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Applied Linguistics - WWW Virtual Library

A virtual library of the Applied Linguistics field.

Ethnologue Database

Information on some 6,500 languages spoken in the world, including alternate names, number of speakers, location, dialects, linguistic affiliation, and other sociolinguistic and demographic data. The volume also contains a map of the world, nine continent maps, and sixty-five country maps.

Index - Ethnologue

A catalog of languages on the web.

Index - Mailing Lists in Linguistics

Lists electronic mailing lists on various topics in linguistics. Lists which are not devoted specifically to linguistics, but instead to more general discussion of particular languages, literature and culture have mostly been excluded, as have lists devoted to non-linguistic aspects of text processing.

Languages - WWW Virtual Library

Information located here spans the globe, and is ever-growing. Below, you can find language lessons and tutorials, dictionaries, text and book collections, and even translation services, all available in one form or another on the Internet.

Libra Multimedia

Information on our range of CD ROM products. For learning all human languages.

Linguist List

An electronic mailing list for linguistics.

Linguistics - WWW Virtual Library

An online virtual library on linguistics.

LMBM: Table of Contents

Known for its rigorous distinction of lexemes and (grammatical) morphemes. The theory is formally described in Lexeme - Morpheme Base Morphology.

Lojban Archive

Material concerning the constructed human language "Lojban - A Realization Of Loglan".

Names which sound like verbs

Project borne from the creative minds of Josh Bloom, Geoff Criqui, Stephen Agular, and John Ciorciari. This page was listed as one of Mirsky's Worst of the Web on July 27, 1995!

Ohio University CALL Lab

Information on different language learners.

Studying Phonetics on the Net

Resources for the study of speech sounds. Here are some that I have collected and used.

Virtual CALL Library - U. of Sussex

Access the collection of Computer Aided Language learning shareware and free software.

Word Page

The place where you learn words. Join in this week to learn the next 10 words.


Online lexical reference system whose design is inspired by current psycholinguistic theories of human lexical memory. English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are organized into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept.

World of MultiLingual Parallel Concordancing

Aims at managing a multilingual corpus to ease students' and teachers' work in second language learning.

Xerox Lexical Technology

A state-of-the-art engine for lexical processing which includes morphological analysis, morphological generation, tokenization, and part-of-speech tagging.

Yamada WWW Language Guides

The definitive guide to language resources on the World Wide Web.


Aston University - Department of Languages and European Studies

Information on Courses and Research. Also links to various other pages.

Birkbeck College, University of London - Applied Linguistics

A list of Applied Linguistics resources on the Internet.

Center for Translation Studies

A complete history of the Translation Center Workshops.

The Consortium for Lexical Research

An Archive of Sharable Natural Language Resources.

Dartmouth Language Resource Center

Resources Related to Language Learning (in a broad sense).

George Washington University - German and Slavic Dept.

Slavic languages and German are taught out of this department. The Department of German and Slavic. The creation of a new department is a major undertaking. So please bear with us as our Web page changes from week to week.

Ohio State University - Linguistics

information on Class Schedules, Faculty, Graduate Students, Departmental Publications, Language Files, and Linguistics.

Penn State - Dept. of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

Welcome to the Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese at Penn State University. Please bear with us as we continue to construct our Home Page.

Russian at Moscow State University

History of the Russian language, politics, and more.

Santa Barbara City College/Spanish Dept

Hundreds of links from all over the Spanish-speaking world.

South of Ireland Language Centre

Detailed explanations of the various aspects of the Centre.

Southern Methodist University - Foreign Language Learning Center

A virtual tour of the Center. Or see the FLLC Newsletter, now available online.

Stanford University - Center for the Study of Language and Information

Upcoming CSLI Events and Announcements, Weekly Calendar of Public Events, including abstracts for most of the talks.

Stockholm University - Linguistics

Information on the linguistics department at Stockholm University.

Tilburg, The Netherlands - Institute for Language Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Conference announcements, ITK projects Reports, Memoranda and miscellaneous papers by local staff.

U of I Department of Asian Languages and Literature

Provides complete information on our department programs, people, and resources, as well as a comprehensive list of other Web resources relating to South and East Asia.

UC Davis Computer Science Multilingual Lab

Information on the UC Davis Computer Science Multilingual Lab.

University College London Phonetics and Linguistics

Information on the phonetics and linguistics department at the university at London.

University of Amsterdam - Institute of Phonetic Sciences

Experimental World Wide Web server of the Institute of Phonetic Sciences of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Amsterdam.

University of Arizona - Ctr for English as a Second Language

Provides English language training, American cultural studies, ESL classroom research, and special ESP training programs to students and trainees from throughout the world.

University of California Linguistic Minority Research Institute

Provides information accessible through the Internet to researchers, students, and practitioners interested in issues of language, education, and public policy, especially as they relate to linguistic minorities.

University of California San Diego

Listing of courses and schedules for the University of San Diego.

University of Kansas Linguistics Department

Points you to many interesting facts about the Department, the University, and other programs.

University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology - Department of Language Engineering

Carries out teaching, research and consultancy in multilingual language engineering, with emphasis on the written word.

University of Rochester - Linguistics

Access our anonymous ftp archive, look at our departmental handbook, look at our 1993 departmental photograph (100k), read recent postings from the LINGUIST list, or go anywhere on the World Wide Web.

University of Stuttgart - Institute for Natural Language Processing

Provide access to information about various aspects of the grammatical theory known as LFG.

University of Sussex - Language Centre

Detailed list of courses and resources for learning languages and teaching them.

University of Tennessee - Intensive English Program

Offers undergraduate degree programs in more than eighty specialized fields of study. Graduate programs in business administration, education, and human environmental sciences, as well as pre-professional studies are also available.

University of Toledo - Foreign Languages

Views presented on these pages are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions held by the University of Toledo.

Uppsala University - Linguistics

Departmental information, faculty and Local staff information, Educational Programs and Courses.



A great cultural language of world history. These pages are about the cuneiform writing system on clay tablets, the language, the grammar.


A collection of documents and links that contain information that relates to the Basque people.

Bibliography of Planned Languages

A complete bibliography of planned languages.


Information on the Catalan language and culture.


Electronic newsletter for people interested in language, speech, logic, and information.


Information on the Estonian language.


Specializing in documentation and logistics engineering for 50 years, has 18 technical centers in France plus three subsidiaries in the Benelux countries, Germany and Spain.


Offers a short introduction to Finnish pronunciation information. Some examples of Finnish words and phrases can be viewed.

Foreign Languages for Travellers

Lessons on several languages with sound files so you can hear what the word sounds like.


A constructed language that deals with no genders and no conjucted tenses.

Human-Languages Page

Devoted to bringing together information about the languages of the world. The language resources listed here come from all around the world, and range from dictionaries to language tutorials to spoken samples of languages.

Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages

Indexing and abstracting services of various languages.

Karibuni Kamusi

The living Swahili dictionary on the net.


Information on the artificial language Loglan, invented by James Brown.


Information on the South Indian language of Malayalam.


Information on the language of Mon.


Information on the current situation of the Portuguese language.

Serbian Language

The Serbian language, a result of the work of the great Serbian philologist and language reformer Vuk Stefanovich Karadzich, is described in full detail.

Slovene Alphabet

Learn the Solvene Alphabet right from the net.

Speak Tagalog

A tutorial for those who want to learn the Tagalog language.

te reo maori - The Maori Language

Information about that language, from a variety of sources, including social culture.


The most musical and sweetest of all Dravidian languages. Telugu can be self taught right off the net.

Universal Survey of Languages

Demonstration project that will hopefully develop into a full-blown collaborative effort with the aim of creating a major reference work- a general survey of the world's languages suitable for the linguistic beginner and expert alike.

Virtual Language Lab

A virtual language lab allowing you access to resources on many different languages.


The Computation and Language E-Print Archive

The Computation and Language E-Print Archive is a fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for papers on computational linguistics.

Corpus Linguistics - Rice University

Information on sources of corporate and text analysis software.

Head-Driven Phase Structure Grammar

offers current information relating to various aspects of the grammar, formalism, and linguistic theory of Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar.

Humboldt University Berlin - Computational Linguistics

Information on the University of Berlin.

Index - ACL Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics Universe

Contains pointers to academic departments and institutes Companies and corporate research labs. Various resources (books, corpora, bibliographies)....Who's who in NLP/CL...

Index - Computational Linguistics/NLP Institutes [IMS Index]

A list of WWW/Gopher servers.

Lexical-Functional Grammar

An introduction into the studies of lexical-functional grammar.

Linguistics Resources

Linguistics Resources on the Internet including Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing.

Stanford HPSG Project

Information about HPSG (Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar) related activities at the Center for the Study of Language and Information(CSLI) at Stanford University.

UCREL - Unit for Computer Research on the English Language

Objective is to carry out computer-based research on the analysis and processing of natural language data. This work increasingly involves collaboration in multilingual projects as well as in research on the English language.

Natural Language Processing

AGFL Grammar Work Lab

A collection of software systems for Natural Language Processing, based on the AGFL -formalism ( Affix Grammars over Finite Lattices ).


Association for Computational Linguistics

Information on the Association for Computational Linguistics.

Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)

Focus of this server is the work of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL),namely the study of minority languages and cultures around the world.

Sign Language


Information on the techniques of lip-reading and speechreading.

NATO ASI: Speechreading by Man and Machine

Forum on the interdisciplinary study of speechreading (lip-reading). Production, perception and learning by both humans and machines. Their aim is to explore and promote the incorporation of visual information into acoustic speech recognizers for improved recognition accuracy, while drawing on and further elucidating knowledge of the psychology of speechreading by humans.

Sign Languages and Linguistics

International Directory of Sign Language Research along with Linguistics.

Translators and Interpreters

Aquarius Search System for Translators / Interpreters

Designed to help clients and translators find each other over this vast Internet.

Darmok Dictionary

Glossary of Tamarian phrases from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Darmok".

Signed Language

Information about Sheridan's Sign Language Interpreter/Communicator program.

Wordnet Foreign Language Translations

Wordnet provides online language translation and editing. The company also offers typesetting and printing in most major languages.


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