Earth Science


AgriWeather, Inc.
The AgriWeather site offers an online weather instrument catalog as well as a customized weather forecast service. Specifically, weather and climatic information pertinent to the Rocky Mountain and High Plains regions of the western United States are available.

The Applied Climate Research Unit
The Applied Climate Research Unit at The University of Queensland describes details of its research in climatology, links to other climate, environmental and geography servers. The Queensland Kite Flyers Society Newsletter and the A-Z guide to Australia are included.

Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms
This site contains information about the CAPS, from the National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center. Oklahoma, is part of the Oklahoma Weather Center, a collaboration among several local state, federal, and university agencies. A major component of CAPS is the development of the Advanced Regional Prediction System, a numerical model for storm-scale weather prediction.

Coastal Zone Server for CEO Pathfinder Study
ACRI, Sophia Antipolis (near Nice), France This site is dedicated to the Coastal Zone for Pathfinder Study which provides information and services including collecting user requests for Centre of Earth Observations (CEO) pathfinder study. It also contains links to Coastal Zone related servers and partner connections to JRC, GKSS and ENEA as well as near real-time wave data around Europe.

The Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies
The Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies, is a research collaboration involving the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. CIMSS scientists work together to transfer research ideas into the operational world of weather analysis and forecasting.

Department of Soil Science, Massey University, Manawatu, server focuses on the teaching of soil science. it includes information about books, videos, articles, conferences, international and local news about soils and lecture material.

Earth Observations Lab
Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada This site provides information about research in the field of remote sensing. As a part of the Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science, the EOL contributes toward the overall goal of providing leadership in key areas of multi-disciplinary space and terrestrial science, engineering, and education.

EarthSoft Environmental Sources
Ukiah, CA, US This server provides information about EarthSoft Environmental Sources, a provider of links to sites involved with the environment, geology, hydrology, and ground-water management, and describes available environmental software.

The ECS Data Handling System (EDHS)
Hughes Information Technology Co., Landover, MD, US This page contains information about the ECS Data Handling System, (EDHS) and the core element of NASA's Earth Science data system, the EOSDIS Core System, which provides for processing of data & images collected by Earth Observing Systems. During ECS development this server provides access to ECS Project documents, reports, reviews and other related materials to the science community.

Environmental and Societal Impacts Group (ESIG)
National Center. for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, CO, US This site contains information about the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the Environmental and Societal Impacts Group, ESIG, a multi-disciplinary research group at NCAR, focusing on the interactions between society and the environment. Studies include environmental and climate change and the use and value of climate and weather information.

EOS Volcanology
This site provides information about a global assessment of active volcanism, volcanic hazards, and volcanic inputs to the atmosphere from the Earth Observing System (EOS). Also included is a team member list and an educational link.

Forest Ecosystem Dynamics (FED)
A project that uses forest succession, soil process and radiation scattering models, combined with ground-based and remotely sensed observations, to improve understanding of the dynamics of northern/boreal forest ecosystems.

GDE Systems Inc., (a Tracor company)
GDE Systems Inc. offers near real-time digital stereo imagery processing and manipulation systems and software for terrain mapping, charting, geodesy, analysis and exploitation.

GeoForschungZentrum Potsdam
Potsdam, Germany This server provides information about one of the three newly established, non-universitarian, large-scale research centres in East Germany. The GFZ combines all solid earth science disciplines, including geodesy, geology, geophysics, mineralogy and geochemistry.

Home to the Armadillo
The Quadralay Corporation presents its tribute to Austin's favorite animal, the Armadillo.

Index - PK's List of Remote Sensing Resources
Provides list of Remote Sensing Resources such as Universities research centers, administrations reasearch centers, and international research centers.

Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique l'Universitt du Quhbec INRS-Division of Surface Science of the CIC/CAP
Offers a view of the Division of Surface Science of the Canadian Institute for Chemistry and the Canadian Association for Physics.

Interactive Marine Observations
The Interactive Marine Observations offers a visual interface to the latest worldwide marine weather information, reported by automated weather stations, directly from the National Weather Service. The weather data includes winds and seas during the last several hours.

KNMI--Royal Netherlands Meteorologic Institute
A provider of information about the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and is the national data center for weather, climate and seismology of the Netherlands. It offers information, advice and services to government, the public and trade and industry.

Leeuwin Centre
The Leeuwin centre for Earth Sensing Technologies is a facility for collocating companies and organizations in the remote sensing and Earth observation industries. This site also offers links to related organizations.

Lighthouse Weather Information
This Lighthouse Weather Information server provides weather forecasts for more than 250 cities in the U.S. The server contains national and international weather summaries, and a vehicle that enables searching for location by state or name.

The Louisiana Coastal GIS Network (LCGISN)
Louisiana State Univ., Baton Rouge, LA, US This server is designed to facilitate the cataloging and retrieval of GIS-related information and data concerning coastal Louisiana. Funded by USGS, the LCGISN site contains project and database design background information.

Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA, US This department of petroleum engineering server provides well data from around the world and general information about the department at Louisiana State University.

The National Climatic Data Center
This site includes a gateway to image maps. One is a map of the USA showing locations of the NOAA labs and the other is an organizational chart You can create a contour map or a time series using an interactive form.

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
NIWA, Wellington, New Zealand The site offers information on current research in atmospheric, marine, freshwater and coastal systems. The research organization in New Zealand provides the latest research, including ozone and UV studies at the Lauder Home Page.

Nationwide School Weather Network
This network provides access to a nationwide network of weather stations in over 900 schools. The Automated Weather Source includes weather conditions being aired by broadcast meteorologists, live from schools increases the educational value.

Northeast Regional Climate Center
The Northeast Regional Climate Center provides accurate and up-to-date climate information for the northeastern United States. The server includes links to current weather condition and forecast sites.

NRL Backgrounds Data Center
Backgrounds Data Center at the Naval Research Laboratory is an archive of Earth, atmospheric and celestial background scenes. The BDC server provides access to on-line Far Ultraviolet data, links to real-time weather data, and "brochure-type" information about the BDC and its facilities.

The Pathfinder Program
Greenbelt, MD, US This server of the NOAA/NASA Pathfinder Program contains links to Pathfinder data sets, sample images, and relevant reports, designed to assist researchers in the areas of global change. The program is part of the NASA Earth Observing System Data and Information System Version 0.

Public Use of Remote Sensing Data
The RSD Program is designed to encourage schools, businesses and citizens to access and use land, air and space. This site also provides information about management personnel, NASA science, communications strategies and program sponsors.

Remote Sensing
Serves as a virtual library of Remote Sensing information. This site offers links to organizations in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa. Information about satellite data, societies, conferences, and documents is also provided.

SeaWiFS Project
This site provides access into background, status, and documentation for NASA's upcoming global ocean color monitoring mission. This page also includes links to sample ocean color data sets and images, teacher's guide and activities and technical reports.

Temperature Plot
Temperature Plot provides information about the temperatures for the previous five days in Potsdam, New York and includes instructions on how to replicate this service.

USGS Node of the National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
United States Geological Survey (USGS), Reston, VA. This United States Geological Survey server is Node of the National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse and is the primary link to the USGS's vast collection of digital mapping and image data. It offers a catalog of popular data sets or use of a powerful searching capability.

Weather-Sense provides weather watching equipment to amateur watchers as well as to professional weather observers.

WeatherNet, the Internet's source of North American weather links provides more than 250 sites with new daily links added by the University of Michigan Weather Underground and WeatherNet.

Zoom-able Access to Climate Data
This NOAA/PMEL provides browsing, visualization and retrieval of climate data. It has a map based zoom interface and generates documented outputs.


Arkansas Water Education Team
Information on emphasizing environmental values and an understanding of the ecological balance of streams.

ASCE Seepage/Groundwater Modeling Software Site
These pages allow any interested party to create a link pointing to web pages that describe seepage/groundwater modeling software.

California Environmental Resource Evaluation System
CERES is an information system developed by the Resources Agency to facilitate access to a variety of electronic data describing California's rich and diverse resources.

Canada Centre for Inland Waters
CCIW is one of the world's leading centers for water research, generating environmental information and knowledge about the Great Lakes.

This site provides a Columbia river salmon passage model which gives data access in real time providing information such as PIT tags, hatchery releases, river reports, and a smolt index.

Department of Defense Groundwater Modeling System
A comprehensive graphical user environment for numerical modeling. The system provides tools for site characterization, model conceptualization, mesh and grid generation, geostatistics and graphic visualization.

DESARC for Windows
This site provides information for DESARC 3.2, a Windows interactive application for preliminary assisted design and analysis of arch dams.

Distributed Hydrologic Modeling
A index of informational resources on Hydrological modeling.

Division of Water Resources
CSIRO, Division of Water Resources, Perth, Australia This server offers information on the Division's activities in the field of water resources research. Topics include rivers, wetlands, catchments, pollutant remediation and urban systems.

DMSP Snow and Ice
Provides visible and thermal infrared images and information on snow and ice around the globe.

Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center
At this site you will find some information related to the Edwards Aquifer, the underground reservoir that supplies water for agricultural, industrial as well as municipal uses.

Exeter University - Water Systems Group
Developing and appling innovative computing methods and techniques for water resource systems (WRS) planning and management.

Fountainhead Water Company
Marietta, GA, US This server, provided by TriNet Services and First Union Corp., is devoted to bottled water from artesian wells in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Free Groundwater Modeling Software
Information on groundwater modeling software and links to other resource databases.

Global Hydrologic Data Center
Data primarily aimed at researchers investigating facets of the hydrologic cycle.

Global Hydrology and Climate Center
Huntsville, AL, US This server provides information about the Global Hydrology and Climate Center, which is devoted to the study of global characteristics of the Earth's water cycle. This is a cooperative center consisting of academia, government and industry.

Groundwater Remediation Project
On this site information on the Groundwater Remediation Project, Canadian groundwater issues, and groundwater education may be found.

Hydrogeology resources
A alphabetical listing of links to Information Sources for Hydrogeology, Hydrology.

Index - Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling Links
Informational data links. This page allows dynamic creating and editing of links by remote clients.

Index - Hydrology-Related Internet Resources List
A Hydrology related resource list.

Index - USGS Hydrology Resources
A registry of Earth and Environmental Science resources service for the research community.

Middle East Water Information Network (MEWIN)
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, US This site is dedicated to Middle East Water Information Network, the independent, nonprofit professional organization devoted to improve regional planning and management of water resources throughout the Middle East.

National Hydrology Research Institute (of Canada)
Environment Canada, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada This National Hydrology Research Institute server provides information about the largest ground water research group in western Canada. The institute conducts research on natural processes in the subsurface environment and develops techniques for the containment and remediation of contaminants. It includes information on NHRI projects and staff as well as links to other ground water resources.

National Snow and Ice Data Center
One of eight archives participating in the Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS). This site maintains information about snow cover and avalanches, glaciers and ice sheets, floating ice, ground ice and permafrost, atmospheric ice, extra-terrestrial ices, paleoglaciology and ice cores.

Partnerships in Computational Sciences -- Groundwater
PICS is a large multi-disciplinary research institute specializing in mathematical modeling. GCT 1.3, a code in development in 1995, offers several advanced features.

Texas Water Resources Institute
Information on The Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) which is part of a national network of Institutes created by the Water Resources Research Act of 1964.

Texas Waternet
Great information about Texas Waternet and publishes newsletters from the Texas Water Resources Institute, also technical reports and information on conferences, research projects and TWRI personnel. A searchable database and links to related sites are included.

University of Alberta, Water Resources Engineering
Information on the teaching and research activities at the Water Resources Engineering program at the University of Alberta, Civil Engineering Department.

University of Arizona - EOS Climate & Hydrology IDS Teams
Get information on any of the PCH Interdisciplinary Science Teams on this server.

University of California at Davis - Hydrologic Science
This is the homepage for Hydrolgic Science at U.C. Davis providing all you need to know about current research, faculty, the graduate group, and graduate students.

University of Florida - Department of Soil and Water Science
Meet the faculty and check out the E-Mail Directory available for contacting personnel. Find out what research is going on to further the knowledge of soil and hydrologic sciences. This department also has very active Teaching Extension programs.

University of Natal - Computing Centre for Water Research
General information on the University of Natal, Computing Centre for Water Research. Their goal is the optimum development and management of the water resources of southern Africa.

University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Water Resources Systems Research Unit
The Water Resource Systems Research Unit is a center of excellence for the development and application of advanced modeling technologies aimed at the solution of practical problems concerned with river basin hydrology and the transport of pollutants and sediment.

USDA-Soil Conservation Service
USDA-Soil Conservation Service works with landowners on private lands to conserve natural resources. Links to their national headquarters, institutes, and national, regional, state, and field offices are provided.

Utah Water Research Laboratory
UWRL enhances and expands scientific understanding and engineering technology for environmental and water resource management with a special focus on problems affecting the State of Utah. Information about their research programs and publications is provided.

Waterloo Centre for Groundwater Research
WCGR focuses on the development and protection of groundwater resources and the implications of waste management on groundwater quality.

Water Purge Systems, Ltd., Scottsdale, AZ, US This server contains Water Web , which is designed to offer individuals, firms, and organizations a way to get information about virtually every facet of water and its related technologies, including: water treatment equipment, water treatment chemicals, test equipment, consultants, trade associations , publications, regulatory agencies, research databases, and more.


Bears Cage
Storm chaser information. Links to other chasers and to various weather-oriented sites. Pictures of tornados and other weather images.

CIMSS Tropical Cyclones
This site provides real-time MPEG movies of cyclones, McIDAS Images, and links to other related sites.

Current Weather, Climate and Forecast Maps
Weather & Climate Images and information.

Current Weather Maps/Movies
Detailed information and images of current weather conditions, maps, and forecast.

DMSP Data Archive Home Page
DMSP is a two satellite constellation of near-polar orbiting, sun-synchronous satellites monitoring meteorological, oceanographic and solar-terrestrial physics environments.

DSU Weatherlink
Weather Information supported with images and text.

Earthquake and Weather Station
Weather and Earthquake Reports, supported by Images and Animations.

EcoNet's Climate Resource Directory
A range of climate-related resources that include climate policy, climate research, ozone depletion and weather.

FEMA Tropical Storm Watch
This site provides FEMA tropical storm and hurricane watch information categorized by hurricane.

Global Atmospheric Modeling
Observational and Modeling Studies of Radiative, Chemical, and Dynamical Interactions in the Earth's Atmosphere with links to relevant graphics and papers.

Gold Coast Weather Ocean Chart Access
A service providing weather and oceanographic information useful in planning ocean-related activities.

High Plains Climate Center
High Plains Climate Center covers the states Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. Includes maps formed with data from AWDN, satellite images, and weather forecasts.
This page provides information on Hurricanes and Tropical Storms for the Broward, Dade, Monroe, and Palm Beach county areas.

Hurricane Dynamics
Information on understanding the genesis, development and decay of tropical disturbances by investigating the thermo-hydrodynamical processes using numerical simulation models.

Hurricane Watch
Hurricane Watch provides hurricane tracking resources including updated pictures, information, and links to other hurricane related sites.

Hurricane/Tropical Data
This is a list of Atlantic hurricanes over the last several years. Provided are charts on the track of the storm plus a text based table of tracking information. The table includes position in latitude and longitude, maximum sustained winds in knots, and central pressure in millibars.

Idaho's Weather Station
Offers hourly weather movies and images of The Pacific, NorthWest, and the US.

Interactive Marine Observations
Metorological and oceanographic data being reported by buoys and CMAN stations.

Interactive Weather Browser
Current weather conditions for various regions across the USA.

Interactive Weather Information Center
Interactive Maps with Current Data and Forecasts.

International HIRLAM Project
HIRLAM ( HI gh Resolution Limited Area Model) numerical weather prediction system.

International Weather Watchers
A non-profit organization of weather enthusiasts, founded in September 1993.

Jeremy's WX Reference
A comprehensive listing of climate information sources which include images, maps, reports, and other related items.

LDEO Climate Data Catalog
A catalog and a library of datasets, that helps you figure out which data you want, and helps you work with the data.

Live Access to Climate Data
Thermal Modeling and Analysis Project.

Maryland Earthcast
A Graphical Interface providing convenient, organized access to over 2600 Links.

Maui Weather Today
Information on the current Maui weather.

MIT Weather Gateway
Current weather map and forecasts across the nation.

MITSA - Weather Page
Contains links to weather information and the latest satellite images and weather maps.

Monthly Temperature Anomalies
View temperature anomalies derived from the merged Global Historic Climate Network and the Monthly Climatic Data of the World.

Nationwide School Weather Network
Automated Weather Source of information.

Nationwide Weather Links
Links to other weather sites.

New Jersey Forecast (WOI)
Satellite photos, plus weather data links.

New Jersey Online Weather
Providing graphic five-day forecasts, updated hourly for most of the USA.

Northeast Regional Climate Center
Northeast Regional Climate Center covers the states Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and West Virginia. Includes maps formed with data from AWDN, satellite images, and weather forecasts.

Perilous Times
Reference to current conditions on the earth.

Pine, Colorado Weathercam
Updated weather photos and information.

POLES is an EOS interdisciplinary project investigating the exchange of mass and energy at the air-ice-ocean interface in the polar regions.

Southeast Regional Climate Center
High Plains Climate Center covers the states Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Includes maps, sources of climate and weather information, and weather forecasts.

Storm Chaser
The purpose of the Storm Chaser Homepage is for the storm chaser to get the latest weather information from the National Weather Service (NWS), and provide the NWS a place to receive chaser reports, inquiries, and information from chasers.

Storm Chasing
Information on Storm Chasing. Includes some good pictures of storms and tornadoes.

Texas Severe Storms Association
Home page of the Texas Severe Storms Association (TESSA), a non-profit organization founded in January 1993 to bring both amateur and professional severe weather scientists together to better understand severe storms.

Todays Space Weather
Various images and charts with specific information on the weather.

Todd Gross' (of Ch. 7, Boston) Weather & Astronomy Page
Resource links which bring you vast information on Weather and Astronomy.

Tracking The Eye
Hurricane tracking software for Windows or Windows 95. Also this page provides links to current hurricane information.

Tropical Cyclone Centre
The Tropical Cyclone Centre provides world-wide tropical cyclone tracking data. MPEG video and satellite photos are provided.

Tropical Storm Page
Tropical Storm Page provides general information on current storms with gif and postscript maps.

U of I - Institue of Aviation Wx Page
A weather server that links to Aviation related highlights.

UofI - The Daily Planet
A index resource for Atmospheric Sciences.

Virginia State Climatology Office
Climatic data for the State of Virginia. Includes links to additional sources of climate information.

VNO: All About Hurricanes
This site contains all matter of information on hurricanes including how to prepare and when to evacuate. Hurricane related links are also provided.

Warren Faidley's Storm Chaser
Devoted to storm chasing. Includes a slide show, classified ads, and photo tips.

The Weather Channel
Information on current conditions, forecast and both national and aviation maps.

Weather Links
A index of weather related links.

Weather Page from the NOAA
A complete Source of Weather Information.

The Weather Page
A collection of weather information sights which include meteorological servers, surface maps, upper air charts, radar, satellite images, forecasts and climatological information.

The Weather Report
A informative national weather report.

Weather Station IDs
A index of weather stations ID numbers.

Weather World
A comprehensive collection of current weather information.

Weatherboy Online! Weather Information
Contains multimedia pages that use video, audio, text, hi-resolution color graphics, and 400+ links to weather-related sites.

WeatherLinks USA
A Comprehensive Source of Weather Data.

Current weather forecasts, and satellite pictures from around the world.

Weather information. Over 250 sites listed and new links added every day. Links to national weather servers. Forecast, satellite imagery and aviation weather page. Offered by the University of Michigan.

Weather data and information.

A interface for getting weather conditions and forecasts from the University of Michigan.

World Wide Weather on the Internet
Information that enables users of weather for commercial purposes to utilize the talents of top level meteorologists.

Yankee Weather Index
Resource links to weather servers.


University of California and El Colegiol de la Frontera UC San Diego Maps
Link to major WWW sites featuring land, ocean, atmospheric and planetary data. In addition, the research services unit mounts local GIS projects which depict geographic and demographic aspects of the San Diego/Tijuana region. One project features a series of graphics produced by San Diego Association of Governments, and digital cartography produced at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte in Tijuana.


Dino Russ's Lair
A means to promote awareness of the importance of the geosciences.

Dinosaur Hall
Images and information on various dinosaurs.

Dinosaur World Tour
The official Dinosaur World Tour with detailed background information on the scientific finds and digs.

Electronic Prehistoric Shark Museum
Features fossil shark teeth (photos and descriptions) which date back some 5 to 25 million years.

Honolulu Community College Dinosaur Exhibit
A permanent exhibit of dinosaur fossils available for public viewing.

International Organisation of Palaeobotany
Descriptive details of most plant fossil genera and of those modern genera which have fossil species.

Museum of Paleontology
This Museum of Paleontology server reveals a different world of animals soft and squishy, and that focuses on The Museum section. A virtual time machine, it yields eras past, with links to on-line catalogs, information about the server, and pages describing the technology used to create the server, an Internet odyssey.

Paleontological Society
A resource for paleontologists and for those interested in paleontology. Information on the society and its activities, also acts as a link to other resources of paleontology.

Rad World
A presentation on Radiolarian Biostratigraphy and its contribution to the geological study of the Canadian Cordillera.

Russian Academy of Sciences - Paleontological Institute
A collections from all over the former Soviet Union.

World's First Dinosaur Skeleton
Information about the world's first dinosaur skeleton includes 12 graphic-intensive sections and is available in two versions.

Water Resources

California Rivers Assessment (CARA)
Provides an index of detailed maps that present inventory and evaluation of California's river resources.

City of Winnipeg Waterfront
Connect to Canada's first on-line information resource for municipal water conservation to learn about water resource issues. Provides links to help you learn more about water conservation.

Demise of Doyran Lake

Tutorial based on the catastrophe of Doyran Lake. Includes links to research on affects on the human population and protection efforts by the regional governments and NGOs.

Don River - Toronto
An image based tutorial on the Don River. Provides pictorial overviews of the Don River and includes links to the regeneration projects.

The Edwards Aquifer
Tutorial on Edwards Aquifer, a unique groundwater system. Provides detailed maps, charts, graphs and text concerning issues around the Edward's Aqufer project.

FAQ - The Water
Provides information about common water problems and potential solutions to these problems. Includes descriptive table of contents with helpful links providing answers to common asked questions about water.

Index - Environment and Water related Information Sources
This page provides links to sources of information about water in relations to our environment. Includes information about the current water situation in CA., graphical displays of the current surface water temperatures of the Pacific, and other related resources.

Marine Fish Conservation Network
Connect to these pages to learn about problems involving America's marine fisheries. Provides information about the crisis and detailed descriptions on possible solutions.

Save Our Sea Life
These pages will be beneficial for locating non-profit and environmental conservation groups. Provides links to information about dolphins, green peace links, and other sources.

U.S. Water News Online
Water News Online keeps updates on the latest news concerning water and water issues around the country. Provides links bookstore, archives, meetings and conferences and more!

Water On-Line
This site provides information about a project advocating use of the Internet to help solve California's water problems. Valued water-related and government-related WWW links included.

This site provides resources for water efficiency and water conservation information. Activities and events calendar, discussion forum, and book selections are included.


An online catalog of weather instruments and related products as well as a customized weather forecast and weather data service that provides tailor made weather forecasts as well as weather data for agricultural and corporate needs.

Air Weather Association
This site contains information about Air Weather Association and its present and former members of the USAF Air Weather Service and the former U.S. Army Air Corps Weather Service. The associations motto is: Serving the Present-Remembering the Past-Take Care of Our Own-Air Force Weather. Includes weather information and data from all over the world.

Alden Electronics
Alden Electronics, Inc. is the premier provider of weather data systems, highly reliable marine electronics and specialized Imaging products.

Daily WeatherFax--Investment Info. Based on Weather
Roemer Weather contains information about Daily WeatherFax, which are facts updated every half day about the weather related commodity and stock.

EarthWatch Communications, Inc.
EarthWatch Communications, Inc. is the developer of cutting edge weather visualization software that allows users to create 2-D and 3-D perspectives from a global database. This well-designed site presents sample images and film clips of various software features including stormwatch data.

Fairweather Forecasting
Provides weather service for the Russian Far East and the state of Alaska, sea ice and surface analysis for the Bering Sea, Sea of Okhotsk, and other locations, as well as ordering information.

Freese-Notis Weather
Freese-Notis Weather.Net is the leader for Commercial Weather. They enable users to succeed by utilizing the talents of top level meteorologists with forecasting experience that deliver sound advice in a form designed to communicate weather knowledge.

Harris-Mann, Inc.
Harris-Mann is a unique service that specializes in medium-to-long range weather forecasts for U.S. and international agriculture. They also provide detailed forecasts for agricultural commodities and other markets that include: silver, gold, stocks, bonds, currencies, etc.

A well-presented guide to US and worldwide weather, as well as specifics for various ski resorts and ocean conditions.

KNMI--Royal Netherlands Meteorologic Institute
Provides information about the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), the national data-and knowledge-center for weather, climate and seismology of the Netherlands. It offers information, advice and services to government, the public and trade and industry.

Live Access to Climate Data
Live Access to Climate Data offers on-the-fly browsing, visualization, and retrieval of climate data. A technical discussion of the Live Access server may be found in Live Visualization and Extraction of Climate Data with Mosaic and FERRET.

R. M. Young Company
Manufacturer of precision meteorological instruments for scientific and commercial applications. The site offers product overview, prices, contact information and related links.

Roemer Weather, Inc.
Provides commodity advisory and weather service to industry, investment firms, individuals, and government agencies. The site offers service tips on investing and commodity trading using weather information.

Offers reasonably-priced weather and environmental measuring equipment. The site describes the company's products and provides contact and ordering information.

Ulti-Mate II
A windows PC downloadable software that displays current weather information and allows disk logging in a variety of user-defined formats in conjunction with the Ultimeter II Home Weather Station manufactured by Peet Bros. Company, Inc.

Weather Image Information System

Canada's leading supplier of quality weather related products such as weather stations, barometers, thermometers, software, books and more. The site provides product, contact and ordering information, as well as related links.

Weathernews Inc.
The largest private meteorological company in the world.

What is an El Nino?
El Nino describes a disruption of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific, illustrated with graphical displays of real-time data, including the status of the current El Nino.

WSI Corporation Homepage
WSI Corporation specializes in the highest quality real-time weather information services. The site includes weather graphics, current project descriptions and contact information.
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