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American Institute of Engineers

Information about the American Institute of Engineers an association of engineers and scientists that is interested in the enhancement of the reputations of engineers to the American public.

Bistable Optical Device Patent

Information on a invention describes a dual mode optical switching device.

Bridge Engineering Home Page

Provides information on civil and structural bridge engineering.

Carnegie Mellon University Engineering Design Research Center

Engineering Design Research Center is a National Science Foundation research center established at Carnegie Mellon University in 1986. This server provides information on the EDRC's laboratories and their associated projects, affiliates, faculty and students, as well as abstracts of EDRC technical reports.

CEMOS Center for Electromagnetic Materials and Optical Systems

Engineering optics program at UMASS Lowell, which includes research areas, personnel, publications, laser safety info and other optics sites.

Civil Engineer's On-Line Calendar

Workshops, conferences and other time-sensitive events; it also is accessible by e-mail. It links to Education of Information Technology for Civil Engineers.

Computational Neuro-Engineering Laboratory (CNEL)

CNEL conducts interdisciplinary research in information processing models, both biological and artificial. It focuses on digital signal processing, neural networks, computers, and brain sensor devices.

Earth Observations Lab

Research in the field of remote sensing. The EOL contributes toward the overall goal of providing leadership in key areas of multi-disciplinary space and terrestrial science, engineering, and education.

The Electric Power Engineering Program at IIT

Electric Power Engineering Program at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Maintained by V.C. Ramesh.

Engine Research Center

Activities at the center include basic engine research with emphasis on laser diagnostics applied to real engines and computational fluid modeling of engine processes.

GERG Angola Oil and Source Rock Study

Tutorial about a study to undertake a correlation/evaluation of oils and rocks from Angola. Graphic illustration and detailed descriptions are included along with links to research groups, Microsoft, and more.

High Temperature Materials Databank

Information about High Temperature Materials Databank; developed by the Joint Research Center of the European Commission and contains data on engineering alloys, which are mostly used in high temperature technology.

IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology

Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Society on Social Implications of Technology's scope includes such issues as environmental, health and safety impacts of technology, engineering ethics, and social issues related to energy, information technology and telecommunications.

Index - Gateway to Photonics Information

News and current events in science, research, and engineering. Contain the International Commission for Optics newsletter and extensive lists of links to various resources useful to people working in the optics industry .

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

This Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering server provides information about the programs and facilities of the Industrial Engineering Department at Iowa State University as well as links to the university and industrial engineering departments around the world.

Introduction to Engineering Design

University of Virginia's School of Engineering and Applied Science contains the Introduction to Engineering Design, which is a student/faculty venture to provide information about the nature of engineering design and modern invention. Information about other research at the university is also available.

IRC Semiconductors

Information on semiconductor materials.

ISCAS '96 - The IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems

May 12-15, 1996, Marriott Marquis Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia. The 1996 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems is an annual conference sponsored by the Circuits and Systems Society (CAS) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

ISEE Conference 1996

The Fourth Biennial Meeting of The International Society for Ecological Economics will occur in August, 1996 in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Micromechanical Galvanometric Scanner

Information on a new microelectromechanical resonant galvanometric light beam scanner that has a broad range of applications like laser printers, barr-code scanners, and measuring instruments.

Microwave Journal

Microwave Journal, which provides engineers and engineering managers with technical coverage of the RF, microwave, wireless and lightwave industries.


A gateway for the mining industry. Provides scientific products and services (the Yellow Pages), booths for information from government agencies, universities, societies, and other mining information sources, tools for further searching on the Internet, information about business resources, and the details about the Conference Connection.

MIT ECSEL - Engineering Coalition

ECSEL is a coalition of seven diverse schools and colleges of engineering engaged in an effort to renew undergraduate engineering education and its infrastructure. The central theme of ECSEL's efforts is that of design in its social and ethical contexts. Intra- and inter-institutional faculty and student teams are developing new courses, new teaching/learning strategies, and supporting materials. Their efforts are subjected to external evaluations and internal assessments by students and faculty.

MIT Nuclear Engineering Department

MIT Nuclear Engineering Department and its upcoming events, research activities, people in the department and courses offered, etc.

Oil & Gas Electronic Directory

An "electronic "yellow pages" for the petroleum industry. Provides information on energy-related manufacturers and service companies, illustrated diagrams, and on-line data entry forms connected to databases.

Optimum Consulting Engineers

Solutions to challenges faced by business and industry, including project management/justification, manufacturing automation and system integration, electronic circuit board design and manufacturing, professional and technical search and placement, diversity and employee training.

Optoelectronics Technology Center

Information on the Optoelectronics Technology Center established to encourage collaboration between academia and American industry.

QMW Engineering Pages

QMW Engineering Pages is a service of Queen Mary and Westfield College of the University of London, an institution that offers research activities and degree programs in various science disciplines as well as undergraduate degree courses and employment opportunities.

Technical University of Gdansk

This faculty of electrical engineering server supplies information about university engineering organizations, research fields, and faculty members, with links to other places of interest to electrical engineers.

Texas A&M Engineering Technology Department

Contains engineering department student projects working with the Web, and robotic arm control via the Web. This page provides a live picture every 1.2 minutes of the student network lab at the Engineering Technology Department of Texas A&M University.

University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering

The College of Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

USGS Mine Drainage Newsletter

An inter-disciplinary group working on problems related to mining and the environment. Includes feature articles with graphic illustrations, future meetings of interest, and a member directory.

The WWW Virtual Library for Power Engineering

Information about the Illinois institute of technology and its virtual library, which contains links of interest to electric power engineers world-wide.

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