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Acid Rain

Acid Rain Index

A small site dealing with acid rain with pointers to other on-line resources.

Acid Rain Program

This World Wide Web Site provides information on the Acid Rain Program--an Environmental Protection Agency program designed to significantly reduce emissions responsible for acid deposition.

EcoNet's Acid Rain Resources

A acid rain resource guide with article summaries and pointers with site descriptions.

Environment Canada's FAQ - Acid Rain

A frequently asked questions guide to acid rain.

NAPAP Tracking and Analysis Framework

The Tracking and Analysis Framework (TAF) is intended to support the National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program (NAPAP). It is an integrated modeling framework designed to act as a bridge between science and policy. The site contains some models that are under construction and pointers to various resources that are of interest to serious researchers.

New Brunswick Precipitation Monitoring Program

The New Brunswick precipitation monitoring network collects and analyzes precipitation in the form of rain and snow. The site contains a project summary as well as findings.

Commercial Businesses

ASL Analytical Laboratories

Environmental chemistry, specialized chemical consulting, and other disciplines requiring a sophisticated approach, our chemists are highly qualified to assist clients with their technical needs. Links to other environmental sites.

Australian Woodchip Export Companies

Profiles of companies involved in the destruction of Australian Native Forests.

Cartridge Care, Inks Direct

Cartridge Care, Inks Direct is a mail order company. Their services include a range of environmentally helpful products and recycling printer supplies.

DMP Corporation

This site contains manufactures industrial waste water treatment systems. If you're interested in information regarding automated continuous-flow and batch treatment systems that handle waste waters from a variety of industrial processes, you'll want to take a peek at this site.

Earth Stewards

EARTH STEWARDS is an online 'green' store. At this site you'll find both information and products about the environment.


ECOSERV is an independent research and consulting company providing technical environmental consulting services. These consultants can advise you how best to address your particular environmental situation.

EMAX Solution Partners

EMAX provides enterprise Solutions for Chemical Information and Compliance Management. This site talks about chemical information solutions, career opportunities and even includes an industry survey.

Energy Efficient Environments, Inc.

If you're interested in environmentally friendly products for your home, this site has an Energy Efficient Environments catalog. The catalog contains a complete line of thoroughly researched, energy saving and earth friendly products.

Environmental News Network

ENN stands for Environmental News Network Inc. They gather material from many sources, including wire services, government agencies, industry, special interest groups, correspondents and environmental professionals and provide news and information regarding a variety of environmental topics.

Environmental Support Solutions, Inc.

Environmental Support Solutions, Inc. (ESS) is an environmental technology company founded to help organizations comply with environmental regulations. ESS provides training, products, and facility services in the heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry.

Environmental World II

This site is provided by Farrell Research; the company who initially developed the UNIX based Online System for SiteSearch Environmental Information. Today they offer radius text reports and color maps that delineate properties according to ASTM standards. They also provide Lead Based Paint (LBP) inspections for commercial and residential properties.

Environtech Newsletter

This international environmental newsletter provides technical and commercial coverage of innovative industrial environmental technologies from bench-to commercial-scale emerging from corporate, academic and government labs worldwide.

Foss Environmental Services Co.

Foss Environmental Services Co. (FES) is a leading West Coast spill response contractor.

FRC International, Inc.

Halon has been found to be a Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) and is no longer being produced. FRC International, Inc. can work out a program to help your company decommission halon systems and will pay cash for your old halon.

Garden State Laboratories, Inc.

Garden State Laboratories, Inc. is a certified independent environmental and food testing laboratory. They analyze drinking water, waste water, sludges, biosolids, soils, wastes, as well as chemical, bacteriological and other microbiological contaminants.

Geomatics International

This consulting firm offers spatial information technology solutions. Their goal is to help clients meet business objectives by providing expert knowledge of how to apply spatial information technology. They do this through extensive use of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing (RS).

Geoscan GmbH - Integrated Remote Sensing

This firm uses state-of-the-art high tech instrumentation to provide remote sensing and environmental analysis.

Global Network of Environment and Technology

GNET offers special services designed to help environment and technology organizations use information technology to publicize and market their products and services.

Green Market

Green Market is a place where you can check inexpensive and environmentally friendly products and services. Green Market also provides forums and access to other 'green' sites that focus on living green.

Greenfield Environmental

This full service hazardous waste management company provides safe, efficient and cost effective disposal of many different waste streams in quantities from single container to railroad tank car. They can collect, transport, dispose, destroy and document almost any non-biological and non-radiological waste.

Internet Green Marketplace

The Internet Green Marketplace is a complete listing of all businesses and their investment information on the Internet that have passed a stringent screening process of the their social responsibility.

Jordan Manufacturing Company, Inc.

If you're looking for cedar bird feeders, houses, squirrel feeders or other outdoor specialty products, check out this site.


Order and use environmentally conscious checks. Not only are these checks printed with soy-based inks and attractive, but more than 7% of each order is returned to an organization you believe in.

Morris Environmental, Inc.

This company focuses on oil spill response support, training and planning.

National Wildlife

Become a SHOPPING2000 "Preferred Shopper", and you can access products and services from the world's leading merchants.

NFS-Radiation Protection Systems

This site offers hardware and software that makes "Working in the Radiological and Hazardous Materials workplace safer and easier."þ

NSF International

This company tests and evaluates products and materials to determine compliance public health standards. Today, millions of products carry the NSF Mark.

Ploss Associates-Safety & Environmental Resources

Consulting firm that provides citation and litigation support, environmental and safety services.

Polcon Inc.

Offers a complete product line of highly automated, field-proven instruments for FIELD MONITORING of FLOWS and other HYDRAULIC criteria on Water Piping Systems. Ideal for flow analysis, model calibration, pipe factors, determine pump efficiency, establish flow patterns, find W-H "C" value, ascertain larger meter accuracy, and other "hydraulic benchmarks".

PS Enterprises

Company that helps both the public and private sectors meet the environmental and economic challenges. They focus on environmental Legislation, Media and Community Relations, and Conference Coordination.

Remco Engineering

Supplies both influent and effluent water treatment equipment and services to the electronics and allied plating industries. Products and services to purify incoming water, reduce water usage, minimize waste water treatment costs, and improve rinsing efficiency.

Rescan International Inc.

Offer substantial evaluation, engineering, and remediation services, for environmentally based concerns.

Rhyme Industries, Inc.

Food containers can now be replaced with an ecologically safe alternative. Rhyme Industries has developed a special type of container made from wheat and potato derivatives.

RPR Environmental Group

Environmental group with people, technology and equipment to help industrial companies deal with industrial problems such as air emissions and VOC abatement. Also assist in responsible management and disposal of liquid and solid waste by-products.

RYTEC Sustainable Waste Management

Independent Swiss engineering office, working primarily in Europe, providing information on waste treatment. They do research and development, engineering project management and consultation.

SCC Environmental

Canadian company that works closely with industry, government, institutions and community groups to increase the awareness of special waste disposal alternatives in accordance with environmental stewardship.

SET Environmental

Help companies dispose of hazardous wastes safely and responsibly. Focus on High Hazard Remediation, Treatment & Disposal Options, Transportation Services Gas Cylinder Services, Remediation Services and Laboratory Services.

Studio Village

Studio Village is an environmental technology related industrial area located in the northern Finland. Studio Village Ltd. is a company that works on different projects in order to promote the area and the companies at Studio Village.

TF Purifiner, Inc.

TF Purifier is a high-efficiency bypass electric mobile oil refiner designed to remove both solid and liquid contaminants before they cause engine damage.


Provide education on recycling and produce non-toxic and bio-degradable cleaning products and paper goods.

Universal Enviromental Technologies

PROBAILER SYSTEMS, a line of small electrically powered Product Recovery Systems that recover gasoline and lighter petroleum products from wells with diameters as small as 2" and from depths to 200'.


Chesapeake Bay Trust

The Trust is a nonprofit organization created by the Maryland General Assembly in 1985 to promote public awareness and participation in the restoration and protection of the Chesapeake Bay. The Trust provides financial support grants to civic and community organizations, schools and volunteer groups for Chesapeake Bay restoration and education projects in Maryland.

Creating Land Trusts - Help Conserve Our Land and Natural Resources

This site deal with general how to information in setting up land trusts as a means of open space conservation.

Jefferson Land Trust

Jefferson Land Trust is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation formed in the public interest by local residents. The Land Trust protects land through conservation easements, donations and direct purchases. In addition to the stewardship of the land resources it owns or monitors, the Trust is committed to educating the public on responsible resource management, to providing an information service to land owners and to continuing the economic diversity of its community.

Missouri Department of Conservation

A comprehensive source of information about the natural resources in Missouri including fishing, hunting, forestry, and landowner tips.

The Peregrine Fund

The Peregrine Fund works nationally and internationally, focusing on birds to conserve nature. We conserve nature by achieving results - results restoring species in jeopardy, conserving habitat, educating students, training conservationists, providing factual information to the public, and by accomplishing good science.

Sempervirens Fund

Sempervirens Fund is a nonprofit land conservancy working to protect redwood forest lands in the Santa Cruz Mountains and to make that land available for public enjoyment.

Southeast Alaska Conservation Council (SEACC)

SEACC is a non-profit grassroots coalition of 15 member groups in 12 Southeast Alaskan communities and a member of the Alaska Rainforest Campaign, a coalition of regional and national conservation groups working together to save America's last great rainforest.

UNESCO World Heritage List

Check out the UNESCO World Heritage List. This list currently contains 440 different properties approved by the World Heritage Committee.

World Conservation Monitoring Centre

WCMC is internationally recognized as a centre of excellence in the location and management of information on the conservation of biodiversity. Its mission is to work towards the sustainable use of the Earth's natural resources by providing conservation data and services.


1995 California Flood Updates

Site constantly monitors various water conditions throughout the State. U.S. Geological Survey crews are in the field making observations and updates are made throughout the day.

American Rescue Team

The American Rescue Team E.P.R.C, is a not for profit organization which works worldwide. Their main rescue activities are tunneling, life locating and urban heavy rescue.

Baltic Ferry Accident

Source of a variety of materials dealing with the Baltic Ferry tragedy.

British Columbia Provincial Emergency Program

PEP, a part of the British Columbia Ministry of Attorney General, maintains effective awareness, preparedness, response and recovery programs to reduce the human and financial costs of emergencies and disasters.

Chernobyl Nuclear Accident

A hypertext data base describing the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

Delta Fire Fighters Local 1763 IAFF

A union local of the International Association of Firefighters located in Delta, British Columbia, Canada.

Disaster Reports Archive

An archive of reports on earthquakes and other natural disasters since 1971.

Disaster Research Center

DRC engages in a variety of social science research projects on group and organizational preparations for, responses to, and recovery from community-wide emergencies, particularly natural and technological disasters.

Disaster Resources

The ICES Disaster Resources Web Site provides access to information on disaster preparedness and recovery for the State of Illinois and the Internet community. It includes information on current and recent disasters and links to agencies, organizations, and networks involved in disaster response, recovery, and research.

Flood Information from CERES

Up to the minute information on flood and road conditions in California.

International Rescue Corps

The IRC exists to provide immediate, practical and professional help in the form of self-contained rescue teams. Its primary objective is to locate and rescue survivors and assist with any other help required by the host country.

Internet Disaster Information Network

The IDIN, provided as a public service, helps to distribute the latest news on disaster situations to the Internet community via the World Wide Web.

Library For Hazard Mitigation and Building Protection

Free reference source to find companies, products, materials, systems, that reduce costs and effects of natural man-made disasters.

North American Center for Emergency Communications (NACEC)

The NACEC provides emergency logistical communications to non-profit organizations that serve the immediate needs of survivors following large disasters.

Storm '95 RAINwatch

General information on California flood conditions.


National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety

The National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety details issues relating to vehicular emissions. The International Training and Research Center has various research and training activities plus academic programs. There are links to other interesting automobile related sites.

Tellus Institute

A nonprofit research and consulting organization working on resource management and environmental issues. Descriptions of research activities and software tools by Tellus are provided, also editions of newsletters.


American Power Conference

The Illinois Institute of Technology contains information about the American Power Conference which is held annually in Chicago. The server is maintained by V.C. Ramesh at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

EERC-Environmental Energy Research Center

One of the world's leading energy and environmental facilities conducts research on all levels of coal. EERC has the leading groundwater protection program in the Upper Midwest.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN)

Department of Energy provides access to qualitative information on energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. EREN is searchable by subject, an alphabetical listing of sites, type of service, and type of organization.

Energy Efficient Environments, Inc.

This Energy Efficient Environments, Inc. server describes the mail order company's dedication to preservation of earth's natural resources through the use of environmentally friendly products. Weekly specials and links to many environmental areas are included.

UNEP Collaborating Centre on Energy andEnvironment

Supports the United Nations Environment Programme in efforts to incorporating environmental aspects into energy planning and policy, with special emphasis on developing countries.


East Maui Research and Resources Managemet

The projects mission is to protect the East Maui watershed from degradation by pooling expertise and other resources to develop a plan for the funding and implementation of an active watershed management program.

John Muir Centre

A local community initiative to celebrate the life and work of Muir and establish an international centre for the environment in his birthplace of Dunbar.

John Muir Exhibit

A special conference sponsored by the John Muir Center for Regional Studies to examine John Muir in a historical perspective.

World of Orchids

A World of Orchids, the largest display of orchids in bloom year-round, is the first permanent indoor display of its kind in the world. It is located in Florida.


AFS Committee on the Human Dimensions of Recreational Fisheries|

Promotes networking among those interested in recreational fisheries.

Tirpitz Whaling

In-depth and balanced texts, pictures, links and video clips, information on the heated subject of whaling.

Institutes and Training

Alberta Environmental Centre

The Alberta Environmental Centre is the province's major facility for applied environmental research and technology development, and related laboratory services. It is a division of the Corporate Management Service of Alberta Environmental Protection.

Ames Laboratory Environmental Technology Division

The Ames Lab ETD mission is to find better technological solutions for the immense cleanup challenges resulting from the legacy of nuclear weapons production now facing the Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Environmental Management (EM).

ATSDR / CDC Prevention Guidelines

Helps professionals to evaluate symptoms, make diagnoses, provide treatment, and conduct tests on human exposure to hazardous substances.

ATSDR FY 1994 Agency Profile

Information and findings of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

Between the Issues

The Ecology Action Centre has published this newsletter written by members and staff to reflect our concerns about many environmental and related social issues.

Center for Ecological Health Research

The central goal of the Center is to understand how multiple stresses affect biological processes in aquatic and terrestrial systems.

Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research (CGRER)

The University of Iowa's Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research (CGRER) promotes interdisciplinary research efforts that focus on the multiple aspects of global environmental change, including the regional effects on natural ecosystems, environments, and resources, and on human health, culture and social systems.

Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences

CIRES research programs are aimed at understanding a variety of basic and applied problems associated with the physics and chemistry of the solid earth and its atmosphere, cryosphere and oceans.

Cornell Center for the Environment

The Center serves as a clearinghouse for environmental information; initiates environmental courses and curricula at both the graduate and undergraduate levels; facilitates interdisciplinary environmental research; coordinates outreach programs that assist state, federal and local government, private organizations, businesses, and individuals in assessing and solving environmental problems.

Distance Education in Natural Sciences

This page gives information on the distance education courses and programs given by the Faculty of Natural Sciences in the Netherlands.

Earth Day Groceries Project

An annual project of the Arbor Heights Elementary School in Seattle, Wash. Schools from around the world are invited to join in the project. Details from the site or FAQ available from Mark Ahlness at

East-West Center Program on Environment

The Program engages in research to improve management of renewable resources and the environment in Asia and the Pacific. It seeks to understand how environmental factors influence human welfare, how human activities are changing the environment, how such environmental change can be controlled or mitigated, and how societies can best respond to unavoidable changes.

Ecology Action Centre

The Ecology Action Centre has been an active advocate, protecting the environment for over twenty years in Nova Scotia. At this site you can browse various publications and a library database.

Environmental Studies WebPage

Information about the undergraduate program in Environmental Studies at Portland State University as well as the Ph.D. program in Environmental Science.


A guide on environmental and occupational safety and health regulations.

Ethics and Value Studies, National Science Foundation

The Ethics and Values Studies (EVS) program contributes to developing and transmitting knowledge about ethics, values, and the conduct and impacts of science and engineering. Includes sources for further information about the EVS program.

Florida Center for Environmental Studies

The Florida Center for Environmental Study's purpose is to synthesize and communicate knowledge in the management of Florida ecosystems and other tropical and sub-tropical water dominated freshwater and estuarine ecosystems.

Godollo University of Agricultural Sciences - Institute of Environmental and Landscape Management

The Institute, which is part of the Godollo University of Agricultural Sciences, deals with University Education and Research.

Graduate Programs in the Environment Catalogue

Catalogue of Universities and Centers which offer studies in Environmental fields.

Grand River Water Quality Monitoring Program

Information about the Grand River Water Quality Monitoring Program. Operated by the University of Waterloo at Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Includes the objectives of the program as well as pictures of the watershed area.

Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies

Current areas of research include: Human Exposure Modeling, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Ground Water Characterization and Tracer Development, Analytical Chemistry & Microbiology Labs and Endangered Species and Biodiversity Issues.

Hazardous Material Training

Meets the state and federal certification requirements. Information on the training and other programs.

ICE House (Information Center for the Environment) at UC, Davis

The Center is a cooperative effort of environmental scientists at the University of California, Davis and collaborators at over thirty private, state, federal, and international organizations interested in environmental protection. Our objective is to provide an access point for information useful for environmental protection.

Index - ATSDR Science Corner

A study of human health effects associated with the exposure to hazardous substances.

INSPIRIT '95 Research Prize: 250,000 DM

The Initiativkreis Ruhrgebiet invites you to compete for the international research award INSPIRIT '95, with 250,000 DM one of the highest prizes in Europe.

Joint Institute for the Study of Atmosphere and Ocean

JISAO is the Joint Institute for the Study of Atmosphere and Ocean specializing in climate datasets and visualization software. It is located near the University of Washington in Seattle.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Environmental Programs

This home page is designed to introduce you to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Environmental Programs.

Lloyd Center for Environmental Studies

The Lloyd Center for Environmental Studies is a non-profit organization that provides education programs and conducts research to develop a scientific and public understanding of the coastal, estaurine, and watershed environments in southeastern New England.

Medical Management Guidelines for Acute Chemical Exposures: Chemical Protocols

Resources for physicians and other health professionals for the treatment of patients exposed to hazardous substances.

Michigan - School of Natural Resources and Environment

A short background on the school.

Multiscale Experimental Ecosystem Research Center (MEERC)

MEERC is a USEPA exploratory environmental research center that forms part of the Center for Environmental and Estuarine Studies (CEES) at the University of Maryland System (UMS).

National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment

UNLV in Pictures hypermedia tour with a UNLV FAQ, various UNLV documents, such as undergraduate and graduate catalogs, and information about the different colleges at UNLV, and student organizations.

Native Hawaiian Advisory Council

An organization dealing with turning water rights into reality.

NCAR/ATD, Research Aviation Facility

The mission of the Research Aviation Facility (RAF) is to develop and operate instrumented research aircraft for the atmospheric science community at a level of performance, sophistication, and operational complexity not generally available elsewhere.

Olentangy River Wetland Research Park

The ORWRP at Ohio State University is one of the most comprehensive wetland research and education facilities.

Oregon Graduate Institute

Site consists ummaries of various Environmental Studies projects in progress as well as some general program information.

Penn State - Earth and Mineral Sciences

General Guide to School of Earth and Mineral Sciences.

Plants for a Future

A complete listing of plants that will have uses in the future.

Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe

An independent, non-advocacy, non-profit foundation that aims to promote cooperation among diverse environmental groups and interests in Central and Eastern Europe and act as a catalyst for developing solutions to environmental problems.

REGIS: Environmental Planning GIS at Berkeley

Our research program is developing Geographic Information Systems tools and applying them in environmental planning, management, research, and teaching.

Riess Institute

The Institute exists to provide deep-seated potable water to both people and agriculture. The Institute is structured around the concept of earth-generated water and the technology of Stephan Riess and Morad Eghbal in the area of locating and drilling for new water resources in order to replenish and feed a thirsty world.

Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance

A National Park Service page dedicated to facilitating community-based conservation action.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is the advocate for and the steward of the state's natural resources. This page includes information about South Carolina's natural resources, hunting and fishing regulations, climatology, geology hydrology and more.

Stockholm Environment Institute

The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) is an independent, international research institute specializing in environment and development issues. It works mainly at the regional and global policy levels. These include energy use, freshwater resources assessment and planning, clean technologies, biotechnology development and safety, climate change, acidic deposition, urban environments and management regimes for common property resources.

SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry

At the undergraduate level, ESF offers curricula in the areas of resource management, engineering, environmental design, and the physical and life sciences. The College supports graduate degree programs in six major program areas: environmental and forest biology, forest chemistry, forest resources management, environmental and resource engineering, landscape architecture, and environmental science.

Tellus Institute for Resource and Environmental Strategies

A non-profit research and consulting organization that works on energy and environmental issues. Tellus web pages contain information on the research programs, publications and computer tools developed at the Institute.

Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research

The Institute's mission is to conduct high quality investigation of environmentally related issues and problems through an open research process. The Institute then works to identify and implement workable solutions and policies which are based upon research finding.

UGA School of Environmental Design

UGA School of Environmental Design page. The server provides other schools and professionals access to updated facts about the university and the state of Georgia. The professional focus of the site is landscape architecture and historic preservation.

University of Dakota - Energy & Environmental Research Center

Specializes in clean, efficient energy technologies and environmental systems that prevent pollution and clean up contaminated air, soil and water.

University of East Anglia - School of environmental Sciences

In the School of Environmental Sciences physical, chemical, biological and social science methods are applied to the study of natural and human environments and man's role in them.

University of Massachusetts/Boston - Environmental Sciences

The Environmental Sciences Program provides students with a background in both natural and social sciences, as well as in- depth education and the opportunity for research experience in a range of important specialty areas: ecology; coastal physical oceanography; chemistry of aquatic systems; environmental microbiology; environmental policy, law, economics, and administration; and aquatic toxicology.

University of North Texas - Institute of Applied Science

The IAS conducts research and educational activities that seek solutions to issues and problems related to the development of natural and human resources. Water, land, environment, and people as resources form the thematic mission of the researchers at IAS.

University of Oregon Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies Program is designed to combine theory and practice about environmental systems from the sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, and the fields of management, law, public policy, and design. The mission of the program is to explore, develop, and diffuse ideas and practices that emphasize the inclusion of humans and their cultural and societal creations in the natural physical and biological systems of the earth.

University of Strathclyde - Graduate School of Environmental Studies

General information on masters courses which are run by the School, as well as entry requirements, application forms, and links to external environmental resources.

University of Toronto Division of the Environment

University of Toronto's Division of the Environment. This site contains a hypertext handbook for undergraduates, as well as pointers to a number of other information providers at the university.

University of Toronto - Life Cycle Assesment

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is systematic tool for assessing the potential environmental impacts associated with a product or service system.

University of Wisconsin - Nutrient and Pest Management

The Nutrient and Pest Management Program (NPM) promotes farming practices that protect water quality and farm profits in Wisconsin. We are a link for exchange of information about successful nutrient and pest management techniques between the farming community; University of Wisconsin agricultural researchers; and local, state and federal agencies charged with resource protection.

Vanderbilt - Center for Environmental Management Studies

VCEMS has been formed to promote and develop partnerships between industry, government and academia concerning the relationship of environmental policy to business management and operations.

Virtual Environment Pages at MIT: Virtual Workbench

Information about MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics, which conducts research in applications of Virtual Environment technology in an effort to answer basic questions about human performance and also to improve training practices for manual and cognitive tasks. There is a "photo tour" of the Virtual Workbench project, and links to the Sensorimotor and other VETT projects.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel Instituut voor Moleculaire Biologie en Biotechnologie

Instituut voor Moleculaire Biologie en Biotechnologie is a research institute of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel concentrating on molecular biology and biotechnology. This page provides an overview of research in the different departments.

Waste-management Education & Research Consortium

An organization that deals with national laboratories and industry to expand the nation's capability to handle issues regarding management of hazardous radioactive and solid waste.

Water Resources Research Center

The WRRC's mission is to communicate water-related research needs from research users to researchers and to report research findings to potential users of that information. The WRRC also works with public and private organizations and individuals and provides information and services through a publications program, including two newsletters, conferences and symposia, and through outreach.

Yellow Mountain Institute for Sustainable Living

UVA and Yellow Mtn. Inst. for Sustainable Living, Charlottesville, VA provides information about Yellow Mountain Institute for Sustainable Living and an introduction to low-cost, sustainable building techniques such as rammed-earth tire, straw-bale, and cordwood construction in addition to a variety of alternative energy systems.


BC Environment, Lands & Parks, BC, Canada-HTTP Server-Home Page

The British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks' mission is the protection, conservation and restoration of the full range of biological and physical diversity native to British Columbia.

British Trust for Conservation Volunteers - North West

British Trust for Conservation Volunteers is UK's leading practical conservation charity working with people from all sectors of the community on vital urban and rural projects, home and abroad.

Environment Canada Atlantic

The goal of the Government of Canada, through its Environment Canada program, is to secure for current and future generations a safe and healthy environment, and a sound and prosperous economy. Issues such as ecoaction, biodiversity, pollution prevention, sustainable development and other subjects are dealt with at this site.

Friends of the Environment

The Friends of the Environment Foundation is a non-profit organization established by Canada Trust in September, 1990 to improving Canada's natural environment and support local environmental projects in communities.

Green Action Index

Green Action is a media training course which provides opportunities for unemployed people in Scotland in the environmental field. The Green Action web pages provide environmental information about Scotland and the UK.

Natural Environment Research Council

The mission of the Natural Environment Research Council is to promote and support, by any means, high quality basic, strategic and applied research in a variety of environmental fields.

Prakash India Info-base -- Environment Issues and India

A broad look at various environmental issues within India.

Simon Fraser University - NSERC/CWS Chair in Wildlife Ecology

The Chair brings together a large group of faculty, postdoctoral and graduate-student researchers, working together on a large number of new studies of wildlife ecology, with special attention to behavioral, population and physiological ecology.

State of the Environment

Regular bulletins on the health of Canada's environment are provided through cooperation between Environment Canada and the National Atlas Information Service.

State of the Environment Norway

An overview of the environmental situation in Norway and current trends based constantly monitored environmental indicators.


Cameron May Environmental Law Publications

CAMERON MAY was established to meet the demand for relevant and accessible material on environmental law, both at a practical level, and at an academic level. It aims to serve a community of environmental lawyers and more widely dispersed individuals interested in this important subject.

Environmental Law []

A virtual library of resources dealing with environmental law.

Index - Lisa's Green

A pointer to environmental and legal resources on the net.

Multilateral Environmental Treaties

Greenpeace is an independent, campaigning organization which uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and to force the solutions which are essential to a green and peaceful future. This site deals with efforts and international law.

SEDAC Policy Instruments Database

This database permits online browsing and searching of full text, summaries, and status of treaties and other international agreements related to global environmental change.


Air and Waste Management Association

Air and Waste Management Association is a large international environmental organization promoting global environmental responsibility. Included here is information on membership, news and chapters.

Alpha Analytical Labs

Alpha Analytical Labs is a full-service environmental analytical laboratory.

Amazing Environmental Organization WebDirectory

The largest exclusively environmental organization directory - thousands of websites.

Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle on natural resources, cultural viability, social equity and environmental justice to stimulate interest in the peoples and environment of the arctic and subarctic region. Inexplicably popular Website.

Ashley Associates Environmental Consultants

Cambridge, UK This server contains information about the Ashley Associates Environmental Consultants, which provide service and advice for assessment, investigation and remediation of ground and surface water and soil contamination.

Bringing Our Estuaries New Life

National Estuary Program info plus more detailed information on programs in the Gulf of Mexico region.

The Business and Environment Net

This server contains information about The Business and Environment Net, which provides The Business and Environment CD ROM.

CERES (The California Environmental Resources Evaluation System)

Access to millions of pieces of data on virtually every aspect of California's natural and cultural resources. Andrew H. McLeod, assistant secretary for resources, summarizes the inclusions as everything from state and federal agencies, the University of California, counties, watershed groups, environmental non-profit and many other Internet sources.

Clean Air Act Amendments and Pollution Control

SU5 Group, Inc., page which includes environmental section containing the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 and facts on EPA-tested pollution control devices that aid companies in meeting the CAAA requirements.

Cliff Ecology Research Group

Cliff Ecology Research Group was responsible for the discovery (charting) of the most extensive old-growth forest in eastern North America. The group involves itself in ecological research on the vegetation of cliff faces, alvars, quarry walls as well as mammalian and avian community ecology on cliffs.

Coastal Marsh Project

The college provides data on assessing the health of coastal marshes. The server contains photographs of Chesapeake Bay marshes and maps of assessed areas.

Connecting With Nature

Provides lists of activities, books, and courses for wellness, spirit, and deeper learning. The system proposes to use scientific method to create nature-connected moments that teach.

Department of Geography, Univ. of Victoria

This University of Victoria page offers information about the department of geography, specializing in GIS, remote sensing and environmental issues.

Dept. of Environmental Horticulture, U. C. Davis

This server provides an introduction to the department of environmental horticulture at UC Davis; it contains lists of courses taught, faculty, describes a proposed major in environmental horticulture and urban forestry and outlines minor and graduate programs.

Directory of Environmental Resources on the Internet

This site contains information about a Directory of Environmental Resources on the Internet, which may be used for locating environmental information, including resources, such as state and federal legislation and other regulations. The directory includes reference to software products for the environmental management field.

Earth Day Forum

This page offers information about Vanguard Communications and Earth Day Forum. Earth Day Forum supports efforts to inform government representatives of the high priority environment ought to have in national planning.

Earth Stewards

This site offers information about Earth Stewards, an online sales catalog with more than 100 earth-friendly products; it also contains articles about the environment.

Eco Travels in Latin America

Environmental issues in Latin America.

Eco-Motion Electric Automobiles

Eco-Motion Electric Cars provides information about the Eco-Motion Electric Cars, which offers environmentally friendly transportation. The page also has links to other electric car sites including news groups, graphic images and more.

Ecolu-info server

Centre universitaire d'ecologie humaine (ECOLU) offers information about Centre universitaire d'ecologie humaine, an environment and ecology teaching program at the University of Geneva and other universities across Europe participating in the International Certificate of Human Ecology teaching program.


The ECOSYSTEM provides links to the Conservation Foundation list of coming events, issues of the magazines The Ecologist and Tomorrow Magazine, full text of news articles, background information organized by topic, lists of organizations, other www sites. It also includes a listing of various useful Internet services, as well as a beginner’s guide to the Ecosystem.


Environmental Hazards Management Institute (EHMI) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to resolving environmental problems through education and relationship building. EHMI provides comprehensive, cutting-edge information about environmental management to private citizens, industry, nonprofit agencies, government and academia.


Scan Systems, LLC, Portland, OR, US This page contains information about Environ/Net, which offers an electronic index of companies and organizations that provide technologies for environmental applications. The index includes providers of products and services for environmental assessments, engineering, land use planning and hazardous waste site cleanup.

Environment Canada-Atlantic Region

Regional and national environmental information, including weather, regional and national programs, publications, frequently asked questions, regional experts' phone numbers, publications available to order, and documents covering biodiversity, ecoaction, state of the environment, pollution prevention and regulation.

Environment Guides--Argus/UMich Clearinghouse

A guide that details and rates on-line environmental resources.

Environment & Society: An Environmental Resource Guide

A guide to on-line environmental resources.

Environment - WWW Virtual Library

A guide to on-line environmental resources.

Environmental Listings at EnviroLink

This library is a clearinghouse of environmental information available on the Internet.

Environmental Professional's Homepage

This is a quick-load, no-nonsense work platform for rapid environmental information retrieval designed specifically for environmental consultants and remediation professionals.

Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency, an independent U.S. government agency established in 1970, has for its mission the control of solid waste, pesticide, noise and radiation pollution. Although the agency has some enforcement powers, its basic methods involve research development and training programs. This is the official EPA Public Access Server.

Environmental Research Institute of Michigan

Environmental Research Institute of Michigan is an independent, nonprofit, contract research organization specializing in imaging technologies including sensor system design and development, data and image processing, and applications.

Environmental Resource Center (ERC)

Environmental Resource Center offers its database and search tool as well as its publications, which include the Environmental Resource Guide, Environmental Acronyms and Definitions and How to Get a Handle on Environmental Law.

Environmental Resources Directory

A guide to on-line environmental resources.

Environmental Science

This site contains some environments case studies and topics at the local, state and federal level.

Environmental & Societal Impacts Group (ESIG)

National Center for Atmospheric Research and the Environmental and Societal Impacts Group, ESIG, is a multidisciplinary research group at NCAR, focusing on the interactions between society and the environment. Studies include environmental and climate change and the use and value of climate and weather information.

Eric and Stephanie's Earth-Wide

This site contains a wide variety of environmental information with topic headings such as A Wealth of Environmental Resources, Some Good Starting Points, A List of Other Lists, Environmental News & Politics, Non-Profit Groups, & Getting Involved and Other Cool Sites With An Earthy Flavor.

ESA-ESRIN User Services

European Space Agency (ESA). User services and access to images.

ESDX (Environment and Safety Data Exchange)

This page contains information about ESDX (Environment and Safety Data Exchange) the nonprofit national association of users and makers of environmental, health and safety (EHS) software and information technology for industry and government.

The Forever Wild Tree Conservancy

This page contains information about The Forever Wild Tree Conservancy, which provides free weekly facts about conservation, ecology and recycling in the effort to save forests, rivers and to preserve the wildlife in its natural habitat.

Global Futures Foundation News

This server contains Global Futures Foundation News, an environmental publications. Global Futures offers articles, reports and a list of publications on current environmental issues.

Green Lane on the Info Highway

Green Lane provides a wide variety of regional and national environmental information, including the latest weather data, featuring satellite photos, radar images and prognostic charts. Documents highlight our many initiatives and programs, including topics such as the state of the environment, biodiversity, endangered species, the Atlantic Coastal Action Program, pollution prevention, and numerous others.

Guide to Mycological Resources on the Internet

An extensive list of myclogical resources on the Internet.

Gulf of Mexico Program Information Network

Partnership of various state and federal agencies in the Gulf of Mexico region working to protect, restore, and enhance the Gulf ecosystem. The EPA home page is available on the EPA Public Access Server.

Indic--Air Quality Management

Company that works with air-quality management all over the world.

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis is an interdisciplinary, nonprofit and non governmental research institution sponsored by a consortium of 17 member nations. Sustain ability and the human dimensions of global change are key concerns in IIASA's studies of environmental, economic, social and technological developments.

Jack Birch Unit for Environmental Carcinogenesis

Jack Birch Unit for Environmental Carcinogenesis is a research unit which specializes in environmental carcinogenesis and human biomonitoring, exposure and damage evaluation.

Karolinska Institute Student Campus WWW

This server contains campus and research information. Most of the local information is in Swedish, but there is an English version. Research information is available in English.

Kennedy Space Center's Natural Resources

This Kennedy Space Center's Natural Resources server provides information about the NASA Biomedical Operations and Research Office tour of the unique environment in east central Florida, that is home to protected plants and wildlife.

Laval University Sylva World Wide Web

Forestry and environmental sciences--a bilingual site with numerous links to other sites devoted to the same topics.

LEAD/LEADnet Leadership for Environment and Development

Leadership for Environment Development provides information about the LEAD program, its papers and associates. The site provides a sample of the InterPress Services news, and links to other environmentally oriented servers.

Lehigh Univ. Science and Environmental Writing Program

Lehigh University Science and Environmental Writing Program has posted a special browser for science and environmental writing students, environmental journalists, and others interested in environmental issues.

Live Access to Climate Data

On-the-fly browsing, visualization, and retrieval of climate data. A technical discussion of the Live Access server.

Maine Solar House

An environmentally sensitive home in Maine. It includes the view, location, weather, and area solar radiation statistics as well as the solar thermal and photo voltaic elements of the structure. Sponsored by CREST.

Montana Natural Heritage Program

Montana Natural Heritage Program (MTNHP) systematically collects information on Montana's biological features, emphasizing threatened, endangered, or sensitive plants, animals, and plant communities. Information is maintained in a system of more than 30 computer databases which are linked to topographic maps and manual files.

NASA Virtual Environment Generator (VEG)

The VEG is to be used in human experiments on space flights. The first version of VEG will be used for a Neurolab space lab flight in 1998.

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission provides access to a point-and-click navigator that takes the visitor through the recreational opportunities in Nebraska; it features information on hunting, fishing, wildlife and parks resources.

Niwot Ridge Long-Term Ecological Research

Niwot Ridge Long-Term Ecological Research offers access to site-based facts on geography and topography, climate, vegetation, fauna and data. A context-sensitive topographic relief map provides access to spectacular views, a searchable forms-based site bibliography and photographic images of beautiful alpine wildflowers.

NRL Backgrounds Data Center

Backgrounds Data Center at the Naval Research Laboratory. This server contains an archive of Earth, atmospheric and celestial background scenes. The BDC server provides access to online Far Ultraviolet data (with more spectral regions soon to be available), links to real-time weather data, and "brochure-type" information about the BDC and its facilities.

NRRIPS - Natural Resources Research Information Pages

The Natural Resources Research Information Pages (NRRIPS) are intended to be an Internet resource guide for natural resources students, researchers and practitioners.

SAGE The Solvent Alternatives Guide

Center for Environmental Technology, RTI, Research Triangle Park, NC contains information about SAGE The Solvent Alternatives Guide, which has been developed in cooperation with the U.S. EPA Air & Energy Engineering Research Lab. The objective is to offer alternatives to solvents that contain ozone-depleting chemicals or air pollutants.

SensorMetrics Inc.

SensorMetrics Inc., provides environmental measurement systems, including the EnviroLink series remote environmental monitoring for weather and environmental variables.

Simulation Server

Simulation Server is intended to be a learning tool.

Tropical Ecology

From the University of Missouri-St. Louis, graduate education and training for students who are interested in the ecology and conservation of tropical organisms and ecosystems.

WaterWiser-The Water Efficiency Clearinghouse

WaterWiser is an information resource for water efficiency and conservation. WaterWiser is a cooperative project of the American Water Works Association and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Wild Things

A small site dealing with endangered species such as manatees, cheetas and various reptiles and amphibians.

Mountain Ranges

Karwendel, Austria

This site provides general area and hiking information. The Karwandel mountain range is located to the north of Innsbruck and crosses the border with Germany.

Norwegian mountains

Pictures and general information regarding Norwegian mountains, particularly about the national park, Jotunheimen, where Norway's highest peak is situated.

Tatra Mountains Virtual Tourist

Maps, pictures and other information of use to travelers heading to the Tatra Mountains (the Carpatians).

On-line Resources

ATSDR Science Corner

A useful tool for searching the WWW for environmental health resources. ATSDR ToxFAQs and the ATSDR/EPA Top 20 Hazardous Substances are highlighted.

Biodiversity and Ecosystems NEtwork

The Biodiversity and Ecosystems NEtwork, BENE, is designed to foster enhanced communications and collaborations among those interested in biodiversity conservation and ecosystem protection, restoration, and management by offering a guide to on-line resources in those fields.

Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety provides the award-winning Environmental Management Systems (EMS) database program, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) management, chemical inventory management and container-based bar-code tracking and more.

EcoNet's Earth Day Resources

About EcoNet's Earth Day Resources.

EnviroEvents Directory

A chronological listing of upcoming conferences, gatherings, and other environmental events.

Office of Safety and Loss Prevention

Univ. of Wisconsin System Administration offers information about the Office of Safety and Loss Prevention and aspects of environmental health and safety, worker's compensation and risk management.

Ozone Depletion

EPA Methyl Bromide Page

This information is provided by the EPA Office of Atmospheric Programs, Division of Stratospheric Protection, Methyl Bromide Program. Most of the site contends with commonly asked questions about methyl bromide, an ozone depleting pesticide.

EPA & Ozone Depletion

This Environmental Protection Agency web site contains information about the science of ozone depletion, regulations in the US designed to protect the ozone layer, flyers about the UV index, information for consumers, and other topics.

Ozone Action

Ozone Action is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to halting the destruction of the earth's protective stratospheric ozone layer and to educating the public about the harm to human health and the environment caused by excessive ultraviolet (UV-B) radiation due to ozone depletion.

Ozone Depleter Compliance Guide

The Ozone Depleter Compliance Guide provides guidance on how federally mandated CFC replacement affects everything from air conditioning and manufacturing processes to container and product labeling, and the viability of entire product lines. Also covered are what compliance alternatives exist, and how to prepare for what's coming in areas such as approved alternatives, labeling of class I and class II products, maintenance issues and recycling.

Ozone Depletion Over Antarctica

Site provides some general background information into the extreme ozone depletion over Antarctica and general ozone depletion topics.


An Appalachian Adventure

An Appalachian Adventure is the chronicle of journalists from five newspapers who hiked the 2,158-mile Appalachian Trail from March 5th to mid-October 1995

Appalachian Trail

Information about the Appalachian Train and surrounding areas. Includes hiking tips, advice, and sources for maps, books, and videos.

The Complete Yellowstone Page

Specifically intended for former employees of Yellowstone National Park, but anyone is welcome. Includes hints and tips, pictures, newsgroups, and park information.

Greater Yellowstone Area Page

Identifies over 500 World Wide Web resources in 22 subject categories on the Rocky Mountain region where the states of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming join. Also includes information on Grand Teton National Park; adjacent portions of Beaverhead, Bridger-Teton, Caribou, Custer, Gallatin, Shoshone, and Targhee National Forests; the National Elk Refuge and Grays Lake and Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuges.

Yellowstone Fact Sheet

Ecologically-oriented information about Yellowstone National Park. Includes information on logging, oil and gas development, mining, geothermal activity, wildlife, and visitor impact on the park.

Yellowstone National Park

A color pictorial of Yellowstone Park. Includes high-quality images of major park features.

The Yellowstone Pages

A visitor's guide to Yellowstone National Park. Includes a listing of museums and visitor centers, park highlights, and a guide to camping at Yellowstone.

Zion National Park

Visitor information for Zion National Park, Utah. Includes maps, guides to nearby accommodations, restaurants, campground information, and a photo gallery.


40 Tips to Go Green

A copy of a flyer distributed by the Jalan Hijau Environmental Action Group in Singapore during Earth Day 1992. Includes ways to "Go Green," or be more environmentally-responsible.

Alpine World

The international magazine of alpine sports, fitness, travel, and the environment. Includes a photo gallery and feature articles.

Biosphere Reserves in Canada

A gateway to Internet-accessible information and resources about Man and the Biosphere (MAB), a program launched by UNESCO in 1971 with the goal of improving human involvement with nature.

BorderLands Enviro News Archive

Border news that appeared in El Planeta Platica, along with other articles, contact lists, eco trip reviews, bibliographies and links to other Internet resources.

Confrontational Rhetoric Of Earth First!: Prescription for Success!.html

An analysis of the rhetorical strategies of Earth First! and a study in the rhetoric of protest. Includes a full reference listing.

Conscious Choice:The Journal of Ecology & Natural Living

A bi-monthly Midwestern magazine that reports on environmental issues and natural alternatives in health care, food, and nutrition. Includes articles geared toward the development of sustainable patterns of living.

Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna

Has many EPS and GIF format maps of the Arctic. The maps give an overview of protected areas in the Arctic, ecosystems classifications and various definitions of the Arctic.


Earthday is a real-time news service that chronicles hurricanes, floods, droughts, forest fires, volcanoes and other natural events.


A quarterly journal featuring one ecological topic, including real-life stories, photos, scientific information, and links to related net resources.

El Planeta Platica (Earth Speaks)

Dedicated to sharing information regarding environmental issues in Latin America. Includes travel resources and environmental news.

Electronic Green Journal

Information about various international environmental topics including: assessment, conservation, development, disposal, education, hazards, pollution, resources, technology, and treatment. Includes articles, bibliographies, reviews, and announcements.

Environmental Ethics Journal

An interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the philosophical aspects of environmental problems. Includes work by many leading authors in the field of Environmental Ethics.

Environmental News Network

A news and information service that provides a look at a variety of environmental topics. Includes a library archive of environmental news and other related resources.

EnviroPublications at EnviroLink

A source for online environmental publications. Groups publications by subject.

Florida's Suncoast Outdoors Wildlife & Ecology

An up-close look at the various wildlife species that make the Florida Suncoast their home.

High Country News

A bi-weekly newspaper that reports on the West's natural resources, public lands, and changing communities. Covers Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

Initiatives Online

An online newsletter published by the Urban Energy and Transportation Corporation (UETC), a non-profit organization established to address local concerns on energy and transportation issues. Provides information about DOE programs in order to promote technology exchange and development opportunities.

Living Waters

Information about "Living Waters--How To Save Your Local Stream," a book by Owen D. Owens.

OneEarth Gallery

Provides links to many organizations and news articles. The companies and organizations listed in the Environment, Health, and Social Action categories of the Gallery demonstrate a commitment to cultivating respect and responsibility towards ourselves, each other, and our natural world.

Oregon Insider

Provides coverage on environmental law and regulation in Oregon. Geared toward businesses, attorneys, governments, utilities, consultants and environmental remediation firms around the world.

People & the Planet

A global newspaper which explores the path towards a sustainable future. Includes articles on energy policy, sustainable farming, and population.

South Florida Environmental Reader

An electronic newsletter coverings environmental topics of interest to South Florida. Includes links to Florida Environmental Resource Listings and other related Web sites.


Genesis II

Describes a mixed solid waste composting system that is ecologically benign, economical, and a good choice for government or business that want to process household garbage.

National Oil Recyclers Association

A site maintained by the National Oil Recyclers Association which aims to encourage and promote the proper recycling of used oil, oil filters, used antifreeze and other automotive and industrial materials.

Plastic Bag Associations' Environmental Educational Resource

Provides environmental education resources designed to give educators access to reliable information about important environmental issues in a format appropriate to students in grades two to five. Includes essay contests for students, environmental quizzes, and curriculum enhancers for teachers.

Recyler's World

A trading site for information relating to secondary or recyclable commodities, by-products, used and surplus items or materials and collectible items. Includes listings of recycling associations, publications, information & material exchanges, traders and recyclers, and waste/recycling equipment.

Rot Web

Provides basic information about home composting. Includes an introduction to composting, book lists and a brief how-to guide useful for starting your own home composting system.

State Recycling Laws Update Newsletter

Provides news, analysis and forecasting on state and local recycling laws. Includes updates on state recycling laws, and special feature articles.

Talking Trash

Vancouver, BC-based freelance writer Robert Smith's home page. Includes articles related to environmental issues.

University of Waterloo - Waste Management

Provides access to information about the University of Waterloo's waste management and recycling programs. Includes links to other sites covering recycling, waste management, and related interests.

University of Windsor (Canada) - Environmentally Conscious Design & Manufacturing Lab

A site by the Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing Lab (ECDM Lab) in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering at the University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The ECDM Lab conducts research into areas such as environmentally conscious manufacturing, and life-cycle analysis.

Using Recycled Paper at Stanford

Information about paper recycling at Stanford University. Lists other useful information about recycled paper.

WasteWater Management

A compilation of pictures taken at various sewage treatment plants around Broward County, Florida.

WATgreen at the University of Waterloo

Information about the "Greening" of the University of Waterloo. The aim of the WATgreen program is to make the university a showcase of sustainability. Includes links for a variety of environmental topics.

Sustainable Development

Centre for Sustainable Technology

Information about companies that develop sustainable technology. Maintained by The Centre for Sustainable Technology at St. Boswells, Melrose, Scotland, UK.

Communications for a Sustainable Future (CSF)

Includes more than a dozen mailing lists on topics related to a sustainable future. Topics include the Environment, Latin American issues, and Environmental Technology.

Coyote's Way

Provides links to various University of Oregon environmental sites as well as local and global environmental servers.

Eco-Home Network

Information about building an eco-home. Includes an extensive bookstore and information on sustainable living.

Environmental Law

Gives information regarding Environmental Law. Includes updated information, press releases, and new and proposed environmental legislation.

Humboldt Nation

An online publication from Humboldt, California, seeking to create a viable networking system interconnecting not only the bioregion, but also the region to the wider world community. Includes links to related projects and information on sustainability.

IELMA - International Environmental Liability Management Association

Information about Environmental Liability. Includes a directory, a list of publications, and information on conferences and seminars.

Integrating Environment and Development

Provides information about ecologically sustainable development in Australia. Maintained by the National Strategy on Ecologically Sustainable Development (NSESD).

League of Conservation Voters Scorecards

LCV is the only environmental group whose sole mission is to elect pro-environment majority in Congress. Includes a scorecard of votes cast by members of Congress on various environmental issues.


An electronic source for information on past and upcoming international meetings related to environment and development. Maintained by the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

Living Cities Group

Dedicated to design firms and individuals who think that cities can be developed without sacrificing natural systems. Includes a listing of sites that promote sustainable development.


Information about green design, environmental product design, design for the environment, ecodesign, and greener product development. Includes links to useful green resources at other sites.

Permaculture Pages

Articles and information about Permaculture.

Resource Guide for Straw Bale Construction

Information on Straw Bale construction history, technique, literature, and resources. Includes a photo gallery of straw bale structures.

Rights and Pollution

Explores the rights of landowners versus the effects on the environment.

State of Nature

The latest news on environmental legislation in Washington. Maintained by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Sustainable Development Online

Information about sustainable development in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Includes links to TAGER and CITA, Local enviro-responsibility organizations.

Sustainable Living

Information about sustainable living projects in the Huboldt, California area. Includes features on solar power, housing, and waste treatment.

Technology, Business and Environment at MIT

Information about the Technology, Business and Environment Program at MIT. Includes an overview of ongoing research and a list of publications.

Tree-House Discussion List For Community Forestry

A forum for tree-people--gardeners, stewards & other enthusiasts who care about greening their hometowns for future generations. Includes a mailing list of urban forestry concerns.

Yellow Mountain Institute for Sustainable Living


Provides a resource for low-cost, sustainable building techniques, such as rammed-earth tire, straw-bale, and cordwood construction, and to a variety of alternative energy systems.

Water Resources

Center for Multiphase Research

Provides information about the flow and transport of non-aqueous phase liquids underground. Ongoing activities within the CMR include small and intermediate scale experimental investigations, mathematical model development and application, and stochastic analysis of flow and transport phenomena.

Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research

Web site maintained by the Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research at University of Southern California, considered by many to be the world's authority in the field of cross-connection control. Includes general information on cross-connection control and some specific technical information.

Great Lakes Human Health Effects Research Program

Information about the ATSDR's efforts to assess the adverse effects of water pollutants in the Great Lakes system on the health of people in the Great Lakes states. Includes sources of information and a link to ATSDR's home page.

Great Lakes Information Management Resource (GLIMR)

Provides an index of Environment Canada's Great Lakes programs, publications and databases, and includes links to other environmental networks.

Great Lakes Regional Environmental Information System

provides directory information for EPA and non-EPA data, and provides access to select data relevant to the Great Lakes Region. Includes listings of online resources, organizations, and bibliographies focusing on the Great Lakes Region.

Gulf of Mexico Program - Information Network

Provides information on environmental conditions in the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico Program is dedicated to protecting, restoring, and enhancing the Gulf of Mexico and adjacent lands.

International Association for Environmental Hydrology

The web site of the International Association for Environmental Hydrology which aims to foster a global interchange of ideas, approaches, and technologies for environmental cleanup and protection of fresh water resources. Includes electronic publications of interest to Hydrologists.

Journal of Paleolimnology

The main aim of the Journal of Paleolimnology is to provide a vehicle for the rapid dissemination of original scientific work dealing with the reconstruction of lake histories. Includes papers that deal with lakes, paleoenvironmental studies of river, wetland, peatland and estuary systems.

National Estuary Program

The NEP's mission is to protect and restore the health of estuaries while supporting economic and recreational activities. Includes information on various estuaries and a calendar of events.

Northeast River Forecast Center

the home page of the Northeast River Forecast Center (NERFC) of the National Weather Service (NWS). NERFC provides river forecast guidance for approximately 100 forecast locations throughout New England and New York.

Water Quality Information Center

Provides access to information related to water resources and agriculture. Maintained by the Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the University of Maryland.

Wetlands Institute Wings 'n Water Festival

A festival for everyone with Wildlife, art, carvings, exhibits, demonstrations, food and more in Stone Harbor, New Jersey in September 1996.


EcoNet's Endangered Species Action and Information Guide

A collection of references, databases, and starting points for Internet exploration of various endangered species topics.

Endangered Species Act

Information about the Endangered Species Act, passed in 1973 and reauthorized in 1988.

Endangered Species [EE-Link]

A compendium of information about endangered species that can be found on the Internet. Includes fact sheets, images, classroom projects, and environmental policy information.

Florida Wildlife

A source for fact sheets concerning Florida wildlife protection laws, management, and species information.

Human Wildlife Project

The home page for The Human Wildlife Project, an upcoming experiment in forest living. The participants will spend a year in the wilderness, living off what nature gives.

Index - Wildlife Resources on the Internet

The Great Outdoor Recreation Pages. Contains information on what to do and where to go in the great outdoors, as well as a diverse listing of wildlife resources.

Kakapo Place

Facts about the Kakapo, an endangered flightless variety of New Zealand parrot.

Marine Mammal Protection Act

Information about the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972.

Milton Keynes Wildlife Hospital

Information about the Milton Keynes Wildlife Hospital, an organization in the United Kingdom which cares for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife of all kinds.

The Raptor Center

The Raptor Center is an international medical facility for birds of prey. The site provides information about birds of prey, endangered/threatened birds, and related environmental issues. Has material geared towards K-12 students as well as veterinary medical professionals.

Save Our Sea Life

A central site for locating non-profit and environmental conservation groups interested in the protection of sea life.

SMC Manatee Information

Information and resources for the preservation of the Manatee, an endangered marine mammal. Includes manatee facts.

Threatened Animals of the World

A listing of threatened animals worldwide. Compiled by the World Conservation Monitoring Centre for the World Conservation Union (IUCN). Allows you to conduct searches by region, class, order, family, or degree of threat.

Threatened Fauna in Australia

A selected bibliography of the threatened fauna of Australia.

Turtle Trax - A Marine Turtle Page

A page devoted to marine turtles. Includes photos, video clips, and drawings.

University of California at Davis - Wildlife & Fisheries Biology

Information about the Department of Wildlife, Fish, & Conservation Biology at the University of California at Davis. Provides admissions requirements, faculty and course information.

University of California Natural Reserve System

A system of 33 reserves located at various protected natural areas in California. Maintained by the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the Office of the President of the University of California system.

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