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Architecture Database, ANU

Architecture database with multi-category query options.

Carole Boleman, Landscape Architect

Carole Boleman, Landscape Architect, is a landscape architectural firm which specializes in residential and subdivision design across the Midwest Region.

Civil Engineer's On-Line Calendar

Workshops, conferences and other time-sensitive events sponsored by the faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, U. of Ljubljana, Slovenia .

Dept. of Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology offers the newest research and education in computer aided architectural design as well as examples of virtual architecture, Web architecture and student work.

Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin

Learn about Frank Lloyd Wright, the 20th century's greatest architect. Included are photographs of his magnificent buildings, maps which show you how to find them, and descriptions of the tours at the site. From the Frank Lloyd Wright Heritage Association.

French National Center for Art and Culture Georges Pompidou

Information on exhibits, museums, and theaters. Available in several languages.


Contemporary architecture in Hong Kong. Numerous visually exciting images!

Illinois State Fine Arts Electronic Front Door

Illinois State University's Fine Arts Electronic Front Door provides information about the fine arts curriculum, arts events and student art work at the university. It also links to other art, music and theater resources.

Jonathan Cohen and Associates, the online architect

Architectural firm of Jonathan Cohen and Associates, specializes in housing, site planning, facilities management, office and residential interiors and child care facilities.

La Mar Diamant-Stone Technology

Far East building industry using stone that displays the company's unique combination of traditional Italian crafting and modern technology.

Los Angeles: Revisiting the Four Ecologies

Pictures and descriptions of sites in Los Angeles. Perfect for tourists.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Architecture and Planning

Learn architecture and planning at the school of M.I.T. Where we study and design the human environment pertaining to architecture.

Megacities 2000 Digital Village

The Megacities 2000 Digital Village project focuses on large and rapidly growing cities. UNESCO requested The International Association for Architecture to focus on the problems of these cities that have a population of over 10 million. This site is among the top 5%.

MIT School of Architecture and Planning

Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Architecture and Planning.


Moriyama & Teshima Architects are Canadian architects and planners known for designing projects that promote humanistic and social values.

Northeast Parallel Architecture Center

Computer Graphics Digital Gallery (for visual and performing arts), the Orange Source (student-run campus information service), Northeast Parallel Architecture Center, the Syracuse newspapers, the departments of physics, information, aerospace, engineering and more.

Univ. of Oregon Arts & Administration Program

Information on the Architecture and Allied Arts Program. Also included are details about faculty, student research and resources of interest to the arts community.

Van Nostrand Reinhold

Culinary arts and hospitality, environmental/occupational health and safety and architecture and design. The information is of interest to educators, professionals and students.

VNR Architecture & Design New Titles

This list includes titles published in the second half of 1994 or scheduled for release by August 1995. It is updated at the middle and end of each month.

Welcome to VTT Building Technology

TT Building Technology is one of the nine research institutes of VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland. The activities are focused on basic buildings technologies.

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