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Acadian Genealogy
Featuring complete details on the historical "In Search of Our Acadian Roots."

Alberta Family History Society
The ALBERTA FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY was founded in 1980 as a non profit organization with the purpose of encouraging and promoting interest in family history research.

Australian Family History Compendium
The Australian Family History Compendium is an Internet resource for people researching their family. It contains information related to genealogy, with a strong bias towards Australian material.

Belgium Genealogical Information Service
A introduction to what genealogy, and why people can become so addicted to it once the bug has bitten them.

Cajun Clickers Genealogy SIG
The Cajun Clickers Genealogy SIG was founded 2 years ago. It was developed to foster the merger of computer technology along with genealogy.

Cool Sites for Genealogists
The third Cool Site for Genealogists provides a simple English-to-German and German-to-English translator. You can find an unfamiliar German words.

DuPage County (IL) Genealogical Society
The DuPage County (IL) Genealogical Society is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization. Founded in 1974 as the Lombard Suburban Genealogical Society.

Genealogy Home Page
Learn more about genealogy and where your family came from.

Genealogy in Australia
Genealogy in Australia. Provide some details on what is on offer in the world of genealogy and family history research.

Genealogy Online
Genealogy webpage with resources including 1 percent of the 1880 U.S. census, more than 107,000 files and a half million individuals. A hypertext version of the National Archives' catalog of microfilmed census enumerations, a large GEDCOM and tiny-tafel library, and much more. Free full-access telnet accounts available.

An idea to create a coordinated, interlinked, distributed worldwide genealogy database for all web users.

GenWeb Site Index
This GenWeb Database Index contains links to all known genealogical databases available on the Web and is now sorted by the name.

Georgia Genealogical Information
Provides information about libraries and organizations that are useful for genealogical research in Georgia. The document has links to genealogy resources on the Internet.

Hannibal's Genealogy Page
Follow these links to my genealogy pages and to some favorite genealogy sites.

Heritage Cascade
The following family history topics assist genealogists in their preliminary research and guide them to primary sources or original records.

Illinois Ancestor Exchange
The Illinois Ancestor Exchange is a list of names being researched by family historians. To aid identification, the ancestor's name, a birthyear, and a county location within Illinois are included.

Italian Genealogy
The Italian Surname Database has Italian surnames submitted by other researchers on Internet.

Joe's Italian Genealogy Page
Useful starting points for exploring Italian heritage.

Kansas Interactive Genealogy
Kansas Interactive Genealogy gives you the ability to trace your roots through Kansas.

Kansas Pioneer List
The Kansas Pioneers List (KPL) is a compilation of settlers sent directly from networkers doing genealogical and historical research. The list currently contains many names and continues to grow as more computer users and historians become aware of its existence.

Linkages Kinship DataSets Project
The Linkages Project assembles a large database of kinship datasets and genealogies from around the world. This database, along with its programs for visualization and analysis, has led to new insights into the nature and organization of kinship, and human social processes in general.

List of upcoming genealogy events in the U.S. & Canada
The genealogy calendar describes coming genealogical events.

Newfoundland and Labrador Genealogy
Several informative pages of addresses, research holdings, and some links to organizations of interest to family historians with ties to Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid
The Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid is a pointer database consisting of the surnames, cemetery name and location of over 777,000 interments from approximately 1300 distinct cemeteries, cairns, memorials, and cenotaphs.

Pence's list of Genealogy BBSes - 1000+
GBBS is published monthly and includes more than 1,000 computer bulletin board systems from around the world that support genealogists.

R. Paul Gordon's Genealogy Connection
A reference guide to genealogy issues on the Internet.

RAND Genealogy Club
RAND Genealogy Club, a group of several RAND employees share the hobby of tracing family trees. This page shares information about genealogical resources we've found available on the "information highway."

Roots Resources Page
ROOTS-L is a mailing list for people who are interested in genealogy.

Scandinavian Genealogy
Providing some helpful hints to those looking for their roots in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden and Denmark.

Spencer Genealogical and Historical Society
The objectives of the Spencer Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. are to encourage and promote the accurate recording of family data, vital statistics, and individual accomplishment of direct family descendants and those related to or otherwise associated with a Spencer line, and to instill in the Spencer descendants a sense of pride in their ancestral lineage.

SVPAFUG - Silicon Valley PAF Users Group
Silicon Valley PAF Users Group is recognized as a worldwide leader in computer genealogy. A non-profit organization focused on education and development of computer genealogy methods.

Treasure Maps
FREE Genealogy Newletter! Become part of the genealogy group.

U.S. Census Genealogy Page
Everton Publishers provides users with hints and helps on tracing genealogy.

UK & Ireland Genealogical Information Service
If you have a family line in the U.K. or Ireland, follow this site to trace your genealogy.

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