Roma y Grecia  La historia de roma y grecia en imágenes (ingles)

ARTEHISTORIA  Genios de la pintura, protagonistas de historia, grandes batallas, crónica de América, grandes momentos de arte.. (Español)


The Spanish Civil War (Ingles)

Los sumerios Civilización muy dificil de explicar pero aquí está todo muy muy clarito (Español)

Egipto-logia.com amigos de la egiptologia sobre egipto antiguo

Egipto-logia.net  mas "científica" sobre egipto antiguo

Egipto-mania mas sobre historia y escritura del egipto antiguo

Historia de las cosas  porque los inventos y las cosas tienen historia


18th Century

Eighteenth Century Studies

A fantastic collection of archives from the perspectives of literary and cultural studies. Novels, plays, memoirs, treatises and poems of the period are kept here (in some cases, influential texts from before 1700 or after 1800 as well), along with modern criticism.

Eighteenth-Century Resources

Our English Gopher includes current eighteenth-century information. An invaluable source for eighteenth-century studies is Berkeley's exhibit. A likely dissertation topic is Johnson and the Renaissance: his reading in, and subsequent canonization of, the Renaissance. Many other resources can be found here.


American Civil War Archive Page

30Th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Co. B., Monmouth Junction, NJ, US This server provides information about the American Civil War Archive, which includes documents, diaries and regimental histories; it also provides reenactment and living history group contacts, a schedule of events and links to other Civil War sites.

American Memory

Contains collections of primary source and archival material relating to American culture and history. These historical collections are the Library of Congress's key contribution to the national digital library. Most of these offerings are from the unparalleled special collections of the Library of Congress.

Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935

An archive of information such as History, Literature, Primary Texts and many other resources. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the most heatedly debated question in dominant U.S. foreign policy circles has been whether the country should assume leadership in a "one-superpower world" or subordinate itself to the decisions of international organizations like the United Nations. Historical and Literary Graphics provides links to all of the graphics used at this site.

Ellis Island [i-channel.com]

This site contains the gateway to the American Immigrants for many generations. You can find historical overview, the Journey, Ellis Island today, oral history project and also and Ellis Island cookbook.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

The nation's first Presidential Library and the only one ever used by a sitting President. In addition to artifacts from the lives of President and Mrs. Roosevelt, this facility also house Franklin Roosevelt's papers both as Governor of New York and President, as well as materials belonging to those who served in Albany and Washington. Also contains library Information, Hyde Park Information, Biographies, Historical and Genealogy Information, Researcher Information Bibliographies, Museum Archives, Education, Newsletter, Museum Store and Upcoming Events, NARA and other Presidential Libraries, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute and the Directions to the Library.

From Revolution to Reconstruction

A hypertext on American History, from the colonial period until the First World War. Contents of this site include: The Colonial period, The War of Independence, The Formation of a national government, Westward expansion and regional differences, Sectional conflict and The era of expansion and reform.

Index - History Research Links
Indices of the WWW Historical Research links.

National Trust for Historic Preservation Web Site

The National Trust is a nonprofit organization. As the leader of the national preservation movement, the National Trust is committed to saving America's diverse historic environments and preserving and revitalizing the livability of communities nationwide.

Salzburg 1945-1955: Liberators and Occupiers

For example with these Austrian impressions, including photos, letters, school essays, children's drawings and newspaper articles from the postwar years, we are now erecting an overseas communications bridge. You can find the project's initiation, historical research and scholarly.

Search for the La Belle
This web site was named as standing in the top 5% of sites on the Internet in terms of content, presentation and overall visitor experience. You will see information on the "La Belle Project" Texas Historical Commission's La Belle Project FAQ, Texas Historical Commission WWW Site, Published accounts of the project, Modern map of Matagorda Bay, A Short Biography of La Salle, Map of La Salle's Explorations in North America, Maps of Colonial America from the University of Georgia Libraries, A Short Biography of Louis XIV, 18th Century Resources on the Internet from the University of Pennsylvania, Maritime and Naval Flags of La Salle's Time Links to Other Sites of Interest, A Guide to Underwater Archaeology Resources on the Internet.

Shadows Of The Past

Within this site you will find information such as Research Books & Resource Materials, Period Clothing & Equipment, Films & Film Resources, In this old west historical site you will find Television Westerns, Clint Eastwood Westerns, Spaghetti Westerns, Sam Peckipaw Westerns and Films, Calendar Of Events, Pictures Of Our Members and other Historical Reenacting Groups.


ABZU: Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East

Great Guide to Resources! Abzu is an experimental guide to the rapidly increasing, and widely distributed data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East. The following indexes are simply points of entry. The material included in each of them overlaps to a considerable degree, but they will allow the browser to view the material in a number of different ways. Abzu includes some HTML3 formatting, and might most profitably be viewed using the Netscape browser.

Ancient World Web

A vast collection of information regarding the Ancient World including Art, History, Law and Archaeology, Ancient Documents, Architecture, Gender, History, Historical Science, Language and Literature, Museums and Exhibits, Military, Mythology and Religion, Paleontology and other Sciences, Regional and Cultural Sources, Scholarly Literature and Towns and Cities. These indices, with pointers to valuable information in fields ranging from anthropology to medieval studies, from humanities to paleontology, provide different paths to useful information.

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology

This server collects links to Internet resources of interest to classicists and Mediterranean archaeologists.

Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit

This site describes the historical context of the scrolls and the Qumran community from where they may have originated; it also relates the story of their discovery 2,000 years later.

Diogenes Links To The Ancient World

The goal of this site is to increase the awareness of the ancient world. A good place to visit if you are a classics scholar.


An excellent research resource for the study of women and gender in the ancient world.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures

A compilation of WWW Sites Pertaining to Ancient World Cultures.

Guide to Ancient Egypt on the Internet

An index of resources for the study of ancient Egypt, including territories controlled by the modern states of Egypt, Sudan and part of Libya.

Imperium Romanorum

A research resource for Roman history scholars.

Mesopotamian Literature

This site provides english translations of Mesopotamian literature, related resources and links.

Pomona College Ancient Cultures

Visit this site to research Aztec history and culture.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Explore the seven most impressive monuments of the ancient world right here.


Duke University Special Collections Library

This site is dedicated to developing an understanding of human experience and culture through access to historical documentation in many forms and subject areas. The Special Collections Library at Duke University preserves such documentation and promotes its use.

Notre Dame Archives

A general research archive containing 600 collections of interest to historians and other scholarly researchers.

Special Collections at the University of Houston Libraries

This research resource is highlighted by its collection of rare books.

Tulane University Special Collections

Tulane University Special Collections encompasses Tulane's Architectural Archives, Jazz Archives, Louisiana Collection, Manuscripts Department, Rare Book, and University Archives.


BFGoodrich History

A scholarly history of the B.F. Goodrich Company.

Movies of Financial Executives and Speakers

This resource page references pictures and video clips which cover finance topics.


Electric Renaissance

This site presents an entire college course on the Renaissance.

History of Western Civilization

A research resource for western civilization scholars.

HST 356 - The Holocaust (Credit course via Web)

A comprehensive research tool for scholars of the Holocaust.

Reader for the Study of World Civilizations

A literature resource for the Study of World Civilizations from Ancient Mesopotamia through the Southern European Renaissance.

World Cultures to 1500

An Internet version of a general education course (General Education 110, World Cultures to 1500) offered at Washington State University.

World History at Carnegie Mellon University

This site presents a general education course surveying major themes in World History.



A compilation of primary historical documents from Western Europe. These are public domain documents that are available for copying and other instructional and research use.

Index - European History Resources

An ancient and classical resource guide to Europe, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Insomniac History

This site contains information such as a History Index, Humanities, European Studies, or jump to Insomniac's, Ancient and Medieval. Also contains a map. Take a look!

Mannheim Centre for European Social Research

This site contains a statistics library which can be accessed online such as current research projects, Eurodata Newsletter & Research Archive, publications and books and last but not least the MZES Libraries.

Mondragan Cooperative Study Tour

The Mondragon group of large-scale, high-tech, industrial and community-based companies. Worker-owners, collaborating with their progressive, autonomous Basque government, have developed a competitive, democratically-governed complex of capital-intensive, producer cooperatives. Entrepreneurial positioned in finance and manufacturing.


Full Index of Resources

This is a full index of all resources to which this server currently provides connections.

History of Science Technology and Medicine - WWW Virtual Library

Astronomy to Women's science. A comprehensive listing of resources.

History - WWW Virtual Library

Take a view of history from the Web. All the possible historical resources you could want.

WWW services for historians

The historian's guide to Internet resources an Email. The Cornell CRP HomePage and Preserve/Net have the only comprehensive resource available for the historic preservation community on the Internet. Access to a subject guide on technology, science, and society history computerization. Take a look at the document about the factories built by the Germans inside mountains in the Czech Republic during the Second World War.


Boise State University

The History Department at BSU offers three undergraduate degrees in history: a liberal arts option, a secondary education option, and a social sciences/secondary education option. Also available are graduate programs in Ancient and Public History. Additional resources include: Universities and Academic Libraries, BSU Library, The Virtual Reference Library, New Tools for Teaching, News of the Profession, Job Openings, and Stanford's Yahoo.

Brown University

Offers resource information about the University's curriculum and activities.

California State University, San Marcos

This is the barest beginning of a World Wide Web site that is intended to provide continual access to information about history classes, faculty, and resources available at CSU San Marcos.

Cornell University

Cornell University's department of History presents information on the following: faculty, courses, programs, students, events, announcements, and calendar of events.

George Mason University

The George Mason University Department of History is proud to present its homepage. Welcome to the George Mason University History Department.

Index - History Departments

We hope that this list will let you find ideas for creating your own departmental web pages, let you look in on colleagues, and conduct historical research.

Ohio State University History Department

The history department at Ohio State University History Department presents its homepage. Stop by and look what's up.

Tennessee Tech

Tennessee Technological University's History Department presents its Home Page. Drop on by!

University of California at Riverside

Welcome to the home page of the History Department of the University of California, Riverside. Here you can find information about our Department, campus, and city.

University of Chicago

The Oriental Institute is a museum and research organization devoted to the study of the ancient Near East.

University of London

The Institute for Historical research at University of London, presents resources for research around the world.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Department of History

Look here to answer your questions about the undergraduate and graduate programs in History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

University of Rochester

The Department of History at the University of Rochester presents this page with gobs of information about the University. Have all your questions answered.

University of San Diego

Check here for all your history information needs from the University of San Diego!

University of Saskatchewan - Department of History

The History Department of the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon is one of the largest departments in the College of Arts and Science. Come by and check it out!

West Virginia University - Department of History

The Department of History at West Virginia University, Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Department of History presents this information page about faculty, students the school and financial aid. Check it out!


American Historical Review

The American Historical Review provides information for history buffs!


Chronicon is an electronic journal of international History published by the Department of History, University College, Cork.

Essays in History - University of Virginia

The University of Virginia has published its essays in history right here!

History and Theory

History and Theory publishes articles, review essays, and summaries of books about: historiography, historical methodology, critical theory, critical philosophy of history, speculative philosophy of history, time and culture, and related disciplines.

History Reviews On-Line

Check here for history reviews online, thanks to the University of Cincinnati! It is the first electronic journal for critical peer review of historical books.

South Asia Graduate Research Journal

AGAR is a biannual journal sponsored by the Center for Asian Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. The journal showcases exceptional graduate student and junior scholar articles.


The Atrium

The Atrium publishes articles, manuscripts and period texts.

Gregorian Chant

Check here for the Gregorian Chant HomePage. If you need a chant, look here.

The Labyrinth

Welcome to the Labyrinth, your place for Medieval studies.

Magna Carta

The great charter of english liberty, decreed by King John at Runnymede is found here.

Medieval Resources, Europe, 800-1200

Resources for Medieval Studies are found here. If you are interested in Europe 800-1200 this is your spot to stop!

Medieval/Renaissance Wedding Information

Medieval and Renaissance wedding information. Check here for articles, books, food and feasts!

Secrets of the Norman Invasion

Read about the Secrets of the Norman Invasion right here!


Countdown to '95

This page is designed provide readers with the latest hard statistics, source texts, editorials, and graphics dealing with military events.

Jim's USS Liberty Page

This page is dedicated to the memory of thirty-four fine young men who gave their lives on June 8, 1967 defending the USS Liberty against a sustained air and sea attack by the armed forces of the State of Israel.


Here is information for academic researchers and those just interested. Specializing in the classical era to the modern day all across the world. Check here for discussion lists and UseNet newsgroups, the library and new hot spots about Mil-Hist.

Militaria Magazine

A Place for Military Collectors and Historians. Home of Militaria and RAIDS Magazines, After the Battle (U.S.), and some of the best military books around.

Military History

This is a repository for military history documents and resources.

Save our Sara

Here is educational information on the USS Saratoga Museum Foundation. The USS Saratoga fought for us for many years, now its our turn to help her.


Alternate History

Bibliography of historical material, mainly fictional. The Usenet Alternate History List is an annotated list of novels, stories and essays involving alternate histories (a.k.a. what-ifs, allo-histories, euchronias or counter-factuals), writings in which a past event is altered and its effect on later history is somehow described.

Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935

Jim Zwick, Syracuse, NY, US This U.S. history site combines essays and contemporary texts and graphics to introduce the organizations formed to oppose territorial and economic imperialism from the Spanish-American War of 1898 to the mid-1930s.

Berlin Wall Falls Project
Berlin Wall Falls Project is a cooperative effort launched by Patch American High School in Stuttgart.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization

Hull, Quebec, Canada This server provides information about one of Canada's cultural attractions. It includes exhibitions, performances, demonstrations and theatrical vignettes. The Canadian Museum of Civilization is responsible for building collections of material heritage, conducting scholarly research, and educating the public in many subject areas with special but not exclusive reference to Canada.

The Churchyard/Our Family Museum

The Churchyard/Our Family Museum, a translation into HTML hypertext of parts of the genealogy compendium "Our Family Museum" by James Nohl Churchyard, which provides more than 360 different family names and 835 individuals indexed from origins in Europe and the Americas. Interesting genealogical links.

The City University of New York

The City University of New York, New York, NY, US This server contains information about the 19 CUNY colleges. It offers previews of multimedia programs developed by CUNY faculty; it links to an innovative gopher containing resources for teaching English as a second language.

The CRB Foundation Heritage Project

ExCITE Center, Vancouver, BC, Canada This server provides information about the CRB Foundation Heritage Project, which is designed to make history come alive for Canadians.

Eighteenth-Century Resources

Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, US This server contains a catalog of electronic texts from the Eighteenth Century. The texts include art, history, literature, science and related information.

The Firehouse Museum

The Firehouse Museum houses a collection of fire-fighting equipment and memorabilia from across the country and around the world.

The Flag of the United States

School Dist. 59, Arlington Heights, IL, US This page offers information about School District 59 and the flag of the United States, including facts and history of the U.S.O.

Florida Museum of Natural History

Gainesville, FL, US This server offers access to a premier public natural history museum in the Southeastern U.S.A. The exhibits, administrative departments, collections and databases, public education programs, research programs and museum history are available.

Fortress of Louisbourg

Owen Fitzgerald Studio, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada This server presents the history of the Canadian East Coast fortress, its inhabitants, and its reconstruction. Owen Fitzgerald Studio developed this site and issued a CD-ROM commemorating the first English siege of the 17th century fortress.

The Historic City of Burlington, New Jersey

The Marsh-Birchall Consultancy, Burlington, NJ, US This server provides information about The Historic City of Burlington, New Jersey, which was settled in 1677, chartered in 1693, and has had a rich and colorful history throughout three centuries.

Historical Text Archive

The Historical Text Archive is supported by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Computing Center of Mississippi State University. It originated in response to the need of historians to have an electronic storage and retrieval site and to demonstrate the advantages of such sites for the study and teaching of historians.

History/Social Studies

This server provides information about History/Social Studies and K-12 links for teachers. Subjects includes: archaeology, diversity, E-texts and E-zines, genealogy, geography/economics, history, art/humanities, news/current events, Web stuff and general guides. Currently listed in the Subject-Oriented Clearinghouse under "History".

The Kansas State Historical Society

Kansas State Historical Soc., University of Kansas, Manhattan, KS, US This page provides information and links to sites that contribute to the preservation of Kansas history. Access to Kansas On-line, KSHS archive indices and other resources is available.

Oneida Indian Nation Home Page

Oneida Indian Nation of NY., NY, US This server, which is the Oneida's home page, includes The Treaties Project, an effort to make US-Native treaties available on the Internet, monthly museum exhibits and little known historical facts. The site also includes the Oneida Indian Language Project (audio samples), press releases, links to other sites and a tour of the Nation.


ClassicalArt and Archaeology Program, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US This server provides information about Romarch, a crossroads for Web resources on art and archaeology of Italy and the Roman provinces from about 1,000 B.C. to A.D. 600. It is also an Internet discussion group on the same subject.

Special Collections, Tulane University

New Orleans, LA, US This server provides information about Tulane University's Special Collections, resources for the history of America, Architecture and Jazz as well as the American Civil War, American Literature and information for visitors to New Orleans.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Washington, D.C., US This server contains information about the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, which presents the facts of the Holocaust. The server also contains information about the museum resources and its research activities on holocaust and genocide studies.

World War II Air Force Cartoon Journals

Prism Arts Group, Santa Rosa, CA, US This page contains information about World War II Air Force Cartoon Journals, which provide drawings of the daily life of a P-47 fighter pilot in WWII by George Rarey, who was killed in action in June 1944. It includes Aircraft art and cartoons from collection of more than 200 pieces of artwork maintained by Rarey's son, a computer animator.


International Students of History Association

Stop here for all kinds of information on the International Students of History Association (ISHA) and interesting links to other pages.

Organization of American Historians

Organization of American Historians has membership Information, programs and activities, publications and services and professional Opportunities in American History.


The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing is here.

Virginia Newspaper Project

The newspaper collections housed at the University of Virginia comprise a resource of considerable breadth.


Hypertext and Renaissance Studies

The Hypertext and Renaissance Studies was designed to save scholars wasted time.

Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe

This project involves the creation of a hypertext archive of narratives, medical consilia, governmental records, religious and spiritual writings and images documenting the arrival, impact and response to the problem of epidemic disease in Western Europe between 1348 and 1530.

Project Aldus

Project Aldus is a Renaissance Archive and Resource Center. This archive is dedicated to the study of literature of the Renaissance period, mostly in England.

Renaissance Electronic Texts

This is a series of old-spelling, SGML-encoded editions of Renaissance books and manuscripts (with critical introduction), transcriptions of basic texts, and supplementary studies, published on the Internet as a free resource for students of the period.


Index - Romarch: Roman art and archaeology

Resources on the art and archaeology of Italy and the Roman provinces, ca. 1000 BC-AD 600.

The Index - Rome Project

A various collection of resources on the Roman Empire. Also includes a clickable map of Rome for you to take a look at.


The faithful referred to Mithras, king of the roman empire, as "the Light of the World", symbol of truth, justice, and loyalty. The Legacy of the Roman Empire's Final Pagan State Religion.

Warfare and Tactics of the Roman Republic

Describes the make up and procedure of the Roman Army as well as their strategy in specific battles.

Science & Technology

History of Jesuits and the Sciences

A remarkable characteristic of the Society of Jesus during the period of its first founding (1540-1773).

History of the Light Microscope

Interested in finding out about the microscope? Get the complete history including early uses of lenses.

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