Artificial Life

Artificial Life IV
An Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems. July 6-8, 1994, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.

Artificial Life V (May 16-18, 1996, Nara, Japan)
An Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems. May 16-18, 1996, Nara, Japan.

Computational Intelligence Research Lab (CIRL)
Computational Intelligence Research Lab is a laboratory affiliated with the CS department. It is doing research on basic questions in artificial intelligence: search, knowledge representation, and reasoning. CIRL faculty participate in university and departmental activities including the supervision of graduate students.

Genetic Programming 96
Call for papers and additional information for the first conference on Genetic Programming Genetic Programming Conference (GP-96) July 28 - 31 (Sunday - Wednesday), 1996 Fairchild Auditorium, Stanford University, Stanford, California USA.

Oakland University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Oakland University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Association for Cybernetics Research, a multi-disciplinary group of student researchers engaged in the application of integrated AI technologies and techniques to real-world problems as well as development of solid scientific and philosophical foundation for the field.

Robot: Win a Mobile Robot
Real World/ActivMedia, provides information about a new robot for classrooms and labs. Also, win a state-of-the-art AI mobile robot.

Cognitive Science

Cognitive & Psychological Sciences Index
This is an index to net resources relevant to research in cognitive science and psychology, including academicþprograms, organizationsþ&þconferences, journalsþ&þmagazines, and more.

Cognitive Science - WWW Virtual Library
Maintained by the Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences Department, at Brown University in Providence, RI, this provides links to net resources relevant to research in cognitive science and psychology, including academicþprograms, organizations, conferences, journals, projects, and more.

Resources for Psychology and Cognitive Sciences on the Internet
Provides over 400 links to net resources relevant to research in cognitive science and psychology, including academicþprograms, organizations, conferences, journals, projects, and more.

Rutvik's cognitive science programs list
A list of links to some of the schools, departments and institutes in the US offering multidisciplinary programs in Cognitive Science and closely related fields, as well as a smaller list of related web sites.


1994-1995 SMART Catalog
Provides detailed information about professional development opportunities and resources for K-12 teachers of mathematics, science and technology.

21st Century Problem Solving
Promotes problem solving literacy in algebra, physics, and chemistry.

About Rainbows
An educational tour that looks at the physical nature of the rainbow, with graphics and text references.

Advanced Computer Tutoring Research
Intelligent tutoring systems based on a cognitive architecture that supports teaching and learning (ACT-R). Provides access to download papers from ACT group and group member's webpages.

AIMS Education Foundation
Hands-on activities that integrate mathematics, science, and other disciplines with links to AIMS magazine, catalog and discussion area.

Algebra Group
This page has been set up to provide some information on activities of the algebra research group of the LUC. Main research topics are: Invariant theory, regular algebras, enveloping algebras, and representation theory of finite groups. Provides access to mathematicians and mathematical news groups.

Annenberg/CPB Higher Education Project
This site provides resources for people interested in higher education. Also includes information on using technologies to teach in educational strategies, French language activities, and film history with American cinema.

A project to inspire research in education. Provides a description of the program and contains information about getting involved with the program.

Autumn Hall
The purpose of Autumn Hall on the World Wide Web is to provide information for middle grade science education. Links to educational resources.

Biology Home Page, Vrije Universiteit
Biology faculty at Vrije University in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Bugs in the News
This site provides articles which explain and help a person to understand various topics such as: antibiotics, HIV, PCR, genes, and enzymes.

Calculus, Concepts, Computers, and Cooperative Learning (C4L)
This site describes the guiding principles of a program that emphasizes a pedagogical approach based on a constructivist theoretical perspective of how mathematics is learned.

Camp T-Equity
This site contains information about a four-week technology-immersion day camp for girls with links to participants, guest speakers, activities and photographs.

Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation
This site provides links to various foundations offering scholarship awards to Canadian students. Also included is information about sponsors, volunteers and other contacts.

Carnegie Corporation of New York-The Grant Making Foundation
This site provides general information about the foundation, including: when it was founded, the funding level, and countries supporting the program. Also included are links on how to submit a proposal and how to contact the cooperation.

Charles A. Dana Foundation
A private philanthropic foundation with grant programs in health and education and operating programs of awards and public affairs. Includes links to grant making, awards and publications.

Computer Aided Education tools
This page presents software tools developed within our group ( ICE, University of Twente) which cover the field of Computer Aided Education. Provides graphic demonstrations and informational descriptions of the 'Semiconductor Devices' and 'Basic Electronics' courses.

Computer as Learning Partner
An on-going educational research effort at the University of California at Berkeley dedicated to informing and improving middle school science instruction. Describes the program in detail.

Cornell Math and Science Gateway for Grades 9-12
This site provides links to resources in mathematics and science for educators and students in grades 9-12. Includes multimedia facets and explanatory text.

Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology
Microbiology and microbial ecology educational resources for students and teachers. Includes images, descriptions, stories, and extensive lists that relate to microbiology and microbial ecology.

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC), the information source for K-12 math and science teachers. ENC Services help you connect with ENC and the latest answers in math and science education.

Explorer Home Page
The Explorer is a network data base system for contributing, organizing and delivering educational resources such as instructional software, lab activities, and lesson plans for mathematics and science education.

Family Math
This site describes a family-based program that encourages underrepresented groups (especially girls and minority students) to enter careers that use mathematics.

Federally-Funded Research in the U.S.
Provides information about federally-funded grants with links to NIH - The National Institutes of Health, NSF - The National Science Foundation, SBIR - Small Business Innovation Research, USDA - The United States Department of Agriculture and ATP - The Advanced Technology Program.

Franklin Institute Virtual Science Museum
Offers visitors a visual tour of the museum and access to the institute's educational resources. Also included is a movie which gives a visual tour of the museum.

Fulbright Scholar Program
Information contained on this page pertains to the Fulbright Senior Scholar Program and is made available to Fulbright alumni, grantees, prospective applicants, and the public at large. Provides links to information about grant opportunities, application request and other general information about the program.

Genesee Area Mathematics/Science/Technology Center
Provides resources so that learners will excel in and seek career pathways in mathematics, science, and technology. Includes information about mathematics and science centers, curriculum development and special programs.

Grant Seeker's Resource Center
Writing and Technical Assistance for Businesses, Nonprofit Organizations and Government Agencies. Provides detailed information to help you obtain the funds you need.

The Hub
The Hub, a resource for math and science, provides an Internet publication service that can help you to disseminate reports, curricula, projects in progress and requests for proposals. This server houses a number of articles, reports, newsletters, curriculum, projects, and software of value to educators.

An online resource for primary and secondary school teachers, students and administrators that provides national and world-wide agricultural news, exporter information, a publications index, and bio-technological research information. Provides numerous links to various educational resources such as GRIN, the National Genetic Resources Program and ChemViz (Chemical Visualization project).

Index - Research Funding Agency- Department of Computer Science
Assists faculty, students, and companies in identifying research funding opportunities. Searchable grant databases available.

Interactive Learning in Calculus and Differential Equations with Applications
A computerized learning environment consisting of a classroom with 31 Macintosh Centers 650s and a laboratory with 12 Macintosh LCs, all equipped with Mathematics. A guided discovery and exploration enabling science students to actively learn calculus and differential equations .

Internet for Kids
A book of Internet activities provided for kids on the Net. This Web page is a companion to Internet for Kids.

IPL Youth Division's Dr. Internet
This site is to help kids explore science and math on the Internet. Provides photographs and descriptions.

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's ELSI Project
Pilot project designed to stimulate discussions on the implications of selected areas of scientific research. These modules probably will be most useful to educators and students at the middle school level.

Lawrence Hall of Science
Public science center, at University of California, Berkeley, designed to maintain and develop excellence in math and science education. Information such as exhibits and public programs is provided.

LDAPS: Science Through Engineering
Provides ways to bring engineering to a more tangible level, and in fact teach it to students in grades K-6. Also includes combined aeronautics, computers, LEGO's provided tutorials, instructions, and a community bulletin board.

Learning Studio
A new experimental multimedia and communications lab located in the Exploratorium Library that provides multimedia and communications training. Includes leads to a teacher's guide to student built experiments, information about the Nobel Prize winners in physics, and exhibits created by the Center for Electronic Arts.

Liftoff to Space Exploration
This page features NASA spacelab missions and information on space, rocket science, VR and more.

Mac Education Software: Chemistry Math Latin Greek French Spanish
Educational software from Science Education Software. This page enables you to download all of the games and view an on-line manual to learn more about the games and how to play them.

Mars Surveyor MENU
This MENU is designed to provide background about the Mars Surveyor Program. Updated information will continue to be provided.

Math and Science Centers Network
Provides extensive list of various centers.

Math Teaching Assistant
Provides an opportunity for home schooling students to learn various levels of math ranging from addition to calculus. Opportunities to download math tutoring software.

Mathematics Archives
Contains educational software and other materials which can be used in the teaching of mathematics at college levels. Other areas, ranging from laboratory notebooks and problem sets to lecture notes and reports on innovative methods, are growing. Also provides an extensive collection of links to other sites that are of interest to mathematicians.

Mathematics Experiences Through Image Processing (METIP)
Uses digital image processing software to help motivate students to stay interested in mathematics and science. Provides leads to a number of programs that allow students to explore mathematics.

Mathematics Lesson Plans
Connect to these pages to discover a collection of lesson plans for Secondary mathematics teachers to use. Each lesson incorporates internet sites that can be integrated into actual lesson plans.

Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education
Network resources for educators and others interested in mathematics, science, and technology education at levels kindergarten through college. Resources include descriptions of MSTE events, a catalog of University of Illinois at U-C projects, a directory of K-12 schools on the Internet, and a directory of North American centers for mathematics, science, and technology education projects.

A K-12 telecommunications project developed in El Paso, Texas that provides strong motivation for students to use computer technology while increasing problem-solving strategies and communications skills. Provides information about educational challenges of the past and future.

MATHMOL --K-12 Mathematics and Molecules
This page provides great opportunities to learn more about the rapidly growing fields of molecular modeling and related areas. Makes use of Internet resources with the use of a hypermedia textbook and ancillary multimedia activities and also provides a forum for discussion among scientists, teachers and students dealing with topics found within these pages.

Maui High Performance Computing Center K12 Resources
Connect to these pages to discover more about the Internet with how-to's, WWW /HTML guides, and a separate resource list for students in K-6 and 7-12.

This site includes publications, reports, and preprints on Minimax Search. Also provided is an impressive list of algorithms, and a guide to the game of Othello.

Minority Science & Engineering Program
Connect to these pages to discover opportunities and support for minorities entering the fields of science and engineering. This site includes sample worksheets, quizzes and exams. Links to other science resources are also available.

Monarch Watch
Provide opportunities to further science education, particularly in primary and secondary school systems, to promote conservation of monarch butterflies, and to involve thousands of students and adults in a cooperative study of the monarch's fall migration. Also includes a discussion list for the Monarch Watch participants and for people who have not yet participated.

NASA Aerospace Education Services Program
This site provides information about a free program for teachers, students, and the general public that is designed to increase awareness and understanding of scientific research and technological development and their place in the world in which we live. Links to educational resources are also made available.

National Council for Social Sciences Online
Rated among the top 5% of all sites on the Internet by Point Survey. Provides information ranging from the planned agenda for the 75th annual conference to grants and awards of the organization.

National Space Simulations Project
NESPUT is an international activity in which real-life activities are simulated via telecommunications for educational purposes. This page provides resources to help you get started in educational telecomputing simulations, and also includes a link to the National Science Teacher's Association.

National Teachers Enhancement Network
This Network provides K-12 teachers with high quality graduate science courses taught by university scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. It also enhances professional networking nationwide between science teachers and active research scientists.

NRC Research Associateship Programs
You can use this service to learn about the programs, to browse through different postdoctoral research opportunities at federal research centers and laboratories, and to request printed materials and application forms.

Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences
Provides talented Pennsylvania high school students with enrichment experiences in the sciences and mathematics and to encourage them to pursue careers in science and technology. Links to PGSS core, elective, and laboratory courses.

Project ALERT
An exploratory program in the application of hypermedia technology to promote science education and literacy. Includes a range of topics and a list of participants involved in the project.

Project Discovery
This project is a statewide systemic initiative to improve the quality of teaching and learning of mathematics and science through research-based, long term professional development for practicing teachers. Web Links to other statewide systemic initiative pages.

Project INSITE
Provides pedagogical and philosophical foundations for improving science education. Includes lesson plans for K-12 science education.

Project LINK at the Exploratorium
Connect to these pages to discover pilot-test strategies for facilitating the live interface between scientists and K-12 teachers using the resources and technical expertise available at science museums and private industry. This site also provides access to a quicktime movie.

Public Science and Health Education Programs
Develops and implements plans and programs to orchestrate Hershey Medical Center personnel resources for the benefit of local public schools. Also includes community service in addition to education, patient care and research. Links to Public Science and Health Education Programs are made available.

REACH Summer Science Camp
This page describes a science camp for kids in Grades 4-7 held in Montreal, Canada. Provides science links for kids and mailing address.

Research Funding Opportunities and Administration (TRAM)
This site contains a set of grant application forms collected from various sources, as well as standard agreements for subcontracts, non-disclosures, licenses, and links to other servers related to research funding and administration.

The Rotary Foundation
Provides humanitarian grants and educational awards to university students and teachers through international exchanges of business and professional people.

SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources
Provides a comprehensive set of links to science and mathematics education resources.

Science Theatre Outreach Project
Describes an outreach science project that performs scientific demonstrations at community events and schools throughout the midwest. This page provides an email address, a science theatre demonstration guide, and lists of science theatre presentations.

Scope, Sequence, and Coordination of Secondary Science
A project of the National Science Teachers Association that provides for spacing and spreading out the study of each science discipline over several years. Provides links to SS&C and the National Science Education Standards, SS&C Publications, and SS&C Staff and Consultants.

Shell Centre for Mathematical Education
The Shell Centre for Mathematical Education is a center for research and development within the School of Education at the University of Nottingham. This site provides information technology in classrooms, a publications list and tells about the Balanced Assessment Project.

Sloan Foundation
A philanthropic non-profit institution, established by Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. Offers grants in the fields of science and technology.

Space Educator's Handbook
A space encyclopedia of information that provides files which are interactively linked for ease of learning about NASA, space science, space history, and space technology. 14 NASA QuickTime movies and three aerospace comics are included in the files.

Space Odessy
This site gives graphic and text descriptions about the Space Odyssey program at RIT. Provides links to access sound and images.

Texas A&M Research Foundation
A full service research administration organization. Provides information on the latest developments in funding sources, sponsor requirements, and regulations, as well as the latest trends in research administration.

Connect to these pages to discover images of transects applied to biological systems that provide educators and students an opportunity to explore a wide diversity of systems and habitats. Links to PEDAGOGY, BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS TECHNIQUES, IMAGE ANALYSIS, and SPECIFIC SITES are provided.

UCI - Science Education Programs (SEP)
Provides resources available on Internet/World Wide Web for standard and open-ended curricula in math and science. Resources are sorted by category, subcategory, and grade level.

Western Ohio Computer Organization
This site provides Internet access to schools in Auglaize, Champaign, Hardin, Logan, Miami and Shelby counties all located in west-central Ohio. Links are made available to the WOCO Staff, Schools Connected Through WOCO, Educational Information on the Web, and Other Internet Resources.

White House Fellowships
Provides firsthand experience in the process of governing the nation with links to application processes and an on-line Fellowships brochure.

WonderScience on the Internet
This site discusses hands-on elementary school science activity magazine published each month from October to May by the American Chemical Society and the American Institute of Physics. Animation science activities are included.

WWW VL: Instructional Resources in Biology
Covers resources either explicitly designed for teaching biology which are likely to be useful to educators. Includes museums, databases, experiments, projects and more.


Technical information about 3D-MAX, workstation-quality 3D stereo-glasses the company guarantees to be flicker free and to provide sharp, detailed 3D vision with 64K-colors for art, CAD, virtual reality, entertainment education and scientific visualization.

Access Excellence
Access Excellence server is part of a national educational program sponsored by the biotechnology industry pioneer, Genentech, Inc. It contains a biotechnology resource center for science teachers. Information includes breaking news in science and monthly seminars hosted by scientists on various topics, such as leeches and immunology.

Arecibo Observatory
Looking for the world's largest radio telescope? Click here.

Argentine National Science & Technology Nerwork-RECyT
Provides information about the Internet in Argentina, science and technology, and has links to resources in Argentina and Latin America in Spanish and English.

C.E.N. Digital Satellite Images
GIS sample imagery of Chicago, New York, and more. The two-meter-to-five-meter Russian satellite imagery can be used in any GIS project.

The Center for Statistical Consultation and Research (CSCAR)
A service and research unit of the University of Michigan that provides comprehensive statistical consultation and is extensively involved in collaborative research efforts.

The Contact Project
The Lunar Institute of Technology is dedicated to the institutes' simulation of the detection of radio signals from another solar system.

Cullimore and Ring Technologies, Inc.
Cullimore and Ring Technologies, Inc. provides thermal fluid software and consulting in addition to products and services in the areas of heat transfer and fluid system design and analysis.

Horizon Technology: Scientific Fringe-Related Topics
Horizon Technology investigates fringe science claims and reports those that appears valid. Submissions are welcome.

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
An interdisciplinary, nonprofit and non-governmental research institution sponsored by a consortium of 17 member nations. Sustainability and the human dimensions of global change are key concerns in IIASA's studies of environmental, economic, social and technological developments.

IPAC (Seeing Infrared with NASA)
IPAC exists to carry out large, data-intensive processing tasks as part of NASA's infrared astronomy program and to provide scientific and technical expertise on those projects to the astronomical research community. IPAC is part of the California Institute of Technology and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The Jyv_skyl_ Science Park Ltd
Dedicated to the science park, with its tenant companies, developed by JSP. It is part of the R&D and business development community in the province, and the coordinator for the national program for developing centers of expertise.

Keio University Neural Computing Center
Shonan Fujisawa Campus provides information about the Neural Computing Center in Shonan Fujisawa campus at Keio University, which maintains a server that offers a variety of results of computer communications, VLSI-CAD, molecular biology, management science, operations research, medical imaging, and computer science using neural computing.

The Knowledge Systems Laboratory
The Knowledge Systems Laboratory does applied research in Artificial Intelligence and via this server delivers technical reports and information on its' staff.

Lighting Research Center
Part of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute School of Architecture in Troy, N.Y., whose web site includes lighting-research project descriptions, a publications catalog, directories of faculty, staff, and students, and links to other lighting resources on the Web.

Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) which conduct basic research in computers and their uses. From our home page you can reach an overview, biographies of our technical staff, addresses, and a map and directions for finding us.

Information about Mobile.Office.Com, a mobile office computing resource that includes mobile technologies from a wide variety of business vendors, research labs, university departments and government groups.

The NAS Parallel Benchmarks
The NAS Parallel Benchmarks, a set of benchmarks for the performance evaluation of highly parallel supercomputers. Their details are specified only algorithmically, avoiding many of the difficulties associated with conventional benchmarking approaches on highly parallel systems.

Network Solutions Home Page
The company provides solutions for distributed computing environments, such as university campuses, corporate offices, parks and government complexes. Additional connectivity is achieved using existing copper cabling and wireless transmitters, virtually eliminating the need for installation of more cable.

Network-1 Software & Technology, Inc."
Network-1 Software & Technology, Inc., which offers timely information on network access, network security software and general information on making networks better and safer. Included are displays for NetView, NetView 6000, HP OpenView & SunNet Manager. Free evaluations of all Network-1 software. 1-800-NETWRK-1 available.

NTG International Inc.
NTG International Inc. is a leader in enabling the dissemination of information within the network technology industry. NTG's objective is to introduce customers to new tools and products, simplify new technologies and help make businesses more competitive. The corporation also provides complete solutions to systems and network issues.

Olivetti Research Laboratory
This site is dedicated to the industrial laboratory specializing in ATM networking, multimedia, and the personalization of computer and communications environments. Demonstrations include a live panoramic view of Cambridge and an Active Map showing the location of personnel.

Phoenix Polymers Home Page
Information about Phoenix Polymer, a compounder of proprietary engineering thermoplastics. Of interest to all is Phoenix's "Polymer Resource List" including polymer businesses, academia, safety and toxicity plastics engineering, and Polymer miscellania.

Research Triangle Institute

http://www rte org./home html
This site details some of the activities of a multi-disciplinary not-for-profit research institute.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh
This server provides access to a range of interests unique in Great Britain; the interests of the Royal Society of Edinburgh encompass all branches of learning, including science, arts, letters, the professions, technology, industry and commerce. Pages provide information on meetings, journals, fellowships, etc.

The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
An overview of its UNIX operating systems and related solutions to the PC industry, including products, services, third-party applications, and more.

Scicon Technologies Corp.
Scicon Technologies Corp, a company of rapid prototyping and reseller for Parametric Technologies' Pro Engineer and SGI.

Science Education Programs (SEP)
This server provides direct links to hundreds of selected K-16 multimedia science gems sorted by subtopic and grade level.

SeaSpace Corporation
A high-tech research and development business focusing on systems for dealing with sensor data from earth-orbiting satellites. The company also supports research into related aspects of remote sensing, particularly in oceanography, meteorology and polar science.

Signal Processing
This page contains collection of files related to signal processing.

SpaceCom Systems, Inc.
SpaceCom Systems, Inc., provides companies with advanced satellite technology for audio and data broadcast services. The site has links to PC Quote stock quotes, as well as to the futures markets and weather information; demo disks and more are available.

SPRY'S Air Mosaic
The latest version of Mosaic, Air Mosaic--which is faster than earlier versions and included a built-in Internet Account via Compuserve. Graphics are pasted in after text so file transmission is hastened.

Swiss Scientific Computing Center
The Swiss Scientific Computing Center, also known as the CentroSvizzero di Calcolo Scientifico (CSCS). It is Switzerland's national scientific computing center affiliated with the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETHZ). Its primary mission is to provide Switzerland with high-performance computing resources and the expertise to exploit these resources.

Technical Research Centre of Finland
Technical Research Center of Finland offers research and development work, services, publications, international activities and contract research.

Tivoli Systems Inc.
Corporate product, and support information on the Tivoli Management Environment (TME), a true client/server management environment created specifically to address the unique challenges that face organizations as they migrate to distributed systems.

Toyohashi University of Technology
An official Web site of Toyhashi University of Technology.

A description of the 3D seismic finite difference code is available on this WWW server. Use of recursive grid refinement sets Tres3D apart from any other finite difference code used for seismic modeling. This code is being used to model earthquake ground motions from the recent Northridge earthquake.

U.S. Technologies Inc.
An interesting page dealing with new technologies in the US.

University of Michigan Instructional Technology Page
Instructional technology page contains project descriptions, guidelines and news concerning Instructional Technology (use of technology in instruction) at the University of Michigan, specifically how U-M is meeting the needs of software development, faculty, and students.

Vacuum Generators
Provides access to developments in the world of ultra-high vacuum components.

Vermeer Technologies, Inc.
Describes the open, standards-based, client-server visual tools for collaborative World Wide Web service development, enabling end-users and professionals collaborating over the Internet to inexpensively develop and operate powerful World Wide Web information services without the need for programming.

Welcome to Perfection Services, Inc.
Server of a professional computer systems and field engineering firm., involved in state-of-the-art information systems development, World Wide Web presences, HTML and graphic development, consulting, systems administration, performance tuning, and implementation. Through its Systems Environmental Services division, PSI provides technical and physical services to the large data centers.

Western Pro Imaging
Contains information about Western Pro Imaging, a company that provides digital conversion services.

Wingra Technologies, Inc.
Information about Wingra's products for electronic messaging integration and Digital-to-IBM connectivity.

Wit Project for Wireless Handheld Computing
The Wit Web server includes a new subject index in the WWW Virtual Library on Mobile and Wireless Computing.

World Power Technologies
Offers facts about the company's wind power products and help in determining where wind energy is effective.

X-Ray Laboratory
Details of the research carried out in the X-Ray laboratory of the University of Bristol (under Professor A.G. Orpen). Some recent crystal structures are illustrated, there are links to related chemical sites, and the page will be continuously updated. The second main feature of the site is an illustrated travelogue describing a four-week tour of the southern USA, together with links to other travel-related sites.

Museums and Exhibits

Alaska Sea Grant Program
This site contains information regarding the National Sea Grant College program, conferences, symposia, workshops, publications, videos, news media, information and the Sea Grant phone book.

American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK)
Information on a non-profit volunteer organization made up of professional zoo keepers dedicated to professional animal care and conservation.

Berkeley Subway
The subway will take you to many virtual destinations throughout the Internet.

Birmingham Zoo
Official Homepage of the Birmingham Zoo.

Exploratorium's Digital Library
This page provides still graphics, movies, sounds, and other experimental items. Uses JPEG format and DST.

Feline Conservation Center
This web pages contain general information about the FCC and links to photos and sounds. The Feline Conservation Center (FCC) is dedicated to the preservation and protection of the world's endangered felines.

Great Lakes Information Network
This site includes information relating to the binational Great Lakes region. Topics include the economy and environment, human health, tourism, news, events and weather.

Guide to Museums and Cultural Centers
A index of museums and cultural centers.

Hands-on Science Centers Worldwide
This site contains pointers to public museums with a strong emphasis on interactive science education. Links to Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, and Related links.

History of Science: Museums
A index of museums for fields related to astronomy. Some of them may be devoted rather to popular science than to the history of science.

Index - Sea Grant Nationwide
Add this to your list of information on sea grants. This site contains information on the Nationwide Sea Grant Program. It involves 29 University based programs in coastal and Great Lake States, involving more than 300 institutions. Research based on education and the transfer of technology.

Maryland Sea Grant College
This site provides information regarding research programs, communications, marine education, a newsletter and video productions with a special focus on oceans, rivers and estuaries.

MIT Sea Grant College Program
Information on the national network of Sea Grant programs, advisory services, education, autonomous underwater vehicles laboratory and other marine-related sites.

Montgomery Zoo
Information on 500 animals representing over 150 species divided into continents featuring Australian, Asian, African, and North American realms.

Museums - WWW Virtual Library
This site provide an eclectic collection of services connected with museums, galleries and archives. A large number of museums being added to the museums pages everyday.

National Zoo - Washington D.C.
Information about the animals, plants, people and programs of the National Zoo. The National Zoo's Homepage, is your ticketless trip to the National Zoo.

Oakland Zoo
Information on zoo animals, endangered species, special events, and community services.

Oregon Sea Grant
Ever wondered what a Sea Grant is? Here is the place! This site contains newsletters, a political calendar and information on other Sea Grant sites, ocean and coastal resources.

Reid Park Zoo
This site contains general information about Reid Park Zoo and links to other sources of information.

San Antonio Zoo
Information on zoo hours of business, admission, location, and the zoo's background. A map of the zoo's layout is also included.

San Francisco Exploratorium
An illustrated history of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco and everything you would want to know about the Exploratorium. Information regarding programs and publications. Web server usage stats included.

Santa Ana Zoo
This site contains General Information, Zoo History, Calendar of Events, Educational Programs, and Adopt an Animal.

The Science Museum, London
This server provides information about the London Science Museum with 140 pages of information on the museum, its services, galleries, collections and current exhibitions and events.

Sea Grant Mid-Atlantic Region
This world-wide web site is for the Mid-Atlantic region of the Sea Grant College Program. The region geographically encompasses the coastal and near-coastal waters between New Jersey and North Carolina. Within this region, the five Sea Grant Colleges actively promote and foster regional research and cooperation.

Sea World and Busch Gardens
A animal information database. Find out about killer whales, bottlenose dolphins, gorillas, lions, manatees and more. Information researched and reviewed by Sea World and Busch Gardens scientists and writers.

Seneca Park Zoo
Information on the zoo and it's events.

Singapore Zoological Gardens
This site contains general information, location, description of zoo, and highlights.

Sunsite based Multimedia exhibits and expositions
A "virtual" tour through the Library of Congress archive and more. A collection of the Vatican Library's most precious manuscripts, books, and maps. Topics included cultural studies, belles letters, visual arts, music, and miscellaneous hypertext Projects.

The Tech Museum of Innovation
The San Jose Tech site features interactive exhibits and educational programs. Includes links, publications, graphics, tools, events and programs.

The Tech Museum Store
A buying guide for technological novelties: silicon chunks, wafers, jewelry, high-tech clipboards, binders made from motherboards, science and technology related videos and books, laser holograms, badges with light-emitting diodes, science labs, kits and books. Mailing address included.

The TechMOOseum
The TechMOOseum is a text-based virtual reality created by staff, volunteers, and visitors of The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California.

Texas Memorial Museum
The Anthropology and History Division at the Texas Memorial Museum houses historical artifacts, ranching and regional materials. The Museum is dedicated to the study and interpretation of the natural and social sciences with emphasis on Texas, the Southwest and Latin America.

Texas Natural History Collections
This page contains information on ichthyology, herpetology, ornithology, mammalogy, cave fauna and alcohol-preserved invertebrates. Also includes fish distribution maps, links and an searchable online fish collection database. A division of The Texas Memorial Museum at the University of Texas, Austin.

U.C. Berkeley Museum Informatics Project
Information on the museum informatics project along with general information.

UC Berkeley's Museum of Paleontology
Contains exhibits on phylogeny, geology or evolutionary theory. On-line catalogs, statistics, links and graphics included.

University of Wisconsin Sea Grant
Here you'll find information and research focused on Great Lakes fisheries, toxic contaminants, water quality, aquaculture, seafood technology, estuarine and coastal processes, policy studies, biotechnology, diving safety and nonindigenous aquatic species. Also included are advisory services, newsletters, publications and education guides.

Washington Sea Grant
This site has information on the Washington Sea Grant program overview publications, recent Sea Grant acquisitions, newsletter, archives, staff directory, communications, marine advisory services, conferences and workshops.

Zoo Atlanta
This site is designed as a guide to learn more and show you the many sites of Zoo Atlanta.


Brad Hein's Nanotechnology Page
All kinds of links to Nanotechnology and related sites.

Feynman's Talk
This transcript of the classic talk that Richard Feynman gave on December 29, 1959, at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) was first published in the February 1960 issue of Caltech's Engineering and Science, which owns the copyright. It has been made available on the web at with their kind permission.

Jeff's Nanotechnology Page
This site's intention is to provide links to places of interest for the Nanotech Community.

Lots of information about Nanotechnology, links to many related sites including trade journals, newsgroups, articles on the web, etc.

Nanotechnology on the WWW
Information about Nanotechnology, Nanoelectronics, Micromachining, Molecular Nanotechnology, and links to many related sites including trade journals, newsgroups, articles on the web, etc.

Natural History

Fernbank Museum of Natural History
Atlanta's natural history museum. Information on special exhibits, permanent exhibits, kids stuff, membership, and maps.

Field Museum of Natural History
An educational institution concerned with the relationships in nature among cultures. Information on exhibits, education, and science.

Florida Museum of Natural History
Information pertaining to the different departments and collections.

Los Angeles County Natural History Museum
General information about the museum, tours, membership, special services, and directions.

Museum of Natural History - Rhode Island
A sampling of the exhibits and attractions at the Museum of Natural History & Cormack Planetarium.

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
General information about the museum. A Listing of services and featured exhibits.

Swedish Museum of Natural History
A collection of natural historical material containing over 18 million objects. This the largest museum in Sweden. Exhibitions and educational programs present the human environment from the Universe to DNA.

University of Pisa - Museum of Natural History
Found here are the natural history collections of great historical and scientific interest.

Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium
Natural history museum and planetarium. Information on it's natural history collections, elegant Mansion, Marine Museum, its state-of-the-art Planetarium, and the 43-acre landscaped Park grounds.


American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Browse the proud achievements online in this site. Learn more about the honorary society for recognition in the arts, natural sciences, social science, and humanities.

Ames Area Amateur Astronomers
Launch into this site if you are interested in astronomy. A non-profit, educational and scientific organization for members and amateur astronomers.

Association of Midwest College Biology Teachers
Proceedings, newsletters, and refereed journal, Bioscene Journal of College Biology Teaching. All published materials concerning the society are available, including membership applications, meeting announcements and abstract forms.

Cold Spring Habor Laboratory
We are an independent research and educational institute committed to the goals of facilitating scientific communication, training scientists, public education, science and publishing.

Computational Chemistry Working Party
An organization that draws its membership from academic staff of chemistry departments of U.K. universities. The main responsibility of the Working Party is to collectively maintain computational chemistry software for the U.K. academic community.

Haskins Laboratories
Devoted to research in the areas of speech perception, production, synthesis and analysis, reading, linguistics, cognitive science, ecological psychology, nonlinear dynamics and complexity.

Join our organization in our goal to advance the theory and practice of electrical, electronics, and computer engineering and computer science.

Industrial Research Institute
The Institute fosters effective strategies for the organization and management of research, development, and engineering in support of technological innovation. The over 260 leading industrial member-companies act in a network forum for their peers and are involved in promoting cooperation with academia, government, and other organizations active in technology.

International Association for the Management of Technology
Information about the most recent Newsletter. Associated Management of Technology programs, which aim to link engineering, science, and management disciplines to address the strategic and operational needs of organizations.

International Programmers Guild (IPG)
We are a global organization representing professional programmers. If you are a programmer, search our site to find out about membership or just to learn about current happenings in this field.

Pacific Knowledge Research Foundation
Involved with research in the fields of science and technology.

The Planetary Society
Do you watch the X-Files? Perhaps you should discover this organization formed to promote the exploration of our solar system (and others) and the search for extraterrestrial life.

Public Domain, Inc.
We are non-profit organization dedicated to exploring the connection between art, technology and theory.

Research Libraries Group, Inc.
A group of universities, archives, museums, and other institutions that are devoted to improving the access to information for research and learning.

Dedicated to bettering the youth of America in the areas of science and engineering.

World Technology Evaluation Center
Including topics such as human-computer interface, international technology assessment, Russia, Europe, and Japanese Technology Evaluation Center.


AIP Press
AIP Press is the book publishing imprint of the American Institute of Physics. Their site provides their catalog and ordering information.

Air&Space Magazine
The National Air Space Museum is now growing as a web publication.

Anderson's Timesaving Comparative Guides on the Web
Anderson's Timesaving Comparative Guides provide biology reagents listed by item, sizes, concentration and catalog number. Links to pages with company contact info. included.

Australasian Journal of Engineering Education
This electronic journal covers a wide range of engineering education. Topics include: industry-linked programs, lifelong learning, international practice, engineering design, and computer-aided education and assessment.

Australian Aviation
Australian Aviation is Australia's aviation magazine.

Bannister Research & Consulting
Bannister Research & Consulting (BRC) is a geological consulting firm, specializing in water supply exploration, development, and testing. Remote sensing, applied geophysics and dowsing have proven to be a highly successful combination in the exploration for groundwater resources. Many high yielding wells have been located over the last 15 years, by company founder Ken Bannister, using these techniques.

A Business Researcher's Interests
A grab bag of services including business-related link lists with over 1000 entries. Serves as the WWW resource for researchers, academics and practitioners with interest in Information Processes, Information Systems and Information Technologies that are relevant to Contemporary Organizational Issues.

Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) programs
CSCW is a fusion of the understanding of a business organization with the possibilities of modern computer and communication technologies. The site presents CSCW projects, special interest groups, groupware and related links.

Cornell SciTech Magazine
Cornell's undergraduate magazine of science and technology is devoted to the coverage of new ideas, breakthroughs, controversies and people in the world of science and engineering.

DC Systems
DC Systems is an information management consulting firm dedicated to providing innovative business solutions using current and emerging technologies. The site describes the company's background, services, and upcoming event calendar.

Discover Magazine
Monthly magazine of science and technology.

Document_Management: How to Implement an Enterprise Network
Set up by Zaxor software, this site provides links to white papers and technical documentation on implementation of enterprise-wide document management systems with imaging and groupware.

Government Technology
Information on conferences, events and special publications, as well as links to a wealth of resources.

Grafnetix Systems Inc.
Grafnetix is committed to assisting clients in the effective use of the most advanced technology available. The site offers tools, monthly topics, and describes the company's services.

Growing EDGE magazine
A quarterly magazine with a focus on innovative methods of gardening & cultivation.

Index - Web Zines
A listing of Web-related magazines.

International AntiViral News
The International AntiViral News is an electronic journal dedicated in all areas of antiviral research.

Internet Science Journal
A new, experimental journal for professionals and serious amateurs, designed to use the power and features of the Internet.

ION Science
ION Science is a monthly online magazine featuring news and humor designed to make sense of science. Topics range from dinosaurs to hurricanes to the latest in health and medicine.

ISWorld Net
ISWorld Net provides information management scholars and practitioners with a single entry point to resources related to information systems technology to promote the development of an international information infrastructure. The well-designed graphical interface offers access to the company's objectives, services and documents its various divisions.

JEST - Journal of Extraneous Scientific Topics
JEST is a quasi-science publication run by students for science humor. This site contains some excerpts from the magazine and ordering information.

K.T.Cullen & Co.Ltd. Geological & Environmental Consultants
Independent consulting services to both private and public organizations covering a wide range of environmental projects. Contract services are also provided and include, geophysics, soil gas surveys, monitoring well sampling and computer modeling. Projects directed by the company include groundwater development, quarry and mine dewatering, landfill development, liquid waste disposal, together with pillages and buried tank discharges.

Lab Animal Magazine
A journal for research professionals dealing with the humane care of animals in lab environments. Features monthly columns, an index of articles form 1972 to the present, subscription information, and related links.

Laser Focus World
Laser Focus World is a monthly magazine providing comprehensive global coverage of electro-optics technologies, applications, and markets. Subscription information, a listing of companies and products, news, calendar and a reader forum are provided.

LBL's Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Science
Insight into the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory approach to difficult issues that face contemporary scientists every day. This presentation is especially suitable for middle and high school students and teachers.

MISQ Central
A quarterly scholarly journal which publishes research focused on information systems (IS) management. The site provides information for MIS Quarterly's authors, reviewers, potential subscribers, and advertisers.

New Scientist Planet Science
Features news, reviews and comment drawn weekly from the pages of New Scientist magazine.

NSSDC News is published quarterly by NASA's National Space Science Data Center. Current and back issues are provided.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review
This server provides access to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review, a quarterly magazine highlighting the latest and greatest research and development activities at the laboratory

Popular Mechanics
There are more than 1,000 pages here. More are added every weekday. And in keeping with Popular Mechanics' tradition of rendering the technically complex transparent, we're going to tell you step-by-step how to make the most of what's here, and elsewhere on the Web. Point, click, and gape your way through 93 years of technological progress--viewed through the eyes of Popular Mechanics. There is a ton of stuff here.

Promethean Journal
This Web Journal contains articles, art, editorials and associated material about technology and culture. Additional features include a virtual art gallery.

Reliability Magazine
A trade journal dedicated specifically to machinery reliability.

S.F.T. Inc.
Stewart Frazier Tools, Inc. is a software development and consulting firm that specializes in providing software tools to improve productivity, with special emphasis on manufacturing industries, and improving process quality for manufacturing planning through accurate demand forecasting. The site provides information on these topics and links to related companies.

Science Adventures For Kids
A newsletter that contains many fun-filled and educational science activities for kids and family members to explore the natural wonders of our physical world together.

Science and the Environment
A bi-monthly magazine specializing in providing world news summaries on environmental issues. It is designed for high school and university teachers and students. Every issue brings you 80 of the most interesting and relevant news stories on important environmental topics.

SCIENCE Magazine
Published by the American Association for the Advancements of Science, this magazine provides a forum for discussion and presentation of science issues.

Science & Technology
Science & Technology - The Science And Interactive Technology Magazine. The Internet has made available a wealth of information to the scientist, and this publication explores the implications of new technologies on science exploration and development.

Sentari Technologies
Sentari Technologies specializes in providing consulting and custom training services with an emphasis in I-CASE systems development. The site offers company background, job openings and benefits.

Skeptic Magazine
Published by the Skeptics Society, this magazine looks into all sorts of scientific claims and theories with a suspicious eye.

Strictly Business!WEB
From INICOM Information Systems, Inc. this site describes the company's services, newsletter and resource directory and offers how-to information on business topics, resources and contacts.

Technology Review
Technology Review which is edited at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and covers technology and its implications, addressing the practical applications of science and emphasizing policy issues rather than nuts and bolts. TR's topics span a wide range with an invigorating mix of expert opinion and journalistic prose. Stories focus on areas such as energy, computers, the space industry, and telecommunications as well as on issues in health care, education, economics, and defense.

Magazine that explores a potpourri of technology issues, including medical research, software and many other science issues.

Wayne's Word of Unnatural History Trivia's_Word.html
Wayne's Word of Unnatural History Trivia provides a tongue-in-cheek perspective of Natural History. Current and back issues are available for viewing.


AIAA Aerodynamic Measurement Technology
Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) committee is important to research and development of advanced measurement technology as it applies to aerodynamic testing. The server links to sites describing the various measurement systems.

Cray Research Inc., US
Information on Cray Research Inc. and their products.

SISSA W3 Server
WWW server for the physics e-print archives on babbage. physics e-Print archive
WWW server for automated e-print archives on High Energy Physics, Astrophysics, Nuclear Theory, Chemical Physics, Super Conductivity, and many more.


Advanced Ergonomics
Advanced Ergonomics, Inc. provides a variety of ergonomic services to corporations and individuals, services from physical ability testing to consulting, training, and product reviews. The site offers testing services, AEI's Advanced Ergonomics Manual, consulting, product evaluation for manufacturers, and a staff directory.

Advanced Manufacturing Research
A Boston-based market analysis and research firm focused exclusively on providing information for the manufacturing enterprise. The site covers company background, recent headlines, reports, information requests and staff biographies.

Advice on Research and Writing
A collection of advice about how to do research and how to communicate effectively geared toward computer scientists. Adds a touch of humor. Includes research papers.

ARC Biotech
Bioprocessing pilot plant services and the technical expertise required for research and development, scale-up and manufacturing. ARC Biotech specializes in bacterial, yeast, fungal, algal, recombinant and insect cell culture processes.

ATLSS Engineering Research Center
The Center for Advanced Technology for Large Structural Systems (ATLSS) is an NSF Engineering Research Center at Lehigh University. Research at the center focuses on high-performance, large structural systems of the civil and marine infrastructure.

Becoming a Certified Research Administrator
Ever wanted to become a certified research administrator? Ever wondered how to get there? Well, here's the place for you. Here is all the information on the step by step procedures and necessities involved with becoming a certified research administrator. Good Luck!

Belgian Antarctic Research Programme
Detailed information about the multi-disciplinary scientific research on the Antarctic, organized by the Belgian Federal Government in keeping with the spirit of the Antarctic treaty.

Bermuda Biological Station for Research
BBSR conducts biological research from a mid-ocean island to educate future scientists, and to provide well-equipped facilities and technical staff support for visiting scientists, faculty and students from around the world. The site describes general information, what's new, educational outreach, present projects and provides a related link list.

Biodiversity and Biological Collections Cornell University
Cornell University Biodiversity and Biological Collections include specimens in biological collections, directories of biologists, Taxacom and MUSE-L list servers.

BioMolecular Engineering Research Center (BMERC)
Development of statistical/computational approaches that will detect syntactic and semantic patterns in DNA, RNA, and protein sequences. This research aims at using these approaches in identifying structure, function, and regulation in these molecules.

BLC The Leather Technology Center
A comprehensive, world-wide independent research organization devoted to the training and research in leather industry. Request information, review product performance tests and research and development, or check out the environmental consultancy.

Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
Environmental Biology Program. Research at the institute focuses on the interaction of plants and the environment. The site provides details about staff, facilities and research projects in the program.

BrainWave Control, IBVA Technologies, Inc.
Allows playback and download capabilities from Dr. Timothy Leary's BrainData file.

Cavendish Laboratory
Physics Department of the University of Cambridge. In addition to local information, this site includes details of research in high-energy physics, laboratory astrophysics, astrophysics and cosmology, radio astronomy and condensed-matter physics.

The Center for Reliable and High-Performance Computing
The Univ. of Illinois. The CRHC at the University of Illinois focuses on integrating research in reliable and high-performance computing, architecture, parallel processing, fault-tolerance and testing.

Central Research Laboratories Ltd.
A commercial research and development organization which provides specialist products, technology licenses and R&D services on such topics as neural nets, microengineering, 3-D sound recording and more. Peruse the company's market areas, work methods, and technology magazine "CRL Futures."

CombsMoorhead Associates, Inc.
Allows clients to tap worldwide information resources. Samples of two of the company's books are presented: "The Competitive Intelligence Handbook", and "Telecommunications Resources From 42 Countries".

Computer Vision & Image Processing Group
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Dept. of Informatics. The Computer Vision & Image Processing Group is active in research of digital image processing and related areas, including nonlinear signal and image filtering, image sequence processing and analysis, multichannel and color image processing, medical signal processing, ultrasonic image processing and storage, fast algorithms and architectures for digital filtering and image processing.

CRC for Sensor Signal and Information Processing (CSSIP)
An Australian research center which conducts research into many aspects of signal processing and information processing including radar, multisensor fusion, visual processing and fundamental technologies. The site offers general information on the organization, research and educational programs, commercial activities, and a related site link list.

CSC Vanguard
An impressive site by the CSC Vanguard research program, which helps large organizations understand the implications of emerging technologies on their business strategies. Provides a sampling of the technologies, topics and management insights, a recommended conference reading list, membership and staff listings.

Cumulative Index for Engineering Journals
John Wiley offers information about the Cumulative Index for Engineering Journals, which serves as a reference tool for the Wiley Engineering Journals.

Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd. (DIR)
A company which researches economies and financial markets, corporate trends, technological development and provides management and systems consultant services. Choose from what's new, research reports, data resources, publications and products and services, as well as a corporate information bank.

David Sarnoff Research Center
The David Sarnoff Research Center is a leader in electronic imaging. Look over company background information, technologies, spin-off businesses, and employment opportunities.

Digital Equipment Corporation - Corporate Research
The Corporate Research Group at Digital Equipment Corporation is responsible for exploring the core technologies that are central to Digital's business, and for helping Digital bring innovative products quickly to market. The site includes staff, publication and project listings for the four U.S. sites.

Engineering System Development Centre
A gallery of photos and descriptions offering product and service information is a research facility that tests medium speed diesel engines, components, and fuels on a proprietary basis.

ERA Technology Ltd
An independent contract research organization provides industry and government with confidential research, development, design and certification testing and failure analysis services in electronic, electrical, materials, structural and general engineering. The site outlines their specialty areas, customer variety, publications, and more.

The European Synchrotron Radiation Center
Provides information about the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), the home of the most intense synchrotron X-ray radiation source in the world; the site provides many features, including descriptions of each scientific beam line.

European University for the Environment
Research and development center which evaluates and developes university-linked product and business concepts.

Forrester Research
Specializes in researching technology and information management. Peruse answers to some important questions about the internet, company research specialties and employment opportunities, or download software.

General Electric Research and Development Center
A description of company history for the GE R&D center, one of the world's largest and most diversified industrial laboratories.

GeoForschungZentrum Potsdam
Information about GeoForschungZentrum, one of the three newly established, nonuniversitarian, large-scale research centres in East Germany. The GFZ combines all solid earth science disciplines, including geodesy, geology, geophysics, mineralogy and geochemistry.

GRCI - General Research Corporation
A graphical interface to GRC International, Inc. located in Vienna, VA, delivers quality services and products for defense and space, and intelligence and civil requirements. Find out about corporate background, news, services, products and employment opportunities.

Research group J.K. Hardy and its laboratories in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Akron.

IndiSeis Earthquake Information
IndiSeis Earthquake Information, produced by Indiana State University Department of Geology, provides current details on earthquakes recorded by the university station. The page includes JPEG images of recent earthquakes, an image of a quarry blast for comparison and a map of the faults under Indiana.

Industrial Research Limited (NZ)
A world-class research firm that leads New Zealanders to internationally competitive added-value opportunities. The site details team procedures, reference documentation, internet tools, and a searchable computer services knowledge base.

Intelligent Robotics
A company that develops unique real-time intelligent machine control systems such as guided vehicles, robots and servos, and also offers intelligent controllers and software for those interested in developing their own intelligent machines.

Internet Chemistry Resources
Collection of information sources for chemistry and chemically-related fields including a list and other chemistry related Web pages.

IPAC (Seeing Infrared with NASA)
This server exists to carry out large, data-intensive processing tasks as part of NASA's infrared astronomy program and to provide scientific and technical expertise on those projects to the astronomical research community. IPAC is part of the California Institute of Technology and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

ITRC - Information Technology Research Centre
A not-for-profit organization from Ontario, Canada whose goal is to allocate research dollars within the university research community to increase the exposure of research to industry and to promote the interchange of people, ideas, and technologies. The site describes what's new, key people, events schedules, employment opportunities and hosts an electronic library.

Joint Data Base Elements for Modeling and Simulation
Joint Data Base Elements for Modeling and Simulation Office, which offers page, targeting DoD modeling and simulation data standardization efforts.

Jyvaskyla Science Park
The company develops and enhances entrepreneurship based on new knowledge and technology in Central Finland, and is responsible for developing the Jyväskylä Technology Park. Presented are the company outline, services and staff.

Laboratory for Analytical Chemistry
Laboratory for Analytical Chemistry and its research of chemometrics in analytical chemistry. Exploration of potential genetic algorithms and neural networks for analytical chemical problem solving. Automatic spectrum interpretation, extraction of molecular information from spectra and 2D images, QUASAR quality assurance, analytical method support are topics included in the research.

Leather Research Centre
CSIRO Leather Research Centre is located in Clayton, Victoria's, and aims to increase the demand for Australian hides, skins and leather by improving technology and productivity of domestic industry. The site lists company achievements, contact information, and related sites of interest.

Loughborough University of Technology Information Gateway
Information about the university, departments, research interests, and general CWIS information.

Maui Research & Technology Park
Find out about the nation's newest and the world's second most powerful supercomputer center, along with its partners, general plan, tenants, and contact information.

Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
The labs conduct basic research in computers and their uses, with a focus on exploring entirely new categories of possibility. The site profiles the company, collaborative research/learning and research environments.

One of the leading automotive research suppliers, Motoresearch has set up a 10-question survey to investigate consumer views about electric vehicles. Summary results will be posted.

NASA The NASA Ames Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation Division Applied Research Branch
This NASA site offers an annotated bibliography of scientific visualization URLs. intended to include all URLs scientific visualization results.

Natural Environment Research Council
A UK body charged with undertaking and supporting scientific research into all aspects of the natural environment.

NEC Research Institute
NEC Research Institute is a subsidiary of NEC Corporation. The institute conducts long-term, fundamental research in computer and physical sciences.

Northwest Research Associates
A company composed of researchers who all started in various fields of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics and have expanded to cover a wide range of disciplines, from medical expert systems through oceanographic instrumentation. View the company profile, products, facilities, staff resumes, selected publications and more.

Otaniemi Science Park
One of Europe's most extensive commercial science park centers situated in Otaniemi near Helsinki, the capital of Finland where the interplay and cooperation of science, product development and business activities takes place. The site gives a description of the park, Innopoli - the main building, a list of companies, and a searchable database of information on the site.

Price Waterhouse World Technology Centre
A research and advanced development institute in Menlo Park, California, dedicated to technology assessment, experimentation, prototyping, and applied research in a variety of information processing technologies. Browse through the company's world-wide subsidiary address index, get answers to frequently asked questions, or search their database.

Research Dictionary
A humorous translation table of common research phrases. Good for that needed chuckle in between experiment failures.

RICOH California Research Center Home Page
Specializes in the science of information, with work throughout the R&D spectrum, from basic science through applied research to advanced prototyping. Find out about CREW - a completely new type of image compression system.

Risoe National Laboratory
A state institution under the Ministry of Research, conducting research in the areas of energy technology and planning, environmental aspects of energy, industrial and plant production materials, and measuring techniques for industry.

Sandia National Laboratories Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer and Commercialization Center, contains searchable lists of technologies available for licensing and/or partnership opportunities from over 40 facilities. There are resources for business, government and education in dozens of sciences or technologies.

Sony Computer Science Laboratory Inc.
Research focused on distributed operating systems, computer networks, programming languages, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, complex systems and other fundamental aspects of next-generation computers. The site offers technical papers, conferences and events, research project descriptions, answers to frequently asked questions and more.

Space, Telecommunications, and Radio science Lab
Stanford's electrical engineering department.

Split Cycle Technology
Located in Arundel on the Gold Coast of Australia, Split-Cycle Technology are the inventors of the Split-Cycle Engine. See illustrated descriptions of the technology, and find out about prospectus and share Information.

Surf Sites for CyberBiologists
Surf Sites, a site at the University of Pavia, Italy, links to other sites that are useful to biologists. The links are arranged by general Internet directories: Biological Sciences, Internet search engines, newsgroups, libraries, books and journals, colleges and universities, institutes and organizations, Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Cancer, Developmental Biology, Genetics and Genome Projects, Neurosciences, and miscellany.

Swiss 2D Service
A lab service running a highly reproducible method for the two-dimensional separation of proteins at the University Hospital of Geneva.

A research and development technology center dedicated to the discovery and application of novel materials. Review the company's technology as featured in Science Magazine, their background, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The Trace Research and Development Center
Addresses the communication needs of people who are non-speaking and have severe disabilities and covers "communication" in a broader sense through information systems and technology.

University of Bristol X-Ray Laboratory/ a travel feature
Find details of the research carried out in the X-Ray laboratory of the University of Bristol (under Professor A.G. Orpen). Some recent crystal structures are illustrated, there are links to related chemical sites, and the page will be continuously updated. The second main feature of the site is an illustrated travelogue describing a four-week tour of the southern USA, together with links to other travel-related sites.

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