AJAX is the United States and International Government Military and Intelligence Agency Access. Intelligence, law enforcement agency, military branch, military & defense agency, military & defense laboratory, U.S. Government agency servers and more.

Bartunek Law Library Government Information Page

Cleveland State University's Bartunek Law Library maintains a site of U.S. Government information.

Comprehensive Government Resource Guide

Askew School of Public Administration and Policy at Florida State University maintains general survey guides to government resources on Internet, information about and from agencies by level and branch of government, direct links to popular information sources such as the U.S. census, magazines and other publications related to the government.

EFF Links to Government Servers and Information

Worldwide government information resources organized by continent, country, state/Province/Region, County/Parish/Township/Metropolis including international and multinational organizations, meta-indices and maps.

European Governments on the WWW

This list contains links to all governmental institutions in Europe which provide information on the World Wide Web except for educational and research institutions. Additionally it contains links to some government-related organizations like public broadcasting companies and political parties. Massive.

Federal Employees News Digest

Weekly newsletter covers promotions, Job rights, Insurance, Retirement (both CSRS & FERS), Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), RIFs, Leave Policy, Court rulings and more!

Federal Government Information on the Internet

900-plus Web links to sources of information on the federal government.

Government Information Resources

Unique showcase for more than 350 Federal, California and regional resources. These are described in-depth and are accessible through the hypertext search engine. Users are encouraged to suggest resources for inclusion.

Government & Law Guides--Argus/UMich Clearinghouse

Part of University of Michigan's Argus Clearinghouse for subject-oriented Internet research guides. Billed as "The Premiere Internet Research Library."

The Government Page

The government page of Middletown, PA's Press And Journal Extra called "The Page." Links to politics, federal agencies, military sites, and other useful links.

Government Resources - Mahopac Library

This is the Mahopac (Putnam County, NY) Public Library's federal Web locator page for government and politics.

Government Resources on the Web

University of Michigan's Documents Center Government Resources page contains quick jumps federal, state, local, international databases. Politics and stats, too.

GPO Gate

GPO Gate is the University of California gateway to publications offered by the U.S. Government Printing Office's "GPO Access" program. Multi-level search engine for GPO databases.

Local Government Network

The Local Government Network provides information services for local government professionals. Links to upcoming events, news and information.

N2W3 Federal Consortium

A group of U.S. federal agencies, organized by the National Science Foundation to better accomplish their assigned missions by working together with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). Database access, Consortium business, software repository links.

US Government and Related Sites

Compendium of U.S. federal and state government Web sites from the White House down, through all the agencies and departments, state-by-state and ending with a listing of commercial services.

World-Wide Web Virtual Library: US Government Information Sources

An index of Government Web Home Pages maintained by the National Technology Transfer Center. NTTC is the hub of a national network linking U.S. companies with federal technologies. Links to over 750 sites.


Brookings Governmental Studies Program

The Brookings Institution's page on governmental studies. Their broad objective is to describe, explain, and evaluate political institutions and policy processes. Links to projects, scholars, and governmental studies staff.

Harvard - JFK School of Government

Home page for KSG. The John F. Kennedy School of Government is the graduate professional school at Harvard University that serves society's demand for excellence in public service through research, teaching and executive training. Links to academic programs, library services, student life, local area.

National Institute of Standards and Technology-dvanced Technology Program

The Advanced Technology Program at the National Institute of Standards and Technology works with industry to develop innovative technologies with strong commercial potential. Its broad mission is to promote great economic benefit for the nation. Links to publications, competitions, and programs.

National Plant Data Center

National Plant Data Center home page (U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service Biological Conservation Sciences Division). Links to PLANTS database (a single source of standardized information about plants), NPDC activities and related sites.

Ohio University's Institute for Local Government Administration and Rural Development

The Institute for Local Government Administration and Rural Development (ILGARD) at Ohio University conducts research and provides technical assistance to area communities and the State to improve the efficiency of governmental operations. Links to current research and projects. Staff & student home pages.

Public Sector Continuous Improvement

The Public Sector Continuous Improvement page aims to help public sector employees improve their organizations by promoting the use of TQM principles in the public sector. Links to related resources.

University of Illinois - Institute for Public Affairs

To contribute to social and economic progress, governmental effectiveness, and educational excellence through public affairs research, and activities: that's the goal of the Institute for Public Affairs, University of Illinois at Springfield. Links to programs, development and training, public education activities.

University of North Carolina - Institute of Government

Home page for NCINFO, server for the Institute of Government at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Links to the Institute's publications, federal, state and local resources.

Virginia Institute of Government

An organization created to provide information resources, training, and assistance to local Virginia governments. Links to relevant databases.

Judicial Branch

Alaska Supreme Court Decisions

Alaska Supreme Court Opinions since 1991 with subject index and word search.

CourtTV Law Center

CourtTV Law Center has hot buttons for What's Hot, Get Legal Help, Case Files, Law Library, Inside CourtTV and more.

CourtTV Supreme Court Cases

CourtTV's selection of Supreme Court cases.

CourtTV Supreme Court Justices

Can't tell the players without a program, and this is it—CourtTV's gallery of Supreme Court Justices. Photos and biographical data.

Criminal Justice Links—Cecil Greek

Like a postcard from Alcatraz—with about a million links to items of interest related to the criminal justice system. The usual database information plus a lot of wild stuff—graffiti, prison snapshots, OJ memorabilia, forensic chat sites. Visit the "web of addictions," but don't fall into it yourself.

Criminal Law Links

The Criminal Law Links page of the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy offers links to various criminal and legal subjects plus a reference desk, discussion groups, current events, and legal Indices.

Federal Bureau of Prisons

The BOP provides leadership, planning, and coordination for the nationwide network of Federal correctional facilities. Links to inmate management, corrections research, and other BOP topics.

Federal Court

The Federal Court's home page functions as a clearinghouse for information from and about the judicial branch of the U.S. Government. Links to directories and court administration.

Federal Court Locator

The Federal Court Locator is a service provided by The Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy. It provides links to information concerning the federal judiciary, including slip opinions, that can be viewed or downloaded. Links to Federal Court opinions and rulings, related federal agencies.

Federal Judicial Center

The Federal Judicial Center is the federal courts' agency for research and continuing education. Home page links to FJC publications, directories, and other pertinent Web sites.

Index - Vera Institute of Justice's criminal justice links

This is the Vera Institute of Justice's extensive list of other Internet sites related to criminal justice.

Indiana Judicial Decisions

This page is a gateway to all opinions of the appellate courts of the State of Indiana. Good historical and background links.

International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy

The International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy at the University of British Columbia works in policy development, research, training development and information dissemination. Gopher site and Internet resource guide.

Judical Online Super-Highway User Access System (JOSHUA)

JOSHUA—the Judicial Online Super-Highway User Access System is the judicial information system for the State of Florida. This system allows users to browse through a wide variety of information resources related to the Florida state court system.

Justices of the Supreme Court

Supreme Court group photo including Justice Steven Breyer.

New York Court of Appeals Decisions

Decisions of the N.Y. Court of Appeals from January 1992 indexed by topic and key word search.

North Carolina Court of Appeals Decisions

N.C. Court of Appeals Decisions since Nov. 1994 indexed by date.

North Carolina Supreme Court Decisions

N.C. Supreme Court Decisions since November 1994 sorted by date.

Supreme Court Decisions

Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1990-1995. Search by topic, key word, party name.

Supreme Court Search

Five years of Supreme Court opinions available for searching.

Texas State District Courts in Harris County

A good-looking courts page from the folks at Harris County, TX District Courts. Court info, county info, audio & visual links.

U.S. Court of Appeals (Eleventh Circuit)

Published decisions of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit of the past four months.

U.S. Court of Appeals (Fifth Circuit)

Full search capability for the opinions of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

U.S. Court of Appeals (Fourth Circuit)

The opinions of the Fourth Circuit for 1995.

U.S. Court of Appeals (Ninth Circuit)

The opinions of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit for 1995 are available here by month, by 1st and 2nd parties, and by case.

U.S. Court of Appeals (Sixth Circuit)

The opinions of the Sixth Circuit since January 1995. Search by month, keyword, or alphabetical listing.

U.S. Court of Appeals (Third Circuit)

The opinions of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit since May 1994. Search by keyword, month, or party name.

U.S. Government Resources - Judicial Branch

That part of the The Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy's Federal Web Locator pertaining to the judicial branch.

U.S. Supreme Court Decisions

Five years of Supreme Court decisions allows both browsing and searching with the help of a built-in Web search engine.

Vera Institute of Justice

The Vera Institute of Justice is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to making government policies and practices more fair, humane, and efficient for all people. Find out how by linking into its many programs.

Legislative Branch

Congressional Black Caucus

This 40 members of the Caucus' have developed a strategy that emphasizes a commitment to meet a dynamic moral test of government, creating an economic foundation that impacts upon those most in need - the poor, the elderly, the young, the physically disadvantaged and the jobless.

Congressional E-Mail Addresses []

A current list of United States of America Congress and House of Representative members E-mail Address.

Congressional E-Mail Addresses [David Morgan]

A current list of E-mail addresses for United States of America's Senate and House of Representatives.

Congressional E-mail Addresses [Jeffrey Hoffman]

The email address' of the Congressional Representatives, viewing their home pages by clicking on their names is now available.

Congressional E-Mail Addresses [Lisa Woodward]

E-mail address' for the United States Congress, House of Representative and the Senate. All in alphabetical order for easy viewing.

Congressional Research

A step-by-step guide to the various stages of the federal legislative process with links to web sources as well as descriptions of paper, microform, CD-ROM, and on-line sources.

Contacting the 104th Congress

E-mail address' for the United States Congress, Senate and House of Representatives.

Contacting the 104th Congress

List of phone numbers, DC voice, FAX, home district voice numbers, and email addresses for the United States Congress.

Electronic Activist

State-by-state directory of US congressmen, state legislators, and media outlets who have email addresses.

Highway 1

Not-for-profit corporation formed to support the innovative use of new technologies in the legislative environment and in the democratic process.

Legislative Information on the Internet

A handbook that is intended to provide a readable and nontechnical outline of the background and the steps to Federal law making.

Listing of Senators and Representatives

A complete listing of Senators and Representives with an accessible E-mail address.

Mr. Smith E-mails Washington

Provides an easy way to send an e-mail directly to a member of the United States Senate or House of Representatives, as well as the Vice President and President.

Office of Councilwoman Happy Fernandez

This server contains information about Philadelphia City Councilwoman Happy Fernandez. The site provides access to municipal administration and information, government Internet resources, press releases and current governmental issues.

Office of Technology Assessment (OTA)

Explores complex issues involving science and technology, helps Congress identify policy options, and provides foresight about new developments that could have important implications for future federal policy.

Senate Democratic Policy Committee (DPC)

Provides information to Democratic Senators, their staffs, the press and the public. Reports range from weekly floor and hearing schedules, to detailed legislative analyses.

U.S. House of Representatives Democratic Leadership

This site provides links to online assistance with a number of federal programs and agencies and other Government on line resources.

U.S. Senate Cancer Coalition Hearing

Public policy issues raised by recent advances in human genetics and cancer. Text and audio of testimony Senators Mack and Feinstein co-chair.

UniPress W3's Will T. Bill

A full text of all versions of legislation of the U.S. House of Representatives for the 103rd Congress. This database is produced by House Information Systems, U.S. House of Representatives, from data provided by the Government Printing Office.


2025 - Future Air and Space Power Study

To Participate in an interactive study on future warfare by submitting ideas on new capabilities, systems, concepts of operations, applications of existing technology.

Chemical Weapons

This site consists of the Convention on the prohibition of the Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and their destruction.

Corporate Information Management Help Desk

This center is responsible for providing access to and the transferring of nearly two million scientific and technical information items for the Department of Defense.

DACS - Data & Analysis Center for Software

A Department of Defense Information Analysis Center managed by the Defense Technical Information Center,it serves as a centralized source for current, readily available data and information about software engineering and software technology.

Defence Research Establishment Ottawa (DREO)

Canadian Department of National Defense engages in research and development laboratory with activities in areas of communications, radar and electronic warfare.

Defense Automation Resources Information Center on FEDIX

This site administers to the DoD HBCU/MI Equipment Program. Under this program, SMSD leases new and used computer equipment to designated minority colleges and universities.

Defense Information Systems Agency

DISA is responsible for planning, developing, and supporting Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence that serve the National Command. Authority under all conditions of peace and war. DISA is subject to the direction, authority, guidance and control of ASD and responsible to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for operational matters.

Defense Modeling and Simulation Office

This site serves as the executive secretariat for the Executive Council on Modeling and Simulation and to provide a full-time focal point for information concerning DoD modeling and simulation activities.

Defense Software Repository System (DSRS)

This site is an accredited automated repository for storing and retrieving reusable assets. Its capability was developed with the intent of providing users seamless access to a variety of software reuse products and services through the local library interface.

Defense Technical Information Center - DTIC

DTIC is a major part of the DoD, it contributes to the management and conduct of Defense research efforts.


DoD Public Affairs, Washington, DC, US This site contains information about DefenseLINK, The Department of Defense's official World Wide Web information service, which provides direct access to the information services of the military departments, selected DoD organizations and feature sections that include news, fact files, publications, questions and answers in addition to a locator service.

DefenseLink - Official DoD link

DefenseLINK is the Information Service from the Department of Defense and the starting point for locating information on Defense servers around the world.

DefenseLink -- OSD Public Affairs

William Perry would like to welcome you to DefenseLINK, the World-Wide Web Information Service from the Department of Defense. Links to various agencies and defense information. All the war you want and more.

Department of Defense Environmental Restoration Bulletin Board

This site provides a one stop shopping for all small and minority businesses who are interested in supporting the DoD environmental cleanup mission.

DoD Civilian Personnel Management Service

This service provides guidance and assistance to operating personnel offices through out the Department and is in control of the Defense Field Activity which supports the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness.

DTIC Home Page

This center is a major part of the Department of Defense within the Office of Defense for Acquisition and Technology and reports directly to the Director Defense Research and Engineering.

E-HAWK: Electronic Headquarters for the Acquisition of War Knowledge

A chronologically organized information server for academic research in military history.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Net Headquarters

This is the site of Explosive Ordnance Disposal on the internet, offering many sections including EOD at work photographs and many other services.

Jane's Electronic Information System

This site provides an online demo of Jane's Electronic Information System, the complete and unabridged text of Jane's renowned defense and aerospace publications, some with images, in the latest electronic format now distributed on a single CD-ROM. For nearly 100 years, these publications have been the most accurate and impartial books in the world on the subjects of defense, weaponry, civil aviation, and transportation.

JAST Information System

The Joint Advanced Technology Program (JAST) Information System was created in cooperation with all the Services to develop an affordable solution to their future strike warfare needs. This government and industry team is working well together in identifying the leveraging technologies, necessary demonstration plans to control risk, and new ways of doing business that reduce cost and jointly meet the needs of the USN, USMC, and USAF.


This site is an On-line mainframe government computer instruction kindergarten through College. Approximately 16,000 hours of lessons available.

Jim's USS Liberty Page

This page is dedicated to the memory of thirty-four fine young men who gave their lives on June 8, 1967 defending the USS Liberty against a sustained air and sea attack by the armed forces of the State of Israel.

Joint Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics Support

A new section entitled, The Technology of JCALS, now performs targeted keyword searches of this Information Management System (IMS). It also gives a detailed summary of the JCALS infrastructure, designed to provide IMS to support uniform logistic and acquisition engineering, management, material management, and other life-cycle functional processes. This summary is layered so you can dig deeper to get more information as you please.

Joint Data Base Elements for Modeling and Simulation

This USAWSMR Electronic Proving Grounds and Defense Modeling and Simulation Office (DMSO) server provides information about the Department of Defense modeling and simulation data standardization efforts.

Journal of Electronic Defense

In this journal of Electronic Defense the international authority on electronic warfare includes technologies and systems for self-protection electronic countermeasures, electronic counter-countermeasures, intelligence collection and dissemination and other aspects of command and control warfare.

Kinetic Energy Weapon Digital Emulation Center (KDEC)

This site explains the operation of KDEC as a multi-service ground test facility for KEW acquisition support. In this role, KDEC offers key products and services to all KEW technology demonstrations and programs:

Market Garden

A project on the largest Airborne operation in history. It took place during WW II 1944 at Arnhem, Holland. It was Germany's last victory in WW II.


This site provides a list of and access to, military history services on the internet.

Militaria Magazine

This site consists of Militaria and RAIDS Magazines, it is designed for the military collector and historian.

Military Family Institute

This site is an Information Service from the Department of Defense and the starting point for locating information on Defense servers around the world.

National Defence White Paper 1994

Department of National Defence, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada This server contains the Canadian National Defence White Paper, which defines a new direction for smaller, more flexible Canadian armed forces. The plan was revealed in December of 1994 by the Minister of National Defence, the Honorable David Collenette.

The Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC

Here you will find descriptions of the various divisions of the Navel Research Laboratory at its Washington, DC, Monterey, CA, and Stennis Space Center, MS sites, as well as information on many of the Lab's research and development activities.

NavyOnLine Home Page

This is the gateway to United States Department of the Navy online resources.

PARCELS: Base Redevelopment Information System

Here is a system providing detailed information about closing and realigning military bases to people interested in buying, leasing, or developing property.


This site is to provide the Community rapid access to current and dynamic HQ information. This site is set up to allow the user to choose the topical area of interest. It also provides links to other sites, both local and remote.

Terrain Modeling Project Office

Terrain Modeling Project Office consists of modeling & simulating the community.

United States Army Missile Command - Team Redstone

Here's your source of hypermedia information concerning past, present, and future contributions of the U.S. Army Missile Command to the peace and security of the United States.


Census IT Standards

Contains Census IT Standards, which provide a collection of links to resources for information technology (IT) standards. These resources include details about federal information processing standards, related publications and standards development activities.

The Federal Networking Council

Implemented to establish an effective interagency forum and long-term strategy to oversee the operation and evolution of the Federal Interagency Internet Program in support of research and education. The program is an element of the High Performance Computing and Communications Program (HPCC).

NAWC AD Indianapolis

Learn about the Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division, its programs, projects, people and services involved with NAWC AD Indianapolis.

North Star

A collaborative project involving dozens of Minnesota government agencies and is coordinated by the Government Information Access Council. It is an information resource relating to everything in the North Star state.


Counter-Terrorism Rewards Program

The Diplomatic Security Service provides information about the Counter-Terrorism Rewards Program (HEROES), offering rewards of up to $4 million for information leading to the arrest or conviction of terrorists.

Index - Geneva International

Geneva, Switzerland—birthplace of the World Wide Web and home to more than 280 institutions, all of which are included in the Geneva International Database. Links cover a wide range of social, technical and scientific themes.

Joint Services Conference on Professional Ethics (JSCOPE)

The Joint Services Conference on Professional Ethics (JSCOPE) is an organization of military officers and academics formed to discuss ethical issues relevant to the military. The Conference meets each year in late January in Washington, D.C., to present and discuss academic papers.

MCI Government Systems

These services feature the solutions MCI provides to government departments, agencies, and the Congress. Here's the hub for access to online government resources, including such features as the biographies and photos of all the members of the House and Senate, and MCI's.

World Bank Home Page

Find out about The World Bank by plugging into its home page. Current events, press releases, bank news, country/project information, publications, research studies, and more are just a click away.


Alliance for Redesigning Government

Based in Washington, D.C., we're part of the Congressionally chartered National Academy of Public Administration, an established non-profit dedicated to improving government at all levels.

National Performance Review

National Performance Review Home Page is a Presentation of NetResults. Many people who have decided to help "Create A Government that Works Better and Costs Less."

The National Performance Review (sunsite)

The National Performance Review is about creating a Government That Works Better & Costs Less.

NPR Reports

The Reports of the National Performance Review consist of thousands of ordinary Americans--Americans who happen to work for the federal government--have been striving to change dramatically what the government does and how it does it.

Strategic and Business Planning in Municipal Setting

This Web site provides information about Economic Development, Business Planning, and Municipal Setting.

Vice President's Open Meeting on the National Performance Review

The Vice President's Electronic Open Meeting on Reinventing Government is a joint project of the National Performance Review, the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and five other partners.

Research Labs

Accelerator Operations and Technology Division (AOT)

Purpose for Accelerator Operations and Technology Division: To advance the frontiers of accelerators and their related technologies and applications to meet national objectives and serve mankind.

ACL - Advanced Computing Laboratory

The Advanced Computing Laboratory at Los Alamos National Laboratory is a high performance computing facility dedicated to the advancement of High Performance Computing. The ACL was recently designated as a U.S. Department of Energy High Performance Computing Research Center (DOE-HPCRC).

Advanced Photon Source Mosaic Home Page

Welcome to the home page for the Advanced Photon Source (APS), a third-generation synchrotron x-ray source that provides super-intense x-rays for basic and applied research in materials science, biology and medicine, chemistry, physics, geology, and environmental science.

ALS Information Network

The Advanced Light Source produces the world's brightest light in the ultraviolet and soft x-ray regions of the spectrum.


The American Textile Partnership is to strengthen the competitiveness of the integrated U.S. textile industry-including the fiber, textile, apparel, and fabricated product sectors.

ANL Microscopy and Microanalysis

Welcome to the Microscopy & Microanalysis Science Division as well as general information about On-Line information services which are administered for Local, National and International Microscopy/Microanalysis Societies.

ANL Technology Development Division Home Page

The ANL Technology Development Division is a multiprogram department under the Engineering Research Program, which is the Lab's major program and mainly focuses on energy-related technologies.

Argonne National Laboratory

Welcome to the Argonne National Laboratory. Use this to find another State, Regional, and National Information Resources.

Argonne web servers

Argonne National Laboratories owned by the United States Government and operated under the provisions of a contract between the Department of Energy and The University of Chicago.

ARL/SLAD Information Server

Welcome to the World Wide Web Information Server provided by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory Survivability/Lethality Directorate. The purpose of this server is to allow scientists from government, academia and industry to discover information about the ARL/SLAD.

Army Research Lab

Army Research Laboratory Web Server is a laboratory preeminent in key areas of science, engineering, and analysis relevant to land warfare; a staff widely recognized as outstanding; a laboratory seen by Army users as essential to their mission; an intellectual crossroads for the technical community.

Atmospheric Profiler Research Facility

Atmospheric Profiler Research Facility is information about Wind - boundary layer, Wind - troposphere, Temperature - boundary layer, and Temperature - troposphere.

Biology and Biotechnology Research Program

This is designed to introduce you to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Biology and Biotechnology Research Program. Research Areas and Centers are Human Genome Center, DNA Repair, Molecular Toxicology, Human Risk Assessment, Structural Biology, X-ray Crystallography, Technology Development, and Center for Healthcare Technology.

BNL Physics Compute Server

Physics Department Home Page is about how the Physics Department carries out research in experimental and theoretical high energy, nuclear and condensed matter physics.

BNL Safety & Environmental Protection Division

Safety and Environmental Protection Division Information Includes: Mission Statement, Division Manual, Organizational Structure, & Contacts List.

Brookhaven AGS Experiment 896

In this site you will find that E896 is a search for short-lived composite strange matter and an investigation of hyperon production.

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Center for Accelerator Physics has all kinds of different Advanced Technology Departments with are Applied Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Brookhaven National Laboratory [old]

This site contains many different departments. They are Technology, Applied Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

CA Center for Computational Engineering

(CCE) solves problems of national importance for the Department of Energy and American industry using advanced theoretical and computational technology. Links to Projects and Staff.

CEBAF Information

Welcome to the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF), managed by the Southeastern Universities. The Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility's mission is providing a world class nuclear physics research facility.

CEBAF Information (port 3000)

Welcome to the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility, managed by the Southeastern Universities Research Association. We specialize in General Information, News, Physics, Experimental Program Accelerator Physics, Operations Controls Technology Transfer, Science Ed, Information Services, and Other Web Resources.

CEBAF On Line Data Acquisition

Welcome to the CODA, Coda is a new data acquisition toolkit from which data acquisition systems with varying degrees of complexity can be built.

Center for Computational Sciences (CCS)

Provides state-of-the-art resources for Grand Challenge computing. Links to ORNL Center for Computational Science, Computing Resources, services, Grand Challenge Research, images, and related topics.

Chemical Reactions, Kinetics, and Dynamics Group (CST-6)

We are primarily a Physical Chemistry group in the Chemical Science and Technology Division (CST) with research interests and programs that range from the very basic to the very applied (problems that might directly affect you!).

CIC-2 Desktop Computing Support Center

This site was created by CIC-2 to supply desktop support and information to the community of desktop computer users at the Laboratory. Links to News, technical support documents, software, help, and a hotlist of major vendors and related links.

CNLS - Center for Nonlinear Studies

This document is a guide to CNLS and nonlinear science research. CNLS coordinates a broad range of theoretical, experimental, and computational basic research programs in nonlinear science.

Combustion Research Facility, Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore CA

(CRF) conducts a broad range of basic and applied research and development in combustion science and technology. We aim to improve our nation's ability to use and control combustion processes.

Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource

In this site you will find information about Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource. It is located Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Computational Science Education Project

Provides information on the student advancement in the field of computational sciences and engineering. Links to related sites, lectures, authors, events, planned chapters, committees, and a feedback form.

Computing and Communications Division

Welcome to the Computing and Communications Division consist of Computer Training, Hardware Support, and a Video Conference Room.

Cooperative Monitoring Center

CMC's mission is to analyze, design, and implement nonproliferation, arms control, and other security measures. Links to what's new, overview, staff biographies, CMX Press, workshops and conferences, experiments, indexes, searchable engine, and more.

Dÿ Host Cluster

DAQ Expert documentation Online documentation for the DØ DAQ system. Some DØ runoff documents translated to HTML.

DØ Collaboration at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Learn about the DØ experiment and the people and resources behind it.

Defense Sciences Engineering Division (DSED)

Electronics engineering solutions for national security, environmental quality, and economic competitiveness. It also performs work in designing, testing, and evaluating systems.

Department of Advanced Technology

Department of Advanced Technology incudes information about National Nuclear Data Center, Management Quarterly Newsletter, Applied Technologies Division, & Engineering Technology Division.

DOE's Alternative Fuels Data Center

The AFDC collects operating information from vehicles running on alternative fuels, analyzes those data, and makes them available to the public. Links to AFDC Programs, reports, and hotline.

EES - Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory is helping to meet the scientific and technological challenges to help solve problems with environmental damage; how to restore the atmosphere, water, earth, and ecosystem balance. Links to research programs and related topics.

EnviroNET - The Space Environment Information Service

EnviroNET provides services dedicated to the support of NASA's Engineering and Scientific goals, provides models and information on the space environment. Links to publication, related topics, and current projects.

Environmental Sciences Division

Research and development organization evaluates how the use of energy affects the environment. Includes links to research organizations, media releases, programs, news, articles, meetings, services and resources.

EPMD - Engineering Physics and Mathematics

EPMD develops principles and methods to deal with complex research problems in the fields of engineering, nuclear, mathematical, computational and cognitive sciences. Links to programs, facilities, and related topics.

EPMD Nuclear Analysis and Shielding Section

Develops state-of-the-art computational methods for the modeling of radiation transport and physics phenomena and to apply these methods to problems of national importance. Links to: staff, organization chart, research groups, activities and capabilities.

ESA Applied Robotics and Automation

This document is a guide to the information available from the Applied Robotics and Automation Section. Includes a list of projects dealing with Robotics and Automation.

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Home Page

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is the home of the world's most powerful particle accelerator, the Tevatron.

Fermilab E-831

Welcome to the FOCUS Collaboration Home Page, E831 is an international collaboration of Italy,Korea,Mexico,Puerto Rico..

Fermilab Experiment E687

Fermilab Experiment E687 is Photoproduction of Heavy Flavours. They also study decay modes and spectroscopy.

Fermilab Library

The Fermilab Library has information on engineering, astrophysics, and high energy physics.

Fermilab Neutron Therapy Facility

Welcome to the Fermilab Neutron Therapy Facility The Fermilab Neutron Therapy Facility utilizes a beam of high energy neutrons to treat malignant tumors. Patient's tumors are irradiated by placing the tumor volume accurately in the neutron beam and localizing.

Flight Dynamics Division

Information provides expertise in the discipline of flight dynamics; spacecraft trajectory (orbit) and attitude analysis, orbit and attitude determination and control. Links to projects, search engine, feedback, movies, and services.

Frank Hilliard Editorial Page

Offers a forum for Canadian topics, including politics, crime and the power of the Supreme court. The editorials are for sale to publishers of magazines, newsletters and newspapers.


These peoples mission is to execute fundamental and applied research to provide the Army the key technologies and analytical support necessary to assure supremacy in future land warfare.

Government of New Brunswick, Canada

Government information concerning everything from environment to tourism. Please stop by and pay us a visit!

High Performance Computing and Communications

National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC). This server provides Internet users access to material about the Federal HPCC Program.

IBM New Mexico Federal Web Server

IBM New Mexico Federal provides help to users of IBM equipment in US Government Federal accounts in New Mexico. It provides access to information on the internet for IBM users, access to public available software, access to information about IBM products, services, local and global contacts and resources.

Idaho National Engineering Lab

The Idaho National Engineering Laboratory Home Page is for Protecting the environment through cleanup, waste management Educational resources, research, newsletters, other links.

Index - U.S. Government Laboratories

U.S. Government Laboratories are used to find out the U.S. Geological Survey.

INFONET - The SSCL Outplacement and Information Resource System

Information includes links to Job Opportunity Databank and Area Employment Hotlinks.

Institute for Scientific Computing Research

The Institute for Scientific Computing Research is aimed at achieving research breakthroughs in scientific computing. The main purpose of the Institute is to advance state-of-the-art research in scientific computing by facilitating collaborative efforts among computer scientists, mathematicians, physical scientists, and engineers.

LANL CIC-8 GUI/Visualization/Graphics Welcome Page

Information for establishing a decentralized environment to enhance workstation capability, customer productivity via user interfaces, workstation software, information server, visualization and computer graphics software, distributed processing, scientific toolboxes, and supercomputer access.

LANL Physics Info Test Server

A fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for research papers. Started in August 1991, it provides an archive for distribution of electronic preprints. Search for abstracts, authors and titles.

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Research Review

At the LBL Research Review has the Atomic Resolution Microscope. It also highlights the latest research achievements.

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory World Wide Web
Home Page

At the Berkeley lab you will find that its an endless frontier of inquiry, one that feeds our sense of adventure and our passion for discovery, to solve broad technological challenges and contributing to our nation's economic competitiveness.

LBL Energy & Environment Division

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is all about the Energy & Environment Division. It has More than one hundred E&E Division researchers--physicists, engineers, chemists, architects, economists, computer scientists, life scientists, and others--conduct multidisciplinary research on energy and environmental topics to advance the efficient, environmentally acceptable use of energy.

LBL Engineering Division

LBL Engineering Division has general information about Engineering Tools and Documents.

LBL High Energy Physics Detector Design - Physics & Engineering

LBNL High Energy Physics Detector Electronics Design has a group that mainly works on Electronics, Trigger and Data Acquisition.

LBL Imaging and Distributed Computing Group

This page summarizes the Imaging and Distributed Computing Group's recent accomplishments and current projects.

LBL Particle Data Group

PDG is an international collaboration that reviews Particle Physics and related areas of Astrophysics, and compiles/analyzes data on particle properties.

The LLNL Advanced Telecommunications Program

This program provides the very high-speed and cost-effective communications infrastructure needed by scientists and engineers to more effectively complete their R&D projects. Includes an image map, graphics, and links to their: mission, impact and overview.

LLNL Energy Home Page

LLNL Energy's Mission is to address scientific and technology issues in the energy arena having pressing national importance.

LLNL High Energy Physics Group

Welcome to the High Energy Physics (HEP) Group at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, We are in the Nuclear and Particle Physics (N) Division of the Physics and Space Technology Directorate.

LLNL - Physics and Space Technology

Physics and Space Technology missions are to pursue forefront research in areas of Physics that are important, to use unique facilities and expertise to initiate and carry out high leverage, and to recruit and develop outstanding leaders for the laboratory.

Los Alamos Group XTM

Los Alamos Group XTM develops state-of-the-art computational tools to investigate and solve complex problems in radiation hydrodynamics and transport. We apply these tools to problems that are important to the nation's security and well-being.

Los Alamos Image Cytometry Laboratory

A list of projects in progress and instrumentation used is included at this site. Projects in Progress include: Fractional Length Measurements, Chromosome Band Assignment, Chromosome mapping, and Cell analysis.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Operated by the University of California for the US Department of Energy. This site includes information on national security responsibilities, programs in energy, nuclear safeguards, biomedical science, environmental protection and cleanup, computational science, materials science, and other basic sciences.

Los Alamos National Laboratory High-Engery and Particle Physics

Contains documents and manuscripts from the Research Group in the Chemical Science and Technology Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Los Alamos Neutron Scattering Center

LANSCE is a national Department of Energy (DOE) user facility for neutron scattering research. LANSCE offers instruments for determining the atomic, magnetic structure, and dynamics of polycrystalline and crystalline materials, such as high-temperature superconductors, pharmaceuticals, and polymers; and the structure of molecular coatings of solid and liquid surfaces.

Manufacturing and Material Engineering Division

Manufacturing and Materials Engineering Division (MMED) is located at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The site provides extensive expertise in manufacturing technology, materials engineering, measurement systems, and support services.

Materials Corrosion and Environmental Effects Lab at LANL

MCEL is a diverse group with research projects in high temperature oxidation, aqueous corrosion, environmentally assisted cracking, and electrophoretic deposition.

Materials Engineering and Research Laboratory

The Materials Engineering and Research Laboratory (MERL) specializes in the technology of engineering materials, and is divided into six disciplines - Coatings, Concrete Maintenance and Repair, Concrete Technology, Corrosion, Historical/Archeological Site Preservation, and Plastics.

Materials Science and Technology Division

Provides scientific and technical leadership in materials science and technology for the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Links to MST publication, MTS activities and facilities (defense, energy, environment, industrial competitiveness, and strategic research), and laboratory information.

Mathematics and Computer Science Division

Mathematics and Computer Science Division includes the National High-Performance Computing and Communications Software Exchanges.

MetaCenter Science Highlights Repository

Contains a collection of the 10,000 scientific research projects. The reports from astronomy to zoology, and include scientific breakthroughs on black holes, how the heart works, pollution control, and modeling the oceans. Searchable engine, articles, and Metacenter information.


Provides research and development for the weapons program on metallic materials technologies. Information on applied material engineering and basic materials research.

NASA Centers and Responsibilities

Includes information on missions and projects completed at NASA's space centers.

NASA Cooperative Agreement with Firms

Contains information and requirements for Cooperative Agreements with commercial firms.

NASA Information Services

NASA home page includes links to photograph and video gallery, questions and answers, Technology Development, Aeronautics, Space Science, publications, etc..

NASA Software IV&V Facility

Information includes: development of software oriented technologies useful to both government and the commercial sector. Links include a guestbook, directors message, search engine, background, and related links.

NASA/WVU Software Research Laboratory

The Software Research Laboratory (SRL) is a cooperative effort between the NASA Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA) and West Virginia University. Links include: Research projects, publications, and usage statistics.

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

Responsible for building, maintaining, and distributing GenBank, the NIH genetic sequence database that collects all known DNA sequences from scientists worldwide. Links to GenBack, NCBI, searchable database, and server information.

National Eye Institute

(NEI) supports more than 75 percent of the vision research conducted in the United States at approximately 250 medical centers, hospitals, universities, and other institutions. Link to a NEI representative, publication, clinical study, or intermural research project.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Links include but not limited to NIDA home page, organizational chart, calendar of events, meetings, clinical and services research, offices, workgroups, publications, committees, and grants.

National Nuclear Data Center

The National Nuclear Data Center contains a lot of helpful information about neutron and photo nuclear reactions. This information is available to the United States and Canada.

National Science Foundation - NSF

This site is from an independent agency of the Federal government that promotes progress in: science and engineering, advancing the national health, prosperity, and welfare; and to secure the national defense.

National Synchrotron Light Source

The National Synchrotron Light Source is used for things like Ultra violet and X-rays.

The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)

The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) is the Navy's corporate research and development laboratory, created in 1923 by Congress for the Department of the Navy on the advice of Thomas Edison. The Laboratory has over 4000 personnel who address basic research issues concerning the Navy's environment of sea, sky, and space.


Supplier of production high-performance computing and networking services to the nationwide energy research community. Links to bulletin board, publication, help, directory of services, parallel processing, and computational research.

Neural Networks at Pacific Northwest Laboratory

PNL manages wide-ranging research programs that focus on DOE and national missions in areas such as energy utilization, the environment, the economy, and national security. PNL also vigorously pursues opportunities to commercialize technology that results from its research programs.

NIH Department of Computer Research and Technology

Discusses incorporating the power of modern computers into the biomedical programs and administrative procedures of National Institute of Health.

NIH Home Page

Includes information on the world's leader in biomedical research. Links to news and events, health information, grants and contracts, institutes and offices.

NIH Library

The NIH Library supports the biomedical and behavioral research needs of the NIH community. Links to a range of scientific, medical and administrative information and support services.

NIH-Guide to Grants and Contracts Database

Database list of programs, grants and contracts with NIH.


The nation's leading laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency research. Links to news and events, what's new, research areas, program activities, and reference resources.

Oak Ridge Centers for Manufacturing Technology

ORCMT provides capabilities and facilities to meet the national challenges of energy, environment, and defense for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Links include an searchable engine, conferences and workshops, and related topics.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

ORNL conducts basic and applied research and development to advance the nation's energy resources, environmental quality, scientific knowledge, educational foundations, and economic competitiveness. Links to news, research, organizations, publications, and more.

Operating Systems Support at Fermilab

Operating Systems Support at Fermilab is a home page contains information about Operating Systems Support (OSS) at Fermilab.

ORNL Computing Applications Division

The Computational Physics and Engineering Division provides high-quality, technical services in support of scientific, technical, and engineering computing systems. Links to staff, technical highlights, publications, newsgroups, and more.

ORNL Instrumentation and Controls Division

Includes links to Core Capabilities, Programs and Projects, Facilities, and R&D Groups.

ORNL Physics Division

The ORNL Physics Division is devoted to research in nuclear and atomic physics. Links include workshop information, and Preprints.

ORNL Review

The Review is a quarterly magazine highlighting research and development activities at the Laboratory.

P-24 Plasma Physics Group, Los Alamos National Lab

This site includes basic research information involving the properties of energetic matter and applied research involving the development of new plasma-based technologies and applications.

Pacific Northwest Laboratory

PNL focuses on research and development related to waste management, environmental restoration, global environmental change, energy and national security.

The Parallel Tools Consortium

A Collaboration of Researchers, Developers, and Users Working to Make Parallel Tools Responsive to User Needs.


Provides information that parallels PEINet's gopher service, providing an eclectic offering of general and government information, unique products from Prince Edward Island companies, and links to other interesting sites on the island.

Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison

This is an atmospheric research program in the Environmental Programs Directorate (EPD) of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). PCMDI engages in research and other collaborative activities that are directed to diagnosing global climate models and to improving their performance.

Rome Lab Web Camera

The Web Cam is attached to the Rome Lab World Wide Web Server and will take a picture from the server when you request this document.

Rome Laboratory

The laboratory deals with the science and technologies associated with command, control, communications, and intelligence (C3I)--surveillance, communications, intelligence processing, and command and control.

Sandia National Laboratories

Supports the Department of Energy's objectives towards national defense, energy security, environmental integrity, and economic competitiveness through a strong base in science and technology.

Sandia National Laboratories - California Site

Sandia devotes its talents, technologies, and tools to providing exceptional research and development for the nation's needs in national security, energy, the environment, and basic science.

Sandia National Laboratory - Combustion Chemistry Laboratory

Includes information from a group of kineticists studying elementary chemical reactions important in combustion processes.

Sandia National Labs - Massively Parallel Computing Research Laboratory (MPCRL)

MPCRL at Sandia National Laboratories includes information on conferences, projects, bulletin, and other home pages.

Savannah River Site

Welcome to the Savannah River Site. A quick look at Savannah River Site's mission, location, core competencies, and storied history.

Science & Engineering Apprentice Program at the NASA Software IV&V Facility

This site discusses the SEAP Program which encourages student interest in the field of Science and Engineering. Links to 5 apprentices at the NASA Software IV & V Facility.

SDSS - Sloan Digital Sky Survey

The main idea of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey is to build a high tech telescope for the astronomers so they can view wide-angled surveys of the sky.

Sixth International Symposium on Borehole Geophysics

Includes symposium schedules, exhibits, field trips and related information.

Small Business Initiative Program

This is a Department of Energy (DOE) sponsored program. The program is focused on increasing the competitiveness of U.S. owned small business (less than 500 employees) through technology transfer.

Stennis Space Flight Center

Provides information on Stennis Space Center, goals, Stennis organizations, services, testing on rocket engine components and propulsion systems.

Structural Biology at Brookhaven National Laboratory

Research in the Biology Department encompasses studies on molecular structure and genetics, DNA damage and repair, and cell biology of plant and animal systems. This research is carried out in individual groups. Their research interests are described in the four categories listed below.

Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory

Contains: chronology of project, fact sheet, news, executive report, and proposed projects.

T-13, Complex Systems Group

Links to Current Research in Hydrodynamics, Radical Computation, Neural Nets, Sequence Analysis, Genetic Algorithms, Parallel Computation, Plasma Instabilities, and related links.

Techology Modeling and Analysis Group

TSA-7 performs essential systems analyses in support of critical Laboratory and DOE manufacturing related programs, projects, and strategic areas. Links to projects, publications, group roster, and related information.

Theoretical Astrophysics (T-6)

Includes information on staff, publications, projects, and related links.

TSA-5 Military Systems Analysis & Simulations

Leader in modeling, simulation and analysis of complex systems in the areas of nuclear weapons studies, Laboratory technology applications to national security needs, and other programs of national defense and industrial interest. Links to projects, personnel, and related topics.


Alabama Secretary of State

This site offers information about Alabama secretary of state's election, providing access to the activities and facts of election, including voter registration, business regulations and more; visitors may write secretary of state, access election results and request a postcard voter registration application.

Arizona Board of Regents

A profile on the body that governs the state's four-year public universities (Arizona State, Northern Arizona University, and The University of Arizona). Site links to university servers and to those of the State of Arizona.

California Department of Education

Information on the California Department of Education.

California Employment Development Department

This server provides information about the California Employment Development Department.

California Franchise Tax Board

Information about the California Franchise Tax Board.

California Home Page

Provides access to information about the state, its government, agencies and laws. It contains a guide for doing business in the state, a review of history, culture, economy and natural resources, and a list of all government servers and bulletin boards among many categories that include a welcoming essay by the governor.

California State Assembly

Get information about the California State Assembly.

California State Senate

Information about the California State Senate.

California Teale Data Center

Information on the Teale Data Center.

City of San Diego Home Page

San Diego Data Processing Corporation, San Diego, CA, US This city server provides public access to government related information and services. It contains information on city council members and issues, the city charter, and the municipal code.

The Delaware State Data Center

The Delaware State Data Center at the Delaware Economic Development Office is the main source for census, economic and other data on the state and the coastal region.

Info Louisiana

Entry point into the collection of Louisiana state government information servers provided by participating state departments.

Leon County, Florida Florida's Capital County

This Leon County, Florida, server provides information about elected officials; it links to Florida State University and to the official record or roll of all property in Leon County. It includes a search engine allowing search by name or street name.

Maryland State Archives

Annapolis, MD, US This server offers information about Maryland State Archives, which provides information on Maryland state government, history and archives, including exhibitions with images, full biographies with photos of government officials and legislators and sample documents for use by teachers in the classroom.


About the government of the state of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Executive Office of Consumer Affairs

This Massachusetts Executive Office of Consumer Affairs server contains online booklets about cars, credit, home improvements and more, of which copies are available via e-mail. It offers Massachusetts residents a fill-in-the-blanks form to ask questions or file complaints.


Information about the government of the state of Michigan.


Information about the government of the state of Minnesota.

Monroe County

Monroe County Dept. of Planning & Development offers information about Monroe County, New York. The community's high-tech manufacturing and imaging are highlighted.

New Mexico

Information about the government of the state of New Mexico.

New York

The New York State information location finder used throughout the government system of gopher servers. This state, like several others, relies largely on its gopher server system to transmit government information.

North Carolina Department of Agriculture

This North Carolina Department of Agriculture page contains agricultural statistics, offers browsers information about laws and regulations, and specifies tasks performed by department divisions.

North Dakota


Information about the government of North Dakota.


Information about the government of the state of Ohio (largely provided by other gopher servers).

Oregon Department of Forestry

The Oregon Department of Forestry is using this server as a test to determine if the Web might be a valuable vehicle to distribute information to our customers and to the public in general. Comments on this experimental service are welcomed and encouraged.

Oregon OnLine

Provides links to information about the state of Oregon and its government.

The Oregon State Archives

The Oregon Bulletin, a monthly catalog of administrative rule proposals and adoptions, and lists of records of interest to genealogists and students of family history.

Rhode Island

Information about the government of Rhode Island.

Saint Paul (City of), Minnesota

City of Saint Paul Department of Public Works, Saint Paul, MN, US This server contains information about the city, including pointers to library services, city council agendas and minutes, and public works information. It also offers news about local sports schedules, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, and all other major Saint Paul activities.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

This server provides information about the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the steward of the state's natural resources. This home page includes information about those resources; data ranges from hunting and fishing regulations to the climatology, geology and hydrology of the state.

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, VA, US This server provides information about Virginia's system of higher education.

State Law

This Law Library server provides access to Kansas state governmental information. The compilations of resources includes judicial decisions, state agency pointers, state legislative information and information about elected representatives. Links to local information also is available.

State of Utah

Official home page of the state of Utah. This site provides access to a variety of government services and documents.


Information about the government of the state of Tennessee.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department BBS & Catalog

Austin, TX, US This server offers information Texas Parks and Wildlife Department; it provides access to the outdoor connection BBS and catalog.

Twin Cities Page

Featuring Twin City businesses, organizations, universities, and more.


Information about the government of the state of Virginia.

West Virginia

The Governor of West Virginia's homepage.

West Virginia

Information about the government of West Virginia.

Wyoming Page

This Wyoming Page contains information about and links to the real west, Wyoming.

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