Mega Web I Listings, Part 2

International internacional de la k a la z 


South Korean Socialist Defence Campaign

A campaign that seeks support for 36 South Korean socialists imprisoned for publishing books, organizing strikes etc. Information on the charges, trials, laws involved and the accused.


News from Latvia

News site for this Baltic nation includes links to LETA and the Baltic Business Day.


Flemister, Ijoma - fokpah

The Right Honourable Flemister (keeper of culture) is currently involved with data and telecommunications systems development in Liberia, Senegal, the United Kingdom, and the USA. Personal and official information and a link to the office's e-mail.


News Collection

This collection contains news from many different sources (primarily, included in the MAK-NEWS reports) related in one way or another to Republic of Macedonia. The attempt was to provide as many as possible viewpoints on different subjects. The index is searchable.

Traditional Macedonian dresses

The national dresses of Macedonia and the historical and cultural factors impacting their development. Spans pre-historic times to the present and uses various cultural monuments and ancient written documents to illustrate. Submitted by Zoja Nashkova.


FAQ - soc.culture.malaysia

Frequently asked questions regarding Malaysia, Malaysian culture, people and Internet resources. Created and maintained by Malaysian graduate student, Ya-Ping.


Provides introduction to Malaysia's history, religions, national symbols, environment, climate, geography, food, and population. Practical information regarding immigration policies and travel are also available. Site is delivered via MIMOS and Jarring InTouch.

Prime Minister's Department

Reports from the Malaysian Prime Minister's office. Speeches, policy, Cabinet line up, Embassy offices, news and feedback.



Information especially for Mexicans, Chicanos, and/or Mexican-Americans. However, everyone is welcome. Links to FAQs' on Mexico. Information on indigenous languages. Facts on Mexico, and the Chicano arts community.

Chicano/LatinoNet (CLNET)

Jobs board, museum and upcoming events on Chicano studies. CLNet Feature: Dia de Los Muertos "Day of the Dead."

Culture and Society of Mexico

American Network Information Center Mexico Reference Desk serves this newsgroup on Mexican Culture and Society. Includes an FAQ.

El Andar

Chicano labor organizing from Electric Mercado, a cultural center and marketplace highlighting Latino lifestyle, news and opinions.

Electric Mercado

This site showcases the richness of the Latino culture. Including areas on food, youth, education and art.

Embassy of Mexico, London, United Kingdom

The Embassy of Mexico to the United Kingdom's page. Includes Mexican Embassy Services, basic information on Mexico, links to web sites with up-to-date information on Mexico, Mexican government speeches, press releases and documents from different Government entities, news, Embassy press releases and upcoming Mexican events in Britain.

Embassy of Mexico, London, United Kingdom

Mexican Embassy Services. Upcoming Mexican events in Britain. NAFTA. Embassy press releases. Daily news from Mexico and the world.

FAQ - soc.culture.mexican

Newsgroup SOC.CULTURE.MEXICAN FAQ. The documents referenced herein are the collective product of the readership of the Usenet newsgroup.


Links to Internet de Mexico. Hispanic magazine, Telemundo and other Latino oriented entertainment.

Latin American Network Information Center (UT-LANIC)

Gateway to other Latin American resources. This site provides access to academic databases and information services throughout the Internet.

Latin American Speakers

Latin American Speakers, content provider for this site, provides lecturers on Latin American issues. Lecturers come with a wide spectrum of viewpoints.

Latino Links at EgoWeb-Connections to Cyber Raza

Links to everything Latino. Chicano culture, places about and for Latinos.


Dedicated to providing Latinos with a weekly on-line magazine with topics such as art, news, job listings, entertainment and travel.


LatinoWeb is a virtual information center for Latino businesses, non-profit organizations and the community. LatinoWeb's mission is to empower the Latino by providing a gateway on the Internet where private, non-profit and public sectors can exchange information.

MAES - Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists

MAES is actively engaged in sponsoring multiple outreach programs designed to interact directly with the students at the elementary, middle school, high school, and university levels. The theme of all these programs is the pursuit of excellence in math, science, and engineering.

MEChA at the University of Oregon

MEChA is the Chicano student union at the University of Oregon. Links to other educational resources.

Mexican Museum, San Francisco

The Mexican Museum is an art and cultural institution located in historic Fort Mason Center on the waterfront of San Francisco Bay. This site focuses on the work of Mexican and Mexican-American artists.

Mexico and the US

Mauricio-José Schwarz provides this site as a means of encouraging mutual understanding between Americans and Mexicans. The site is an outgrowth of his collaboration with Texan writer-editor Don Webb and the anthology of fiction they compiled dealing with Mexican - American relations.

Mexico Lindo

Pablo Meyer y Asociados provides Mexico Lindo Home, a site allowing viewers to make a virtual journey to this land of History, art, culture and magic. Visitors can register on-line thereby enabling commerce in related wares.

PALH Newsletter

By Physician Assistants of Latino Heritage, a group under AAPA (American Academy of Physician Assistants). Everyone welcome. Includes links to medical resources.

Papers on Mexican Politics

If you're interested in the continuously volatile social situation in Mexico, you'll find a wealth of academic articles at this site, with updated public domain papers written by scholars and politicians about the Mexican political situation.

Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity

History on the oldest Latino Fraternity, chapters, national board members and calendar of events.

POCHO Productions' Virtual Varrio

Virtual Varrio features archives of L.A. Cucaracha, product information, and much more pocholitical satire!

Ritmo-y-Mas Music & Bookstore

A Latino music and bookstore dedicated to the American Latino experience in music, literature and music video. Highlighting Tejano, Mexican, Tropical and Latino Pop.

Saludos Web

Saludos Web, a world wide web site devoted exclusively to promoting Hispanic careers and education, supported by Saludos Hispanos magazine. Featuring career center, education center, article archive, resume pool, Hispanic resources index.

The Seminary on the Philosophy and The History of Latin America

Centre for researchers who working in their respective fields have Latin America's issues in common.

Tristero's Latin American Resource Directory

Latin resources outside the U.S. and Mexico. Features a mailing list for Latino announcements.


The latest Radio Amsterdam News Broadcast

It's just what it sounds like, an audio file with the latest broadcast from the Dutch radio service.

Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management

The Netherland's Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management page. Monthly digest of press releases, information on the Post and Telecommunications department, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, and a guide to Integrated Coastal Zone Management.

New Zealand

Christchurch City Council

Hailing from New Zealand, the Christchurch City Council WWW Server includes Christchurch City Council information, maps of the town and Library information.

Government and Public Affairs in New Zealand/Aotearoa

Government and Public Affairs in New Zealand. The New Zealand Patent Office . The Treaty of Waitangi in English and Maori. The Technology and crimes reform bill. Information about the flag of NZ . Results of the November 5, 1993 parliamentary elections. A summary of proposals on settling treaty claims .

Life On The Planet's Edge

A New Zealand weekly on life and culture Down Under.

Ministry of Cultural Affairs

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs provides advice to the New Zealand Government on cultural matters. Information on organizations, programs, publications, staff and structure, and contact details.

New Zealand Government

The New Zealand Government home page. Information on the constitution and the government, politics, ministries and departments, legislation, national history, the budget and the electoral system.

New Zealand History

New Zealand History. Government Buildings, the National flag, the National anthem, and Treaty of Waitangi.

New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand immigration service. Help with documentation, job offers, support and an application form.

New Zealand Political Information

New Zealand political information including, biographies of ministers, press releases, speeches, and bills. Link to the NZ Parliamentary Homepage.

New Zealand Press Association

This is our selection of news stories from the New Zealand Press Association news feed. You can also search the Press Association's news archive by keyword.



Hotline with regular updates on news and trends in Nicaragua.

North Korea

Korea WebWeekly

The Korea WebWeekly is a non-partisan, non-profit news magazine dedicated to Korean issues. All news summary and editorials are contributed by volunteers. Features links to Korean activist groups too.


Kommunal Rapport / The Municipal Reporter

Readership consists of elected municipal officials and municipal leaders, and focuses on their issues and concerns.

ODIN, Official Documentation and Information from Norway

Central web-site for the Norwegian Government, the Office of the Prime Minister and the ministries. English pages available.

Venstre - Liberal Party of Norway

Information on the Norwegian Liberal Party. English pages available.


Allama Sir Dr Muhammad Iqbal Shaikh (Lahori)

This text gives an introduction of Muhammad Iqbal, an Indian nationalist who wrote poems on a variety of political subjects.

FAQ - soc.culture.pakistan

Pakistani political, social and cultural information is available. Get answers to frequently asked questions about Pakistani history, government, newspaper and journal subscriptions, electronics, currency exchange, addresses and immigration.

IMRAN Group NeWWWs Services

As a continuation of IMRAN information services to Pakistan and for Pakistanis this group has arranged for major newspapers DAILY news headlines by email from Pakistan. News International and Nation are available in English, and NawaiWaqt in Urdu.

Pakistan News Service

The Pakistan News Service (PNS) established August 14, 1991 is a volunteer & community service effort. It offers wide variety of information & news on & relating to Pakistan.


Muslims in Palestine

Find information about the people and the land of Palestine, mainly concerned with the Israeli occupation. Inquire about the economy, medical care, schools, and civil liberties.

Palestinian Information

The General Union Of Palestine Students (UK) aims to inform about the occupied territories and the Palestinian Problem. Addressed issues include information on the history, active organizations, and human rights in Palestine.

Palestinian "Test" Page


Included are information resources with material relevant to Palestine, such as: Who's who in the Palestinian Authority (PA), President comments related to the Peace process, information on different universities in Palestine, and other relevant material.

Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (PAPP)

The United Nations Development Program provides information to the people of the Occupied Territories. Included is information about large scale training projects, and technical assistance for institution building.


First Philippine Page of Trivia

A web journal about the Philippines, the Filipino people and the Filipino diaspora as expressed from a decidedly but not exclusively Filipino perspective.

Kakasarian: Filipino Gay and Lesbian Resources

Kakasarian: Filipino Gay and Lesbian Resources. Links to gay studies, organizations and HIV/AIDS resources.

A Philippine Leaf

Articles on pre-Hispanic literacy in the Philippines, the oldest RP document (900 AD), ancient scripts, writing systems currently used by ethnic minorities.

Senate Angara

Philippine Senator Edgardo Angara's web site with attendant e-mail. Information on the Philippine Senate, proposed bills, legislation and the Senator's position on key issues.


Listing of WWW pages relating to the Philippines and Filipinos inspired by the Soc.Culture.Filipino UseNet group. The definitive word on visa requirements and the like. Links to On-line news from the Philippines, Government Pages in the Philippines.


Association of Polish-American Professionals

Welcome to the Home Page of the Association of Polish-American Professionals (APAP). Listings include a description of APAP announcements, events, networking, archives, other Polish-American professional organizations, foundations, institutes, and cultural centers.

Donosy Archive (English Edition)

DONOSY is a daily electronic news bulletin from Warsaw. It was created in 1989. Initially it served as a news update for friends of the editors.

ISI Public News

Latest News from Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.

Polish American Cultural Society of Greater St. Louis

The Polish-American Cultural Society of Metropolitan St. Louis is a non-profit organization that provides a calendar, and information on the organization on Polish language classes.

Polish Defense League

The Polish Defense League writes in the interests of Poles to guard the honor and property of Polish Nation in Poland and abroad.


Na Mamo - Young Hawaiians of Southern California

The home page of Na Mamo, The Young Hawaiians of Southern California includes information about the club, its charter, upcoming activities, the E Hula Mau competition, and other Hawaiian-related information and Web pages. The main purpose of the home page is to perpetuate Hawaiian culture.

Polynesian Cultural Center

The listing includes information on the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie, Oahu, Hawaii. It gives an introduction to the center, and provides information on its activities.

Polynesian Voyaging Society & Bishop Museum

The Canoes Polynesian Voyaging Society & Bishop Museum provide the latest tracks of the HAWAI'ILOA, HOKULE'A, and MAKALI'I from the departure at Nuku Hiva, and a destination of Hilo. Separate maps are displayed.

Puerto Rico

Welcome to Puerto Rico

Everything you want to know about the Star of the Caribbean and more!


Embassy of Romania, Washington DC

The Romanian Embassy. Basic facts on Romania, travel and tourism, the press, trade and economics, consular and Embassy contact information.

The Romanian WWW Home Page

This server provides information about Romania. It is the official home page of this nation.


Friends of Tuva []

Friends of Tuva on the World Wide Web explores Tuvan culture. Basic information includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and general information, discography of Tuvan, Mongolian, and Siberian music, newsletters, and reports.

Latest Russian News

Diverse Russian resource, with links to The Russian Chronicles (Trans-Cyberian Journey), Information About Russia, the Rferl Home Page, Treasures of the Czars and Treasures of the Czars..Kansas City; not to mention the latest news on Russia/Eastern Europe provided by the OMRI Daily Digest & Jamestown Foundation.

Russian Reminesence - a photographic documentary

Pictures are displayed from the Russian Reminisence Gallery. The animated photo index consists of well-taken photos of American Students on a trip to Russia.

Russian Speaking Community of Melbourne

The Russian Speaking Community of Melbourne features Russian language events of Melbourne, and the latest CIS-related news. It also contains miscellaneous Russian-oriented material, for example, literature, humor, comics, software. places on the Net. This page is maintained in English language.

The Tuvan Hillbilly

Included are interesting photos and sounds on the Republic of Tuva,the former Tannu Tuva.


This server provides cultural exchange between Russia and the USA. Pictures taken in the USA and in Russia are available for educational purposes. Other emphases are also included, such as the emphasis on the contribution of scientists. This server is available in English and in Russian.


Run for Rwanda

Run for Rwanda is a fun walk sponsored by the African Ambassadors Group to raise money for humanitarian assistance. This is an annual event.

Send Aid to Rwanda

This server provides an interface that people can learn about the agendas and activities of various relief organizations, and offer a donation.


Sardinia's CRS4

This Center server provides information and links to advanced studies, research and development in Sardinia.

Saudi Arabia

Asharq Al-Awsat

Asharq Al-Awsat Newspaper is the leading Arabic newspaper in the Arabic World.


Bonnie Scotland

A wealth of information about Scotland is included in the areas of travel and business. Details can be found about malls, hotels, and tourist sites. Pictures and demographic descriptions are also accessible.

US Scottish Festivals

Scottish festivals and events in North America are listed. The list includes descriptions of events from many different American states.


National Library Singapore - NL.Line

The National Library page features online searching of catalogues on the actual OPAC database in use by the National Library of Singapore, and the ability to perform real-time transactions including reservation, renewal, and checking of borrower's record.

Singapore Ministry of Education

Singapore Ministry of Education welcomes you to the Web and offers a large selection of educational resources and other favorite Web sites. Click the buttons and learn about education and schools in Singapore, cultural resources available in this city/state, teaching opportunities, and much more.

Singapore Trade Development Board

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has ranked Singapore as the world's 12th biggest exporter and the 13th largest importer. This Web site is STDB's electronic information service for those interested in doing business in Singapore. It provides information on business opportunities, import and export information, press releases, trade shows, and more.

TCS Home Page

TCS, the Television Corporation of Singapore, provides access to schedules and event information for Channels 5 and 8. Other features include the Star Club, a page featuring Singapore celebrities, and a service providing classified TV ads.


Slovak News Resources

Comprehensive set of links to various sources of Slovak news available on the Web. Most are in Slovak, but there are some English ones, too.


Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia

The Republic of Slovenia presents the home page of its constitutional court. Links to the Legal Information Center, the entire Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia (1991), Slovenian constitutional case law, a collection of decisions made in 1994, plus links to other constitutional courts.

National Assembly of Republic of Slovenia

Slovenia: young state, old culture, fantastic scenery on the sunny side of the Alps. Its governing body, the Slovenian National Assembly, adopts laws and makes other decisions in its regular sessions. The National Assembly also meets in extraordinary sessions, too. You can find out about all of this by venturing to this home page.


RokPress is a moderated mailing list, intended primarily for news from Slovenia. Slovene is the principal language, although the articles in other languages are often included. It also covers news from international press and important announcements, related to Slovenia and Slovenes. The volume is kept as low as possible.

Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

The SORS provides national statistics on the current situation and movements in the economic, demographic, and social spheres of Slovenian life. It also provides information on environmental and natural resources for organizations of public administration, the commercial sector, and the general public. Links to data collection, statistical research, registers, the statistical data bank—you want stats, here they are!


Somaliland Net

A collaboration of Somaliland listings, including government, history, maps, and currency. Also included is the latest news from Somaliland that is updated twice a week. Links and home pages, online international newsletters, and letters from readers may also be found.

South Africa

African National Congress

The ANC is the majority party in South Africa's Government of National Unity. From this site you can write to President Mandela, members of parliament, and other ANC leaders. Links to the Index of ANC Information, the Index of Government Information, local government elections, news from South Africa, politically-oriented Net sites, South Africa-related Internet resources, and more!

African National Congress Newswire (South Africa)

This site is a compilation of news briefings from South African press agencies throughout the country. It's a great way to get a major, daily news feed of South African current events. Not an official governmental organization.

Independent Online Newspaper

Online South African daily news source, featuring headlines, business news, political updates, lifestyles and entertainment, as well as views from various columnists.

South African Constitutional Assembly

This home page is the Constitutional Assembly's attempt at making the constitution-writing process accessible to the South African public and the world at large. The project is part of a broader commitment to an open and inclusive decision-making process. Links to searchable databases include CA committee minutes, reports, a draft of the constitutional text, CA press releases, and its newsletter. Additional links to other sites of legal interest.

University of the Witwatersrand - South Africa

Welcome to the Law School Constitutional Repository of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. The repository contains South African Constitutional Court decisions and opinions, cases scheduled for hearing, cases heard, judgments reserved, and other legal documents. Links to a court decision notification service, constitutional law discussion group, information about the court and the judges, and links to other sites of legal interest.



Embassy of Spain, Ottawa, Canada. This Embassy of Spain server provides information about current Spanish affairs, historical and cultural development, language and Spanish everyday life.


Friends of Switzerland

Included are listings for people who are interested in expressing their interest and admiration for Switzerland. Listings concern language resources, outdoor activities, travel, and other points of interest.

Swiss Scientific Computing Center

Nicole Vecchi, Manno, Ticino, Switzerland This server provides information about the Swiss Scientific Computing Center, also known as the CentroSvizzero di Calcolo Scientifico (CSCS), which is Switzerland's national scientific computing center. CSCS is affiliated with the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETHZ), and its primary mission is to provide Switzerland with high-performance computing resources and the expertise to exploit these resources.

Swiss Watch

This listing is an internet outpost for Swiss and Swiss clubs. Included is general Swiss news, and other information about Swiss music, commerce, and clubs.


Contains information about Switzerland and serves as gateway to Swiss Web sites. A marketplace with Swiss business directory, Swiss classified ads, Swiss business opportunities, Swiss Job and Swiss Shopping Mall accessible.


Government Information Office

The Republic of China at a glance, brought to you courtesy of the Government Information Office of Taiwan, R.O.C. Links to geography, topography, people and language, political structure, foreign relations, the economy, tourism, and more.

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York

The authoritative source for news and information from Taiwan, Republic of China. Links to hot topics, current events, the Chinese Information and Culture Center, a news feed from the Central News Agency (CNA) in both Chinese and English, CNA On-line Newswire, and Sinorama Magazine—the most broadly circulated Taiwanese magazine in the world.

Taiwan Headline News

Daily news service with regular updates on Taiwan. Available in both English and Chinese.


FAQ - soc.culture.thai

Information about tourism and travel in Thailand is included. Other information includes a list of Royal Thai Embassies, visa information, car rental, accommodations, a description of the Greater Bangkok Metropolis, and other general observations.

Hmong Page

This WWW page is a collection Hmong history, culture, language, current events, education and scholarship information. Current events and announcements are also shown.

Mon Information

The Mon-Khmer language is explored through its history, phoneics, phonology, morphology, syntax and linguistics.

Prostitution problem

The problem of prostitution in Thailand is addressed through historical facts, the laws on prostitution in Thailand, and child prostitution. Also addressed are blame, and possible solutions.


Thailand history and culture can be explored through the internet. The SiamWEB home page has sections that are run by various siamWEBlers that are linked from all over.

Thai Gathering

The Thai Gathering is an area on the World Wide Web where those interested in Thailand are invited to exchange news, ideas, and experiences.

Thai Heritage

Thailand is explored through pictures and descriptions about cultural and historical sites.



Subscription information on a quarterly bilingual, Turkish-English news and views magazine is available. Information on back issues is also included.

Turkey - News Collection

Collection of links and articles relating to Turkey.


SUSK - Ukrainian Canadian Students' Union

The Ukranian Canadian Student's Union, SUSK, addresses concerns relevant to Ukranian students from universities across Canada. Included are background information, publications, news, and WEB searching.

Ukraine FAQ+ Sabre Foundation

The Ukraine FAQ has collected the latest news, reference information, basic information, maps, publications, a list of current events, and entries from the Encyclopedia of Ukraine. Other topics about the Ukraine such as business, commerce and law are also explored.

United Kingdom

BBC World Service

The BBC World Service broadcasts radio programs in English and 40 languages worldwide. In English you can hear programs on a wide variety of topics including news, arts/literature, education, business, classical music, sports, science, religion and drama.

CCTA Government Information Service

CCTA, the Government Center for Information Systems, is an on-line service giving access to government information via the Internet. Ii currently provides information from 115 organizations and 60 government departments and agencies, including ministerial speeches, press notices, and statistical data. Viewers can even get pictures of the Metropolitan Police Art and Antiques Squad's top ten stolen items of the month! Links to indexes by organization and function, search engines, and various governmental on-line services.

Central Office of Information

Britain's Central Office of Information (COI) advises on and buys publicity services in all media for its clients in Departments and Agencies. Nine regional network offices supply a multi-departmental service to the regional press and broadcasting media. Regional staff also provide media assistance to the Royal Household outside London. Links to government press releases by department.

The Commonwealth Foundation

The Commonwealth Foundation was established in 1966 to promote closer professional cooperation within the 51 countries of the Commonwealth. It provides grants in many areas, including the eradication of poverty, rural development, health, informal education, community enterprise, women in development, disability, and the arts and culture. Links to forums and reports. Link to the Foundation's periodical, "The Common Path."

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) is the British government department responsible for overseas relations and foreign affairs through its headquarters in London, its Embassies, High Commissions, and Consulates throughout the world. Links to Bosnia, Europe, Honk Kong, ministerial calendar.

H.M. Treasury Directory Index

Her Majesty's Treasury's on-line service includes links to news releases, ministers' speeches, minutes of monthly monetary meetings, reports of the Panel of Independent Forecasters, 1995's summer forecast, budget documentation, and Chancellor's statements.

Hereford and Worcester County Information Service

The Golden Valley Information Project was a two-year project to investigate the provision of a wide range of community information to people in isolated and deprived rural areas. The Project was to run from April 1, 1993 to March 31, 1995, and investigated the provision of this information by means of a network of computer terminals in public places. This site contains information pertinent to that project.


HMSO is the British department responsible for providing Parliament, other government departments, and other public sector customers with a variety of goods and services including print, publishing, office equipment and stationery, training, products, and much more. Buttons take you face to face with all of this.

UK Department of Trade & Industry

The UK Department of Trade and Industry aims to help business people find the right contact points in the DTI quickly and easily. It also provides a range of more general information about the department's activities. Links to what's new in the DTI, ministers and their responsibilities, contacts and services, press releases, and DTI publications available by Internet.

United Kingdom Department of Health

The Department of Health exists to support British ministers in achieving and maintaining the health and-well being of the people of England. Links provide access to press releases, departmental publications and events, information phone numbers, and Health of the Nation, the first-ever national strategy for health promotion.



VietGATE is a public information service. It provides a gateway to the on-line Vietnamese community. VietGATE's includes a news section with publications, and the latest reports from Vietnam. Other topics include community services, databases, religion, internet services, and professional organizations.

Vietnam - next Asian tiger?

A discriptive introduction into the country of Vietnam is given. Topics included are industry and trade. A Vietnam industry directory listed.


Post Newspaper

ZAMBIA'S LEADING INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER, The Post is published daily (Monday to Friday), with news, features, sports, columns and more.

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