1st Spotters

On these pages you'll find all sorts of information for the aviation enthusiast and spotter. Includes links to BBSs in the Netherlands devoted to aviation and spotting particularly. Aviation news, timetables, actual flight information and lots more.

Adam's Airplane Page Index

Welcome to Adam's Airplane Page. This page consists of links to other web sites including the newest virtual airline, Air America! Links to ALL commercial airlines on the net, as well as Flight Simulator links can be found here.

AEC-Able Engineering, Inc.

This site contain a lists of contents regarding mechanisms for space applications. Check out the cool pictures and great information about space.


Welcome to the AeroAstro home of the lower cost of our outer space operations and many more.

AeroCrafter - Homebuilt Aircraft Sourcebook

AeroCrafter's home page, featuring the home built Aircraft source book. AeroCrafter is the source book for home built aircraft. Aerocrafter is the one-stop shopping directory of everything to select, build, equip, fly and maintain your own airplane. As a free service, AeroCrafter offers a full, up-to-date database with more than 1200 listings of everybody in the home built industry. That, and links to other aviation-related sites.

Aeronautical Information Server - Minnesota Department of Transportation

Minnesota Department of Transportation's Aviation Education Guide. This server contains information and publications concerning Aviation in Minnesota, books on aviation for use in the classroom, lesson plan and publications, and links to general Minnesota aviation information, aviation careers, schools, scholarships, number of airports in Minnesota, MN/DOT expenditures and more.

Aerospace Department at Indiana State University

Indiana State University Department of Aerospace Technology prepares students for careers in the aerospace industry, flight training or aerospace administration. Majors leading to baccalaureate degrees are offered in piloting and aviation administration.

The Air Affair

Devoted to all manner of flying machines and devices. Includes articles on and links to events calendars, news (and views), updated aviation fuel prices, aviation library, flying destinations, a flight training locator and other aviation web sites.

Air Cruise America

Air Cruise America offers California nostalgia flights aboard the legendary DC-3.

Air Waves Travel

Vacation Specials. Every day, last minute vacation specials are faxed to our offices and every day, we bring these specials to you--Hot Off The FAX! All you have to do is choose your special dream vacation deal and then let us know, we'll do the rest.

Airlines Tickets WholeSale

Offers online discounts on all major U.S. airlines in 48-states and Hawaii with tickets issued within 24 hours and sent by Fed Ex the next day.


Blimps-R-Us!!! This site contains absolutely everything you could want to know about blimps. History, physics and blimps of today are all here in this tribute to the blimp. Data about blimp construction, blimps at rest, pressure watch, unmasting, launch, ascent, cruise, descent recovery, masting, roles for blimps, blimp lifestyle.

Albury Corowa Gliding Club (Soaring)

Visitors and new members are always welcome at the Albury Corowa Gliding Club. Come see our fleet of gliders. Joy flights and pilot training are available. Links to other Gliding & Aviation sites, weather for Albury Wodonga and the latest satellite picture of Australia.

Austrian Soaring Club

The actual purpose of the German home page is to find new members for our soaring club, members who normally live here in the vicinity of Vienna. This page should just give you an idea about our club and gliding in Austria.

Avanti Destinations

A tour wholesaler specializing in air and land packages to Latin America, Europe, and beyond.

This site has been designed to give the Pilot and Non-Pilot information and resources that are easy to access. This site is an ongoing project, and area's, links, pictures, and more will be added as time goes on.

Aviation Digest

Collection of newsletters from aviation clubs. Increase your awareness of the general aviation community. Take part in fly-ins and other events. Classified section for the buying, selling and trading in an effort to meet the needs of pilots and aircraft owners.

Aviation Enthusiast corner

Brooklyn College's Aviation Enthusiast Web page contains an aircraft locator by manufacturer, a list of '95 Air Events, an air show location index, an air show performer index, a list of air shows by month, local aviation newsgroups, and links to other aviation and aerospace related sites. Reference to over 700 aircraft, 157 aviation museums and 297 aviation-related events. Maintained by volunteers at Brooklyn College.

Aviation in Ottawa

The unofficial guide to aviation in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Information about the National Aviation Museum, the Canadian War Museum, the Gate Guardians, the National Capital Air show, the Ottawa International Airport and links to General Aviation Resources.

Aviation Links

Aviation Links and Pictures! This page has been put together to provide links to various pictures and aviation servers. Some lead directly to information pages while others lead to servers and archives which have even more aviation links.

Aviation Nova Scotia

Information about Nova Scotia Aviation, including airports, clubs, schools, repair services and vacation packages. Largely commercial, but the clubs and school links are quite extensive..

Aviation Poetry

A site with aviation poetry, some of which is quite exquisite. This poetry cannot be neatly summarized in three lines...at least not by me. Shakespeare, perhaps, but not me. Check this site out for soaring verse.

Aviation - WWW Virtual Library

These pages maintained by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and are kept current. Visit airlines and make online reservations. Travel to airports around the country, airships, balloons air shows, conventions, and fly-Ins. Learn from aviation pioneers, and discover information about historical pilots. Included also are classifieds, planes for sale, jobs, commercial aviation information, companies, charters, etc.

Aviators Network (UK)

Intend to develop a comprehensive catalogue of information services for people with interests in aviation.

Avion Online Newspaper

The Avion Online Newspaper has been voted in the Top 5 Percent of all Internet Sites by Point Survey, the leading online provider of site ratings and reviews on the World Wide Web. It's the first Aviation/Aerospace Newspaper on the Internet!

AvNet - Aviation Information Server

The AvNet is an e-mail list for discussions relating to all that has to do with aircraft and flying. If you are an aircraft owner, pilot, a wannabe, or just love aviation, consider subscribing you'll want to check out this site.

Avro Arrow

The Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Canada is embarking on a project to recover free flight models of the Avro Arrow from the bottom of Lake Ontario. Hopefully the project, which will begin summer of 1995, will succeed in recovering at least one of the 225 kg precision models. There is a link here to an Arrow picture archive, an Avro Arrow bibliography, a 35s, 3.7 Meg .avi video file of the Arrow from the CBC. Interesting stuff.

Bergen Aero Klubb

Bergen Aero Klubb (BAK) is one of the oldest clubs for general aviation in Norway. BAK has four single-engine aircraft available to the members, as well as one motor glider. Get your pilot training in beautiful Norway. Links to other soaring clubs and aviation servers.

The Blue Angels

The Unofficial Blue Angels' Home Page, containing info about the Blue Angels, including brief history, info about the planes, the Blue's 1995 Tour schedule and a gallery of pictures of the Blues and other aircraft. This page is under construction.

Blue Ridge Soaring Society

Blue Ridge Soaring Society is a club operation located in the Appalachian Mountains. A quick hypertour is provided for airborn surfers. Current weather maps, satellite images and other important links for aviators can be found here.

C.C. Industries

Information about C.C.Industries which manufactures aerospace products.

Calagry Aero Space Museum

The Aerospace Museum Association of Calgary invites you on an exciting tour of Calgary's Aerospace Museum. We have some great pictures to show you along with fascinating historical information about the dynamic aviation history of Canada.

Cambridge University Gliding Club

Cambridge University Gliding Club maintains its links with the university, but membership is open to all. If you've never flown in a glider, drop in for a trial flight. The club owns six gliders and two planes. This site has links to other gliding clubs.

Charlie Alpha's UK Aviation Server

Contains aerial Shots, aviation web sites, aerial approaches, contributions from Pilot Magazine, the Popular Flying Association home page and July 95 Rally Report, the PPL/IR Network Home page, weather information and some TAF's.

Civil Air Patrol

The official auxiliary of the United States Air Force. Dedicated to the emergency services, cadet programs and aerospace education. Access to membership information, National Headquarters, links to related areas.

College of Aeronautics

The College of Aeronautics, formerly the Academy of Aeronautics, is the only institution in New York entirely devoted to programs preparing people for technology careers in the aviation and aerospace industries. Offers information about course content, academic requirements, career options and links to other aviation and aeronautic sites.

Colorado Soaring Association

Colorado Soaring Association owns and operates Owl Canyon Gliderport, located about 15 miles north of Fort Collins, Colorado. Visiting pilots can join as Associate members to gain access not only to the gliders, but also to the map of the local brew pubs.

CRI-CICB Astronomy Page

Clickable cards (mainly on planets, shuttles) of the Rennes' CRI-CICB Astronomy Page (images, animations).

Cyberspace.com Aviation Image Archive

An archive of more than 250 JPEG images of aircraft including WWII and earlier military, post-WWII military, commercial/general, and helicopter, as well as mirrors of other specialty collections and links to other aviation-related resources.

Daimler-Benz Aerospace

Welcome to the Daimler-Benz Aerospace. This site contains the turnover and the population of for expample Mercedes-Benz.

Draper Laboratory - JSC

This site contains the existing to help people broaden their knowledge of Draper Laboratory.

Dublin Gliding Club

Visit the Dublin Gliding Club when surfing or visiting Ireland. Visiting pilots are welcome (special rates, bring your logbooks along), as well as non-pilot visitors (day or month membership available). Some really nice pictures at this web site.


In this site check out how E-System and Raytheon merged together successfully the fast growing company government electronics business.

EAA Chapter #25

The Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter #25 welcomes you to it's Home Page, and to the exciting world of Sport Aviation. Visit this well maintained page to find out more!

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

A launching pad into the world of aerospace, astrophysics and other sciences. It links to NASA images and permits browsers to download spectacular photographs.

European Airshow

Pictures and data about various military and civil airplanes seen at air shows in Europe (mainly in France) during the 1994 and 1995 seasons. Links to other web servers related to preserved airplanes and air shows. Antique, jet, military, trainer, warbird.

European WWW Aviation Server

Aviation events, stories and reports, secondhand purse, airports and airfields, links to other aviation-related servers, recent (very) European weather images (gifs and jpegs) available, the Purdue Weather Processor.

Eventide Inc.

Welcome to the site of information on the Argus.

Experimental Aircraft Association

Experimental Aircraft Association provides information about chapters, home-building and other aviation stuff topics.

F. E. Potts' Guide to Bush Flying

An online guide to bush flying. An electronic copy of his autographed publication also available here. For pilots who want to learn to fly in the wild.

FAA Information

The official FAA Web server is now online! If there is FAA data you would like to see on the Internet, see the Wish List and send any comments or requests in writing to the FAA. Tell them what you want, why, and how it will improve flight safety or efficiency for you. Be brief and polite. This list of information is for pilots released by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Data from the FAA include FAA section of FedWorld FTP database, Federal Aviation Regulations, High Mountain Flying in Ski Country U.S.A., U.S. Airport and Navaid Information by Paul Santos, Airport, Runway and Navigation data, and the Airmen's Information Manual.

The Flight 642 Home Page

Aviation and flight simulation. Flight 642 info and membership. Flight simulation products.

Flying High BBS

Contains hundreds of flight simulator and aviation related files, thousands of other files online and offers free limited access. Links to Intercept Magazine, Aviation Server Administrators, GeZi's Aviation and Piloting Page, the world's first paragliding WWW Server-Big Air, the Aircraft home page, Aussie Aviator, Soaring Information, Aviation Directory, Airports, FBOAircraft, the Ornithopter home page--we haven't even scratched the surface. An extensive site.

Flying Particles Flying Club

Flying Particles is a non-profit membership flying club based in Livermore, California. The goal of the club is to provide well maintained general aviation light aircraft at the lowest possible cost to its members. Membership in the club is open to the public.

GE Aircraft Engines

The GTE company services large and small jet engines for airlines. Link down to read about the Military engines, Marine and Industrial engines and much more!

General Aviation [Johnson Space Center]

The World Wide Web Aviation Server features weather information, piloting tips, model airplanes, simulator information, information about learning to fly and links to Aviation-related World Wide Web Sites, Gopher Sites, Newsgroups and FAQs. FAA Information including FAR's and AIM, NASA Aeronautical Research Facilities, the Civil Air Patrol, the Mig-TA4 STOL Aircraft Program is also provided.

General Aviation Servers

Aviation Servers provides a list of aviation related servers in several categories, including: What's New on the Aviation Servers, How to start an aviation server, Aerobatics, Airports, Aviation Events and more!

Goddard Space Flight Center Library

The Information Management Division offers a page hierarchy similar to the physical layout of Goddard's library. The pages are suitable for any graphical WWW browser and should support Lynx.

Great Flight Training Deals

Advertisements for flight training in various locations around the country. Contact information.

Haines Airways, Inc.

Flight tours, charters and scheduled flights throughout southeast Alaska. Glacier Bay flightseeing also available.


The Helicopter Home Page is committed to helicopters and the helicopter industry. Links to and information about helicopter training and schools, helicopter pictures, helicopter statistics, helicopter organizations, helicopter publications, helicopter meetings and links to related pages.

Hillsboro Oregon Airshow

The Blue Angels, Oregon Air National Guard and many performers with lots of pictures and links featured in the 1995 Hillsboro Air show coverage.

Hydratech Industries

This site contains the Hydratech Industries of plastics, metal, rubber, composites, glass, wood, foam.

Index - Aeronet Aviation Airlines

Welcome to aeronet-the Aviation Industry\Qs Web server, providing information to the commercial aviation industry.

Index - Commercial Aviation Resource Center

World airlines, world statistics and world airports. What do you want to find out.

Index - The Canard Aviator's Page

The Canard Aviator's Page focuses on home built Canard aircraft. Airport information, aircraft for sale and other aviation related information at your fingertips. Know your fellow canard-builders, add your Canard Aircraft to this index for free.

International Aerobatics Club Home Page

International Aerobatics Club Home Page These pages are developed by individual IAC members and do not represent official IAC policy or opinion. The International Aerobatics Club, Inc. is a Division of the Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc. All IAC members are required to be members of the parent organization, the EAA. Information and links relating to experimental aircraft manufacturing, use and development.

Ithaco Inc.

Welcome to the site of Ithaco Inc. Inside you will read about fields of the spacecraft attitude.

Jet Aircraft Consulting

Jet Aircraft Consulting offers consulting services to aviation. The services include links to other sites as well as consultants for charter operations, prepurchases, flight or repair operations.

Kaiser Marquardt

Learn about the Kaiser Marquardt for satellites and cool spacecraft.

Kitty Hawk Kites, Inc.

Kitty Hawk Kites is the largest hang-gliding school in the world. The site links to a Kites and Hang-Gliding BBS, an on-line reservations center, events calendar and catalog.

Kyoto University Gliding Club

We are Kyoto University Gliding Club (KUGC). Members of KUGC are undergraduates, graduates, and former students. Miscellaneous information on gliders and weather information for Japan are also available.

Laptop 737 Flight Management System Trainer

A prototype of a next-generation computer-base training system to help pilots transition into modern glass cockpit aircraft. Running on a Macintosh laptop computer, The Box is the core of a NASA research project designed to explore the feasibility and effectiveness of using portable computers, higher fidelity equipment emulation, and interactive multimedia to help pilots learn about modern flight deck automation.

Leading Edge Aviation Services

Links to other Aviation Servers, general aviation stuff, the FAA home page, aviation programs, aviation pictures, the WWW virtual library, Online FAR's a Complete listing available for FTP by section, AERONET- "The Industry's home page" and AIRFAX Online.

Matt's Aircraft Gallery

The Aircraft Gallery will provide you with links to information about various military aircraft, including modern American fighters, modern American bombers, modern NATO aircraft, modern Warsaw Pact fighters, modern Warsaw Pact bombers and links to other aviation web pages.

Military Aviation Movie

The Military Aviation Movie List is compiled and maintained by Marshall Cram. Strong military aviation content.

MIT Soaring Association

MITSA Soaring Society of America home page contains soaring and aerobatics related information. Other aviation servers, archives and general aviation information are linked to this site.

NASA Ames Aviation Operations Branch

NASA Ames Aviation Operations Branch focuses on solving operational problems for the aviation community, and on innovation in data collection, analysis and modeling of real human-machine systems.

NASA Goddard Flying Club

NASA Goddard Flying Club (NGFC) at Goddard Space Flight Center was formed to enhance the enjoyment and usefulness of flying to its members, help increase flying proficiency and safety, and promote aviation by introducing others to the pleasure, as well as the practicality of flying. Talewind Newsletter, NGFC's Calendar and other servers of interest are linked for easy access.

National Championship Air Races

Complete information on Reno '95, including an overview of this year's races, the return of the Snowbirds, the 4 day air racing and air show program, complete daily pairings and race results and our exclusive Reno Journal. All you need to know to understand why Reno has become a tradition.

Nels Anderson's Sky Page

Nels Anderson's Home Page provides links to various flight simulator, general aviation, and weather resources. Additional resources include Flight Simulator resources, the Aerodrome Alfred Poor's Aerodrome, Andre Bruton's FS5 Scenery Page, Flight Sim scenery design--the South African way, an FTP site for scenery and aircraft at ftp.iup.edu, a large collection of flight sim and other files, some FS5 Scenery Under Development in the U.K., a report on FS5 scenery design for NW England, flight Sim Library at cactus.org, file libraries for Microsoft Flight Sim and many military sims, Jorg's Flight Sim home page and other nifty resources.

Nemesis Air Racing

The home page of the Nemesis Air Racing team, containing team-related information such as schedules of upcoming events, previous event results (brags) and finish line photos .

NTH Gliding Club (Trondheim, Norway)

Welcome to the Norwegian Institute of Technology's Aviation (NITA) club's home page! For surfers that also fly, has the best and most effective gliding school in Norway. NTHF is a member of the Norwegian Aero Club. We also have gliding camps and are active in cross-country flying competitions, both at national and international levels.

Official SR-71

The Official SR-71 "Blackbird" WWW Site, with information about the SR-71 in flight, the SR-71 picture index, a set of SR-71 pictures from the net, the OXCART story, a history of the development of the SR-71 airplane, the SR-71's current status, and the current status of all the SR-71 airplanes.

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome is located approximately 100 miles north of New York City on the east bank of the Hudson River. This season's schedule and an online photo album are included. Become a member of the Old Rhinebeck Museum.

OSU - Flyin' High Club

A Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Sciences from Oklahoma State University (OSU) prepares students to achieve in whatever aviation career they choose. Course offerings in aviation to include both classroom and flight instruction. Four degree programs are currently offered.

Oxford University Gliding Club

Leonardo Da Vinci once said, "Once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned forever skyward, for there you have been, and there you long to return." Soar with the Oxford University Gliding Club.


The first publicly available no-fee airline reservation and ticketing service. PCTravel provides online access to the Apollo Reservation System, which supplies schedule, fare, and availability information for over 500 airlines.

Polytechnic Flying Group

Fly Denmark! Polytechnic Flying Group (PFG), is a soaring club for students at the Technical University of Denmark. Our season starts at the end of March and runs until the beginning of November.

Portland International Airport, KPDX

Portland International Airport provides information about airport services and its users including the Federal Aviation Administration and the Oregon Air National Guard. Links to other sites serving Portland and Oregon.


Presenting (unofficially of course) the Royal Australian Air Force Aerobatic team, the Roulettes. There is a large selection of pictures of Roulette PC-9's and various other aviation links, such as the Aviation image archives, general aviation archives, general aviation servers, a link to Qantas, the USAF Page, some RAF information, RMIT Aerospace Engineering and a link to Jane's book of aircraft (the demo version).

Seattle Museum of Flight (Unofficial)

The Museum of Flight Information provides photos and the Greater Puget Sound Air show Schedule as well as museum operating times and other interesting aero-information. Maintained by FLIGHTLINE. This web site and its contents are not endorsed or supported by the Museum of Flight.

Skyline Soaring Club

Skyline Soaring Club in New Market Virginia says, "Come Soar With Us!" For a brief description of our club, including rates, pictures and a list of club members go to this site.

Smilin' Jacks Airport Page

Welcome to Smilin' Jack's Airport Page. Showing you some nice places to make a stop. Smilin' Jack links you to all the major airlines and fields your questions about air travel.

Soaring Club of Houston

The Soaring Club of Houston (SCOH) is a non-profit corporation organized for the purposes of: promoting and encouraging interest and participation in the sport and recreation of soaring; providing flying facilities and equipment for club members; and promoting and encouraging training in the skills and safety practices of soaring for club members.

Soaring Society of America

Soar over to the Soaring Society of America home page and cyberglide.

Soaring Tigers Gliding Club

Soaring Tigers have been soaring the skies of central New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania since 1975. Membership Info and lots of information about our club can be found on this home page.

Southern Aviator On-Line

The voice of aviation in the South.

Sun 'n Fun on the Web

Sun 'n Fun Online! Info On Young Eagles - Sun 'n Fun Museum - Photographs - List of Upcoming Events. Sun 'n Fun is a group of aviation enthusiasts who are part of a group known as the Experimental Aircraft Association. People in this group have an overall interest in flying.

Tasmania Country Club Casino - Pylon Racing

Northern Tasmania is set to stage an International aviation spectacular of history, flight power, speed and noise when air-racing, Reno-style, returns this month. Country Club Casino SkyRace is being organized by Australian National Air Races Pty Ltd., a company formed by one of the oldest aviation institutions - the Tasmanian Aero Club.


Tigerfly styles itself as the World's Smallest Airline with some justification, the fleet consists of a single aircraft with just one passenger seat available per flight, and has flown over 4,000 passengers since autumn 1986.

U of I - Institue of Aviation Wx Page

This weather server is actually a link to Aviation related highlights on the Internet. The linked weather servers provide a vast amount of current information relevant to general aviation in the midwest.

U.S. Soaring Sites and Services

The Soaring Society of America home page. Soaring sites and aviation equipment as well as insurance dealers are listed by state.

Ulster Gliding Club

The Ulster Gliding Club is the only facility of its kind in Ulster. This area is ideal for gliding, and the site is perfectly placed to make the most of the local conditions. In "ridge lift" we reap the benefit of the prevailing winds, soaring along cliffs and hills from Clastlerock to Benbradagh. A weather phenomenon called "wave" created by the Donegal Mountains and the Sperrins allows spectacular flights to great heights. Web site includes lots of pictures.


Welcome to the Ultralight Home Page! From this page, you can access just about everything there is to know about ultralight aircraft, including FAQs, safety lectures, federal regulations, graphics, and much, much more. All kinds of info: a great beginners guide to ultralights (rec.aviation.ultralight FAQ), regulations regarding ultralight use, maintenance and safety information, clubs, ftp sites, mailing lists, manufacturers, newsgroups, etc.

United Kingdom Aviation Statistics

The Aviation Data Unit of the Civil Aviation Authority Economic Regulation Group collects and publishes information on the UK airline and airport industry. Special analyses of data may be commissioned within certain confidentiality constraints. There are three main types of data: UK Airport Statistics covering all traffic into and out of the United Kingdom, UK Airline Statistics covering UK carriers worldwide activity and punctuality statistics measuring the punctuality of all operators at the main UK airports.

Vancouver Soaring Association (Vancouver, B.C.)

The purpose of the Vancouver Soaring Association to acquire property, flying equipment and facilities for the use of its members and to train others in powerless flight. Some links to interesting Soaring Sites on the Internet.

Virtual Aviation

Flight Simulator Fan (FsFan) was founded to provide all Flight Simulator enthusiasts with files and mail. The latest information available and the best links to other aviation sites on the Internet. Includes files and information about FS5 Scenery, planes, panels, programming tools, navigation tools, scenery, planes, various add-ons and patches for: Falcon 3.0, F14 Fleet Defender and Air Warrior.

Western Michigan University School of Aviation Sciences

Western Michigan University School of Aviation Sciences is loaded with information, links, and resources on the aviation community and WMU.

Wings America

Aviation. Aircraft to scale with pictures, books and videos, flight jackets, games and other items related to aviation.

Winnipeg Chapter of COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilot Assoc.)

Winnipeg COPA Flight #35 is the local chapter of Canadian Pilots and Owners Association (COPA). Our Flight normally holds monthly meetings in the winter and monthly flying events during the summer. Winnipeg COPA Flight Newsletter, Calendar of Events and reference to other Winnipeg Aviation Groups are provided.

World-Wide Aircraft Availability Listing

The World-Wide Aircraft Availability Listing! Aircraft for sale and the Ultimate Aircraft Listing for are presented here, as well as company home pages, aviation leasing companies, aviation software and links to airlines on the Internet.

Worldwide Database of Aircraft Owners and Pilots

The worldwide database of aircraft owners of all makes/models. Called, "The best database value available in the aviation industry today," by one of our customers. "So easy to use, you don't even need the manual, " says another.


Find everything you wanted to know about Aviation.

Yellow Jacket Flying Club

The Yellow Jacket Flying Club (YJFC) is a student organization of Georgia Tech. YJFC-specific Info....Other Goodies....Weather....Check the events listing for new info lots of other sources for aviation information on the WWW.