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AeroHydro, Inc.

AeroHydro, Inc. offers marine design and 3D modeling software and services.

Applied Coatings & Linings, Inc.

Applied Coatings & Linings, Inc. provides high performance coatings and linings, and applicators for marine, shipboard and offshore environments used on pipes, pumps, filters, process equipment, tanks, vessels and more.

Associated Marine Engineers (Pty) Ltd.

Associated Marine Engineers is an African consortium of specialized marine contractors building, outfitting, converting and refurbishing ocean-going ships.

Boat Plans Online

Plans and study drawings, for sail and power boats boat building technical information files and more.

Chesapeake Boating Community

Information about the Bay. Links to boating information around the world.

Databoat International Limited

This Canadian firm is the world's premier source for boat plans.

Doug's Inboard Boats

This is an inboard motor boat supplier in Washington State.

Homelife Success Reality - Marine Division

This Canadian Web-site in Nova Scotia has over 100 commercial and pleasure boats for sale.

Index - Boating - WWW Virtual Library

This field covers recreational boating and paddling sports. Let us know what you think.

Marina Solutions

Marina Solutions offers full range professional services, plus crisis & problem resolution Management for marina management companies.

Marine Mart

Marine Mart displays, lists, and sells marine related goods and services.

Maryland Nautical Sales

Located Maryland, the Navigation & Marine Resource Center offers over 15,000 charts and marine products. Included are nautical charts, maps, books, guides, flags, boating supplies and equipment.

Ocean Interface Technologies

Look here if you required software development and consulting for Global Positioning Systems (GPS)/Graphical Information Systems (GIS) or related industries.

R.C. Marine Coatings Group

R.C. Marine Coatings Group is introducing a complete new line of environmentally friendly coatings and cleaning supplies.

Sailing Dinghy Database

Click on the letter that the boat you are looking for starts with. If you know the type of boat, they've got information for you.

Stingray Boat Company

Stingray Boat Company offers a complete line of power and inflatable boats.


Harmonic tide clock and tide predictor. Get it while the tide's in.


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