Aaron Fuegi's Collected Quotations
Here are hundreds of humorous or insightful quotes from numerous famous people including Mark Twain and Albert Einstein.

Need to blow off a little esteem? Just point and click for an endless flow of insults for every occasion.

Band Name Server
Contains random phrases from titles of songs or books, horrible puns and some from Aaron Humphrey.

Bear Essential
A magazine devoted to the creative arts and exploring environmental themes. Both humorous and relevant issues are addressed.

Best of Edward Gibbon
Here are some excellent bits from The Fall of the Roman Empire.

Big Dave's Cow Page
To sin is human. To moo, bovine. Big Dave dishes up a herd of funnies honoring the cow.

Biggest List of humor sites on the Web
Here is a list of hundreds of humor sites. Have fun!

Check out the weekly encyclical of the Burned-Out Newspaper-creatures Guild, full of newsroom humor & commentary about the media and Web! Have new issues delivered to your E-mailbox.

C/3F What Snooze
A parody of GNN and NCSA Mosaic's "What's New." It bills the parody as an obnoxious but loving satire. Screamingly funny, or I haven't had enough sleep.

Canonical List of Lawyer Jokes
HUNDREDS of lawyer jokes are compiled in this merciless collection of one liners.

Canonical List of Medical Humor (Funny Bone)
Next time you need a joke about anyone in the medical to post-medical community (doctors to morticians), inquire within this complete listing of medical jokes.

Cartoons and Illustration for Christian Publishers
A refreshing resource of illustrations for editors, publishers, and art directors of Christian adult and youth publications. The cartoons and illustrations of Randy Glasenberg have appeared in a wide range of Christian publications including Christianity Today, Campus Life, and Teen Quest.

Chicago Comicon
Chicago, IL, US This site contains information about Chicago Comicon, a large comic convention with a range of guests, panels, autographs, huge exhibit hall and the CBG fan awards.

Citizen Poke: Comedy with Wallop
Download the latest full-length issue of this College humor magazine.

The Codexx
Codexx offers access to a virtual world of entertainment. It is the home of the Comic Depot and other topics include books, comics, gaming, movies and links to other entertainment sites.

College humor
Here are some selected humorous writings pertaining to college life. Check out the fake college application. Very funny stuff!

Comedy Magazine
Comedy Magazine features articles about today's hottest comedy stars. Links to Virtumall for every other service imaginable.

The Complete Geek Test
Here are 14 humorous questions to see whether you are a geek or not!

Crime Scene Evidence File
The Crime Scene Evidence File is a nonlinear, interactive story and entertainment disguised as news. Intriguing as all heck.

Current Events
Current Events is a collection of Republican, Democratic, Independent and liberalist political news with a twist of humor.

Report your star here! A gossip page for Web users to report sightings of the rich and famous.

The Daily Muse
A comical look at the daily tabloids. Offer free home delivery.

Eddie Izzard's Sort of Groovy Homepage
This is the unofficial home page of the British stand-up comedian.

Editorial Haiku
This is an editorial column wanting cartoons, news commentary, and current news events.

Editorial Humor
Editorial Humor publishes Pulitzer prize winning cartoonists and international artists. Come view the best in contemporary editorial cartoons.

The Enhanced for Netscape Hall of Shame
An onscreen, online entertainment complex. View the future of entertainment shopping at this Website.

FAQ - alt.cows.moo.moo.moo
Cow FAQs answered at last! How many hours of sleep have you lost pondering cow facts? Everything from milk pH to how fast a cow run-all here for your reading pleasure.

FAQ - alt.quotations
Describes quotations and how to find them. Contains information on about WWW and FAQ's.

FAQ - alt.shenanigans
Here is a Web page all about practical jokes, books on the subject and some examples of shenanigans.

Fishnet Magazine
A collection of humorous tidbits dredged from the depths of the Internet.

Funny Times
Professional cartoonists from around the world are showcased by this Website.

Galaxy Home Page
The Galaxy Entertainment Network, which presents The Internet Funnies, a weekly showcase featuring some of the funniest rising comedians and also offers entertainment programming, business opportunities and entertainment information.

Half Sweet, Half Acid
P.B. Smith, The Woodlands, TX, US This server provides access to humorist P.B. Smith's weekly column, "Half Sweet, Half Acid."

How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?
Various political topics from the viewpoint of a comical liberalist, published in a weekly humor column.

Huge List of Palindromes
Word play aficionados will love this listing of palindromes.

Humorous Quotes
Here are numerous quotes from famous people like George Patton, Napolean Bonaparte and Picasso.

imagine's Jokes Board
San Mateo, CA, US This site provides access to hundreds of jokes, including regular new additions. Guests may vote on each joke and obtain listings sorted by average vote. The board also has pages in German, Dutch and French.

Index - Starfish's Realm
Contains miscellaneous information and links. Includes area titles such as: Black Hole of CCG's; Cave of Coolness; Internet Hell; and Transfer Station.

Index -The Spider's Web Random Goodies
Contains links to Web sites about random things.

Index - The Uselessness of Auto-Refresh
Useless links to such places as "The Auto-Refreshing Fish Tank"! Go here to see what happens if everyone is allowed Internet access.

Internet Age Post Card Service
Send post cards via e-mail! The Internet Age Post Card Service provides you with a wide assortment of cards.

Internet Humor Collection []
They will all be asking you for good jokes once you have bookmarked this site. Jokes are rated for those with short surfing spans.

Introspect Library
Contains various sermons, lectures, poetry, stories and quotes on inspiration and mediation.

The Journal of Onestar
The e-zine to browse for original humor and satire. Beware, because this one pulls no punches!

Keepers of Lists
This Downtown Digital site contains the Keepers of Lists; each day the Keepers choose a topic and invite all on the web to contribute funny, creative entries.

Kerrie's Quote Page
Contains quotes on various subjects listed in alphabetical order.

kNETz Comics
A weekly comic strip by Jack Knetzger about whatever comes into his head over the weekend, a feature of J & M Multimedia Design, Inc.

Labor Quotes
Contains quotes on labor subjects for general use.

Lakeside Novelty Company GAGA
VirtuMall, Cambridge, MA, US This server provides a catalog offering novelties, including Whoopie cushions, invisible ink, joy buzzers, mule cigarette dispensers, striptease pens and Technicolor x-ray glasses.

Laughing Matters Improvisational Troupe
Atlanta, GA, US This server for Atlanta's' longest running improvisational comedy troupe provides photos, play dates and information about the group.

Life and Times of a 41-Year Old Virgin
Feeling sorry for yourself? Share in the life of a 42 year old virgin as he ages. One man's diary.

List of Quotations about Libraries and Librarians
Love books? Here are dozens of quotations all about reading, books and libraries for you to ponder. Some are wise, some are humorous, some insightful.

Long Lawyer Jokers
A stinging collection of long lawyer jokes. Look for your one liners elsewhere.

LSwDL Top Ten Lists
An up to date collection of David Letterman's Top Ten Lists is maintained here with archives for those who find yesterday's news interesting.

Millennium Fever is the strange, apocalyptic Internet postings originating from the future via a machine or program called the Cyberspace Time Transpositor, used to post SOS messages across time. It includes audio clips, liner notes, album cover art, reviews and testimonials.

Merle's Random Sentences
Contains randomly generated sentences that is updated once every ten minutes with fifty new sentences.

Michael Moncur's Quotations Page
Contains information and resources for finding quotes. Includes random quotes and quotes of the day.

"Mirsky's Worst of the Web"
This Mirsky's Worst of the Web. Server provides links to and original commentary on what Mirsky thinks is worst on the web.

The Mole Hole
Zorkon Inc., Evanston, IL, US This server provides access to a growing comedy page full of laughs.

The Mother of all Humor Archives
Here is a huge list of humor archives from Cornell University. Examples are "The best college entrance essays" or "10 Reasons to date an Engineer."

Mr. CompuPotato
Potatohead humor for the cyber-spud. Gift shopping on the side.

The Nerd Test
Check your relationship to society in general with this fun page. Can you pass the test?

The Nerdity Test
An interactive nerd test for the, well... the nerd.

Kooks! Creeps! Conspiracies! Plus an assortment of other Naughties on the Web. All at your fingertips.

Omri's Computer Humor
A must-read for all of you bleary-eyed computer aficionados. There's a computer joke for every situation in this far-reaching collection.

OutPost Network
Let yourself be read! The OutPost Internet lets you send letters to friends, relatives, celebrities, even pets via e-mail.

The Palindrome Page
Can you read "Laid on no dial" backwards? Here is a list of hundreds of palindromes for you word lovers.

PC Comix
Free demos and images are available as well as the product line.

Personalized Shakespearean Insult Server
The Bard comes back from the grave to hurl insults over the Web! Shakespearean insults and links to other amusing sites can be found here.

The Picture Palace
This PicPal server offers a flashback involving Maya Deren, a wedding and a flying refrigerator, a Russ Meyer comedy, The Bomb Shelter, starring Gene Tierney, other noir favorites, plus a matinee of Universal monsters.

PIG Intertainment
Focuses on local fun and fame through a week in review section, cartoons & lampoons, self help, lifestyles and more.

Planet Netscape
An amusing journey through "Planet Netscape". Links to many Netscape generated sites.

Pogo is Back
Sunday Comics Store, Stamford, CT, US This page offers information about the return of Walt Kelly's classic Pogo books from the 1950s and 1960s.

Polibabble - Clintov and Gingov
Randomized text speeches often to amusing and with realistic effects.

Procrastination Central
Welcome to Comics Info page. You will find a few samples of different types of comics art. Also links to other wacky comic art sites.

Get a laugh from these puns from the "Home, home on the Deranged!"

Here are several collections of quotations: old and new, familiar and obscure, humorous and pompous, ironic and a bit profound.

Quote Archive
Extensive database of quotes. Includes random quotes and statistics of quotes. Can add your own quote.

Quotes []
Humorous quotes about/from political figures, everyday life and other aspects of the world. Includes blonde jokes, Clinton jokes and others.

Random 80's Lyrics
Contains random lyrics from 1980's songs.

Random Monty Python Skit Server
Contains a random Monty Python skit. Includes ability to choose from 80 skits.

Random Research Question Page
Contains answers to random research questions. Includes recently generated research questions.

Rodney Dangerfield
HLC-Internet, Los Angeles, CA, US This site contains information about Rodney Dangerfield, offering the joke of the day, tour dates, reviews, video clips and a meeting with his wife, Joan.

Russian Humor
For many years, the Moskovsky Komsomolets ("MK") newspaper has been published in Moscow. Check this Comics Gallery for the best in Russian comics.

Simpson: Trial &Trivia
How many times did Marsha Clark speak during the trial? Try 37,000. Here is interesting trivia on the trial of the century of OJ Simpson.

Snake Oil
Your Guide to Kooky Kontemporary Kristian Kulture. Complete information on gospel grapevine, salvation sideshow, Benny Hinn blew me, and Robert Tilton Goods.

Some Quotes I Like
Contains humorous and thought-provoking quotes.

Somethin' Juicy
Kym Douglas and Florence Anthony dish up the juiciest of online gossip. No holds barred!

Speaking words of wisdom...
Here are some not-to-profound quotes from famous super models such as Cindy Crawford and Christie Brinkley.

Tag Lines Galore!
Contains a collection of taglines. Can add your own. (Rules apply)

The Tao of Programming
Truly enlightening. Or not. You just may smile when you have become one with the Tao of Programming.

Todays Fortune
Contains jokes of the day. Includes search by word for other jokes.

Virtually Reality
Eric Scroger, US This server provides information about Virtually Reality, an, offbeat, 3D cyberspace comic by artist Eric Scroger. The artist applies to his single-panel comic the same 3D imaging tools used in the film, video game and virtual reality industries. New comics are put online weekly.

The Washington Compost
A weekly political editorial focusing on 1996 elections and candidates democratic and republican parties.

The Websurfer's Handbook
An interactive dictionary of terms to be used by Web surfers around the net. Add your own suggestions if you wish.

Whimsical Quotes
Quotes on friendship, spirituality, love, inspiration and other miscellaneous quotes.

Why Coffee is Better than Women
Here are 45 funny reasons coffee is better than women.

World of Weasels Interactive Cartoon Strip
Contains the electronic version of Canada's first interactive cartoon strip, World of Weasels. It is possible to download and explore the interactive cartoon and the world that its characters inhabit.

The Worst Contest
Mirsky's Worst Of The Web, the (embarrassed) sponsor of The Worst Contest.

This rock n roll radio station has hit the Internet to bring you slightly twisted current events, concert info, and jokes for adult audiences.

Yo Mamma
Here it is. At least 1000 "Your mother is so..." jokes that are bound to get a laugh or two!

Features a new computer cartoon every weekday.
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