Mathematics Matemáticas

ADFA Department of Mathematics

Department and staff, research interests, courses offered and material relating directly to courses such as lecture overheads. Research interests include mathematical optics, bush fire simulation, biomedical fluid dynamics and criminology.

Albert Einstein Online
Biographical information, extensive photo archives and quotes from Albert Einstein.

American Mathematical Society
The American Mathematical Society home page. Includes information on Mathematics on the Web, Science Policy, Education, Professional Information and Services, and Conferences.

Bartlett Corrections Page
A home page for Bartlett corrections and their extensions, an important area of research in mathematical statistics. Contains useful information and retrievable papers.

Batch Queuing Systems
Describes several of the free batch queueing systems available for free, or nearly so, on the internet.

Calculus & Mathematica
Calculus and Mathematics course information.

Canadian Mathematical Electronic Services
The Web service of the Canadian Mathematical Community. Includes mathematics resources for research mathematicians, undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students, and educators in K-12 and post-secondary mathematics. Also has information on Women in Mathematics and career listings.

Click&Learn Regression Brochure
Click and Learn regression is an interactive program which is designed to teach regression analysis to the average person.

Computational Geometry Resources
Resources for Computational Geometry. Includes links to other sites, indexes, literature, newsgroups and software.

Computational Mathematics archive (optimization)
Computational mathematics archive on the subject of optimization.

Constraints Programming Archive from City University
Information on constraint-based systems. Includes a directory of people interested in constraints, conferences, newsgroups, mailing lists, and related topics.

CSC Mathematical Topics
This service provides starting points for using the World-Wide Web for mathematical research. Includes information services, software, publishing, and other services.

CSC Mathematical Topics: Visualizations
Some samples of the visualizations and animations done by the application specialists on mathematics at CSC.

Danish Electronic Mathematical Information Retrieval (Dan-EMIR)
This site will let you search for information from Individual Mathematical Institutes in Denmark.

Dave's Math Links
Files consisting of handouts for algebra, trigonometry and calculus classes. Also included are Mathcad files which can be downloaded or read with Mathbrowser. Contains links to various optics, physics and math servers.

Department of Statistics, Singapore
National authority responsible for disseminating official statistics on Singapore.

Duncan Mathematical Modeling Flicks
This is a collection of .fli and .gif files of mathematical models created in Quickbasic, ported to Autocad and composed in 3D Studio.

Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity (ECCC)
Reports, books, and information about the Colloquium. Includes pointers to books, lecture notes, surveys, and personal WWW home pages of complexity theorists.

Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
Research papers and articles on the subject of Combinatorics.

European Mirror of the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
Contains information about European Mirror of the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics and the World Combinatorics Exchange, which are officially mirrored and regularly updated at FIZ Karlsruhe, Dept. of Math. & Computer Science, Berlin, Germany.

FAQ - Linear Programming
Frequently Asked Questions about Linear Programming.

FAQ - Nonlinear Programming
Frequently Asked Questions about Nonlinear Programming.

Frequently Asked Questions In Mathematics
The sci.math FAQ contains a set of topics of interest to professional and amateur mathematicians. The FAQ is maintained by Alex Lopez-Ortiz.

A Gallery of Interactive On-Line Geometry
A gallery of interactive geometry exhibits. Includes a Penrose tile exhibit, a pinball-style game, and an interactive editor for symmetric patterns of the plane, as seen in some of the woodcuts of M.C. Escher.

Geometry Center
The Geometry Center is a mathematics research and education center at the University of Minnesota. It is funded by the National Science Foundation. Includes a listing of resources available at the center.

Geometry Forum
The Geometry Forum is a server devoted to all aspects of geometry and its teaching. Also includes geometry-related archives.

Geometry in Action
This page collects various areas in which ideas from discrete and computational geometry meet some real world applications. It contains brief descriptions of those applications and the geometric questions arising from them, as well as pointers to web pages and other sources of further information.

Geometry Literature Database
The Geometry Literature Database is a BiBTeX database of papers in computational geometry, maintained as a collective effort by members of the computational geometry community.

A guide to mathematics resources
A listing of mathemathics resources on the Web. Includes guides to software, newsgroups, and mathematics sites.

History of Mathematics
Information on the history of mathematics. Includes timelines, a book listing, and files.

ICM Berlin 1998
Information about the 1998 International Congress of Mathematicians to be held in Berlin.

Visual numerics is searching for C++ developers to beta test the upcoming beta release of the IMSL signal processing Module for C++ and the IMSL Business Chart Module for C++.

Index - CSC Mathematical Topics: CSC TopMath
The CSC TopMath collects hypertext links to information services about mathematics submitted by mathematicians on the Internet. You can visit a site shown in the list, and you are free to add your own sites.

Index - Electronic Sources for Mathematics
Contains lists of mathematics organizations, mathematics information servers, quick reference links, and archives.

Index - Mathematics Information Servers
A listing of mathematics information servers. Includes mathematics department Web servers, topics of general interest, and some related topics.

Index - Mathematics - WWW Virtual Library
Contains information on Specialized Fields, Mathematics Department Web Servers, General Resources, Mathematical Software Index, Mathematics Gophers, Mathematics Newsgroups, Preprints, Electronic Journals, and High School Servers.

Internet Center for Mathematics Problems
On this page, the center tries to identify and list all sources of mathematics problems on the Internet and related information.

K-theory Preprint Archives
Preprint archives for papers in K-theory.

MacTutor History of Mathematics
A collection of over 550 biographies of mathematicians and documents on the development of mathematics. Maintained by the University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Scotland.

Mathematical Quotation Server
This page points to a collection of mathematical quotations culled from many sources.

The Mentor Project
A three-year teaching technology project whose aim is to produce 17 computer based modules in a variety of Operational Research subjects.

Michael Trick's Operations Research Page
Pointers to all aspects of operations research.

Multidimensional Analysis
This page gives a brief introduction to Multidimensional Analysis, a generalization of linear algebra, which incorporates ideas from dimensional analysis. Contains a basic overview of the subject with links to technical papers containing a more detailed analysis of the subject.

NATO ASI: Fractal Image Encoding and Analysis
Information about NATO ASI: Fractal Image Encoding and Analysis, bringing together researchers in fractal image encoding and analysis to discuss recent results in these fields.

Outposts: Geometry Forum Newsletters
This online Geometry Forum is an effort to keep teachers, students, and others in touch with electronic happenings in the world of geometry.

pLab: Pseudo Random Number Generation
Pseudo Random Number Generation and the pLab project, concerned with theoretical and empirical aspects of random number generation. Publications, software and results on our Web+ftp server as well as list of references on random number generation and stochastic simulation.

Schur is a stand alone C program for interactively calculating properties of Lie groups and symmetric functions. Schur has been designed to answer questions of relevance to a wide range of problems of special interest to chemists, mathematicians and physicists.

This site contains links and information on all aspects of semigroup theory, from the algebraic theory to the topological theory, to the theory of operator semigroups.

SIAM's Undergraduate Mathematics
The undergraduate page is sponsored by The Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics. It is part of SIAM's efforts to serve the mathematics and industrial communities and offer another way to bring the two together. This page contains a link to The Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics home page.

Symbolic Mathematical Computation Information Center
Automated mathematical computations. SAC research usually combines mathematics with advanced computing techniques.

T-7 Mathematical Modeling and Analysis
Los Alamos National Laboratory site. T-7 members perform analyses of nonlinear systems, focusing on applied mathematics, numerical analysis and theoretical physics research that supports the Laboratory's programs.

Virtual Encyclopedia for OR/MS
An online encyclopedia under construction by the Operations Research Group (ORG) at the Department of Mathematics, The University of Melbourne. WORMS' main objective is to complement the formal On-Line activities of OR/MS Societies world-wide. Includes draft sample entries.

Wallpaper Groups
Examples of plane symmetry groups. Includes color samples of each group.

Workshop for Computer-Aided Tutoring for Math
The Workshop for Computer-Aided Tutoring (WCAT) is a laboratory facility for undergraduate students to enhance their learning of mathematics by using the latest computer technology. Maintained by Simon Frasier University.

World Wide Web for Operations Research and Management Science
WORMS is a grassroots web site for operations research and management science operated by the Operations Research Group (ORG) at the Department of Mathematics, The University of Melbourne. Includes journals and letters, a Dynamic Programming slide show, and information on becoming a member.

WWW Spirograph (
Generates a spirograph picture from the parameters you specify.

Xmorphia shows the variety of patterns that may be exhibited by a relatively simple parabolic partial differential equation.
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