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22nd Acoustical Imaging Symposium

The International Symposium on Acoustical Imaging represents a unique opportunity for researchers involved in the various areas of acoustical imaging to come together and share reciprocal ideas and experience. This is the 22nd of a series of highly regarded interdisciplinary scientific meetings, regularly organized since 1968. Contributed papers concerned with the utilization and application of acoustic waves to the formation of images have been discussed. Florence, Italy September 4 - 6, 1995.



A melting pot of dark multimedia by next generation artists in the AusTex Metroplex area. Galleries include original GIFs, QT MooVs, AVIs, and sounds.


Adams, Greg

Profile on a smooth pop-jazz instrumental album featuring Adams' trumpet set within a framework of original songs.

The Adobe Brothers

Country/rock/bluegrass band. Photo of the band and review of tape is provided.


Provides album information and links to featured artists, multimedia, tour information, new releases, and accesses to the vault.


This site provides information about the band's shows, photos, albums, and posters. Includes graphic images.


Underground, independent band. Site provides links to mailing list and current updates about performances.

African Kings

Site provides information about a band that includes the soca rhythms of the Caribbean, reggae, rap, hip-hop, jazz, and R&B. Pages contain an article, reference work, and a photograph of the band.


Profile of an international jazz band based in New York City.

Agent Cooper

Site provides information about band, gig and fan information.

Aiken, Caroline

Profile on acoustic blues artist. Provides reviews of Aiken's albums, track lists, and gives opportunities to listen excerpts from her latest songs.

Air Miami

A special compilation of unreleased and new material by various 4AD artists. Links to possible future albums.

Akiyoshi, Toshiko

Extensive lists of artists sorted by genre or last name. Also provides Carnegie Hall Concert album information.

Alabaster Jar

Profile about a band whose sound ranges from Celtic melodies to light jazz. Links to band's biography. photograph, and music.


Profile on progressive synthesizer rock band. Sound files coming soon.

Alexander, Heather

Profile on singer/songwriter and Celtic fiddler. Includes biography, discography, audio samples, tour schedules, and more.

Alice Donut

Provides photograph of raining bananas, discography, and details about Alice Donut's albums.

Alien DreamTime

Combines entertaining computer graphics, ambient techno rhythms, and a manipulated video of an erotically gyrating dancer. Links to sound samples, press coverage, and linear notes from Terence McKenna's talks.

All Out

Profile of a group that combines the flavor of hip-hop with the smoothness of R&B to produce lyrics and moving music. Links to Warner Bros., Sony Recording, and Virgin Records.


Provides information about the artists, their music, and a calendar of the band's tour dates.

Alphaville []

Provides discography, lyrics, and latest news of the German musical group.

Also Broken

Site contains band biography, pictures, sound, show schedule and latest updates.


Provides band's discography, lyrics, music tours, pictures and FAN CLUB. Access to related links.


Data profile on traditional Irish band. Provides discography.


Provides links to information on the band, lyrics, audio clips and information on the demo tape.

Ambient Temple of Imagination

A series of intense ritualistic ambient works. Provides opportunity to download to audio material and silent records.


Profile on band members. Provides links to concert tours, albums, and photo album.

American Sensei

This page provides general information about this rock band and includes links to tour dates, albums, fan information and much more!

American Thighs

Links to albums and also includes lyrics.


Provides names of band members, tour related information, band's address, and access to Restless.

The Amoebic Ensemble

Features samples from band's first CD release Limbic Rage, and samples from earlier releases. Links to music, history, and reviews.


Provides guided tour, answers to frequently asked questions, and access to multimedia data.


Death/doom metal band. Site provides lyrics, poems, and reviews.

And One

Site provides band's discography, lyrics, and pictures of the album sleeves.


Page is for information, pictures, sounds, etc. having to do with Anemone.

Angrisano, Steve

Find out about a recognized Catholic musician and youth speaker. This page includes information on concert appearances, tape and CD orders.


Site provides information about the Industrial band's music, mail, tour information, and distribution of recordings.


Site provides an extensive list of artist info, song lyrics, tour information, multimedia, and band's new releases.


An independent band based out of San Francisco. Provides graphic image map linking to art, live shows, discography.

Another White Male

Heavy, intense rock with an industrial edge and a punk attitude. site provides a biography, audio material, REVIEWS, interviews, TOUR Information, CONTACT Information. Ordering Info for audio and t-shirts coming soon!

Antipode Descending

A homepage for an acoustic psychedelic from the roots of true folk experimental


Site about Canadian indie band. Links to lyrics, sound samples, and opportunities to purchase band items.


Modern rock band with page that provides links to multimedia, releases and contact information.

Apaches of Paris

This listing includes band and artist portfolios with audio and video clips. Links to provide information about music online.

Aphex Twin

Homepage for hard-core rock band. Features, image and sound libraries and interview.

April's Motel Room

Provides information about featured artists, multimedia, band tours, and new releases.


Colorful homepage for one of the most famous and seminal Russian rock bands. Includes lots of photos, album cover images, sound clips etc.


Site with numerous links to tour information, calendars, and fan club information. Includes autograph photo!

Archie Pelican

Homepage for a Southampton based band. Includes band pictures, list of tapes, and information on upcoming gigs.

Ariel, Marcos

Profile and reviews of a Brazilian jazz musician.

Army of Lovers

Homepage for band with dance and pop rhythm and a European club sound. Includes discography, listening booth, and access to song lyrics.

Art of Noise

Site to provide information about the techno-pop group. Features discography, and image and text data.

Art of Origin

Provides biography, photographs and visual images.

Arthur Loves Plastic

Links to rave, dance, house, and other electronic music.

Ashdot, Izhar

Profile on the first Israeli rock artist to have an Internet site. Links to video, pictures, song lyrics, and more!

Ashton, Susan

Homepage for Contemporary Christian Music recording artist. Provides links to mailing list, music albums, and more.

Ashtray Boy

Homepage for a half-American, half-Australian band playing indie-pop.


Home of the ASIAN ARMADA Newsletter. Provides first-hand information on ASIA, its past and present members.

Ass Ponys

Profile of electric rock music band.

Atkins, Chet

Links to multimedia, tour information, and featured artists.

Attacco Decente

Homepage for world class songwriters with a revolutionary heart. Multidimensional links to index.


The official Web page for Attrition, the British techno/goth, dark ambient, industrial band.


Homepage for a folk duo that performs American and Celtic traditional folk. Provides table of contents with links to guest book and schedules.

Ausquire Association

Homepage for Melbourne Children's Choir. Provides sound clips, and a performance information.


Homepage for a southern rooted rock band. Includes background information and 2 wave files for your listening pleasure.


This collection of pages was created as an introduction to the band, it's history, members and recordings.

Avatar Blue

Collection of pages created to provide a history of this pop/funk band.

B.G. The Prince Of Rap

On these pages you will find tour information, multimedia, and artist information.


Site with impressive header for the British hard rock band, b.l.o.w. Provides information about albums and singles. Also includes review of band.


On these pages you will find information about the Swedish crossover band B-Thong. Links to history, videos, pictures, and events.


Homepage for band named The Thompson Twins. Provides news about the band, pictures, and articles.

Babes With Axes

Profile of Babes With Axes. Provides heading photograph of band members, an artist profile, tour information, song samples, and band's Email address.


Connect here to find out more about Babyface, a R&B artist. Provides video and sound clips, multimedia material, and tourist information.

Bacharach, Burt

Profile on songwriter and pop artist. Provides an article about the artist, a discography, hit recordings, lyrics and chords, and multimedia material.

Bacon Ray

Profile for pork rock band. Provides links to feedback about the band, recordings, pictures, and samples of their music.

The Baileys

This site provides access to band's albums, reviews, and mailing address.

Baird, Dan

Profile on blues-rock artist. Links to album, photo, biography, and mailing address.

Balanescu Quartet

Homepage for Balanescu Quartet. Provides links to band's releases, photographs, and auditorium.

Balloon Guy

Site provides the where, when, how's and why's of this rock band's music.


View pictures, song lyrics, and the band's recent news.

Ban de Soleil

Listen to excerpts, scan performance, tour and recording schedules, or access track lists or view the artists' biographies.

Bang Mahal

Bang Mahal has developed a reputation for their strong live performances which include heavy rhythmic grooves, rock, funk, and world influences. Listen to song excerpts, review band member bios.

Barber, Patricia

Avant-garde jazz music.

Barett, Syd - Dolly Rocker

Dedicated to the Pink Floyd legend Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett, this page offers discographies, lyrics, pictures and guitar chord transcripts.

Barton & Sweeney

Provides band background, cuts from their new release, and concert schedule and radio and record store distributor information.


Six uniquely talented musicians, all women. Skilled in high-tech methods of making music and generating sounds. They mix sophisticated pop vocals and lyrics with techno, dance and world music influences. Their original sound features custom digital samples played on unique electronic percussion instruments.

Nowhere Band

The Nowhere Band page details for auditioning to appear as an InterActor with the group. Five times each week InterActors are projected onstage alongside Nowhere Band members in a 254-seat theater in San Francisco Civic Center in real and near-real time.

Queen (musical group)

Queen reigns. Includes discographies, guitar tablature, pictures, sounds, and articles about the members of Queen.

Sting Page "Fields of Gold"

The Sting Page "Fields of Gold," a place for all Sting and The Police fans around the world. It includes pictures, lyrics, guitar tablatures and more.

The Suzanne Vega Home Page

Everything you want to know about singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega and more! It includes FAQ s, lyrics, biographies, profiles, interviews, discography, graphics, a message board, essays, articles and poetry written by Ms. Vega.

Thomas Dolby

Thomas Dolby, whose career has explored the boundaries between music and technology, has put his latest work on the Internet. Accessed through the Kaleidospace Artist-in-Residence program, his site includes audio and video clips from the new video "The Gate to the Mind's Eye" for which he wrote the soundtrack. Internet users can sign up for Dolby's listserv discussion group through his Web pages.



Heavy metal music from Concrete, Rock Online with ROL Magazine, Starfire the paranormal discussions, health care reform and links to other sites, such as Congress, the Whitehouse, a fish tank (real fish) and current-event talk forums.

The PhishNet WWW Home Page

This page contains information about The PhishNet which offers HTML setup and invites Phish Phans to visit.

Sons of Alien Technology

Information on the activities of the Sons of Alien Technology. Anaglyphic pages available. Music samplers, celebrity interviews, interactive files, news, videos, technical advice and a catalogue of products and services. Updated regularly.

Virtual Radio

Digital samples and complete songs from various bands all over the world. Photos, bios and concert info on bands. Sound support for Unix, Mac and Windows. Tune in Virtual Radio, crank up a cybertune and head out down the highway!

Countries and Cultures

Afro-Caribbean Music Guide

The world of the Afro-Caribbean beat and music mandy have not heard before, including Soukouss, Makossa, Bikutsi, Mbalax, Moutouashi, Zoblazo, Zouk, Rara, Compas.


Folk Stuff

Folk Stuff contains information for folk musicians and people who design or make folk and experimental musical instruments, such as dulcimers, flutes and didjeridus.



Contains an overview of Ostinato, which provides information about the contemporary music scene, including concerts, sponsored programs for musicians, more.

University of Ghent IPEM Multimedia Database

Contains a large archive about the Institution for Psycho acoustics and Electronic Music, including historical data about activities, composition and research since 1963. It contains pages about the composers who worked at the IPEM, texts about the institute, historical documents, pictures and sounds.


Music Theory Online

The Online Journal of the Society for Music Theory is found here. Professional and pre-professional music theorists, composers, historians, performers, and others in allied fields should stop here for a look.

Reading White Mensural Notation (1450-1500)

The Reading White Mensural Notation is a presentation on interpreting the notation of music used during the Golden age of Netherlands Music.

Tippecanoe Fife and Drum Corps

The Tippecanoe Ancient Fife and Drum Corps each year brings our unique presentations of 18th century French music and the early colonial French marine presence in North America to thousands of spectators throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.


The Concert Connection

Concert Connection is a private ticket service specializing in premium seating to concert, sports, theater and other events in the New York tri-state area.


David G. Monette Corp.-Makers of Fine Trumpets

Trumpets that have earned the praise of Wynton Marsalis are manufactured by Portland's David G. Monette Corp. Find the horn of your dreams!


Australian National Folk Festival

Information about Australia's National Folk Festival, held each Easter in Canberra. Four days and five nights of Australia's best music, song and dance with more than 1,300 performers.

BMG Classical Music World

This server contains the Beginner's Music Guide Classics World, a multimedia experience that includes pictures, information, sound bytes, video, a beginner's guide to classical music and a CD catalog.

Boston Chamber Ensemble

The Boston Chamber Ensemble, a group of 40 musicians, whose presentations range from solo performances to full orchestral productions with chorus. Musical selections span history from the Renaissance to the present day. The BCE has a special commitment to supporting contemporary composers, particularly from the New England area.

Boston's Classic Rock 100.7 WZLX

Boston's Classic Rock station 100.7 WZLX. contains DJ bios and pictures, concert and event info, CD release information, trivia tests, contest details, and the WZLX Rock & Roll Diary (classic rock history.)

The Canyon Music Video Archive

San Francisco Canyon Company provides information about The Canyon Music Video Archive, which has promotional, free-of-charge short clips of music videos for downloading and trailers for full length clips.

The Cauer Calendar of Classical Music Events

Contains a listing of classical music events in the greater Los Angeles area. The entire concert season from October through June is included in the daily list.

Country Fans

Country Western fan information about country artists and providing links, as well as its own Cowboy Page.

Critique-The Reviewer's Choice

Critique Magazine is an online project geared towards showcasing the talents of undiscovered artists, musicians, and writers via the Web.

The Deck

A community of artists, entertainers and small businesses offering paintings, music, interactive puzzles, unique t-shirts, club listings, information resources, and much more.

Folk Stuff

Folk Stuff, a company that specializes in "how to" and "where to" information for folk musicians and those designing and building folk and experimental musical instruments.


Commercial rock radio station.

House of Blues - Summer Preview Website

The House of Blues, a Los Angeles night club/restaurant, entertainment page. Includes show schedules, blues bios, free tickets and informative links.

Index - Tour Dates

Tour dates for all of your favorite bands. Rock on.


This server provides a forum for do-it-yourself culture in the realms of music and "punk rawwwk." Links to related sites are available through NRRRDNET, a collective of small independent label owners, zine editors, and columnists.

Knowledge Products

A company that produces and markets audio cassettes, specializing in entertaining, yet informative presentations of great ideas and events in history with dramatic enactments and narration by famous personalities.

Music Events Calendar

Gain easy access to the most up-to-date worldwide live music information, just quality data on: concerts, festivals, gigs and other musical events.

New England Rocks Musiczine

New England Music scene, quality brews, and entertainment. Also Internet links with Quirkworks Laboratory and Entertainment Magazine.

Next Online

Australian publisher of "Rolling Stone" and "Hyper" (multi-platform video games mag) includes excerpts from "Rolling Stone (Australia)," "Hyper," the Australian mirror of the DOOM archive, and Indie Oasis, the world's first Internet compilation album of complete songs by recorded artists. Forums and threaded conversation areas coming soon.

Official Machines of Loving Grace Home Page

Official Machines of Loving Grace is a site maintained by EmeraldNet and Mammoth/Atlantic Records.

Omega Productions

Omega Productions provides services for the entertainment industry, including live sports and concert television, film, music recording, also audio tape restoration services and home page publishing for entertainment industries.

Pop Narcotic Records

This site is devoted to an independent record company, whose releases have included music by Swirlies, The Dambuilders, Versus, Helium, Small Factory and Sugar Plant. Also available is an extensive catalog of releases from other independent labels.

Products and Services for the Entertainment Industry

Omega Productions is an award-winning company that provides production services to the music, television, film and sports industries. There are links to other production industry oriented sites.


Local, national and international entertainment and music guide that features pointers to gig venues, music stores and record companies.

Smileyface Rages Against the Machine

Smileyface, the band. Paquin on guitar, Metz on bass, Horne on drums, Ricci on vocals. Lyrics by Paquin or Ricci deal with anger, insecurity, and, of course, spoiled Palo Altans who shop at the Gap.

Studio 2000

This server provides information about Studio 2000. It features live-cam, a guest book, mailing-list, IRC-channel, phone-page and virtual walk.

Thomas Dolby

Here is everything ever wanted to know about Thomas Dolby and music. This page includes clips from the video The Gate to the Mind's Eye, for which he wrote the soundtrack. Browsers can also sign up here for Dolby's discussion group.


Ticketmaster is an entertainment company known better as a ticketseller. The site provides concert, sports and entertainment information as well as entertainment news. When this directory went to press, Ticketmaster was waiting for improved credit-card security, but was planning to introduce online ticket sales.

Towhead Band

This Towhead Band home page is replete with songs, upcoming shows, and general contact information.

Travel & Entertainment Network, Internet Operations (TEN-IO)

TEN-IO is a company that offers travel and entertainment information, books cruises and helps clients secure travel packages, attend sporting events, and arrange concert packages.

The Tune Web

The Tune Web, a substantial collection of traditional Celtic tunes in standard notation.

The Wizard Free Form Web

The Wizard Free-Form Web is a creation of WZRD radio, that is filled with music, radio resources, politics, and the creme de la weird.


Interactive Generation X location that offers music, links to other places, permits the posting of responses to common issues, and offers news, clothing trends and popular culture, including finding key-pals.

The Zoom Street

The Zoom Street Cybercantina offers links to the Nationwide Police Car Description server, the chronicles of Fast Sofa, a cross country road trip, and a short history of Doc Martens AirWair Shoes, and more.



Answers to the most asked questions about music and music reviews.

Zippy's CD Rack

Oldies and Goodies is the theme for this eclectic and eccentric variety of used CDs.

Sheet Music

Index of Sheet Music for Dance Tunes

Hard to find music books featuring International music such as French, Irish, Canadian etc.

Link Everything Online Guitar Tablature

Contains list of various guitar music available.


Algorithmic Composition for Acoustic Instruments

Soothing music featuring harmonic transformations and song fragments arranged by computer.

The Arachnaut's Internet E-Music Software List

Expansive collection of electronic music software.

Audio Atomizer

What did you say? Software to rearrange words, sounds etc. to create whatever you wish.


Network of multiple audio applications.


Music compositions from the 20th century dealing with problems that occur in this music.

Cool Edit

Add your own touch to the built-in effects already present.

Electronic Song Book

DOS users, here's your music shareware program, including downloading.

FAQ - Electronic Music Software Price Guide

Here's your one-stop shopping guide for the best available prices on music software.


Short and snappy sound editing. Many effects and a variety of formats.

ICMA Software Library

This non-commercial software is a must for music researchers and composers.


Here's the way to methodically program algorithmic music.

JEDs Software Archive

Dig up this archive of modules and multiple sampling.

MIT MediaLab NetSound Project

Multi-media data type which consists of a MIME and a viewer for sound and music.

Music Instruction Software

Music teachers and students will love this instruction-related software.


Contains the most recent demo's of Sampliture-Studio and others.

SCORE Music Notation

An unmoderated communication and discussion of all facets of music.


Hip, new, self-created software. Try it you might like it.


Ever heard of Jammer software? Here's the information scoop.

TipStir's Web

This is truly a mixed bag containing for example: wave sound playback, GIF images for saving, Download File Center, Home Video, and many more.

WaveGen for Windows

Here you can create mixed wave forms for any purpose. Script drive tone sequencer and DTMF generator.


Acorn Music

A folk music record company, founded by hammer dulcimer legend Tony Elman.

Acoustic Legacy Studios

A digital facility featuring intimate acoustic performances from Los Gatos, CA.

Audioforce Professional Audio Rentals

New York City audio equipment rental service for professionals.

Bad Animals / Seattle

Unique studio specializing in sound design, audio post productions and music recording. Been sleepless in Seattle for over 15 years.


Southern California (Santa Barbara) studio featuring capabilities for 40 track.

Binary Recording Studio

Hip studio in Washington between Seattle and Vancouver. Stop by if you're in the area.

bliss productions

Instead of Boston beans, here's Bliss. Fully equipped 8 track studio.

Blue Jay Recording Studio

Fully equipped private studio capable of 48 tracks, located 30 miles west of Boston.

BMG Ariola Studios

Reputable, multimedia studio. Fully equipped including high-end digital audio.

Chicago Recording Company - Studio 37

If you're in the "windy" city (Chicago), come on by this site.

Crash Landing Productions

This 24 track studio in Tucson also includes an independent record label.

Damien Garrard Sound Studios

Stop by the home of Foghorn and Ravenswood Records virtual studio tour.

DDV Studios

Electronically created music is drifting out of this studio in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Digital Playhouse

Fully automated for digital recording and editing, this studio is located in Long Island, NY. and you can't beat the price.

Digital Renaissance Studios

Get the lowdown on Digital Renaissance Studios and link up to other places of interest for musicians and producers.

Double Noise Recordings

Double trouble this is not! Hard disk recording studio with 2 record labels.

DRT Mastering

Learn how to pre-master and master for that competitive edge of increased clarity.

Dynamic Recording Studio and Independent Label

Professional 24 track recording studio that's been around for the last 20 years. Independent label included.

Entertainment International Recording Studios

Everything you have ever dreamed of in a recording studio. Located in Georgia.

Epcom Communications

Are you looking for the hard to find music of the Maritimes of Canada and the U.S.? Look no further, here it is.

Evil Genius Productions

Low pressure, low cost, but fully equipped 16 track studio in Arlington, VA.

Heart Studios

The studio of the South. Located in South Carolina and containing everything you need.

Holland Spoor Studio

Contains a Dutch recording studio in The Hague, Holland.

Hotwax Recording, Inc.

High-tech, state-of-the-art recording studio with everything you need.

ICE Records Ltd.

Take time out from relaxing on the beach and visit this highly technologically advanced studio in the Caribbean. Calypso never sounded so good.

James Sound, Inc.

Studio with 24 track capabilities and featuring tube gear as part of its state of the art equipment.

JGM Recording Studio

Fully automated 16 track studio located in Chicago.

Larry Seyer Engineering Services

This ones been around for over 20 years winning several Grammy Awards for their projects.

Livingroom, I presume Studio

There's more than skiing in Switzerland and you can afford it also. Come see our 16 track studio with personal flair.

LRS Music & Recording

With over 10 years in Chicago, this studio has produced for national TV and radio.

Mcmix Production Services Inc.

This one is a full service studio meeting all your needs for analog and digital recordings.

Milk Boy Recording Studio

We will meet all your professional needs in our 24 track studio located in Philadelphia at a reasonable cost.

Mission Recording Studios

Reduced prices galore on all the latest hottest items. Check it out.

Morrisound Studios

You can find rate lists along with all kinds of information in this studio located in Tampa FL.

Mr. Jones

Music studio specializing in creating music for the advertising industry. Visit us whenever you get the chance.


Church musicians can relax in our private studio. We specialize in teaching theory, organ and piano and will also help place you.

New Dog Music / Dog & Pony Studios

Dog gone it!-come here and check out our multimedia and music production services.

New River Recording Studios

The ultimate recording studio located in Fort Lauderdale and accessible by both land and water.

Oasis Recording

Promote yourself! We will help you make and sell your own CD on the Internet.

Overtom Studio

We are a 32 track studio with automated mixdown located in beautiful Nova Scotia.

Paisley Park Studios

Check out this fully loaded studio which is owned by the recording artist formerly known as Prince.

Perfect Audio Online Recording Studio

Humorous audio clips consisting of acoustic and vocals. Download and send to your local radio station if you like. Located in California.

Pilot Recording Studios

This 48 track studio has multiple rooms to accommodate your live recording sessions.

Power Music Productions

Greek 24 track studio listing music sites, equipment and clients.

Private Studios

We are located in downstate Illinois and we are able to provide everything you need including equipment rental.

Q Division Ltd.

Geared for professionals, we are located in Boston and are sure we can meet your needs.

Radioactive Productions

This digital recording and editing studio is located in Philly and will soon feature Independent label and artists Co-Op.

Rainshadow Audio Lab

If you enjoy the music and graphics of the Pacific Northwest, check this out.

Reel North Recording Studios

Originality is our specialty. Bring your creative self on over to eastern Canada.

REP Studios

Fully equipped award winning studio located in Ithaca, NY. You will recognize the names of many of the recording artists!

Rivendell Recorders

It doesn't get any better than this full service, state of the art, music production studio.

Rumbo Recorders Recording Studios

Ahoy mates! This studio is located in Los Angeles, has everything you desire, and is owned by the Captain and Tennille.

Seasong II Recording Studio

Twenty plus years with a reputation for quality makes this studio a must visit.

Seldom Fed Productions

All the locals from Colorado will feel right at home in this quality studio.

Sonic Recording Studios

Triplex of studios located in Philadelphia, You have to see to believe.

Sound Awake

Canadian studio specializing in recordings to your specifications.

Windham Hill Records Online Occasional

Alternative record label Windham Hill Records. In the Windham Hill, the visitor can experience a broad range of song samples from a variety of artists. The site contains artists' biographies, discographies, tour dates, and an open forum for musical discussion.



acoustical engineering and acoustical design solutions for home listening room acoustics and home theater room design, including home theater acoustics and home theater sound proofing. Many clients have hi-end stereo or home theater equipment but the rooms suffer from poor sound. The reason is the rooms were never designed acoustically. Quite often they were designed for aesthetics alone. At Rives Audio we can design in aesthetics and acoustics at the same time. Acoustical treatment really has no inherent visual design, rather it can become anything you want. In designing a room clients must consider aesthetics, sonic benefit, and budget. These three components work in a balance to achieve the best custom solution for each client. No two clients are the same, and thus no two rooms are the same. Rives Audio works on a custom basis ONLY. There are no pre-designed solutions. Rives Audio looks at the significance of all aspects of the audio performance, from the bass and room mode performance to the diffusion within the midrange spectrum and absorption in the high frequency spectrum. All are significant and all must work together in harmony to achieve sonic bliss. For the bass Rives examines the room mode distribution or designs a room with appropriate room mode distribution. Some existing rooms have poor room mode distribution and thus need electrical correction from the PARC (parametric adaptive room compensation). Basically the PARC is a 3 band parametric equalizer (parametric eq) designed to get rid of room modes and compensate for bass peaks. Rives Audio measures rooms acoustically with sophisticated audio software tools. All Rives dealers have the Rives Audio professional test kit for acoustic sound measurement. This kit includes extremely accurate calibrated microphones as well as state of the art software such as ETF and BARE. For the end user Rives provides more economical means of measuring the acoustical performance of the room starting with the Rives Audio Test CD (which is specifically calibrated for the Radio Shack sound meter), including Mapleshade Recordings, to the standard test kit. Rives Audio is committed to providing cost effective solutions for the audiophile and home audio enthusiast. The room is the invisible component and often the most significant. When you want the best listening room or home theater design, you need not go further than Rives Audio