Conferences, Institutes and Events

ATACC Confrence

The Alberta Teachers Association Computer Council Annual Conference at the Palliser Hotel, March 14-16 '96 in Calgary, Alberta.

Institute of Design

Provides information about the Institute of Design at the Umea University; the site contains details about the institute, its purposes and staff and a list of design resources on the Web.

International Conference on Technology and Education

The International Conference on Technology and Education will be held from March 17-20, 1996 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

International Conferences for Education

Providing up-to-date information on upcoming international conferences, this site should be of interest to many educational professionals.

National Black College Showcase

The National Black College Alumni Reunion is holding a national Black college fair on March 21-24, 1996, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel/Downtown in Miami, Florida.

Prometheus Unplugged -- Romanticism Conference

The 3rd Annual National Graduate Student Romanticism Conference -- Prometheus Unplugged -- will take place at Emory University from April 12-14, 1996.

Syllabus Conferences

Welcome to the Syllabus conference page where you'll find information on past and future conferences and seminars for faculty, administrators, and technology staff. Topics include multimedia, the Internet and more.

Western Academy of Management Annual Meeting

The 37th Annual Western Academy of Management Conference will take place in Banff, Alberta, Canada from March 28 - 30, 1996.

Coursework Servers

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Class Coursework Server

Come see everything you could possibly want to see about the Cal Poly College of Business; one of the best programs available.

The Dun and Bradstreet Online University

Provided by Dun and Bradstreet Information Services and University Online, Inc. The goal is to provide continuing education to individuals in both the workplace and home.

Distance Learning

Chrysalis School

Find out about this independent study program from Woodinville, WA, for students of all ages. Site includes information about school programs, history, philosophy and goals.

Danville Area Community College Distance Education Resources

College information and catalog for this Danville, IL.

Distance Education Clearinghouse

Clearinghouse for teleconferencing technologies, courses and other distance learning resources.

Satellite Educational Resources Consortium (SERC)

Combination resource from the state and local departments of education and public broadcasting to design, produce and deliver educational resources.

TEAMS Distance Learning

Our mission is to provide educational resources and services to students, teachers, and parents. See the new and exciting things that the TEAMS Distance Learning program has to offer. We welcome your active involvement in TEAMS Distance Learning.

Financial Aid


A place for college students to find financial aid through scholarships and work study programs.

Bradley Financial Aid Consultants

A system developed to help families through the complex financial aid system.

Charles A. Dana Foundation

A foundation that supports brain research and school reform by means of grants and public education initiatives.

Crestar Student Loan

Learn how to find help for financial aid to college.

DDI Enterprise

Learn how to acquire financial aid.

Federally-Funded Research in the U.S.

A listing of Federally Funded Research sites in the U.S.

Free Money For College!

Free money for college. See how!

Money For College Directory

Contains over a thousand unusual and hard to find scholarships, along with instructions on how to apply to them.

National Endowment for Humanities

An agency of the United States Government that makes grants for projects in history, languages, philosophy, and other areas of the humanities.

NCSS Online

A National Council for Social Studies, and a planned agenda for the 75th annual conference.

NRC Research Associateship Programs

A program offered to scientist and engineers at the doctoral level who are selected in a national competition.

The Rotary Foundation

An organization that awards university students and teachers through international exchanges of business and professional people.


Learn how to invest in programs and receive a 10% annual yield payable in tuition to any SAGE member school.

Scholarship Foundation of America

Recognizing and rewarding the outstanding high school students of America.

Scholarship Searches

A system specializing in matching students with scholarships and grants to pay for their education.

Signet Bank College Money Matters

A college financial information center. With information on grants and scholarships.


American Orff-Schulwerk Association

Access to complete information regarding the association, an organization of teachers who use the pedagogical principles of composer Carl Orff.

Annenberg/CPB Higher Education Project

An education product that funds educational videos, video discs and CD ROMs for higher education.

Associated Western Universities (AWU)

An assortment of 62 universities working with government, industry and to develop and administer a broad spectrum of science and engineering education programs.

Australia-New Zealand Studies Center

Studies that deal with Australia, New Zealand, Oceania and the Asia-Pacific in general.

Bennett School of Travel

Travel School approved by the Maryland State Board for Higher Education.

Boston College Center for International Higher Education

A great source for finding links to other research centers, and library information.

Center for Science Education

Portland State University center for Science Education.

Centre for Applied Ethics, University of British Columbia

Full documentation on the Centre's purpose, history, and activities. There are also home pages for most of the Centre's research associates, visiting fellows, and grad students. Increasingly, we will be including various papers in the field of applied ethics.

Committee on Institutional Cooperation

An information center of the CC. Which is an academic consortium of the Big Ten Universities.


An educational community who integrates information technology into classrooms and research.

GLAVX: The Greek World on the Internet

A listing of Global Networks linking the Greek World.

IKE - IBM Kiosk for Education

Offering information about IBM technology applications on campuses, courseware, and program offerings related to education servers.

Index - Big Idea Education Center

Access learning programs by geographic location and course of study, with direct links to their institutions.

Institute for Media Education

A scientific research and educational center studying sexology.

Institute for the Study of Human Capabilities

A complete guide to the field of Human Factors or Human Engineering, at Indiana University.

Internet Resources Newsletter

A newsletter for the technically advanced side of the Internet. It will provide guidance on various aspects of electronic information.

Iowa Research and Education Network (IREN)

A coalition of two and four year institutions of higher education, public libraries, other educational organizations, and community interests.

Minority Information - FEDIX

These agencies provide information about their minority opportunities and activities.

National Academic Advising Associaton

An organization of persons interested in academic advising as a contributor to the development of students in higher education.

National Institute for Paralegal Arts and Sciences

Since 1976 offering a certificate program in Paralegal Arts & Sciences.

OPPtical Illusion, Online Creatively

A center for students and teachers who use English as a second language.

Princeton Review

If you're looking for information on any aspect of the college or graduate/professional school admissions process, you've come to the right place. The Princeton Review offers critiques of testing companies, test-taking problems, what's new in testing. Also included are rankings of the best colleges, graduate schools, business schools, law Schools and medical schools.

Study in the USA Online Directory

A complete guide for international students who are interested in studying at a university, college or English language programs in the US.

Tufts Institute of Cosmology

Provides links to information about the institute, its seminars, publications and home pages of staff and students.

Utah System of Higher Education - Distance Education

Information relating to the Utah System of Higher Education, Distance Education and Technology Initiative.

"Virtual Catalog'oftheESLandEFL'

Lisa Page, courtesy of inclass newsgroup This electronic catalog server provides information about ESL and EFL resources available to students and teachers on the net. Additions may be submitted through the e-mail form in the catalog or directly to



Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), an informational system supported by the United States Dept. of Education.

Department of Defense Education Gateway

Here at the Department of Defense Education site, you can find information on educational programs, scholarships and partnerships sponsored by the Defense Department. Also included are links to other Federal sites.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment

Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), Clearinghouse on Assessment & Evaluation, supported by the United States Dept. of Education.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Education Programs

The Laboratory has a goal to apply its resources and expertise to help enhance the teaching of science, mathematics, and technology both locally and nationwide through exploration, discovery, and understanding of the relevance of science and technology. Publications, Lab research, resources and current events are all found here.

Outreach and Technical Assistance Network

California Department of Education: Resource center for providers of adult education.

The Rural Datafication Project

Two-year project funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation to bring the power of the Internet to rural and otherwise underserved communities.

U.S. Department of Education

If you are a researcher or Teacher, this is the site for you! Vast resources for virtually any topic of interest in learning plus information on programs and grants under the Department of Education are here for exploration. Rated one of the top 5% of Web sites.

Workforce Preparation

New York State Education Dept. Office of Workforce Preparation & Continuing Education.


How to survive College

Here is a humorous list of "How to survive college life". Included in this are lists of managing your money, taking notes, parking and a lot more.

Ideas of a University

Are you confused about entering college? This home page opens the door to the university campus for you, and lets you talk to instructors at your own leisure. They explain to you what is involved in their subject, how you can major in it, why you might proceed to further degrees, and what jobs these degrees may lead to.

T@P Schools & Money

This site has a database of more than 180,000 scholarships, grants, fellowships, and loans representing billions of dollars in private sector funding for college students living in the United States. Also included are news articles like how students can manage and save their money.

Health Care

Cleveland State University Graduate Program in Health Care Administration

Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH, US This server for the ACEHSA-accredited program includes a guide for potential applicants, faculty list, information about greater Cleveland and links to other health-related resources.


Biblical Foundations for Christian Homeschooling

We offer support and encouragement for families who have made the choice to teach their children at home.

Christian Homeschool Forum

Our members share support and insight in the growing area of home schooling.

Clonlara School Home Based Education Program

Real-life problem solving used instead of sterile books. Students signed across the country.

Home Education Resource Center (HERC)

Provides links to other educational resources on the Internet as well as our own recommendation for education materials for teachers, home-schoolers and interested parents.


A great resource for home schooling in the Washington area and nationwide. Many interesting sources and links.

Homespun Web of Home Educational Resources

Especially set up for families that home educate their children, are thinking about it, or just want to supplement their child's education.

The Math Teaching Assistant

If you have trouble with math check out this resource for assistance and information on various levels of math from addition, geometry and algebra, to word problems.

Schoolhouse Videos & CDs

Internet search and browse access to over 3,500 hard-to-find and best-selling instructional and inspirational videos and several hundred CDs.


TeenyBee publishes interactive learning materials designed for use by parents at home or teachers in classrooms.

Instructional Technology and Training

Borland Online

Borland Online is a resource for its company' software developers, providing access to technical documents and information on products, seminars, and training locations. Borland International is a leading provider of products and services for software developers.

Carleton University School of Computer Science

We provide information about the school, its faculty, research activities, technical reports, and programs offered.

Catholic University of America ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation (ERIC/AE)

This server provides Information about educational testing, and resources to encourage responsible test use. This site features searches of the ERIC abstracts and full text databases; the Test Locator (descriptions of educational and psychological assessment instruments); publications about educational testing; and general information about the ERIC System.

ChemCAI: Instructional Software for Chemistry

Technical information which informs teachers and course designers on both commercial and non commercial sources, including links to other instructional resources. Downloadable chemistry CAI demos, digital texts and materials from Simon Fraser University.

Electronics and Systems Department (DES)

General information about the department, including research lines and courses. There's also an interesting virtual visit to our region (Galicia) with pictures, sounds and videos.

How-To Videos

Lighthouse Productions provides information about a selection of how-to videos.

Institute of Design

This Swedish site at the Umea University in Sweden is the home of the Institute of Design. The site has an excellent list of design resources on the Web.

Kids' Space

Kids Space a place for children to enhance basic computer skills through real participation and use of the Internet. Kids can show their art, wrtie stories, share music, chat with other kids and find out about other places around the world.

Nevada Technical Associates, Inc.

The Nevada Technical Associates offer online access to short training courses in radiation safety, radiochemistry, and other health related issues.

SchoolYear 2000

The School Year 2000 Initiative is a redesign of K-12 education, including instructional, social and business aspects of the schooling process. It is a conscious effort to try and improve school aged children's productivity in Florida.

Vancouver English Center

The Vancouver English Center offers short-term and long-term programs for youths and adults throughout the year in addition to home-stay and activities programs.


The Graduate Institute of International Studies In Geneva

A server belonging to the Graduate Institute of International Studies, an advanced teaching and research establishment that is devoted to the scientific study of contemporary international relations.

Youth For Understanding (YFU)

Find out about this private, nonprofit educational organization which organizes exchange programs for high school students in over 30 countries. Hosting, becoming a YFU volunteer, and becoming a YFU exchange student are all discussed.


American University - School of Communication

Your guide to the School of Communication at AU, with information on undergraduate and graduate programs, advising, registration, internships and other selected programs at the university.

Arizona State University - Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Telecommunication

Course information, student activities, Alumni newsletter and links for professional journalists.

De Proverbio

This server contains De Proverbio: An Electronic Journal of International Proverb Studies, a scholarly journal of paremiology (proverb study) that is published twice a year. De Proverbio is a book publisher devoted entirely to paremiology.

Environmental Writing (Lehigh)

Home page for the Science and Environmental Writing Graduate Program in the department of Journalism and Communication at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.

Journalism and Communications WWW sites

A compilation of communications, journalism and media sites at various universities, sorted by region and country.

Lehigh University - Department of Journalism and Communication

Home Page for the Department of Journalism and Communication at Lehigh University, Bethlehem,PA. The page features departmental and course information, as well as links to other journalism sites.

University of Tampere - Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

Some details about the departments history and today's situation of journalism and mass communication studies in Finland.


Advantage Tuition

Advantage Tuition tutors are studying university courses which directly relate to the subjects that they tutor (i.e. Law tutors are studying law, Accounting tutors are studying Commerce).

American Cybercasting Corp.

American Cybercasting will bring power to your educational network and integrate today's information into the classrooms of tomorrow!

Big Picture

The Big Picture program is designed to help students integrate their life experiences with school experiences and promote a more effective learning environment.


Cherry Hills Montessori

From Danville, VA, the Cherry Hill Montessori School page discusses the teaching philosophy developed by Maria Montessori, school teaching objectives, and enrollment information.

CNC and Utilities

This is the only bench top machine in its class to include low-friction linear slides used in large industrial CNC machinery.

Contributions to Algebra and Geometry

Contributions to Algebra and Geometry, a European mathematical journal. From FIZ Karlsruhe, department of mathematics and computer science Berlin.

CyberCampus Ontario

CyberCampus is a computer based virtual campus existing on the Internet with the primary purpose of supporting the education system in learning about information technology.

Education Source

A resource designed specifically for home-schoolers and other families in search of educational and entertaining products for their children.

Frequently Asked Questions In Mathematics

Set of topics of interest to professional and amateur mathematicians. The FAQ is maintained by Alex Lopez-Ortiz.

Ghent Montessori

A student-created Montessori home page from Norfolk, VA, with selected links, tours and resources, including the Ghent Montessori newsletter, work from students, and links to other Montessori schools and Internet resources for students and teachers on the Web.

Hydro/Aquatic Tech

Aquaponics combines the science of hydroponics (growing plants without soil), with the art of aqua culture (fish-farming).

Karl Davidson Training and Development Co.

Add a new passion and purpose to your teaching, at home or in the classroom.

Klagenfurt University: Austrian Academic Software Initiative

The Austrian Academic Software Initiative is an effort intended to promote scientific discourse. Based at the Klagenfurt University, the issues involve the interactive media and its use in higher education as well as in research.

Kyrene School District

The Kyrene School District in Arizona offers information about the entire district and each individual school. There are also links to other cool Internet sites.

Mankato Area Schools

CyberFair provides information about Mankato area parent-teacher organizations. Student art and writing is accessible via the Virtual Open House.

Microsoft Focus on K-12

Dedicated to providing educators access to a wide range of education resources in an effort to help better integrate technology into schools and classrooms.

MidLink Magazine

The bimonthly electronic magazine for kids in the middle grades--generally ages 10 to 15. Enjoy art and writing hat will link middle school kids all over the world.

National Computer Systems

A global information services company which provides quality integrated information management products and services for acquisition, processing, reporting, interpretation and management of data.

National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System

National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System is a program funded by the U.S. Department of Education to support development of policies, programs, and practices for young children with disabilities and their families.

National Energy Foundation

The National Energy Foundation is devoted to the development of energy related instructional materials and innovative teacher training and student programs.

Nordale Elementary School

Nordale Elementary School in Alaska home page includes sections on Our Work, Online News and Weather Info, Education Resources and Libraries, References, Maps and Geography, Search Engines and Other Tools. Much of the work has been done by the children and includes introductions to Alaskan kids.

On-Line Illustrated Children's Book

An illustrated children's book about a child who wakes before his parents and watches Jerusalem stir from its slumber. Suitable for children ages 3 to 7.

Ottawa Montessori School

Background on the Montessori method and Ottawa area schools, with a few related jump sites of interest.

Prairie Rainbow Company

A new generation of math models with contemporary colors and specific applications.

Read To Me Program

Promotes literacy among children. Primary concept is to read to children for at least ten minutes every day.


Learn how to double your child's reading speed with a gain in comprehension.

Smoky Hill High School--SmokyNet W3

Smoky Hill High School, Aurora, Colorado. Provides information about SmokyNet, and visitors are invited to enter the site and survey the action at Smoky Hill High School. Includes information about an International Baccalaureate program, the staff, and information about the development of the high school's WWW curriculum project.

St. Stephen's Episcopal School

Everything a parent might want to know about St. Stephen's Episcopal School, a college-prep institution in Austin, Texas is available at this site.

TOR Computerized Systems Inc.

The exclusive educational reseller for Autodesk multimedia products in Ontario, and a distributor of all Autodesk products to the college, university bookstores, computer stores across Canada and the largest multimedia reseller for Autodesk products in North America.

Tossed Salad Productions

The zany, wacky and "delectably" delightful ambassador of children's fitness and nutrition. Healthy Herb will educate your child about the benefits of exercise and eating right.

Venture Vision, Inc.

Turn poor or average students into success-oriented, unstoppable individuals.


Publishing educational multimedia via the World Wide Web.

Waterford Institute

A nonprofit research center dedicated to helping children learn through the use of computers.

Medical Schools

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Ben Gurion University

Boston University

Brown University

Case Western Reserve University

Cornell University

Dartmouth University

Duke University

Educational Technology Branch (ETB)

National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, MD. This server carries information relevant to educational technology in the health professions. It is maintained by the Educational Technology Branch (ETB) at the National Library of Medicine, and features information about ETB research. It links to other closely related Web and Gopher servers.

F. Edward HebÈrt School of Medicine

Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Israel

Index - Graduate Medical Programs: Hospitals and Medical Schools

Indiana University - Bloomington

Providing information on the Internet to the IU School of Medicine for most of the Internet text sources.

Indiana University School of Medicine

Johns Hopkins University

Gain an access to info re: welchWeb.

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre

Life College Home Page

Marietta, GA, US This server provides information about Life College in Georgia. The college specializes in the chiropractic professional degree and health related degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Access to additional information about chiropractic research.

Loyola University Medical Education Network (LUMEN

LUMEN's specific goals are to integrate health sciences curricular content, enhance access to the explosive increase of medical information worldwide, encourage self-directed learning, nourish intellectual interactions, prepare students for future technological advances, and promote the development of hypermedia educational projects (lessons).

LSU Medical Center

M.I.R. University of Calgary

Manchester University Medical Informatics Group

Manchester University, Manchester, UK This server provides information about the Manchester University Medical Informatics Group, an interdisciplinary group concerned with the design and implementation of health-care information systems. MIG has particular interest in all aspects of the Electronic Patient Record, from the intelligent clinical workstation to the terminological problems of medical applications.

Marshall University School of Medicine

Mayo Medical School

McGill University - Medical Computing Resource

Medical College of Virginia

Medical Education Page

Phoenix, AZ, US This page is devoted to medical education information useful to pre-medical and medical students, medical educators and physicians. Links to all the known medical schools on the web can be found here, along with many more medically oriented resources.

Medical University of S. Carolina

Medizinische Universitaet zu Luebeck

MIT Clinical Decision Making Group

Miyazaki Medical College

Morehouse School of Medicine

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Nagoya University Medical School

New York Medical College


Nippon Medical School

Northwestern University Medical School infoPLEX

Nursing Mothers' Association of Australia

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia This server contains information about the Nursing Mothers' Association of Australia. This association provides services and resources to benefit nursing mothers, health professionals and researchers involved in management or investigation of human lactation.

NYU Medical Center

Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (Tulsa)

Osaka Medical College

Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine

Sackler Medical School

Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Sapporo Medical School

St. Bartholomew's and the Royal London Association of Medical and Dental Students

SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn

Syracuse University - Health Science Center

Tufts University - School of Medicine

Tulane University Medical Center

U.C. Irvine - College of Medicine

U. of North Dakota School of Medicine

UC Davis - Medical Center

UC Irvine - College of Medicine

UCLA - Medical Center

UCSF - Hormone Research Institute

UIUC College of Medicine

United Medical and Dentals Schools

Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo

University of Adelaide - Faculty of Medicine

University of Alberta - Faculty of Medicine

University of Arizona

University of Bonn - Medical Center

University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

University of Cologne Medical Faculty

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

University of Hawaii - Division of Medical Technology

University of Illinois - College of Medicine at Peoria

University of Kansas Medical Center

University of Kentucky College of Medicine

University of London Royal Postgraduate Medical School

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

University of Miami School of Medicine

University of Mississippi Medical Center

University of Missouri Kansas City - School of Medicine

University of North Texas Health Science Center

University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

University of Rochester Environmental Medicine Dept.

University of Southern California School of Medicine

University of Tennessee, Memphis College of Medicine

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

University of the Witwatersrand - Faculty of Medicine

University of Troms' School of Medicine

University of Western Ontario - Faculty of Medicine

University of Wisconsin Medical School - NetMISphere!

UW-Madison, Medical School InfoLink


The Ohio State University Air Force ROTC

University and the Air Force ROTC program.

On-line Resources

Andrew II Projects

Computing Services, Carnegie Mellon University. Andrew II is a series of projects which are replacing much of the distributed computing infrastructure on the Andrew System at Carnegie Mellon University.

ATTG's Neural Net Tutor

ATTG's Neural Net Tutor is a fully-modifiable, highly graphical, neural net engine that can apply to prediction and pattern-matching problems. ATTG's NNTutor brings hands-on education of cutting-edge technologies right to the desktop. At its heart is a fully-configurable neural net engine to use for solving real problems.

Auburn University Graduate Outreach Program

Masters & Ph.D. programs in Engineering & Business available from Auburn University.

Basic TV Techniques JOUR 3450

A course on Basic TV Techniques offered by the Dept. of Jour/Telecom at Northwestern State University.

Capitalization []

Handbook for technical writers.

CAUT Computational Chemistry project

A joint project developing online courses and resources for computational chemistry via the Web.


CelticNet provides information about resource bases of Celtic information, particularly of Scottish names, tartans, and crests.

The Children's Software Company

Children's Software Company, which specialize in educational software for preschool through high school youngsters In cooperation with MECC Software, the Children's Software Company invites children around the world to compete in a creative writing contest on the Internet. Winners in each age group will have their stories published on this site and win free MECC software.

Computer Science Dept., Laval University

Provides information about the department, students, research activities, technical papers and programs offered.

CUSID (Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate)

The Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate has links to many debating resources in Canada, the United States and around the world.

Education, Training and Development Resource Center for Businesss and Industry

Resource center for business and industry for training, development and education related resources.

Electric Renaissance

Boise State University course on the History of the Renaissance.

The Electronic MBA

The Electronic MBA is an electronic learning system providing interactive learning on-line 24 hours a day. Lessons are delivered in computer disk format to your home or work place.

English and American Literature to 1800

Washington State University course in English & American Literature through the 1800's.

Globewide Network Academy-course catalog

Updated monthly and includes active and planned courses offered by members of the Globewide Network Academy educational consortium, as well as application forms to submit a course and to apply for consortium membership.

Godby High School WWW Home Page

The high school Web site contains student home pages and educational links for kids.

HST 356 - The Holocaust (Credit course via Web)

A course on the Holocaust (the Nazi war against the Jews, 1933-1945), offered by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Humanities 202

A study of Western European Cultures from 500 AD to 1500 AD. Offered by Washington State University.

Kreative Kids Computer Camp

Computer training for children. The curriculum concentrates on skills to improve homework, primarily in the areas of desktop publishing (including typing) and the Internet.

The Latitude28 Schoolhouse

OpenNet Technologies, is designed for K12 students. It contains a complete online children's book, Grin's Message, as well as an interactive map game.

Management Systems and Training, Inc.

Overland Park provides access to training business people to use most popular software. Mgmt Systems & Training has trained over 35,000 people and offers free tips and technical support for Lotus 1-2-3.

Materials Research Laboratory (UIUC)

Materials Research Laboratory supports interdisciplinary materials research by faculty and students in departments throughout the University of Illinois. The laboratory operates central facilities for the characterization of the structure and microchemistry of materials as well as synthesis, preparation and more.

NCSS Online

The National Council for the Social Studies has grown to be the largest association in the country devoted solely to social studies education. NCSS serves as an umbrella organization for elementary, secondary, and college teachers of history, geography, economics, political science, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and law-related education. On their page, you can learn more about their publications, grants and awards offered by the organization, as well as dates of upcoming meetings.

Notre Dame's Mass Spectrometry Laboratories

Notre Dame's Mass Spectrometry Laboratories, which are service labs for the departments of chemistry and biochemistry.

The Online Writery

The Online Writery is a student-oriented writing and learning site with communication and information resources including e-mail and access to MOOs and the Web.

P103 General Psychology

Introductory Psychology course offered by Indiana University.

Reader for the Study of World Civilizations

A reader on the study of World Civilizations, from Ancient Mesopotamia to the Present, offered by Washington State University.

Technology & Learning Corporation

Computer related subjects: LANs, Internetworking, TCP/IP Protocols, Bridges, Gateways, etc.

Universities Space Research Association

This USRA, a private, nonprofit corporation established in 1969 by the National Academy of Sciences at the request of NASA. Providing a mechanism through which universities may cooperate with one another, with the USA government, and with other research organizations.

University of Victoria, B.C. Department of Economics

Teaching and research programs as well as links to other servers of interest to economists.

World Cultures to 1500

World Cultures to 1500 A.D. (Gen. Ed. 110) as offered by Washington State University.

World History at Carnegie Mellon University

This course studies major features of the principal existing civilizations of the world as offered by Carnegie Mellon University.


Jason Aronson Publishers

Leading publisher in the fields of psychotherapy and Judaica offers an extensive online catalog of books.

Mail-Order Marketing Made Easy

Book helps entrepreneurs establish an Internet business presence using direct response marketing strategies.


Department of Biological Sciences, University of Durham

Department of Biological Sciences provides information at this site about the department at the University of Durham, England. Courses, research, job opportunities, and a link to a collection of biological search engines can be investigated here.

The European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations

The European Research Centre, a multidisciplinary research institute, specializes in the study on European migration and ethnic relations. The Centre is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Southwestern College

Browse the general information, find out campus information, and get a schedule of classes.

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