Children para niņos niņas

Child Advocacy

Adoptee Resources

This Carrie's Crazy Quilt server contains links to adoption resources, as well as numerous genealogical sites.

Bike Ride Memorial for Sara Anne Wood

Provides information about a 600-mile bike ride from Washington Mills, N.Y., to Washington, D.C. Sara Anne Wood was 12 when she was abducted while riding her bike home from church. The ride by her father and other community leaders was in her memory.

Child Advocates of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties (CASA)

Child Advocates is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving children within Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties in California to prevent the generational cycle of child abuse.

Child Protective Services in Texas

A children's advocacy organization that endeavors to protect vulnerable Texan children from abuse and neglect. First state agency in the nation to list children available for adoption, creative in matching children and families.

Internet Adoption Photolisting (Precious in HIS Sight)

This server provides access to Precious in HIS Sight Internet Adoption Photolisting, which contains photos and bios of children available for international adoption. The listing includes the U.S. adoption agency's name, address, and phone number.

Safe-T-Child Online

This is your source for child safety information. Safe-T-Child, Inc., a public service provides child security products and services free to parents to help them keep their children safe.

Sexual Assault Information

A nonprofit information and referral service providing information concerning rape, sexual abuse issues. Includes a monthly newsletter.

The United Children's Fund

A non-profit general assistance fund for educational programs and services for children.

The Walker Percy Project

Provides information about Walker Percy, who left a compelling legacy. The site yields intimations of his contributions to modern thought and fiction.

Child Support

Child Support Enforcement Massachusetts

Contains a gallery of parents who have failed to pay child support sponsored by the Child Support Enforcement of Massachusetts. Includes links to child advocacy resources.

Child Support Network

Child Support Network assists those owed court-ordered child support. They locate missing parents, collect and enforce court-ordered payments. No fee for uncollectables.

Florida Child Support Enforcement

Agency that assist with child support enforcement by locating missing parents; determining paternity; establishing/modifying/enforcing medical and financial support orders.

Office of Child Support Enforcement

Program that ensures that children are financially supported by both parents. Provides for strong child support enforcement measures. Run by state and local human services departments, often with the help of prosecuting attorneys, other law enforcement agencies, and officials of family or domestic relations courts.

Washington State Child Support Resource Center

Agency responsible for the collection and distribution of child support in the state of Washington in compliance with Federal regulations. Contains a resource of information related to child support issues.

Internet Links for Kids

Child Prodigies

Inspirational works dedicated to getting kids to use and expand on the written word. Let's motivate our children to write.

Cyberhaunts for Kids

A rich source of links for children of all ages to visit. It is designed for both non-graphical (such as Lynx) and graphical browsers. Also links to sounds literature and general children's' pages.

I Spy

An online version of the traditional I SPY children's game.

Index - Kids Places

Safe kids places on the web, for kids of all ages. Chocolates, sports, dinosaurs, animals, magazines, Space, Art and more!

Interesting Places for Kids

Ongoing compilation of pointers to things that might be interesting to kids with access to the Web. Art and literature, music, toys and games, movies and TV shows.

Jackson's Page for Five Year Olds

Pre-readers can click on the pictures to get to interesting and safe links. A site made by a 5 year old for other 5 year olds.

Kay's Kid's Collection

This site features links to Disney, various games and crafts.

Kid's Corner

This is your site. It is by kids, for kids. Send in ideas, drawings, stories, etc. They will be published.

Kid's Web

The Kid's Web server is a collection of links to sites of interest to elementary school-age youngsters. It includes links to pages on space, dinosaurs, animals, books and movies.

Kid's Web - A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids

A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids. Featuring links to Art, Drama, Literature and music.

Kid's Window [Japan Window]

Site includes information on school, toys, cartoons arts and crafts classes. Let's learn Origami!

Kids Home Page

Interactive server provides features for kids in English or Japanese.

Kids on Campus, 1995

This site explores science, arts, and playtime from a kids perspective.

Kids on the Web

A collection of all resources found on the Net that are either applicable or of interest to children. Features links to activities, games and an exploratorium.

The Kids' Place

Links to various kids pages. Interactice stuff to do online.

Kids' WB

Warner Brothers page for kids featuring Animaniacs, The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries and the History of Warner Bros. Animation.

Kids' Web

A collection of Internet resources for parents and children to explore together. Kids' Web also provides web access to Computed Gazette, a quarterly newsletter devoted to computer education.


A communication forum for children linked to the English, French, Spanish and Dutch languages.

Maddy Mayhem's Kid's Stuff!

A safe web site for children. Links to penpal connections, fun sites, and more.


MerNix is a humor, artistic, creative, colorful, fun page for kids and adults.

Nucleus Kids' Page

Lots of fun and interesting sites for Kids. Links to education and reading material.


A page for Kids of all ages with links to many cool places and original stuff by Kids.

Sarah's Teen Links

Huge penpal database with links to movies, music, television and cartoons.

Tessa's Cool Links for Kids

Links to various animals related pages. Also Lion King coloring book.

Uncle Bob's Kid's Page

Contain a wide variety of links. From Michael Jordan to Mathmagic.


Administration for Children and Families - ACF

Contains a wide range of ACF federal programs which promotes the economic and social well-being of families, children, individuals, and communities. Also includes the latest news about the ACF and other Internet information resources.

Adolescence Directory On Line (ADOL)

Adolescence Directory On-Line (ADOL) is an electronic guide to information regarding adolescent issues and secondary education. A collection of electronic resources for parents, educators, researchers, health practitioners, and teens.

Child Safety Forum

Safety Forum provides parents with important life saving information and home safety tips. "Information" isn't only "power", it could mean your child's life!

Children Now

Children Now is a nonpartisan policy and advocacy organization. Focus in particular on children and families in regard to the public policy arena, mass media, and the community.

Cool Dog Teddy stories

A collection of short stories written for children ages 1-7 and meant to be read to them by an older reader.

CourtTV Court TV for Kids

Kids become the judge in an essay contest in which they get to make a ruling in a case. The most well-reasoned entry receives prizes. General legal information a legal dictionary, the U.S. Constitution and a variety of files on the legal system are provided to give a better understanding of the law. Includes Kids and the Law which are files on topics directly affecting kids and specific information about their rights in school or working a part-time job.

Cute Kids Page

The Cute Kids Page: A great place to visit if you want to crack a smile or tell the world about your cute kid.

Daycare A to Z

For those providing or desire to provide quality child care. Contains information on setting up a day care home, tax information, training information, business form information, and other misc. bits of information not found elsewhere.

Daycare Providers

A site for daycare providers in centers or at home, to share ideas, activities, issues and information pertaining to the care of pre-school children. Contains a provider mailing list, and resources of themes, activities, articles and reference material.

Education Study

Endeavors to improve the education of children by making all information geared to the child's level of understanding.


FamilyWeb endeavors to provide resources for pregnancy, birth, children and parenting information. Also features FAQs and is the best place for family fun and information on the Internet.

FAQ - FAQ collection

Contains a collection of FAQs (frequently asked questions and answers about pregnancy, babies, children and families).

FAQ - FAQ Contact Person List

This document contains two lists: the Frequently-Asked Question files available via email and mailing lists.

FAQ - parenting books FAQ

Misc. information on parenting books. Links to FAQ's on before the baby is born, After the baby is born and child development.

Global Show-n-Tell

A virtual exhibition that allows kids to show off their favorite projects, possessions, accomplishments or collections to other kids (and adults) around the world.

Guide to Online Resources for Youth and Youth Workers

This is a guide to online resources for kids, teenagers, people who work/live with kids and teenagers, and for those interested in their welfare. Contains the Individual Resource (person offering him/herself as an expert in certain issues).

HandsNet on the Web

A national, nonprofit full-featured network with interactive forums for human service organizations to exchange information and resources, and collaborate on a broad range of program and policy issues. Links some 5,000 public interest and human service organizations across the United States.

Kids and Parents

Dedicated to providing links to stories, games, stuff for kids by kids, movie guide, etc., and other quality sites on the web for the family.


Organization dedicated to ending emotional pain of America's kids in crisis by preventing child abuse, promoting emotional well-being, and restoring childhood.

The Opportunity of Adolescence

Promotes the importance of healthy adolescence to society as a whole. Contains a research commentary by social scientists on healthy identity formation.

Parenting chat forum on babies, pregnancy, breast feeding, children's health and education issues, single parenting, fathering, and disabilities. Includes a shopping mall.

Reading Room at

Resource of newsletters, book excerpts and public information designed to assist parents in child-rearing.

Star-Brite Learning Program

A monthly curriculum program for preschoolers offering activities such as arts and craft projects, poems, stories, games, science and kidrobics.

Youth Affairs Research Network (YARN)

An interactive network for people interested and involved in 'youth research' in Australia.

Youth and Children Resource Net

A site for news, information, resources and referrals for and about kids and teens on the World Wide Web. Contains every subject area there is for and about children and youth issues brought to you by the National Children's Coalition.


Adopted Child

Information on the adoption of kids. Adopted children's library of resources.

Adoptee Page

Story of a women searching for her heritage. An adoptee.

Adoptees Mailing List

The International Soundex Reunion Registry, a free, independent, nonprofit organization that helps reunite adoptees and birth relatives.


A collection of information, research, opinion and policy documents related to issues facing adoptive families.

Adoption Information and Online Support

Information/support (agency, independent, open, intercountry) including getting started, books, magazines, professional articles, personal stories by adoptive family, birth family, adoptee. Adoption Resources and Online Support is a home where everyone who is touched by adoption can find resources and support.

Adoption Information Exchange

Organization committed to making information about adoption available to the community. The Adoption Information Exchange includes information regarding adoption education and resources available in Washington. The list has been available since 1977.

Adoption Online Connection

Dedicated to connecting birth mothers and/or birth parents with prospective adoptive parents.

Adoption Services, Resources, Information & Support

Adoption stories, resources, information and support for anyone interested in or affected by adoption.

Adoption-Triad Resources

A resource to members of the Adoption Triad dealing with issues surrounding adoption. Societal structure created when a child is raised by individuals other than their birth parents.


Created as focal point for people interested in adoption.. birth parents, adoptive parents (current and prospective), adoptees, and supporting professionals.


Concrete, specific help: prospective adopting parents, those considering having their child adopted, and counselors.

American Childcare Solutions

Suggestions on what to look for in a childcare provider and what to beware of.

At-Home Dads

This site is focused around a news letter that provides you with articles to help you with your kids, networking with other dads, and startup or improve your home business. Spotlight on dads.

Baby Care

Family Internet provides information for new and expectant parents from Healthcare publishing and Dr. Kathleen Handal, MD. Topics include prenatal care, parenting and the first days with your child.

Bethany Adoption Services

Adoption services, international links, news and adoption and the bible.


Searchable Database by birth date for searching adoptees, birthparents, adoptive parents and siblings. Also private search agencies.

Carrie's Adoptees

Links to many resources of interest to adoptees seeking birth families.

Christian World Adoption

Provides a complete set of services for couples and singles looking to adopt a child from a variety of Latin American, European, Soviet, or Far Eastern countries.

Empowering People, Positive Discipline

Articles on child raising/parenting. Books and other resources. Positive Discipline in the classroom, Developing Capable People. Articles, workshops, lectures, books, tapes, videos and other resources.

Faces of Adoption

A computerized photo listing book and adoption information service. Americas waiting children.

Families with Children from China

Organized to support families who have adopted from China. Also provide resources to help people interested in adopting from China.

Family Surfboard

Provides parents with annotated lists of sites appropriate for children, software reviews, advice for computing with kids, and information on general topics related to raising children.

Foster Parent

Resource for foster parents and those interested in children's issue's. Dedicated to foster parents and those interested in foster parenting.

Growing Families, Inc.

The agency provides a full range of services, including pre and post adoption services to the adoption triad.

Latin American Adoptive Families

An organization of families who have adopted or are in the process of adopting children from Latin America.

Liberian Children's Project

Works to generate support for the 2000 orphaned children being cared for by the African Christian Fellowship International in Monrovia, Liberia. Sponsorship, adoption and donations.

Life Adoption Services Inc.

A non-profit organization placing infants, toddlers and children from foreign countries. Available children for adoption from Russia, Romania, Vietnam and Yugoslavia.

National Parenting Center

Resource for parents from pregnancy to adolescence. Topics include news and business with links to other interesting spots.

New York State Adoptive Parents Committee

New York State Adoptive Parents Committee. A non-profit parent support group comprised of volunteers dedicated to improving all aspects of adoption and interim (foster) care.


ParentNews: A unique opportunity for parent information. Licensed psychologist provides child education, professional resources, specific answers to forum questions, and a parent library. Parent resources.


The parenting resource on the web. Newsletters, chat rooms and shopping for parents and their children. Recipes for better baby formula.

Precious in HIS Sight - Internet Adoption Photolisting

This is a photolisting of children available for international adoption as well as collection of adoption information and links other sites for adoptive parents.

Single Mothers By Choice

Single mothers by choice. Topics include advice and suggestions on how to deal with single motherhood.

The Single Parent Project

A support group for all single parents. For any single parent striving to make their lives better for themselves and their children.

Single Parenting in the Nineties

Monthly newsletter focusing on issues concerning single parents and their children.



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