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Ask the Webmaster
If you have a question, the Webmaster will have an answer for you! So click here and ask the Webmaster.
Fortune Cookies [teleport.com]
Put this site on your bookmark list is you would like a daily dose for Fortunes Cookie Madness.
Fortune Cookies [twentymule.com]
If you are looking for cute advice, then click your cookie on this fortune cookie page.
Go Ask Alice!
Are you looking for an answer to your health questions, but don't know where to click? Well click to Go AsK Alice where a group of Health professionals at Columbia will answer your health questions via the Web.
Heather's Highway to Heaven
Calling all men! If you were hit over the head with that iron you gave your sweetheart last Valentine, then Heather's Highway to Heaven is where you need to click. She offers free gift giving advice to men as well as sells online products.
Punchy Advice
Punch Advice is a cute, entertaining advice column that will bring you laughs if nothing else.
Regarding Sex - Ask the Expert: Kim Martyn
If you need an answer to your human sexuality and relationships question, then click to Regarding Sex. Kim Martyn is a renowned sexual health education expert who can answer your question via the Web.
World Wide Web Ouija
Yes there really is a World Wide Web Ouija waiting to answer all of your questions on life.
Your lucky fortune cookie
If your looking to find your fortune or your lucky numbers you will find it all in this fortune cookie(minus the cookie!).
Amusement Parks
American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK)
Attention zoo keepers! If you are concerned about the conservation and care of professional animals, click here to the American Association of Zookeepers.
Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio
Cedar Point is considered to be one of the world's greatest amusement parks/resorts. Although not affiliated or endorsed by Cedar Point, this page contains information regarding the park.
Chicago Mosaic
The Chicago Mosaic provides a multimedia tour Guide to Chicago's attractions and special events, an interactive citizen handbook on Chicago's innovative community policing program and a directory of city programs and services.
Cosmos Yachting
The Voss Net PLC offers information about Cosmos Yachting, which provides a range of sailing holidays and charter boats, from bare boat to flotilla holidays, including training.
Digital Media Centre
The National Computer Board, Home of the Singapore Online Guide, Magazine and the Art and History Museum, the Digital Media Center celebrates its first anniversary as Southeast Asia's first Web server, with many new, original publications. Web surfers can explore a new graphical starting point for Net users in Singapore.
FAQ - rec.roller-coaster [ohio-state]
If you are looking for frequently asked questions about roller coasters, or haunted houses in Disneyland, click here.
Feline Conservation Center
Feline lovers click here!! The Feline Conservation Center is a private, non-profit feline zoo, featuring over 14 different species and over 50 cats.
Huis ten Bosch in Japan
Huis ten Bosch is one of the largest theme parks in Japan featuring a replica of a historical city in Holland.
Marine World Africa U.S.A.
From shellfish to sharks, tigers to elephants, you will find it all and more at Marine World Africa U.S.A. page.
Medieval Times
For family fun and entertainment, click here and experience the Medieval Times.
National Amusement Park Historical Association
The National Amusement Park Historical Association (NAPHA) is an international educational organization dedicated to promoting the enjoyment of amusement parks.
National Zoo - Washington D.C.
If you are interested in exploring the National Zoo without buying a ticket, click here!
Polynesian Cultural Center
A wealth of Hawaiian cultural information from center located on Oahu.
River Rapids Rides
Comprehensive listing of river rapid rides
If you are interesting in knowing where the most and least terrifying roller coasters exist, click here.
Santa Ana Zoo
The Santa Ana Zoo page provides general information, list of events and in the near future, a multimedia tour.
Sea World and Busch Gardens
Educational programs, teacher's video's and more are all available by clicking at the Sea World and Busch Gardens.
Virtual World
Digital theme park with locations around the United States and the world.
What The Heck Is Theme Park Engineering?
How do you design a roller coaster or a water slide? Check out this site to learn more about the growing discipline of Theme Park Engineering.
World of Coasters
Hey roller coaster enthusiasts!! Everything and anything you wanted to know about roller coasters is here at the World of Coasters.
Audio/Visual Equipment
ABG (Audio Broadcast Group)
This service company offers several lines of broadcast, recording, computing and communications products for studios and other audio professionals.
State of the art audio components such as home theater parts, amplifiers, preamplifiers, tuner/preamplifers and tuners, CD/digital audio systems and accessories.
Alpha Video and Audio
This site specializes in Non-Linear Editing. It contains a full line of Digital and Traditional Video Equipment.
Amateur and Other Radio Hobbyist Links
New links to popular Amateur, short-wave, and other sources of radio information.
Amateur Radio [Don Irving]
A hobby that can be used for world-wide communications or for talking with friends across a parking lot. Amateur Radio is used world-wide by combining radio, TV, satellites and computers networks.
Amateur Radio Elmers Resource Directory
A list of mentors and experts for amateur radio critiques who maintain Internet information sources.
Amateur Radio; Funny Stories
Amateur Radio & Funny Stories providing funny adventures in Ham radio plus travel information and links to the Indianapolis Area.
Amateur Radio in Arizona
An amateur radio station based out of Arizona features many hot links to the radio world.
Amateur Radio [ncsu.edu]
Amateur radio server, with an online database, product reviews, FAQs on radio and the satellite predictor. One of Point Survey's Top 5% sites.
Amateur Radio Operator-Online Magazine
Amateur radio magazine featuring news and information from the entire Radio World. Also includes On-Line Classifieds for Amateur Radio.
Amateur Radio [qrz.com]
Amateur Radio mailing list call sign database, FTP server, radio modeling information and links to other ham radio sites.
Amateur Radio Slow Scan TV
There are many types of a ham radio and one of the most fascinating is the Slow Scan TV. Slow scan TV is a method of broadcasting images by radio.
Amateur Radio station NL7J page
Information on Slow Scan TV and DX'ing links. Hard-to-find SSTV software and Amateur Radio Clubs on Internet in Alaska.
Amateur Radio World
Important information on local, regional, state, country and global radio.
AMSAT - Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
This is a non-profit organization with a collection of information about the amateur space program, featuring spacecraft information and FAQs.
Architectural In-Wall Speakers
Provider of in-wall audio speakers throughout an entire house.
Ashly Audio Inc.
Here is a manufacturer of commercial power amplifiers, equalizers, crossovers, mixers, and accessories.
Here is a manufacturer of high end Field Monitoring Systems using rear mounted surround technology.
Audio Tech, Inc.
Audio Tech Inc. is a digital production facility for film, video, radio, multimedia and WWW design maintenance.
Audio Visions Home Entertainment Systems Inc.
A service providing home theater, surround sound, multi-room speakers, and remote control systems.
Audiomatica is a consultant in audio, acoustics and computer fields.
Audion Limited
Audion is a growing research and development company with concerns providing innovative technologies to the professional audio marketplace.
Ayre Acoustics, Inc.
This company's goal is to create audio equipment that sets new standards for sonic performance and value.
BGW Pro Audio
BGW Pro Audio manufactures audio power amplifiers, powered subwoofer systems, and accessories.
Big Wind Productions
Here is a production company that produces personal audio, audio designed equipment just for computer systems.
Cadence Digital Audio
Cadence is the designer and manufacturer for high performance products specializing in contract design services. They have developed a wide range of experience in high-tech product.
Car Audio [arizona.edu]
Car Audio Links, IASCA Info.
Carver Corporation
This is a corporation that designs, develops, and manufactures consumers and professionals audio equipment.
CC Sales
CC Sales specializes in top quality audio equipment at wholesale prices.
CD Swap Shoppe
Buy and sell (used) Audio CDs and CD ROMs.
CQWW Contest
CQ and SSB contest site, with links to other ham radio sites.
Crutchfield was the first company in the world to sell car stereos, and are also the experts in the area of car audio products, home audio, video and home theater.
Curcio Audio Engineering
The leader in providing high quality audio component kits.
Curtis Company
A service catalog providing Audio/Visual Equipment. Sells directly to education departments and businesses which need presentation equipment.
CyberSonix, Inc.
A service provider of Home/Office electronic products.
DAD: Digital Audio Directory
Digital Audio Directory is always adding new links and new information related to digital audio.
DAT-heads Mailing List
A mailing list concerning itself with digital audio tape decks, recording and distributing live music.
De Lane Lea Sound Centre
Here is one of the major facilities in the United Kingdom. There expertise has consolidated a position as the first choice for feature film and television sound post production.
Definitive Technology
Loudspeakers service for music and cinematic reproduction.
Digital Kitchen
Here is some funky rhythms that contain over 900 measures of original License Free hip-hop, rap, dance, funk and swing. Sampling of a CD like this is unheard of in the music industry!
Digital Theater Systems
This digital theater system brings premier quality discrete channel sound to the movies.
Doctor Audio
Doctor Audio Products is a sales information on hard disk recording hardware and software.
Dolby Laboratories Inc.
This site is a home theater with film sound and product information.
Dr. Stereo
Dr. Stereo provides in home service on all audio equipment.
Electronic Systems Resource Center
ESRC is a centralized clearing house information center specializing in the audio industry.
Et Cetera Distribution
Et Cetera Distribution is a supplier of PC music and sound products.
Eventide Inc.
Eventide Inc. manufactures the world-famous Harmonizer effects processor, logging recorders, obscenity delays, and other studio and broadcast products.
Evolution Audio &Video
High end home theater of audio/video systems and laserdisc users.
Factory Direct Loudspeakers
High quality audio equipment provider direct from the manufacturer.
General Communications, Inc.
The specialists in audio, video and data, they design and install all their own communication system programs.
General Home Theater
For all those home theater technophiles, this page has all you need to know to turn your puny TV and stereo into an impressive shrine to film and consumer electronics. Links to other home theater sites, plus the latest product and technology information.
These fast, efficient television, radio, audio, and video engineering professionals stocks what is needed at heavily discounted prices.
Hayes Fractal Loudspeakers
Find information on purchasing of FSS speakers for surround sound, home cinema, and studio monitoring.
Hi-Fi Home Audio Amplifiers
Great Sounding Amplifiers.
HI-FI VIdeo Music Center
This center carries video projector LCD, Conferences system, simultaneous translator system, professional audio system, light show and laser karaoke equipment.
HiFi on WWW
Great online source for all the stereo information you could ask for, with links to just about every company's Web site; plus news, reports and articles on featured pieces of equipment.
High Definition Audio
High definition audio product for home and auto stereo, TV, and computer games.
The latest service in recording technology has now produced the most incredible listening tune ever experienced "HOLOPHONICS". This sound is exactly as it appears in the original recording environment and NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT NECESSARY!
Home team
Home team is an intelligence crew specializing in audio/video networks amplifiers, speakers, modulators, remote controls, and CCTV cameras.
Home Theater Technology Magazine - Home Theater Online!
An information source to search for what's hot and happening in home entertainment. Searchable product and dealer databases, great reviews and entertaining features.
How To Align Analog Tape Recorders
This site gives a hands on description of how to align professional audio analog tape recorders it goes into an explanation of terms, overall view, detailed procedure.
Index - SoundSite Audio and Video
Soundsite Audio and Video is a source of audio/video information and education center.
Interior Surfaces Company
Provider of acoustical finishes for walls and ceilings full service installation dealer and materials supplier as well as t service providing library referencing, project design assistance, and sound consulting.
InVision Interactive
Invision Interactive are the makers of sounds, signal processing, and synthesis software and technology.
Knowledge Products
Knowledge Products produces and markets audio cassettes specializing in information of great ideas and historical events.
LaserDisc - Europe-LD Web Information Service
An information service featuring the replay disc system based on the same technology used by the Compact Disc format.
Laserdisc [Staale A. Olsen]
Providing links to laserdisc information, movie theater location, movie trailers, reviews, movie directors and other sources of movie and entertainment information.
Listing of Ham Radio, Computer, and Electronics Swap Meets
Listing of US swap meets for electronics, ham radio and computer items. Bring your announcement here.
Low Profile Amateur Radio
Subversive ham radio operation site dedicated to hiding ham radio transmitters where they shouldn't really be.
Mailing Lists and Newsgroups
Extensive list of mailing lists and news groups related to ham radio.
Marchand Electronics, Inc.
A provider of high performance electronics crossover network and modular audio amplifiers.
Maxi Cassette Productions, Inc.
A provider manufacturer of duplicate CDs and audio cassettes.
Mayhew & Company
A provider of renting, selling and servicing wireless microphones.
MicroSound Digital Audio Workstation
A windows based project up to 100 tracks. Audio-for-Video, Project and Recording studios, Radio TV, Film, Multimedia.
Mobile Audio
Information on car audio with links to other related resources.
National Speaker & Sound
A professional Audio/Video Systems Contractor. A complete source for the Design, Sales, Installation and Service of Custom Electronics System.
Network Sound Effects Library
A professional service looking for unusual sound effects for production on recorded tracks in the Network Sound Effects Library.
NPR Audio
Manufacturers of over 1800 products related audio, home theater and architectural audio.
The Perfect Arranger
A new service approach for the creative musician, an IBM window users program providing sound and color. Soon to come to MAC users also.
Philips Sound & Vision
Latest in technology, products and environmental subjects. A product catalogue is available.
Premier Audio Video
A high-end audio retailer an authorized dealer for McCormack, Signet and AudioQuest Music.
Professional Audio and Film Division
A service provider repair depot and parts supplier to the audio industry.
Quasimodo Bells
A manufacturer and distributor of digitally sampled bells.
Radio Communications Monitoring Association - RCMA
Radio Communications Monitoring Association is responsible for monitoring VHF/UHF Public safety of the fifty states, Canada and the rest of the globe.
Recorded Media Supply
A supplier of recording tapes and supplies for the audio professional.
Recoton, a transmitter of stereo sounds through walls up to 150 feet.
Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
A home theater audio/visual magazine published only in an electronic format on the Web.
Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers
The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers are a group of people who have come together to support trade technical information and do their own observations of the radio sky.
Solar Audio
Custom installation, consulting, and friendly advice, also available audiophile speakers from $200 to $20,000.
Solid State Logic
A manufacturer of audio production systems for music, broadcasting, video and filming.
Sound Source
This server can specialize any sound to meet any need. Specialist in designing digital sounds and consultation for sound production on a professional level.
The world's producers of professional quality sound and audio products, including, mixers, signal processing, power amplifiers, speaker systems and monitors.
Square Wave Systems, Inc.
A leading seller and installer of commercial and industrial sound and video systems for schools, churches, casinos, office buildings, and nightclubs.
Stealth Technologies Audio/Video Equipment Sales
Home and car audio and video products.
Sumo Affordable High End Audio
An information center about Sumo Products and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Music and Home Theater Systems.
Tape Gallery
United Kingdom audio facility offering a database of downloadable sound effects and an online voiceover casting facility.
USA New Gear Price List
A price list of market prices for keyboards, controllers, MIDI modules, Drum machines, MIDI Interfaces, Patchbays, Synchronizers, Timecoders, Tuners, Recording and Signal Processing Devices, Sound Pickup, Reinforcement and Amplification, Computer cards, Music-related internals, Packages, Power, UPS, Line Conditioners. Send in prices, they are complied for other users benefit.
Waves, Inc.
Makers of quality audio processors for the professional audio field. They are also researchers in psychoacoustics, sound, and digital signal, and processing.
Wireless Speakers
Recotron's wireless speakers receive 150 feet from your stereo. They can be ordered here (and you can get specs and more information).
Alicia Silverstone Image Archive
A collection of photos of actress Alicia Silverstone.
All Magicians Are Not Created Equal
Austin Brooks ,the magician, performs magic, rock 'n' roll and comedy in night clubs, theaters and just about anyplace that let's him continue his quest for music and magic.
Appels Bolt People Home Page
Sculptures made out of common nuts and bolts. The sculptor, Steve Appel of Prescott Arizona, makes them by hand.
Authors Online
Famous authors ranging from Jane Austen to William Wordsworth, and including Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Emily Dickenson, William Faulkner and many, many more.
Celebrity Scoop
News and gossip on Hollywood stars.
Christina Ricci [net.au]
Information about young actress Christina Ricci. Includes links to other Christina Ricci Web pages.
Dan Akst
Information about Dan Akst, the Internet and computer guru who writes newspaper columns that appear in The Los Angeles Times and elsewhere. This site includes some of his writings.
David Duchovny
A page dedicated to The X-Files actor David William Duchovny. Includes movie reviews, interviews, and more.
David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade
A site for women who admire the work of actor David Duchovny. The list started out as online fan club, but has evolved into much more.
David's Dedication to Alicia Silverstone
A page dedicated to Alicia Silverstone. Includes biographical information, photos, and links to other Alicia Silverstone Web pages.
Group of female X-files fans who discuss many things, which sometimes even includes David Duchovny. Includes an extensive list of links to other X-files related pages.
Dr. Charles McClure: Seminar Notes
Devoted to a conference in Washington, entitled "Government Information and the Internet: Issues, Applications, and Prospects" that was chaired by Dr. McClure.
Dr. Jimmy Neill's Lab
Reproductive physiology research information along with home pages of the people in the lab.
Erika Eleniak [twi.tudelft.nl]
Biographical information, acting history, and an interview.
Farrah Forke Fan Club
A collection of images, both scanned, and video grabbed, credits, and other info for fans of Farrah Forke. Info for the page provided by Farrah herself!
Faye Wong [cs.cuhk.hk]
A site dedicated to singer Faye Wong Ching Man. Includes photos and links to more info about her.
Faye Wong's Pictures
Pictures and info about Chinese singer Faye Wong Ching Man.
Ford, Harrison [mit.edu]
An extensive collection of Harrison Ford photos, film clips, and audio files.
Ford, Harrison [smartlink.net]
A site created for movie fans who have an interest in, and enjoy, the works of Harrison Ford. If you browse around you can find articles, images, and links to other sites.
Foster, Jodie [tcp.com]
Pictures, interviews, acting history, and links regarding actress Jodie Foster.
Foster, Jodie [washington.edu]
Features a Jodie Foster picture gallery, filmography, and the full script to the movie The Silence of the Lambs.
Grant, Hugh [kritzber@ucsub.colorado.edu]
A site with lots of information about actor Hugh Grant.
H.P. Lovecraft WWW Page
A new page with information relating to H.P. Lovecraft.
Happily Ever After
Worthy Press provides a little bit of Happily Ever After, a six-day a week comic strip which features information about the artist, background about Worthy Press, samples of the strip, and an e-mail link to the artist.
Hatcher, Teri
Information about actress Teri Hatcher. Includes a photo gallery.
Hatcher, Teri (Boris)
Links to Teri Hatcher and Lois and Clark Web sites. Includes a detailed filmography.
Heather Locklear
The online full-time online site for Heather Locklear fans. Photos and interviews with the actress.
Helen Hunt Appreciation Page
A page with information for Helen Hunt fans.
Hunt, Helen [pitt.edu]
Includes an image gallery and links to other Helen Hunt sites.
Jodie Foster Entrance Point
Here you can start to find out nearly everything about Jodie Foster in the WWW World. Includes many links to other sites with Jodie Foster info.
Kilmer, Val [cornell.edu]
All about actor Val Kilmer. Includes links to info and reviews of movies starring Val Kilmer.
Kilmer, Val [gateways.com]
Biographical and movie info for Val Kilmer.
Marilyn Pages
A site documenting the life, films and images of legendary actress Marilyn Monroe.
Monroe, Marilyn [int-evry.fr]
A tribute to the life and career of Marilyn Monroe. English and French versions available.
Monroe, Marilyn [netins.net]
An extensive list of JPEG images of the legendary actress available for downloading.
Monroe, Marilyn [uiuc.edu]
A resource for Marilyn Monroe information, images, and sounds.
Monroe, Marilyn [www.cica.fr]
Images of Marilyn Monroe.
Nicole Kidman Worship Page
Info, review excerpt, photos and facts about actress Nicole Kidman.
On-line Dream Analysis
This server contains On-line Dream Analysis, which enables browsers to send in accounts of their own dreams for analysis by a completely unqualified, uncertified and entirely unprofessional student with insight into the world of the subconscious.
PATRONUJ - Phrank and Toph
A mission to waste net bandwidth. Contains Melrose, Sledge Hammer, and more.
Pictures of Sherilyn Fenn [Jerry]
Color and grayscale photos of actress Sherilyn Fenn.
Pitt, Brad
Photos of actor Brad Pitt.
Psychic Discoveries Behind The Canadian Curtain
Earl Gordon Curley is well known internationally as one of the most accurate intuitive and psychics world-wide. In 1978, Curley was credited with locating the first debris of the Soviet Cosmos 954 satellite which crashed in Canada's North-west Territories.
Ricci, Christina
Information for fans of actress Christina Ricci. Includes links to other Christina Ricci Web pages.
Ryan, Meg
The Meg Ryan Page. Acting history, photos, and biographical information about the actress.
The Suzanne Vega Home Page
Eric Szczerbinski & AGF Entertainment, New York, NY, US This site contains a wealth of information about singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega, including a FAQ, lyrics library, biographies, profiles, interviews, a complete discography, graphics, a message board, essays, articles and poetry written by Ms. Vega, and more!
Winona Ryder Page [auburn.edu]
An extensive archive of Winona Ryder info and photos, with links to many other Winona Ryder sites.
Winona Ryder [sch.bme.hu]
A site dedicated to fans of actress Winona Ryder. Includes links to other Winona Ryder sites.
Contests, Surveys and Polls
American Dream Contest [allinforsys.com]
The Prize is: A Pawnshop and License Asset Requirement for Pawn License. The entry fee is $100, and therefore the Postal Inspectors will probably be interested.
Herpweb Cyberquiz
On-going herpetology quiz. New questions periodically, with a 12-month magazine subscription prize.
Index - Threadtreader's Web Contests Guide
A comprehensive listing of contests, sweepstakes, etc. being held on the Web.
John Rody's Caption Quiz
Rewrite the captions and win prizes (which vary weekly). New contest weekly.
U Make the Call!
Opportunity for Web surfers to contribute to user-created list of favorite Web sites.
Win free signed Books
Each month or so STACEY'S gives away free books, often signed copies, just for answering some silly question, usually something as innocuous as an anagram.
The Worst Contest
Mirsky's Worst of the Web contest. New contest frequently for the worst Web pages on the Net (where else would they be?).
Ars Nova Guild (ANG)
New Mexico State University describes the people, events and art of the Arts Nova Guild, an experimental performance art group at New Mexico State University.
Austria presents Vienna Staatsoper
AINS all information network & services. This site contains information about Vienna Staatsoper and Vienna Volksoper, which offers concerts of music written by composers banned or suppressed during the Nazi regime.
CBS Eye on the Net
Find out what's on CBS with CBS Eye on the Net, which contains program information, forums, video and audio clips of programs, such as The Late Show with David Letterman and the NCAA on CBS. It also has information about games, contests and special events.
CenterStage Productions
Above & Beyond, Inc. provides information about CenterStage Productions and its comprehensive event production and entertainment services, which include providing top name national acts as well as the best in regional entertainment.
Co-Dependent Productions calls on users to join a SeaQuest protest intended to stop the downward spiral of the television series and its ratings.
Dr. Jim's Virtual Veterinary Clinic
St. Francis Productions, Inc. offers information about the virtual veterinary clinic of Dr. Jim Humphries, a veterinarian nationally known from CBS's This Morning, CNN Morning News and the Discovery Channel. The doctor is devoted to solve common health and behavior problems in pets and his weekly posts are in question/answer format.
Electric Judy Inc.
Electric Judy Inc. contains information about specialists in theater, film and television lighting and wardrobe. Links to entertainment specific places are included.
IBVA Technologies, Inc.
The company offers an interactive brain wave playback system that can be interfaced to a Macintosh. The site describes the unit, "Step1" CD-ROM software, gives ordering and user profile information, and provides a list of related links.
Imaja publishes multimedia, graphics, music, and educational software for the Macintosh. Find out what's new, review demos, artwork, other links and more.
IMS Communications Ltd
Developers of the Neptune multimedia script language for Windows which can develop ultra fast, low memory, flexible multimedia solutions. Find out about the company, Neptune, the 1995 Multimedia yearbook, and more.
Incite delivers interactive, real-time data, voice, and video information via LANs. Investigate the company's multimedia products, services, answers to frequent questions, or obtain technical support.
Integrated Communications & Entertainment (ICE)
A production and design company from Toronto, Canada specializing in corporate communications and multimedia CD-ROM production. Sample their newsletter ICE Capades,
Integrated Research
Integrated Research is a developer of Digital Media Integration software for Silicon Graphics Workstations, including the software packages Integrated Video, Harmony, and Cinebase. Access their support services, frequently asked questions list, and press releases.
Interactive Digital Media (IDM)
IDM, from Malaysia, provides multimedia and Internet services. Find out about the company's background and services, what's new, and contact information.
Multi-media company that creates multi-media interactive catalogs and Web sites for catalog distribution. Read about the company's products and services.
J.D. Koftinoff Software,Ltd.
J.D.K. Software focuses on custom live performance oriented multimedia, embedded systems, digital audio, and MIDI. Learn about and download some of the software.
Jack of all Trades
Company specializes in children's educational titles, Websites, interface design, and kiosks, and consists of talented artists, programmers, and developers.
Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5
All kinds of neat stuff about Babylon 5 television show. Resources, references, a map of the B5 universe, episode descriptions, and how it’s made.
New Life Network
Discover more information about New Life Network, an international distributor of TV programming for broadcasters, cable stations and satellite. It also offers special resources to the media providing community, including conference information.
Platypus Man
Paramount Pictures offers information about Platypus Man, the comedy series from United Paramount Network with photos, an episode listing, biographies and hilarious outtakes online.
ReZ.n8 Productions
ReZ.n8 Productions contains information about ReZ.n8 Productions, creators of comprehensive image-branding packages for television networks, programs, stations and syndicators, motion pictures and advertising agencies since 1987. ReZ.n8 designed the look for the 1994 Winter Olympics for CBS Sports and the NFL for Fox Sports. Employing programmers, illustrators and producers, ReZ.n8 has been honored with numerous awards for conceptualizing, designing and producing state-of-the-art developmental computer graphics, animation and special effects for the entertainment and advertising industries.
Rogers Community 10-Mississauga
Rogers Community 10 is devoted to community television, provides program schedules, viewer feedback, City Magazine's weekly top news stories, and links to dozens of other Internet television resources as well as training and providing production assistance for volunteers.
Scott's Dining-Out
This server provides listings of fine restaurants in Washington D.C. and northern Virginia.
ShowNet 365
Trade-show guide to Blenheim Group USA events features online registration, exhibitor lists, feature articles on the show, seminars, etc.
The Sledge Hammer Arsenal
Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers information about the television show Sledge Hammer that played from 1986 to 1988 on ABC. Also provided are links to a mockery of Melrose Place, quotes from soccer star Alexi Lalas and star nicknames fashioned by ESPN's Chris Berman and more.
Virtual Audio
Music preview service dedicated to jazz, New Age, contemporary instrumental, electronic, and other types of classically inspired and alternative music. The site contains sample music from many popular CDs.
Web of Life: Exploring Biodiversity
PBS offers information about Web of Life, the public television program examining the interconnectedness of earth's ecosystems. The program also presents music television and adventure programs with videos, original music, natural sounds, photographs and pages about the World Wildlife Fund included.
Movie Directors
Bergman, Ingmar
Swedish director Ingmar Bergman's career is discussed in an in-depth-study addressing the master's achievements in cinema, theater, opera, and television.
Besson, Luc
A discussion is dedicated to the French writer, director, and producer, Luc Bresson.
Cameron, James
The James Cameron Fan Page James discusses his roles in former films. The films include Piranha II, The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, True Lies, and Rambo.
Coen, Joel and Ethan
This features the Coen Brothers A-Z interactive film criticism.
Coscarelli, Don
Receive information about the creator of the Phantasm and Beastmaster film series.
Directors' Guild of America
The Directors Guild of America World Wide Web Site holds special interest in the Assistant Directors Training Program, recent press releases, photographs, announcement of the winners, and recent DGA Magazine Interviews.
Hartley, Hal
The Hal Hartley Web page includes a mailing list, films, information, images, quotes, soundtracks, and reviews.
Kieslowski, Krzysztof
The Kryzsztof Kieslowski page includes biographies, pictures, complete filmography, and addresses.
Kurosawa, Akira
Akira Kurosawa is a master editor, an excellent screenwriter, and an imaginative set designer known as "The Emperor." Included is an exploration of the legendary filmmaker's life and work.
Lynch, David
Information on David Lynch is available. The included features are: the complete screenplay for Fire Walk With Me, The Screenplay from DUNE-the motion picture, biographies, frequently asked questions, and other information.
Powell and Pressburger
The careers of British directors Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger are explored. topics included are essay and filmography, film tour dates, and Powell's book, the Million Dollar Movie.
Raimi, Sam
Sam Raimi's home page includes a look at the following films: The Evil Dead, Crimewave, Evil Dead 2, Darkman, Army of Darkness, The Hudsucker Proxy, The Quick and the Dead, and Frosty the Snowman.
Ray, Satyajit
A biography of Satya jit Ray is displayed along with a photo album, and a list of accolades.
Tarkovsky, Andrej
This tribute to the Russian director includes the essays The Stalker and Sacrifice, the article In Memory of Andrej Tarkofsky, as well as pictures, books and links.
Welles, Orson
The survey featuring an in-depth look at career of Orson Welles. The productions of Citizen Kane and Othello are discussed.
Movie Studios
Paramount Pictures Online Studio
Preview current movies, Paramount Television (i.e. Star Trek), and "Inside the Gate," which includes press releases, photo ops, and current production information. Check out their interactive graphics!
Welcome to Walt Disney
Visit Mickey and his friends at their on-line home. Or check out the DIsney movies, television, and music.
12th Annual Olympia Film Festival
Included are schedules and information on Olympia's Capital Theater. Information on our guests is also available. These guests include Paul Morrisey, Sacha Vierny and Noam Chomsky.
13TH San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival
Topics covered are: an overview, women, gay and lesbian filmmakers, local directors, youth, list of directors, and festival calendar.
36th Cartagena International Film Festival
South America's premiere film festival in Cartagena, Colombia, March, 1996, under the direction of novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It features a live Web site created by the Spyder Web Internet TV Network and Professor Wallace's innovative FiestaCam.
Actors Online
A mailing list established for those working in or aspiring to become part of Nova Scotia's film and television industry.
animation, usa
Animation Art Specialists allow access to specialized resources on the Internet.
Aries Productions
Description of a computer company that generates 3D graphics and animation.
This research and design studio explores applications in 3d visualization, animation, and in World Wide Web communications.
Avista Products
Animation production house and 3D graphic service bureau are available for the PC.
Babiuk, Greg
Information about a visual effects designer works in film and television.
Basement Films Web Site: Contents
Learn about the St. Andrews art-house film society, located in Britain. Find out what films and other events they have planned, read their ever growing list of film write-ups and connect to other sites of cinematic interest.
An online quarterly covering film theory and cinema, architectural theory and design, alternative music, literature, perception and neuroscience.
Bath University Film Society
Resources for people interested in film with links to talent scouts, casting director, editors, and the publicity department.
Big Kahuna Productions
This company's mission is to research, develop, and deliver products and tools that enable the end user to accomplish goals, by using highly intuitive interface software. Projects are displayed.
Black Belt Systems, Inc.
Explore products available from Black Belt Systems company.
Bonnie Kane/High Priority
High Priority is a company that works in computer animation and design.
British Kinematograph Sound and Television Society
Contents are to encourage, sustain, educate, train and represent all those who, creatively or technologically, are involved in the business of providing moving images and associated sound in any form and through any media.
Buena Vista MoviePlex
A listing of recent movie releases.
Cam's Movie Zone
A site for movie resources on the Web. Includes places to buy movie merchandise, and links to reviews, trailers, photos and sounds.
Cartoon Heaven
Cartoon Heaven is an animation art gallery in Melbourne, Australia that stocks artwork from all major studios. They deal in framing artwork, is and make presentation backgrounds for vintage art.
Cinema Canada Online
A Comprehensive Web listing of Canadian film production resources. Includes a multimedia online newsletter and a national electronic directory of the Canadian film and television industry.
The Cinema Connection
Il Cinema il Rete page. Contains over 2000 movie related links selected by Federico Passi, over 50 entry categories with comments and geographical notes.
Devoted to all aspects of Cinema and New Media and is the primary link for resources from the UC Berkeley Film Studies Program.
Cinematographers Online Bible
One of the most comprehensive resources available on 16 and 35mm filmmaking. Everything a Director of Photography needs to know and more is located here.
CineMedia Site
Mirror of the School of Film and Media, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. Lots of information about film, video and like media.
Cinevent Classic Film Convention
An annual, classic film convention attracts film fans and collectors of movie memorabilia. Hot items include silent and early sound film screenings, and over 170 dealers' tables.
Dedicated to foreign and art films.
A service for the film and video making community, providing lists of properties suitable for filming, contacts for completing a production, and online trade magazines.
Clamen's Movie Information Collection
Movie reviews, new release information, and theater listings for the Pittsburgh area.
Click 3x
At this digital production studio high-end graphics, animation, and special effects are produced for commercials, film, and television.
Computer Cafe
The Computer Cafehas their experience in video post-production. Included are feature film effects and QuickTime Theater.
curious pictures
Curious is a film company that specializes in effects, animation, and graphics.
Cyber Film School
A site for obtaining high-quality film instruction and information.
CyberCinema News
The Web's movie poster store. Includes information about new video releases, upcoming releases, and picks of the week.
Dick's Domain
A guide to movies in Holland.
Digital Cutting Room
The Digital Cutting Room is a full service commercial animation studio and television advertisement brokerage firm. Included are a couple of scenes from the new Dave's World animated Television commercial. The thirty second trip begins in front of a Dave's World Web page, and takes you to a virtual Dave's World.
Digital Pictureworks
Digital Pictureworks is a team that creates imaginative animations, graphic design, multimedia and Web pages. They are working to keep their site on the "edge".
Duboi creates sophisticated digital effects for film and advertisement.
Editel New York
Specializing in television production and post-production in analog and digital formats, our services include telecine, CGI, editorial, and special Effects.
Emulsion Films
This company is involved in motion pictures and television, music video, and Web Site Design.
A guide to music, movies, games, graphics and more. Includes a weekly name-the-quote contest and links to other entertainment sites.
Enzian Theater
Enzian Theater, central Florida's only full-time alternative cinema, sponsor of the Florida Film Festival and host to a large searchable database of Internet film resources.
Explosions, Destruction and Fire
A company that not only performs stunts (pyrotechnic and incendiary), but also provides quicktime movies and GIFs of the relevant events as well as directions for do-it-yourselfers.
Fava Home Page
The Film and Video Arts Society is a diverse collection of over 40 media artists. FAVA is a non-profit cooperative and relies on its members to be responsible for its overall health and direction.
A World Wide Webcast of the Sundance Film Festival, with reviews, gossip, films, info, reasonable QuickTime trailers, sound bites, and local color.
Film and Video Resources
A compendium of links to various film and video resources. Includes reviews, general interest discussions, production/technical discussions, and filmographies/bibliographies.
Film, Audio & Video Links
A collection of audio/video and film-related information and links.
A site devoted to contemporary film review and discussion, film festivals announcements and field reports, and essays on film craft and filmmaking. Bringing a critical perspective to the world of film.
A page offering listings of magazines, online databases, studios, international film-festivals, and film and media schools.
FINEcut Video Moviemakers Online Resource
The Enthusiasts One-Stop Video Resource. Includes information on organizations that exist to help you produce movies, places to show them, film and video festivals around the world, practical articles on movie production, and reviews of useful reference books.
The home page for the alternative cinematic experience. Includes biographies of film/video artists, descriptions/stills of their works, exhibition calendars, and resources for media makers.
Foresight Entertainments Database
Information on movies, music, games, shops, and videos. A comprehensive source of references for entertainment in the UK.
Ghost Rider Leisure Page : Movies
A comprehensive list of movies, actors, film companies, and archives.
Hash Inc.
Explore three dimensional animation from the creators of Animation Master. Also explore the flagship 3D Motion Picture Studio software package.
Hellas On-Line Cine Club
News, trivia, ratings, and forums for movie releases.
Hitchcock, Alfred [itesm.mx]
Find information on Alfred Hitchcock, including news and updates.
Hitchcock, Alfred [primenet.com]
Information on films, television shows, and cameos concerning Alfred Hitchcock is included.
Hollywood Archaeology
Presented by the Artists' WWW Project of the Whitney Museum of American Art.
Hudson Valley Film Festival
Hudson Valley Film Festival Webpage. Events include emerging, independent films, classic films, and a feature movie debut. The pages contain graphics and brief film clips.
Imagination Station
Get information on high-impact, high quality graphics and animation at a competitive rate. This company works in computer graphics and animation for television commercials, corporate presentations, architectural walk-throughs, and multimedia authoring. Help with design, and construction of World Wide Web home pages are also offered.
Index - Related Sites
Some sites related to Quentin Tarantino are listed.
Insight Studios
Digital audio, 3D Modeling, and animation services are offered to the professional media community.
Interactive World of Universal Pictures, including premieres of movies and a cyberwalk adventure
Access to Universal Pictures and the stars of its movies at interactive movie premieres.
Internet Crimewriting Network
A source for access to information, content and specialists: Police Depts., District Attorney Offices, award-wining authors, Terrorism Experts.
Internet Screenwriters Network
Direct access to Hollywood professionals, services and products.
Internet Video
Purple Training Limited, provides information about Internet: The Cyberian Connection, a video, produced by Purple Training and Cyberia, the UK Cybercafe. The page contains demonstrations of how to use the Internet and links to interviews, Web hot-spots, beginner's guides and business pages.
James Bond WWW Page
Check out the fictional British secret agent 007 page, featuring biographies and filmographies of five actors who portrayed the character in movies. The site has biographical and critical material on Ian Fleming and the Bond novels as well as information on fan clubs and The James Bond Movie Page.
Lamb & Company
This company works in 3D computer animation, effects, motion capture, flame and software development.
London International Film School
London International Film School offers a two year full time diploma course in the art and technique of film making. The school is a nonprofit, registered charity institution.
Marble Animation Studio
This company works with clients from around the country in high end animation and digital graphics.
Media Bytes, Inc.
Explore Media Bytes, a company that works in film, television, and multimedia.
Movies from UWCC Cardiff
This server provides Web interface to the rec.arts.movies database. There is information about more than 30,000 titles, 75,000 actors and actresses, 6,500 directors, 7,900 writers and more; all lists can be searched.
New York City Big Apple Network
New York City Big Apple Network offers information on film, television, theatre, news media and a complete online guide to production in New York City.
The Not Quite Definitive Quentin Tarantino
Miscellaneous material concerning Pulp Fiction, The Man, Quentin Tarantino worship page, Reservoir Dogs page, and other miscellany is included.
OZ Inc.
This company works in computer animation. Take special note of virtual reality pages and the cyberworld which browsers may explore in the third dimension.
Pacific Data Images
Pacific Data Images is a pioneer in the field of computer graphics for film and video. Their credits include Batman Forever and the Pillsbury Doughboy.
Pedersen, Dennis S
A portfolio of animation, design, and illustration is displayed.
The Picture Palace
The Picture Palace presents The Bomb Shelter, starring Gene Tierney. Browse through Picture Palace for other noir favorites, plus a matinee of all your favorite Universal monsters. Have fun, but whatever you do, don't touch that exquisite corpse!
Punch & Brodie Puppet Productions
Explore this page for video production and live events, specializing in corporate video, conventions, and educational materials.
Qubix Animated Productions
Explore this company that specializes in 3D animation, Web page design, digital video, special effects, WWW services, graphic design, authoring, and more.
Quentin Tarantino Central
A virtual image gallery of Quentin Tarantino is displayed.
Quentin Tarantino [Kjetil Valstadsve]
This is an introduction to Quentin Tarantino's debut movie, Reservoir Dogs, which is a gangster drama.
Rhythm & Hues Studios
This company produces animation and special effects for cutting-edge media, such as movies, commercials, television, and others.
The RML Movie Page
Movie trivia and facts.
SCREENsite: Film and TV Studies
Access to film and television resources through the World Wide Web. Unlike some Web sites that take more of a fan's approach to the media, SCREENsite stresses the teaching and research of film and television.
Screenwriters' and Playwrights' Page
This page is designed to meet the special needs of screenwriters and playwrights. Contains resource links.
Screenwriters Online
Provides an opportunity for writers to interact with well known professional screenwriters and learn the secrets of the trade.
Sean Huxter - 3D Animator
Sean Huxter is an animator who works in cartooning, writing, television and movies.
So You Wanna Be A Screenwriter?
The Screenwriters & Playwrights Home Page contains a regular column by Brad Mirman, writer of such movies as Knight Moves and Body of Evidence. The page focuses on writing for Hollywood.
Sony Pictures Imageworks
Sony Imageworks is a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Visual effects, production and postproduction services are our specialties.
Spanish Film Studies Program
Spanish Film Studies Program and information about an international seminar titled The New Spanish Cinema is provided by the film history journal server at published by the Centre for Cinematic Research.
Sphinx Productions
Sphinx Productions produces films and theatrical features. They offer CD-ROM's with art, comic books, dance, drugs, education, food, jazz, movies, painting, photography, poetry, radio, small press, and rock and roll.
The St John's Anime Film Society
A comprehensive guide to Japanese Animation, or anime. The guide is divided into sections that include The Anime Resource Center, where anime is introduced and the Japanese language is taught; The Gallery contains descriptions, pictures, and sound files from many anime series; The Society Room describes what St. John's Anime Film Society has been doing recently; and The Departure Lounge provides access to all the major anime Web resources.
Swan Princess
The Swan Princess home page. Includes Swan Princess Info, reviews of "The Swan Princess," and images from the movie.
Participate in expressing the most minute and obsessive details of the films: graphics, sound, and all.
As a non-profit collective, Videograph supports the creation of original and non-commercial videoes from Quebec's independent video community. By assisting with production, marketing and distribution, promotion and marketing, and video archives, Vidrograph contributes to the ongoing vitality of contemporary media culture.
Videomaker's Camcorder & Desktop Video Site
This server defines its mission as working in the print, video and digital media to enrich television by education; information on video production and distribution is also provided.
Waxweb presents the entire feature film "Wax or the discovery of television among the bees" in English, Japanese, French and German. Visitors can instantly add true hypertext/media to the site. Thousands of stills, hundreds of audio and video clips.
Willming Reams Animation
This studio offers traditional Cel animation, Wavefront computer graphics, rotoscope and special effects.
Woody Allen (Anders Herman Torp)
Images and sound samples, and other information are available to explore Woody Allen's films, books, and music.
Booked for Murder, A Mystery Reader's Paradise
The Booked for Murder page features a large collection of mystery audios, crossword puzzles, mystery party games and also a calendar of upcoming author visits, new releases and reviews.
Communications Playground for Kids
Communications Playground for Kids allows children, ages eight through 12, to find key pals, get help with Internet questions from an Internet guru, talk about their hopes and plans, explore links to other children's sites, enter sweepstakes to win prizes and more.
Computer Animation Archive
Silent Pegs, soundtracks, and Silicon Graphics "movie player" files (with synchronized sound tracks) of student animations designed with Wavefront software in WSU's computer animation classes.
Doceo Publishing
Compression Times provides information about Doceo Publishing, which offers digital video related products. The page contains product information, application screens and digital video files.
Interactive Digital Intelligence Group
A cutting-edge firm involved in every aspect of the multimedia production cycle, including conceptualization, specification, design and implementation.
Interactive Effects Web Outpost
A developer of high end paint and graphics software, including Amazon 3D animation, for Silicon Graphics workstations. Browse sample images, clients, and dealers world wide.
Interactive Factory
An innovative multimedia design firm located in Boston, specializing in forging compelling material into imaginative new CD-ROM and Internet products. Find out about company projects, staff, workshops and events.
Interactive Ink, Corp.
Provide professional multimedia services such as touch-screen programs, visitor guides, library information programs, museum interactives, and World Wide Web page development. Read about their products, services and current projects.
Interactive Media Corporation (IMC)
Offer Macintosh multimedia tools which include Special Delivery, Media Cataloger & Interactive Multimedia Getting Started. The site provides product technical information, demo versions of the software, sample projects, ordering information and reviews.
Interactive Systems, Inc.
Located in Beaverton, Oregon, ISI is a leader in the emerging world of Interactive Television (ITV) and offers a wide of array of interactive television applications which use its own interactive television system called InTOUCH TV. Learn about company history, the management team, past products, and ITV itself.
Interactive Television [IBM]
Dedicated to IBM's involvement with Interactive Television (ITV) technology, this page provides the company's ITV trials, related partnerships and alliances, services, products, and some basics on ITV.
Internet Entertainment by TIS
Internet Entertainment by TIS offers services on the Internet, including horse racing, official football pages, horoscopes and a share service.
Kidding Around
Calling all kids! If you are looking to have a good time, bring your mouse and head over to Kidding Around. Kidding Around is a page for middle school children and teenagers. Fun links to the information superhighway are included.
Nowhere Band
InterAction! Live multimedia performing ensemble auditions, rehearses and performs with online InterActors by way of Internet video. Five times each week InterActors are projected on stage alongside Nowhere Band members in a 254-seat theater in San Francisco Civic Center in real and near-real time.
On The Go Communications, Inc.
On The Go Communications, Inc. specializes in providing satellite systems and offers products such as TVs, VCRs, home theater products and accessories.
Paradise Software
This server offers information about multimedia computing including videoconferencing, video-on-demand, and hypertext authoring software. It also contains a worldwide discussion on computer communication, and provides a view of the quarterly newsletter, Multimedia News.
Seattle FilmWorks
Seattle FilmWorks offers free PhotoWorks software, photography tips and a chance for you to enter your images in the firm's Internet photo contest.
Time Warner’s Pathfinder
Time Warner's Pathfinder is the home to a large collection of news and entertainment producers, among them include: TIME, Warner Brothers, Sports Illustrated, HBO, Fortune, People, Southern Living, Entertainment Weekly, and dozens of others.
WMMS Cleveland BuzzardWeb
The BuzzardWeb is an interface that offers listeners easy access to WMMS information and resources, as well as links to current event, education, entertainment, cyberquest, businesses and cool sites.
Zero Tolerance
New York, NY, US This server provides information about Zero Tolerance, a display of media, video and fine art.
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