Stained Glass


Information about and images of antiques to people who are new to collecting. It is not intended as a comprehensive textbook, but as a primer to acquaint the unfamiliar with some things they might want to collect and learn about.

Antiques and The Arts Weekly
A weekly review of antiques, articles on collecting and interesting facts for the collector.

Do you ever wonder about the difference between an antique and a collectible? Learn more about antiques and the hobby and art of collecting.

Art, Antiques, and Preservation West
Page through our online magazine for topics on antiques and related topics. Articles of interest for the novice and the professional collector.

Chinese Antique Porcelain
For all of your questions about Chinese antique porcelain. Join us online for those that share this interest.

Internet Arts and Antiques
Whether you are interested in buying a valuable collectible or selling one, this is the marketplace in cyberspace.

Machine Age: 20th Century Design
You have found the super site of the 20th century design. Now featuring dealers, a museum, classified ads, events and organizations. Some of the items for viewing and purchase include antique furniture, radios, and household accessories.

Of interest to dealers, architects, landscape architects, interior designers, conservationists, craftspeople, restorers, and recyclers. And of course, anyone else who is just curious.

Scientific and Medical Antique Collecting System
This is a vault of information relating to scientific and medical antiques as well as place to buy and sell items. This category includes telescopes, astronomy, microscopes, scales, electrical, magnetic items and more.


Aggie Raptor Rehabilitation
To respond to their cry for freedom, we must first hear their cry for help. You have connected to the Aggie Raptor Rehabilitation Association's home page on the Texas A&M University for the release of birds of prey.

American Bald Eagles
Proud pictures of the American national symbol of freedom; the bald eagle. Enjoy the spectacular full frontal view of American bald eagle.

Bird Telephotos
View the spectacular bird portraits. All of the images are free for your personal non-commercial use. You may download, copy, alter or share these images any way you like.

Birds of a feather flock together, so all of you interested in birding, this is where you want to meet.

Birds at Selected Parks [ICE]
Information on birds from the National Parks Service. Use this to search for information of birds, or find links to other sites.

The Birds of Fermilab
Scope out our table of the 253 bird species recorded within the Fermilab site boundary, including the time of year in which the records were generated. Also included is a table summarizing the results of two long-term surveys; the first covered the years from 1987 to 1991, and the second from 1992 to the present.

Birdwatching Info and Pages
No need to climb a tree or hike out in the cold. Take a break and do some birdwatching online and see our natural history links.

Bluebird Page
Though bluebirds were once very common in the United States, they are now less plentiful. Find out what is going on with this species today.

Chokecherry Hollow Productions, Inc.
Fly in and stay awhile visiting with award winning videos of North American migratory and non-migratory birds.

Chux Birding/Birdfeeding Page
This page is geographically oriented toward birding in Massachusetts and specifically, New England in general. Don't worry, birders from other places will still find worthwhile information on guidebooks, bird feeding, and other such bird-related matters.

Eagle Page
Quite an extensive collection of links to various localities that are home to the proud eagle.

Don't fly by! Come on in to the web site and see our collection of birds on the continent of Europe.

Exotic Birds
Here you will meet bird owners from all over the world. To keep the web site new and exciting, we are always looking for pictures and stories about pet birds so if you have any pictures of your birds, or maybe a short story please submit it.

Flateau's Cockatiels
If you love cockatiels like we do, come on in and join the lively discussion, see pictures, and download sounds.

Haparanda Sandsk‰r Birdringing Station
Come learn about Sweden's northern and easternmost bird ringing station, situated on a remote island in the Archipelago of the Bothnian Bay. Inaugurated in June 1995 by the king, this island is the latest National Park in Sweden, spotting high botanical, geological, and cultural values.

Homer the parakeet
See parakeet pictures, a biography of a parakeet named Homer, and search the links to other bird sites.

Some great birding information for bird watchers and those interested in bird watching. This site is updated several times daily with UK rarity news and more.


Bob's Rock Shop
For all those mineral fans out there, Bob has kindly offered a glimpse into his personal collection of gems and provided information on rock and mineral collectng.

Ken's Fluorescent Minerals
Check out Ken's thumbnail photos of minerals from his collection.

Rockhounds Information
For all earth science enthusiasts, this is a great site to bookmark. Lots of links to rock shops and galleries, general information, paleontology, clubs and societies, and software.


Alamkara is an exhibit of 5,000 years of Indian art. It is being offered now in an electronic version organized by Asian Civilizations Museum, National Heritage Board, Singapore and National Museum, New Delhi.

Anything Goes Darts
This page contains Anything Goes Darts, a resource for dart enthusiasts that provides access to statistics, dates, times, players' names and other information about leagues and tournaments. This site is for dart players of all skill levels.

Curt's Cards
This page contains information about Curt's Cards, the electronic trading post for baseball cards and sports memorabilia; there are downloadable images and the site enables the posting of requests for favorite cards on Baseball's Most Wanted List.

Express Enterprises
This server offers information about Express Enterprises, which answers questions from the public about horological related topics and provides lists of available antique, collectable watches.

This server is the vehicle of Graphiti, a service that helps online customers create personalized designs and then puts them on T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, caps, jackets, mugs, or aprons. These are personalized gifts, team shirts; the customer may use this service to make a personal or public statement.

International Treasure Hunters Exchange
This site contains information about Treasure Quest Magazine, which features treasure news, product reviews, messaging systems and online shopping, all related to treasure hunting, metal detecting, and shipwrecks.

Kites By Carl Crowell
Features kites, kite builders, sky art, tethered sculpture and plans for building kites.

The Plastic Princess Collectors Page
This site is an access and information exchange for the hobby of collecting "plastic" dolls, including everything on Barbie.

The Sino Gangstas Homepage
Sino Gangstas is a homepage for Asians at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. "Chillin' and Hangin' out" are some things you can do here. Newsgroups and links to other Asian sites and sounds are also found here.

South Carolina Golf Courses
GolfData On-Line is temporarily offering access to a database containing comprehensive information on all golf courses in South Carolina. If you find this information useful in any way, please send us your comments.

SPS Beer Stuff, Homebrew Supplies by Mail
Offering a wide variety of equipment and supplies for making your own great tasting beer at home!

WebMaster International, Inc., Haddonfield, NJ, US This site offers world-famous custom needlepoint.

The Virtual Flyshop
This server provides information about the Virtual Flyshop, a hypermedia forum for fly fishers! There are pictures, stories, movies, knots, and links to newsgroups and other fishing-type pages.


Dangerous Dave's Handmade Composite
Learn about Dangerous Dave and his plastic rocket components. Model rocketry organizations, NASA, and UFO links and photos are provided.

Model and High Power Rocketry
Check out the Irving family's exhaustive archive of information on model rocketry.

Paul Gray's Model Rocketry For Beginners
Did you always wanted to begin a model rocketry hobby? This is a great site for beginners with links to how to start, launching and recovering, chat groups, and advice from experts.


Karen Cornish's quilting page
Karen has been quilting since 1989. She was a member of the Brooklyn Quilters Guild before we moved to Vermont.


Signmaking and Engraving Information Center
Now you can learn how to engrave and make signs online for your friends, home, or business.


Never Merely a Cigar Page
Images, advice, and other cigar information are provided here for the cigar smoker's convenience.

Pipes Digest
Here's the page for all pipe smokers. Exhaustive links to other pipe and cigar sites add to the quality of this site.

Smoke Shop
Here's your online version of the Double Corona Newsletter complete with links to additional online cigar resources.

Smoker's Home Page
This is a home page to bookmarked for all smokers. Information, resources, issues, and frequently asked questions are presented for the smoking community.

Tobacco Control Archives
Scientific studies on nicotine addiction and the health effects of tobacco smoke are primarily discussed at this site.

The Tobacconist
Exhaustive links to resources for cigar smokers. Smokers, surf on over!

Stained Glass

Stained Glass by Steve
Background on Steve Fregeau, Stained Glass Artist Creative expression has been a force in Steve Fregeau's life since an early age. When he was young the seed of precision were planted as he worked on small balsa wood airplane models.


Backyard Mini-Tugboat Building
A home page dedicated to the mini-tugboat enthusiast....

Books That Work Paint Estimator
Calculating the quantity of paint needed to paint rooms in your home or office.

Books That Work Span Calculator
Check out this great collection of software for the do-it-yourselfer.

FAQ - National Wood Flooring Association
Everything you need to know about the care of your wood floor.

The Garden Gate
The Garden Gate server offers gardeners and nature lovers links to useful and interesting sites around the world as well as a growing collection of original materials.

Good-Buy Odors
TAG Systems, Inc., Newtown, PA, US This Good-Buy Odors server provides information about odors and how to get rid of them.

Hill's Plumbing Page
Your online guide to answer all your plumbing questions.

Home Improvement Net Tips
WebScope Commercial Center, NY, US This server provides information about Home Improvement Net Tips, which offers ideas and products to help maintain and upgrade the homes of clients including.

For all you home fixer-uppers out there, bookmark this site! Exhaustive resources abound.

Jon Zimmer's Antique Tools
There are antique tools for woodworkers and collectors, and books that are the best references in the antique tool world.

The Lighting Resource
Calendar of Events in the Lighting Industry. Spotlights - other Web pages of Interest and how to contact us!

The LightNet Internet Bulletin Board on AECNET LightNet is a joint venture with Lighting product information for lighting professionals. This is the Directory of Lighting Design Professionals LightNet Technical Library. Publications in the lighting industry, news and events in the Lighting Industry, the Lighting industry job mart .

MacLachlin Woodworking Museum
Wood and its services to humanity is the theme of this unique museum. Explore the tools, trades and wooden artifacts of Pioneer Ontario in an original log house setting.

New Growth, Inc.
Your online nursery to order trees for fundraising, landscaping, promotions, and gifts.

Nite Furniture
NCNetWorks, Morgantown, NC, US This server provides information about Nite Furniture, a firm that offers numerous brand-names and product lines of furniture and home furnishings from able manufacturers.

North Carolina Quality Furniture
N.C. Quality Furniture, Hickory, NC, US This server contains literature and information describing products of 100 manufacturers of name brand furniture from across North Carolina.

Pools, Spas, Hot tubs
Keep track of the latest updates on maintaining pools, spas, and hot tubs at this site.

Safety Products International
Safety Products International, Berkeley, CA, US This site contains a full catalog of safety products, including home alarm systems, motion detectors, car alarms, car emergency kits, child-tracking systems and more.

Shanti Bithi--The Path of Peace
A virtual nursery, provides bonsai and landscaping resources with photos, also a daily peace blossom from meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy. Price list for products is included and so is the Virtual Scrabble with the Simpsons.

Shop Talk
SHOP TALK woodworking and shop talk from the tool man.

Shower 'n Shave
Visi-Tech, Inc., Boston, MA, US This server offers for sale the Fog Free Shower Mirror, a 5 3/4" x 8 3/4" self-adhering device that is engineered to be fog free, guaranteed.

TURF DOC offers programs concerning the care and management of plants. A program that will maintain a healthy landscape all year long is available.

Unlimited Carpet Sales
Irving, TX, 75060-3051, US This server provides information about Unlimited Carpet Sales, a flooring distributor offering direct access to the manufacturers. The site offers technical support.

WOODWEB's Industry Index is growing rapidly. Recognizing that the Industry Index will serve as a valuable reference tool for woodworkers, the entire staff at WOODWEB has been developing improvements for the site. Woodworking on any scale is comprised of methods, materials, and equipment. Our electronic magazine, WebWords, provides more information on woodworking methods than any other site on the World Wide Web.

Woodworking []
General Woodworking Information. Including information about making Japanese "kiridashi" knives.

Woodworking [Harry Mangalam]
This site contains information on how to build different kinds of beautiful furniture, including: rocking chairs, dining tables and table stands.

Woodworking [Paul Lalonde]
Paul's Woodworking. A Gallery displaying of some of my works.

Woodworking Photo Gallery
Some images supplied by woodworkers on the net.

Woodworking []
The complete guide of questions and answers concerning woodwork.
A stinging collection of long lawyer jokes. Look for your one liners elsewhere.
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