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The Abayudaya Jews of Uganda

The Abayudaya Jews of Uganda. Different views of various subjects.

Abwenzi African Studies

Dedicated to promoting friendship between Americans and Africans through pen -pal programs.

AfreeNet Construction Page

Forum for African business, trade, tourism, trade, technology, leisure, life, history and news.

African Connections

Distributes substantive information about the African continent's people, cultures and institutions. As well as social and political structures. The series generates positive communication and broadened representation for Africa and her descendants be they in Europe, The Caribbean, South American, the United States, Canada or other global destinations.

African Recording reviews

Reviews of African recordings contemporary and traditional.

African Studies WWW Links

A list of alternative resources related to African Studies that are not officially included on Art McGee's list of Black/African Related Resources.

Arican Cultural Camp

The 8th Annual African Drumming and Dance Camp. This camp provides a full 7 days and 6 nights of hands-on participation of playing traditional drum/percussions, song and dance folkloric presentations.

Black/African Internet Resources

Black African studies, Internet resources, information sites. WWW links.

Black/African Related Resources (Art McGee's List)

A list of online information storage sites (FTP, Gopher, Telnet, WWW, BBS, Database, etc.) that contain a significant amount of information relating to Black or African people, culture, and issues around the world, either in files or conferences. Also included (in other sections of the list) are resources relating to Ethnic/Intercultural Relations, International/Sustainable Development (includes Global Networking), and Social/Progressive Activism.

Coded Messages: CHAINS

Traditional West African drumming and dancing and intercultural performances.

CyberNomad Oasis

Huge compiling of resources for African American study.

Direct Feeds from Africa

Various governments of African countries. Issues of economic position. South African database.

FAQ - soc.culture.african

Culture of Africa, region and specific area information available.

Index - African Studies - WWW Virtual Library

There are several links in this document to many different sites that contain information relevant to African people on the continent and in the Diaspora. This list is continually under construction and any additions, corrections or suggestions are welcome.

Index - MelaLink

Listing of Afrocentric WWW sites and home pages. African scholarship information available.

The International Library of African Music - 1993/06/14

The International Library of African Music. It is a research institution devoted to the scientific study of music and the oral arts in Africa.

Internet Guide to Afro-Carribean Music

Afro Caribbean music guide. Listings of Artists, styles and labels.

Kidjo, Angelique

Information on Angeliques' past and future concerts. Musical styles and her own voice samples.

The Melanin Library

The Melanin Library is a Speakers Bureau for Guest and Keynote Speakers about information related to Melanin. Also a repository of research articles, videos and other information.

Nkrumahist/Toureist: African Perspective

The Nkrumahist-Tourist Party Organizing formation, is a Pan-African political party, organizing in Africa, USA, and Europe.

Samite of Uganda

Traditional East African (Ugandan) music. Tour dates, biography, album and contact inf..

Shona Music Pages

Directory of musicians playing Shona music along with other resources, upcoming events.

University of Pennsylvania - African Studies

Focusing in African American studies. Black/African Internet resources.

Village Pulse Outpost

Digital recordings of West African drum music. Articles about the Village Post.

Village Spirit Marimba Band

Members have traveled to Africa and/or studied directly with masters in the Shona tradition of Zimbabwe where much of the music they play originates. Information on upcoming events.

Wazobia News

Various news from Wazobia. Stock market information.


Arab World and Islamic Resources

AWAIR (Arab World and Islamic Resources) Arab and Islamic culture. Unique educational books and other treasures.


A forum for Arabs in the UK expanding its membership base. Method of communication is by sending and receiving e-mail.

Egyptian Student Association in USA and Canada

Job listing, upcoming and past conventions, upcoming projects.

MIT Arab Student Organization

MIT Arab Student Organization's Home Page. Featuring a newsletter and a photo gallery. Other links to Arab related topics.

Princeton Arab Society

Princeton Arab Society web page contains an on-line newsletter information on upcoming events.

Said Nuseibeh: Dome of the Rock

Captivating pictorial, and essay, on Jerusalem's 7th century masterpiece of Islamic architecture.

Western Sahara

Current news in the western Sahara.



Armenian General Sports Union. It is an organization devoted to the physical and mental well being of its members.

UC Berkeley - Armenian Students Association

The purpose of the Armenian Students Association at UC Berkeley is to provide an opportunity for Armenian students to come together and cultivate a spirit of appreciation toward Armenian culture, history, and heritage, through cultural and educational functions as well as social and recreational events.


Pacific Asia Travel Association

Information about business in Asia and the travel industry in the Asia Pacific region. It provides access to the most current information that connects marketing and travel research.


Assyria On-line

Assyrian literature focus' on many subjects. All you need to know about Assyria and Assyrians of today.


Local numbers to BBSs newsgroups and online newsletters.


Gilgamesh and the whole collection has been described as an odyssey--the odyssey of a king who did not want to die.


1995-96 Australian Commonwealth Government Budget

Department of Finance, Canberra, ACT, Australia. This server provides access to selections from the Australian Commonwealth Budget, 1995-96.

Australia Tourist Radio

Australian Super Site Tourist Radio, is the one place on the web where you will find four interactive sites (Webaholics, Reclynx, Texas and the League) on the one Home Page.

Australia's Commonwealth Department of Human Services and Health

Department information, publications, offices and related agencies, and other relevant Internet sources are available through this site.

Australian Arts and Cultural Sites

A Department of Communications and the Arts website. Contains Communications and the Arts Portfolio Bodies, electronic publishing, film, heritage, libraries, literature, mutimedia, music and other government resources.

Australian Environmental Resources Information Network

This project of the Australian Department of the Environment and associated agencies provides information on issues effecting Air (weather, greenhouse effect and climate change), Land and Water (terrestrial and inland aquatic landscapes), as well as Humans and the Environment (socio-economic, culture), Life (biodiversity), and Marine Life and Coasts. Also provided are state of environment reporting, thoughts on integrating environment and development (sustainable development), and general information.

Australian Geological Survey Organisation

Information about the work of AGSO in the areas of environment; geology and geophysics; ground water; hazards; minerals and petroleum; and nuclear explosions. There is also a What's New page.

Australian Government

Information about the services offered by the Australian Government and its agencies. Links to most Australian Government Departments and agencies sites are provided.

Australian Government Information Sources

Lots of information and news about what’s going on with the Australian government. Links to federal, state and local government offices, legislation and policy documents are available at their site.

Australian National Botanic Gardens Biodiversity Server

Located on the slopes of Black Mountain in Canberra, this agency is one of a number of agencies working on the botanical biodiversity of Australia. Information about their many programs and projects, and links to related sites are provided.

The Australian National University Demography & Population

Leading information facilities of value and/or significance to researchers in the field of demography.

(Australian) Public Policy Assessment Society

This Web service provides access to the principal documents of the Public Policy Assessment Society Inc. (PPAS). This is an independent, nonparty, self-funding organization whose purpose is the improvement of public policy. The society takes particular interest in policy issues on which Australian government bodies engage in formal public consultation.

Government Electronic Marketplace Service (GEMS)

GEMS provides suppliers with a wide range of information on how to do business with the Commonwealth Government and buyers with information about procurement policies and practices. It also provides details of surplus goods auctions around Australia, and access to various government databases such as the Purchasing and Contract Awareness Service and the Information Technology Buyers Guides.

The Ipswich Web

Provides information about the city and region; it links to other Australian and international information sites. It is part of the Global Info-Links project, an economic and social development initiative of the Ipswich City Council.

National Library of Australia

Access the collections and services of this library, as well as government information and the NLA Information Broker, which allows searches by topics.

Perfect Strangers

Australia's Youth Arts Culture Site. Featuring art forums, background information, commercial and interactive area.

Political Science in Australia

A resource for political scientists working on and in Australia. Includes pointers to other useful material, regularly updated list of conferences and information about political science teaching and research in Australia.

Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service

Information about Tasmanian Wildlife, Walking Track Management, Bio-Environmental Regionalization, Protection, Archaeology, a Parks & Environment Library Services, Related sites from the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service.


Austria Culture Net

Latest Australian news and events. Art, music and literature.

Austrian Press and Information Service, Washington DCAustrian Press and Information Service, Washington DC

A great site for information about Australia. Information about Australian tourism, business and economy, foreign policy, and culture and science are provided here. Links to other Australian websites are also available.


List of Baltic News Resourses

This site provides a daily news service in English or Estonian.


Belgian Federal Government

Everything you need to know about the Belgium government. Information about the divisions of their government, and official publications are provided.

Belgium and its culture

Belgium and its culture. Also travel tips, regions of interest.

Belgium Genealogical Information Service

Belgium Genealogical Information Service contains links to other genealogical services. General and specific guides for genealogy research - libraries.

Embassy of Belgium, Washington DC, USA

Discover this small but interesting country with a landscape of castles, cathedrals and medieval squares which in the twentieth century has become one of the world's leading industrial nations, the capital of the European Union, and a dynamic meeting place for the international community. Tourist, government, business, current events and news are presented here.

Religion in Belgium and the Netherlands

This page gives information about religion and philosophy in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Belize Online Tourist Guide

Learn all about the investment and travel opportunities in this tropical paradise. You'll never want to come home.


The Book of Home: Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

The Yugoslavia third time among the Serbs. Know all there is to know from the Republic of Yugoslavia. Learn the culture of Yugoslavia.

The Bosnia Network

The Birmingham Bosnia Task Force is a nonprofit, interfaith network of concerned professionals formed to help plan the rebuilding of devastated communities through the application of urban design techniques.


This lists answers to most commonly asked questions on Bosnia.

Index - Jˆrgs Bosnia Pages


Sarajewo is fighting the siege of Serbs who want to destroy Sarajewo is fighting the "International Community", who are betraying its own universally declared values. And Sarajewo is fighting its own rulers who threaten to destroy the civilization they are unable defend.

Picture Projects

Dedicated to documentary photography. Currently featuring the Bosnia photos of Magnum photographer Gilles Peress.

Sarajevo Alive - Sarajevo On Line

Learn the latest news regarding Sarajevo. Become part of the Internet dialogue between Saraevo and the United States.

Story of Banja Luka

Banja Luka, a verdant town of tree-lined avenues, parks and gardens lying astride the River Vrbas, was devastated by an earthquake on October 26, 1969; but the town, sorely tired in the past by natural catastrophes and wars, has recovered from this latest disaster.



Brazil, including photographs, maps, statistical information and links to other Brazilian servers, institutions, and news sources.

Cardiff University of Wales - Brazilian Society

Information on Brazil and its society. Economy, travel and tourism, culture, news and current affairs.

Cinema of Brazil

The birth of cinema in Brazil.

News from Brazil

Monthly Brazilian news magazine covering politics, economics, behavior, music, and ecological issues.


Bulgarian News Archive

Compilation of news from and about Bulgaria and the border region.

A Reader's Guide to Bulgaria

General information, history and politics, culture and economics.


Cambodia Times

Cambodian current events detailed here weekly.


Aboriginal Super Information Hwy.

Cross Canada communication information system.

Canada - Human Resources Development

Canadian Labour Market Information; Job Postings; job Counseling; Unemployment Insurance & Employment Standards, as well as Programs and Training available through this agency.

Canada - Medical Research Council

This major federal agency is responsible for funding biomedical research in Canada. This council plays a major role in supporting research training of health scientists and acts as an advisor on health research to the federal Minister of Health. Find out how to apply for this funding, what the criteria are, and what their ethical standards are.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Learn critical information to help you understand the trends and factors behind Canadian housing market changes. There is simply no substitute for the thorough, concise analysis of housing market developments that you get with CMHC's market data and analysis. This comprehensive library and documentation service serves as an access point to the world of housing research data. Access their products, publications and services.

Canada's Parliament

Everything Canada’s Parliament wants you to know. Information on the role, history and activities of the Senate, the House of Commons and the Library of Parliament.

Canadian Broadcast Corp News

Dedicated site for the Quebec Referendum 95.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

The Centre monitors current developments in the economy and studies important trends that affect Canadians. It provides thoughtful alternatives to the limited perspective of business research institutes and many government agencies, in areas such as: full employment; environmental protection and renewal; and a sovereign Canada playing an independent role for common security in the world.

Canadian Forest Service, Northwest Region

The Canadian Forest Service is helping Canadians find a balance between the best possible balance of protection and wise use of this resource, which covers nearly half the nation and makes up 10 per cent of all the earth's forests. Find out about publications and research directions, and link up with their regional offices.

Canadian Heritage Information Network

From the Department of Canadian Heritage comes this server, showcasing the products developed by the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) or in partnership with such heritage institutions as the National Film board of Canada and the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Canadian Hydrographic Service

This a civilian agency, which is part of the Federal Government department of Fisheries and Oceans, produces nautical charts of Canadian waters.

Canadian News Digest

See this site for daily news briefs and photographs from the Canadian Press.

Canadian Wildland Fire Information System

Access much of the information available about Canadian wildfires. Information on various predictive systems, such as the Forest Fire Danger Rating System;the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index System; the Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction System; the Canadian Forest Fire Occurrence Prediction System; and a fire season outlook. Links to related general information, including upcoming conferences and seminars, and related services.

Capital Current

Weekly news updates on life in Ottawa, the Canadian capital. The emphasis is on business, tourism, arts, entertainment, and lifestyles.

CBC News Experiment []

Provides the complete text of recent CBC Radio news broadcasts.

CBC Radio News Briefs

News highlights from hourly CBC-radio news reports are available here.

Champlain: Canadian Government-Information Explorer

Champlain is a great way to access information about all known Canadian Government sites (Federal, Provincial and Municipal) and Canadian Legal information sites on the Internet. Champlain indexes all varieties of Internet resources and is built around the Harvest search engine.

CulTech Collaborative Research Centre

This collaborative R&D center structures partnerships and consortia among universities, governments, and private industry who work together to make Canada more competitive and better prepared for the next century. Project partners typically contribute and benefit according to negotiated agreements. Lots of links to all issues related to this purpose.

The Daily News' Today's News

Canada's first online newspaper.

Defence Research Establishment Ottawa

All kinds of defense related information: electromagnetic testing facilities, electronic warfare, navigation, space, radar and radiation. Links to related maps, DREO organizations, publications and announcements are also available.

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Information available about Canadian Foreign Policy; geographic information; International Trade; International Cultural Relations; the country and its provinces; Investing and Doing Business in Canada; Consular Services; Sources of Information; Embassies and Contact Lists; Frequently Asked Questions; News Releases, Statements, and Newsletters; Information Sources, News and Internet Sites.

Geological Survey of Canada

Connects you to Addresses and Telephone Numbers, Publishing and Sales, Libraries and Databases, Science programs, Partnership programs, Educational Material and News, Scientific data and services and Geoscience Connections from the GSC.

Globe and Mail

Canada's National Newspaper is available right here.

Government Information Finder Technology

This site provides an infrastructure for all of the search and retrieval capability available to Government data and information in its original format over different government sites and locations.

Government Information in Canada (ejournal)

This is a quarterly electronic journal for discussion and study of Canadian federal, provincial/territorial, and local government information. Access to all volumes is provided.

Great Lakes Information Management Resource

This is a user-friendly information resource provides an index of Environment Canada's Great Lakes programs, publications and databases, and is a window to other environmental networks.

Health Canada

A Canadian government department concerned with the promotion and protection of health for Canadian citizens. Health Canada also sponsors Web services for the Medical Research Council of Canada, The National Forum on Health, The Canadian Society for International Health, and The Canadian Medical Association.

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Created in 1966, this highly decentralized organization responds to the varying needs of a culturally, economically and geographically diverse clientele - the Canadian Indian and Inuit Nations. Background information, a history and related contacts are provided.

Information Commissioner/Commissaire a l'information

Information about the Access to Information Act, the role of the Information Commissioner, and how to access information, as well as OIC publications and annual reports are provided.

KIN International

Working for an environmental Earth conscience society. Increase interaction between government and their peoples.

KIN International Community Forum

Here we can share creative ideas to solve the multitude of issues facing the residents of North America. To make a physical and spiritual effect on the world.

Materiel Management Institute

The Materiel Management Institute (MMI) is the national organization in Canada dedicated to serving the professional development interests of Materiel Management professionals employed in the Federal Public Service. Publications, professional development activities and contacts are provided through this site.

National Film Board of Canada

National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is a public agency that produces and distributes films and other audiovisual works which reflect Canada to Canadians and the rest of the world.

National Forum on Health

The Forum consults with Canadians and advises government on innovative ways to improve the health of Canadians. Learn about the four themes they work on: determinants of health; evidence-based decision making; values; and striking a balance. This site includes Activities Updates, News Releases, Speeches and their InfoForum - Newsletter.

National Water Research Institute

This is Canada's largest freshwater research establishment. They use an ecosystem approach to seek solutions to current water quality problems and provide insights into future issues. Topics of research include: Great Lakes Clean-Up and Management; Clean-Up of Regional "Hotspots;" Assessing the Hazards of Toxic Chemicals; Groundwater Contamination; Global Change; Acid Rain and Airborne Toxic Chemicals; Contaminants in the High Arctic.

Statistics Canada - Statistique Canada


Frequently asked statistics; Internet Services at Statistics Canada; information by subject; products and services; and selected articles on Canadian statistics are available here. LInks to other governmental sites and other statistical servers are also made available.

Treaty 7 Tribal Council

Information on treaty 7 and the Tribal Council. Alberta region current events. Links to other First Nations sites.


Caribbean Corner

Caribbean news, sports, politics and festivals information. Links to other Caribbean countries.

Caribbean Cultural Center

Traditional music, song and dance in praise of the Yoruba Gods of West Africa. Celebrate the energy forces of nature in the philosophy of African based religions, join in the celebration of our history and culture in concerts featuring international artists from Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, Nigeria, and more!



The National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research finances science and technology research programs and projects, to support the development of human resources, and to facilitate communication between Chilean and foreign scientists. Learn about the programs and research projects supported by this institution.


Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford (ACSSS)

Living guide for students, upcoming events, WWW links to other student related activities.

Association of the Chinese Professionals in Geographic Information Systems

The Association of the Chinese Professionals in Geographic Information Systems. Upcoming features for '96.

China Connections

This site includes links to vast computer networks in China. Information on Chinese research institute, Chinese Universities and links to other China home pages.

China News Digest

China News Digest. Featuring areas on classical literature, tech help and photo archives.

China News Services & China News Agency

Chinese news service in English.

China the Beautiful

Classical Chinese art and literature: poetry, calligraphy, classics in both Chinese and English. A sampling 5,000 years of Chinese art and literature.

Chinese Culture

This site includes Chinese entertainment, travel, education, people, languages, news and regions.

Chinese Historical and Cultural Project

The CHCP's mission is to promote and preserve Chinese and Chinese-American history and culture. Links to various Chinese community efforts.

Chinese Mathematics

A brief outline of the history of Chinese mathematics. Chronology of Mathematicians and Mathematical Works.

Chinese Student Association at Texas A&M University

As an international student service group, CSA is a non-profit and non-political student organization since 1963.

Chinese Student Associations at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Chinese Student Association at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Features student announcements, links to interesting and local sites.

Diti's Qigong page

Various scientific publications on Chinese culture with links to alternative educational sites.

Friendship Association of Chinese Students & Scholars

Friendship Association of Chinese Students Scholars. Features news and current events, plans for future activities, various clubs and teams. Entertainment and music links.

Global Chinese Electronic Daily News

Online newspaper consisting of international, US, Mainland China, and Taiwan news in Chinese characters.

Han Wei

A Website dedicated to promote Chinese Culture and Martial Arts. Events happening throughout the world, people & society.

HTML International Inc.

Serves overseas Chinese communities and people interested in Chinese-related stuff.

Index - James Miles's News About China

James Miles's News About China provides links to sources of political, social and economic news about mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet available free of charge on the Internet. Also available are links to sources of Asian and world news which might contain information about recent developments in the "Greater China" area.

Internet Hangzhou Folks Club (IHFC)

Internet Hangzhou Folks Club (IHFC) is an internet based non-profit organization. It is only for overseas Chinese from Hangzhou, China. Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province, China.

National Palace Museum, Taiwan

Contains the world's largest collection of Chinese arts and treasures. The National Palace. Celebrating 70th anniversary with a year long series of outstanding exhibitions and lectures beginning Jan. 1, 1995.

Overseas Chinese Youth Association

An association created to serve the Southern California Chinese community and to promote Chinese culture.

Page for Chinese

This homepage contains a lot of links about Chinese related web sites. If you want information about China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, this is the place for you.

USC Chinese Student Association

USC Chinese Student Association is an organization dedicated to serve Chinese people from Taiwan. Info on upcoming events.


The Advertisements Forum, Croatia

An ad page focused on the Web readers in Croatia to help locate persons, find items and pen pals or direct questions.


Information from the office of the President of Croatia. Includes: the President’s addresses to the nation, press releases, interviews with the President, and press conference information.


Cuba Internet Resources

Contains general information about Cuba.

Czech Republic

Czech and Slovak Republics

Current news and information from the Czech and Slovak Republics, as well as a review of the different media operating in these countries.

Czech Happenings

Czech Happenings is the Internet Homepage of everything Czech. You can find daily summaries of Czech news from print and radio sources.


Cultural Village of Europe 1996

Cultural gathering focusing on the national and cultural aspects of life. Open to contributions from all cultures.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

News, doing business in Estonia, current releases from the Foreign Ministry, government information, and consular information provided from the Estonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Finnish Studies

This is a one-stop resource for information on the peoples of Finland, their languages and their cultures. Information about studying Finnish at the University of California at Berkeley, what resources are available here, and how to get to other links related to Finland, Finnish, and Finland-Swedish.

Foundation for Finnish inventions

This organization supports and helps private individuals and entrepreneurs to develop and exploit invention proposals both within Finland and internationally. The Foundation is at the forefront in advising, evaluating, financing, developing and marketing over a thousand projects in different areas of technology every year. Their Invention Market provides access to real business opportunities organized by category.

Geological Survey of Finland

Information on the works and research projects of this Finnish governmental institution.



information and images of flags of the world.

Flags of the World

Devoted to discussing all the various aspects of international vexillophilia (i.e.: flags of the world.)

International Marine Signal Flags

International Marine Signal Flags (signals used by ships at sea.)

National Flags

A selection of images of some simple national flags.

World Flags

An Incomplete Collection of World Flags.



All kinds of links to information about France, its governmental institutions, industry, finance, culture, travel, agriculture, and environment.

Bidet, Le

Understanding the origins of language. Links to virtual comics, French places and events and artists.

(France) Le Ministère de la culture

This server provides information about the Ministry of Culture of France. It contains thousands of documents and images by which the nation defines its heritage. Links to museum exhibitions are also provided.

Maxims of Madame de Sable (1599-1678)

Brief biography, and bibliography of Madame de Sabl&eacute.


AHSGR - American Historical Society of Germans From Russia

The purpose of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia is to bring together people interested in the history of Germans from Russia. A better understanding of Germans from Russia will promote a better appreciation of their history and the preservation of their culture through their descendants. Information on joining a chapter, ordering books, maps, periodicals, and contacting a village coordinator is within.

Der Spiegel

English version of this German weekly news magazine is also available at this site.

German Association for Advancement of Culture

Contains the latest news concerning cultural affairs; literature, gallery, and educational programs; festivals and exhibitions; and the discoveries of the mind. The German Association for Advancement of Culture e.V. Berlin is a non-profit and a Non-Governmental-Organization(NGO) supported through private donations with the aim of promoting culture in its broadest sense.

German News, Jahres¸bersicht

English version available as well.

Germanic Cultures

Sources on Germanic arts and literature such as Viking lore, Beowulf, and the Lindisfarne Gospels.

Germanic Heritage Page

Sources of ancient Germanic entertainments, culture and folklore, language and literature, history, and religion.

Germany Alert

A new publication dedicated to reporting on the resurgence of nationalism, racism, and anti-Semitism in Germany and the rest of Europe.

Goethe House - New York

The Goethe-Institute is a nonprofit organization that support a wide range of international cultural exchange, promote continuous training for teachers in the field of teaching German as a foreign language, and information on contemporary Germany with access to 12,000 books, newspapers, and periodicals as well as audio-visual materials.


The Goethe-Institute is a worldwide, non-profit, semi-private organization established for the promotion of the German language and culture. Access to general information, language courses in Germany, cultural institutes world-wide, information on head office in Germany, teacher training in Germany, and other WWW servers can be found within.

the kassandra project

The Kassandra Project is a collection of external links concerning the study of German culture (literature, history, language, usw.). Provides access to servers and resources, libraries, dictionaries, encyclopedia, news services and publications, history, literature, philosophy, religion, arts, feminist resources, etc.


Angie's Hellenic Page

Site for information on Greece. Contains history of Greece to current events, including tourist information with pictures.

Greek-American Folklore Society

Society that is dedicated to the study, preservation and instruction of the history and performative traditions of Hellenic folk culture through stage re-enactments of traditional Greek costumes, songs and dances, as well as through lectures, exhibits and workshops. Information on current events and performances, resources on dancing, and provision for linkage to other servers are found within.

Tonismos, Single to Multi Accent Greek, Text File Converter

Found within a software named "TONISMOS" which converts ASCII single accent to an multi accent Greek text file. This software is a connecting link between the new way of Greek writing and the old multi accent one. All Greek font formats are supported by this software.


Guyana News

All the latest news and developments from Guyana.


Haiti News

Haiti News not only presents the latest developments in the Caribbean nation but an Archive and Bulletin Board as well.

Haiti or Quisqueya or Bohio

Information about Haiti, which also is known as Quisqueya or Bohio. The site links or points to all Haitian things on the Internet.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Club of Virginia Tech

Formed by a small group of Hong Kong and Macau students about ten years ago to promote cultural awareness and access to social environments for student, faculty, and those interested in the culture of this region.

Hong Kong Student Association of UCLA

Formed to promote interaction between Hong Kong students that would serve as a catalyst for strong bonding.

Hong Kong Students Association at The Johns Hopkins University

Information on HKSA at The Johns Hopkins-history, board member list, current membership list, constitution, upcoming events & announcements. Additional information about Hong Kong and links to other homepages as well as Hong Kong student groups around the world.

Story of Luk Yu

Luk Yu, known as the immortal of tea of China, is a famous scholar and politician of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) who retired from politics to devote himself to the study of Tea. He wrote the most comprehensive and authoritative book with his vast knowledge on tea including planting, processing, tasting and brewing.


HIR - Hungarian Information Resources

Various informative topics ranging from arts to society and culture on Hungarians from University of Maryland at College Park.


Articles in Telugu

Articles in Telugu is a collection on wide varieties of language spoken in the state of Andhra Pradesh located in south India.

Changing the Face of the Earth

The Changing the Face of the Earth is a world-wide campaign program to educate the governments and the people of the world using India's Vedic culture. Topics include vegetarianism and cow protection, plain living and high thinking, and the social system of Varnasrama Dharma.


Dedicated to Larsen & Toubro Limited, India Alumni Association. Contains Alumni member list, glossary, and links to other site to be the ultimate search engine for WWW, and information on education related to engineering field.

Figures of History: some Indian rulers

Brief on Indian rulers for the past 2500 years from Chandragupta Maurya (founder of the Maurya Dynasty of Magadha) to Ranjit Singh.

Headlines from Newspapers

Asian and India headlines from various newspapers.

The Hindu

This is the online version of THE HINDU, India's premier newspaper. The Hindu offers weekly news about India and the world.

India Page

India Home Page provides wide range of information for Indians-finding people on the Internet, News Groups, Unix Help, Immigration information, job opportunities, listing of small businesses, etc.

India Page []

The page acts as a gateway enabling links to the world of India. In fact, linkages seem never ending, allowing access to wide range of information.

Indian CyberSpace

Information to the world on the status of Cyberspace in India. Provides analysis of communication infrastructure, various articles on Cyberspace, and education in Cyberspace.


INDOlink is a one stop visitor center for global electronic linkage to India covering Indian communities and businesses world-wide. Coverages include associations and organizations, books and publications, charity and welfare services, computers, education and self-improvement, entertainment, health, etc.


Place for Sanskritists, MIA and NIA language specialists, and others interested in Indological studies to discuss contemporary politics and social issues with four hundred members.

Information on India

Information on India on the Web offered by individuals, organizations, and links to sites in India.

IRC #India

Internet Relay Chat room for Indians to discuss various issues and to provide wide range of topical links pertaining to India.


Provides linkage to various Home Pages of People from Kerala and People who speak Malayalam. Topics include religion, art, map of Kerala, movies, food and cooking, educational institutions, and Internet Relay Chat rooms for Kerala, Keralam, and Malayalam.

My India

Introduction to India containing Independence and Independent India, religion and philosophy, history on Indian rulers, Indian Scientists and Mathematicians, and listing of Indian sites.

News from India [INDOlink]

Headline news from India, plus sections on political news, Kashmir news, business news, sports and more. This page is a comprehensive guide to the current events in this Asian nation.

News India-Times Online

This is the online version of the largest circulated Asian Indian weekly newspaper published in the United States of America. Features include sections on Asia, business, the Indian community in the U.S., letters to the editor and sports.

Welcome to INDOlink

Powerful connection to loads of Indian resources on the Web, as well as a virtual newspaper that features news, reviews, analysis and a variety of other articles on India.


Gerben's news page

A great site for news links, with one click you can get access a wide variety of national and international news pages, from Rwanda to the Czech Republic to California.

Kayvan's Favorite NewsGroups

According to Kayvan, these newsgroups provide the best, most concise and bias-free news that I have been able to find. Most articles are written by reporters from AP and/or REUTERS. ENJOY....

MAPAM's Eleventh Congress On-Line

Macom Networking Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel This site provides access to information about MAPAM, an Israeli political party, and its members of the Eleventh Congress. Proceedings, speeches, and decisions are online and available almost as they occur. People from around the world are invited to participate in discussions.

Matilda in Cyberspace

This is a rolling newsletter describing events on the net or related matters in Australia.

Taxi's Electronic Newspapers

This is a list of Newspapers available on the Internet. They are listed by Country alphabetically, and then State if it applies.

Third World Press - TWP

TWP promotes information about the Third World. It operates as a Channel of Communication for assisting the process of connecting people and understanding cultures. TWP is aiming to serve the ethical dimension of straightforward journalism and the conceptual debate on development, democracy, and human rights.

World Government Discussion Pages

Earth United, Bath, Somerset, UK This server provides a site for discussion of world government. It poses the questions: Should there be one? Could it be fair?

WorldNews OnLine

WNO is a news service that news from all over the world into the global network of networks! Multi-lingual people who want news from distant places, can get them right here! Try it you'll be surprised at what you'll find...just about everything! All articles in this service are copyrighted by the newspaper of origin.


Calvin College & Seminary - Indonesian Students

Information related to Indonesia presenting topics on traveling, map, Jakarta, culture, list of restaurants overseas, etc.

Central Bureau of Statistics Republic of Indonesia

Information and specific projects of this institution which collects, processes, and presents statistical data of Indonesia.

Embassy of Indonesia in Ottawa, Canda

Current events and tourism, as well as services such as immigration from this Indonesian Embassy.

Local Government of DKI Jakarta

Learn about the municipal government, public services and tourism programs of Jakarta, Indonesia.


Compilation of Contemporary Indonesian Poetry.

Sustainable Development Networking Programme

One of 21 United Nation’s Development Programs aimed to help developing countries implement Agenda 21 by providing access to Sustainable Development information in their country. Information on the Indonesian institutions involved in this program is provided.



Provides general informational subjects on Iranian and links to other sites dealing with the Middle East and Iran.

Mehrdad Irani's Cyber Zone...

Presents interesting articles and poetries about Iran and its history along with latest news and photographs from Oriental Institute.


Written in both FARSI and in English. It provides links to other Iranian Resources such as the news, business digest, entertainment, etc.


Contains information about Iran, especially the city of Shiraz and provides links to other Iranian sites as well as Geomechanics site for those interested in the topic.


Provides links to other Iranian Sites-Farsi magazines and newspapers, entertainment, Persian Carpets, etc. Famous Iranian Scientists and Poets with their works are included as well.


Alexander, Heather

Heather Alexander: critically acclaimed singer songwriter and Celtic fiddler. Audio samples, tour schedules and other interesting stuff.

An Phoblacht / Republican News

This weekly reports on news, sports and culture in Ireland. Includes analysis and ideas from the Republican point of view.

Angus Og

Cartoons of the Celtic nature. Links to other Celtic things on the web.

Athena Tergis & Laura Risk

Young fiddlers Athena Tergis and Laura Risk are known for their exciting harmonies and arrangements of traditional Celtic melodies. San Francisco based duo.

The Barra-MacNeils

The Barra MacNeils are responsible for the current resurgence in traditional and celtic music.

Bowen, Robin Huy

Information on the discography of Robin Huy Bowen. Robin Huw Bowen is the foremost player of the uniquely Welsh triple harp, as well as a campaigner for its revival and manager of his own record company and press.

Boys of the Lough

Boys of the Lough are one of the past masters of celtic music, combining members from several celtic traditions with a long history.

The Buzz

The Buzz is a free magazine based in northwest of Ireland, written and presented by a team of horrendous layabouts, and aimed at a similar reader group.

Celtic Fiddle Festival

The Celtic Fiddle Festival is a group rather than an event, a combination of one of the best fiddlers from each of three celtic countries - Johnny Cunningham of Scotland, Kevin Burke of Ireland and Christian Lemaitre from Brittany.

Celtic Music Events in North America

The Ceolas archives list hundreds of celtic music events in the US and Canada. Listed by state.

Celtic Music Festivals Listing

Listing of Celtic festivals in North America. Also listings of festivals in Ireland and Scotland.

Celtic Tavern

Celtic heritage information on everything Celtic.


CelticNet is a resource providing information about Scottish names, tartans, crests, and much more.

The Celts

Brittany region of France Celtic and Celtic art. Celtic heritage explained.

Ceolas Celtic Music Archive

Largest source of Celtic music online. Links to just about every other site dealing with celtic music.

Cla Chinn Connamara

Contains map of connemara and links to several Irish sites. In Gaelic and English versions.


Clandestine delivers the music of Ireland, Scotland and England with an exciting blend of tight vocals and elegant guitar work. Clandestine has created a strong following from the Midwest to the Southwest.

Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann

An international organization dedicated to the advancement of traditional Irish music, language, dance, and culture. The organization has no political or religious agenda and anyone who is interested in traditional Irish culture is welcome to join.

Cusan Tan

Cusan Tan are a Welsh duo of Ann Morgan Jones on vocals and flute, and Sue Jones Davies on harmony vocals. Their debut album includes guests Robin Huy Bowen, John Rodge and Robert Davies on guitar, Arthur Gwynn Morgan Davies on cello and Dafydd E. on harmonica.

Cwn Annwn

Cwn Annwn is a traditional Celtic music group based in central New Jersey. Members of the group are: Mark Stewart - vocals, guitar, cittern, mandolin, recorder Dave Merritt - bodhran, hammered dulcimer, percussion Eileen Eggert - flute, whistles, fife, vocals Del Merritt - mandolin, bouzouki, vocals Jenn Rosen - fiddle.

Gaelic and Gaelic Culture

Six celtic languages represented. Gaelic culture and social comments.

Great Famine Commemoration

Contains information on cause of the Great Famine in Ireland-history, songs, arts, poetry, science, and education accounting the Potato Famine. The purpose is to educate the public the dimensions and the lessons-economic, political, and social. Additional comments in genealogy and immigration.

The Green Pages

Contains a searchable database of All Irish related resources on the internet including business web sites, individual home pages, newsgroups, arts, education, and government.

Hayes, Martin

Martin Hayes' success in Chicago made him one of the best known fiddlers in America. Topics include his discography.

Hothouse Flowers

This site includes Hothouse Flowers list of discography. Including extensive song listings from albums and singles.

The House Band

The House Band is a three-member British band, playing music derived from all the celtic lands, England and further afield.

Industrial Development Agency

This governmental agency creates employment by marketing Ireland as a location for manufacturing, software, telemarketing and financial services projects. We are looking for more investors to joint the 1,000 overseas owned companies who have already chosen Ireland as their preferred location for manufacturing and service industries. Learn about the incentives Ireland offers, the infrastructure provided, the sub-supply base, human resources and a list of current investors in Ireland.

#Ireland in IRC

Internet Relay Chat room for the Irish with a pub atmosphere.

Irish and Celtic thingies

Views on politics and music, news radio and newspapers sports related topics and useful resources.

Irish Artists International

The agency which links leading artists, sculptors and photographers with private and corporate collectors all around the world for the purpose of purchase or simply to browse for you enjoyment.

Irvine, Andy

Includes biography of the artist and listing of all discography.

IT's Monday

A great source for computer professionals in Ireland. There are Monday reports on computer developments in the country.

McLean, Dougie

Information on E-mail newsletter on Dougie. Complete listing of discography. Links to other Web sites.


"Milladoiro" is the Galician name for the heaps of stones built by shepherds. It is also the name of a Galician folk music band with some 15 years of history. Milladoiro play traditional Galician tunes, arranged to different instruments. They play as well compositions of their own and tunes of Breton, Scottish and Irish origin.

National Institute for Management Technology

The Institute provides companies with an economical alternative for staying abreast of relevant IT developments, and actively encourages industry's participation in this process.

News of Ireland

A weekly WWW newspaper which aims to bring you up to date on the important happenings in Ireland in a clear and concise format. Our goal is to provide an overview and interpretation that does not presume a detailed knowledge of events in Ireland. Includes sports section.

Oideas Gael

Founded in 1984 by Oideas Gael to promote the learning and use of Irish and to foster Irish Culture within the Gaeltacht and elsewhere. The annual program of courses and events achieves bringing together people of Irish and other Celtic backgrounds to participate in everyday Gaeltacht life, improve their fluency in Irish and enjoy our living culture. It contains information on courses for the adult in Irish Language and Culture.

Stivell, Alan

This site is dedicated to Alan Stivell and his discography. Conveniently categorized by subjects like early recordings, mid sixties, singles and full albums also compilations.

Tanahill Weavers

Band members and complete listings of discography. Roy Gullane, John Martin, Kenny Forsythe, Phil Smillie and Les Wilson.

Taste of Ireland

Information on Irish Guinness Stout and home brewing techniques, and other links updating best Irish style Pubs found in the U.S.


Tempest is celtic-rock/folk group based in the San Francisco area combining a standard rock group line up with fiddle and electric mandolin. Current listing of discography.

Thistle and Shamrock Stations List

Information on radio stations and TV. Celtic music programs.

Walesnet - Complete information and links to Wales

Complete information on Wales and everything Welsh. History of Wales, language, travel, geographical and political issues.

The Waterboys

This site contains listings of discography and comparisons of the group to other groups. Also suggestions on which album to hear first.


This site includes tour information, tour reviews, article reviews and band member listing. Also included is WolfWare a marketplace for recordings and souvenirs.


Ariga Publishing

Ariga Publishing is an online publishing service covering Business, Political News and Commentary, Arts and Letters, and news about the Middle East peace process.

HolyLand Magazine

Archeological magazine focusing on Israeli finds.

Israel Yearbook

Alamanac with links to defense, economic, health, immigration and minority topics relating to Israel.


The latest headlines and news from Israel, plus access to past issues, the Israeline mailing list and links to other Israeli sites on the Web.


This is a review of a book about Israel’s secret Intelligence agency. Information about this organization’s history, recruiting methods, and methods of operation are provided. Other books by the same author are also provided.

News Updates from the Golan Heights

Updates and information on the political situation in the Golan Heights of Israel.

Real Audio news from the voice of Israel (KOL Yisroel)

KOL Yisroel radio broadcasts(hourly); provided in both Hebrew and English.


Community for Italian-American Outreach (CIAO)

Association for the Italian Americans near Ithaca to educate the students and residents of the Ithaca of Italian heritage and tradition. Membership is open to all and site contains many Italian resources as well as Italian Recipes.

In Italy Online

A bi-monthly newsletter about all things Italian. Each issue focuses on one region offering a wide range of articles to be insightful and entertaining. The goal is to help one discover out of the way places and taste the many flavors of everyday life in this most enchanting country.

Italian Resources on the Web

Italian resources on the Internet including organizations, information about Italy, and Italian to English Dictionary and vise versa.

La Ragnatela

This site is geared for anyone who loves Italy and all things Italian. Contains links to Italian web sites and a selection of photos from Italy.


AFFRIC Tsukuba Office

The Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Information Center collection, control, processing, treatment, retrieval and supply of information concerning research and experiments related to agriculture, forestry and fisheries, both domestic and foreign, providing reference, depository and other services. Links to related databases and other services is available.

Anti-Japanophile Japan Page

Japanophiles heaven providing access to almost anything and everything Japanese. To name just a few topics: news from Japan, music, entertainment, and culture. Site also contains many other resources including list of Japanese companies.

Communications Research Laboratory

The Communications Research Laboratory (CRL) of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. The page includes documentation on telecommunications technologies, radio science, and radio applications in Japan. In English and Japanese.

Electrotechnical Laboratory

The site represents the Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL) in Japan. The site contains hot links to a discriptive outline, a history ( In Japanese ), recent major research results, publications and a guide map.

FAQ - American misconceptions about Japan

Common American misconceptions about Japan are listed and answered here in depth.

Geological Survey of Japan

The Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ) is engaged in work related to earth science for the Japanese national and international geological community. Research information on marine geology, environmental geology, fuel resources, geophysics, and earthquakes.

Japan Edge (English)

The Japan Edge is the Internet culture archive of Japan. This archive introduces Japanese street/underground culture information. Specifically, it contains information on music, fashion, street maps, and links to many other interesting sites.

Japan Information Center of Science and Technology

The Japan Information Center of Science and Technology. Information on the Great Hanshin Earthquake, reports related to science and technology and links to other servers such as JICST's FTP Service, a home servers guide in Japan, a clickable W3 map for Japan, an internet resources meta-index, and a virtual tourist guide.

Japan Infoweb

Information from Art to Zen can be found here. Japanese art, food, travel, and many more are included in this informative periodical.

Japan Resource [culturewave]

Information on Japan about anything. Japanese restaurants, books, magazines, gardens and museums, software and dealers, and many more can be found here.

Japan Station

Great starting point on Japan-related information.

Japan Technology

This site contains information about Internet X-Guide to Japan Information, a Stanford University server that includes Stanford's Experimental Guide to Japan Information. The site maintains very comprehensive lists of Internet-connected organizations in Japan.

Japanese Culture Club at UT-Austin

University of Texas student association for those interested in Japanese language and culture. Open to all those interested. Also provides link to WWW in Japan.

Japanese Culture (for role playing games)

Information provided to enrich Japanese Culture through role playing games.

Japanese Government Organizations [Japan Window]

Basic information on Japanese Government Organizations. Documents on the Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, Prefectural Governments, The Osaka Prefectural Government, Municipal Governments, Embassy and Consulates of Japan, and Sister Cities.

Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Home page of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Speeches, foreign policy issues, education and cultural exchange, embassy information, press conferences and links to the Japan Information Network. In English and Japanese.

The Kaisha Society

The premier non-profit organization in Japan that bring together non-Japanese who work for Japanese employers. The Kaisha Society facilitates interaction and information exchange, and promote cross-cultural understanding and international relations.

Kyodo Cyber Express

Kyodo News is Japan's largest and most established international news agency. Kyodo is providing a wide selection of news, photographs and graphics every day in two languages: Japanese and English. In this experimental Kyodo Cyber Express, we are offering a choice of news and features, with an emphasis on photographs, from Kyodo's daily operation.

Kyogen and NOH theatre

Information on Japanese traditional comedy, Kyogen, and NOH theatre. Brief explanation of Kyogen and NOH is provided along with instruments used in Kyogen.

The Media Circus

A brief look behind the headlines in Japan, this site focuses on the Japan stories that are overlooked by the English-language press.

Members of the Cabinet (1994/6/30 - )

A list of the members of the Japanese Cabinet.

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT)

A library of recent papers, speeches, and publications issued by the Japanese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Subjects include cable telephony, broadcasting, postal issues, global information and multimedia.

MITI Program for Advanced Information Infrastructure

Ministry of International Trade and Industry's 1994 paper on the Program for Advanced Information Infrastructure. The purpose of this program is to clearly define MITI's concept of the directions that the advanced information infrastructure society should take, and to propose specific policy programs.

Nagasaki Protest against Nuclear Testing

On October 28, 1995, the City of Nagasaki issued a letter of protest against French nuclear weapons tests. The page is the text of this letter. Also a link to the August 9, 1995 Peace Declaration.

National Diet of Japan

The National Diet of Japan's House of Councilors' (Upper House of Japanese Parliament) experimental Web site, which covers legislative procedures and other background information about the Diet, gives a tour of the Diet Building, and lists affiliated legislative organizations.

Prime Minister's official residence of JAPAN

Text of speeches, economic plans, official statements, and photos from the Japanese Prime Minister's office. Information on Japanese culture, tourism, lifestyles, networks, and links to WWW servers in the Japanese government.

RIKEN - The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research

RIKEN is a non-profit research institute supported by the Japanese government's Science and Technology Agency. The site includes general information on the institute and specific reports from various laboratories and research groups. Topics include biology, chemistry, physics, toxicology, physiology and genetics.


Introduction to Yakuza: past and present. In depth information provided to enrich the mind for those interested about Japanese Mafia.

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