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A singles organization for individuals to meet new friends and even life long companions.

All Texas Personals

Thanks to All Texas Personals there is no need to type to your potential lover anymore. Talk to your special someone today! Hearing a voice is worth "typing" a thousand words!

Aloha! To Our Dateline

Join in on the fun today on the Aloha Date Line and access over 40,000 personal ads of singles and couples looking to meet someone like you!

American Singles Dateline

DatelineO, which provides a method for singles to meet other singles for friendship, romance or the sharing of common interests.

American Singles Non-Profit Dating Service

American Singles, a nationwide, non-profit organization, is the only FREE dating service in America. (Foreign members must pay for postage). Browse the many profiles of attractive single men and women from around the country and the world.


A discreet way for members of the gay and lesbian community to meet over the Internet. This may be your chance to meet the gay person of your dreams!

Blind Date

If your tired of meeting people at the bars, then why not give Blind date a try.


Adult, gay-oriented web site for gay/bi/bi-curious guys into safe, sane group scenes with other like-minded adult males.

By Chance Meetings

Contains access to the files of Chance Meetings, a 900 telephone number dating service. It does not allow any sexual context, but will match the client's values, ideas and area codes (in the U.S.) to arrange a meeting or a telephone conversation.

Campus Singles

The only singles network dedicated to single college women and men on campuses across America. Meet new friends, buddies, and companions as you climb the academic ladder.

Carolina Singles

The fastest growing organization for select and professional singles in the Carolinas. Carolina Singles was formed in 1992 as a professional organization for selective, conservative singles.

Christian Singles On Line Home Page

Tired of the Bar Scene? Looking for someone with your same beliefs and values. Search no longer.

Computerized Matchmaking Online!

Looking for a date? Why not try Computerized Matchmaking Online.

Cupid's Calendar of Singles Events

An up-to-date events listing for singles. Includes singles dances, conventions, dinners, etc.

Cupid's Network, Inc.

National Network of Singles Organizations. Service provides links to 1,000s of personals. Includes an events calendar, book store devoted to the singles scene, etc.

Cupid's Weekly

Web picture personals and pen pals. Try it now! Are you looking for a new relationship? Are you tired of newspaper ads or the bar scene? Do you want to meet people from all over the world? We have a new way for you to meet people, and it's free to advertise!

CyberServer - CyberFriends

The only service on the Internet for finding and making World Wide friends of similar interests, professions or hobbies. Listings are free. CyberFriends is the electronic version of traditional pen friendship service. You can easily find people of your profession and interests and contact them for personal or professional friendship.


Still under construction, we are on our way to becoming a high-traffic adult site. We can help your business grow by hosting your web pages, and providing space in the CyberSex Mall.


Offering a variety of unique services for singles and couples looking for more fun and excitement out of life, who would like to meet other quality people and want the enjoyment of dancing.

Dimensions Magazine Home Page

Dimensions is a lifestyle magazine for men who admire the women who want them. Dimensions explores relationships, experiences, sexuality, and provides entertainment with fat facts, fiction, romance, photo features, and interviews with fat performers. And we have lots and lots of personal ads of fat men and women in each issue!


Some frequently asked questions about social singles groups.

LifeStyles Dateline

A Safe, Fun, and Sensible way for people to meet other people for Friendship, Romance, or the Sharing of Common Interests.

Los Angeles Young Professionals Network

Looking for young professionals(21-39) who would like to meet and socialize with other young professionals. Click here for the Los Angeles Young Professionals Network.

Mega 900 personals

Now with Mega 900 Personals you can find out if there is someone you want to talk to before you call, because you can search thousands of Personals ads. There are women seeking men, men seeking woman, gay, and couples ads too. Of course you can leave your own message.

Paradise Dateline

Paradise Dateline is a safe, fun and sensible way for singles of all lifestyles to meet other singles for friendship, romance or sharing of common interests!


If you are seeking a woman from the Philippines as a life partner, you are in the right place! This site offers names of Philipinas, (presumably interested in marriage) and gives you additional information on the Philippines, including some of the language.

Private Encounters

Don't limit yourself to the Internet. Put away your keyboard, pickup the phone, and TALK don't type to that special someone waiting to meet YOU!

Singles Online Network

Contains information of interest to singles, featuring photos, personal ads, audio clips and profiles of its members.

Welcome to Date Line!

A fantastic way to make a date. Date Line is the fastest way to make a date with gorgeous women.

Welcome to PeterLink

Nowadays, with PeterLink, it is very easy to trace the trend among Russian citizens to make not only business contacts in individuals in foreign countries, but private contacts as well.

Women of the World

On Women of the World you may find many attractive women in foreign countries are looking for American men who they hope to meet and eventually marry. They want to improve their lives while being a soul mate to a man who adores them. If you are a responsible adult male who makes a comfortable living, then you may just have found what you are looking for.


American Philosophical Association

If you are interested in philosophy, you have found the right site to look at. The serious philosopher may wish to join the APA. Feel free to use the resources available at this site.

Analytic Philosophy mailing list

Interested in analytical philosophical thought? Contact this page for a moderated mailing list for the discussion topics of analytical philosophy.

The Ascent of Mind: Ice Age Climates and the Evolution of Intelligence

The Ascent of Mind: Ice Age Climates and the Evolution of Intelligence William Calvin's is a nonfiction book on the evolution of the human brain during the ice ages.

Ask the Philosopher

Sixty random quotations - religious and philosophical documents for download.

BEARS in Moral and Political Philosophy

This Brown University server contains information about Brown Electronic Article Review Service, (BEARS), which publishes short (referred) reviews of recent articles in moral and political philosophy, edited by James Dreier and David Estlund, Philosophy, Brown University.

Bjorn's Guide to Philosophy

This helpful guide to provides a list of philosophy resources on the web and an introduction to the world's most famous philosophers.

Centre for Applied Ethics, University of British Columbia

Vancouver, B.C., Canada This site contains documentation on the purpose, history, and activities of the Center for Applied Ethics. There are also home pages for most of the Center's research associates, visiting fellows, and grad students. Some papers in the field of applied ethics are included.

Discover/Malaspina: Malaspina University-College

Information on Malaspina University-College which is located in the central Vancouver Island region. It has a main campus with three regional campuses.

The Ethical Spectacle

The Ethical Spectacle is a forum for stating the obvious. The charter of the Ethical Spectacle is to discuss, and promote discussion of practical, applied ethics; to identify hypocrisy; and especially to spotlight double standards wherever found in our society.

FAQ - Objectivism (

Ohio State would like to answer your questions about Ayn Rand. FAQs and hyper-links to other Objectivist sites are provided.

FAQ - Objectivism (

The no nonsense primer to the Philosophy of Reason. You can get your FAQs about Objectivism answered here.

Hume Archives

The Hume Archives a repository of texts by and about the 18th Century Scottish philosopher, David Hume.

Indiana University Philosophy Department

Information about the philosophy department at Indiana University.

Institute for Business & Professional Ethics

Access to ethics resources on the WWW. Also the site links to the journal of business ethics, "Ethics On-Line". et users may submit comments directly to the authors of journal articles.

Iowa State University - Department of Philosophy

Information about the philosophy department at Iowa State with some links to other philosophy sites on the Internet.

Jay Allen's Objectivism Resource Guide

Are you an Objectivist seeking fellow Objectivists? Read Jay's home page for a list of organizations that promote Objectivism. Contains an introduction to the philosophy of Ayn Rand.

McGill University - Philosophy

Page has links that describe the Philosophy department at McGill University as well as links to Instructional Resources In Philosophy and Related Fields, Research Resources In Philosophy and Related Fields, Search Services and Directories to Other Servers. Using the Internet includes a massive number of links to various philosophical sites.

Medical Ethics [Wisconsin]

Information on the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Objectivism on the WWW

In the world of Objectivism, all links touch here. Essays on Objectivism and guided studies are included, as well as references to resources to further you studies into the philosophy of reason.

Objectivism On-Line

This is a good starting point on your search into the Philosophy of Reason. This site provides references to other Objectivist home pages and businesses.

Objectivism - The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

If your philosophy is Reason, check out Objectivism. The Philosophy of Reason home page includes reviews, essays, and actual downloadable speeches by Ayn Rand. References and Objectivism FAQs are included.

Philosophy of Mind

A philosophy of mind page featuring software and links to journals and projects.

Philosophy Resources - A Routledge Guide

From Socrates to Aristotle, use Philosophy Resources, a Rutledge Guide, for direction to important philosophical resources on the Net!

Provenzano & Sons - Philosophy and Theology

Philosophy in conjunction with modern science, that is the basic principle of Provenzano & Sons. This combination of philosophy and theology stresses the importance of the individual person while keeping in mind the significance of coming together.

Rupa & Sanatana Goswamis

Welcome to the transcendental philosophies of Srila Rupa and Sanatana Goswamis, the chief disciples of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Stanford University Metaphysics Research Lab

The principal focus of this research is an axiomatic theory of abstract objects; a tutorial on the theory currently is under development.

University of Texas Philosophy Department

This philosophy department page offers access to University of Texas faculty and graduate program information, as well as descriptions and Internet philosophy resources.