapshots.


A specially designed keyboard, marketed by Jefferson Computer Products. All keyboard functions are employed while retaining the fingers in the letter key positions.

Sun Microsystems

What’s new at Sun? New products, management, customer service, workstations, and all you’ll ever need can all be found here at the Sun Microsystems home page.

Sun SITE Singapore

This Sun Microsystems sponsored program acts as a repository for info on the South-east Asia, Sun, and government, gives you access to public software on the Internet, and is a info source for development and research of new Internet software.

University of Tennessee (Midrange Server)

Contains information sharing on the IBM S/3x, AS/400 and RS/6000 midrange computer platforms. Newsletters and meeting schedules for various user groups are included.

Virtual Microsystems

Information about the networked CD-ROM servers for enterprise-wide access. Of special interest is CDWorks 2000, Virtual's Windows NT-based solution.

Voyager Investments Incorporated Systems

Honolulu, HI, US This page contains information about Voyager Investments Incorporated Systems, which is dedicated to providing the very best prices on PC hardware.

Wingra Technologies, Inc.

Wingra's products for electronic messaging integration and Digital-to-IBM connectivity.

Zero Surge Power Filters

Information about their mode surge suppressers. The company offers advanced power filtering and electronic noise filtering.


Chronology of Events in the History of Microcomputers

Learn about the history of personal computers and software through this timeline consisting of product announcements and delivery dates primarily from computer magazines and newspapers.

Computer History and Folklore

Bookmark this excellent link to articles and resources dealing with the history of computers.

Computer History Association of California (CHAC)

This association is dedicated to studying and preserving the history of computers, software, and hardware in Calif. You can access an informal network of institutions specializing in computer history.

The Computer Museum

Learn about Boston's computer museum which features over 170 interactive exhibits, including The Networked Planet (TM), the award-winning Walk-Through Computer (TM), a multimedia robot show, and a comprehensive collection of historical computers and robots.

Ferranti MarkI Prototype

Flip through 1949 photos of the first commercial digital stored program computer in the world, the Ferranti Mark 1 digital computer.

Historic Computer Images []

Click on this directory of historic computer images available for free restrictive use.

Historic Computer Images []

Look at these many pictures of DEC PDPs and VAXen as well as various other computers.

Historical Computer Society

If you are interested in the preservation of computer hardware, software and computer literature check this organization out! Members are involved in educating the world on computers, collecting classic computers, and publish the bimonthly magazine, Historically Brewed.

History of Computing [U. Regina]

Here's an introductory computer science lecture about the history of computing devices that also has color slides for viewing.

History of the Computer

Here is an easy-to-grasp essay report on computer's history.

IEEE Annals of the History of Computing

The IEEE Annals cover the entire breadth of computer history, included are articles by leading computer scientist and historians and firsthand accounts from computer pioneers. This is a repository of info on historical projects and organization, oral history activities, and international conferences.

The [Los Alamos] History of Computing

Read up on the history of computers, the Z1-Z4: Konrad Zuse's work, Bell Telephone Labs technology, Howard Aiken's projects at Harvard, and IBM's development in computing.


Multics (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service) is a timesharing operating system begun in 1965 and still used and has influence today.

Museum of Obsolete Computers

This is not an obsolete page but an informative site for the history of computers, primarily 8-bits.

Rice Computer, 1959-1971

Take a look at this narrative history of the Rice computer.

Smithsonian Computer History

Here is an exhaustive collection of info on computer history. Some highlights are the in depth discussions of computer sciences and links to computers all over the world, info on the Information Highway, transcripts of oral and video histories with leading figures in the history of computing, loads of archival records, transcripts of interviews with Smithsonian ComputerWorld Award Winners, including Bill Gates, Seymour Cray, and others.

Unisys History Newsletter

The Unisys History Newsletter features some informative articles on UNIVAC.

Information Technology

The AG Group, Inc.

A resource for network managers, administrators and support professionals, IS professionals, network VARS and system integrators, software and hardware developers, and others. It includes product information and screen shots, free demo software and network management utilities, and support information.

America's Suggestion Box

Boardwatch Magazine's top 100 BBS's in the country. A full featured online information service.

Brown University/ Los Alamos National Laboratory Chemical Physics Preprint Database

A Chemical Physics Preprint Database, a joint effort by the department of chemistry at Brown University and the theoretical chemistry and molecular physics group at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Chemistry Resources on the Web

A collection of excellent resources and on line providers for chemistry.

Clyde Consultants

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia This site contains information about Clyde Consultants, which provides spatial data services throughout Asia and is a leading supplier of data and civilian intelligence systems, satellite data, communication and GPS services and also environmental, agricultural, geological and forestry services.

ECRC Server

Contains information from the European Commission about its information technology program.


Provides information about EdelWeb, a French Internet technology and value-added services provider.

The Field Robotics Center

Information about The Field Robotics Center, which offers links to the home pages of robotics projects, including the Dante robot that explored the Mount Spurr volcano in Alaska. Links to the people who work on the projects are included.

Industrial Research Institute

Lots of information on RSI, a non-profit organization of over 260 leading industrial companies representing such industries as aerospace, automotive, chemical, computer, and electronics.

Information Technology Student Organization

At ITSO you can check out what's new, ITSO meeting minutes, ITSO member directory, student picture gallery, the ITSO calendar, current ITSO projects, professors, and other cool stuff.

National Chipcard Forum

A source of information on the Chipcard (a plastic card the size of a check or cash card which contains a microcomputer). Included is an annual report and a publication review.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Computing Applications Division

This server contains information about the ORNL Computing Applications Division, which provides high-quality technical services to Oak Ridge National Laboratory and to other customers. Specific functions include the management of software-development projects, systems analysis and systems design, computer programming, and systems and program documentation and maintenance.

Probe's Free For All Links & Web Roulette

Free-for-all. Add your own link to this continuously growing list.


Pyromedia offers a complete line of home page creation and management services, specializing in computer graphic design.

Recyclinx: the link recycler

Free-for-all. Add your own link to this continuously growing list.

Singapore Information Technology Institute (ITI)

Provides information on ITI. They create advanced and useful innovations for deployment in major national level projects, end-user organizations, or commercialization by IT providers.

Stanford Computer Industry Project (SCIP)

An inter-disciplinary research program dedicated to exploring the business, political, and technological dynamics of the world-wide computer and information technology industries. Information is provided on research programs and links to other related sites.

Stanford University Center for Information Technology

A multidisciplinary laboratory operated by Stanford University in association with affiliated organizations from industry, government, and academia.

Stanford University Data Administration

Assists the business and ITSS community in managing the University's information resources as an asset.

Teledyne Brown Engineering

Teledyne Brown Engineering and its products. The latest innovations in optical products, hunters camouflage, products for the disabled, EDI systems, water-treatment products, SCADA systems and others.

The Vortex

The Vortex is a globally modifiable list of links. You may add your own links to the Vortex.


Biomechanics, Inc.

A research and development company specializing in capturing, analyzing and manipulating three-dimensional motion.

Europe Online

Provides information about Europe Online S.A. and the services the company offers. EO is starting a multilingual European multimedia oriented online service.

First Entertainment Home Page

A multi-media consortium, which includes First Films, Quality Communications, The Comedy Works in Denver, and Image Marketing Group. The First Entertainment home page has links to the other companies in the First Entertainment group.

Hartley Metzner Huenink Communications

A multimedia development company, which provides Internet marketing programs, Internet home pages, kiosks and interactive training programs to an international clientele.

Impact Media Group

Via a novel launch screen, you are taken to information about the Impact Media Group. The company develops innovative digital systems.

InfoAccess CD-ROM Database

InfoAccess and Distribution, Singapore. This site is dedicated to the InfoAccess and Distribution CD-ROM publisher. It offers an online CD-ROM catalogue and electronic versions of the ACCESS newsletter.

MetaCenter Computational Science Highlights

NSF MetaCenters provides information about the National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded supercomputer centers and their repository of multimedia computational science articles. The site includes stories about modeling blood flow in the human heart and the Shoemaker-Levy comet's impact on Jupiter.

MultiMedia Dimensions

MultiMedia Dimensions is a full-service multimedia-design and consulting company helping people find the multimedia system and products they need.


Route One enables organizations and individuals to send full multimedia presentations across the network.

The Satellite TV Page

Come here for a combination of information resources related to the subject of Satellite Television and Radio on the net, including the South Scanner Satellite Services Chart, listing all video and audio services on all satellites visible in North America; the Internet Wild Feeds List, listing regularly scheduled program feeds on occasional-use transponders; and a collection of satellite TV images.

Sons of Alien Technology

Information on the activities of the Sons of Alien Technology. Anaglyphic pages available. Music samplers, celebrity interviews, interactive files, news, videos, technical advice and a catalogue of products and services. Updated regularly.

Video and Image Processing

Research related to the coding and analysis of images. This lab is part of the electrical engineering and computer sciences department of UC Berkeley.

Videobred Home Page

This page contains information about Videobred, a full service tape, film and multimedia production and post-production facility that specializes in commercial, corporate and multimedia design and production.

Operating Systems

BBS Telecom

Telecom is a leader in phone systems for small to mid-size offices. It offers product and ordering information, customer support and on-line versions of all system guides.

Below Zero/2 Selections

This page contains information about Below Zero/2 Selections, the premier OS/2 retailer supporting OS/2 since 1992.

BMUG Boston's Home Page

A nonprofit membership organization that provides interest representation of more than 12,000 Macintosh users in 50 countries. Also provided is connection with the world's largest Mac community via Boston's First Class BBS for computer learning and knowledge sharing.

Display Tech. Inc. (Computers to video--TV, VCR, video projectors)

$299 are you out of your mind(click to home page for more details!)! Display Tech, Inc., a leader in scan-conversion technology, offers products that allow users to transport computer output to video projectors, TV or VCR. The company also offers LCD panel solutions, educational and research links, and Web search tools.

Distributed Real-Time Operating Systems

Digital Equipment Corp. offers information about Distributed Real-Time Operating Systems from computer vendors, including description of technology directions for systems of the future.

DXI Corporation

DXI Corporation is a firm that provides contract technical services to the information processing industry, including Fortune 500 companies.

G&A Consultants

Offers consulting services for OS/2, the Internet and the Web to clients in the Carolinas. The firm provides OS/2 services including programming, installation and training as well as Web services including conceptualization and HTML authoring.

Multics Information Page

Information about the historical Multics operating system, launched 30 years ago and still in use, which included features many modern systems lack.

The New Users Directory

The New Users Directory is an information resource about operating systems, web pages, the Internet, and related publications.

Parallel Applications Development Environment (PADE)

National Institute of Standards and Technology provides information about the Parallel Applications Development Environment (PADE). The process provides a user interface running on a workstation that utilizes a parallel-make utility.

WindoZ 95 Dummy Help Page

A starting point to find help with problems you may encounter using Windows95 and it's applications.

X/Open-The World's Standard for Open Systems

The X/Open Company Limited contains information about an international consortium of vendors, users and software suppliers, providing detailed information on all aspects of the Open Systems industry, from market requirements to tested and branded products.

Personal Computers

alt.folklore.computers FAQ

Hypertext version of the FAQ for the Usenet newsgroup alt.folklore.computers. It answers folklore-related questions and offers a brief history of digital computers.


Acheson Computer Centre Ltd. provides information about vendors and its products and services. The site also contains links to the company's major vendors and a Help Wanted section and links to its staff.

Computer Upgrade Specialists

A small computer products business that sells motherboards, CPUs, memory, controllers, tape, CD-ROMs, hard drives, monitors and complete systems.

IBM Personal Computers

IBM's complete line of Personal Computer offerings, including desktop PC, server, ThinkPad and after market products, and the new Personal Computer 700 and 300 series. At this site, you can find product descriptions, announcements, press releases, support functions, and a comprehensive file library.

PC Market

Wholesale prices and services offered for computer hardware and software to the Internet users.

PCs Compleat

Online Computer Market is a direct reseller of personal computer products also providing computer services. With facilities in Marlborough and Massachusetts the organization offers products from all leading brand name manufacturers.

TC Computers

TC Computers is a company that offers mail-order computer hardware at discount prices.

Uppsala University: Update

Computer history and historic computers.

Your PC Solution

Your PC Solution builds computer systems to customer specifications. Price quotes are available online.

Products and Services

Access Multimedia Technology

Access Multimedia Technology offers services including interactive multimedia database design, Internet page design, video/audio production/conferencing, 2D/3D animation, virtual reality and systems integration.

Aeon Technology

An Apple-authorized reseller in Austin, TX., specializing in memory.

ANA Tech

Manufacturer of large-format color and monochrome scanners (scan maps, engineering drawings, etc.), and product information, news releases, articles about scanning topics, newsletter.

Arena Communications

Arena Communications provides advertising and marketing services, corporate communications services and design and hosting of Web pages.

AT&T Capital Instrument & Data Services

Details how AT&T Capital Instrument & Data Services rents, leases and sells electronic test, measurement and computer equipment from the world's foremost manufacturers.

AVA Instrumentation, Inc.

Both hardware and software, for testing and aligning floppy disk drives, including a tutorial on floppy drive alignment.


Specializing in commercial and professional applications for the Internet, this company creates products that cover all areas of mail, the security, systems and well on the Web.

BAM Technology Research

BAM Technology Research provides market research and consulting for companies competing in the high-technology business environment. In-depth analysis of the commercialization of the World wide Web which including companies, products, markets and commerce issues that are invading and transforming it.

Beyond 2000 Systems

Beyond 2000 Systems is a worldwide supplier of computer systems, network products and services, also client server application development.

BizPro Online Business Services

HTML coding, 24 bit color graphics, CGI scripting, email, coupon, audio, video and customized forms capacities. Provides local online service and Web-site access.

Bookport: Services for Publishers

Online editions of books. Free publisher's home pages to anyone who publishes books.

BTG, Inc.

BTG, a technology integration company specializing in open systems development, provides information about its products and services including computer hardware, software, GSA schedules, Internet services, software development and information technology. It features a demonstration of Jane's EIS, a CD-ROM-based information retrieval system, which provides unabridged access to Jane's renowned defense and aerospace publications.

Catalink Direct, Inc.

Catalink marketing features competitively priced PC products and industry purchasing productivity tools, a "hypertext junction" to computer manufacturers' Home pages, pricing changes, reviews, and PC news services.

CBE Systems

CBE Systems sells computers and parts and offers networking services for LAN, WAN and System Integration. CBE provides network consulting, installation, maintenance and upgrade for small to midsize companies.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

A leading supplier of networking products and services which provide the finest in enterprise networking. Check out this page for a wealth of information.

Com Pair Monitor Service

Com/Pair Monitor Service is a company that repairs monitors, terminals, power supplies and printers. Prices and warranty descriptions are included.

Computer Marketplace, Inc.

Computer Marketplace, Inc. is a reseller and remarketer of new and used PC and workstation equipment and also leases and rents PC and mid-range workstation equipment.

Computer Related Services

Learn how to develop distributorships for your company.

Computer & Workstation Upgrades and Peripherals

Reseller/distributor of computer and workstation peripherals, specializing in memory, hard disk drives, storage subsystems, and SCSI/IDE devices, which maximize productivity and efficiency. Software and parts lists are available here.

Comscire--True Random Number Generator for the PC

The world's first high-quality, high-speed true random-number generator for the PC.

The ConCreat Page

An Internet presence developer and access provider that offers firm, one-time prices and a guarantee.

Corporate Disk (Diskette Service Center)

Corporate Disk is a diskette service center that offers disk duping, CD replication, packaging services and duplication equipment. The page contains an online catalog and special offers.

Corporate Marketing Inc.

Corporate Marketing, Inc., is a company that provides targeted mailing lists for the computer industry nationwide.

Cuenet Systems

Cuenet provides full service, professionally maintained Internet email autoservers for business, organizations, and individuals. Their servers are individually tailored to provide you reliable and cost effective information distribution from your email account.

Cybex Corporation

Cybex Corporation has products for peripheral connectivity to multiple hardware platforms.

Cygnus Support

Cygnus Support demonstrates in these pages the services it offers online. Cygnus Support annually displays its ingenuity and expertise in the Christmas tree it puts on the Net, thanks to Cyngnus Support.

Data Exchange's Computer Repair Services

World leader in high-tech electronics repair services. Contains a form you may fill out and submit to receive a repair-price quote by e-mail within a few days. Data Exchange's Computer Repair Services division repairs and sells just about everything for the computer.

EBS Free Product Lottery

This server offers worldwide sales of computer peripherals.

Electronic Data Systems (EDS)

Access the EDS company pages to learn all about it.

Expersoft Corporation

Learn about this company that provides products and services to address the emerging new market for distributed object management software. Expersoft develops and markets PowerBroker.


Here's a Toronto based company which specializes in computer repair, maintenance & upgrades, as well as complete system sales, and software education.

Fox Studio Ltd: What's on the Desk?

What's on the Desk? is a service that tells browsers what's on the desks of creative advertising people all over Minneapolis and the world.

General Instrument Corporation

Access these company pages to learn about this world leader in developing technology, systems and product solutions for the interactive delivery of video, voice and data.

Gruntal & Co.

This company offers retail clients a comprehensive line of financial services and provides investment banking, trading and brokerage services to institutions and corporations worldwide.

Guide to Computer Vendors

The Guide to Computer Vendors offers many of the URL's for computer hardware and software vendors; it also offers a comprehensive vendor phone book and links to many of the computer magazines on the Web. There is no search capability but browsing is fairly easy using the alphabetical index.

The Internet Bookshop

More than 783,000 titles representing a range of international clients, including McGraw-Hill, OUP, CUP, The Reed Group, Penguin Books, Whitakers and Blackwell Publishers. Featured author section and book of the month are included.


Inventus offers creators and inventors the opportunity to present their work to the world via the Internet. The site also contains news on products, newsletters from inventors groups and licensing information.

JCS Computers

JCS Computers is an online computer store offering shipping to anywhere in the US, Canada and internationally. It includes current prices and order form.

JEM Computers

Mail order factory that provides surplus PC products at low prices for desktop systems, notebooks, CD-ROM drives, hard drives, tape drives, monitors, printers, scanners and memory. Both new and refurbished PC's and peripherals from major manufacturers are available.

kidBoard, Inc.

Computer keyboards designed for kids ages three and up. The kidBoard has 101 keys and is compatible with personal computers.

Light Impressions

Interested in your family history? This server provides information about Use Light Impressions to discover your personal and family histories. Light Impressions employs archival science and research to help document and preserve these personal and family histories. Hosted by infoPost.

The Logic Approach

The Logic Approach is a company that custom builds PC systems and peripherals. The company is a HUB-approved vendor and operates in government and mail order sales.

MacByte Computers

Buy, sell and trade Macintosh computers and peripherals. Serving Mac users since 1989, MacByte helped write the book on recycling Macs. MacByte now offers both new and preowned Macs along with a toll free number plus overnight delivery worldwide. The site contains MacLinks.

Memory World

Memory World, a worldwide broker of computer memory, buys and sells all types of memory and a quote may be requested via this server. The site also has links to major hardware vendors on the Internet.

Metrostar Computer Center

Computer accessories and supplies at discounted prices. Products can be viewed online and ordered electronically.

Micro Technology Services, Inc. (MTSI)

Authorized Motorola System Integrator for the Motorola VME and PowerPC product line. MTSI specializes in engineering design, software development, and manufacturing for electronic and telecommunications firms.

Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip Technology, Inc., is the world's leading manufacturer of high speed RISC microcontrollers and serial EEPROM memory. Details include company info, sales office, representative, and distributor directories, software updates, application notes, and instructions for obtaining samples.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft’s monster site of information and software. You will find downloadable software drivers, games, beta releases, product info, company info, etc. You must see this site.

Milestone Technologies Inc.

Milestone Technologies Inc., which specialized in software development and consulting services related to data broadcasting applications. It describes SATXh, a communications software program designed to transfer binary files reliably over a broadcast network.

The Mitre Corporation

Mitre Corp. is multifaceted state-of-the-art systems engineering company that specializes in information, communications, environmental, health, and aviation systems for an internationally diverse set of clients.

NDS Distributing

NDS specializes in distributing Psion palmtop computer hardware, software, and accessory products. They also provide in-depth Psion information, pricing, and order forms.

NEC Research Institute

Information about NEC Research Institute, a subsidiary of NEC Corporation. The institute conducts long-term, fundamental research in computer and physical sciences.

NECX Direct

More than 20,000 hardware and software products and search capabilities for assistance.

New England Digital Computers

New England Digital Computers is an authorized reseller of Digital, HP & Microsoft and offers some of the best buys available and both national and international shipping.

Niagara Computer

Niagara Computers and its Etobicoke manufactures system boards and graphics accelerator cards, PCs and related products for other computer companies and OEMs as well as its own line of proprietary PCs (Niagara Series).

Novell Netware/Networking

Updates on Novell netware, management, education, and dynamic solutions for the Web. Check out this highly intuitive site it has a great deal to offer, network savvy or not.

Nucleus Information Service

Alberta's largest online service with 50 multi-user phone lines and full SLIP and UNIX shell access.

O'Keefe Marketing Online

O'Keefe Marketing is a marketing and advertising firm specializing in high-tech applications, and offering multimedia and graphics-oriented libraries, as well as data on multimedia.

Olympic Computer Technologies

Olympic Computer Technologies sells computer parts and complete systems in the Addison/North Dallas area. The company specializes in Notebooks and has a top-notch technical service department.

One World Resource

One World Resource is developing a compilation of every college and university throughout the world. The list is organized by country. The user may submit the name of an institution, if that school has not yet been included in the collection.

Palo Alto Micro Corp. Computer

Hard-to-get parts; good deals on used parts.

Paradon Computer Systems Ltd.

Vancouver Islands Paradon Computer Systems Ltd. and its computer hardware pricing and brokerage sales (Canada and the United States). The company accepts orders from around the world.

Paragon Information Systems Ltd.

Paragon Information Systems Ltd. is a Newfoundland-based full-service computer company, which markets Hewlett-Packard, AST, IBM, and Toshiba computing platforms, helping customers solve problems with stand-alone, networked and multi-user situations.


Parsytec is a leading manufacturer of parallel computers for industrial and research applications since 1985.

Personal Conferencing Work Group

Personal Conferencing Work Group, an organization trying to launch development and delivery of interoperable, standards-based conferencing and communications products through collaboration and technical innovation.

Phoenix Technologies

SunSoft Authorized Education Center, provides information on training for Solaris and SVR4 in both administration and development technologies. The center also offers short-term consulting and development services; on-site training is available.

Pitsco Guide to Technology Education

Pitsco Technology provides access to company products and resources intended for teachers and students throughout the U.S.A.

PortCom Communications Inc.

PortCom is on the cutting edge of World Wide Web programming and advertising opportunities with a proven track record of experience, quality and customer satisfaction.

Safe Computing

Ergonomic computer accessories, with pictures and specifications, for products including voice recognition systems, ergonomic keyboards, foot, arm, back and wrist rests, monitor and keyboard supports, VDT screen filters, and ergonomic training software.

Shadowfax Associates

Shadowfax Associates, is a Web development and consulting agency that specializes in the creation of Web presences for individuals and small to medium sized businesses. The site also contains a Virtual Pizzeria.

Shana Corporation

Shana Corporation specializes in electronic forms software. This site has information on creating, managing and tracking forms electronically. Visitors are invited to download Informed Designer, the award-winning forms design package and a $295 value, for free. Electronic versions of the documentation, sample forms, and much more can be obtained here.

SITE Computer Services Inc.

SITE Computer Services Inc. specializes in the design, implementation, and management of computer network systems for businesses.

Sparco Communications Corporation

Sparco has one of the world's largest computer products catalogs on the Web, with approximately 45,000 products listed. Sparco also offers great volume discounts to resellers and wholesalers around the world.

The strong Computing Systems Technology Office

ARPA/strong also provides access to both current research and solicitation information. The research section describes the basic CSTO research areas and includes current summaries of funded projects. Some of these summaries contain links out to project related Internet information sites. The solicitation information section provides complete information on current CSTO solicitations and selected information for other ARPA offices.

SyPress Inc.

Learn about this information technology company that provides production and marketing information systems for newspaper house's editorial, circulation, and advertising departments.

Telos Corporation

Telos Corporation server belongs to a global information technology services company that specializes in Rugged Computer, Pangaea among others. It has helped business, science and government design and implement comprehensive solutions through high-technology consulting, engineering, and maintenance services.

Tradewell Marketing Group

Tradewell Marketing Group specializes in providing rapid and reliable IBM midrange and mainframe solutions. The company buys, sells, leases and maintains IBM OEM refurbished and qualified equipment including complete systems, peripherals and parts.

Training/Consulting Software for Artificial Intelligence Users

Intelligent Software Professionals offers consulting services to users of artificial intelligence, expert systems, fuzzy logic and (artificial) neural networks. Typical paradigms are CLIPS. NETS and Fuzzy CLIPS.


Access the TTC company info on new software bug and reports, look up the Consultant's Corner, or use their directory of sites.

U-Design Type Foundry

Consider this an On-Line specimen book. Look at the GIF sample image of a font, then call our 800 number and make your order. All fonts are available for Macintosh and PC/Windows. Handy keyboard charts are included with picture fonts.

United Callers

United Callers is an Internet service provider in Belgium. Many services are offered. The company offers some services at no charge to social organizations.

Warehouse and Factory Automation

Warehouse eXpress, Information Dynamics' client-server inventory and material control system for warehouse and factory automation contains product features and benefits, example images from the product, as well as additional information on radio data terminals, barcode printers, and scanners.

WeirdStuff Warehouse, Inc.

WeirdStuff Warehouse, Inc. server lists for sale new and used electronic and computer equipment, software, and other assorted items. Weird Stuff Warehouse buys and sells.

Whitey on the Turnpike

Whitey's Web Works & Internet Services offers Web development, Internet consulting and tutoring and online marketing and research.


Guide to x86-computers services, upgrades, support, training, parts and peripherals for PC compatible computers.



Aforum for persons and organizations interested in the Ada programming language, in its applications, and in Ada-related technologies such as software engineering methods and tools.

Andrew Consortium

An extensible compound document system for Unix systems running X windows. It includes a multimedia word processor, program editor, drawing editor, table/spread sheet, font editor, MIME format mail/bulletin board manager; the site offers a screen snapshot and complete description of Andrew. Links to an FTP archive containing the source code for version 6.2.

Century Computing, Inc.

Provider of graphical user interface development, image processing, client/server applications and defense and space applications for Unix and MS Windows.

Computing Applications Division

Provides high-quality technical services to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and to other customers in support of scientific, technical, and engineering computing systems. Management of software-development projects, systems analysis, and systems design, computer programming, and systems and program documentation and maintenance.

Designing and Building Parallel Programs

A online version of the work published by Addison-Wesley in collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory. It incorporates pointers to programming tools, example programs, and other parallel and distributed computing resources.

Digital Dreamshop

Provides computer services, such as client/server programming in Access and MS-SQL Server, computer graphics, 3-D modeling, multimedia programming, Visual Basic, C programming. It includes links focusing on Microsoft development products, satellite TV, science fiction, and 3-D graphics.

Digitool, Inc.

A developer of a PowerPC implementation of Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL), the award-winning development environment acquired from Apple Computer.

DSP Research Group, Dublin University College

The Digital Signal Processing Research Group's main areas of interest include data communications, image processing, speech coding, and VLSI design. The page contains links to areas of research and to papers that the group has published.

ECRC Server

Information from the European Commission about its information technology program.


Provides Microsoft Mail solutions and add-ons such as gateways, monitoring utilities and conference programs. This site has a friendly new Windows 95 interface.

Gary Beene's Visual Basic Home Page

Provides access to a wide variety of resources for Visual Basic programmers. The site offers links to a brief coverage of most of what is available to visual basic programmers.

Harmonix Corporation

Offers Parthenon, a complete ASIC/FPGA design system which supports behavioral synthesis and design using SFL, a C-like design language.

International Computer Science Institute

ICSI is a computer science research organization closely affiliated with the computer science division of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at U.C. Berkeley. ICSI (say "ick-see") scientists work with U.C. Berkeley EECS professors and graduate students on a wide variety of projects.

Junior's Clippin Pages: Home for the CA-Clipper User

Provides links to nearly every CA-Clipper (a programming language and also a compiler) related resources, FAQs and more.

The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.

An overview of the company's UNIX operating systems and related solutions, including products, services, third-party applications, and more.


A group of programmers dedicated to shareware and freeware software for the Macintosh who intend to bring quality products to the share/freeware markets.

Telematrix.Com-World Telecommunications Central

Its publications focus on telecommunications products, services, and support. Resources include World Calendar of Events, a comprehensive, searchable listing of telecommunications events and conferences around the world.

Thinking Machines Corporation

Includes a corporate overview, the latest technical summary, and employment opportunities.


Provides information-engineering methodology for defining and creating valuable business information systems.


Wide Area Technical Report Service is sponsored by the Computer Science Departments at Old Dominion University, SUNY Buffalo, University of Virginia, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. WATERS is a distributed solution to managing, indexing and retrieving computer-science technical reports.

Webcraft: Semantics and Style of Web Design

A book that examines the qualities that make Web sites work; it also provides design templates.

World Wide Web Wonder Widget

The Wonder Widget is a CGI script that will fetch a URL and translate the HTML to PostScript. The translation is based on the Netscape printing code, with several enhancements, including the much desired ability to print in different fonts and print user definable headers and footers on each page.

Zerox--Master of the Virtual Nowhere

New shareware products, MIDI files, and programming sources. Links to some to the most wanted software, picture and sound sites.


Job classifieds, information on educational products, information on over 40 educational products for AS/400 professionals.


"The Interactivity Newsletter of the American Association of Advertising Agencies"

Black Boxes, Personal Computing and the Internet

Black Boxes is an E-Zine focused on software and hardware review, and commentary applicable to the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Business Software News

Current issues, Free studies, Buyer's guide, Computer funnies, Editorial index, Software surveys, Free software, and subscription information.


In-depth coverage of personal computer products and technology worldwide in the form of product reviews, features, in-depth articles, and news stories.

c|net online

A web zine and syndicated TV show about the computer and digital revolution.

The CAD Seat

CAD Newsletter for CAD developers and analysts. Related articles from National Computer Techtonics. Industry Gossip and trends.

CADalyst Magazine

Reviews about AutoCAD, 3D Studio and other Autodesk products, plus plotters, printers, graphics cards, associated applications.

Cariboo Computer

The Cariboo Computer Magazine covers all types of software and hardware and is written in English rather than technical computerese.


Free on-line electronic 'zine that is dedicated to technology.

CD-ROM Advisor

CD-ROM ADVISOR is a new publication helping consumers of CD-ROMs to control the future of software development.

CD-ROM Magazine

UK-based magazine that includes a searchable database of all the magazine's CD-ROM and VideoCD reviews, articles and competitions.

Chicago Computer Guide

Monthly publication covering local computer shows, events, resources, and computer jobs.

Chips Magazine

Magazine offering articles on the internet and world wide web.

CIO Communications, Inc.

Online versions of CIO and WebMaster containing original content that does not appear in the printed magazines.

Click Here

Serialized fiction, arts, design coverage, three-dimensional worlds, fashion, culinary arts and more.

Click Online Multimedia Magazine

Electronic publication on the topics of interactive multimedia and new media content publishing.

Computer Currents Interactive

Access to Computer Currents magazine, opportunity to receive product bids, and more.

Computer Magazine Article Database from CMP

Search articles from various periodicals, including: Windows Magazine, Home PC, Communications Week, Comm Week International, Computer Reseller News, Computer Retail Week, Electronic Buyers News, Electronic Engineering Times, Information Week, Interactive Age Internet Business Report, Netguide, Network Computing, OEM Magazine, Open Systems Today, and VAR Business.

Computer News Middle East

Monthly computer magazine covering software, hardware, and information technology in the Middle East, particularly focused on Saudi Arabia, GCC states, and the wider Arabic world.

Computer Paper

Canada's largest computer publication. Online version contains the full text of each monthly edition.

Computer Reseller News

Weekly newspaper of technology news and industry-related business.

The Computer Sun Times

The Computer Sun Times joins with Rocky Mountain Internet to bring this cutting-edge look at new computer hardware, software, and Internet products.

Computer User : Office Technology for the 90's

Printed monthly publication which reaches over 840,000 readers nationwide.

Computer Week

Australia's weekly guide to corporate-wide computing.

Computer-mediated communication magazine

News, features, essays, research reports regarding human communication and information retrieval on global networks. (ISSN 1076-027X)


The love of computers from both a sometimes serious and a sometimes funny perspective.

Computing Canada

Canadian bi-weekly national newspaper for professionals in the information systems, data processing, and the telecommunications departments of corporations, governments and educational institutions.

Computing Connection

Editorials, reviews, job resources regarding the Internet.

Computing Japan

The first and only English-language magazine providing coverage of the Japanese IT market and Japan-related computing issues.


The Official Web Site of CORE! - Interactive Mac fanzine.

Critical Mass

A new e-zine designed by Communications students at Simon Fraser University. It covers a variety of topics from film-making to media thinkers.

Crossroads - The ACM Student Magazine

Student produced publication for members of ACM, the First Society in Computing.

CyberEdge Electric!

Electronic companion to "CyberEdge Journal."

Cycor's Northern Lights

Cycor is a major provider of Internet services. Cycor's Northern Lights is an online magazine that contains information about the Internet access provider and it's many dial-in sites from coast to coast.


Magazine covering all types of information technology issues, such as desktop PC, networking issues, and communications.

Datamation Magazine: PlugIn

Datamation Magazine offers visitors a chance to subscribe to the print version. Provides exciting tours of computer shows and other events, which viewers may visit in quietude and peace, without getting trampled by the crowds. Reference for job hunting, corporate connections, software, net humor, and a lot more.


Datateknik is a Swedish magazine about computer technology, published twice a month.


Swedish magazine covering technology from a business point of view.

DBMS Magazine

A monthly magazine focusing on client-server solutions and database issues.

Dr. Dobb's Journal

Leading magazine for programmers in the U.S., providing no-nonsense, practical information to programmers.

DWD Forum

Collection of hypertext essays and artwork on different aspects of Internet technology and culture.


What is hot in Scotland's computer culture - internet cafes and more.

Educational Technology Journal

The Educational Technology Journal is available for free on the Web, and features articles on a wide variety of educational technology issues.


An online publication devoted to new technologies, Elektra is produced by Digitas, a group of students at Harvard University.

Error 404

An offbeat online zine that deals with a wide range of technology issues.

Eton Solutions

Eton Solutions provides training services, the on-line magazine "What's New In Computer Training?" and other interesting Web sites.

EXE magazine

EXplodE is a Web service from EXE, a computer magazine.

ExNet's \Q\QOn-Line'MagazineSample'

These are free samples of recent issues of the \Q\QExNet Online'Internetlaunch-padsandmagazinescoveringavarietyoftopicsrelevanttoourcustomers.Thesesamplesareupdatedonanadhocbasis;themagazinesthemselvesonaweekly--monthlybasis.'


An Electronic Trade Journal For Computer Animators, GWeb is a great resource for people who work in computer animation, as well as those looking to get their foot in the door. Some of the main highlights of G-Web, include an up-to-date job listing section and cozy, behind-the-scenes interviews with the people leading this industry.

Global Monitor Magazine

Global Monitor Magazine features computer summaries, evaluations of computers and peripherals, BBS listings and new products introduced to the marketplace.

Globetrotter Magazine

Fed up of paying through the nose for paper-based magazines? You can now get one piped directly to your desk/home/car/caravan/boat. Don't worry, we're here to aid you in your search for a better future and a more agreeable now. We will be offering a new type of magazine. It will evolve as technology evolves, and it will not just be reporting on the electronic frontier - it will be reporting from it! Globetrotter will tell you where to go to get your fix of Internet, and be able to take you there at the click of a mouse button - courtesy of the World Wide Web.

Go Digital

Welcome to Go Digital Online, the web partner to Go Digital Interactive Magazine. Go Digital Interactive Magazine is a quarterly CD-ROM publication for new media. This site serves as a preview of that CD-ROM and much more. Go Digital Online expands upon the CD-ROM and offers a way for our audience to interact instantly with us and each other. For those of you who don't understand how a CD-ROM can be a magazine, the site offers a way to find out just what Go Digital is.

Harvard Computer Review - Online

The Harvard Computer Review (HCR) is the Harvard Computer Society's online magazine dedicated to reviewing trends in computing. It is produced entirely by HCS members, and has been completely converted to an online format. The HCR Online is published approximately every month, consisting of software and hardware reviews, feature articles, and columns.

I/O Magazine

I/O Magazine online offers free subscriptions, the latest Issues, old issues, information and I/O links.

IBM System User International

Welcome to IBM System User International, the online magazine for the IBM user community worldwide. Every fortnight, IBM System User International provides up to date news and analysis on all the major events in the IBM world. Topics range from the latest product and technology developments to financial and strategic issues affecting the IBM user and supplier.

In, Around and Online

Here you will find "Seidman's Online Insider" -- A Weekly Summary of Events in the Consumer Online Services Industry.

Index - Computer On-Line Publications

Loads o'links to the multitude of computer-related publication available on the Web.

Index - Computer Trade Publications Online

If you're looking for an extensive list of links to computer publications available on the Web, you've found it.

Index - List of Free Computer-Related Publications

A list of printed computer-related publications where, to qualified subscribers, the subscription itself is free. Each entry contains a brief overview of that publication, including: its primary focus, typical content, publication frequency, subscription information and a brief review of the publication.

Index - MagNet

An extensive set of links for on-line publications on the Net.

Index - Web Zines

Another guide to publications available on the Web.


Welcome to InfoStream, publishers of information for the mainstream. Our printed publication, Portability is supported here on this home page. You can find subscription information. Check out our other publications.

Integrated Systems Development (ISD)

Integrated System Design is an electronic design magazine. It focuses on methodologies for designing complex, highly integrated electronic systems using software tools such as logic simulation, synthesis, timing analysis, and place and route, and implementing designs using semi-custom integrated circuit technologies.

Interactive Age

Online version of magazine devoted to electronic commerce, focusing on business uses of the Internet. Very informative and interesting site.

Interactive Age Daily

Daily electronic commerce news and information from publisher of IA.

Interactive Age Daily Media and Marketing Report

Daily update on the latest media and marketing news from Interactive Age.

InterFace Magazine

Welcome to interface Magazine, originating from beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. The premise of this publication is to help bridge the invisible gap between the user on that side of the screen, and the computer/tool on this side. To create a common boundary between two portions of matter or space. To explore the human-machine interface. By showcasing the changing face of technological advance, we provide insightful and fascinating subject areas interrelated to the evolution of the human creative spirit.

Interface Monthly

Welcome to the Interface Monthly home page. Interface Monthly is a regional computer magazine dedicated to providing business professionals in Maine and New Hampshire with local information about computer and business technology.

IRIS Universe

The Magazine of Visual Computing IRIS Universe, published quarterly by Silicon Graphics, is devoted to the exciting world of visual computing. Its lively, entertaining editorial covers today's most innovative visual computing techniques and technology. There is coverage of the movers and shakers in the global visual computing community, regular reports on Internet and World Wide Web activities, and engaging product briefs and conference alerts.

LAN Magazine

Welcome to LAN:Web Register for the full effect---Or just plain Connect.

LAN Times

View the Lan Times! The entire text is now available online via a hot-linked Table of Contents. Topics include the hidden costs of remote access; CDPD from A to Z; remote-control buyer's guide; mobile middleware product comparison; remote E-mail; and picking the right laptop.

LINX Publications

Welcome to LINX - LUG Information News Exchange ! Best LUG Information in the Nation! New DECUS WWW SIG Forming! DECUS Special Bylaw Election Results. Read these news stories and more in LINX!

The Lynx

This online magazine covers the alternative sides of the Web and the Internet. Editors promise that The Lynx is amusing, informative and slightly anarchic. Surf on over and see if you agree.

Middleware Spectra

MIDDLEWARE Spectra is a quarterly publication addressing strategic and practical middleware issues. Its focus areas (in no order of importance) concentrate on: Middleware (in general), database access, workflow, transaction processing and management, queuing, messaging, RPCs, etc.


MMWire Online is a service that covers the business of multimedia and interactive entertainment. They offer weekly news, classifieds, association and conference information, original editorial and a directory of related multimedia sites on the Web.


The mobile computing lifestyle is what Mobilis is all about. Their online publication features reviews, interviews, tutorials and the latest news on mobile computing products and services.

Multimedia World Online

A great source for up-to-date news and information about the world of multimedia. News, reviews, new titles, software info and links to vendors plus a whole lot more.

NanoTechnology Magazine

NanoTechnology Magazine is your window into the emergent technology whose awesome power mankind will acquire early next century. Find out about the millions spent already in governmentand private labs towards atomic manipulation of matter.

National Computer Tectonics Online

Now With Over 700 Pages of News & Reviews! Check out our experimental pages where we play with new design ideas and wacky, Advanced Duct Tape HTML - the HTML your mother never told you about.

Netsurfer Digest

Netsurfer Digest will place a hot-linked HTML gateway to the wild and woolly online world in front of you every week.


A biweekly electronic magazine, NetWatch is a focal point for the identification of Net based enabling technologies. While focusing on audio, video and server technology, we round out our presentation with marketing gems and editorial pieces which tie the picture together.

Network Observer

The Network Observer (TNO) is a free online newsletter about networks and democracy edited by Phil Agre of the Department of Communication at the University of California, San Diego.

On the Edge

Articles and columns relating to technology, management and the future.

Open Computing

This electronic publication is dedicated to providing Information Services and Information Technology managers the crucial information they need to stay ahead of the curve. The emphasis is on strategies rather than technical minutiae.


Perforations is a quarterly journal/media kit. Each issue develops different themes of contemporary life as they relate to technology. Topics are generally broadly defined in order to accommodate approaches to the material that are experimental, creative and informed by multiple perspectives. Hypertexts and/or video tapes and audio tapes are included with each issue.


Pure Power is a magazine for PowerBuilder people! Each issue is packed with "how-to" for developers at all levels - from those just finishing the introductory class to veteran consultants. It also includes testing tips, management advice, information about products, and talk about where the PowerBuilder market is headed.

The Register

The Register is an entirely electronic newsletter published every two weeks across the Internet. Its content is a mix of news, analysis, comment and humor on and around the subjects of semiconductors, operating software and the computer industry in general.

Road Warrior Outpost

Road Warrior Outpost is a publication that focuses on products for notebook and laptop computers. Also contains general news and information about the portable computer market. It links to travel agencies, maps, U.S. State Department travel advisories and relevant FAQ lists.

S.A. Computer Buyer Magazine

South Africa based computer buyer magazine. Includes feature articles on software releases and computer hardware.

Science & Technology

A magazine of science and interactive technology. Flames looks at the impact of the Internet on the scientific and telecommunications communities.

SI Business

SI Business focuses on issues faced by systems integrators and other computer professionals.

The Sober Witness

The Sober Witness is an online magazine that reviews Web sites.

Software Development Magazine

A monthly magazine that explores the issues surrounding the products, practices and people in corporate software development. Topics such as object-oriented programming, project management, and development of distributed applications are examined for their potential in creating high quality software, on time and on budget.

Software Quarterly

Geared towards providing IS professionals with information about the latest trends and developments in software.

Summit City Boardwalk

The focus of this "Webzine" is to deal with online services originating in and around Fort Wayne, Indiana. Go ahead, take the CyberHoosier plunge.

Sunday Times, Innovation

Web site for the Sunday Times newspaper. Contains articles about new technology applications.

SunWorld Online

IDG's monthly online magazine for the Solaris and SPARC community. Includes news, features, columns, and new product listings.

SURFPUNK Directory

Check out the many issues of Surfpunk, and electronic zine dedicated to hackers.

Syndicated Weekly

The Syndicated Weekly explores the latest in multimedia. Links to other multimedia Web sites of interest can also be had.

Technology In Government

Technology in Government is a monthly national publication serving information systems and telecommunications professionals and management within the ministries and departments of federal, provincial and municipal governments in Canada, as well as crown corporations.

Technology OnLine

Data available will allow you to make informed decisions on the purchase of Hardware, Software, Services and Emerging Technologies.

Technology Review

MIT's national magazine of technology and policy. Includes and online career center and book catalog.

Telecommunications Magazine

A technology and business monthly for communications professionals, with both an Americas Edition and an International Edition. Information on the communications industry.


Dedicated to providing technology executives with provocative, insightful analyses of the individuals and companies leading the digital revolution. Contains useful information that people involved in high-tech business might need to know.

VB'ers Magazine

A monthly magazine free of charge on the World Wide Web. It is for people who program in the Visual Basic Programming Language. Includes articles, programs written in Visual Basic, and source code.

VR World

Columns, articles, and news about virtual reality developments and applications. Includes news services, publications, and daily features.

VRML World

VRML World presents the latest news and information on VR-related, 3D interactive virtual worlds on the Internet. Each week, we bring you the latest news, provide analysis about significant developments, and furnish an expanding list of links to VRML sites as well as to authoring tools.

The Way

Online magazine with sections devoted to Windows, FreeBSD, and the Web - including Hotlists, file updates, reviews, tech support information, and whatever else they think you will need or enjoy.


WindoWatch is the Windows magazine of the Internet, with news, reviews and features relating to Windows. Links to other Windows sites are provided. And you don't have to pay Bill Gates a thing.

Windows Magazine Online

Online version of Windows magazine, with current and back issues available. If you can't get answers to your Windows questions from the magazine, you can e-mail magazine staff and get it from them. A wealth of Windows data awaits your click.

Windows OnLine - WinOnLine Review Magazine

Pure and simple - Windows OnLine is dedicated to supporting Windows users and Windows network professionals. Thousands of people all over the world call our BBS regularly to obtain the latest Windows shareware and freeware from our enormous file library. We are the proud home of the monthly WinOnLine Review.

Windows Sources Australia

Australia's magazine for buyers in the Windows market. Includes independent lab-based comparisons of software and hardware.

Work Talk

Electronic newsletter on work software--business process reengineering tools, workflow, groupware, and other technologies.

WWWiz On-Line!

You've found an exclusive spot on the Web called @WWWiz. Here you will explore the Online version of WWWiz Magazine, the Web resource that has untangled the World Wide Web for thousands of users. You will also find mountains of useful information on a variety of topics.

X Advisor

An online journal for X Window System professionals X11, Motif, Common Desktop Environment and related GUI technologies.

X Journal

A magazine exclusively devoted to programming and software development using the X Window System. Written for programmers, developers, and managers at all levels. Includes technically-oriented feature articles which address the relevant problems X users face on a daily basis.

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